Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Get Back to Even - full transcript

The investigation into a drug robbery gone wrong uncovers Voight's link to a missing teen; the real reason for Halstead's brother's visit becomes clear; and Platt cares for a young girl at district.

Lindsay, this is my brother will.
- The surgeon. - Most days, yeah.
How long you in town for?
I haven't decided yet.
Don't you have a medical practice?
I took a break.
- Hey, sergeant? - Yeah.
I just want to thank you for this opportunity.
- I'm gonna do a great job. - Fine.
What are you doing here, nadia?
I'm gonna be a cop one day, and a damn good one.
What happened?
I might not have told you everything about why i left.
[police radio chatter]
Watch your step, they're still flagging brain matter.
Truck driver?
Name's aaron mcintire. He's in the wind.
No eyewitnesses.
Don't count on anyone coming outta the woodwork down here.
The sedan came back stolen.
What, you done this before?
Detective? Found these in the cab of the truck.
Crystal meth, looks like.
No. These are jesus malverde crystals.
Patron saint of mexican drug dealers.
They carry 'em to ward off evil.
Could have fallen out of someone's pocket.
All right, so it's a truck-jacking gone bad.
You check the container?
We were waiting on you guys.
There's a smuggler's lock on the door.
This kid's in the gang database.
Darius gifford.
He's with the gangster disciples.
I'm guessing his buddy's in it, too.
It's a long way from home.
I mean, this is vice lord territory. You got an lka?
Yeah. Public housing in the deuce.
(halstead) all right, i'll roll there. I'll notify the family.
Maybe not alone.
Hey, done this before.
Come on, seek.
There it is.
(antonio) interstate traffickers,
They hide drugs inside frozen strawberries.
Never seen 'em use sauce before.
Yeah, someone's gonna be looking for that.
(kid) who's there?
Police. Can you open up?
Can i see your badge, please?
It's the real deal right there.
I'm jay. This is erin. What's your name?
I'm denise.
(lindsay) denise, is anybody home with you right now?
Does darius gifford live here?
Mm-hmm, he's my brother.
Can we look inside his room?
No, 'cause he said nobody's allowed in his room.
We're allowed.
Looks like our doa came here
To change out of anything identifiable.
Denise, was your brother here with a friend?
Yeah, with andre and another boy i didn't know.
They were yelling at him a lot,
And andre had a gun.
Did your brother have a gun, too?
Who else lives here with you?
Just me and darius.
My mom is dead, and my dad had to go to jail.
All right.
We're gonna take a ride then, okay?
Hey, we got a problem.
Our two doas from the truck. Darius gifford, andre davis.
Both up-and-comers with the gangster disciples.
They changed out at darius's apartment.
Them and a third guy who was kind enough
- To leave behind his wallet. - Mm.
That came out of the wallet belonging to a charles gray.
We think that he was the third occupant
Of the car at the scene.
(olinsky) except charles has no record.
He's not in the gang database.
Unlike our victims/possible offenders.
(lindsay) little girl says they had a gun to him.
So sounds like he was coerced.
Well, let's--let's find him and ask how this wound up there.
Yeah, you got any ideas?
If i did, i would've shared 'em.
(olinsky) charles has an unknown father.
His mother is michelle post, lives nearby.
All right, well, somebody knew something about this truck.
Ask narcotics if they had any chatter
About a $2 million shipment coming.
And i wanna know everything there is to know
About this driver.
Did he run or was he snatched?
I'll talk to michelle post.
Who's michelle post?
Well, that's the lady that voight's going to talk to.
So you like 'em with everything?
I've never had one.
You've never had a belgian waffle?
[laughs] nope.
Well, what do you think now that you've had one?
It's okay.
My aunt is always late,
She's on drugs.
Well, i'm gonna be right back, okay?
Let's have it.
I pulled strings for this.
Do our public institutions no longer teach penmanship?
Well, everything's digital.
And i really appreciate this, sarge.
You're gonna be the coolest kid in criminology class.
