Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - Say Her Real Name - full transcript

When a trade conference is about to take place the unit is told to keep an eye on anyone who's a threat. Ruzek infiltrates a group and meets a girl. Later she calls him telling him that she needs help. So he goes to where she said she is, a hotel and when he arrives, she falls to her death. They go to the floor where she said she was and see that an Argentinian delegate has the whole floor. Ruzek wants to talk to the man but the Feds tells him that he can't. Ruzek doesn't take it well. Voight has everyone find out everything about the girl and the delegate. Halstead's brother shows up and he can't help but wonder why did he come.

I don't like telling people things twice.
(jay) voight knows.
I said we should come clean a month ago,
And i'm gonna go talk to him.
You know it's different for me.
We'll cool it, for now.
I wish i could have seen more of your city.
It's beautiful, even when it isn't.
I want you so bad right now.
(kim) my place, one hour.
I don't care who knows it.
Okay, everybody.
Tomorrow, hundreds of business leaders
From around the world descend on the city,
And we're gonna send a serious message
To these leeches.
Everyone down?
(all) hell yeah!
Now, i know we've all grown tight
Over the last few weeks,
But remember to keep using your code names.
We're gonna need volunteers
To carry the cell-jammer backpacks.
You guys.
We're also gonna need volunteers to carry
And throw the motor oil bombs.
- Right here. - You, you, and you.
(mad max) i'll text all of you details
When i've decided on the best time
To hit the target.
We're gonna show these corporate scumbags
A thing or two.
(all) united!
I'm on to you.
Your name: Alcott.
You got it from louisa may alcott,
Author of little women.
I didn't know she was an environmentalist.
It's the name of a hardware store
Near my apartment.
Don't front.
You can be sensitive around me.
Your name, all right: Sierra.
Is it because you drink a lot of sierra mist?
Maybe, or it means that my parents
Are lifelong members of the sierra club.
Or that.
Let me show you the trick to that, kid.
Come here.
All right, so when you're cutting the bottle,
You don't want to cut too deep, right.
Otherwise when you go to throw the jug,
It'll rupture.
It'll get spilled back all over you.
Hmm, easy enough.
So i've got a bone to pick with you.
We exchanged numbers last week,
And you still haven't called.
Well, it is a post-feminism world, darling.
You got my number too.
All right, how's this for post-feminism?
When this is over, i'm taking you
To my favorite noodle shop, on me,
And you'll just have to like it.
I will do my best.
And if you're lucky, i'll tell you my real name.
See you tomorrow.
Excuse me, sergeant.
This was just delivered for you.
Who's it from?
Olivia benson,
Special victims unit, new york.
What's it say?
Hey, put it in my office, will you?
All right.
How long you gonna milk that flesh wound?
Yeah, you collecting disability now?
Doc says it comes off in a few days.
Anyone else want to try out for second city,
Or can we get down to business?
(hank) good.
Downtown is a mess with protesters.
This world trade conference kicks off tomorrow,
And hq's on my back about threat reports.
So where are we?
Swore i spent the last week making banners
With a bunch of wannabe anarchists.
Biggest threat they pose is depleting
Chicago's marijuana supply.
Al, let me see your eyes.
I'm just getting over some hay fever.
I spent the last few nights
With the natural earth brotherhood hippies
From oregon.
We spent our waking hours
Collecting human waste in buckets
To throw from the rooftops of michigan avenue.
That's disgusting.
Yeah, all right.
What about your group, ruzek?
The black grid.
Yeah, environmental extremists.
At least that's what they claim.
The big plan is to throw oil on capitalist pigs,
Embarrass them on the news or something.
All right, we're already late
For this threat assessment meeting.
Just grab your files, and let's go.
Al...You seriously--
You smell like weed, man.
I'm in a windowless van
With a bunch of guys ripping bong hits.
So, yeah, i smell a little bit. [phone chirps]
Did you try a little, though?
You did, right? A little tokey-toke?
You're saved by the bell, brother.
My uc phone, maybe it's a message about tomorrow.
(sierra) hey, it's sierra.
Please help, i'm at the wexford, room 2023, please--please come.
[loud crash, both exclaiming]
Whoa, whoa.
That's her.
What do you mean?
That's her.
50-21 charlie.
Roll an ambulance to 17 east walton.
