Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Mercy - full transcript

As they await news of Halstead's fate, the team tries to focus on work, turning their attention to an illegal arms dealer. Atwater discovers his brother, Jordan, is back in Chicago and ...

- Angela Nelson, she was
married to Marcus West.

- The addict who got killed
at County?

- Jay still blames himself
for that.

- So Jay went to see
Angela yesterday.

- Hello?

- We find her,
we find Jay.

- Marcus didn't kill
those two kids.

- What?
- I'm a cop, I arrested him.

- You deserve to die.

- You're safe.

- 10-1.
10-1, officer down.

- Jay, stay with me.
Stay with me, Jay.

- His vitals are dropping.
He's losing too much blood.

- Set up an Officer Down
detail to Med.

Get those cars here now.

- You got it, doc.
- Hang in there, Jay.

- Hey, move it.
Clear out.

Come on.

- Hold on.

Let's move now.

- Hey, hey.
I need this escort clean.

You shut down every street
along the way.


This is 5021.
I need all available.

Notify Med.

We have a GSW
to the chest en route.

He's one of our own.

- Here you go.

- Oh, excuse me.

- Hey, everybody.

I just talked to Dr. Marcel.

He said the bullet
grazed an artery.

They're still trying
to repair it.

- Will?

Is he gonna be okay?

- He's lost a lot of blood.

- I got an update
on Angela Nelson.

- Okay.
- Doctors removed the bullet.

She's gonna be fine.

- Where is she?

Angela Nelson.

You're being charged
with the attempted murder

of a Chicago police officer.

- He got what he deserved.

- What did you say?

- It's karma for what he did.

- I don't know much
about karma,

but I do know
if Jay Halstead dies,

you're gonna wish
you never lived.

- You can't silence me.

People are gonna know what
that cop did to my husband.

This whole damn city's
gonna know.

- She doesn't talk to anybody.
You understand?


- Nobody in or out,
including you.

We need a plan to put someone
on the door we can trust.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

- Crawford.

- Hank, I'm sorry to pull you
away from your man, Halstead.

- Our man.

- How's he doing?

- He's still in surgery,
so we don't know, sir.

- It's a hell of a thing.
- Mm-hmm.

- I feel terrible, and
obviously, I wouldn't pull you

away unless it was important.
- Mm.

- Okay, so evidence suggests
a home invasion.

The whole house was tossed.

Multiple offenders,
they were here for a while.

We believe they took jewels
and valuables.


The owner caught nine bullets
in his chest and torso.

And he took them
from a freaking machine gun.

- Well, it sounds like

a straightforward

All due respect,
why did you call Intelligence?

- Because of those casings.

Now, those come from
an MK-18 assault rifle.

Are you familiar?

- I know you got to be
in the Army to have one.

- That's right.

And a military train was robbed
at the rail yard last month,

and now we got 50 MK-18s
on the streets.

We've already had
eight homicides on these guns.

And this was gang on gang, but
now look where you're standing.

This threat has moved
to the Gold Coast.

- Oh, so you mean now
white people are dying.

- No, Hank, these weapons pose
a threat to all civilians,

black, white, and brown.

And look,
I need some heavy hands

to find out who is moving these
guns before more bodies drop.


- Okay.
Any witnesses?

- Yeah, a neighbor saw
two offenders

sneaking out the back.

The scene is fresh.
It's all yours.

- Superintendent?
Anybody notify the wife?

- We've been calling, have not
been able to get ahold of her.

- Okay.
Forced entry?

- No, alarm company
registered entry

through the garage, which is...

- You two gentlemen?
You're with me.

- Copy that.

- So the murder weapon used
in the home invasion

was an MK-18.

Soldiers call it
the street sweeper.

It's fully automatic.

It can rake an entire city
block in about 30 seconds.

ATF, they ran into a dead end
on the train robbery.

Their working theory is that

a high ranking gang member's
the one selling the guns.

- Anything on the victim?
- Yeah.

Kirby Reed.
Successful investment banker.

His wife had no idea
who would do this.

She said they stole
jewels, cash,

and a vintage collection
of Rolex watches.

