Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - A Dead Kid, a Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes - full transcript

Burgess and Roman go to a woman who says her son is missing. When they look around they find something disturbing so they contact Intelligence and go to the boy's school and clear it out. They eventually find the boy dead of an apparent suicide and with a bomb. They learn he was close to another boy who is also missing and they learn he looked up on the web how to build a bomb. They find him but have nothing on him so they let him go. They later learn he went to his swimming coach and wrote something that implies the coach is a pedophile. the coach says the boy is delusional so they try to find out who is telling the truth. Atwater sees a high ranking (Black) Captain and tries to schmooze with him but the Captain's not impressed.

Deputy Crowley.

Chicago PD, put your hands up!

Been reviewing your team
over the past six months.

You certainly have an aggressive unit.

Thank you.

There's a young girl,
and she's my daughter.

If you have any hope
of keeping us together,

you better get a paternity test.

The results are in.

The other night was a one-time deal.

Everybody knows.

So why are we still trying to hide it?

- We should get out of here.
- Mm-hmm.

And, you know, really don't
know what he thinks of me.

I mean... I got bumped up a year ago.

I still don't know where I'm at.

I mean, you know Voight
little better than me.

You think he thinks I'm good police?

I think Voight thinks everyone's
got room for improvement.

You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I feel you.

Is that James Whitaker?

Oh, he's the captain of the 31st, right?

Like the Black Pope of Chicago.

Does a big card game.

All the powerful brothers
in the city are there.

If you're in that game, you made it.


You know, the way you've got
to handle Voight is you...

Oh, hold on.

Good talk.

Captain Whitaker?

Kevin Atwater out of Intelligence.

Just wanted to come over
here and introduce myself.


Yes, sir.
See, um, I'm a little new.

You know, still kinda settling in my bones.

But, you know, 20 years
ago, you were where I am,

and 20 years down the road, you know,

I'm hoping that I can be where you are.

And, you know,
being a brother...

Officer Atwater,

you just made two mistakes.

First, our shared skin
color is irrelevant to me.

Good police is good police.

And secondly, I get one
half hour of peace each day,

by myself, which is my breakfast,

and you have disturbed that.

- Yeah, so I should probably just...
- Yes

Actually, no, I didn't
realize he was missing

until this morning.
That's not like Colin.

He's very responsible.

- How old is your son?
- 15.

- You called his school?
- I called everybody.

I called his cell phone a million times.

Has he ever run away before?

- Never.
- Okay.

Ah ... we can get the ball rolling
on a missing person's report,

but I'll need a recent photo.

- I found this under his bed.
- His diary?

You need to look at it.

He's not just missing.

"I want to kill."

I swear to you,
I had no idea.

Colin has been pretty agitated.

I thought it was just normal teenage stuff.

"Today I will have my revenge at WCD."


Webster Country Day, his school.

Does your son have access to a gun?

Right this way.

Colin Blake.

Went missing yesterday
with a loaded pistol

taken from his house.

We checked with the headmaster.

Colin was marked absent,

but his Mom recognized his
bike outside the school,

so we think he's here.

Well, get very uniform
a picture of this kid

and start sweeping the campus.

Got it.


- Atta boy.
- Sarge.

Just got word.

Patrol found a body behind the school.

By the fence.

What do we got?

It's him.

Well, body's cool.
He's been here a while.

He's still holding onto the gun,

and there's a muzzle
flash by the entry wound.

It looks like a suicide.

It's a .22 caliber.

No wonder nobody heard the shot.

All right, Burgess, I want you

to hand deliver that pistol to forensics.

Tell them I need a rush
order to confirm ballistics.

- Got it.
- And keep sweeping the school.

We don't know if this
kid was operating alone.

Guys, nobody move!

Don't key your radios.

Just back up slow.

We got a bomb.

Chicago PD - Season 03 - Episode 07
- A Dead Kid, a Notebook, and a Lot of Maybes -

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It's a very crude pipe bomb.

