Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Night in Chicago - full transcript

Atwater goes undercover to bring down the longtime head of a criminal enterprise and becomes entangled in a situation that tests his allegiances as well as his conscience.


I can't buy one today, Laz.

Kev, you ain't been able to buy one

for the past three weeks.

- I see.
- I'll take this home.

Watch me take this home.

Take your time, Laz. It's the game ball.

Pay up, trick.

- That's how you feel?
- Hey, yo, Daryl.

- Yeah?
- Can you hear that?

- What's that?
- Can you hear that?

- What am I supposed to hear?
- That sound like money.

- Ching-ching.
- Yeah, that's money.

Oh, that's what it is.

Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks...

- Laz loves to talk.
- Yeah, I wish Daryl did.

Man doesn't say much 'cause he's smart.

Let's double up on the next one, Kev.

Only right I give you
the chance to get some back.

That's real money
right there, we talking 500.

Wait, wait, wait, hold on.
I ain't scared of y'all.

If we gonna ball, we might
as well ball for real.

Then let's make it 1,000.

Aw, man, scared money don't
make no money.

Let's make it two.

- It's just money, bro.
- All right.

Two grand? Is Kev nuts?

CPD will reimburse him
a few hundred if he's lucky.

He'll be all right.

More money in the bank.

♪ Hey

That's all she wrote, lads.
Yo, D, you hear that?

- What's that, man?
- That's Laz losing money, man.

Hey, yo, Laz, you got hustled, man.

Kev played you like a chump.

Hey, man, your girl probably
chilling at your crib

with a t-shirt that say
"Go Kevin," with no drawers on.

Man, at least I don't go around

kissing old man ass all day.

Yo, what'd you just say?

Man, I was just playing.

Say it again...

What you just said.

Come on, man.

- Yo...
- Yo, yo...

I said say it.

What'd you pull the guns out for, man?

Shut up, Kevin.

I'ma ask you one more time,

say what you just said
about me kissing ass.

I didn't mean anything by it.
I was just trying to be funny.

Oh, so you funny now?

Okay, will you stop all the cowboy stuff,

and let me get my money?

Shut your damn mouth, Kev.

Answer me.

He still hasn't used the distress word.

Funny now?

No. Not funny.

Not funny at all.

Hey, yo, Mitch, man, look at his face.

He's shook.

Hey, we all good, homie.

Collect your dough, Kev.


I don't mind boys being boys,

unless they pretending to be men.

You understand me, son?

Yes, sir.

Phil Gamble in the flesh.

This Gamble guy, he's real careful.

And his right-hand man, Daryl,

not easy to get in with.

So, I gotta ask you, Ray,

why are you dropping the dime
on these two?

Because they're bad for Chicago.

So is deep-dish pizza.

Well, deep dish may be fattening,

but they don't destroy young black lives.

Got nothing to do with money?

Excuse me?

These two been contributing to

the Ray Price Philanthropy Fund?

Let's just say that
their philanthropic generosity

has waned in recent months.

So it is about money?

It's always about money, Hank.

Especially when people say it isn't.

All right, look...

truth is, these two
don't belong on the street,

and they sure as hell
don't belong in my ward.

So, I had some people dig
deeper into Daryl

and found some particulars.

Maybe there's something in
there that might help

your man Atwater get in tighter.

Appreciate that, man.

You and me, Hank...

we love this city.

We dedicated our lives to this city.

So, when people don't treat her right,

when they disrespect the very institute

that we love so dearly...

We have no choice but to take
matters into our own hands.

It's good to see you again, Ray.

Our shot caller is Phil Gamble,

been in the gang for 20 years,

has a very diversified portfolio of

criminal enterprises,
but he makes most of his money

the old fashioned way... mostly drugs.

Heroin, to be exact.

Yeah, we ran into Gamble a while back.

Rival dealer was putting out
lethal product

under Gamble's logo.

So, he shot said rival
in the face three times,

practically told me as much.

Gamble's number two is Daryl Ingram.

And this guy, Laz, he works
underneath him.

Yeah, Laz, unlike Daryl,
is extremely gullible.

I've been working him as an
unwitting for the past three weeks.

Thinks we're buddies and we're gonna
start a nightclub together soon.

But Daryl, on the other hand,
tight as hell,

doesn't get involved with
outsiders at all.

All right, so, we gotta find
a way to gain his trust.

