Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Forgive You Anything - full transcript

Severide's old friend arrives, hoping for a second chance with the Chicago Fire Department. Meanwhile, Mills tries to regain his active squad status, Mouch confronts his fear about meeting ...

The perfect guy is out there somewhere.
Let's go hunt him down.
I just don't feel ready for all this.
(on voicemail) hey, my name's emmett bird.
I think you may be my dad.
This is a catastrophe.
You might have had a son that loved you, randal,
But you'll never know.
He'll be better off.
I got the tests, to see if i prequalify for squad.
So what, you're gonna what? Just quit the ambo
And drop me as a partner?
If i'm approved, honestly, yeah.
[def leppard's pour some sugar on me playing]
♪ ♪
[indistinct chatter]
♪ ♪
You want a table or sit at the stage?
Oh, i-i'm sorry, i'm here to see jack.
Jack nesbit.
Cool. Give me a sec.
So, this used to be a dead space
Before the last renovation.
I was thinking to myself,
I got all this just sitting here.
- Expansion? - Exactly.
I don't want to turn anyone away looking for a drink
And a good time, but our safety regulations
And fire codes and...
I know all about it.
I'm a firefighter.
What house?
5 1 .
I was 114.
You're kidding.
- On wabash? - Seven years.
That's great.
Yeah, time of my life.
Seriously. Until this.
So, anyway, uh, i'm looking for a bid.
I want this room to look like out there.
Only better.
How much you looking to spend?
Tell me what you think it will take.
You want something to drink, boss?
I can't. Second watch tomorrow.
Good man. Uh, scotch and soda, trish.
Hold the lemon. Thanks.
(rice) hey, kelly.
I'm ready.
Look, you said to tell you when i'm ready, so, uh...
I'm ready.
Gabby, let's go.
I haven't worn this in almost a year.
This is my favorite little black dress.
I mean, i love the turnout gear but it feels like
It's all i'm ever changing into these days.
Well, there is no way to feel attractive
In ems trousers.
You know what we need? A night on the town.
- A night on the town. Yes. - Yeah.
And i-i-i'm not gonna steal you from cruz,
- So he can come too. - Yeah? You sure?
Wingman and a wingwoman?
This is gonna be awesome.
- Hey, can i help you? - Looking for randall mcholland.
(hermann) yeah, um, mouch.
That's me, emmett.
I'm randall.
I'm, uh, your father.
No, man, you're not my father.
I apologize, uh--
Birth father, i guess i should s--
No, you're not that either.
Uh, my half-sister is your birth kid.
I'm a little protective so i wanted to reach out,
Meet you first, suss you out.
Man, i'm glad i did.
So it wasn't her left sitting in that diner
Like some sucker.
Uh, yeah, i'm real sorry about that.
Don't bother with excuses.
I just--i came here to say that
'cause you're too chicken to show, you'll never get
A chance to meet the sweetest, coolest girl.
Morning, chief.
You sound too damn perky.
Like a man who doesn't have a baby at home.
I have some great news.
Rice is ready to get back to work.
Scott rice?
Yeah, we got a spot to fill on squad, so...
Who says he's ready?
He does.
Look, if he says he's ready then i believe him.
I'll think on it.
Known him since before cfd.
Back to high school.
He's as standup as they come.
I said i would think on that.
[alarm blares] (woman) squad 3, truck 81.
- Let's go. - M.O. 61, battalion 25.
Vehicle accident.
[sirens blaring]
- What do we got? - He's up there.
Uh, level three.
He says his accelerator got stuck.
Ran right into the shoring holding
A fresh slot of concrete.
Okay, you heard the man.
He is three floors up.
We need to assess the situation.
Walk in with whatever tools we need.
- 61, bring a stretcher. - Got it, chief.
(casey) uh, dawson, with me.
We gotta work fast.
We don't know how long that van will hold up.
Watch for loose debris.
Hey, stop. Easy, guys, we got it from here.
Hey, hey.
Those tires haven't blown yet.
All right.
- Hey, buddy. - [groaning]
Can you move your legs?
All right, put a c-collar on him.
Copy that.
Check the other vehicles.
All clear.