Thanks, Sully.

Crude bomb in the right
place will do a lot of damage.

Just doesn't make any sense.

I don't know what happened to him.

He was always such a happy kid.

I can't imagine how difficult this is,

but I have to ask these questions.

Colin went missing yesterday,

but you didn't report
it until this morning.

Is that right?

Oh, I... I got home late.

I fell asleep.

Just assumed he was here.

How was he able to get his hands on a gun?

My ex left it for my protection.

Did your son have any activities

outside of the swim team?

Um... video games.

Lots... lots of video games.

So he was basically unsupervised?

It's hard when you work two jobs.

It's not like I can afford a nanny.

That wasn't an accusation, Ms. Blake.

Who was Colin's friend, EJ?

I'm not really sure.

He, uh... he was an only child.

He was used to being alone.

So he didn't have one close companion?

I wish I could tell you.



I never knew that he was in so much pain.

Yo, O, I heard you know James Whitaker.

Yeah, we both worked in the
Wild Bunch back in the day.

Good police, great poker player, just ...

don't interrupt his breakfast.

Alvin, you got a second?


Over here.

Over here.

It's about Michelle.
There's kind of a problem.

What do you mean?

I got a courtesy call from
my friend, Beatrice Mulaney.

She's the director of juvenile hall.

- Huh.
- It turns out

Michelle's release was only contingent.

On what?

She's still a minor.

So unless one of her parents
officially claims guardianship,

she has to be put back into the system.

Beatrice sent over the
paperwork just in case.

I figured you'd want to
talk it over with Meredith

before you sign it.

Or not.

Colin Blake.

Apparent suicide outside of his school.

We're waiting on the ballistics,

but the gun that was recovered at the scene

is registered to Colin's father.

I questioned the headmaster.

He said Colin was a loner.

Scholarship student, swim team.

He was the kind of kid who you
saw around but never noticed.

I checked Colin's phone.

There's a few texts and phone
calls, but nothing jumps out.

You know, he didn't post
much on social media.

No manifestos.

Except that in Colin's journal,

he always draws his revenge
fantasies with a partner.

He talks a lot about a kid named EJ.

"Talked to EJ at practice.
He's the only one who gets it.

I have to do this no matter what.

I hope EJ is with me."

So maybe EJ wasn't with Colin.

Something happened.
He didn't show up.

Colin got cold feet

and decided he couldn't
go through with it alone,

and he took himself out
instead of his classmates.

If EJ is in fact a real person

and they were in this together,

he could still be planning

to carry out the attack on the school.

Well, there's no EJ at Webster,

but there are four boys
with those initials,

and one of 'em is on the swim team.

Ethan Jones.

Find him.

Get expedited search warrants,

talk to teachers, students,

anybody who knew Colin.

I need to know if there's
an ongoing threat

at Webster Country Day.

You're sure Ethan's at school?


They're doing grief councils.

EJ wanted to go.

Did Ethan and Colin spend
a lot of time together?

They were on the swim team ...

Colin came over here
sometimes to play video games.

Was he in trouble at school?

Is my son in danger?

Antonio, you got to have a look at this.

I did a search history
check on Ethan's computer.

That's from four days ago.

"How to build a homemade bomb."

It's a difficult day.

Colin was a good teammate,

but there was a lot
going on we couldn't see.

The grief counselors are here
to help you process everything.

Coach Sanders, can we have a word?

- Hey.
- Hi.

Which of these boys is Ethan Jones?

He's not here.

His mother said he was with you.

I dismissed Ethan from the team last month.

Is it true that Colin was
planning to bomb the school?

We're collecting information.

Cops all over the campus.

The students are freaked out.

We're supposed to be grieving but ...

if you think about
what could have happened,

maybe we should be celebrating.


- Get off me!
- Out of the way!

Out of the way!

You, stand back!

Move away! Get back!

Get out! Get out of the way!

Move away! You, move back!

You, move back!

