Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Forget My Name - full transcript

A man who works at the NSA and knows Carlos informs him of a drug deal he overheard. When they grab the perp, they discover no drugs but a body. They learn the man worked at a company that makes encryption machines for the government. They later learn that some software was taken which could be used by enemies of the US. Carlos' contact shows up and informs them he's been tracing certain phones and one of them belongs to the wife of the man who was killed. So they keep an eye on her. Captain Whitaker asks Atwater a favor.

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.

My dad was supposed to come here today.

I'm glad you're here instead.

Is that James Whitaker?

He's the captain of the 31st, right?

There's a big card game.

All the powerful brothers
in the city are there.

This is Kevin Atwater.

Thought we could use some new blood.

The other night was a onetime deal.

Everybody knows.

So why are we still trying to hide it?

I need a place to crash.

Just for a few days.

- Oh, uh...
- Hi.


- Morning.
- Hey.

Sorry we're, like, invading your apartment.

Oh, it's not my apartment.

I mean, I sleep here most nights, but...

Well, you guys are engaged, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, you're not Mennonites.

- You should be living together.
- Okay, no offense,

but I don't need relationship
advice from a 16-year-old.

Hey, Al, how long are you and Michelle

planning on staying?

We love having you but just
trying to get a timeframe.

Do you have the business section?

- How well do you know this guy?
- He's a solid dude.

You'll see.

Dominic, meet Detective Jay Halstead.

- How's it going?
- Works with me in Intelligence.

How you doing?

Thought you said this was
gonna be just me and you,

but, uh, I guess that's okay.

So, uh, how's Intelligence work this?

You bring us a tip.

We sign you up as a reliable
confidential informant,

and you only work for Intelligence.

Yeah, I can't be on paper.

Well, if your name's not on paper

then we can't get you paid as a CI.

I'm not doing it for the money.

I'm doing it for the greater good.

All right, I'm not in Vice anymore.

I can make you a John Doe informant.

No, I can't do that either.
Look, I've been promoted, okay?

We got to play by NSA rules here, okay?

This tip doesn't exist.

This conversation never happened.

All right, well, what's the tip?


I overheard a flagged call.

Said they were moving heavy weight.

It's a phone number and a license plate.

So how do you know the phone's dirty?

NSA listens to everything.
They record everything.

Yeah, but, come on. Narcotics chatter?


Certain phrases on the
phone raise red flags.

I analyze that data.

If it's not terrorism, it's not federal,

special ops can drop it down to you guys.

That phone raised a red flag.

I overheard the license plate.

Follow that number.

You'll be pulling down multiple kilos.

- Appreciate this, Dom.
- You owe me one.

We got eyes on this guy yet?

Not yet, Sarge, but the
cell phone's within 20 meters

so it's got to be on this block.

I got him.

Brown jacket, white sneakers...

I don't got a lot of room to work.

All right, we got our drug runner.

Now where's our target vehicle?

Nothing yet.


Do you see it?

Yeah, I see it.

Black sedan.

Keys in the wheel well?

Where am I going, then?

I'll text the address when you're moving.

Yeah, that's a negative
match on the license plate,

but the target is moving south on Pulaski.

Yeah, looks like they're
gonna do a car switch.

We got a positive ID on
that plate we got a tip to.

It's on a tan pickup, and he's in motion.

He's making a right on Second Street.

I've got the eye.

Offender is eastbound
in the target vehicle.

Get set up for takeaways.


License and registration, please.

What's the problem, Officer?

You got a brake light that's flickering.

License and registration.

Right, it's got to be in here somewhere.

Sir, sir, get back in your car.



We got kilos?

Nope, we got a body.


Took his hand off.

Driver's phone. Couple of numbers saved.

Well, that's a start, I guess.

The driver of our target
vehicle, Ignacio Perez.

Organized crime

snatched him up last year
on drug conspiracy charges.

They found four bricks
of Sinaloa heroin on him,

but he was never charged.

So he cut a deal.

Get the case file from Narcotics.

See who Perez was flipping on.

Maybe they connect to
the body in the truck.

Yeah, the real issue is
not even trace amounts

of heroin were found in
the truck or on the body.

And whose identity is still unknown.

Yeah, we're still trying
to figure that out.