[elevator dings]
This is secretary sosa's floor.
You're not allowed up here without clearance.
I'm a chicago police officer.
We got to shut this floor down.
Whose room is this?
[speaks spanish]
[sirens approaching]
[dance music playing]
♪ ♪
[music gets louder]
♪ ♪
Take a seat.
So you're our friend from the police.
I heard there was an accident.
Turn the music off.
Turn it off.
Come over here.
Everybody set down your champagne.
Party's over.
You're in charge?
Yes, i am.
Which one of you is staying in room 2023?
Who is it?
I'll have to check with my cultural liaison.
She rented the entire floor for my staff.
Good, everybody take a seat.
Nobody's going anywhere.
You too.
Take a seat.
Mr. Secretary.
Agent rose, i was informed that we have a problem.
Yes, secretary.
We're looking into it.
This hotel is part of my detail
During the convention.
Yeah, we definitely have a problem.
A girl just died falling out of your window.
- Let's talk outside. - Did you hear what i just said?
A girl just fell out this man's window.
I understand the situation.
Don't put your hands on me.
(agent rose) easy.
Let's talk outside.
[indistinct police radio chatter]
Sarge, found your guy off the reservation
Trying to question a foreign dignitary.
Fabian sosa's here on behalf
Of the south american delegation.
I don't care who that guy is, man.
Sosa's traveling with diplomatic immunity.
You want to speak with him,
You have to request an interview through his counsel.
We're talking about a dead girl
That clearly fell from that guy's floor.
Could be suicide.
It's not suicide; i got a mess--
Ruzie, ruzie...
Go get some air.
You know this badge says our city.
It's our victim, our investigation.
But the hotel is under federal jurisdiction.
We'll question sosa and keep you in the loop.
Appreciate it.
Hey, adam.
Are you okay?
I'm telling you, she didn't kill herself.
She just called me; she was in trouble.
Wait, what?
You knew her?
- Yeah. - How?
Name was felicia hughes.
She was a straight-a liberal arts student
At depaul.
A few priors for disturbing political rallies,
But that's it.
What was she doing at the wexford?
I don't know.
More specifically, what's she doing at the wexford
In 6-inch heels and a miniskirt?
(antonio) these big trade conferences,
They attract high-priced escorts
Who come in from all over the country.
Maybe she was trying to earn some tuition money.
There is no way.
This girl wasn't the type.
How can you be sure?
You didn't even know her real name
Till an hour ago.
(alvin) what about the black grid group?
You think they had anything to do with this?
They're not killers, you know?
They're college kids with oil jugs.
Either way, have patrol sit on their meeting place.
What about people in felicia's life?
Maybe they know something.
Boss, i'm telling you,
This guy sosa, he knows something.
Fabian sosa's from a big, politically connected family.
Apparently he's in town
To negotiate some natural gas deal.
Well, too bad, 'cause we can't get anywhere near him.
The feds are afraid we're gonna set off
Some sex scandal with a foreign crony.
(kevin) i got a ci escort who works the wexford.
I can reach out.
Do it.
All right, you start with the body.
Hey, keep him company.
Was she a party girl?
No, she was, like...
Full of life.
Out of that whole group that i was under with,
This girl, she actually stood out.
She was different.
Was she a flirt?
Yeah, a little.
I mean, you know, she's a young pretty girl.
Of course she was.
Nothing happened between her and me, man.
Nothing at all.
All right?
The tox report won't be in until at least next week.
And the blood test shows alcohol
And benzodiazepine.
That or something like it.
And she has bruising behind her left triceps,
Which might indicate someone right-handed
Grabbed her forcibly.
Okay, so homicide.
That's your job.
(coroner) but if she was thrown over,
With all that booze and pills in her,
I doubt she could have put up much of a fight.
Thank you.
Oh, no.
[voice breaking] that's her.
It's felicia.
You guys the police?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hughes, we're so very sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry to do this, sir.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?
Was felicia living at home, sir?
Yeah, she was.
Do you know if she was supposed to meet
With anyone tonight?
I wouldn't know.
Was she having problems with anyone, a boyfriend?
No, no, everybody loved her.
If you knew her, you loved her.
I knew her.
Copy that, sergeant.
Voight wants us to hang around
And see if anyone from black grid shows up.
