Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Outrage - full transcript

While chasing a heroin supplier, CPD crosses paths with a convicted criminal recently released on a technicality. Halstead's history with the man threatens the team's ability to put him back in prison.

All right, so where's the supplier?

I'm not sure.

My contact's gonna meet the guy
upstairs at the card game.

It wasn't easy getting you guys
in here, making you look legit.

That's part of your deal.

This gonna be enough to clear my case?

You get us the guy selling China White,

I'm gonna clear your record
and never bother you again.

Get eyes upstairs, let's ID the supplier.

Who's this guy?

Three body guards, wad of cash.

Looks like this guy's coming to play.

All right, heads up.

We got a male, Hispanic, 30s,
5'7", buck-50.

He's in a blue coat coming in
with three additional.

Copy that.

All right, game on.

We got a positive ID on facial rec,

Frank Delgado, got a sheet here,

multiple drug arrests.

He just walked in.

Frank, now we got a game.

Sit down so I can take your money.

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well.

Can I pour you gentlemen some shots?

Yeah, let's get a round.

So, uh, what's your name?


You know, I got a bit of a sweet tooth.

You know, I get that all the time.

Listen, Candy, I'll give you
$500 to take off your dress.

The bar has a pretty strict dress code.

A thousand.

There we go, smile for
the camera, you jagoff.

We got eyes on the supplier yet?

Whoo. Yeah, facial rec just popped,

Matthew Garrett, lighting up the board.

He's got multiple drug arrests.

Matthew Garret? That's not possible.

Am I blind? I mean...

Yeah, Pontiac Prison,
he just go released.

That's our guy.

Son of a bitch. This can't be happening.

What are you talking about?

I got history with him. He can't see me.

He knows you?

Why are you leaving?

It's a long story.

Okay, but I did my thing,
so we're all good, right?

Yeah, you did great.

Come on. Come on, we gotta go.

Hey, yo. Yo, I know you.

Nah, I think you got me
mixed up with somebody, man.

Nah, nah, nah, you're that cop, Halstead.

You're that punk that murders
teenage girls, Garrett.

- Watch yourself.
- What are you gonna do, cop?

You gonna hit me?

That's what you wanna do?

Come on, please, right here.

Please, take a swing,
I'm begging you, please.

Oh, my God, Chicago PD,
they might give me

another 200K, maybe even more.

Right here, sweetheart, don't miss.

Come on, come on, let's go.

This dude ain't worth it.

See you around, Halstead, you coward.

- Who is that?
- The devil.

The mystery player bringing in
China White is Matthew Garrett.

He was doing 20 years for possession

with intent to distribute,

served six, was released last month.

So the police put in the proper paperwork

before they did the bust.

It was deemed an illegal search.

That's why the city awarded
Garrett $200,000

- for wrongful arrest.
- Huh.

Now he's using the settlement
from the city

to corner the market on high-end heroin.

Gotta love the justice system.

I get it, but we gotta stand down.

Ivory tower doesn't want us
chasing these so-called

wrongful conviction offenders.

Sarge, to hell with that.

Garrett's not just a drug
dealer, he's a murderer.

He killed Lauren Sanders.

She was 17 years old,
she ran away from home.

Garrett found her, he pimped her out,

and then she just disappeared.

We found her bloody clothes
in a dumpster.

We never found her body,
so we couldn't make the case.

All due respect, standing down
should not be an option.

Okay, let's go after him.

I mean, the good news is,
prick's got ambition,

means we can catch him dirty,
put him away once and for all.

So dig into Garrett's associates,

talk to your C.I.'s, let's find a way in.

Set up a buy/bust.

So who made the arrest, put
him away in the first place?

Narcotics, Garrett was part
of the Beverly Crew.

That's good, I got a guy who can help.

- Thanks, Sarge.
- Hmm.

I gotta tell you, Gus, you have not aged.

Tell that to my knees.

Hey, thanks. How's Erika?

She's back in Florida.

Got the place all to myself.

Miss seeing you around, bro.

Well, if you get nostalgic,
I'm still on YouTube.

1.6 million views,

everywhere I go, people know me.

Last time I went out for a cup of coffee,

the barista spit in my face.


That video didn't show

the dirtbag beating the hell
out of his pregnant girlfriend,

just the part where I pulled him off...

did what I did.

Heat of the moment.

I know.

23-year career down
the drain in 19 seconds.

What are you gonna do?