Capp, we need extrication tools
Up on p3.
Saw, spreaders--
Fall back now!
That shoring's gonna fail any second.
Hey, guys, hold it.
All this is unstable.
Chief, we need to reinforce that slab.
We should improvise a truss.
Let's get all the cribbing and truss we can get.
Bring up all the cribbing. Everything we got.
- Got it. - Right away.
Hey, they're gonna need every pair of hands they can get.
Think we got enough?
I hope so.
(man) hang in there, buddy.
[metal creaking]
Chief, i'm telling you there's not enough time for this.
Let me pull him out through the back.
Okay, hurry up.
- If i say "bail," you bail. - Okay.
Severide. Backboard.
- I can give you a hand. - No, no! Hey, stay back.
Stay back.
Capp, i need you!
Here you go, buddy.
Severide, bail out!
Ready? 1-2-3.
Here, buckle him in.
We got him, chief.
- Tony, hermann, get in here. - Coming in.
Capp, you go first.
[metal creaking]
- You okay? - Good.
Yeah, he's an old friend.
I'm trying to get him on your squad.
(hermann) oh, rice over at 31. Used to be there?
Yeah, he's a great guy.
(cruz) that man could tell a story.
What i remember, rice was the kind of guy
That always had to be the center of attention.
Ahh, come on. You'd love working with him.
Scott rice.
Isn't he the one that got in a fight during a call
And threw some guy out a third story window?
- Yes! - Can the gossip.
Severide wouldn't bring him in here if he was a problem.
Who--who are we talking about?
Severide's buddy, scott rice.
He might be taking newhouse's old spot on squad.
You mean my old spot?
Mm-hmm. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Simon's got the ball rolling.
Rice is gonna join us for a shift. Trial run.
Yeah, that's great.
No, and, chief, don't worry.
Rice is gonna bust his hump for us.
- Hey, chief, you got a sec? - Yeah.
I heard we got an open spot on squad.
Just want to let you know i haven't had any
Signs of vertigo for a while.
I can get another medical eval to see if i get clear for duty.
- You seen the doctor? - It's on the books.
End of the week.
That's good to hear.
Yeah, so, you know,
Don't make any final decisions about anything.
You just tell me what the doctor says.
All right. Will do.
- End of the week. - Yep.
What do you think about a night out on the town
With two hot ladies as your escorts?
H u h .
Wait, is this a test?
'cause i'm a one-woman man, baby.
No, no. I'm serious.
Me and dawson are talking about a fun night out tomorrow.
Hit some of the hot spots.
Do some dancing.
What do you say?
To be honest,
I would much rather hang out at molly's for a beer,
And then head home, and watch the blackhawks game with you.
Real l y ?
Hey, but you guys should go, if you want.
Okay, great.
I will.
I messed everything up.
Don't give yourself such a hard time, mouch.
You did a great thing way back when.
You gave someone a child who really wanted one.
Bottom line is, your obligation ended there.
Did it? 'cause this is crazy.
I can't suddenly become a parent.
I'm--i'm a middle-aged man.
Well, you're different.
You have a wife, and you're mature.
I was scared too. Still am.
Every single day.
The fear doesn't go away?
Look, there's no logic to parenthood. None.
Look at this.
Intellectually, i know and understand
That a two-hour-old baby is not an attractive thing.
Looks like a little old man, but to me, he's my son,
Damn it, mouch, i haven't slept in weeks.
It's not like you're gonna be staying up all night
And changing diapers.
This is an adult we're talking about here, all right.
For all we know, she already has a dad.
Maybe she just wanted to meet somebody with her own dna.
Shake your hand.
(boden) yeah, maybe.
I want to give this thing a shot.
Atta boy.
There he is. What's up, stranger?
What's up, man?
- How you doing? - Welcome. Good to see you.
There he is. There he is.
Rice, how's it going?
Hey, man, how you been? How you doing?
- Oh, oh, oh. - Hey.
You know, i still got a scar from lee henry
When he walloped me with a stick, last picnic.
Right? That kid in juvie yet?
Nah, he'd bust out too quick.
I'm thinking more like san quentin.
Hey, nothing wrong with an ex-con in the family, right?
