Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Mon Amour - full transcript

When a construction site collapses, a dying workman asks Severide to send his wife a message. Matt decides to work things out with Hallie. The firemen welcome Nicki, a charming young woman ...

Back out!

Get down!

Previously on Chicago Fire...

Casey, you shouldn't have
put Andy through the window.

You know what?
I'm getting real tired

of your bull, Severide.
I don't give a damn

- what you're tired of.
- Hey!

This animosity has gotta stop.

They cleaned out Andy's locker.

14 years at this station,
and it all fits into a box.


Damn it, I hit the heart.

Back it out slowly.

Which one of you put a needle
in the girl's heart?

I did what I had to do.

Do you know who your union rep is?


Listen, some of us
are going over to Buzzard's

tomorrow night.
If you and Hallie want to come...

we would, but we do a date night thing.

It sounds nice.

I'm a resident. I cannot
start a family right now.

That's been made perfectly clear.

Herman, we'll meet at the top
floor and work our way down.

He's probably got other internal damage.

Just do it.

Okay, guys. Let's get you
whatever you want, okay?

- Heather. Hey!
- Hi.

- Hey, guys.
- Okay.

Okay, kids, let's go in.

Hey. How are you doing?

I'm good, Kelly.

- I gotta go in.
- Hey...

Wait, I've...
Been meaning to come by and...

Just save it. Really.

Come on. Andy and I were...

stop right there.

Andy never even
would have been a firefighter

if it weren't for you.


Didn't I tell you, don't
plug nothing in? Look at this!

You know what time it is?

But you want to play
Mr. flamethrower,

What y'all lookin' at?

You better pray for him.

You know what,
you in a world of trouble now.

Smells like a grease fire.

We'll bring the ansuls.

Up on the roof, ready to vent,
just in case.

- Ma'am.
- Kinda thick, ain't you?

Let 'em in, idiot!

I hope you black as a crispy critter

when you come out!

Sir, you gotta move out of here.

That it?

Hit it.

Anything to piss off the engine.

Come on, buddy, you gotta go.

- I can't.
- I'm not asking.

My hot plate caught on fire.
My landlord'll kill me.

I got no place to go.

I can't go!
I can't. I can't.

Ma'am, is this your place?

You're damn right it is.

That your microwave down in the basement?

What of it?

Frayed electric cord that started this.

Place would've burned to the ground

if not for this man.

He's a hero.

Sir, I just want to say,

never seen a civilian act so bravely.

Get over here.

I was so worried about you.

Hey! Candidate!

One hand on the beam, candidate!

I don't care
if you're carrying a damn cow!

Men die when they relax.

Okay, Kelly. He gets it.

Yeah, he better.

He's right. One hand
on the beam no matter what.

Yeah, okay.

Next Wednesday, can you...
can you do my shift for me?

- Yeah.
- I have a thing.

- Yeah, that should be fine.
- Right. Right.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I need something.

It's the last one.

- Yeah.
- I mean it.

Right. It's all good.

What's with the goat?


The truck 81 seal, or symbol,

or whatever it's called, it's a goat.

It's a fighting goat.

Yeah, they've got Cerberus,
the three-headed dog

that guards the gates of hell.
We got a friggin' goat.


- Morning.
- Morning.


How are the Darden kids doing?
You talked to Heather at all?

Yeah. As good as
can be expected, I suppose.

- You seen 'em?
- Yeah.

I hear they're coming to the barbecue.



Hey, chief, you got a second?

Sure, Kelly.

Looking for a few extra shifts this month.

How's Saturday sound?

Saturday's barbecue.

I've been there before.

No way.
Every man on deck on this one.

Chief, I could really use the cash...

ask me next month.

- Okay.
- Okay.


Best benefit all year, boys!

- He's not lying.
- We're there when you feed us.

Hey, you know
about fire fans, Peter mills?

They're chicks who follow
firemen like flies to honey.

Bees, Otis. "Bees to honey."

Whatever, we're still the honey.

Hey, lieutenant, why do we have
a goat on our truck?

Years ago, truck 81's first fire

was at a goat farm in little Italy.


Nah. They used to have
a goat at the station

so they didn't have to mow the grass.

