Chicago Fire (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Members of the Chicago Firehouse 51 are shaken after the loss of firefighter Andy Darden. Truck leader Matthew Casey and Rescue Squad leader Kelly Severide blame each other for Darden's ...

[sirens wailing]

[over PA] House fire, 788 Maple Street.

Engine 51, truck 81, ambulance 61.

[horns honking, sirens wailing]

Guys, how do I look?

As usual.

Like the class clown.


Yo, Severide,

how soon till you can
take Darden off my hands?


Andy makes squad the day after
I'm no longer in charge.

[laughter] - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

[brakes squeal]

[indistinct chatter]

The attic. My brother lives up there.

- He hasn't come down.
- That window there?

Yes, I haven't seen him.

Oh, god.

Think there's a guy in the attic.

I'll raise the aerial.

He could be on the stairs,

in the hallway, anywhere.

We'll go in back, work our way up.

Case of beer we get to him first.

Just vent the back.

Was Severide always such a cocky prick?

Only since kindergarten.

[indistinct chatter]

This is chief Boden.

Want an inch and 3/4 on the front.

Need two 2 1/2s on the neighbors' houses.

I want my entrance through the rear

and ground ladders to the roof.


Let's go!

Hey, check over there!

Severide, do we have a vent?

Darden, wait.
[glass breaks]

We're good.

Casey, there is no vent.


- Darden!
- [screams]

[somber music]

d d

What the hell are you doing, Casey?

Can't stand looking at this another day.

Heather might want it.

Yeah. I'll call her.

Boden's looking for you.

Casey, you want to step into my office?

Rumor's floating around
you're going to box

in the drop-a-cop.

Fight that guy who slept
with your first wife?

It was my second wife,

and she's his problem now, not mine.

So, no, I'm not boxing him.

Mayor Emanuel's coming by on Saturday

to mark the month since Darden--

This animosity... has got to stop.

You're both supposed to be leaders here.

Lead by example. We've all been through it.

Andy was a friend to all of us.

Yeah, he was.

Is there something you want to say?

See this? This right here.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

You're right, chief.

I'm sorry. It's all good.

We're fine, chief.


then that's enough for now.

[siren wails in distance]



my--My name is Peter Mills.

I'm the new candidate on 81.

Oh, fantastic. Joe Cruz.

We've been waiting for you.

- Really? Great.
- So Peter Mills?

- Is it?
- Pete, actually, I--

- Okay, Peter Mills, right this way.

So, uh, gym's through there.

There's a TV in the kitchen,

but satellite's busted.

Uh, equipment room.

Rescue squad a-holes.

Think they own that table. Kitchen.


- Peter Mills, keep moving.
- Yeah.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, Otis, this is Peter Mills.

Yeah, I'm giving a tour.

Peter Mills is our new candidate.

Peter Mills...

it's all yours.


who wants to try on a helmet?

[over radio] Firehouse 51, ambulance 61.

[sirens wailing] Multiple gunshot injuries,

934 Roosevelt Road.

[sirens shut off]

What's up?

Two GSW's.

One's an organ donor,
another hit in the gut.


Gone. But this happened
less than ten minutes ago.

We're sweeping.

Hey, baby. Go on, medic.

Oh, god. Oh, god.

- What's your name?
- Ricky.

- You buying or selling, Ricky?
- Bitch, just fix me up!

Maybe we should let him bleed a while.

I put one in that G.D.
Hit him right in the head.

Yeah, I don't think so, Ricky. He's gone.

No, man, I hit him.

Hey, we think the Shooter's upstairs.

Okay, we're good here.

Ricky, have you been using? Hm?

We need to know so that we
don't give you something

that can make you go into shock, okay?

- Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
- Rise up, fool!

I told you I shot him.


Sit down. I need to look at your head.

[gun hammer clicks]

It's all right, okay? I'm
just gonna take a look.

Just take a seat.

I just want to take a look, okay?

Your head's in bad shape,
but I'm only gonna help you

if you drop that piece on the floor.

You need to drop the gun or we're leaving.

- Come on.
- Not until you drop that gun.

Drop the gun now!

Turn around! Hands behind your back!

- [groans]
- Weapon secured.

Gabriela. What can I say?

Say you'll check the closet next time.

Throw in for cooking club.

Hey, short arms, long pockets. Yeah, you.

How'd Herrmann get the chef job?

No gag reflex.

Otis, what happened to your tour?

Our new candidate.

So this is called a pass alarm.

Now, if a firefighter is totally still

for more than 18 seconds,

a loud alarm goes off until he moves again.


Well, if he's hurt or trapped,
we'll know where to find him.

[alarm wailing]

That's loud.

See, this house is special
because it has a rescue squad.

Squad three serves a big piece of the city.

They're experts at water
rescue, extraction,

pretty much everything.

They're, like, the best of the best.

- Why aren't you with them?
- Well, I mean, I plan to be.

My father was a member
of this squad years ago.

Mills, right? Last to show, first to go.

That's the rescue squad.

You truck guys do such a good job

getting everything ready for us.

Why would we want to
take that away from you?