- Yeah. - Wait, wait.
You guys know about my aunt francine.
The one who held up the liquor store when she was 65?
Come on, man. Get out of here.
I've heard that story three times, at least.
- Oh, no. - I tell you.
(rice) aunt francine, she gets it in her head
That she needs a little convertible mustang,
For her later years.
I kid you not. She gets up one morning.
She pulls the pantyhose over her head and--
[laughter] and, uh--
You know, i'm gonna finish this later, guys.
It involves a car full of siamese cats and a drunken nun.
I swear to god. You're gonna love it.
Friendly guy.
(rice) chief boden.
Look, i appreciate you taking a flier on me, like this.
I imagine you think twice when you
Hear a guy's got a conduct unbecoming on his file.
Plus with all the rumors that are flying.
I don't listen to rumors, but i do listen to my men,
And severide pushed very hard for you.
I'm real grateful to him for that.
Can't wait to prove him right.
- Good. - Thank you, sir.
There's a ton of clubs in that neighborhood.
What are you--you ladies looking for some hot spots?
- Mm-hmm. - Because i'm your resource.
Oh, really?
- Yeah. - Well, go ahead.
- What have you got? - Okay, let's see.
How about the den?
Closed in december of 2008.
Really? Uh, okay.
How about, oh, underworld.
That place gets wild, you know,
So you got to dress nice if you want to get past the bouncer.
Closed in '09.
Oh, but it sounds like you had a good year
Of clubbing. Congrats, man.
I don't see you coming up with any suggestions.
Hey, my clubbing days are over.
I am happy at home with my girl with a nice cold beer
And a good game on tv.
Hey, you know who's working over at chicago med?
April sexton.
April sexton? Are you kidding me?
Man, i've been trying to track her down for years.
Who is she?
The girl no one could get a date with in high school.
Smart, serious student.
But somehow, she and this guy were tight.
Severide, sexton.
We ended up sitting next to each other in all our classes.
So you guys were...
No, just-- [chuckles]
Just good friends.
- Uh-huh. - Chicago med?
Yep. In the er.
He called me a couple times,
But problem is, it came up as caller id blocked,
So i can't just hit return.
I'm sure you can understand.
We need to be vigilant about privacy here.
I can't give you that information.
You weren't so vigilant about my privacy.
As i explained, the young man
Got your number as the result of
An unfortunate security breach.
We very much regret it.
Here's the thing.
I wasn't as receptive as i should have been,
When this kid, emmett, first reached out.
And the truth is, closest thing i've ever
Had to children is pouch,
And i forget to walk her about 60% of the time.
So of course, i'm thinking,
"what kind of father would i be?"
- Pouch is...? - Our dog.
And she's a real beauty, too.
She's got these--
You're not gonna give me the number, are you?
I'm very sorry, mr. Mcholland.
Maybe he'll call again.
So i look up,
And now i got three options.
I can a, hand this guy $100.
B, turn the bucket over and reveal that i do not,
Indeed have a two-headed monkey under there.
Or c, i can run the hell out of there as fast as i can.
Oh, my god, what did you do?
D, none of the above.
But this is where things get really, really interesting.
Just as i'm about to turn tail and vamoose,
Right then...
[snaps fingers] two other guys walk in the room.
[cell phone beeps]
(rice) first guy, i mean, he's got fists on him like watermelons.
- Second guy's got this scowl... - Hello?
Oh, hey, um, yeah.
Do you have a second?
No, not even, hang on. They guy in the cowboy hat,
He looks right at me. You know what he says?
Up, up, up.
So...Talked to weathersby over at 59.
He confirms it.
Confirms what?
The...The rice thing.
Throwing the guy out the window?
Weathersby was there?
Well, no, but his cousin worked at 31 same time as rice.
So weathersby's cousin saw rice throw a guy out a window?
Well, not directly.
He was searching the basement, but there are witnesses.
The guy ended up in a wheelchair.
Let severide worry about rice, huh?
- [whistles] - fine.
But if he cracks and he punches somebody, don't blame me.
Why would i blame you?
- Hey. - Hey.
Scott rice.
Filling in on squad.