I'm doing my best, Sarge,

dusted off my ol' pool game
and everything.

But I'm gonna need a new angle,
'cause I'm nowhere near the pocket.

I think I found your angle.

In Price's file,
he jotted down a few notes

on Daryl's weak spot.

Okay, weak spots are good. What is it?

More like 'who.'

- Look alive, Vance.
- Red, lock him, man.

Aw, he really can't guard
you there, though.

There it is right there. There you go.

- Hey, help out, help out.
- Yes, thank you.

Thank you.

That's your man right there
not locking up?

He don't lock up good.

Feed him again. Feed him again.

There you go. Uh-huh.

Got him off his feet...

Swisher Sweet.

You see that? I like that, Vance.

Talk to me after the game,
I got something for you.

Huh... yeah.

- All right, see ya.
- All right.

Yo, Vance, what up? Kev.

What's up? Uh, who you with?

Chi-Town Burners.

From us to you, boy.

You know, the streets been talking about

a 15-year old PG that's making noise.

I had to check you out for myself.

- You nice, bro.
- Thank you.

Burner's a good team.

Oh, we ain't bad, but we could be better.

Looking to bring in 20 new players.

Tryouts are next month,
and it's invite only.

I'm looking at you, bro.
You could play up a age group.

So how 'bout you lock
your number in my phone?

All right.

I'll shoot you a official
invite real soon.

You got a ride?

Cold as hell, boy, the hawk is kicking.

- I gotchu.
- All right, man.

- Appreciate you.
- Yeah.

Yo, man, like I always tell
my little brother,

play hard, work harder.

- Hmm.
- You feel?

- You gonna be all good.
- Thank you, sir.

Call me Kev, bro.

- Take it easy, bro.
- You too.


- What are you doing with my brother?
- Your brother?

Man, what the hell are you even
talking about, man?

I asked you a question.

I scout for the AAU program,
and I was watching Vance hoop.

All right? That boy got skills.

I was chopping it up with him.
I gave him a ride home.

All right? How was I 'posed to
know he was related to you?

So, you a coach now, Mr. Pool Hustler?

Dude, I'm a scout, and I got a coach.

I got college connections,
and I can introduce you to 'em

if you get this damn gun off of my neck.

I wanna meet him, this coach...

me and my brother.

Set it up in one hour.

If he ain't legit
or you playing with me...

I'll kill you.

I'll see you in an hour.

Coach Rollins old school, man.

That's right, Vance.

I demand commitment,
excellence, and respect.

But you do what I ask,
you'll reap the benefits.

Yeah, Coach gets kids into
college for a fact.

And if you're good enough, The League.

Yeah, I got four young brothers
playing for the NBA right now,

making a total of $37 million a year.

You think you can help my brother
get into the next level?

- I will try my hardest.
- Crazy.

And that's all that I'll promise.

'Cause at the end of the day,
it's all up to Vance.

All right then.

Daryl, pleasure to meet you.

Thanks for your time.

Vance, I look forward to
working with you.

Thank you. See you, Coach.

- Take it easy, dawg.
- All right.

Coach, appreciate you, 'cause I know this

ain't really your speed.

Look, you took care of my nephew,

and I'm more than happy to
return the favor,

but, uh, we're all good now?

- All good.
- All right.

Yo, yo.

I got good news. Me and Daryl are solid.

We're doing dinner tonight at his bar.

All right, so, let's figure
out a way to exploit

this newfound trust.

Kev, why don't you intro me as a buyer?

No, he doesn't sell to
outside dealers at all.

He's got a tight network,
not looking to expand.

Or we could come at it
from the other end.

We could sell to him
rather than buy from him.

I like the way you think,

but that's not gonna work either.

He's got a supplier that he likes a lot.

Man, solution without a problem.

All right, so we create the problem.

I'll make a call.

I will take it off
your plate so completely

and put it on mine,
it'll make your head spin.

Hey, Hank. Hey, come here, will you?

Maybe you can help me with this.

Having a heck of a time.

What... help with what?

Convincing Ray here to
publicly endorse me for Mayor.

Ray's his own man.
Doesn't need any input from me.

I keep telling you, man,
you're bad for my brand.

Even though I like you, more or less,

there ain't no way in hell
I can tell anyone,

let alone endorse your white ass.

So, please, stop asking.

Oh, Ray.

I can't stop asking you, baby.

Cut from the same cloth, huh?

- Yes.
- Oh, look at that.

