Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional - full transcript

Herrmann saves an infant in a structural fire, then goes on a quest to solve dubious circumstances about the event. Meanwhile, Severide retraces important friendships from his youth, and Cruz and Brett's relationship reaches a critical juncture.

What do you think about a fun night out tomorrow?
I would much rather hang out at home
And watch the blackhawks game with you.
I adore cruz, but it's not the life i want.
(boden) scott rice is going to join us for a shift--trial run.
I earned that spot with hard work.
Rice has the job. He needs it, trust me.
I need it too.
You know who's working over at chicago med?
- Who? - April sexton.
Wow, kelly.
Let me take you out for a drink sometime.
- No, i don't think so. - Why not?
It actually takes being a good friend to earn my forgiveness.
Oh, man.
I haven't been here in forever.
Their hash browns are still the best hangover cure in chicago.
Like old times.
(april) hey, scott.
(rice) come on, sit down. Sit down.
What? I got the band back together.
So breakfast is on me
If you can tell me the name of the kid
Who fought mitch drogan behind the wall, eighth grade.
I have no idea.
Sure, you do.
The... [laughs]
Japanese exchange student.
- Oh, shintaro? - Yes!
- [laughs] - shintaro kitsuda.
Remember, he kicked off his shoes
And went karate on drogan's ass?
See? See, this is good.
How are your folks?
Good. I told them i ran into you.
Oh, yeah?
They said they'd love to see you.
They still do the saturday night frito pie.
- That right? - Mm-hmm.
Um, i should get a jump on inventory.
You're not gonna eat?
I had a bagel at home.
Wait, are you avoiding cruz?
- Shh! Shh. - You guys work together.
You can't run around the hallways
Like a scared rabbit.
- Sure, i can. - Trust me.
If you're gonna dump him, it's better to just
Rip the band-aid clean off, rather than--
Brett loves fruit salad, hates cantaloupe.
I'm telling you boys, it's the little things.
- They make all the difference. - Oh, yeah.
(herrmann) i used to do things like that for cindy all the time.
Now my idea of chivalry is
I light a match when i use the john.
Mills, your sister's here.
Hey! She's awake.
How long was i out?
I'm fairly sure you slept about 15 hours.
Someone told me the jetlag is easier coming west,
But i don't know.
Well, i only got two words out of you yesterday.
So how was it?
- Amazing. - Yeah?
Terrifying but amazing.
I saw the pictures you posted with the tents and shacks,
And then they started talking about ebola nonstop on the news.
But there's hope, at least in gambia.
Anyway, i'm glad i went, and i'm glad i'm home.
Yeah. So good to see you.
I missed you.
- Mmm. - [laughs]
Tell me about this letter from the estate of leonard mills.
Dad's dad, right?
Yeah, yeah.
You guys met while i was gone?
We talked, yeah.
What was he like?
He was tough, but he came around.
I think it ended on a good note, really.
Well, we're supposed to go see someone about his will.
Some attorney. They want to meet us today.
- I'm on shift, but you go. [alarm sounding]
(dispatcher) truck 81, squad 3, ambo 61.
Structure fire. 1100 south hermitage.
- I got to go. - Yeah.
I'll check this out and fill you in.
Thank you.
1100 hermitage, where's that? Back of the yards?
Canaryville, two blocks from where i grew up.
[sirens blaring and horns honking]
[indistinct chatter]
(boden) got a fire blowing on two floors.
Only have time for a primary. Make it count.
I don't know what happened.
The wall socket just started sparking and--
Anyone else in there?
My son, alec, he's still upstairs!
All right, herrmann, dawson, top floor.
Otis, vent the roof. Mouch, with me.
Quickly, people. We are working on borrowed time.
Fire department, call out!
You're too far ahead.
(boden over radio) all units, we have a flashover building.
You have one minute.
(dawson) we got to go now!
(boden) pull back, pull back!
[child crying]
(boden over radio) you have 30 seconds. Pull back now!
[child crying]
(boden) pull back!
[child coughs]
[dramatic music]
♪ ♪
Where's herrmann?
He was right on my heel, and then--
(boden) herrmann, report.
Hey, chief, listen up.
(herrmann over radio) i'm stuck. I got to bail out.
I'm by the upper northwest window.
Rice, let's get a 28-foot ladder up there now.
- On it. - Let's go.
[child coughs]
(boden) herrmann!
(boden) hurry up with that ladder!