Minimal blood found in the truck bed,

but we did find this lying around.

All right, so cause of death
is the double tap to the chest.

ME estimates time of
death based on lividity

is about eight hours ago.

Forensics says Perez's gun is not a match,

and so far none of his DNA has been found.

Whatever was attached to this wrist,

they wanted it bad enough,
and it wasn't heroin.

Strangest dope tip I ever worked.

Tony, what does your source say about this?

I don't know. I left word.

ASA Kot needs to meet.

Okay, somebody saw something.

The vehicle Perez used.

That garage.

Who paid for that stuff?

I hate these cases.

I hate that the NSA is
spying on U.S. citizens.

Write your congressman.

The problem is, their tips lead to

unconstitutional walled-off traffic stops.

My boss hates these cases
because judges hate 'em,

and I was told you were
going after a heroin ring.

We got a tip from a valued
source within the NSA.

Tip put us onto something different.

Yes, my new murder case.

Again, with zero investigative trail

that I can show a jury as to
how you discovered John Doe here.

We'll build one.

With what, Legos?

I want to meet your mystery source.

Steve, we can't give up our source.

You know that.

Our source isn't the issue.

He's smart, and he'll help
us piece this together.

Hope so, 'cause this is a loser case.

You got no murder weapon, no motive.

All you got is some federal Deep
Throat I can't put on the stand.

- Hey, I need your help...
- Okay.

With Trudy.

I got to figure out what her ring size is.

Mou... Mouch, you're gonna propose?

Been living in sin long enough.

Oh, I require zero additional detail.

Um, look, I'm on it.

- You're on it.
- Yeah.

And you can be sneaky?

I displayed sociopathic tendencies

through the second grade.

I'm on it.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Hey, we ID'd our one-armed man.

His name's Roger Harrington.

His prints are in a
defense department database.

Yeah, 'cause he worked at Gnomic Systems.

They make encryption
devices for the Pentagon.

Really sensitive stuff.

His wife, Nora, happens to also work there.

We find a connection
between Perez and our victim?

No, we got nothing. Zero
DNA, no fiber matches.

At this point we don't even believe

that Perez killed Roger Harrington.

Mouse, you get anything off that phone yet?

This thing? No, see, this thing is...

Is not a phone.

It's a paperweight.

Look, how many times do
I have to tell you guys?

When you bring in an offender,
you turn off their phones.

Somebody was monitoring
that thing, all right?

They tracked it back to the district

and then they wiped it remotely.

I can get the phone data.

No warrant.

Great, from your source who,
by the way, have you heard from?

No, he'll turn up.

Meanwhile, we got police work to do.

Come on.

Hey, man.

I know that this guy's your source,

but you don't have to take
this all on by yourself.

You know, we're all here to help.


Miss Harrington, we got to ask.

Was he in any kind of trouble?


- He drink?
- No.

- Gamble?
- No.

We both work.

I'm in sales.

Barely understand half
of what I'm pitching,

but I hit my numbers.

Sales, that's a... That's a lot of travel.

Some, but our marriage was solid.

Mm, solid is good.

I don't know what they're
going to tell you at Gnomic.

I'm not even sure what
I'm allowed to say, but...

Roger lost his way, politically.

He said he thought they were using his work

to wage war against innocents abroad.

Well, he made encryption
devices, not weapons, right?

That's what I told him,

but he said he was going to
do something about it someday.

What if he did?

What if he did and they killed him?

- They?
- The company.

The Pentagon.

Pick one.

I... I know how I sound.

You sound like you just lost your husband.

How long did you work with Roger?

Six years.

I spent more time with him than my wife.

Did you notice any changes
in his attitude lately?

Was he ever coming into
work late or agitated?

Uh, no, nothing like that.

I'd like to take a look at your workspace.

Uh, sure. It's over here.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

All research past this door is classified.

Uh, Miss Goldsmith, I'm no lawyer,

but just try to see how
this looks from my end.

One of your engineers gets killed,

and your company brings in
legal counsel to talk to us,

and you start locking doors.

My office will furnish

any unclassified information you request,

but this facility is not yours to search.

You probably get this all the time,

but you have a really winning disposition.

- We're finished here.
- Okay.

Mm. We'll be in touch.