You want half?
I'm good.
- You sure? - Yeah, i'm good.
Back in the 31st, you ever work undercover?
Yeah, a bunch of times.
My go-to is the irish guy
Scoring weed for his friends.
You ever meet a girl undercover?
One time, i got loaned out to gangs,
Was paired up with this ci, smoking-hot biker chick.
(roman) we pretended to be a couple,
Bought guns off the outlaws.
The things you got to do to convince people
You're boyfriend and girlfriend...
I'll leave it at that.
So were you and jen together then or...?
Yeah, i think so, why?
Listen, there's no way ruzek
Had something going on with the victim.
The guy adores you.
I know it's part of the job.
I just... I...
Someone he knew died.
He's pissed off.
Let him run with it.
You'd want him to do the same for you.
I do want half.
I've got a date with a dentist.
Do you know how hard it is to land a good dentist?
Were you working the wexford earlier?
You see her there?
I heard about her.
Such a shame.
Yes or no?
Yeah, she was there.
I noticed her because i'd never seen her before.
She looked a little nervous.
It looked like it was her first time out tricking.
So she was on the clock.
She wasn't there for the bar snacks.
Was she approached by anyone?
Some big-shot latin guy,
With one hell of a suit.
So why would she be hooking at the wexford?
All right, maybe it's a honey trap
Set up by the black grid.
Get picked up by someone at the conference,
Someone like this prick sosa, right?
Incriminate him.
Now, how they knew that he would beeline for her
Instead of all the other girls in the bar that night,
I don't know, but--
Because she was 18.
Well, i put a call into interpol--
One of the few perks of working on a task force--
And it turns out sosa has quite a reputation with the ladies.
They've linked him to escort services
In half a dozen cities.
He was even charged with soliciting
Down in australia,
But his consulate got it squashed.
(mouse) and i've got his itinerary.
He's supposed to go to a global currency meeting
At mccormick place in an hour.
Let's grab him up.
You know we can't legally detain sosa
Without the feds' cooperation, right?
And agent rose hasn't returned any of my calls.
So read into that however you want.
Are you kidding me?
This girl's from lincoln park.
She's from chicago.
We're gonna let this guy come in...
And kill her and throw her out a window like a bag of trash
And then he just gets away with it?
Is that how we're gonna play this?
You ever hear of rendition?
We have.
All right, everybody vest up.
We're gonna show him the chicago version.
[tires screech]
Guns on the ground!
Cpd! Gun on the ground now!
(officer) drop your weapon!
(erin) put the gun down!
(officer) drop your weapons, do it!
(officer) guns down!
You know where you are?
This is chicago.
Our soil.
And believe me...
One way or another,
We're gonna talk to your boss.
What about you?
You think i'm bluffing?
Put your gun down.
Put your gun down.
(officer) guns down, put 'em down. Get against the car.
(officer 2) hands on the car now!
(officer) hands against the car.
Hands against the car.
Come on.
When i get to your station,
I'm calling the argentine consulate.
Well, we ain't going to no station, honey.
Come on.
Come here.
Hey, jagoff.
- Come on, come on. - Carmine.
Got some wine here.
We're good, carm, thanks though.
What happened at the hotel?
I've already talked to the fbi.
Now you're talking to us.
I don't know who she is. I never met her.
I don't know how she died.
You were seen leaving the hotel bar with her.
Whoever is making that claim is mistaken.
One of you is.
(alvin) so you pick her up at the bar.
You take her up to your room.
You ask her for something
She didn't want to provide,
Or she insulted you, whatever the reason,
Things went bad, right?
But you don't look to me
Like the kind of guy who does the heavy lifting.
Oh, you got other people for that?
(alvin) what? What--what happened?
One of your bodyguards come in, toss her over?
I mean, if so, just give us his name,
And you'll walk.
I've already told you,
I have no idea what happened to that woman.
Now, i want to be released, and i want my phone back.
The funny thing about that phone.
Our tech guy is on it right now.
Took him about two minutes to crack mine.
What's he gonna find on yours?
You are making a massive, massive mistake
Right now.
I've made them before.
Hey, chuckles.
Detective chuckles, if you don't mind.
Little donnybrook down at kitty o'shea's.
Officer on the scene wanted to know if you'd stop by.
To do what, show him how to do his job?