Is this your first ride-along?
Yeah. 'cept the last time i was in cuffs.
Was that a joke, civilian? This is not a joke.
Burgess and roman agreed to do this for you.
Their necks are on the line.
This is a bulletproof vest. Wear it.
This is a smith & wesson 38 special.
Okay, that was a joke. And a test.
You failed both.
Outside that door you represent the 21st district,
You represent me and voight and every cpd officer.
So pay attention and do as you're told,
Which is to do exactly nothing.
But do it well.
She's all yours.
Hey, are you ready for your first day, officer decotis?
(michelle) sorry, i'm late for work.
I only got a minute.
Hey, how is work?
It's work. Either i'm the best paralegal ever,
Or lawyers aren't smart in real life like they are on tv.
Well, that could be.
Look, i know why you're here.
Is charles in some kind of trouble?
We don't know yet.
He didn't call you?
I gave him your card. That's why you're here.
Have a seat.
We found his wallet at the apartment of a kid
Who was shot dead outside a truck
Carrying $2 million in heroin.
No, no, no, no. See, charles is doing good.
He just got his commercial driver's license.
He has an interview at the parks department.
And you gave him my card why?
Just in case he got in a bind.
But he turned a corner.
I told him how you helped me out back then.
Let me ask you something.
You ever seen these boys?
Darius gifford, andre davis.
Never seen them before in my life.
I know that look.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm telling the truth.
(tech) found this gps device
Tucked up under the rear axle of the trailer.
Thought you might want to take a look.
Yeah, that's weird--shipping company uses dashboard gps.
No, dummy, that gps actually belongs to
Whoever was shipping the heroin.
You would probably wanna track $2 million of product, too.
Mouse, can you reverse the signal,
Figure out where it's being tracked from?
Yeah, it's easy peasy. You call me dummy?
Yeah, so reverse the-- the dumb stuff.
Hey, you get anything from the mom?
Not really. Where are you?
Well, the truck was never opened.
It's a botched robbery. How does that happen?
I think charles and his friends
Were riding behind the truck as security.
They got hit by mexican gangbangers--
Which explains the malverde crystals at the scene.
Uh-huh. Kids go down defending their product.
Charles knows the cops are coming, so he runs.
He's either dead, or he's hiding.
No, charles ain't caught up.
How do we know that?
Well, his friends are gangbangers, he isn't.
We can't even place him at the scene.
I want to know where that truck was headed
And whose drugs they were.
(halstead) that's cool, but...
What i asked was, how do we know charles isn't caught up?
Because i just said so.
Ruzek's trying to figure out where the drugs were headed.
All right, where's the driver?
We've got an alert out on him, nothing from state troopers yet.
Olinsky's headed to his apartment to check it out.
Move faster.
(mouse) so the gps uses a cellular connection
To check in with a central data server.
That server holds the account info, see?
All right, great, i'll get a warrant,
Get the gps company to hand it over.
Well, i already accessed their server.
What? What?
Yeah, it was faster.
All right, so the ip address used to check in
Is located at 2200 wabash.
See, the truck hits that location once a month
And stays at that location
No longer than 30 minutes every time.
All right, here, my turn.
It's a gangster disciples location.
There was an arrest there five years ago.
Gangster disciples. How does that help us?
Two victims, charles gray's friends, were g-ds.
The heroin was headed to a g-d location.
I'll bet they know where charles is at. Let's go.
- All right. - Let's go.
We should tell voight we're rolling out.
Yeah, it seems like he's got a lot on his plate.
You don't have to come. Mouse, just text me the address.
We can't just move on the warehouse.
There could be 20 guys in there.
Could be hiding charles in there.
Why do you want to find this kid?
You trying to make a point to voight?
He wants us to take the lead.
We're made. The whole block's on countersurveillance.
(atwater) all right, we're gonna try something different.
We need more brothers on this unit, man.
I'm your brother, kev.
Yeah, you are. Don't tell halstead, though.
He gets jealous about stuff like that.