- Hang on, buddy. - [coughs]
Got him?
I got him.
♪ ♪
I got you, herrmann.
I'm hearing stridor.
[boy gasps]
Oh, inhalation burns are really bad.
I'll bag him.
Brett, use the io drill to get a line.
How is he?
Inhalation burns. We're taking him to chicago med.
No, what's happening? What are they doing?
He's gonna die! He's gonna die.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, easy! Easy, sir.
Easy, easy, easy. He's in good hands.
They're gonna take him to the hospital.
- No, no, let me go! - Hey, hey, listen!
- He's gonna die. - I know--
I know how you feel, all right?
But you got to let the medics do their thing.
Listen, your boy's gonna pull through.
And when he does, he's gonna need his dad.
Okay? All right?
Deep breaths.
Take some deep breaths.
All right? You got to stay strong.
(herrmann) what's the word?
I don't know.
It was a tough intubation,
But we got him there alive.
(brett) he's on a ventilator.
Damage to his lungs and trachea, but the doctors are optimistic.
Hey, how you holding up?
I'm fine. I'm just spent.
I think i'm gonna hit the laundry
Before we get called again.
Impressive bailout this morning.
You're lucky no one from the academy was there.
They'd have you teaching classes until the end of time.
It's all muscle memory.
Just proves that my biceps are smarter than i am.
I'm writing up my report.
A little disconnect here.
When exactly did you and dawson get separated?
She said you were on her heel when she came out.
Not clear how you ended up in the nursery.
It was sort of a split-second thing.
Heard the kid. Took another route.
Was that before or after the chief ordered the pull back?
It was one hell of a save, herrmann.
Thanks, lieutenant. Appreciate it.
Hey, chief needs to see you both in his office.
(casey) what's going on?
- Close the door. - Hey.
Officers burgess and roman want to ask you a few questions
About the canaryville fire this morning.
Your company was first on the scene, right?
That's correct.
Any first impressions on how the fire started?
Best we can tell, it started upstairs in the bedroom.
The victim on the scene reported sparks
Coming from an electrical socket.
This victim, he's the guy living there, right?
Ed slater, father of the kid?
I didn't catch his name, but i believe so.
Was he acting unusual or erratic?
His kid was getting an iv drilled into his leg,
So how else would he be?
What's this about exactly?
Pd received an email from somebody
Claiming to be a former friend of slater.
The friend thought slater may have somehow been responsible
For the fire in a criminally negligent way.
And how would this person know that?
Show them.
[man laughing]
(man) oh, dude, no. I'm so wasted.
- [coughs] - come on, hey, man.
Let me see you light another bowl, man.
Come on, let me see you light it up.
Hey, dude. Come on.
Let me in on that, eddie.
No, man. You can't do that, man.
Oh, my god.
Did he just blow smoke in the kid's face?
That's not cigarette smoke, is it?
Meth or crack.
Those pipes burn hot and stay hot.
Our guys think it may have caused the fire.
I spoke to this guy, father to father.
Where is he?
Gone. Checked himself out of the er.
I mean, until we got hold of that video,
Nobody had any reason to suspect.
You're saying this scumbag's in the wind?
(burgess) ofi's coordinating with our detectives.
We boots on the ground.
We'll find him.
And the whole while, he's just laughing
Like some kind of game or something.
Whatever this guy gets, it is not enough.
Hey. You okay?
Long way from it, lieutenant.
Listen, i know folks in that neighborhood from way back.
Folks who would tell me things that they'd never tell a cop.
Guys, mount up. We're gonna take a ride.
On your left.
The porch with the astroturf.
(casey) grab your halligans.
We walk the perimeter like we're checking a gas leak.
Keep your eyes open.
Another fire?
No, sir.
Just some questions.
I don't know if you remember me,
But i lived around the corner years ago.
Bill herrmann's boy?
My holy hell.
Look at you.
A firefighter of all the damn fool things.
Say, question for you.
You still keep tabs on the block?
[chuckles] not like i used to.
What about that family from the fire?
Not much of a family.
That fella, uh, ed, he's a doper.
He got the house when his aunt died.
Baby's mom is in cook county for possession.
She left the child with him.
Terrible idea.
Oh, that boy.
That boy, did he...
Critical condition.
I'll never understand this world.
The father.
Any idea where he's holed up?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Oh, but at noon every day,
There's one place he's guaranteed to show up.
Any luck with the old man?
[radio static, beep]
(dispatcher) truck 81. Squad 3. Ambo 61.