Time for me to go.
I got three more aldermen

to hit before dinner.

Hopefully they're not as racist
as your ass.

All the best.


I take it you and Kelton
aren't too close.


I just don't like politicians.


Their supplier, his name is
Franco Vertiz, lives in Pilsen.

He's been in Mexico the past week.


But I never give up, Hank.

I just keep digging and digging
until I find gold

and this, my friend, is pure gold.

The address to Franco's stash house.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Chicago PD.

Hey, put the hammer down.
Put the hammer down.

Manos, manos. Come towards me.

Español, por favor.

Put your hands on the counter.

- Turn around.
- Hey, come here.

- Come here.
- What are doing to mi mama?

- Stairs.
- Hailey.

I'm going up the stairs.

Hey! Got one upstairs.

Right behind you.

- Gun!
- Shoot at them.

What do you see? What do you see?

Two teenage girls. One's got a gun.

We're the police... policía.

You gotta put the gun down.

- One...
- Hailey, wait.

- Two...
- Wait.

- Three...
- Hey, don't shoot!

- Kim!
- Hey.

What the hell was that?

Gun was unloaded.

They kept saying,
"No bullets, no bullets."

I didn't know you spoke Spanish.

Fifty kilos. Cinco-cero.

That's a lot of heroin.

She says that she doesn't know his name,

but he said if the drugs
ever disappeared,

he'd kill her whole family.

That's why she pulled the gun,

with or without bullets.


What now, book her?

No. Talk to Trudy.

Let's get her and her family out of town.

- Anything?
- No.

Get word to Atwater we
disrupted Daryl's supply chain.

We got maybe a two, three-day window.

- We gotta move.
- Copy.

It cost me $50,000 a week.

It told you, you have to have
a backup plan.

You can't go half ass.

You gotta get it together,
don't you understand?

Come on, man.

Who go next? Nobody?

Cool, well, I'm gonna get a drink, man.

Whoever's ready, you just rack 'em up,

'cause I'm here all night.

- What are you having?
- Can I get a beer, bro?

Sure thing.

What's wrong with you, man?

You look like you write songs for Drake.

All up in yo' feelings, ain't you?

The blue goons choked up
my connect, so we offline.

50K a week, man.

- Damn.
- Yeah.

Well, if you don't mind me asking,

what kind of product got took?




- Spit it out, man.
- Okay, you may not be interested,

but I got a boy who lives in
Northwest area, Irving Park...

I know he in that game,
serves heavy weight.

That's all I know.

You say you got a boy?

I got a boy.

Like, I've known him for, like,
ten years, he's my boy.

You know, I don't get
too involved in his business,

but I know it involves Mexican tan.

That ain't my lane, though.

You can set up a meeting?


What's your cut?

I don't want nothing.
Just know I did you a solid.

That's it, that's all.


Okay. Let's start slow.

One kilo.

You re-up fast
and we can add more weight.

One kilo ain't gonna do it, bro.

I got a hungry clientele.

I need five, minimum.

- I don't...
- Trust me, bro.

Daryl's legit, good money.

Okay, but I'm gonna need 10% up front.

How's 20 sound?


It's twice as good as ten.


Come back in three hours
when we're closed.

No guns.

I respect the fact you trust me.

I respect the fact you know
not to skate with my money.


Hey, you bring Kevin with you,
too, all right?

Makes me feel good when he's around.

Aw, man, I just like being
around all this money.


All right, Atwater's gonna be
with Daryl at the meet.

We set a perimeter around
the auto detail shop.

Adam, I want you outside on foot.

Goal is, we snatch up Daryl
fast and quiet,

get him right back out on the street

as a cooperating witness.

So, how are we protecting
ourselves against

a potential entrapment defense?

I told Kev make it clear
Daryl wants the dope.

We're sellers, not buyers.

Think we're ready, boss, let's go.

All right, let's do it.

How are you so calm, dawg?

I just am.

People only really get scared

when they trying to be
something they ain't.

Hmm, right.

I used to tell my little brother that

right before basketball games.

I'd say, "Know your role.

Don't be scared of who you are."

- I like that.
- Yeah.

I might just drop that
on Vance before his next game.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Yeah, he a good kid, bro.

Yeah, man, that's my heart, right there.

I already know.

You know, he's what
I'd be... try to be...

- You know?
- Right.

If things were different. I feel you.


See, my pops got locked up
early, so I had no choice.