I thought that's what candidates are for.

Smoke-eater in the house.

No way.

- Hey!
- Hey, Hermann!


Welcome back.

Jesus, man.

They ticked a nerve in my leg.
I may not walk straight again.

Candidate, get him a chair!

Thanks, kid.

Ah, whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait a second fellas,

are any of my kids around here?
My wife or her parents?

No, why?

What the hell?

I'm healed!

I'm healed!

It must have been
living with my damn in-laws

that was breaking me down!

Ah! All right,
I'm not that healed.

- You ready to get back?
- Yeah.

Glad you're back, Herrmann.

We're a better house with you here.

Thanks, chief.

Later we're going to
have a white board session

about what happened in
the Darden incident last month.

I expect you all to be there.

On another note, this is Nicki Rutkowski.


She's going to be
working with us next month,

helping out with the payroll.

Her father is one of my oldest friends.

We were in the Navy together,

so y'all just treat her

like she's your very own...


Thanks for having me.

Don't screw up the checks.

The first and 15th.

I will.

Accident, multiple injuries,

squad 3, truck 81,
engine 51, ambulance 61.

What's going on?

The foundation collapsed,

and there's three guys
down in the basement hole.

I'm gonna need a 2 1/2 up there.

- On it.
- Let's go.

It's over here.
They're down there.

All right.

There's no fire,

but let's drop the 2 1/2
into the hole from the ladder.

Crews, hurry it up!

Get that hose up here.

There's good.

Now charge it.



He's pretty banged up, but okay.

I don't think we should move him.

- Dawson, you down there?
- Go for Dawson.

- We need you up here.
- Come on.

Shay's coming.

That's a first.

I'm under here!

I'm under here!

Got it, got it.

- Can you sit up?
- Yeah.

Peter's farther down.

I heard him talking,
but I couldn't see him!

Here, take him out.


I knew this was gonna be a bad day.

Told my wife this morning
I had a premonition.

Are you hurt?

I can't breathe. Can't move.

All right, we'll get you out.

I need three pike poles and a saw!

- All right.
- Hurry. All right,

take underneath... help me lift.

Got it?

Bring him up!

All right.

- All right.
- Watch the wood.

Good, thank you.

How you doing down there, Peter?

I've been better.

I'm going in.

It's unstable.

Aren't we all?

Let's widen the hole, but get ready

to pull back if this debris shifts.


Not so bad, right?

It's Peter, right?

Can you move your foot?

No. I haven't even
felt it for half an hour.

How about the rest of you?

Can't breathe too good.

Okay, okay.

Just... just get my foot out,
I'll be fine.

All right, we're gonna
get you out of here.

Do me one favor.


No lies.

Fair enough. I think
you're bleeding on the inside.

Your foot is the least of your problems.

We need this hole opened up.

On it! Go, Cruz.

Hang on. We'll get you back
to your wife in no time.

Yeah, sure.

You saying I got a bad poker face?

I'm saying
I'd be all-in on that one.

Well, you're breathing
and talking, so that's good.

Hold on!


Yeah, fine.
Get Dawson over here!



His lower leg is trapped,
there's internal bleeding.

There's no way to release it?


Other than that, everything's peachy.

All right, I'll call for a trauma surgeon.

Hey, how long?

I don't know.

And what would a trauma surgeon do

that you couldn't?

Take off your foot.

This ambulance 61 on med channel 5.

Go ambulance 61.

We need a trauma surgeon
for a possible amputation.


All right. All:

What's your name?

Severide, Kelly.

Everyone pretty much calls me Severide.

Kelly. You married, Kelly?


Don't wait too long.

My wife's name is Georgie.

Her dad wanted a boy,
but he kept getting girls.

There was a barbershop on my street

named Harris and sons.

Mr. Harris named it

when his wife was pregnant
with their first.

Ended up having five girls.


All right, easy.

Severide, find a vein
and get this saline into him.

How long on the surgeon?

15 minutes.

- Kelly?
- Yeah.

We don't have time for a surgeon.

You're gonna have to do it.

Take off the foot.

Get me out of here, get me home.

Tell that surgeon to hurry the hell up!

Chopper him here if you have to!

You're all right.