Hmm. Let me ask you something, Gus.

When you took down the Beverly Crew,

you come across a guy named
Matthew Garrett?

Oh, yeah. I buried his ass.

Well, you didn't bury him deep enough,

- he just got released.
- You kidding?

Yeah, he's back out on the street,

he's dealing high-end heroin,

so we're looking for a way in.

I thought maybe you might have an idea.

Garrett had a sweet spot
for his little cousin,

kid named Tyler Reynolds.

Right, you know where I can
find this Tyler kid?

He's doing 10 years at
Stateville for armed robbery.

Tyler was just the driver,
he took the weight for Garrett.


Yeah, I think I can work with that.

Appreciate your time, Gus.

Listen, you need anything,
you let me know.

No, I'm good, Hank.

Got half my pension, my health.

And who the hell would wanna be
a cop in this day and age?

Matt Garrett.

- Right?
- Hey, yo.

Easy, man.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Chris Wilson,
I'm a friend of Tyler's.

We're neighbors on cell bock H.

Tyler didn't tell me he had a boyfriend.

Hadn't said anything about you.

Well, he said a lot about you.

How he took the weight for that
robbery back in the day,

and you owe him a favor.

I'm the favor.

You can call him, he'll vouch for me.

Does Tyler still got that
funny little scar on his head?

Tyler doesn't have any scars,
he's a baby face.

Maybe you forgot,
maybe you need to go see him.

So what'd they pop you for, Christopher?

Cops hung a armed robbery charge on me.


Come over here a second.

So listen, Tyler told me you were the guy

to talk to about heroin.

You're in the game, right?

You dole out supplies,
why are you coming to me,

to a complete stranger?

Apparently you have China White.


Look man, I got a lot of
clients in the north burbs,

and they don't want that
dirty brown heroin.

These are white people
that want white stuff.

They got the green to pay for it.

How 'bout you, Chris? You got the green?

I can get it, yeah.

Tell you what,
I'll touch base with Tyler.

If your story checks out,
maybe we can do business.

All right, works for me.

The buy-in's 50K.

I can make that happen.

And I'll need that by today.

By today.

Shouldn't be a problem,
if you're serious.

All right?

Hey, Santana, let's get out of here.

See you, pal.


- Superintendent.
- Sergeant.

You called me?

Yeah, I saw your request for 1505 funds.

I'm not sure how that
ended up on your desk.

Well, it's a new policy.

Anything $50,000 or over
requires my approval.

What's it for?

We got a time-sensitive play
on an offender

dealing bulk heroin.

And who's the offender?

Matthew Garrett.

As in the Matthew Garrett who
was just released from prison?

We weren't targeting Garrett.

Chased that heroin case,
he just fell in our lap.

We just cut this bastard
a check for $200,000.

It was a big, fat black eye
for this department

- and for the city.
- I get it.

We can't be cute, too many eyes on us.

You authorize that 50K,

I can have Garrett in bracelets tonight.

Look, we all hate this prick and yes,

he belongs behind bars.

But I cannot have members of
the CPD out there

acting like vigilantes,
not at this point in time.

There's about 100 different ways

this whole thing could go wrong.

Walk away, Sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Jay. Hey.

You all right? Where you going?

No, I just got off the phone with Voight.

He said Kelton denied the 1505 funds.

He's just covering his ass.

Look, Garrett's doing bad things,
he's gonna make a mistake.

- We'll catch him sooner or later.
- Hailey, we got him right now.

- All we have to do is make a deal.
- Jay, you got a visitor.


Do you remember me?

Yeah, of course, Mrs. Sanders.

They released the monster
who murdered my daughter?

And they gave him money?

What kind of world is this?

- I don't know, I really don't.
- What I don't understand

is why nobody bothered to tell me.

Nobody had the courage
to look me in the eye.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

Eight years, and you know something?

I can't let it go,
because I am so outraged

that he still exists
and my daughter doesn't.

We never even found her body.

I know, look, I promise you...

Don't make me any more promises.

I told you he would kill her.

You were supposed to stop it.

You didn't.

Hey, Sarge, I talked to Trudy.

The counterfeit crew that
we busted last year,

the money was still in the evidence room.

We'll just flash the money,

Garrett's not gonna look too close.

We got the hook in, I think we
gotta keep the deal on track...

Jay, you do know we were told
to stand down, right?

So you wanna let this guy go just
because Kelton wants to be Mayor?

I don't care about Kelton.