Are you okay?


bunch of fights at school,

arguments with teachers,

violent video games on his computer.

Guys, this is Detective
McCabe from the youth division.

Since Ethan's a minor, he
has to be in there with us.

As an observer.

He's a minor who hasn't
been charged with a crime.

Let's play nice.

- You and me.
- Sarge, let me do this.

I used to be this kid.

Get it.

Hey, Ethan.

I'm Detective Erin Lindsay.

I'm Detective Jay Halstead.

And I'm Detective McCabe.

I'm with the youth division.

I'm here on your behalf.

Why am I here?

I'm the one who got beat up.

Ethan, I think the kids
at school were just scared.

Not just about Colin.

They're scared about you.

Did you know that Colin kept a notebook?

It's pretty interesting.

"Talked to EJ at practice today.

He's the only one who gets it."

EJ is you, right?

"I want revenge.

I want to kill."

Is there something funny to you in there?

If you knew what it was like,

you wouldn't be too happy about it either.

You're at a school with a lot of rich kids,

and you didn't fit in, like Colin.

The rich kids, they look down on you,

bully you.

You and Colin, you decide
to take your revenge.

You really don't get it.

I wasn't planning to kill bullies.

Then what were you planning?

What am I not seeing?


Hey, Ethan,

I'm here.

All right? Tell me.



Oh, baby, look at you.

I'm all right.

All right, Ethan, stay with me.

Hey, stay with me.

What were you and Colin planning?

You don't have any idea
what you're talking about.

All that stuff about
Colin, that was his thing.

You're just gonna let this kid walk?

I can't arrest him for
something he might do.

I can't even hold him.

He's a minor.

Since when did Hank Voight

become such a stickler for the rules?

Oh, so now you're taking the leash off?

Is this coming from you
or the superintendent?

So I can tell people if it goes sideways.

If this kid is a monster and we set him...

Deputy, can I please just
get back to doing my job?


Just tell me you have a handle on this.

I don't, actually.



What's up?

Ran all the criminal complaints,

and I got a hit on Ethan.

He was a suspect in
a vandalism report.

Somebody put a rag in the gas tank
of a motorcycle and blew it up.

The owner tried to accuse
Ethan, but he couldn't prove it.

Kirby Peterson.

Yeah ..., senior class president
of Webster Country Day.


And what are we hoping to
learn from Mr. Peterson?

I feel like we got a
beef on our hands

and we need to see how big it is.


Kirby Peterson?


I knew it was Ethan

because he told me he was
going to get back at me,

and he laughed about it afterwards.

- What provoked him?
- Who knows?

Ethan's a freak.

We're talking about a
totally deranged loser.

I mean, weren't they going
to blow up our school?

I'll ask it again.
What provoked him?

We were on the swim team together.

Ethan was one of the newbies.

Colin too.


So we have this tradition.

After one of the practices,

while the freshmen
are in the showers,

varsity comes in and takes
their towels and their clothes,

so when they come out, you know...

- Fun times.
- It's initiation.

Happens to everybody.

But Ethan went nuts.

He came after me
with a fire extinguisher.

I swear,
he was trying to kill me.

By extinguishing you?

He had it over his head
ready to crush my skull.

And after he threatened
you, you and your buddies

didn't take the ballgame
back to him to save face?


Kirby ...,
if you know something

about what Ethan
might be up to next...

I would tell you.

And at this point, I'm
gonna need my dad here

if we're gonna talk
about this any more.

You threw away the paternity test

without even seeing the results?

If I don't step up,
it'll go bad for Michelle.

What about Lexi?

How's it gonna go for her?

I can be a father to them both.

We'll make it work.


The daughter of a woman

that you had an affair with

comes to live with us.

We can make that work?


Okay, look, Al...

Meredith, Meredith, Meredith...

- Al, this is what we do.
- Baby, baby, baby...

No, it's simple.

We just find this girl a foster home.

Hey, I can't just toss her to the wolves.

Michelle needs a father.