Hey, what's up? How y'all doing?
I know you?
I don't know. You know a lot of cops?
Hey, don't worry about it. Got people everywhere.
Let's go back inside just for a hot minute.
I don't think you wanna do that.
I don't think you wanna do that.
I think we might want to, bro.
I'm telling you, man, it's not a good idea.
No, no, please--
Wait, wait, wait. Listen, listen!
I'm telling you, we gotta get outta here!
- I'm telling you we gotta... - I said on the wall!
Wait! No! Don't let the door close!
(ruzek) get up against the wall! Stay there!
(atwater) both of you face the wall!
Stay there.
Get his phone.
- They're burning it down! - Oh, damn!
(marcus) i told you, we gotta get outta here!
Everybody out! No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
What's wrong with the door?!
It's locked from the outside.
There's no other door!
This is 5021-ida. Emergency. Emergency.
10-1, we are locked down at 2200 wabash.
Roll fire. I repeat, roll fire.
We are surrounded by flames, holding two offenders.
(dispatch) on our way.
The two of you get as low as you can.
Get down, all right? Keep your mouths covered.
Over here!
Can you get up here?
Kev! Kevin!
Over here!
I got you.
(atwater) there you go, jay.
- Get the door! - Go!
Get the door!
He's out the window! He's out the window!
- Come on! Come here. - Come on. Come on.
Let's go!
(lindsay) hey! Hey!
Wait! Wait, what are y'all doing? We helped y'all!
We told y'all what was going on. You can't arrest us.
Did i say you were under arrest?
I don't think so. Come on. You all are coming with us.
Have a little talk.
[distant laughter, chatter]
Sherri, this is sergeant platt again at the 21st district.
You are now four hours late from our agreed-upon time
To pick up your niece.
When my shift ends if you are not here,
I will place her with child and family services
Which i do not want to do, but will if i have to.
I made a call. It was stupid, and it was dangerous.
I don't know who charles gray is to you,
But i was just following a lead.
His mother was intimate with an informant i was working.
It was 20 years ago, gang unit.
One day she calls me, says the guy's cracked up.
I arrive, he's got a knife to her throat.
I shot my own c.I. To save her.
She knew more than my informant.
But she didn't want city money.
She just...Wanted out completely.
So because you're close with the mom,
You're sure the son is clean.
The only thing i'm sure of, jay,
Is the sun will come out tomorrow.
I'm just letting you know i trust this woman.
She's only done good by me.
So y'all don't know nothing about a g-d shipment last night?
That's $2 million worth of white,
And you don't know nothing about it?
I know about a promise you made.
You said we wasn't gonna get arrested.
The promise is still good. Do you have cuffs on?
(ruzek) all right, do you recognize these two?
Great! So you know them.
Look, no one outside of this room is gonna know what you say.
Who tried to rob the truck?
They did.
They did?
They weren't trailing the truck? They weren't security?
No, they wasn't even supposed to be there.
They were supposed to be at the spot to unload the truck.
They robbed their own clique.
Them and some other dude.
(atwater) this dude?
I don't know.
But tell you what, chief is looking for whoever did it,
And he out 2 mil, so somebody gonna pay.
G-d's put 10 grand on the street
For any information that ids charles.
(mouse) i looked into his social media, his facebook.
There's no overlap with the victims from the robbery.
He must know them from the bad old days.
So maybe he's safe?
(halstead) none of us caught it--
Charles has a class a license.
He knew how to drive the tractor trailer.
All right, so he's a good kid with bad friends.
He gets pulled into their robbery crew
To be a getaway driver.
They were gonna hijack their own truck.
The mexican angle-- what are we missing?
(halstead) plenty.
Without charles, we don't have a witness.
So missing truck driver's our most likely murder suspect.
Charles and his buddies roll up, driver starts blasting.
Aaron mcintire--47 years old
And, according to his trucking company, a model employee.
A model employee registered with a .40-caliber handgun.
Same caliber as the victims at the scene.