Yeah. Peter mills. I'm--
Columbo's got nothing on me.
You and severide go way back, huh?
Yeah. Way, way back.
[alarm blares]
[emergency call over intercom]
Look at us, peter.
Working together already.
[siren blaring]
(woman) are you the only ones they sent?
(mills) rescue squad's right behind us.
- Where's the victim? - This way.
He's one of our stagehands.
Got hit in the head with a light.
- One of these folks? - Oh, no, no, no.
Him. Up there.
Help me, i'm slipping!
Hey! Hey, don't move!
Hurry, man! I can't hold on!
Squad, what's your eta?
(otis over radio) just turning onto grand now.
I got this.
Mills, they'll be here in a minute.
Yeah. Well, a minute's too long.
He's got a head injury. He could blackout and fall.
Is that really a good idea?
I'm fine, brett.
(stagehand) hurry, man!
(woman) what's he waiting for?
He's--he's just being cautious.
A person can get dizzy up there.
I'm good.
- Help! - Hey, buddy.
Hang on. I'm coming, okay?
Faster, it hurts!
I know. I'm coming.
I got him!
Hey, you're all right. You're okay.
Hey, where is he?
Up there.
What the hell's he doing?
Rice, come on.
Mills, hey.
We got it from here.
All right. We got you, buddy.
All right, so don't look down.
(severide) all right.
So, no dizziness? No signs of vertigo?
Nothing, at all. I looked straight down.
It didn't even faze me.
- Hey. - Just had a phone call
From a jack nesbit.
Looking for references for you.
Yeah. You know him?
Know of him.
Just wanted to let you know, i told him that you were no good.
Perfect. Didn't want the job anyway.
Middle-of-winter jobs in chicago are easy to get.
You're okay. I told him you're
An honest man, and you're a great lieutenant.
- Thank you, chief. - What i really want to know is,
Why are you dancing at a strip club?
I will be working adjacent to a strip club.
They're renovating, it's a construction gig--
Never mind.
Carry on.
(april) and the guy in bed three
Is pretending he doesn't speak english.
Don't buy it. Right.
Radiology still hasn't called me back.
I'm gonna walk down there,
So they have to ignore me face-to-face.
I'll be right back.
Wow, kelly.
How are you doing? You look good.
Good, good.
I heard you were a firefighter.
Yeah, i'm over on 51.
Scott rice is there too.
Look, a bunch of us are getting together at molly's pub,
In bucktown after the shift. You should come by.
No, i don't think so.
What are you talking-- it'll be fun.
Why not?
Because you suck.
Hey, what was that?
Hey. Hey, april?
It actually takes being a good friend
To earn my forgiveness.
I got to get back to work.
One drink.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you at the start.
Honey, i love you fierce like a lion,
But honesty is extremely important to me, when warranted.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
I don't know what to do.
I can't track down emmett's number.
Clinic won't help.
Oh, god. That's too bad.
If only you knew someone very attractive
In law enforcement who could track down
His contact information for you.
Trudy, you are, by far, the best, most amazing--
Okay. Stop it. Stop it.
Why'd you stop?
[dance music]
Thank you.
Hey, gabby.
Aren't you gonna come dance?
Yeah, i'm just looking for my friend.
I feel like i'm neglecting her.
She's not really into the club thing
And has a boyfriend at home.
That girl you came in with?
♪ ♪
[low-key music]
♪ ♪
Who you waiting for?
No. Rice doesn't go out much, these days.
Hey, did he really throw a guy
Out the third-storey window?
The window was on the first floor.
Oh. [scoffs]
It was some meth-head who just went off on him.
It was mostly self-defense.
Guy walked away with a few stitches.
So he wasn't in a wheelchair?
He was, right until the judge threw out his lawsuit.
And then he could walk just fine.
Hey, lieutenant.
You got a sec?
What's up, bud?
You saw me on the catwalk, right?
Yeah. My vertigo is gone.
I can climb as high as i want.
No problem.
That's great, but...
Listen, you got to stop overstepping your bounds,
Out there, mills. You're gonna get hurt.
No, that's what i'm trying to tell you.
That...That's just a temporary problem.
I'm re-trying out for squad physical.