I had to step up, take care of things.

I been there, bro.

For real.

Hey, but you had a Gamble in your life.

You got lucky. He got you right, man.

Hey, man, way I see it, Gamble got lucky

taking me in, bro.

I see you don't go no problem
with confidence.

Yeah, man.

Atwater and Daryl just
passed us, maroon SUV.

Copy that. We're in position
on the northeast corner,

got eyes on the auto detail shop.

Adam, you good?

Yeah, roger that.
I'm at the southwest corner

outside the meeting spot, out back.

Yo, you ain't packing, right?

Nah, man.

Your boy said no guns.

All right.

Gotta respect the seller's demand.

That's part of being a good businessman.

- Learned that from Gamble.
- Yeah, I like that.


What the hell?

Pull the vehicle to the curb.


You can't be serious. We're
barely going 20 miles an hour.

What the hell is going on?

They're 20 yards from the meeting spot.

We got Illinois tags.

It's George-Paul-9-2-1-John-1.

Copy 2913, we're running it.

Got you held down at that stop.

Turn your car off, sir.

What's up, guys? Where you headed?

Visiting a friend.

This friend got a name?

May I ask what this is about, Officer?

No, you may not.

You just answer the question

and keep your hands where I can see 'em.

Name is Tony.

Right, two brothers visiting a dago?

It doesn't ring true, homie.

Come on, Doyle. Hey, guys...

- What the hell?
- Just doing our job.

Hey, Sarge, are you hearing this?

Everybody stand down,
just let it play out.

Hopefully, these guys don't burn Atwater,

blow this whole thing up.

Any guns, knives, drugs?

We do not, like he said,
we're just visiting a friend.

Yeah, right. Tony, right?

So, what are you gonna do
when you get there?

Make some linguini? Huh?

Hey, when I ask you a question,

I want an answer and eye contact.

Units in the 29
and units on the citywide,

an armed robbery just occurred
at 1344 Luther Drive.

Offenders are described as
male, black, late 20s,

approximately six-foot tall.

Out of the car, nice and slow.

Hands where I can see 'em.

Let's go guys, out of the car now.

We're gonna need to search you.

You boys do that robbery
over on Luther Drive?

We certainly did not,

and we're not boys, Officer, we're men.

What did you just say to me?

I said we're men.

- Yo...
- Yo, hey, man.

You feel like a man now, huh?
Don't get cute with me.

Let's go, back at the car, let's go.

- We didn't even do nothing.
- Hands.

Listen, Officer, I don't
have a problem letting you...

Shut your mouth and keep your hands on...

What's your problem, man?

Face forward, do not look at me.

This is going sideways.
What are we doing here?

Stand down. Let Atwater handle it.

Hands, let's go. Let's go.


Hey, you shut 'em up.
Put in the back of the car.

Hey, man, what the... what's
your problem, man?

You've been buggin' this whole time.

Hey! Hey!

Let me see your hands!

We were just driving on
the goddamn street.

We were just driving on the damn street.

Daryl, just do what he says, okay?

Now, get on the ground.
Get on your knees now.

- I ain't getting on my knees.
- I will not ask you again.

- Final warning.
- Let me go in.

Talk to your partner, man.
Try and control him.

Get your black ass
on your knees right now.

Not a word about Atwater.
I wanna keep his cover intact.

- Sergeant...
- Yeah.

Even though Daryl just got shot.

Now just hang back. Let me handle this.

Sergeant Hank Voight, Intelligence.

We're in the neighborhood working a case.

The offender reached for my weapon.

I was in fear for my life.

Don't talk to me.

Save your story for COPA
and IRT, you understand?

Yeah. Yeah, right, thanks.

So, what about the other guy
in the car? You charging him?

Yeah, we'll process him
after we handle all this.


I'll tell you what,
why don't I transport him

back to your district,
get him off the scene?

I think you two got enough
to focus on, huh?

Yeah, that'd be great.

No problem.

Make sure you write him up good.

He was belligerent and disorderly.

Don't worry,
I'll take care of this prick.

Might even hit him with
assault and battery, too.

Let's go. Come on, get out.

Let's go.

All right, you're still under.

Keep your mouth shut until we're alone.

Come on, let's go.

Ain't nobody gonna cover him up?

Shut up. Come on.

Come on.

Kev, you okay?

- Kev, what the hell happened?
- I don't know.

- What...
- I don't know.

