Knots Landing (1979–1993): Season 2, Episode 14 - Moments of Truth - full transcript

Girl, I loved being pregnant.
I loved every minute of it.

- Oh, sure you did.
- I did, I did.

Oh, my goodness.

- Michael?
- Even Michael.

But I could not believe it.
I couldn't believe it.

For three months, it was strictly
crackers and soda. That's it.

It was, uh... It was consommé for me.

For me, it was raspberry Jell-O.

And then one day, my body made
this fatal discovery: chocolate éclairs.

- Oh, big, gooey, sticky and wonderful.
- Mm. Yes, yes, gooey.

You will find that the weirdest things
taste so good.

Oh, yeah, like watermelon pickle.

- Watermelon pickle?
- Yeah, I loved it.

Would you believe it?
And salami and anchovies.

Yes. Every night, I'm up making myself
a jalapeño and Swiss cheese sandwich...

- Oh!
- With Bermuda onions.

- Oh!
- Please.

- That's disgusting.
- Ha, ha. I know.

Well, listen. Food was terrific, granted.

But what about sex?


I mean...

making love became a whole new,
different experience, didn't it?

Um, ladies, there is a child present.

- Mom.
- Mom.

Enough already, okay?

Uh, I would like to propose a toast.

- Okay.
- Mm, yes.

- Oh, yeah.
- A toast to, uh... To what?


To, uh...

I got it, morning sickness,
ha-ha-ha! All day long.

- And heartburn.
- Backaches.

And swollen feet.

And to the first baby born
in the cul-de-sac and its mother.

- Hear, hear.
- Thank you.

- I'm gonna cry.
- No.

- Oh, come on.
- It's your day. Your day.

Let's go right up.

But you gotta have a name, right?
A pretty girl like you gotta have a name.

Just give me the initials. You give
me the initials, I'll fill in the rest.

What about your sign? You'll tell me
your sign, where you grew up in California.

Hi, I'm a Leo
and, uh, this must be your seat.

You just keep the change.
I don't... Ahem.

Boxing, broads and brew.

Don't you feel like something out
of one of those light beer commercials?

- Hey, our hero.
- There's your sarsaparilla.

- Here.
- Thanks a lot.

- You know that little guy, uh, Hernandez?
- Tijuana Tornado.

He looked like the Mexican Sugar Ray.
What a hitter.

That Jacobs has got a glass jaw.
One little tap, he went down like a rock.

This was fun.
I haven't seen the fights in ages.

I've been to quite a few, but this is
the first one I've paid for in some time.

What about you, Ken? Hey, come on.
You want to mix it with the old pro?

- Come on, stand up. Come on.
- No.

My rheumatism was acting up earlier.
I can't.

This fella here's got a bit more
on his mind than a right hook.

Yeah, having a baby's a lot of work,

Yeah, and you got the easy part.
Think about Ginger.

You know something?
That's what I do all the time.

I just wish she'd let me help.

- You planning on moving back in?
- Nothing I'd love better.

I'm just not sure I can sell
her on the idea. - Wait.

Isn't that your car in front
of her house almost every morning?

Yeah, but it's like I'm visiting, you know?

Yeah, and if you believe that, he's got some
swampland in Florida he's trying to sell.

Who's this from?

- Karen. So you know it's good.
- You tell me.


- Oh, it's beautiful.
- It's cute.

All the 4-day-olds are wearing gowns
this year.

Well, what do the 6-day-olds wear?

- Okay, everybody, cake time.
- Oh, cake too?

There's plates there.
Let's put it right down there. Okey-dokey.


Ginger, we're all so happy for you
and Kenny and the little baby.

Oh, thank you.

After that great dinner,
how are we gonna eat this cake?

We'll keep you company and eat for two.

- Sounds good.
- Go to the kitchen and get dessert forks.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Little bottle.

Before we cut it, I wanna get a picture
of everybody with the cake.

- Oh, okay.
- Okay.

- So move around.
- Everybody get around.

Get close and hold it up there.
That's good.