- Yeah, a neighbor saw
two African Americans

run toward a blue car,
possibly a Nissan.

So they were for sure
not from the neighborhood.

- All right.

Kev, talk to Robbery
about home invasion crews.

You two, get an alert
to pawn shops,

anyone moving
vintage Rolex watches.

Vanessa, cast a wider net
on that blue Nissan.

- Hey, Kim.
Kim, Kim, hey.

Last night, your message,
you said it was important.

What's going on?
- Yeah, let's talk tonight.

- No, no, no.
Come on, you know me.

It'll torture me all day.
Just talk to me.

Is everything all right?
- Everything's fine.

- Did you make a decision
or something?

- Yes.
I'm having the baby.

- Hey.
We got some photos from CPIC.

- We should go.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How are you?
- I'm all right.

- Yeah?

I got you some gyro
from Greek Islands.

I thought you might be hungry.
- That's really sweet of you.


- And I got you some clean
clothes from the apartment.

- Thank you.

- Have we heard anything
about Jay?

- No.

He's gonna freak out
when he wakes up.

The man hates needles.

I can't figure him out.

He's the first one
through the door,

a war vet.

And he'd rather take a bullet
than get the flu shot.

- Hailey, I know how hard
this must be for you.

- It's always hard when
something like this happens.

- It's hard because
you love him.

- Of course I love him.
He's my partner.

- Ruzek got a lead
on the home invasion.

- Yeah, uh, I'm gonna stay.

- Okay.
- Okay, thanks.

- All right, so CPIC conducted
a security camera grid

within a one mile radius
of the home invasion.

They ID'd the getaway vehicle.

It's a blue Nissan
registered to Kristy Pierce.

Kristy works at this bar
over here, Mr. D's.

Just spotted the Nissan parked
in the back lot.

- Kristy's got a minor
rap sheet, all gang related.

According to Robbery-Burglary,

this joint is a hustler's
paradise for stolen jewels.

But specifically,
Rolex watches.

- I think we can wait
on picking up Kristy.

Let's find out how many players
are involved first.

Kev, you and Rojas
go undercover.

Shop for Rolexes.

Hey, just remember,

people we're dealing with
got MK-18 assault rifles.

You get a bad beat,
you abort.

Are we clear?

- Copy.

You good?

- Yeah.

Guy at the bar.
Black jacket.

There's a man
who knows his ice.

- Yeah, and he don't hide it.

- What can I get for you guys?

- We're thinking about
two Hennessys on the rocks

if that's okay.

- And his jeweler's name.

I mean, that watch would look
way better on my man.

You help me out?

- I can get the Hennessy,

but as far as the watches,
you're on your own.

It's not my business.
- We understand that.

Two limes
for the Hennessys, please.

- All right.
- Thank you.

- 'Sup, baby?
- You know not to call me baby.

- Hey, why you gotta
be like that?

- Come on, Trey.
I'm try

- Yo, come on.

- I'm trying to go
make these drinks.

Can you let go of me?
- Why are you making a scene?

- Why are you holding me?

- Relax, it doesn't
have to be like that.

- Hey, get off.

- Stay off it, punk!

- Hey!
- Stop!

Break it up,
break it up!

- Chill!

I'm telling you, careful.

- Hey, I got this one.

- Get off me, man.
Get off me.

- What the hell
are you doing here?

- I be asking you
the same thing, man.

- Who is this kid?

- He's my brother.


- Jordan, the hell are you
doing in Chicago?

You're supposed to be
on a road trip to Houston.

- I'm visiting friends.
- Nobody told me.

- I knew you wouldn't approve.

- Because you're not safe here
to be in the city, Jordan.

We're calling Auntie right now.

Your ass is going
back to Texas

- No, no, no, no.
I'm not.

You were the one who always
told me to create my own lane.

Stand ten toes down, right?

That's exactly what I'm doing.

- We can't talk
about this here.

- There ain't even nothing
to talk about.

Man, I'm going back
to see my friends.

- Nah, you don't got
no damn friends in there.

I'm working, Jordan,

which means ain't nothing
going on in there but trouble.