All I know is that
those punks murdered Daryl.

Damn near shot me, too...

over nothing... over driving
while being black.

Kevin Anderson, you made bail.

Come on, man, I ain't got all day.

Moved as fast as I could.

Appreciate that.

Just get your head straight.

You have to talk to COPA and IRT soon.

I'm ready when they are.

Kevin... I know you're hot. I get it.

You gotta take some time. Calm down.

Let's make sense of all this.

No, thanks, Sarge.
I don't wanna calm down.

I don't wanna make sense of this,

'cause what just happened
can't keep happening.

No, this gotta stop.


I just spoke to IRT.

I wanted to make sure that

everything I was hearing was,
in fact, true

and that nothing was getting
lost in translation.

But I'll be honest with you, Hank,

I am having a very hard time

what just happened.

How can I help?

You could tell me that your man Atwater

wasn't really working undercover when

that tragic officer-involved
shooting occurred.

Atwater was there.

He was on the scene,

and he maintained his cover identity

like a smart cop is supposed to.

A smart cop is supposed to make sure that

a guy doesn't get shot.

That's what a smart cop is
supposed to do.

Atwater played it right.

He tried to deescalate the situation,

while maintaining his...

Oh, come on, Hank! Give me a break.

How could he have played it right

when we got ourselves one dead black kid?

Huh? In what universe is
that playing it right?

When these facts come out,
if they break the wrong way,

Atwater goes down.

It's the cost of doing business.

You're dismissed.

Did I stutter?

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter. Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter. Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

We will not stand...

- That's right!
- Yeah.

For this outrageous behavior...

- Right.
- Yes, sir.

And the utter contempt...

and disregard for black lives.

- Yes.
- That's right.

Because black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter. Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

- Black lives matter.
- Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Hey, man.

You okay?

- Good.
- How'd it go with IRT?

- Talk to 'em about everything.
- Uh-huh.

Off the record.
They told me to watch the tape

before I make an official statement.


Get any sleep?

No, not really.

I got a bad taste on this one, Sarge.

No matter how you slice it,
I got an innocent man killed,

a man who didn't do
a damn thing to deserve it.

What happened last night was unfortunate.

No, it was not unfortunate.

That was murder.

Well, you haven't seen
the tape, neither have I.

What are you saying?

I'm saying I'm not ready to accuse a cop,

one of our own, of murder
until I know all the facts.

That cop ain't one of us, Sarge.

Yeah, maybe.

I'll tell you what, Daryl
definitely ain't one of us.

That is a stone-cold criminal,
puts bodies on the street,

gets young kids hooked on heroin.

He wasn't being a criminal
when he got shot.

That's the point.

Kelton's blaming you for
what happened to Daryl.

Thinks you should have
identified yourself

as a police officer to
deescalate the situation.

- Unbelievable.
- Mm-hmm.


After all of this I'm the bad guy.

Sarge, you know that Kelton
doesn't care about

a damn thing, but that election.

Yeah, I know that.

But it doesn't matter.

But if we bust Gamble,

we give Kelton something to
talk about, to brag about.

That dirties Daryl, makes the
whole situation less tragic.

Uh-huh, yeah, that too.

Well, let's face it.

There is no easy answer
on this; there just isn't.

- Let's finish this thing then.
- Good.

So, go pay your respects
to Daryl's family.


Go to his aunt's house,
connect with Gamble,

and close that heroin deal
with him instead of Daryl.

- Laz.
- Hey, yo.

What up, Kev?

Did what I could do.

Appreciate you.

- All right.
- Come on in.

- Hi.
- Thank you for coming.

Thank you for having me, Mama Donna.

Vance... I'm sorry, bro.

I did the best I could
to help him, it got crazy.


I didn't know Daryl that well...

But I do know he loved you.

Hey, your brother didn't smile
that much, man,

but every time I brought you up...

He smiled with pride.

That's all it was, pure pride.

Vance, your ti-ti needs you, man.

Go be strong.

You got it, man.

They were sweating us for no reason,

and then a robbery call
came over the radio.

And they really went crazy,
like that justified everything

they wanted to do to us
in the first place.

Same ol' song, man.

You know how it goes,
trying to provoke us.

I think Daryl caught onto that
before I did, which...

made him get aggressive and...

did what he did, you know?

I loved Daryl, man,

like he was my own flesh and blood.

He gone now, so... life goes on.

It ain't right. It just is what it is.