Severide, we need to pull back.

It's gonna give.

He's right.


Casey, I need a sawzall!

Mills, lower me a sawzall.

Hey, Peter.

Yeah, I'm st...
still with you, Kelly.

Tell me about Georgie.

I-I married above my head.

Been playing catch-up
ever since.

Do you have any children?

No, we tried.


- Kelly?
- Yeah.

You got a phone?

Dawson, he's here!

Trauma surgeon's on his way down.

It's a recovery now.

Dawson, shay! Get over here.
We got something for you.

Come on, let's go.
Bring it out, open it up.


They obviously got their artistic talent

from their mother.

That's so lovely!

Hey, you guys, these are
the ladies that saved my life.

Come on, give 'em a clap.

Yeah, yeah!

Thank you, guys!

Thank you.

There you go.

- Thanks so much.
- Thank you.

All I'm just saying is,
I'm more than happy to design

a new seal more reflective
of the truck we are.

Anything besides a goat.

- What's he on about?
- He doesn't like our crest.

I love that goat.

That goat's all about reversing the curse.

What curse?

The cubs.
A goat owner cursed 'em once,

which is why they always suck.
Everyone knows that.

So we have a cursed crest?

How the hell should I know?
Leave it alone.

The goat rocks.

Of course you would think that.

I can't get to my phone right now,

please leave me a message.

They're good guys. Kelly.

Darden was entering the attic window here,

while squad 3 was conducting

first floor search and rescue here.

Fire started in the basement,
spread up to the kitchen.

Now, we all know fire is in
a constant hunt for oxygen.

It's why we cut our vent point
away from our entry point.

No vent, and the fire's comin' after us.

What started in the basement,
now is looking for a way out.

A larger vent
cut in the back of the house,

and the fire never would have
made it upstairs.



The commissioner's gonna be there,

along with half the deputies

and most of the chiefs.
It's a big deal.

Yeah, they cracked Herrmann last year

for forgetting his cap.

Go back and read the poster.
Full dress blues.

Double crown molding?
No expense spared on that.

Yeah, well, it's getting there.

You're never gonna want to leave.

All depends on what the offer is.

So what's up?

I said I would bring a dessert
to the barbecue.

I understand if you don't want me to go.

No, you should come.
We should go together.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Heather Darden's bringing the boys.

Well, good. This will be fun.

I'll pick you up at 2:00.



There's Willie, our favorite doorman!

- Willie!
- Willie!

I should flash him next time.

Love that guy.


Ambulance 61, battery, 71 west superior.

Ambulance 61, responding.

All right, all right, give us some room!

Give us some room! Come on.

All you Irish, you go home.

Just go back.
Go back to wherever you...

Wherever you came from.
I'm not...

you got a nasty cut there.

Get your hands off me!

Hey, we're with the CFD,
sir, here to fix you up.

Fix me up? No!

No, it's these Irish inbreds
you should be fixing up.

I've got four brothers,
and they're both...

- ugh!
- They're... both of them

are gonna... they're gonna
own this place.

What happened here?

No one here saw anything.

It's called a black and tan!

It's called a half and half, you moron!

Ireland sucks!

♪ God save our gracious queen ♪

♪ long live our n... ♪

♪ God save the queen ♪

Let's... let's move him now,
all right?

All right, come on.

Yup, we're going. Let's go.

Shut... let's go!

Move. Move, guys.

And don't come back!

Piss off!

Get out of here,
you stinking, slimy bastard!

- All right. Okay, I'm...
- My God.

Have fun in there.

♪ Lord our God ♪

You've gotta give it a rest
and hold still, sir!

Black and tan, black and tan.


Hello, sweet cheeks.


Get your hands off me!

So you're gonna bring
that doctor to the barbecue?

I don't know.

Honestly, not every decision
has to be an act of congress.

Just keep it simple.


Did you hear about hallie and Casey?

What? What?

Stop it. Tell me. What is it?

Nothing, just some rumors running around

that, that maybe they're splitting up.

He's moved out.

What? No, really?

It's just what I've heard.

Okay. What do you think?

Nice work.


Where'd you find this one?

Dawson was actually making out with him

and, he fainted and bumped his head.