Is that what you're
in town for?

- No,


- Yeah.

It's time to go, okay?
Get out of here.


- Hey.

Voight wants us
to pick up Kristy

and head back
to the District.

- Like I already said,

I don't want to press charges
against anybody,

so can I just go?

- Look, we don't care
about that bar fight either.

You're here 'cause your car was
used in a home invasion robbery

in the Gold Coast yesterday.

The owner was murdered.

- Whoa, hold on.
I-I never go to Gold Coast.

- Oh, yeah?

Your blue Nissan was
the getaway vehicle.

- Nah, it can't be true.

- Kristy.

You're looking at
felony murder, you understand?

- Look, I can tell
by your priors

you've been riding
with gangs.

So you probably think
there's loyalty,

but that's only for the boys.

First sign of trouble, they
throw the girls under the bus.

MOB, "money over bitches."

Now do you really want
to take the fall

for one of these bastards?

- I loaned the car
to my cousin.

- Okay, who's your cousin?

- Mitchell Adams.
- Good.

Were you with him yesterday?

- No, I was
at my sister's all day.

It's the honest to God truth,
so can I go?

Yeah, if your alibi checks out.

Until then,
you're staying in lockup.

- One more thing.

Why was Trey Woodson
hassling you at the bar?

- He's my ex-boyfriend.

He just hasn't accepted
the fact that it's over.

- When were you gonna
tell me about Jordan?

- First time I've seen
my brother in a year, Sergeant.

He's fighting gang bangers
from Englewood.

I'm still processing
the situation.

I wasn't even thinking.

- All right.
I get that.

- It's still not safe
for him here.

And if it gets out
- It won't.


Listen, he testified in front
of a secret grand jury.

The killer he testified against
is being held in a cell

23 hours a day, no contact
with the outside world.

I made sure of that.

There's practically nobody left
out on the streets

who even knows what he did.

- Sarge, it only takes
one person.

- Kev, you're a lot older
than Jordan.

You've always been more
like a father than a brother.

Sooner or later,

the son breaks from the father
to make his own mark.

- I just wish
it wasn't this soon.

- Mm-hmm.

You don't get to choose.

- Sarge?
We got something.

- Come on.

- I spoke to the crime lab.

Kristy's car tested positive
for gunshot residue.

It's got her prints
and her cousin's.

Meet Mitchell Adams.
Nice long rap sheet.

Just did a two year stint
for aggravated robbery.

- And we're sure Kristy's
not involved too?

- Yeah, her alibi is solid.
I got three witnesses that put

her at her sister's house at
the time of the home invasion.

- Okay, we got an address
on this Mitchell Adams?

- Nothing since he got
out of Stateville.

- Then we pull out
all the stops.

I want to know where this
prick, Mitchell, is staying.

- I've got news about Jay.

- How are you feeling?

- Like I was asleep for a year.

- You needed a little rest.

- Hailey?

You know I hate hospitals.
- I do.

- You got to get me
out of here.

- It's not optional, no.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How's the shoulder?

- It feels like I'll be flying
a little crooked for a while.

- I went and talked to Will,

and he said no structural
damage, so you got lucky.

- I guess you
could call it that.

How's Angela doing?

- She's under arrest.

- Sarge, is there anything
we can do for her?

- Jay, she tried to kill you.

Okay, she's getting charged.
Full freight.

- She knows the truth.

And what happened to Marcus,
that's on us.

- I'm sorry, we need to run
some tests on our patient.

- Just worry about getting
better, that's all, okay?

- Yeah.

- What do you think?

- I think Jay's right.

This Angela thing's
a ticking time bomb.

We need to take care of it.

That was Burgess.

They got an address
on the home invasion crew.

- Look, you run point on that,
I'm gonna put an end

to this thing.

- I asked for a lawyer.

- I heard that.

- I have the right
to tell my story.

- You do.

You should understand that
if you exercise that right,

you're gonna be charged

with attempted murder
of a police officer.

And acting as an accomplice
in a drug rip

where someone got killed.

That means you'll be looking
at your son through prison bars

for the next 20 years.