No, keep your brother from getting locked up.
- Hey, sarge? - There you go.
[men shouting] - hey, tommy, that's it!
- That's it! - 21-30 squad.
It's gonna be an id, paul.
What'd he do?
Nothing, it's these other two knuckleheads.
But he kept getting between me and them, so...
What the hell's going on?
[men shouting]
What are you doing?
I don't care who.
One of them's got to go.
Tommy, nothing against you.
Take a walk.
- Aw, come on, man-- - walk!
He's the problem.
All right, we're good.
- That was fun. - Yeah, good time.
Hey, i thought you were getting in next week.
I moved it up.
How long you in town for?
They haven't decided yet.
Can we get another round back there, please?
Don't you have a medical practice,
Something like that?
I took a break.
So you got fired?
Dude, just tell me.
Will you relax and have a beer?
Can't, man, i'm working.
That's right.
Get over here.
It's good to see you.
Stop by the district later.
I will, i will.
Go save the city.
Did you crack sosa's phone yet?
Yeah, like, two minutes ago.
Then you pick up the phone and call me.
Yes, ma'am.
Can i see it?
Hmm? Yeah, of course.
Here, just one second.
Is it legal to open unread emails?
We're pretty much past that at this point.
"you will deposit $200,000 into the following account
"within 12 hours, or this video
"will be released to news outlets worldwide.
"you are already a philanderer.
Do you want to be called a murderer?"
That--that's a blackmail letter.
You think?
Okay, you're being sarcastic.
Okay, that's cool.
That's all right.
I deserved it, won't happen again.
And...There's a video attached.
Well, that's your girl-- well, our girl.
Can i say that now that i'm on the team?
Can you fast-forward this?
Que preciosa.
(erin) send it to voight.
[heavy breathing]
You can turn it off now.
Never met felicia hughes, huh?
She said her name was sierra.
She approached me at the bar.
We talked.
And, well, you know the rest.
But i swear,
When i left that room, she was alive.
I swear on my daughter's life.
Well, he's not blackmailing himself.
Exactly, exactly, thank you.
You see anybody on the 20th floor
Didn't belong there?
Not that i recall.
She seemed really unhappy.
I really thought she jumped.
You got a beef with anybody on your staff?
I mean, petty stuff.
No one who would do something like this.
Mouse got a location for where the email was sent.
Our guys are checking out a house
Owned by jeanette rutowski.
You know that name?
I never heard of it.
Get up.
I imagine you want us to keep quiet
About that video.
Let's come to some agreement as to why you were brought here.
I wanted to see chicago.
We came here for a drink.
Your friend carmine gave me a cup
Of lovely white zinfandel from that box of wine
He had by his feet.
It's locked.
Rutowski, chicago pd.
- Clear. - Clear.
Look at this.
Rutowski sure has a lot of fake ids.
You son of a bitch.
You recognize him?
It's mad max.
He's the leader of black grid.
(antonio) this is mason rutowski, aka mad max.
Turns out he's a part-time instructor
Of political science at depaul.
We checked with the county assessor's office.
Max's mother, jeanette rutowski.
She passed away a few months back,
Left him the house.
The reason the deed wasn't transferred to his name yet,
He couldn't afford to pay the back taxes.
So if i'm a broke part-time teacher
Living in my mom's basement,
I might be looking to shake somebody down
For some cash.
We got an investigative alert lodged
To state police and the sheriffs.
All right, all right.
Mad max-- rutowski--
Is supposed to send out instructions
To all the black grid members today.
Just got this: "2:00 pm, freedom plaza.
Target, saudi prince, bring your helmets."
They wear motorcycle helmets
To conceal their identities.
All right, let's hit the plaza.
We'll surveil the group and pick him up.
Sarge, we got another problem.
They got cell jammers.
Block reception in the entire area.
No, no, no, we could use the old cpd analog radios.
They use that old trunk band.
You ain't blocking those babies.
I'll dig 'em up.
(agent rose) i told you, hands off sosa.
Then you kidnap him?
He wanted to see chicago.
You didn't think his bodyguards would contact me
To say that your unit grabbed him
Off the street in broad daylight?
Did you talk to sosa himself?
'cause i'm sure he has a different story.
I did.
White zinfandel, huh?
Seemed to enjoy it.