She deserves that.

I hear you, Al.

I really do.

Hey, stay... stay with me.

I'm gonna put your stuff out on the lawn.

If it's not gone by
tomorrow, I'm gonna burn it.


Hey, what's up?

We got two paper jobs in the queue.

I know. I'll see you in the parking lot.


- Hey, bro.
- Hey, what's up?

How you doing, man?

Come here, I got a genius idea.



Come over for dinner tonight.

I can't.
I have to see my sister.

- Her cat's touch and go.
- Oh, again?

Come on, that cat, he's
faking it for sympathy.

I'm telling you.
Come on over.

- I'm gonna cook for you.
- Since when do you cook?

You ever had fettuccine Alfredo?

Not since high school.

I've got a secret recipe.


Extra cream.


See, I like that smile.

- Yummy.
- I'm just trying to...

You coming over?

Oh, the cat.

- I'll call you.
- The cat?

Don't call.
Just come over.

Jay, yo, I got a ping
on Ethan's phone.

It was moving,
but now it has stopped.

It's at 313 Bristol
Street. I'll run the owner.

- Darren Sanders.
- Ethan's swim coach.

Get Burgess and Roman
to check it out.


What's going on?

We're looking for Ethan Jones.

Is he here?

No. Why would he be?

I'll get the back.

Mind if I take a look inside?

Of course not.
Come on in.


I got something.

This your car?



Pretty nasty allegation.

You can write anything on a car.

It doesn't make it true.

You know...

we thought Ethan was planning on

going after the bullies at his school.

Turns out his coach was the bully.

Or worse.

The only thing I'm guilty of

is looking after a troubled kid.

Took him under your wing.

Spent extra time with him.

I did.

I made sure he got rides.

His mom worked late.

Sometimes he'd come for
dinner after practice.

My wife...

well, she's... a more-the-merrier type.

Let me ask you something.

You do the same favors for Colin Blake?

As a coach, you do what you can.

But Colin...

he was definitely under Ethan's influence.

He may have turned him against me.

You did something to him.

Yeah, I set boundaries.

Because Ethan...

he started showing up

out of the blue looking for favors.

He wanted too much.

It's hard.

He lost his father in Afghanistan.

But finally I told Ethan,

"I can't be your father."

He didn't like that.


Snail brought this for you.

It's from Captain Whitaker.

You in trouble?

No. Why?
You heard something?

I'd rather get a call
from my gynecologist

than a formal letter
from Captain Whitaker.

Why are you making me come here?

I could arrest you for vandalism.

We're just gonna have a conversation.


I don't know what game
you're playing here,

but please,

you need to stop this now.

You need to leave.

I cut him from the team.

Now he's trying to get back at me.


Yeah, come on.

You heard the guy.

Let's go.

Ethan, you got to help me understand.

Why'd you spray-paint
"pedophile" on his car?

Maybe it's too hard to say out loud.

So you spray-painted it

knowing you'd get caught.

Knowing that this whole
thing would just blow up.

And that...

is fine.

That's fine.

Sometimes things like this,

you just got to take a
sledgehammer to 'em first.

But now here we are.

Tell me what's been going on.

I swear to you,

I'm gonna do everything
I can to make it right.

It's okay.

My dad told me...

I was supposed to be a man.

We just kicked a pedophile.

We don't let Sanders out of our sight.

Got it.

Ethan, what else can you tell me?

He recruited me in public school.

He promised he'd get me
a scholarship to Webster.

That's when it started.

And then when Colin told me the
same thing happened to him...

we wanted to hurt Coach.

To get back at him.

But I didn't want anybody
to know what he did to me.

There was another boy.

Another boy

that Sanders abused?

His name was Jeff.

He contacted Colin.

He said he went to a school in Milwaukee

where Coach used to teach...

and said the same things happened to him.

What did Colin say Jeff
wanted to do, go public?



We were gonna meet up with Jeff that day,

me and Colin,

to blow up Coach's car.