You gotta ask yourself...

- How bad do you want
to be right?

- You took my husband
away from me.

He wasn't perfect,
but he was trying his best.

And now my son
doesn't have a father.

- That's why he needs
his mother.

- I'm not sure I understand
what you're saying.

- Here's what.


It's a one-time offer.

You decide to tell your story
some time down the line,

I'll find you
and I'll bury you.

- Yes?

- Hi,
I'm with Catholic Charities.

- Mm-hmm?

- I need you to do
exactly as I say.

I'm with Chicago Police.

I need you to get
under the table now.

I know you're scared.
Let's do this calmly

and quickly, all right?
Let's go.

- Chicago PD.
Let me see those hands.

I'm good, I'm good.

- You're clear, you're clear,
you're clear.

- Turn around, Mitchell,
put your hands on the wall.

I'm good over here.
- All right, let's move.


- A fighter down.
You guys okay?

- Kim, call out.

Are you okay?

Call out.

Yeah, I'm good.

We're all good.


- We recovered the
stolen Rolexes at your place,

along with the weapon used
to commit the murder.

But honestly, Mitchell,
I can't figure out

how you could have made this
any easier for us.

I mean, you got
any other colors

you want to add
to this picture?

- It was an accident.

An accident?

You accidentally shot
Kirby Reed nine times.

- I didn't shoot him.
My associate did.

- The associate
that died at the duplex?

- Yeah.

- Right.

- Look, dude came home
while we were in the house.

We were just gonna
put him in the closet,

but he tried to be a hero.
- Okay.

- He grabbed the gun, and...
bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!

That thing just exploded.
- Hmm.

All right, look, Mitchell.

There's a man dead, and there's
no way to make that right.

No way.

There is still
one good thing you can do.

Now, where'd you get the MK-18?

- What's in it for me?

- You give us
who sold you the gun,

and I'll see what I can do.

- I want it in writing.

- Mitchell said
he bought the MK-18s

from this guy right here.
Trey Woodson, 22 years old.

- He's the cat that got into it
with my brother.

- One and the same.

And he's got
a history of violence.

Grand theft auto,
assault with a deadly weapon.

He cut off the nose of a rival
banger with a straight razor.

Spent four years in Juvie,
got out,

and he's been clean ever since.

- Yeah, now Woodson
has a store in Englewood

with his own clothing line,
"Trey Lit."

- Okay.

- His landlord also happens
to be his business partner,

Darius Walker.

- Trey Woodson.
I knew I knew that name.

When I was undercover
on Darius Walker,

that name came up a lot.

- Yeah, well, if Darius is
that close with Trey,

then Darius knows
Trey's dealing guns.

- Hey, Kevin,
your brother's downstairs.

- What are you
doing here, Jordan?

- I'm waiting for Kristy
to be released.

- The hell you waiting
on her for?

Look, she's my girl, bro.

That's why you came back.

- Nah, that's not
the only reason, but yeah.

I wanted to see her.

- You know Trey Woodson
is her ex?

- I know that.

- Which means that she's
a part of that world.

'Cause he's a problem,
which makes her a problem.

- Look, I can handle it,
all right?

- What can you handle?

And why would you even put
yourself in that position?

- Listen, I didn't come here
for advice, all right?

- Jordan?

- Come on.
Let's go.

- Sergeant Voight.

You always choose exotic,
new places for us to meet.

It's almost like we're dating.

- Yeah, well, we're
in a relationship, all right.

Given the information
I got, though,

I think it might
be coming to an end.

- I wish I could say
I was heartbroken.

- Yeah, you will be.

You know, I look
the other way

for a lot
of your drug activity.

That's the price
of the information you provide.

But guns are a red line,
Darius, and you crossed it.

- I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

- There's MK-18s being sold
on the streets,

military assault rifles.
- Yeah, I heard

about those guns, but I
don't know who's running them.

- I got a witness who's willing
to testify he bought an MK-18

from Trey Woodson,
who works directly under you.

- Get out of here.
Who is your witness?

- He's credible.
- He's wrong.

- Mm-hmm.
- Trey is an artist.