Good, good.
So you got to save that spot for me.
Mills, i can't do that, man.
Yeah, of course you can't.
Look, i...
I mean, i know that rice is your buddy,
But i earned that spot with hard work.
And an injury shouldn't knock me out for good.
Not if i get the all-clear.
Rice has the job.
And he needs it. Trust me.
I need it too.
Thank you.
I'd like another chance.
Forget it.
I shouldn't have left you hanging, emmett.
I screwed up.
Yeah, i know that part. Anything else?
The thing is...
I was terrified.
I mean, a week ago, i had no idea i had a kid.
You understand?
I mean, anyone who isn't freaked out in that situation
Has a screw loose.
Oh, yeah? Well, you should have pushed through it.
You're right. 100%.
And that's what i'm doing now.
I-i'm pushing through.
I just want...
I just want another chance to get to know my daughter.
Look, emmett.
I can't tell you if i'll be the best father,
'cause i've never been one before,
But i can tell you how i am with the family
I have at firehouse 51.
I'd lay my life on the line for them.
Lizzie may be my kid sister,
But she's saved my ass more times than i can count.
So, i mean, she's the best.
Don't screw this up.
Thank you.
Still dehydrated.
Ooh. It's gonna be a long 24 hours.
Hey, how'd it go, huh?
Did you guys go to the place
With the vodka frozen in the blocks of ice?
Oh, yeah.
And we were the only ones there,
Besides a table full of five old russian men.
Huh, no wonder baba loves it.
We went to a bunch of different places
And ended up at bubble lounge.
Oh, i heard that place is awesome.
That place is crazy fun, i gotta say.
Bubble lounge?
No, that place is way too loud and crowded.
You couldn't pay me.
Cruz, when did you turn 100 years old?
Mills, hey.
Hey, i don't want any bad blood between us.
Yeah, neither do i, lieutenant.
Didn't mean to overstep.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get my spot back.
Yeah, i respect that.
And fact is, boden makes the final call,
So let's just...
Play it by ear, right?
Sounds good.
You get tested?
End of the week.
Hey, squad's gonna make a run.
- Quick errand. - Okay.
You still suck.
I'm not a good friend, really?
- What the hell is that? - Eminem tickets.
I took you to that concert for your 17th birthday.
You remember? And i hated eminem.
You did not.
You were just intimidated by his talent.
Then why did you steal my slim shady cd?
So you would quit playing it.
I cannot believe you kept these.
My parents still ask about you.
[beeper chimes]
Damn, i got to get down to radiology.
But, hey, let me take you out for a drink sometime.
There's more i want to talk to you about.
About what?
I never--
I never really got to thank your parents.
Never got to thank you.
Well, you just did.
It's good to see you, kelly.
Okay. Yeah, great.
I'll be there. Oh, hey, thanks again.
Is that the doctor's office?
Severide sounded pretty supportive this morning.
He might be shining me on.
- You think so? - It's fine.
I got my appointment pushed up to tomorrow.
I'm gonna get my medical clearance,
And then i will cram it down their throats.
That's the spirit.
[alarm blaring]
(operator) ambulance 61.
Person in distress.
[siren blaring]
You got to help him!
My joey, he swallowed a quarter!
Not a quarter, mom. My key.
I told you to stay with your brother.
Get back inside.
- Where's joey? - He's inside.
This way.
- Come on. - How old is joey?
He's 31.
Oh. Oh, lord.
What's wrong with daddy?
Upstairs. Go on, kids.
- All of you. - What are they doing to daddy?
I see it.
It's past the vocal chords.
- Deep in the airway. - All right.
Try and grab it with forceps.
Okay. Hang on.
Okay. Hurry up. He's not breathing.
- It keeps moving further in. - All right.
If you can't get it out, you're gonna need to grab an et tube
And push it in all the way.
- All the way? - Yeah.
It'll go into the right or left bronchi,
But at least he'll be able to breathe with one lung,
Until we transfer him for surgery.
Okay, let me try it one more time.
Got it.
Come on up, buddy.
[kids shouting and laughing]
I was trying to show the kids a magic trick.
Joey, don't talk. Just rest.