[siren blaring and horn honking]
[indistinct chatter]
[man groaning]
(man) this is so messed up, man.
He was--he was slamming around the turn,
Laying down a perfect stripe, you know?
And it just got away from him.
(boden) everybody back away.
Give us room to work.
(casey) mouch, otis, clear this crowd.
We need tools, extinguishers.
We have to get the car off the pole
Before we free either one of them.
Casey, mills, and brett, check on the girl.
See if it's safe to bring this mess away from her.
On it. You heard him?
Yeah. She might have crush syndrome, okay?
I'm gonna run an iv, prep an amp of sodium bicarb.
(mills) all right.
Hey, guys, let's cut these roof posts
And hook a cable.
Don't move it till we get it away from the column, all right?
- Got it. - [grunts]
Where's my girl?
- Jenna! - Hey, hey!
Quit yanking around, you moron.
You already did enough for her.
Grab the mini cutters.
Girl's leg is trapped. We need to pry it free.
[dramatic music]
♪ ♪
It's tangled at the base.
We'll need to get under the car.
I can do it. No problem.
How we looking?
Her pulse is weak, rapid.
I'm gonna empty the bag, overload her with fluids.
(casey) all right.
[jenna groaning]
It's okay. We're gonna get you out.
I got it, casey, but you got to go slow.
I got a ruptured fuel line here.
Copy that.
Anything goes wrong, you back out quick.
[jenna groaning]
[drill whirring] - come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Oh, no! No!
That was close.
(boden) all clear?
Yeah. Good to go.
All right, tony, now.
[truck beeping]
It's okay.
Hold on. It's gonna be okay.
[jenna groaning]
(boden) keep an eye on that fuel line.
[jenna crying]
We got you.
You're okay.
Slide her up.
All right, good.
[jenna crying]
All right.
Okay, heart rate's stable.
- No shock. - Good.
Lift her up.
Take over this part, man.
(boden) okay, let's get him out.
(severide) easy, buddy, we're not done yet.
What's your read?
[dawson sighs]
(dawson) he's got that look in his eyes.
Parents hurting their kids, it flips a switch.
(casey) yeah.
Stick near him.
Make sure he knows he's not alone.
Copy that.
Did you draw night watch?
Oh, no, i'm just-- i just couldn't sleep.
There's coffee on if you want some.
Oh, i am singularly focused on stress eating.
Cruz wants to take me out to dinner tomorrow night.
I'm gonna rip off the band-aid.
Oh, man. I'm sorry about that.
Trust me, i know. It sucks.
Am i just punishing myself for finding a good guy?
I'm not crazy. Am i?
What answer are you looking for here?
He's literally the nicest man in chicago.
Oh, i am a terrible, horrible, awful person.
No. No, you're not.
You're just-- you're just not in love.
I was,
And i couldn't make it work.
So what the hell do i know?
[chuckles] look at us.
Look at us.
[woman screams on tv]
So, uh, i was thinking around 7:00?
And, uh, you deserve something special for a change.
How about that place on rush
That you've been wanting to try?
The one with the, uh, number sign instead of a name?
- Hashtag? - Yeah.
I thought you said that place was too pretentious.
Well, i should probably try it before i judge it, right?
Sounds like a plan. I'll see you tonight.
Hey, sweetie, uh, i got to make a run
To the distributor, but then i'll be home
Straight after that, okay?
Tell the kids i love them.
Give them a kiss.
(casey) you good?
I'm fine.
Seriously, i appreciate you guys looking out for me.
But you got to stop treating me like i'm made of glass.
I'm gonna take logan
To the science and industry museum today.
You want to tag along?
They still got the submarine.
No, thanks. I got plans.
What kind of plans?
Plans that don't involve submarines.
It's like the garden of eden
In the middle of a chicago winter.
It's good to see you.
I'm glad that we reconnected, sincerely.
I mean it.
The summer i stayed at your house
Was probably the biggest turning point in my life.
Things could have gone a whole lot different for me,
If your parents hadn't taken me in.
That was me, though.
I talked to them and said i have this friend
- Who's got no place to live. - I--
And--and when we got back to school, senior year,
Guess who acted like he didn't know who i was.
Okay. I was embarrassed.
No kidding.
Not of you, of me.
It was my dad.
What he did.
My mom walked in on them. Did you know that?
In our house. In their bed.
It was a teacher, april.
A teacher from our school.