And he's legit, and he would
never go behind my back.

- Darius, you may
want to believe that,

but I got a witness
who says otherwise.

- I'll look into it.
- Damn right, you will.

- You got a witness.

- All right, we got
Trey Woodson in pocket.

Black SUV, plates match.

- What's up, Darius, I didn't
know you was coming through.

- What's up, Black?

- Good to see you, man.
- You too, man.

- Yeah.

- You know what, man,
you're like a son to me.

And I always

your artistic endeavors.

- Mm-hmm, that you do.
I'm grateful.

- And in return
for that support,

you stay out of the game.
That's the understanding

we had, right?
- 100%, yeah.

- So why am I hearing that
you're selling military assault

rifles in my neighborhood?

Behind my back?

- Now, who told you that?

You know what?
People just gossiping.

Everybody jealous
of what I got going on.

- Yo.


We always talk about...

Accountability, right?

You're selling guns?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I am.

I'm sorry, man.

Look, Darius,

I'm just trying to diversify
like you taught me.

You're the person that said
I got to create my own lane.

I got to learn to stand
on my own two feet.

I got to be strong, right?

It's no way this thing
is coming back to you or me.

- Then why are we having
this conversation?


- I just needed a little bit
of cash to market my brand.

- Come on, Darius.

Get him to say
where the guns are.

- Look, man,
I ain't mean no disrespect.

- Hey.

You just did
what you thought you had to.

- Damn right.

So what's up?
We good?

- Yeah.
Yeah, we're all good, all good.

- What's the matter with you?
Why'd you cut it off?

- I did what you asked.
You got what you needed.

- No, no, no,
no, no, no.

You were supposed
to get Trey

to tell us where the guns are.

- I know what I was
supposed to do.

All the young men want
to make it on the streets.

And the streets are gonna
kill them all.

- Darius, I understand
how you feel about Trey.

He's selling those guns.

You got to set up that buy.

- I will not be there
when you bury him.


- All right, there's no sign
of this Trey Woodson.

You said the meet was at 6:00.

It's almost 7:00.
We sure this is happening?

- Darius confirmed the meet
with Trey, so we wait.

- All right.

- Beige pickup coming your way.

- Yeah, we got eyes.

- All right, nobody moves
until we see the guns.

On my order.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Where's Trey?

- You got the money?

- We don't know you.

- Trey wanted me
to make sure you're legit.

- Yeah, we're legit, all right.

It's all there.

You got something for us?

- Whoa, hey.
- Cell phone.

He's not answering.

- All right, well,
maybe you just take us to him.

- Nah, it don't work like that.

- You're just gonna
walk away from 50K?

- Nah, I'ma drive.

- Boss, what do you want to do?
Do you want to take this guy?

It's your call.

- Take his ass now.

- Show me your damn hands!

Cover me, Rojas!

Get over here!

- Got his gun?

- Yeah, we're good.
- You broke my damn arm!

- Yeah, we're just
getting started, buddy.

- Stand down,
stand down, stand down.

I got him.
Come on, get your ass up.

- Get up!

- Hey, listen to me.

You got five seconds
to tell me where Trey is.

- Ain't telling you
nothing, man.

You ain't got nothing
on me, man.

- Didn't he ask you something?

All right.

- Huh?
- All right, all right.

He keeps a crib above
his warehouse over on Racine.

- Chicago PD.


Ruze, how we looking?

- Clear.

- Sarge, we got a body.

It's Trey Woodson.

- Patrol responded to a shots
fired call on this block

earlier in the afternoon,
but they came up empty.

- All right,
canvass for witnesses

and check for surveillance.

- There's 45 rifles here.

- All right, notify ATF.
Let's get them back

to the military.
- Copy.

- I know what I'm feeling
ain't right.

Part of me is relieved.

- I get it, Kev.
- Burgess?

- Collin, over here.

I want the whole room
printed, okay?

- Got it.

- Kev?
- Yeah?

- I talked
to a patrol officer downstairs.

They pulled security footage
from across the alley.

We got a clear view
of the shooter.

It ain't good.