- That's great.
- Jay.

We got to call Voight.

We got to get a warrant to get in there.

Uh, excuse me.

Uh, Detectives.


W... what do you know so far?

About Roger?

About Gnomic Systems.

We got a problem.

Sat phone encryption
chips walking off campus.

- When was this?
- Tuesday.

The company's investiga...

Look, I wouldn't have
thought about Roger except,

you know, now, with him getting killed.

Who would want these chips?

Bad, bad people. Terrorist cells.

They'd kill for anything that
keeps their operation secret.

Why not call the police when this happened?

Because these chips go
straight to the Pentagon,

and they don't want to admit
that their gear went missing.

Uh, kind of, sort of, yeah.

H... hang on, wait, can
you track these things?

Look, I... I got to get back.

I'm sorry.


Dominic, tenth time.

About that thing.

My friends have some questions for you.

We need to talk.

I almost blasted you. Where
the hell have you been?

You need to drop this case, forget my name,

and walk away.

- Walk away from what?
- You want to talk?

Drive some place secure.

One thing at a time.

We can't drop this case.

- Your tip put us on to a body.
- A body?

A murder, and we didn't find narcotics.

Yeah, no, I know. I screwed up, all right?

I heard a flagged phone call.

They said they were,
quote, moving major weight.

It was put to a known drug runner.

That weight was our victim's body.

He was killed for stolen Pentagon gear.

Encryption chips.
Whatever the hell those do.

I know... I know all that,

but my problem is that
the Department of Defense

and the NSA do not want
this story getting out.

Dominic, you didn't have
approval to bring me this case?

I didn't.

I come back from lunch today.

My buddy's waiting for
me in the parking lot.

Tells me security is sweeping my office.

They know you came to me?

This is my sergeant.

Dominic, they know?

They know you came to me?

Yeah, well, it didn't help that you went

poking around a Pentagon contractor.

This is bad.

NSA thinks I'm some kind of rogue agent.

Like I've got an agenda to
embarrass the government.

So, do you have an agenda
I need to know about?

No, I don't.

Look, these guys stole
Pentagon encryption chips.

You should just let the feds go after 'em.

Believe me, you do not want
people like this for enemies.

You don't get it.

We're down the road on a homicide now, bro.

All right, so, all right.
What happens for me then?

You help us solve this thing.

Clear your name. It's
the only way out for you.

Look, the driver you
put us onto had a phone.

Somebody wiped the data.

Can you recover it for us?

Look, if you can keep me safe,

I can do things that
can honestly scare you.

Holding Jack high and you
raise the Chief of Dicks.

I mean, where I come
from, you got to fake it

'till you make it, Captain.

Well, I'm just glad I brought in a ringer

who put Pollard in his place.

Well, I just got to appreciate
you for sitting me down

with the caliber of those kind of brothers.

Yeah, well, it's every Thursday.

- So, you will now.
- Thank you.

- Whenever you're ready.
- Oh, thank you.

No, no, no.

Look, um, Sean Roman and Kimberly Burgess?

She usually just goes by Kim, but yeah.

They, um, picked up my son
Nathan on a possession beef.

He's an adult now.

19 going on 11, if you ask his mother,

but he's a good kid. He's no kingpin.

I mean, you could wipe
that out in two seconds.

You'd be doing me a favor.

I'm a man who remembers
a man who did me a favor.

Yeah, I'll definitely see what I can do.

Um, I mean, he's a good kid, right?

I already said he was.
Look, finish your pie.

I'll see you around.

Yeah, yeah...

Wait, hold on, we can't kick Olinsky out.

I mean, where does Michelle go, then?

Look, I love him. I want to be hospitable,

I do, but also, I like to get laid.

Well, you're helping out a friend.

That's a turn-on to me.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, in that case, let's
invite his brother in, too.

'Cause he's basically hand to mouth.

- Adam.
- Yeah.

You know, we're helping out,

but what we really need is our own place.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

We'll get Olinsky on his feet,
and we'll find our own place.

That's a good... That's a good idea.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- It's not an idea.

It's a demand.

A loving but very specific demand.

- That's what I thought.
- Good.

Gonna change.

I don't know what this means.

- Of course you don't.
- Yo.

- Yo...
- No, no.