But I backed out. I
couldn't go through with it.

Maybe that's why Colin killed himself.

How do I find Jeff?

I don't know.

Where did you guys say you were gonna meet?

At the Emerald City Cafe.

All right, Sanders did coach

at a small prep school in Milwaukee,

but he never had a Jeff
on any of his teams.

There was one Jeffrey at the school,

but he's black and he lives in London.

I spoke to Milwaukee police.

Never any charges filed against Sanders,

no victim reports.

M.E. came back on Colin's death.

Muzzle burn is consistent with suicide,

but there wasn't enough gun
powder residue on his hand,

and the angle of entry
doesn't make sense.

Colin was murdered.

It's looking like it.

Time of death between
10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

We know where Sanders was then?

He was at the school

with an airtight alibi
for when Colin disappeared.

Uh, guys?

Guys, I just pulled
the surveillance footage

from the cameras around
the Emerald City Cafe

on the afternoon that Colin died.

There's one next door.

There we go, so there's Colin.

And that's Jeff.

I know it's not much, but,
you know, he's 5'10", white,

he's got a tattoo on the neck.

They left around 1:15.

So this Jeff lured Colin out

pretending to be another
victim and then killed him.

Sanders has to be the
one pulling the strings.

I accessed Coach Sanders's bank records.

He liquidated a college
fund a week ago for $3,200.

Where's he gonna hire a hit man for that?

He volunteered at a juvenile
detention center last year

as a conditioning coach.

Now, you throw a rock in there,
you're gonna hit somebody

willing ...
to pull a trigger for that price.

Find this guy.

Ethan, um... I got to go,

but your mom's on her way in.


Can I ask you something?


Does my mom need to know?

Yeah, man. She does.

Can you be the one who tells her?

If that's what you really want.

Are you okay?

Do me a favor and
don't leave me alone

with the swim coach, 'cause...

Hey, I got you.

All right.

I've got 96 offenders

who participated in Coach
Sanders's conditioning classes.

How many released in the last six months?

72. You want their names?

No, looking for a white male.

Got 22 of those.

Well, he's got tattoos.

That doesn't narrow it down.

One on his neck.

Let's see.

Three of those.

That's him.

Jessie Mandel,
released three weeks ago.

Okay, I need an address.

524 Green Street.
It's a halfway house.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Got a Jessie Mandel living here?

I did.

He blew out of here 20 minutes ago.

What was he wearing?

He had a green backpack.

Any idea where he was going?

He's not coming back.

Said he came into some money.

Did he have a car?

Not that I know of.

It's called a halfway house for a reason.

You only know half the
stuff that's going on.

Mouse, looks like Jessie's
on his way out of town.

Circulate his photo to the
airports, train, bus stations.

- Yeah.
- And tap into the security
cameras at every El Station

within a two-mile radius.

Yes, sir.


Thank you.

Sir ..., a copper from mass
transit just called.

They have a possible sighting

outside the Washington
and Wells Station.

I got him!

Jessie Mandel's approaching the
Washington and Wells Station.

He's got a green backpack.

Jessie Mandel!

Police, move, move! Police!

Get out of the way!


Chicago Police, move!

Police! Move, move!

Everybody move!

Chicago Police!

He dropped the bag.
He's in that car, go!

Everybody, stay back, stay back.

Chicago Police, stay back!

Shut down L platform
at Washington and Wells.

Police! Out of the way!

Move, move, move!
Move, move!

Police, don't move!

Don't move!

Jessie, freeze!

Sergeant, we got rush hour coming.

Are you gonna move the body,

or do I have to shut the whole thing down?

We'll let you know.

Backpack's clean.

Just a bunch of clothes.

Yeah, we searched his pockets.

There's nothing to tie him to Sanders.

Money just says the kid had money.

- This guy got off easy.
- Yeah?

Our only connection to Sanders
just died with that kid.

I don't want any cameras near here.

You understand? No media.

Right now, we're the
only people in this city

who know Jessie's dead.