And my mom comes to me,
And i'm all but, what, 16 years old
And asked me how long i'd known,
As if i'd been helping all along.
That's--that's not your fault.
Yeah, but it didn't feel like it.
And when my mom checked out...
Or, uh...
Checked herself in...
So maybe when school started and, you know,
I heard everyone whispering, you know,
I didn't handle it that well.
Yeah, you didn't.
I know, and i'm sorry.
It's just, the thing is, when i look at you,
I see that guy,
The one who shut me out.
Well, this guy is sorry.
And this guy doesn't even know that guy anymore.
It make take me a while to believe that.
I understand.
You have got to see this menu, bro.
Half of it's gibberish.
"in the interest of protecting
"our food's natural color palette,
"we kindly request that all of our guests
Wear only dark colors."
Why in the world are you doing this to yourself?
Because i'm worried, man.
I hear you, but...
But what?
You think i got no shot?
Only so long meat loaf can hold on to prime rib, right?
No, man.
Just saying, any girl that makes you feel like meat loaf
Isn't prime rib.
At least not your prime rib.
Help you with something?
Cup of coffee, black.
There's a diner down the street.
I'm not down the street, am i?
Where do you think you're going, huh?
[both grunting]
You almost burned your kid alive!
[ed groaning]
You expect to just get away with it, huh?
Answer me!
(casey) stop! Stop!
It's over.
It's over. Hey!
Look at him.
Yeah, i need the 21st district.
Trying to reach officers burgess and roman.
I never meant to hurt him.
(roman) save it.
Looks like he got a little facial work done.
Almost didn't recognize him.
Bar was a pretty rough place.
Must have gotten in a fight before we got there.
Yeah, well, it's a rough and tumble world.
The report's in from the cfd.
The fire was caused by an embering crack pipe,
So we can officially add arson to the list of charges.
Yeah, thanks again for the heads-up.
So that's it then?
Something else you need to tell us?
Nah, we're good. Thanks again, guys.
Come on. Let's go.
I only wanted to rattle his cage a bit.
It's rattled.
You tell chief yet?
No. You can do that if you want.
Or not. You were off duty, and as far as i'm concerned,
You went home and hung out with your family.
[music playing in background]
♪ ♪
[clears throat]
Listen, joe, before we get too deep into dinner--
How do you order the steak? It's only listing desserts.
Um, you gotta-- you gotta press on the plate.
- What? - The--
♪ ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Hey. How's about a toast?
Um, here's to...
Leaping into the unknown.
Joe, i just need to say--
You know, before you say anything, let me talk.
Um, i like you, sylvie,
And our time together has been wonderful.
[clears throat]
[sighs] [clears throat]
He dumped me.
You mean you dumped him.
No, i mean he was the dumper. I was the dumpee.
Yeah, yeah, he said it.
Well, this is-- this is a good thing, right?
I mean, this is what you wanted.
Yeah, i mean, of course.
I'd just been building it up to--
I mean, he said he wanted me to be happy
And that we both shouldn't have to try so hard,
And then he said something about meat loaf and prime rib and--
[sighs] where's the wine?
Yup. Coming right up, girl.
A restaurant? In north carolina?
It's ours.
What'd you say to him?
Nothing. I--
I guess he was looking for forgiveness.
I gave it to him.
Well, it worked.
He left us this restaurant in his will.
- Wow. - I know.
So how much do you think we can get for it?
Or what if we take a crack at opening it?
You're serious?
Mom lost the cortland street grill,
And now we're being handed a second chance.
It's fate, peter.
I have my fate. It's here.
I'm finally about to get back on squad.
What has this job given you, peter?
It took dad, it took everything you had,
It messed with your health,
And you keep going back for more.
That's not fair.
At the grill, we had something that was ours.
We were together, and we had fun, right?
We could do this.
You and me and mom, you know we can do this.
It'd mean so much to her.
Okay, that is all for now. Y'all stay safe out there today.
You're all dismissed.
You okay, buddy?
Yeah, man, you know, better than expected.
Brett and i are gonna be friends, and,
You know, there was just so much pressure.
Just want to rest up for a while.
Of course.
What happened to your hand?
Lee henry dropped a tire iron on it.
Yeah, why would lee henry have a tire iron?
Those days are coming, dad.
Anyone hear news on the boy?
The bleed is resolved, but they had to put a shunt in
To reduce brain swelling.
Sounds bad.
She said it was a routine procedure.
Uh, hey, otis.