Do you see my pimple?

- You're okay.
- Okay.

Okay, everybody get in close.
There you go, Abby.

Okay, now. Big smile. Say cheese.


Hey, I think that's a shot.

- That must be the men.
- No, no way.

This place is off-limits to them tonight.
It's so cute.

- Another...
- Look at those.

- Oh!
- Okay!

- Nobody moves, nobody dies.
- I said freeze.

- I said freeze.
- Aah!

- Freeze!
- Okay.

Everybody in the corner.
Face down. Move!

Everybody, face down.

Check the rest of the house.
Make sure nobody else is here.

Let's go. In the bag. Move it!

Watches, rings, jewelry, money,


Come on.

- I checked the place out. Nobody.
- Watch the door.

Let's go! In the bag!

Move it!


Move it!


When Diana was born, the doctor said:

"Wait till the labor pains
are two minutes apart, then call me."

So Karen wakes me up in the middle
of the night and says, "It's time."

So I get out my watch and I time them and
the pains are a minute and a half apart.

So I say, "It's okay, Karen. Go back to bed
until they're two minutes apart."

Okay, next case. Rack them up.

Oh, I think we better hang them up.

Come on. Double or nothing.
One more game.

- It's almost 11.
- It's almost 11.

You guys are like a bunch of pensioners.
Like a bunch of old men.

And you, you don't have much time left.

Once that baby's born,
you're never gonna get out of the house.

That suits me fine,
I've gotta get back into it first, though.

- Come on, let's split.
- As soon as we take care of them.

Last thing we need is some idiot
calling the cops. Get the drapes.

Get up. Fast.


- Unh!
- Move. I said move it.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

- Unh!
- Tie them up.


- The place is crawling with cops.
- Check it out.

They're all over the place.
What do we do?

Donny, get the back door.

Lock the front.

Wouldn't want anybody
to crash your party, girls.

Let's go. Inside.

Move it.

By the fireplace.

The police have already sealed off
the street and surrounded the house...

in which at lease
three heavily armed suspects...

are holding
five female residents captive.

According to Lieutenant Walter Spatz
of the Knots Landing Police Department...

telephone communication
has been established.

At this point, all of the women
appear to be unharmed.

- What's going on?
- Police business. You have to move along.

We live here.

- All of you?
- Yeah, sure.

- Walter?
- Sid.

- What's happening?
- I'm glad you're here.

Diana didn't know how to get in touch.

- Diana?
- Yeah.


- Diana?
- Daddy.

- Hey, what's the matter?
- It was horrible.

- They broke into Val's. They had guns.
- Who broke into Val's house?

- What?
- Sid, I'll explain everything.

Who owns the house
to the right of the Fairgates?

I do. What is going o...?

Look, I'll explain everything
on the way to the house.

Now, don't worry. Come with me.

- Don't worry?
- Don't worry.

There are 15 cars here.

- Let's go.
- He says don't worry.

- Better get Diana to a friend's house.
- No, I wanna stay.

Honey, look, go with the police officer,
stay with the Beckers.

I'll phone you there as soon as I find out
what's going on, okay? Now go ahead.

What does he mean, don't worry?
What do you mean, don't...?

There are 15 cop cars out here
and you say don't worry.

What does he mean, don't worry?

- Any movement?
- No.

- Did we get it?
- The cop doesn't stop talking.

Just keeps asking questions.

- Let me talk to him.
- No, I'm in charge of this.

The hell you are.

You're our little mother-to-be, right?
Stand up.

- No, she shouldn't be moved.
- Too bad.

She could lose her baby.

Exactly what we're gonna tell
those cops outside.

- You're going outside?
- They won't listen, so I'll let them look.

- Take me.
- No, Karen, don't.

How touching.

Yeah, a real hero.

Oh, no, Karen, don't.

Open the door.

Sorry for the climb.

But that's the only way anyone's gonna
get in or out of the cul-de-sac.

We set up our command post here
as soon as we arrived.

Your house has the easiest access
from the street.