That's 4:20 this afternoon.

You can see the gun
clear as day, man.

Kev, you know I got your back.
How do you want to play this?

You just tell me.

- I don't know.


- What the hell
are you doing here?

- Me and you outside,
right now.

What happened?
- What are you talking about?

- Don't play with me, Jordan.
I don't got time for it.

What the hell happened?

- I don't know
what you want from me, man.

- Trey Woodson
got shot to death,

and you got caught
on surveillance cameras

leaving his warehouse
with a gun in your hand.

- Listen.

I didn't shoot him.

- The gun was in
your hand, Jordan.

- Look, I was trying
to get rid of the gun.

I didn't shoot him.
- Then who shot him?

- No, no, no.
- Jordan.

- No, no, no, no.
- Jordan, look at me.

- No...
- Jordan.

Was it Kristy?
- Yeah.

Look, I don't know
what happened.

But she needed me.

The gun was in the apartment,
and I went up there,

and I cleaned the place up.

I wiped everything down,
I cleaned all the fingerprints.

I even went out back
so nobody could see me.

- Well, that was the only place
there was a camera, dumbass.

- So what did you do
with the gun?

- I threw it in the river.

I didn't know what else
to do with it, man.

- Okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Listen to me.

Listen to me.

You are gonna go home.

You're gonna stay
the hell away from her,

and you're gonna keep
your mouth shut, okay?

- No, no, no, no.
I can't walk away from her.

- Boy!

Stay the hell away from Kristy,
and keep your damn mouth shut.

Do you understand me?

- Okay, okay.


- Go.

- All right, Kevin, did Jordan
give you any other details?

What her motives
might have been?

- No.

All he told me was that
Kristy killed Trey.

And he got rid of the gun.

- Well, the good news is we
still got control of this case.

So we still got a chance
to tie things off, but...

We gotta move fast before
Homicide starts sniffing.

'Cause that happens

- He's not going down
for murder.

- Mm-hmm.


Then our best play is
to get her to confess.

- You're wrong.
I did not kill Trey Woodson.

- Kristy, we got your prints
all over his apartment.

- That's because
we used to date.

- Uh-huh.
- I already told you.

- We contacted your cousin,
and Mitchell Adams told us

that you were supposed
to get a thousand dollars

for letting him use your car.
Is that right?

- So you went to Trey's house
looking for money,

he didn't want to give it
to you, and you shot him.

- I ain't gonna
lie to you, Kristy.

We know everything.


We got a cooperating witness.
- What?

- He ain't stupid.

- Jordan?

He's ratting me out,
that's what you're saying?

- What I'm saying is,
it's obvious

that you've been playing him
like a punk this whole time.

You're still hooking up
with Trey.

- That's not true.
- No?

It doesn't matter what's true
or not true, you understand?

What matters is
what I can prove.

- What are you saying?
- What am I saying?

I'm saying I got you
on this murder.

We know Trey owed you money.

We know you went
to Trey's apartment.

And we know
you told Jordan Atwater

you're the one
that killed him.

- The only thing we don't know
is your side of the story.

So if you tell us the truth,
we can help you.

- I went to Trey's to get that
thousand dollars he owed me.

He told me, "Get out."

I was so tired
of the way he acted,

the way he treated me.

And then I saw his gun
sitting on the table, so...

I grabbed it.

Told him to pay me.

He just laughed.

Called me a whore.

And then I heard this loud...


He was on the floor, bleeding.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I got your badge and
undercover phone from before.

- Before it all went to hell?

- Yeah.
Here, let me give you a hand.

- Listen, um...

when you were in surgery,

no one knew
what was gonna happen.

And it made me realize that...

I wanted to tell you something.

- Okay.

It's Bobby.
It's Angela's son.

- What are you doing?

- I want to make sure
he's okay.

- Hey, he's with his mom.

He's okay.

You just caught a bullet
for this.

You gotta let this one go.

Just let it go.

- All right.

What were you gonna say?

- Never mind, I'm gonna
pull the car around.

I'll meet you in front.

- Jordan?

Jordan, where are you at?

I need you
to call me back, bro.