Oh, hey. That's not contagious, is it, hon?
'cause my kids'll catch anything just from looking at it.
It's just a hand stamp.
My girlfriend and i went out dancing the other night.
Oh, dancing.
Can't remember the last time i went dancing.
(girl) mommy, i want to show you something.
(mother) all right, okay. Okay.
Brett, you ready? Let's go.
(girl) mommy, come look.
Thank you for hanging out with me the other night.
I had so much fun.
I had a great time too.
Dancing and meeting people.
It's actually-- it's exactly what i need.
What's wrong? You okay?
I love that black dress of yours.
I mean, i always say to myself
That i'm gonna buy a sexy little black dress.
Then i get to the store and
I end up getting the same thing i always do.
You know, something nice, not too daring.
Something comfortable.
Well, you can-- you can always borrow it.
The point is, i need to stop falling back
On comfortable and nice.
You know?
I mean, if you really like something,
What's wrong with that?
I came to chicago to start a whole new life for myself.
But somehow, i've ended up back on the couch
Watching movies with my boyfriend.
I adore cruz.
I mean, i'm so lucky to have him in my life,
And i know that.
But it's...
It's not the life i want.
I did the dix-hallpike test a couple times at home.
No problem.
I'm telling you, doc. No vertigo.
Well, we're gonna find out, for sure.
We'll start here, and then we'll go upstairs for an emg.
- Emg? - We use electrodes to assess
Your ocular and vestibular systems.
After that, we'll do an mri.
When the results come back,
I'll consult with the board--
Wait, wait. Dr. Bachman,
I thought i was gonna get an answer today.
I mean, when you took me out of action,
You made the call like that.
Unfortunately, clearing you for duty
Is a bit more of a process.
You may feel fine, but if there's any trace of vertigo,
We can't let you work squad.
Either way, you'd know in about a week.
A week.
Okay, let's get started.
Come on back.
Turn your head.
Here we go.
[rock music]
- Matt, hey. - Hey.
- Come on over. - Thanks.
So, uh... Here's my bid.
There's probably some wiggle room
In some of the material costs,
If i can get my supplier to play ball.
You got the job.
You don't want to take a look?
I like you, matt. I trust you.
Now what are you drinking?
Come on.
You're drinking. We're celebrating.
Well...Thank you.
Don't make me ask you what you're having again.
Scotch on the rocks.
Kiki, two scotch on ices, please.
No lemon?
That's my girl.
♪ ♪
♪ i'm knocking on the devil's door ♪
♪ yeah ♪
It means a whole lot, you coming here with me.
Terror is a little less paralyzing.
Hey, i'm excited about this too, you know.
If this works out,
I'll have a girl i can share my hair and makeup tips with.
You're going to the bathroom now?
- What if she walks in? - No, honey.
I'm not going to the bathroom. I'm leaving.
I got you here, but you got to do this alone.
I don't know if i can.
I'm getting a little tight, right here.
Okay, randall...
It is time to be the man i know you can be.
So pretty.
Have a seat.
Don't even say it, chief.
I already got a cold glass in my hand.
(boden) thank you, brian.
Say, chief, can i ask you something 51-related?
Or would you rather chillax?
'cause i can totally respect that.
No, go on. Hit me with it.
It's rice.
Now, i'm the last guy to stand in the way
Of severide and his buddy.
But the things i hear about this guy.
Why, what'd you hear?
He threw a man through a window, chief.
Now, all signs point to a ticking time bomb--
There were mitigating circumstances.
I heard it was self-defense.
But you know as well as i do, that there are
Many ways to diffuse a situation--
It was one week after his wife died.
Really? Wow.
Left him with a four-year-old son.
Yeah, andy's sister helps out a lot.
She has a pretty flexible schedule,
So she watches logan for me most days.
And then, if she can't do it,
Mom always just fills in.
Well, one way or another, you just figure it out.
Ooh, let's color this.
- Yeah? - Instead.
- Instead? - Oh, this is pink.
He seems happy.
Yeah, he is.
Think we're gonna be all right, me and him.
Look, thanks for this chance, kelly.
I really needed it.
I know.
Oh! Are you gonna let him do that?