We couldn't take a location directly
next to Mr. Ewing's.

- Yeah, I understand.
- We evacuated most of the neighborhood.

- What about your kids?
- Jason's at the sitter's. I'd better call her.

My two boys are at basketball camp.
Abby's kids are with their dad.

- Is that it?
- Yeah.

We've already established telephone contact
with the suspects.

I'll need all the information you
can give me about the house.

Floor plan, location of doors and windows,
any way in and out of that house.

- Sure.
- All right.

We've established radio contact.

One of them's coming out.

Let's go.

- Okay, far enough.
- Take it easy. Stay here.

- Why can't we go out?
- You'll probably get shot.

The window.

5943, San Antonio, 521. No word.


343, roger.

- Ginger.
- Kenny, don't...!

- Let me go!
- No, Kenny.

Ginger! Guys, you gotta let me go!

- Get that nut out of here!
- Get him out of here, he'll get us killed.

Ginger! That's my wife! Let me go.

That's my wife. You gotta let me go.
Damn it, let me go.

Ginger! Ginger!

I've got five women inside, lieutenant.
This one's pregnant.

- Looks like she might lose her baby.
- That true?


She needs a doctor, right now.

I want a vehicle.

A van.

In front of the house.

And I want free passage out of here.

- You can't take all those people.
- Watch me.

Look, if I get you a van,
what do I get in return?

A gold star.

Leave her here.

- I'll drop her at the hospital.
- Wait a minute.

Let's talk some more.
A van will take time.

You don't have much time, lieutenant.

Hey, I'm, uh, sorry. That was real dumb.

Look, you cannot just leave her in there.
You have gotta do something about this.

- We are doing something.
- No, you don't understand.

- That is my wife in there.
- Take it easy, okay?

Take it easy, yeah. Take it easy.


Harrington & Richardson.
Double barrel, sawed off.

You're a real pretty lady, you know that?

Thank you. Ha, ha.

You're kind of cute too.

- You know, it's funny.
- Just keep the back loose.

I was really scared when
you first came in, but it's okay.

I'm not scared now.

It's gonna be all right, darling. Now,
you just hold on for a little bit longer.

The van they want will be here soon.

- Right, then we'll get you right to a doctor.
- Okay.

- How much longer?
- Soon.

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

I cannot believe her.
Where does she think she is?

- The pains are coming real strong.
- I think you liked it.

Yeah, I don't like the sound of that.

No, me either.

I'm really getting scared.

- You don't mind if we talk?
- Not at all.

Why don't you have some champagne?

- We've got some here.
- Whatever it is, save it.

- It's good. You like champagne?
- Yeah.

That... That woman, Ginger,
she's gonna lose her baby.

She's young. She can have another.

Why don't you let her go?

What does one less hostage mean?

It means those cops could just sit
out there and wait, for days maybe.

That lady and her baby are a reason
for them to do something now.

But she can't wait much longer.

Lady, you talk more
than those cops outside.

Make about as much sense.

Now you just go and sit down
with your friends.

Be very, very quiet.

If you can't shut yourself up...

I'll do it for you.

That's great. I like to party too.

Maybe we can party together.

You know there are wooden
floors. We could come in...

Look, I know what you guys
are going through.

- How could you know that?
- Gary, come on.

- Right now you've just gotta sit tight.
- That's pretty hard to do, Walter.

That's the only thing to do, Sid.

Fellas, my people are experts.
The very best.

We'll get them out of there.

But when?

That's impossible to say, Mr. Ward.

What about the van?

We're working on it.

It's been almost 45 minutes now.

We're moving very slowly so we don't give
them even one reason to pull a trigger.

But nothing's happening.

The house is surrounded,
the suspects are contained.

I've got additional men on the way.

We've done everything we can do.
Now we wait.

You, me...

all of us.

There's gotta be something we can do.

Damn it!

Tell me approximately
what time the call came.

It was approximately 0747.

- And how many cars responded to it?
- We have approximately, uh, seven units.

Keep an eye on them.