Oh, hi.
I don't know if joe said what happened.
Yeah, yeah, he did. Sorry.
Oh, no, it's okay.
It's for the best and everything.
Just--he left a couple of things at my place, and this...
I'm pretty sure he borrowed from you.
- Ah. - It's got your name inside.
Totally. I'd-- thank you.
I'd forgotten i lent this, so--
It's kind of embarrassing to admit,
But i was completely obsessed with those books in high school.
Oh, children of dune,
Way better than heretics of dune.
I mean, honestly, for my money,
Children is the best in the series--
Barring the original, of course.
Yeah. Children is--
Anyway, i'm glad i could get it back to you,
And i gotta run.
- [knocking] - what's up?
Well, piece of advice, really.
Um, here's the thing.
I think i'm in love with brett.
Now, i know what you're thinking, but get this.
They broke up last night, and believe it or not,
Cruz is actually doing great about it.
So i think, if the time were to ever exist for me--
Otis, i'm gonna count to three.
On that count of three, you're gonna break out
Of whatever state of denial you're in
That leads you to believe that even looking
At your best friend's ex the day after they broke up
Is a good idea.
I don't--
Ready? On three.
One, two--
Actually, you know what?
You got to two, and, um,
And i was there with you.
Thank you.
I don't know what that--
What's going on?
Herrmann, we just got a call from chicago med.
Little alec slater,
He developed a blood clot, half hour ago.
Doctors are performing emergency surgery.
The others just want to head over there.
I--chief, can i--
Yeah, you can ride along with me, okay?
- Yeah. - Let's go.
Hey, sorry to bother you.
No, of course.
Listen, are you nearby chicago med?
Yeah, i got someone who needs you.
Afternoon, christopher.
Any word on the boy?
Uh, still in surgery.
No one seems to know anything beyond that.
He tell you what happened? What i did yesterday?
I heard.
I'm not here to pass judgment, but, uh...
If it's okay, i'd love it if you could help me understand,
Because the christopher herrmann i know
Is not a violent person.
It wasn't the christopher you know, not yesterday.
That's not an explanation.
You know, chap,
The one thing that i always loved about this job,
Win or lose, when you rush into a 1,000-degree house fire
To save a little boy,
You know you're doing the right thing.
Something to be proud of.
But this kid...
I pulled him out
Just so he can go through hell
And maybe not make it at all.
It shakes me, and i think...
Would it have been better--
That's not for us to know.
I hear you, i do,
But it doesn't change how it feels.
The thing is, this wasn't some random, chance thing.
This father put him there.
Kept just turning over and over in my head.
Couldn't stop.
Felt like i had to do something.
Running into a burning building takes bravery,
But it also takes bravery to give the rest up to god.
I'm working on it, padre.
I'm not there, but i'm working on it.
[gentle music]
♪ ♪
Hey, i had a few moments,
Thought i'd sit with you folks for a while.
Yeah, of course.
[phone rings]
(mills) yeah?
You're sure?
No, no, not surprised exactly, just--
Thank you. Thank you so much.
We reduced the size of the clot considerably,
But unfortunately, it was too little too late.
The damage was too severe.
The child slipped away during surgery.
I'm sorry.
(choir) ♪ nearer my god ♪
♪ to thee ♪
♪ nearer ♪
♪ to thee ♪
I want to talk with you today
About a subject that touches every one of us.
Sometimes we are faced with things
We think we just can't handle...
I heard back from dr. Gochmann.
I'm cleared for squad.
I'm so proud of you.
(orlovsky) the death of a loved one,
A father, a child,
And we strive to find the reason behind it all.
Who needs a baby hug?
Hey, little man.
(orlovsky) and when those reasons don't make sense...
It's me.
(orlovsky) we question god.
We look up and we say, "god, how could you do this to us?"
Thank you, mama.
"how can you put so much on our plate?"
But we're not operating on god's timetable, are we?
We don't understand god's plan.
How can we?
And let me tell you, this is where faith comes in.
- [chuckles] - oh.
Heard you guys still make frito pie.
(april) they sure do.
[all chuckle]
(orlovsky) faith can help us see his message
In our own lives.
Perhaps this loss is there to teach us
Not to take the ones we love for granted,
To cherish the simple, mundane moments,
To love others as fiercely and as bravely
And as compassionately as we can.
And in that love, human love,
Forgiving, relentless,
Unconditional love,
You'll find peace.
(all) amen.
[wolf howls]