When he wakes up, tell him
I said thanks for a great time.

All right.

- Ladies.
- Speak for yourself.

Hey, hallie.

You guys going to the barbecue?

Wouldn't miss it.

Matt and I are bringing
his aunt's famous brownies.

At least she always
tells me they're famous.

I will see you there.

Nice intel.


- Gabby.
- Mike, hi.

Hey, how are you?

- I'm... Good. Good.
- Yeah? Good.

Hey, say, what are you doing on Saturday?

Hey! Lee Henry!

I'm not gonna tell you again!

Put the stick down
before I beat you with it!

Take it easy.

You gotta be fair but firm.

- Okay.


- Yes!
- Fabulous!


When's the parade, candidate?

Ah, that's a good one.

You taking collections
for the salvation army?

- Yeah?
- Better than your own?

- Got ice cream?
- That's original.

That's really good.

Excuse me, are you the captain?

No, miss.

He's actually the commissioner.

- No, no, no, I'm not.
- Yeah, yeah, he is.

He's the youngest one in Chicago history.


Go show her where the beer
cooler is, commissioner.

- I'd like that.
- All right.

Right this way.



So you're his wingman now?


He's sitting there...

With a napkin on his face

sticking his tongue
through it, and I'm like,

"dude, you are my favorite
12 year old."

My God.

Who would do that?

What's up with you?

Nothing. All good.

You and her?

No chance.

Up yours.

If anybody does anything, okay?

- You got it.
- Yeah? You sure?

- I promise.
- I don't trust these guys.

Mind if we squeeze in?

- Of course.
- Hey, guys.

This is Corinne.

She just moved here from, Alabama.

- Nice to meet you.
- I knew it.

So I think I saw the result

of some of your work yesterday.

The lipstick?

And the fingernails?
That was you guys?

Yeah, well, Dawson got her ass squeezed

by a drunken englishman.

You've gotta quit flirting
with your patients.

So we prettied him up a little.

So not something you learn
in med school, I take it?

We're paramedics so
we don't go to fancy med school.



Been taking
some pre-med classes.

- Really?
- That's great.

Yeah, I mean, you know
it's a... it's a long way off.

Hey, any time you wanna walk
a shift with me, say the word.

- That sounds great.
- Any time.

Or with me?

Heather's here.
Let's go say hello.

What's going on?

Good to see you, buddy.

I just... it's hard
on Ben and Griffin.

They're afraid the kids are
gonna treat 'em differently.

Come on, squirt,
we're gonna play some football.

Andy loved being a firefighter.

It was our dream since we were kids.

He worshipped you.

You sure it wasn't just your dream?

Well, he protects Chicago
and serves the beer?

For right now, sure.

I'm Nicki.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

How long you been a firefighter?

Since the day I was born.

- Look, I gotta run, Nicki.
- See ya.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

That was really nice.

You're really nice.

Kids are stronger than we think.


So what's up with the new doctor?

- Who? Mike?
- Yeah.

I don't know. Not much.

Just keeping things simple.

You, you left your jacket.


Not a good time for this.

Do you always do
what your chief tells you to do?

Trust me, this isn't because of the chief.

Is there somebody else in there?

Just the cubs.

If you change your mind,
you know where to find me.

Have a good day.

Yeah, you too.

- Bye.
- Bye, sweetie.

- See you.


Good morning.

Did you eat my yogurt?

I didn't touch your yogurt.

Was good seeing Heather yesterday.


Yeah, it was.

- So if there is nothing else...
- Chief?

- Yes, Brian?
- I was wondering

what the proper protocol would be

for designing a new crest for the truck.

It's just, sir, engine's
got a camel, which I get.

And squad has got a badass
three-headed dog, which I get.

And we have a goat, sir.

Named after Billy "goat" Bukanski.

First chief of firehouse 51
and a mentor to me.

Just forget I said anything.

- That it?
- Yes, sir.

Then y'all do good work out there.

That true about the crest?

So if you would,
please give me a call back

so we could arrange a time to talk.


You want a smoke break?

You mean you wanna bum a cigar off me?

If you're offering.

- If you insist.
- Thank you.

How was Mike?