- It's good, you'll like it.
- Mm.

- You like it?
- Get out of here.

Oh, would you relax?

Move it.

You're an idiot.

What's that say about you, baby?
You married me.

I divorced you plenty quick too.

Win some, lose some. Ha, ha.

You high again?

- Answer me. Are you high again?
- Ha-ha-ha.

Damn it, I told you, no junk.

- All right, not while I'm depending on you.
- Then don't depend on me.

I have no choice but to depend on you.

This place is surrounded by cops.

There are at least two dozen doors
and windows to cover.

So get moving.

Well, you know me, Rose.
I get a little run down.

I need a little help.


- How's she feeling?
- She's worse. Much worse.

She needs a doctor.
Now, you've just gotta get help.

I don't have to do anything.

Besides, we need a car.

No car, no doctor.

Rose, she's right.
We gotta do something.

- Why?
- Because I've been watching.

She's in a lot of pain. She's not faking.

It's not my problem. It's theirs.

Okay, darling. It's all
right, I'll help you. Come on.

- Aah!
- Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

I only had to go to the bathroom.

Miller, take that rooftop up there.

Owens, get back around the house
to that back porch.

Keep down. Keep rolling...

We've got the suspects contained
in the house.

There's three of them, heavily armed.

- How many hostages?
- Five. One of the women's pregnant.

- It's no good. We can't use tear gas.
- And they can't be negotiated out.

We've been on the phone with them
nearly two hours. Nothing.

Okay, we'll get at it.

- Come on, let's go.
- Get that ladder over there.


- What's your problem, Laura?
- You're the one that's got the problem.

Is that right?

Laughing and carrying on with that guy
like you were on a date.

And that bothers you?

It makes me sick.

You're so simple.

You are such a slut.

Well, it takes one to know one,
doesn't it, dear?

Look, Laura.

All I'm trying to do here
is get us out of this mess in one piece...

any way I can.

That little creep likes me.

So if he wants to hold my hand,
whisper in my ear or touch my thigh, fine.

It might just gain us a second somewhere.
It might give us an opening of some kind.

It's not much
and it makes my skin crawl.

But it's a hell of a lot better than sitting
around here all teary-eyed and helpless.

To tell you the truth, that makes me sick.

Okay, the party's over.
Come on out of there.

You know, I keep thinking
I'm gonna wake up and roll over in bed...

and there's gonna be Ginger,
asleep next to me.

It isn't a dream, though, is it?

She's gonna be all right, Kenny.

They all are.

But it's happening more
and more all the time, Sid.

And it's so ugly and senseless.

I mean, does it make any sense
to bring children into a world like this?

I've been so excited about having this baby
and now I...

Sid, Kenny,
I think you guys better come here.

- Who are these guys?
- Don't you watch television?

That's a SWAT team.
Special Weapons and Tactics.

- They call them in on situations like this.
- Yeah? What are they gonna do?

Look at them, Kenny.
What do you think they're gonna do?

Walter, do you think this is a good idea?

Might scare those people,
they start shooting.

That's not likely.

Cops with automatic weapons all
over the place? Are you kidding?

What if somebody sees them?
Then what?

This is standard procedure, Mr. Ewing.

Those men know exactly
what they're doing.



Yeah, I'll wait.



Is that right? Well, listen, lieutenant.

Uh, I don't care about your problems.

And I'm sick of your jive.

If that van ain't here in 15 minutes,
these people...

These people
are gonna start paying for it.


No. Man, no more talking, no more deals.
Fifteen minutes!

Okay, somebody get in the kitchen...

make some coffee
and some sandwiches.

Some for now, some for later.

Come on!
Somebody's gotta know how to cook.

- Right...
- No, no, no.

Not you.

- Uh, you.
- No, no.

No, leave us alone!

- Aah! Aah!
- Okay, bigmouth.

Unh! Aah! Oh, my...


What's this?

My wedding ring.

Oh, Karen!

Oh, my God!

You're gonna kill her!

- No!
- Oh, Karen!