I could have you arrested for official misconduct.
That goes for all of you.
Agent rose, there's no need to go there,
Because if the sergeant here so much as looks
At another foreign dignitary,
I'll strip his badge myself,
And i'll reassign his entire unit to patrol.
Am i clear, sergeant?
Yes, commander.
Listen, i'd see you out,
But i have paperwork to bury this unit in.
[laughs slightly]
(protesters) the whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
(hank) patrol, can you hear me?
(roman) yes, sir, i got eyes on the front row.
(hank) lindsay, what's your 20?
I've got eyes on the ground.
Ruzek, you see any familiar faces?
Negative, boss.
(adam) getting another message.
It says, "time to change the world.
Cell-jammers, the time is now."
(protesters) the whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
Yeah, they're here.
(adam) all right, i see some black grid people
With cell-jammers heading towards the barricade.
I don't see rutowski.
I'm gonna follow them, see if i can find him.
Lindsay, you cover him.
The rest, you handle the others.
Got it.
(protesters) the whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
Guys, what's up? You seen mad max?
Hey, mad max, you seen him?
Hey, where the hell's mad max?
He said he'll be here. I don't know when.
All right.
(protesters) the whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
The whole world's watching!
(kim) out of the way, out of the way!
What did i say?
You, give me this.
Where's mad max?
(hank) got more helmets moving in.
This way.
Out of the way!
- Chicago pd, stop right there! - Stop what you're doing.
(officer) back up, back up!
Get against the wall--hey!
Spread out, spread your hands out.
Spread your hands out and don't move.
Helmets off!
Cpd, helmets off!
(erin) chicago pd! - Where's mad max?
Take your helmets off!
- Off! - Burgess!
- Hey! - Got him!
[taser zaps]
Stay down!
(adam) hands behind your back.
Behind your back!
Good job.
Man, i can't believe you're a cop.
(erin) i hear the name mad max,
And i'm expecting a record as long as my arm.
All i found on you is a charge for trespassing
At an oil refinery in minnesota.
It was a greenpeace rally.
No one was hurt.
Not that time.
You've certainly upped your game
Since then, haven't you?
We know you sent this to fabian sosa.
Is that how you planned on paying off your mom's house?
Use the rest to fund your little group?
Felicia hughes, she's the perfect dupe.
I mean, am i right?
(adam) she's a pretty girl.
She's trusting, naive.
You figure you dangle her
In front of a wealthy dignitary,
He's gonna take her into his room.
You can come back later, sting him for some cash.
I didn't write this.
I didn't send this.
Here's how we see it.
You con felicia into playing prostitute
So that hopefully damian sosa
Picks her up at the bar.
You feed her a bunch of revolutionary b.S.
About how you're gonna take down some oppressive tyrant
And rainbows are gonna criss-cross the sky,
But she finds out you're just there to line your pockets.
How dare you even suggest that.
Then who did it? Who did this?
I don't know.
Someone must have hacked my internet.
Yeah, the whole "somebody hacked my internet" defense
Doesn't really hold up in court, matt.
[chair rattles]
Why'd you kill felicia?
Oh, so this is how
You're gonna try and bring me down?
Frame me for a made-up murder?
You wish you were that important.
Look at me.
All right.
Everybody you were with last night.
(platt) seriously, just tell me what it is.
(will) let me see.
- Does that hurt? - A little bit.
- Okay. - Free medical advice, sergeant?
They'll charge me, like, a $400 deductible
Just to go into the clinic near me.
It's okay, come on.
- Oh, god. - What?
It's a dermahematoma.
What's that?
You need to go to the hospital immediately.
Is your car nearby?
Should i drive?
I'm just kidding.
It's a hickey.
Just rub some aloe vera on it.
You should be fine.
Thanks for that, thanks.
How's new york?
Just needed a little breather.
From what?
From vip booths and models?
What's the real reason?
When did you become such a cynic?
Oh, what, i can't take a vacation,
Come back and hang with my older brother?
- Which one is she? - Don't.
No, just nod your head.
(will) i mean, they're both hot.
Or is it that desk sergeant from downstairs?
Yes, we're on the backburner right now.
Where you staying?
I was thinking your place.
All right, i'm pretty deep in a case right now,
So take a cab.
We'll get some food later or something, all right?