That's his "I want a favor" yo.

Well, yeah, uh...

Um, the kid you picked up
yesterday, Nathan Whitaker.

You know who his father is?

- Did not investigate that one.
- James Whitaker.

He's a captain, and, you know,
he's not really a bad kid.

I mean, he hung out with the wrong dudes.

Made a mistake. He's no kingpin.

So you think we can look the other way?

- So his dad leaned on you?
- Yeah.

So hard that there's
an imprint in my skull.

So you'd be doing me a solid. Thanks.

Whoa, hey, let me consult with my partner.

I mean, are we cool with this, or...

Yeah, I mean, I get it.

You know, back in the day, I... never mind.

Point is someone greased the wheels.

Everybody won.

Consider it done.

That's my girl.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

Everybody, this is Dominic Grillo.

He's, uh...

I'm the reason you guys are all here.

So I couldn't sleep last night

so I ran a Memex search
on the flagged phone.

- Dominic, Memex?
- What's Memex?

It's a visual search
tool developed by DARPA.

It displays links within
criminal enterprises.

I've never actually seen it.

Yeah, well, here it is.

In this case, the links
are between cell phones.

We got about 12 cell
phones in this cluster.

Most of 'em are burners.

No name. We don't know who they are,

but the nexus is Nora Harrington.

Every one of these phones
called her at least once.

Nora Harrington. Victim's wife.

So she set the whole thing up?

Meaning she's got the stolen chips.

She works in sales. She's gonna sell them.

Her husband had access to that gear.

So she used him as her inside man.

Yeah, but how does a woman

looks like that, runs in her circles,

end up in bed with a career drug runner?

And more important, who's she selling to?

Well, likely buyers are terrorists.

Local guys with connections overseas.

All right, so I'm gonna state the obvious.

We're trying to solve a homicide
by looking for computer parts.

Yeah, well, we got no weapon,

no homicide scene.

We're gonna solve this,
we got to find those chips

before they disappear.

You're up.

Listen, I jammed the
cell signal on her alarm,

but she's got a backup in the pantry.

We see anything, you get
the hell out of there, Mouse.

I mean, right away.

Let's do this.

Target's coming back,
guys. You got to move.

Go, go, go.

Come on, Olinsky's done
this a thousand times.

He's got this.

Oh, ho, ho. Well, that was close.

We only got four of the five cameras in.

Well, it's better than nothing.

- The worst part was...
- The smell.

First thing, I'm gonna take
a whole bunch of showers.

It was straight up nasty.

Well, just don't get sent back.

Listen, I don't care how
much juice you got downtown.

I can't swing this twice.

Yeah, I messed up.

I know it,

and I appreciate everything
that you've done for me.

Ain't nothing, bro. You thank your dad.

I'm just a homie helping out.

Now you might wanna... I mean,
you got some stuff in your hair.

Look at her. Like nothing happened.

What were you expecting, crocodile tears?

She thinks no one's watching.

A fully committed murderer
would stay in character.

That's all I'm saying.

I'm gonna sleep with one eye open.

Who is this guy?

I didn't get his face.

So much for getting anything on tape.

No, we're getting plenty.

Hey, Mouse, you seeing this?

Run facial recognition.

We got to know who this guy is.

Yeah, copy that.

They went right for the stereo.

You think she made us?

I think she's more nervous
than she's letting on.

- Burgess?
- Sergeant.

Oh, I put too much of this on.

It's got almond oil.

I feel like we just made out.

I don...

- Like I should make you a mix tape.
- Oh, no need.

Have a good day.

Hey, what are you doing on my equipment?

I'm running a criminal
facial recognition program.

Okay, on who?

Um, I didn't find anybody.

What, on this guy?

Uh, yeah, what are you running on that?

Yeah, it's a corporate database.

See, I called Gnomic Systems,

and they gave me access
because I work for the police.

'Cause sometimes you just got to ask.

Gentleman, meet Aaron Franceur.

- Guy that showed at the house.
- Yeah, the one and only.

He's naval academy, et cetera, et cetera.

The interesting part is that
he's the head of security

at Gnomic Systems.

You're on speaker.

Man inside's coming out.

Should we follow?

Negative. Stand fast.

We need someone sitting on Nora's house.