Well, maybe that's what it's gonna take
to get things rolling around here.

Maybe somebody's gotta get killed.
Bang, bang!

You're dead.

Walter, I'm gonna get a word
with these guys.

Dick Foster, KKGB News.

I understand you men
are related to the hostages.

Is it true that one of the women
is pregnant?

- Yeah, my wife.
- Your wife?

- Have you got a moment?
- No.

Buddy, you got pretty bad timing.

Yes, I understand that.

- Hey, look, why don't you get out?
- I'm press. I'm authorized to be here.

- I'm unauthorizing you.
- What are you doing?

If you think you'll sell soap with what's
going on, you're out of your mind.

- Calm down. It's not worth it.
- Would you just get out?

- Have you heard of the First Amendment?
- Look, just forget the First Amendment.

This is my house and I want you out.
Out, now.

- Hey, stop. Wait.
- Calm down. It won't be long...

Come on, back off, back off. Back it off.

- Come on.
- Take it easy. Come on, now.

- Cool off, cool off.
- Down, down.

Okay, okay, okay.

Thank you.

What are you talking about?

For stopping him.

Look, I don't know anything about you...

but we all have kids and husbands.

I've got three kids.

And, um, Abby has two.

Val and Laura each have one.

And, uh, this is gonna be Ginger's first.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I want you to know...

how many people are gonna be affected
by what happens here.

And that's supposed to matter to me?

- I hope so.
- Well, it doesn't.

In fact, it makes me a little sick.

Husbands, kids, decent house, nice car.

Great American dream, right?

People like you, rich, pretty,
privileged people.

You buy what you want.

People like me, we never could.

And it gets harder every day.

But robbing people
and threatening their lives...

how does that make it better or easier?

Lady, don't you understand?

There's a war going on
between the haves and the have-nots.

People like you and people like me.

Except it's just beginning.
It's gonna get a whole lot worse.

No, lady, I don't care about you.

I already got enough to worry about.

Men, ready on my word.

Barges, SWAT units ready on command.

I don't believe it.

There still isn't any van out there.

How long they been in there?

- It's been about four hours now.
- Did you talk to Spatz?

Yeah, I talked to him,
but he didn't tell me a thing.

And he won't.

- There's not gonna be a van.
- What?

That's not the way SWAT works.

They're never gonna let those maniacs
out of the house and drive away.


Right, officer?

Roger, position is confirmed.

Shut up!

What were you two talking about?

I think we have to do something.

Us. Us.

The van's gonna be here soon.

They ordered the van four hours ago.
Forget about the van.

- The van ain't coming.
- We got no choice.

Yeah, we do.

The van ain't coming. We got a choice.

We've got to get a gun.


There's five of us and three of them.

And those guns make all the difference.

It's coming.

But how are we gonna get one?

I don't know.

- Any ideas?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I think so.

A van's no good, Sid.

We simply can't let those guys
out of the house.

- Not with the women.
- Why not?

Because they'll kill them.

They're witnesses.

If the suspects get free, the last thing
they want is anyone who can identify them.


I'm sorry, Sid.

We'll set up at all quadrants.

Did you see what you did?

That's my wife's favorite piece.
You just busted it.

Cool it. Don't pay attention to him.
He doesn't know what he's saying.

I know exactly what I'm saying.
They're gonna barge in there.

- That's the way they'll handle this.
- These guys are the best.

- At what?
- About 98 percent of cases...

they get hostages
without hurting anybody.

What about the 2 percent? You ready
for Karen to be part of that 2 percent?

Richard, you're not helping anything.

Oh, yeah?
Why don't you guys face the fact?

SWAT guys are more interested in catching
the perpetrators than getting our wives out.

- Quiet.
- They're not gonna get out alive.

- Shut up! You shut up!
- Not all of them.

Just keep your damn mouth shut!


- Sorry. Did I wake you up?
- No, no, I wasn't asleep.

- Richard, I wanna apologize for...
- Don't bother.

I shouldn't have blown my top like that.