Life does go on.

So, in that spirit,
Daryl did put down 20%

on a buy that was supposed
to get done that night.

Talked to my homie, Tony,
you can have your money back

or proceed with the transaction.

It's up to you.

Yo, Kev, you're all about business, huh?

I like that.

So, what do you want me to tell Tony?

You know what?

- Set it up.
- All right.

- Gotchu.
- Let me know.


It's the best in the Midwest.

Let the street decide that, eh?

This is you.


It's good doing business with you.

- You two leave out the back.
- Yeah.

That's good business, man.

Now that's how we do it. I see you.

I see you, baby.

Chicago PD, don't move.


Drop the bag, hands in the air.


Against the car.

Oh, you lying son of a bitch.

You set Daryl up, huh?

You got him killed?

Man, how you gonna do this to
your own people, man?

You're worse than the cop
that pulled the trigger, Kev.

I see you.

Hey, great work, Kev. We got him.

Yeah, we got him.

That's all that matters, getting him,

no matter what it costs.

You okay?

So, what do you think?

Just trying to sort it all out, man.

Is the video helping or hurting?

The video can't hear what
the punk ass cop was saying.

I blinked the wrong way, that
white boy would have shot me.

Killed me dead.
I mean, you look at the video.

Maybe Daryl is lunging for the cop's gun,

but it should have never got that far.


I'm glad you didn't blink the wrong way.

Look, I know you're gonna be
under a lot of pressure

to do the right thing
from your community,

your friends, your family.

Police, on the other side,
they expect you to act

a certain way,
back up your fellow officer.

Where do you stand?

It's tough to say, because I'm white.

And no matter how hard I try
or how badly I wanna understand

what just happened,
what you just experienced,

I can't.

I never will.

But I got your back, always.

Either way, I got your back.

Thanks a lot. Needed that.


Okay, I'll be there.

Congratulations on
taking down Phil Gamble.

Ooh, that son of a bitch has been

a pain in my ass for years.

- Well, I'm glad we can help.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm assuming that's not why
you called me down here.


I wanna talk to you about
the police shooting.

Your statement will carry
a lot of weight...

will add lots of important context to

a complicated situation.

So, as you begin to sort through things,

I wanna make sure you feel protected.

Protected from what?

The truth, your truth...

Whether or not it actually is the truth.

You're asking me to lie?

No, I'm asking you to be strong.

To do what's necessary to
punish these racist punks

who killed one of our own for no reason.

Good to see you again, Ray.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Why is it so important to you?

You the one who told us to go after Daryl

in the first place.

Thought you couldn't stand
his ass, remember?

I did.

And the truth is, I don't give
a damn about his death.

But I do care about a white cop
killing a black man for no reason.

There's a video out there that shows

Daryl lunging for that gun.

It's tough to get around.

You don't have to worry about
none of that.

You just speak your piece.

I've done research on this cop, Doyle.

He's got a track record.

He's been written up for
using the 'N' word before.

So, you are gonna tell COPA that

you heard him use the word,

that he told his partner he was gonna

"take care of those black boys"

the second he got out of his patrol car.

And we'll be fine.

We'll have intent, nullify that
video you're worried about.

This isn't about you anymore, Kevin.

This is about the future of Chicago.

Future of Chicago?


I've decided I'm gonna run for Mayor.

And this is the thing
that's gonna get us elected.

Got a call from COPA.

They wanna talk to you today.

That's fine.

You all set?

Look, I know you got people
talking in both your ears.

You gotta do what you think is right.

Just... just keep in mind you're a cop.

That's what you get paid for,
not to change the world.

I just thought that's what
we were supposed to do...

make the world better.

Just... remember this is Chicago.

It's not easy to be an idealist.

Officer Atwater, please tell us what

you witnessed the night of February 5th.

- How you doing?
- What's up, man?

What the hell are you doing here?

- I talked to COPA today.
- Yeah, so what?

You're coming down here...
you're gonna brag about it?

I told 'em it was a good shoot.


You backed me?

I told the truth.

I appreciate that, bro.

Don't call me "bro."

No, I didn't come down here
to shake hands and make up.

Oh. So it's like that, huh?

Yeah, it's like that.

Let's go.

Hey, look, man, we don't gotta do this.


You put a gun to my head.

Hey, you might not go down
for that murder,

but I will get your badge
one way or the other.

How does that feel?


Feel like a man? Huh, boy?