If he's wrapped up in this,

he could be holding the
encryption chips to sell himself.

Could be he's our killer.

Expedite a search warrant
for his home and his office.

Get Olinsky the address.

How's Callie holding up?

I haven't talked to
her since Andrew's wake.

A wake for a seven-year-old kid, I mean...

Yeah, it was nice. Big family.

Then the kid's dad
shows up half in the bag.

When he gets there he
goes right for the whiskey.

Callie couldn't pull the bottle.

I talked sense into him.

2113 respond to 1301 South Fairfax.

CFD Ambulance 41 is requesting the police.

Multiple narcotic overdoses.

2113 squad, we're en route.

Copy that, 2113.

Hey, what's going on?

Uh, I found these in her bag.

It's not a brand I'm familiar with.

Yeah. Club drugs.

- Hey, where'd you get these?
- Some guy.

He said... he said his name was Base.


Hey, Burgess.

Hey! Stop!



Let me see your hands!

Turn around... turn around!

Against the wall!

Put your hands up! Put 'em up!

What's up, Base?

Aaron Franceur,

we're here to search your
office and then your home.

For what?

Stolen company property.

You got yourself turned around
like you wouldn't believe.

Yeah, well, we'll see.

You run security at Gnomic Systems.

For six years now, yeah.

What were you doing at
Nora Harrington's house?

Her husband's dead. I was consoling her.

We're friends.

You see our problem?

We know she's nervous.

She's got to sell those chips
soon, and then you show up.

You think I'm involved?

You kidding?

I went to ask her some questions.

See what she knows about her husband

stealing from the company.

So what did she say?

Talking to one of my employees without me?

You know, he came on his own violation.

I mean, volition.

Very cute, Detective.

Don't be clich?. Be the nice lawyer.

They just sat down.

How about the stuff you're not telling me?

Dana Goldsmith, lawyer for Gnomic Systems.

Chief legal counsel.

What the hell's going on?

Your guy here is stepping all
over my murder investigation.


As in, are you charging him?

'Cause otherwise I'm walking out with him,

and any other questions
you have go through me.

No, no, no. Why's she going upstairs?

We didn't get to place
the cameras upstairs.

I don't know. What do people do upstairs?

All right, I'm sick of waiting.

Time to bring Nora Harrington in.

What do you want to do? You want to go?


Sarge, hold on. We got to go in on foot.

Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?

We got to get into this house.

No, we got a gas leak in there.

Really? You got a gas leak?

Look, man, we really got
to get into this house, now.

You're not gonna get in that
house until it's cleared.

Period. End of story.

Oh, man, she's playing us.

- We're made.
- Yep.

So, basically, how'd we end up here?

I told the kid to watch his step.

- He didn't listen.
- I'm not his PO,

and we know who his dad is.

So let's just think
about this for a minute.

I already thought about
it. This kid lied to us.

He lied to all of us.

He's got to go.


Kevin, somebody's got to
do the right thing here.

We called you out of courtesy.

Now, whose name goes down in the report?


Mine. It's my problem.

For the record, you're getting worked.

What the hell you trying to say, Roman?

Kevin, take yes for an answer and go.

Nathan, come on, man.

Let's walk.

So where we at?

Well, an investigative alert
is out on Nora Harrington.

She can't get on a train.

She can't go near an airport,
and her car is in the garage.

She's still here. Trying to make a deal.

Question is, where?

Yeah, who knows.

I mean, she could be anywhere, right?

You know, the truth is, the
longer I stick around here

with you guys, the worse I look.

The more guilty I look.

That's it, I am turning myself in.

Hey, put the phone down.

Just take a beat. We're close.

Yeah, you are close.

To what you care about... your case.

You turn yourself in now, and they own you,

and they tell your story.

We're your only way out.

That's a great speech. I mean, really,

I can tell you've rehearsed
it a lot... it's great.

No wonder you've got so
many informants coming

- in and out of here all the time.
- Take a seat.

- I'm not doing it, Antonio.
- Sit down.

- I'm done! You're not gonna get...
- Hey, guys, guys, guys!


Memex search

all phones related to Nora Harrington.

But you geotag 'em going back six months.

That's actually pretty smart.

She knows we're looking for her now

but she doesn't know I can
track her going back six months.