Yeah, well, I shouldn't have gone nuts.

Can't blame yourself.
Everybody's a little bit crazy right now.

Yeah, I'm scared. I mean it.

I know. So am I.

Without Laura,
I don't know, what would I do?


Everybody's thinking that right now.

Oh, the SWAT guys are good.

I mean, they're the best.

Yes, that's right.

I mean, we couldn't ask for better odds,

I mean, 98 times out of 100,
they come in right on the money.

I mean, you can't get better odds
like that at the track, right?

That's right, Richard.

You know, in 45 minutes,
it's gonna be dawn already. Ha, ha.

Oh, my God. They're going in.

- What's doing?
- Nothing.

How's she doing?

Are you sure
you wanna go through with this?

What have we got to lose?
We both know that van's never coming.


I didn't have the heart to tell everybody.


Well, I might as well give it a try.

- Want me to help?
- No.

Not now anyway.

I've gotta get him alone.




- I...
- I know.

I know.


- Do I look all right? Ha, ha.
- Ha, ha.

- Hi.
- Hello.

You know, I'm not, uh,
usually noted for my cooking...

but I could make you those sandwiches
and coffee that you want.


You wanna come in and help me?


Where you going, Cal?

None of your business.

- Kenny.
- Mm?


Just made a fresh pot.

Uh, cinnamon.

I put cinnamon in the coffee.

That's, uh, the way Val always makes it.

It's good.


That was... That was nice.

- Was it?
- Yeah.

You, uh...

You want a drink?


Me too.

It's almost 5:30.

It's been nearly seven hours.

Here you are.

- Oh, you're cute.
- Unh.

But I saw you coming a mile away.

Rubbing up against me,
giving me the come-on.

- I didn't...
- Trying to set me up.

- No, no...
- Trying to use me.

Well, I don't like being used,
especially by women like you.

Oh, you're choking me.

Well, that's the idea, lady.



No. Please, don't.



- No.
- Unh!

No, you stay there.

Miller, you take that rooftop.

Owens, get back around the house
to the back porch.

Keep down.
Keep rolling around by the back.

I need a ladder up.

Adam, over there, across the street.

Rose! They're coming in.

- Hold it.
- You wouldn't pull that trigger.

- Not a lady like you.
- Just try me.

Donny, take that gun away from her.

This is insane. We've gotta let them go.

- They'll kill you with that gun in your hand.
- Shut up! Take it, Donny.

Drop it! Down! I said everybody down!
Everybody down!

We've got a Code 4 in the house here.

We've got a Code 4 across the street.

- What?
- The suspects are in custody.

- The women?
- They're fine.

As a matter of fact, you can see them.
Come on!

Come on. Come on.


Get out of the way.

- Where's Ginger?
- She's inside, Kenny. She's all right.

- Babe, are you all right?
- Yes, it was terrible.

But we gotta go inside and help Ginger.

Honey, I'm freezing.

- What?
- I'm freezing.

- Here. I brought a coat.
- Ha, ha. Thank you.

You warm enough?
What's this buckle doing on her?

This shouldn't be here.

You warm enough, babe, huh?
She ought to have another blanket.

- Could she have another blanket?
- No, Kenny.

Darling, she's gonna be just fine.

After tonight, she and that baby
can handle anything. Don't worry.

- Thanks. Li... I'll call you from the hospital.
- Okay. Just relax.

- Sure.
- Yeah, really.

I just pray that baby's okay.

Hey, I'm just glad you're okay.

Excuse me, folks.
Would you come over here?

Can't we go home?

Uh, folks, I'm gonna need you
for just a little while.

That's my arm, pig!

On your way home?

Have a nice day.

Walter, what can I say?

You don't have to say anything, Sid.

- Oh, sis.
- Ha, ha!

- Well, bye.
- Bye.

- We did it.
- I did.

- Abby, what a night.
- Oh, yes.

- Bye-bye.
- Take care.

You must be starving.
I'll fix your breakfast, huh?

Hey, listen,
I'm gonna fix you breakfast.