(olinsky) we checked his apartment. His car was still in the lot.
We alerted drug interdiction agencies along the highway.
I should be sitting across from this guy right now.
Guy's hauling drugs,
Might've killed two kids a mile from here.
He has two stepsons from an ex-wife. His son keith is local.
Hit it. You and al.
What'd voight say?
He told me a story.
About how he gave the mom a card.
And because of that, we operate in the dark.
If he told you what he did for me,
You wouldn't like it.
But the only way i'm here having this conversation with you
Is because of what he did.
I'd like to think i could handle it.
I hear you.
The kid matters to voight. So he matters to me.
That's the gig. It's simple.
A barking dog. That's why we're here?
Yeah, it's a quality of life violation.
Can i ask something?
You two were told to only take b.S. Calls
Because i'm back here today.
That didn't sound like a question.
Platt really did pull strings to get you in our car.
The city's careful now.
Something happens, and you sue us...
I'm not gonna sue, because nothing's gonna happen.
That's kinda the point. Just stay in the car.
We'll check on fido, and then drive through
The worst neighborhood in the district, i promise.
You warm enough back there?
- I don't even hear a dog. - All right, just sit tight.
[radio chatter]
Chicago police! Anyone home?
[doorknob jingling]
[radio chatter]
Chicago police! Anyone home?!
[muffled yelling]
- Burgess. - Oh, my god.
[cell phone beeps]
I'm a police officer. You need to turn the car off
And remain inside with your hands where i can see them.
2113 emergency.
Shots fired at the police at the 1900 block of west ohio.
(dispatcher) copy that, 2113...
[gunfire continues]
[wheels spinning]
Requesting immediate backup!
Use extreme caution.
Offenders may be holding a citizen.
- Roman, go! - Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
Get your hands out of the car!
Outta the car! Get out of the car!
- Rogers, you got him? - Yeah.
Here's the truck. Come on, let's go.
Nadia! Nadia! Nadia!
- Are you--are you hurt? - No, i--
- Are you hit? - No, i think i'm good.
Let me check.
Roman left the keys.
Squad, disregard the missing citizen.
(dispatch) copy that, 2113.
We got 'em.
Yeah, we got 'em.
(keith) yes, aaron mcintire's my stepdad.
He called yesterday from the road.
He seemed shaken up.
What'd he say?
Somebody was after him.
Said he messed up, but wouldn't say how.
He called from a wisconsin number.
I know the area code 'cause we have a hunting cabin up there.
I told him to call the cops,
But he said they'd never believe his story.
He'd be surprised.
We hear all kinds of stuff.
We're gonna need the address to the cabin.
Anyone else up there who knows him,
We need their info, too.
Start writing, keith.
(mouse) yo, olinsky, it's mouse. Any luck in the bomb shelter?
The what?
Yeah, i just looked up keith mcintire's house.
County assessor says that he's got a structure out back
Like from the cold war days. Legit bomb shelter.
Wait a minute. There's one more thing.
You there? What--
You got two seconds to tell me what's going on
Or i'll put you on your ass!
Open it.
(olinsky) open it!
On your knees. Hands behind your head.
Aaron mcintire? Chicago police.
I need you to step away from the door.
(mcintire) where's my son?
He's outside.
Who sent you?!
I'm a chicago police officer. My partner is with your son.
Now, step away and put your hands over your head.
I didn't tell anyone.
(mcintire) i was broke, okay?
A driver i know hooked me up with these guys, mexicans.
I'd drive the trailer down to texas,
They put me up in a hotel.
They load the trailer the next day
And i just drive it back up here.
2 million in heroin each time.
I never see what's in the back. It's sealed.
I'm coming clean here. I-i am.
Oh, then tell me about those two kids you shot dead.
I never drive with my gun.
I didn't shoot those kids.
All right, so then how come they're dead?
This time it was different.
I get down to texas and there's this--this psycho.
They want him to ride with me, for security.
Must have been a bigger load.
This killer rides in the cab all the way back with me.