Let's keep it that way.

What is this?

Darren Sanders,
you're under arrest.

For what?

Crimes against children.

Look, I'm not going anywhere
until I talk to my lawyer.

Yeah? Turn around.

Put your hands there.

You know I'll drag you out of here

face first across the ground
in front of all your guests.

Give me a reason.




Call my lawyer. Now.


Sanders's lawyer is on his way.

Well, hold him off.

Just let me set the hook.

- Sarge.
- Hmm?

I want to do this.

Maybe a little too much.

Hey, come on.

I'm confused.

See, I got...

I got Jessie Mandel
in the other room,

and he's spinning a
version that, I don't know,

I don't know
doesn't add up.

I mean, Jessie's saying
you paid him to kill Colin.

- I don't know who Jessie Mandel is, and I don't have anything...

- Darren, Darren, Darren.
- I don't know who Jessie Mandel is, and I don't have anything...

- Darren, Darren, Darren.

We're way past that, okay?

We know.

We know you met Jessie when
you were volunteering at juvie.

We know you drained your
kid's college fund to pay him.

We know, okay?

I'm here... I mean, I'm trying to help you,

and you're insulting my intelligence.

I just want to know the truth.

I mean, did you pay Jessie
to scare the piss out of Colin

so he'd keep his mouth shut?

I mean, that's...

That's the only thing
makes sense to me

based on the amount of money that...

I want to talk to my lawyer.

Oh, yeah?

You want to talk to your lawyer?

That's your right.

Let me tell you something.

If I walk out of this room

and I go back over to Jessie...

his version gets carved in stone,

and you take the ride.

All of it.

You understand?

It's fine.

Jessie wasn't supposed to kill Colin!

He was just supposed to scare him!

Jessie wasn't supposed to kill Colin.

He was just supposed to
scare him to keep him quiet.

That is all I told Jessie to do.


So Colin's death,

that is on Jessie.




Hey, listen, I don't
like cases like this one, but ...

I'm grateful when
you guys do catch 'em.

That's for sure.

Hm ...
yeah, I guess, huh?

Hey, Sean, I'm...

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.

You know, we all heard
about what you were doing

for that boy, and ...
I'm just sorry he passed, man.


I'll see you tomorrow.


When Nadia died, I
wasn't exactly in a hurry

to talk to anybody about it.

That didn't go so well for me.

You're gonna go through
whatever you got to go through, but ...

I'm around, man.

Everybody's here for you.

Ya, I just haven't gotten my
head around it yet, you know?

Still pretty angry.


I appreciate you reaching out.

- Good evening.
- Hey.

- Through there.
- Right there?


- You look nice.
- Thank you.


Uh... I got an invite.

This is Kevin Atwater from the 21st.

Alvin Olinsky said he's all right.

Thought we could use some new blood.

What we could use is some new money.

Uh... how much new money?

How much you got?

That's your spot.


How you feeling, Chief?


Thank you.



Hello, beautiful lady.

- Adam.
- Oh, hey, Al.

I need a place to crash
just for a few days.

Oh. Uh...

- Hey, thanks, man.
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hi.

So... where do I sleep?

Uh, well...

How about Michelle takes the bedroom?

You and me can rough it on the couches.

Yeah, there's only one couch.

We'll figure it out.

Is this fettuccine Alfredo?


I love fettuccine Alfredo.

- Oh.
- Yeah.


Hey, baby.


You look just like him.

That's what my mom says sometimes.

I was a soldier too.


Yeah, man.

I've known some heroes.

But what you did ...

going public ...

telling the truth about what happened ...

that might just be the
bravest thing I've ever seen.

I miss him.

I know.

Did you lose friends?

Many, yeah.

How do you deal with it?

When I get down, I ...

I try to remind myself

that they made a sacrifice

so that I could come home ...
and live my life.

I just try to honor that.

Your dad would be so
happy for you right now.



Not just because of what you did,

because it's over.

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