I did some digging into Matthew Garrett,

got a hit on him as a victim.

Filed an official complaint
against a police officer

who threatened physical violence.

Turns out, that officer was you.

Garrett is an evil guy.
I was just being a cop.

It was a ploy to get me off his back.

The allegation was sustained.

Your superior officer
took you off the case.

I obeyed that order
and a girl went missing.

If we let this deal go away,
then we lose Garrett.

And if he hurts another girl,
that is on us.

You're not the first one
through the door.

You're background.

Hey, you talked to Garrett?

Yeah, he wants to meet in an hour.

All right, confirm the meet.

- So we're back up?
- We are.

Hey, I don't want Adam
going in there alone.

Take someone with you, right-hand man.

What about a right-hand woman?

Do it. Cameras and mics.

What about Kelton?

I'll deal with Kelton.

We're in position.

All right, let me know when
you got Garrett in pocket.

Remember Jay, stay in the shadows.

Yeah, copy.

So the mother of the
murdered girl came to see you?


Anything you wanna talk about?


All right, here he comes.

You got Garrett on the way,
and he's got two males with him

and a young girl.

They're headed towards the coffee shop.

Yeah, we see 'em.

How's it going, Matt?

You didn't say
you were bringing a friend.

Yeah, I could say the same to you.

This is my partner, this is Marcia.

Shouldn't you be at a kids'
soccer practice or something?

Exactly, I even drive a minivan.

Two traps and a 357,

she's very good at what
she does, I promise.

And this is?

Oh, this is Jill.

Hey, why don't you, uh,

go and get yourself something to eat.

I'll come and find you later.

Get a receipt.

Ah, look at all these runaways.

They come from all over,

you know, looking for a fix,

trying to find Daddy.

But you get 'em hooked,
they'll do anything you want.


Is this making you feel uncomfortable?

I'll let you boys talk business.

Why the hell is Burgess walking away?

I got no idea.

Hailey, you got eyes on Burgess?

No, I'm not sure where she went.

Okay, you said you wanted serious.

I brought you serious.

Hey. Jill, right?

- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you, Marcia.

So, Jill, how long have you
known Garrett?

I met him a few days ago.

Look, I don't know you, Jill,
and you don't know me,

but I do know about Garrett,
and he is not a good guy, okay?

He's nice to me.

Let me guess, he took you
to a fancy dinner

and bought you some nice, new clothes?

Right? Come on, Jill, think about it.

You know where this is going,

you know what he's gonna
ask you to do next.

Why are you doing this?

My sister was hurt by a man like that.

I don't want it to happen to you too.

Do you any place else
you can go, just any place?



This is $200, I want you to go
out the back door

and get away from this guy.

You just call your parents
or your friends.

Just get out of here, okay?

Okay, now I need you to move, okay?

Go, go, go.

So where'd your partner go?

I'm guessing a little pick-me-up.

How do I know she can be trusted?

Don't worry about her,
you're just dealing with me.

Come on, let's pick a spot,
get this deal done.

I got 50K burning a hole in this bag.

- Let's get this deal done.
- Come on, let's go.

Garrett's on the move.

- Where is she?
- Who?

Jill, the girl I was with. Where is she?

- I don't know.
- Is she in there?

- I don't think so.
- Go and check. Check.

Look, man, I'm not trying to
push you or anything,

but I got a lot of money here,

I'm starting to get a little nervous.

You wanna do this deal or not?

You keep your phone on, I'll be in touch.


- Boss.
- Yeah?

Talked to Garrett, the deal's on.

All right, you got a location?

Yeah, Beverly Yards, tomorrow at noon.

All right, get the
surveillance van, cameras.

Let's nail this guy.

Jay, remember, you're background,

you got the long-eye.

No sign of Garrett.

Okay, well, we got
a blue coupe headed your way,

might be our target, two passengers.

Here we go, game time.

We don't pounce till we see those drugs.

What the hell? Garrett's not in the car.

- Where's Garrett?
- He's with the dope.

He's not moving until
you give me that money.

What, do you we think we're stupid?

The deal was a hand-to-hand with
Garrett, that was the deal.

He never said anything about
a let-go, man.

So we're not gonna let go.

You are if you want your product.

Look, man, we want the product,

you're just changing the rules
in the middle of the game.

All right, here's what we'll do.

I'll stay here with you and the money,

she'll go pick up the drugs.

Why don't you call Garrett
and tell him the new plan?