Doesn't say two words.
So your story is the mystery mexican shot those boys.
Like it was nothing.
He's probably out there looking for that third kid.
That's him.
You gonna find this psycho?
No. You are.
We got some photos for you to look at.
- You got it? - Yeah.
Sherri gifford, you're late to pick up your niece.
I got a lot going on today. My nephew got killed. I--
Look at me. Look at me.
Hey, denise, will you go sit in my chair?
Can i try your pen?
Yeah, you can try my pen.
Come here, please.
Are you using? Currently?
Search me, officer.
Yeah, it's sergeant, and i'd rather you take a piss test.
Yeah, you walk into my district high on drugs.
Happens all the time, but not to people
I'm about to entrust with a minor.
How'd you get here?
I drove my car, paid for, thank you very much.
Wrong answer.
You are not transporting that girl in your vehicle.
This is the last thing i wanted to do,
But i'm gonna have dcfs take denise.
You're not taking that child away from me.
Dee dee, let's go.
Is that a threat? I feel unsafe.
Do i need to have you escorted out?
Look, dee dee needs her family. Dee dee, let's go!
Honestly? She can do better.
Dee dee, let's go!
Oh, she's all yours.
Hey, wow.
You look good up there.
Thanks for not making me go with my aunt sherri.
But where do i go now?
Hey, sweetheart, we're working on that, okay?
[knock on door]
I wanted you to see this.
I kept digging into charles,
And we found his phone along with his wallet.
Mouse recovered some deleted photos from it.
He's throwing gang signs.
(michelle) that must be two years ago. Look how skinny he is.
He was just messing around,
I think it was, like, halloween or something.
- Halloween? - Yeah.
So you're saying he's pretending to be a gangbanger.
That was two years ago.
That's why i got us outta there.
I got an entire unit searching the city for him.
I told my team he was a good kid.
You went looking for him?
Or did you go visit him? You got him stashed somewhere?
Look, i-i-i went to the store!
I told you do one thing!
I said tell me the truth.
Look, i did!
I'm putting my neck out for you, michelle.
You understand that?
In here, right now.
Which one of us?
Oh, i'll get to you two.
You. What's your name?
Nadia, sir.
Wanna make sure i got this.
- Burgess. - Yes.
You've been in multiple car accidents,
The two of you had a squad blown up by an arsonist,
And now this trip to the firing range.
This is not avis. These cars cost.
Action finds us, sarge.
Get out of my face.
I'll deal with fischer.
I don't think--
(lindsay) truck driver id'd this guy.
Octavio ramirez is our gunman.
He hit on both fbi and ice databases.
Wanted for multiple drug-related murders in durango.
If his job was to secure that shipment,
You better believe he's looking for charles gray.
He got to send a message. [phone buzzes]
This is good work--you put out an investigative alert.
And got the fbi to add him to chicago's most wanted.
(voight) yeah.
Look, slow down.
It's okay. I'm on my way.
He's in there.
If i didn't help, they were gonna kill mom.
(michelle) we got to get him to a hospital.
We can't.
He goes in, he's in the system, there's nothing i can do.
Yeah, where you at?
[whispers] it's okay.
It's charles. He came home.
I need your brother.
Will's an awesome surgeon.
He's worked in worse conditions than this.
Darius rolled up, and i couldn't disrespect him.
He said we were going for a ride.
Didn't mention any robbery.
(will) okay, what we're looking at--
Two large caliber gunshots to the right shoulder.
Charles, nice work. Cvs?
- Walgreens. - My man.
Can you get 'em out?
No problem. Leave you some badass scars, too.
(charles) i said i wasn't robbing anyone.
They said if i didn't drive off with that truck,
They'd come after mom.
You're safe now, baby.
All right, who's assisting me?
I got you. I will.
Go in my bag, get the suture, load the lidocaine.
I need a scalpel and small forceps
And whatever gauze is in there.
Here's your gauze.
Thank you.
Here's the kit.