Okay, these larger circles

represent where the phones
have been used most frequently.

There. What's that?

- Stay
- Safe Longterm Storage.

Unit 8239.

All right, this phone was
there four times including...

Uh, what was the victim's time of death?

1:30 a.m.

One hour after.

All right, find out
who's renting that unit.

Get everyone. We roll out now.

All right, we're too
late. Any activity outside?

No one coming or going.

Go, we'll clear this floor.


- Don't move!
- Put your hands on your head.

Now! Get down on the ground!

We've done nothing wrong.

We've got two in custody with the gear.

No sign of Nora Harrington.


Al, Atwater, and Ruzek, get in that alley.

Target's coming to you.

I'm right behind him.

What're you gonna do?

Put your hands up!

Put 'em up!

Aaron Franceur.

Don't you move.

Put your hands on the car.

Oh, we got a bag.

Ah, what's that look like?

About $2 million there, Kev?

About $2 million, give or take.

We'll count it for you.

So, you and Nora Harrington.

We met at work.

We both spent time overseas.

We had more in common
than her and her husband.

She convinced him to liberate
the gear from the lab.

And you plan was always, what?

Clip the husband? Just disappear?

No, Roger showed to give me the chips.

He tried to get tough.

Said he knew about me and Nora.

Said he didn't need us.

So I...

I did what you know I did.

But now you got to move a
body and show up at work.

So you call Ignacio Perez.

My brother owns buildings on the west side.

Perez collected rent.

Didn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Well, you shouldn't have done that.

'Cause Perez's phone was on a list.

If you'd just called your mommy,

you and me never would have met.

Me and Nora.

Two days ago we were...

I don't know.

We weren't this.

You know where Nora's at now?

Yeah, she's waiting on me.

Hey, hi.

Ooh, little late.

Your boy really wanted to talk.

Couldn't shut him up.

Uh, it's this way. I'll show you back.

I know the way. One moment.

- What is that?
- Nothing.

Phone number. I'll kill her.



You didn't see anything.

I have to say, I'm impressed.


The Department of Justice cannot compel me

to express that, but I am.

Who were they? The two guys we caught.

Naturalized citizens with ties
to a terror network in Iraq.

You disrupted a very real effort
for their people to do violence.

They'd gone dark, fallen
off our watch list,

until you found them.

Yeah, well, none of
this would have happened

if it weren't for Dominic
Grillo, over there.

And I made certain assurances to Mr. Grillo

in exchange for his cooperation.

He had no authorization
to furnish that data.

He's lucky we don't
charge him with treason.

We will need those encryption chips

before anything's agreed to.

No, those are evidence.

Do we have a deal?

What do you get out of all this?

Me? I get a murder.

I'll smooth things over
with Mr. Grillo's superiors.

But I need those chips.

All right. No problem, then.



So we're good? I can go home?

Please... I say this with love... go home.

Never doubted you guys. Remember that.

Dominic, go home.

It's not right.

Kevin's about to do something really risky.

And for what?

To get in good with some captain?

My uncle, epic guy.

Not an honest bone in his body.

But he taught me, and he taught me good.

This city runs on a handshake and a wink.

If Atwater's banking a favor, good for him.

- Oh, hey, Mouch.
- Yeah?

Um, what's it been, like,

6 1/2 weeks since I saw you, I think?

6 1/2?

Yeah, I'm sure.

6 1/2, yeah.

Well, hon, why don't we
just keep this party rolling.

Burgess, whatever.

- 6 1/2, huh?
- Yeah, it's Platt's ring size.

I'm kind of a genius.

Hey, uh, one second.

- Hey, Callie.
- Hi.

You, uh, you okay?

Yeah, yeah. Um, it's Ritchie.

He came by, um...

Can we go for a walk on
Lakeshore or something?

I just feel like I need to hear the water.

- Uh, sure.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, one sec.
- Okay.

Hey, uh... I got to take off.

Roman, you do remember
that's a woman in mourning

with a psychotic ex-husband.

I got it. It's under control.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

- I'll see you later.
- Bye.

Hey, Doc.

That woman just left with my partner.

Gal who left with Roman?

Yeah. I mean, did she seem stable to you?

"Stable"? Who's stable?

Yeah, right.