You gonna call him or are
we gonna go our separate ways?

He's not answering.

You know the address?

All right, I'm gonna take that as a yes.

Why don't you just tell us,

and we'll go meet him in person?

Tell us now or we take
the money and we walk.

Last chance.

I see, this guy's a chump.

You don't know anything.

It's the old warehouse...

On McKenzie.

5021 George, what's your 20?

Halstead, you cop...

Oh, it's you.

Yeah, that's right.

What happened, Garrett? Who did this?

Hey, Garrett, listen to me.
I will get you help.

I'll call you an ambulance.

You gotta tell me, where is
Lauren Sanders' body?

- Call an ambulance.
- No, you make this right.

You make this right,
you tell me where her body is,

and I will call you an ambulance.

You understand me?

Garrett, you got a chance
to do something good.

You can make amends.

Kiss my ass.


Garrett. Garrett!

Jay? You all right?


What the hell happened?

That is exactly how I found him.

I arrived, I cleared the premises first,

I tried to render aid...


And then Hailey arrived just after me.

And the China White?

Nothing yet, still looking.

We talked to a crime tech,
preliminary time of death is 12:10.


Hailey called us over at 12:23.

Whoever killed this guy,
we just missed him.

Hello, Leonard.

- Intelligence in the house.
- Hey.

And I thought I was gonna be figuring out

who killed some worthless bad guy.

He was worthless all right.

Trying to set up a drug bust,
somebody got here first.

So your guy see anything?

No, he was dead when we got here.

- Murder weapon?
- Didn't find one.

Didn't find the drugs either,
figured whoever killed him

probably took 'em.

- So who found the body?
- One of my guys.

Well, that's more of a head
start than I usually get.

- We'll take it from here, man.
- You know what?

If you don't mind, Leonard,
we'd like to run with this one.


DOA was our target,
we were told to stand down

not work him, so...

There's gonna be headaches on this,

I don't wanna get you jammed up.

Okay, be my guest.


I know I shouldn't have
gone in without backup,

but the deal was going
sideways and we were gonna...

Jay, I think you and I both know

that's not the question
you're gonna answer.

Upton found you standing over
Garrett's dead body, alone,

in a situation you would never
and should never

enter without backup.

So what the hell happened in there?

He was alive when I got there.

Somebody already shot him.

I don't know who,
there was nobody else around.

Why didn't you call it in?

'Cause I knew he wasn't gonna make it.

I've seen enough of those injuries.


I wanted to find out
where Lauren's body was

for her mother.


So I gave that prick one chance

to redeem his miserable life,
he didn't take it.

He told me to kiss his ass.


Listen, anybody asks you,
I mean, anybody...

Garrett was dead when you got there.

That's it. Hmm?

All right.

Thanks, Sarge.


Sarge, check this out.

Casing found at the scene,
it looks like a match to

the slug that killed Garrett.

All right, well, let's hear
what Ballistics says.

- We got anything else?
- No, we got nothing, Sarge.

We got no weapons, no witnesses, no dope.

No sign of struggle either,
which suggests Garrett

either knew his assailant
or was caught by surprise.

- He got popped for his product.
- Yeah.

Isn't it ironic that we're the ones

that have to clear the murder
for this prick?

Well, that's what we gotta do.

So let's call in favors
with everyone who can help.

Okay, I don't care how much
we hated this son of a bitch,

we gotta find who killed him, fast.

Hey, dig back into that card game.

Who the hell had a beef with Garrett?

Let's hit everyone at that card game.

I just got a tip from a C.I.

Someone's looking to move a lot
of China White on the south side.


Uh, Chicago Convention Center,

drop's gonna be in an employee locker.

Hit it.


Ah, get off me!

Oh, Santana, you remember me?

I remember you.

Come on, man. Come on.


Ask him if he dropped something.

You drop something?

We found your friend
at the west side warehouse

with a bullet in his neck.

I don't know nothing about that.

Really, you sure?

'Cause he happened to be
missing a kilo of China White

we found in your duffle bag.

We also got a footprint
from that crime scene.

You a size 11?

That don't mean I killed him.

Does mean you were there.

Mike, this thing is pretty open and shut.

We're just going through the formalities,

so we can go home.

So if you have anything
to say, say it now.

Look, Garrett and I were
there to do a deal.

I was outside the warehouse,
heard the gunshot,

and ran inside.

I didn't see anyone else.