All right, this is gonna hurt, charles,
But i need to open up that wound
So we can get those slugs out and stop the bleeding.
Lidocaine. [charles grunting]
All right, scalpel. Here we go.
- I know. I know--gauze. - [groaning]
That's it. I know. You're doing great.
- Okay. - More gauze here.
Michelle, sit down.
- Needle driver. - Yeah.
Ah, all right, got it.
- [groans] - it's all right.
A lot of pressure just got released.
All right, stitching the wound closed.
All right, and one down.
Okay, jay, lidocaine.
(will) all right, here we go, here we go, that's it.
Got it.
[charles groans]
(will) i know. All right.
Here we go.
[floorboard creaks]
(voight) it's ramirez. He's not alone.
Get him down in the basement.
I can't--second bullet nicked an artery.
Look, they're coming. At least one out back.
Will. Will!
If i move him now, he'll bleed to death.
I need to tie off this artery.
[glass shatters]
- Will! - They're here.
(halstead) someone's upstairs.
(will) almost there.
All right, and done. Let's go.
- On your feet. - Come on.
There you go. You got him?
Oh, i got him. All right, you're good.
Here we go. All right.
[muffled gunshots]
[thudding] [running footsteps]
Aah. Aah!
(voight) hey, doc, you back there?
Yeah, we're back here.
All right. You're safe now.
He gonna live?
He's gonna be fine. I just want to pack the wound.
Come on, give me a hand.
All right. We got you.
I blew it.
(lindsay) no, you didn't.
Are you kidding me?
Patrol is gonna be telling that story for years.
Commander fischer screamed at me.
In intelligence,
That usually just means you're doing your job.
What the hell was i thinking?
You weren't.
Your instincts took over, all right.
And they're good instincts.
You backed up roman and burgess.
You stopped those two clowns before they got away.
What do you want to do?
Do you want to keep answering phones?
'cause it doesn't matter to me either way.
I want what you want.
I want to be a chicago police officer.
Let's do it then.
I got your back.
You can keep the pen. You want it?
- Yeah. - Okay.
You listen up.
You be brave, okay?
And i will see you very soon.
Be good.
Okay. Okay.
Bye, sweetie.
You be good, okay?
Hey, so how much of what went down tonight was,
You know...
We're a specialized unit.
Well, i'm thinking about sticking around.
I talked to someone at chicago med.
They need er doctors.
Whoa, no more breast implants.
Son of a...
I did cleft palates, too.
But no one mentions the cleft palates.
My bad.
It was fun for a while,
But, you know, new york wasn't me.
I did three years of touching up rich men's wives
And not a minute meant as much as the work i did overseas.
Then why'd you bail on the gig in sudan?
They threw money at me.
Plus things went south with a girl.
Samara. Oh...
If you could have seen her, man.
Most beautiful girl i ever met in my life.
You should have been here.
Mom was dying, you were off partying.
You left.
I left to fight a war.
I came home.
I saw dad.
He, uh, said you haven't spoken in a year.
Probably two.
That was the first tip your mom ever gave me.
Probably saved four lives.
It was a big win for the gang unit and me.
So i'm like, you know, "let's go out someplace nice
And celebrate."
She suggests the minnow.
I'm like, "no, i mean, someplace nice, with steaks. Gibson's."
- She's like-- - i like the minnow.
I say, "michelle, i've been to the minnow twice,
"got sick two times.
And the drinks are worse than the food."
Course, little did i know--
Auntie francine owns the minnow.
But your mom did things for the right reasons.
Never took a nickel when she needed it most.
Kept you safe in a place where a lot of people go under.
So i understand what you did to protect her.
You guys coming or going?
They're coming, i'm going.
Okay then, you have an awesome day.
- Thanks. - Thank you.
Enough to get you and your mom on your feet.
Thanks for everything.
Thank you.
Well, you two take care of each other.
Yeah, you too.
All right.
Wait, i don't get it.
Why do you do it?
Help people like me and my mom.
You know, i never really thought about it.