You know when you... when
you have a Sunday

and it's loaded up with hot
fudge, and whipped cream,

and ice cream, and a cherry on top?

- Yeah.
- He's the spoon.

Hey, can't eat without a spoon.

What's the latest with your union file?

I don't know.

I'm ignoring it.

Works for everything else.

Accident. 501 north wabash.

Truck 81, ambulance 61, squad 3.

Can't ignore this.

Get everyone back and seal it off!

Good lord.

Move it back. Back! Back.

Stuff's falling! Move back!

Come on, move, move, move.
Come on, back guys.

God, God, God, God.

- Ma'am?
- Capp!

Hadley! Driver's side.
Start there.


My friend.

My friend, Cameron!

- Where is she?
- She's right next to me.

I... I can't see her.


Get back, it's falling from the roof!

Passenger trapped. Conscious.

But we had to pull back
because stuff's still falling.

That driver's door is jammed up tight.

Okay, Capp, Hadley, on
the k-12 you cut the top hinge.

Severide, you work the jaws
from the bottom edge.

The moment that hinge pops,
you wedge that door open.

Casey, Mouch, collar the girl.
Get her on a board.

Let's go.

Stay forwards for me.

- Let's get on.
- Yep. Go.

Grab the end.

- Lean up.
- Up.

Lean up for me.

They're falling down now!

You're okay, sweetie.

You're fine. You're...
How's Cameron?

I just dropped my phone
so we pulled over and...

please, is Cameron okay?

Is she okay? Please?
I'm not sure, honey.

Let's just concentrate on you
right now, okay?

My daughter!
My daughter was in that car.

- Is she okay?
- I don't know.

They're doing what they can.

Her name is Julie.

I really don't know.

She has blond hair.

She's okay.
She's right over there.

Julie! That's my daughter!

Good thing she didn't say red hair.

It's okay.



Yeah, sure.

If that's good for you, I'll be there.





How was your shift?

What do you always say to me?

"Fine. Typical."

I've been thinking.

No. Nothing like that.

What is it?

Today, one girl died and another lived

because one decides to drive,

the other gets in the passenger seat.

I moved out because we spent the last year

constantly debating your career

versus my expectations of a family.

What if we simplify things?

Start fresh?

Just put it all aside.

Live every day like it could be the last.

I'm saying I wanna be with you.



Gulf coast.

The catfish regatta.

- Right?
- Yes!

Take her.

He's, like,
wearing this... this cape.


I like it.

- Hey!
- How's it going, guys?

- There you go. One, two.
- Thank you.

- Absolutely.
- Whoo!

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Holy smokes.

That's all you got?

Another round for the lady,

It's great to see you guys.

It's great to be here.

You thought about doing rounds with me?

Are you sure it's not too much trouble?

Are you kidding? I'd love it.

You're already doing half
the procedures we do.

That's doubtful.

Hey, you're gonna be
a great doctor, trust me.

You have more experience than
half these Ivy league clowns.

Hey, this round's on me.


Put three more on.

What the hell are you doing?

What can I say?

Uniform thing works.

- Nancy?
- Where are the girls?

How does that...


- That's brilliant.
- Nancy, Sheila.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye-bye.

- Fightin' goats!
- Hey, last for the ride.

What's happening, my boys?
There we are.

What's up, gents?

Where's Severide?

Is the blood off?

I don't want her to see the blood.

Yeah. Here.

There. You're good.

My hair.

I should have got it cut.

Sure, your hair...

you hair looks fine.

It looks fine from here. Yeah.

Georgie, my love.

God, I wish I were better at this.

My God.

I made a lot of promises
to you over the years.

Some were harder to keep.

I promised you...
A house in provence.

I'm sorry we never made it there.

You worked so hard on that French.

But any promise...

That I ever made about you...

About how you were...

The final piece to my puzzle,

those I kept till today.

Every day.

I know... I know what you're
thinking about Kelly here,

'cause I thought it too.

He's exactly the son
that I pictured for us.

And if it weren't for him,
I wouldn't have had this chance

to say good-bye.

My love.

Do you remember how I made you promise me

that you'd let me die before you?

Well, thank you, my love.

Because I couldn't live a day
in this world without you.


Mon amour.

Thank you.