I swear, that's it. I didn't kill nobody.


the way I see it,

shooting Matthew Garrett
was a community service.

So you give us the murder weapon,

help us clear this case,
I'll see if I can have

your charges lowered to manslaughter.

I wanna help you, all right?

I'm telling you the truth,
I didn't kill him.

He told me to take the heroin
and run, so I did.

He was alive when I left.

- Where'd you run?
- To my car.

I was parked out back of the warehouse.

Hailey, what's up?

Hey, uh, I got some footage
from the warehouse.

Turns out Santana was telling the truth.

He left out the back door at 12:05.

This next part might be
a bit of a problem, though.

You said you got to the warehouse
a few minutes before us.

I'm not sure exactly, but yeah.

Okay, well...

According to this, you were there

a full ten minutes before us.

I mean, I must have been
in there longer than I thought.

And then you shut off your radio

before you went inside.


What are you saying?

Jay, you went dark before
you went in the warehouse.

You weren't even supposed to
be there in the first place.

You were alone with Garrett
for ten minutes,

and you never called it in.

If anyone looks at these facts,

given your history with Garrett,

they're gonna assume
that you had an agenda.

Is that what you think?

Come on.

And it doesn't matter what I think,

these are the questions
they're gonna ask you.

Did you have an agenda?

The deal was blown,

I thought Garrett was gonna disappear,

so yeah, I went after him.

I didn't know what I was
gonna do when I saw him.

I didn't know.

He was already bleeding out
when I got there.

And then what'd you do?

I knew he wasn't gonna make it,

and I tried to make him
tell me where her body is.


You crossed lines, you didn't render aid.

I know.

That's official misconduct,
you can go to prison.

Homicide wants to talk to me.

Thanks for coming.

- That's it!
- So, uh, what's this about?

Ah, just clearing up
this Matthew Garrett business.

What a thoroughly despicable human being.

Good riddance, huh?

Is that a question?

Hell of a thing.

Hard enough being a cop these days;

paperwork, cell phone cameras,

everybody looking for ways
to blow you up.

And a horrible criminal
like Matthew Garrett

gets released with a gift of $200,000.

Detective, stop jerking me around.

You wanna ask me something,
just go ahead and ask me,

otherwise, I'm gonna walk out of here.

Why'd you go dark?

We pulled the tracking records
from your unit.

You turned off your phone
and your GPS at 12:15.

I turned my phone off because
I was afraid of a random call

just tipping off our suspect.

Something else I don't understand,

you had history with Garrett.

He would recognize you.
Why go into the warehouse?

I was in my vehicle,

I was the closest one to the warehouse,

and I heard over the radio that
the deal was going sideways.

And I knew he had heroin on him,

so I figured we'd at least catch
him on a possession charge.

You didn't wait for backup?

I was afraid he'd get rid of the drugs

and then he'd get away.
He'd still be on the street.

You wanna write me up
for being impatient, go ahead.

So just to confirm...

He was dead when you got there?

This sounds like I need my FOP lawyer.

Just doing our due diligence.

Appreciate your time, Detective.

Why are you jamming up Jay Halstead?

Beg your pardon.

Halstead was doing his job
to apprehend an offender.

An offender he had a history with.

Yes, I talked to Tillman,
and he told me there were

problems with Halstead's
version of the events.

This city is no longer gonna tolerate

cowboy behavior from
its police, not on my watch.

Lose the campaign speech, Brian.

There's no cameras here.

How 'bout you and I just shoot
each other straight?

- You wanna shoot it straight, Hank?
- Yeah!

I told you to stay the
hell off of this one.

The last thing this city needs
is another cop involved

in a questionable shooting.

And if that is what this turns out to be,

I'm not coming out on
the wrong side of it.

Halstead didn't shoot Garrett.

- Who did?
- I don't know yet!

Your guy had motive and he went dark.

This is a murder,

and right now Jay Halstead
is suspect number one.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Listen, I just talked to Kelton,

this thing isn't going away.

They're still looking at you
for the Garrett murder.

Are you telling me
I gotta call my FOP lawyer?

Well, I wouldn't. Just spark
more attention, make things worse.

I think I gotta protect myself, Sarge.

I think they best way
for you to protect yourself

is for us to go out there
and the find the guy

who actually did kill Garrett.

Then this whole thing
will just wash away.

- I talked to Maury at Ballistics...
- Huh.

They're still working
on the official report

of the Garrett shooting,
but he shared with me

- the unofficial report.
- Okay.