Shut up, here she comes.
Lindsay, this is my brother will.
The surgeon.
Most days, yeah.
- Nice to meet you. - Same here.
How long you in town?
Still figuring that out.
We should all hang out sometime before you go.
[phone vibrating] definitely.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Um, i got to go.
I'll get at you later.
All right.
- See you around. - See ya.
I met someone from your family.
I didn't think that'd be a big deal to you.
Jay, just because i don't want to lose my job
Doesn't mean i don't care about you.
That's not gonna change.
Me too.
You need a hug, kid?
Two minutes, you know?
I'm there two minutes earlier,
This girl's still alive.
I can't stop thinking about it.
It's killing me.
Listen, man, we catch this guy or not,
What matters is what you're feeling right now.
When you hit 20 years on this job,
That's what'll get you to 25.
(mouse) okay.
We ran all the black grid members
In the cage through the analytical software
To try and get a match on that blackmail email.
I checked cell data networks, vpns, protocols.
- I even ran-- - you got the guy or not?
What about rutowski?
Four of his friends alibi him out.
They say they were with him last night.
(hank) yeah, they're all probably stoned out of their minds.
- We keep rutowski in custody. - [stammering]
Sergeant, me and jay, we got an idea.
See, we was in the helmand province,
Way the hell up in the mountains.
It was me and jay and rev,
And sticks, the guy with the skull tattoo
On his forearm, and--
(hank) mouse, shut up.
Halstead, what's the idea?
Guy in our unit was being held for ransom,
So we staged an exchange with the kidnappers.
It's mostly classified.
Long story short, we got him back.
We didn't spend a dime.
(mouse) we got sosa's phone,
So i can send a message from his email pretending to be him.
Say he doesn't want a paper trail,
So he's gonna send one of his drivers
To deliver the $200,000 in cash, in person.
We just wait to see who shows up.
All right, sign $200,000 out of the 1505 funds.
Write up an ops plan for fischer.
Just tell him we need it for flash.
This is you.
[motorcycle approaching]
Show me your hands.
I'm unarmed.
Let me see it.
Untraceable, small bills.
All yours for the original footage.
There it is, no other copies.
The money.
All right, exchange is made.
Move in.
(hank) remember he's armed.
What the hell?
Watch it!
[horn blaring]
[tires screeching]
[both grunting]
Stay down.
This is the pope.
He's a member of the black grid.
I didn't sleep with him so you could get rich.
(the pope) keep your voice down.
You lied to me!
Who are you talking to?
Give it here.
I didn't kill sierra.
Her name was felicia.
She slipped.
It was an accident.
Someone slipping in the shower is an accident.
Felicia was thrown out a 20-story window.
She fought back tough, didn't she?
If you say so.
Actually, the medical examiner will.
You figured you'd get sosa on video having sex.
Ruins his reputation, right?
He pays up, right?
What if i told you it was sierra's idea?
Her name is felicia.
I'm not telling you that again.
We had an argument.
But she was high on xanax, and she fell.
Yeah, she was high.
She was high because she knew
She had to go through something
She wasn't comfortable with, right?
But she did it for the cause.
No, man.
Her idea.
She wanted to trap this dude and blackmail him.
(the pope) she and i were just arguing over my cut.
She started tripping out, attacked me.
And she started crying.
And boom, a header right through the window.
You pushed her.
Then you decided to go ahead with your plan,
And you sent that video from rutowski's house
To cover your tracks and frame his ass.
Sierra jumped on her own.
You say her real name.
Say her real name.
Say it.
Say it!
(adam) say felicia.
Huh? Try it.
But i didn't do anything.
You're gonna tell me what you did to that girl.
You're gonna tell me.
You understand?
Or i swear to god,
I'm gonna take you for a drive.
I'm the only one coming back.
She did it for the cause.
You're right.
But i figured,
I might as well make a little money
While we're at it.
And i told her i would split it with her.
But she wouldn't listen to me.
She said she was gonna call the cops.
I didn't mean to push her that hard.
So i heard that you just happened--
There's a memorial service for felicia hughes tomorrow.
I don't know about that, i think all i want to do
Is come over to your place and order some food,
Take, like, a week off.
Adam, you should go.
Hey, man.
(will) yo.
What happened?
I might not have told you everything
About why i left new york.