The slug that killed Garrett

is a match to a slug used at a robbery

at a Pilsen store in 2015.

The guy they busted was Frank Delgado.

Delgado was at the poker game.

Makes sense, we know he was
after the China White.

Plus, we got an LKA in Pilsen.

All right, so hit it.

Remember, we are on a clock,

so let's make sure we get this guy.

Jay, you hang here. I don't
want you leaving the District.

Chicago PD!


- Clear.
- Clear!

We got a runner!

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Wrong exit, pal.

What the hell are you doing? Antonio!

- I got him, go ahead.
- I didn't do anything!

Spread your arms!
Stay still. Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.


We know you were doing
business with Matthew Garrett.

I don't even know who that is.

You sure about that?


Remember that night?

I got offered $1,000
to take my dress off.

That guy... yeah.

We played cards.

You found out he was holding
heroin at the warehouse,

and instead of paying for it...

You put a bullet in his neck.

Nah, that wasn't me.

Where were you at noon?

- I was still in bed.
- So you don't have an alibi.

Look, there's no upside
in taking Garrett out.

He had the hookup for China White.

He's the golden goose.

What I don't understand
is we got ballistics back

on the bullet that killed Garrett.

And it's a match to a Glock 17
you used to rob

a liquor store four years ago.

I don't got that gun anymore.

When I got busted,
the cops took it off me,

I never seen it again.

If the cops took it off you,

it would have been booked
in the evidence.

Then maybe somebody un-booked it.

Wouldn't be the first time
Chicago Police played dirty.

Hey, Sarge, I found
the Delgado case file.

All right, you go through it?

Yeah, so according to the report,

the clerk struggled with
the assailant, Delgado,

before knocking the gun out of his hands.

And then he claims that he saw
a police officer

pick the gun up after Delgado fled.

Then we should have the gun.

I checked, it never was
booked into evidence.

Who was the arresting officer?

Didn't have anywhere to put 'em,

so we jammed these scumbags
into a phone booth.

- Remembering phone booths?
- Barely.

Now there's cell phones,
hashtags, social media.

Ask me, technology did not
exactly improve our lives.

You're right about that.

I gotta hand it to you, Gus.
You almost pulled it off.

Not sure what you're saying.

You know, one thing I can't
figure out is...

How did you know Garrett would
be at the warehouse?

Now I definitely don't know
what you're saying.

We know about the gun, Gus.

The Glock 17 you took off Frank Delgado.

We traced the ballistics.

Hard to make a case
without recovering the gun.

We can place you at the warehouse

at the time of the murder.

How did you know he was there?

You asking as a cop or a friend?

I'm asking.

When I heard that animal got released,

something just snapped.

I gave my life for this job
and it was all a joke.

There's no justice anymore.

The system is totally broken.

- So you know what I did?
- Hmm?

I hit the streets,
just like the old days.

I went digging back into that world,

worked some leads, squeezed an old C.I.,

and found out where
the meet was happening.

So you take him out during a deal.

Bad guys killing bad guys.


What's CPD's new name for it?

- Mutual combatants.
- Mutual combatants.


Figured the CPD wouldn't look too hard.

I had no idea you guys were
so close to setting him up.

The world's a better place
without Matthew Garrett.

Don't you agree?

I do.

Maybe you can look
the other way on this one.

I can't, Gus.

Otherwise, Homicide's gonna
jam up one of my guys.


I mean, he's a hell of a cop.

I was a hell of a cop, Hank.

23 years.

And I got blown up for putting a
beating on a convicted rapist.

I lost my career, I lost my wife,

I lost everything.

But this scumbag Garrett?

A drug pusher, a killer,

they put him back on the street?

He gets 200 grand and I gotta
clip coupons?

What the hell happened?

You know how this works.

Can I have a little time alone?

Wanna get a few things in order.

Yeah, sure, of course.

Thanks, Hank.

You were always one of the good ones.

I'll be outside.

Long week.


You all right?

I just keep thinking about Lauren's mom.

She'll never have closure.

I get it, but you can't right
every wrong, Jay.

There's just some things, some people...

You just gotta let it go.

How are you supposed to be
a good cop and let things go?

What's the point of the job?

Well, the job is to do
the best that you can.

Then you go home, pretend like
the bad stuff never happened.

Is that what you do?


Yeah, I didn't think so.

Is that Adam?


You should go.


I'll see you later.