[chuckles] Kids, you
should know they make

the rescue helmets extra big to
fit their heads inside them.

There are two types of firefighters.

Those who are on squad,

and those who wish they were on squad.

- Ooh.
- Come on, kids.

Bet I get an application from him

by the end of the month.

He wants you, you can have him.

[alarm wailing] [buzzing]

[over PA] Pin-In accident.
Columbus Drive Bridge.

Ambulance 61, engine 51, truck 81.

Squad three, battalion 25.

Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go!

[siren wailing]


Mills, shadow Mouch.

Walk with a purpose, but don't run.

Take it all in, know the
details of the situation

before you act.

Oh, and Mills, don't be a crow.


[handle rattling]

- Ma'am? Can you hear me?
- My daughter--

- [groans]
- Madeline?

- Hey, Cruz, grab the saw!
- Madeline! My little girl.

I see her. She's okay.

Get the jaws!

This is chief Boden, I'm
gonna need two more ambulances

and a helicopter.

Will you find her?

Mother, daughter trapped.
Both responsive.

- Can you hear me?
- Madeline.


Are you hurt, honey?

Okay, can you tell me where you're hurt?

My body.

We're leaking fuel!

Okay, you mean your tummy or your chest?

My chest.

Madeline, mommy loves you.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Madeline, look at mommy.

Oh shh--He's in the water.

- He's in the water!
- Who?

The driver. He was ejected.

We think we got one in the river. Go.

We're on it!

Listen, Madeline, I want you to see

if you can turn your head toward me.

Can you do that?

Madeline. Madeline.

- [sobbing]
- Give me your legs.

It's okay.

All right, husting and me are going.

Capp and Hadley on rit and run the line.

It's dumping gas! [Explosion]

- [sobs]
- Come on!


That's the driver.

Stop that guy.


I got him. I got him.

We got the driver.

He's in custody.

Cancel the dive.

No one is in the water.

It's okay.

- I'm scared.
- Let's get her out of here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, look at her jugular.

It's all right, sweetie.

Muffled heart sounds.

It's Beck's triad.

Come on, sweetie. Gentle.

Easy. Come on.

[sirens wail]


Less than two minutes.

I got P.E.A.

She's bleeding into the
bag around her heart.

I need to evacuate the blood.

- A minute and a half.
- She doesn't have

a minute and a half, Shay.

She's gonna be dead before we get there.

You got to wait, Dawson.

Pull over the damn rig now.

[tires squeal]


Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Damn it. I hit the heart.

Back it out slowly.


[beeping intensifies]

[beeping stabilizes]
Pressure's coming up. Go.

[tires squeal, siren wails]

Mediastinal hemorrhage.

I attempted pericardiocentesis
and saw PVCs.

You hit her heart with a needle?

I backed it out and evacuated
as much blood as I could.

Well, let's hope you didn't
kill her in the process.

Get her into three.

Call Dr. Nesbit upstairs

and tell him to prep for surgery.

Gabby, don't worry about him.
He's an ass.

And his wife's finally leaving
him, so there's that.


Say, lieutenant,

now that we have a new candidate,

I don't have to be Otis anymore.

You're still Otis.

But I thought I could
learn to drive the truck

and we could put Peter
Mills on the elevators.

Herrmann, what's this guy's name?

- Otis.
- No, his real name.


Brian. Brian Zvonecek.

He knew.

You're staying on the elevators,

which makes you Otis. Sorry.


Guy in the water?

How about a guy with his head up his ass?

You handle your firefighters.
I'll handle mine.

That's a good theory, Casey.

- How about giving it a try?
- Know what?

I'm getting real tired
of your Bull, Severide.

I don't give a damn what you're tired of.


I thought you all should
know I am gonna fight

that Dick Olmstead who slept with my wife

in Saturday's drop-a-cop.

Or we could all just throw
the gloves on right now,

beat the hell out of each other.

Maybe when the mayor comes on Saturday

that's what he sees.

Truck versus squad--

old as the CFD, so deal with it.

We all lost Darden a month ago Friday.

And that ain't changing.

So maybe we should.

- Hey, Heather.
- Hey.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi.

Thanks for meeting me out here.

I just can't go in there.

How are you?

I don't-- what do you want me to say?

So that's it, huh?

14 years at this station,
and it all fits into a box.

Heather, there's not
a single place I look

and don't see him.

Bells go off, and I think,
"The truck can't leave yet.

Andy's not on it."

Why don't you and Hallie
and I get together?

I could use a Margarita-- or four.

Of course.

I'll have Hallie call you.

[trunk shuts]

[engine starts]

- Kelly.
- Yeah?

Come here.


- Thanks.
- Okay.

You okay, Dawson?

Uh, of course, yeah, yeah. It's, uh...

[sighs] some days, you know?

Forget it. It's all good. You?

Uh, listen, some of us are going over

to Buzzard's tomorrow night

if you and Hallie wanna come.

We would, but, uh, we
do a date night thing.

Just us.

But maybe we'll try.

Yeah, sure, that sounds nice.

[knock on door]

Mr. Herrmann? I'm David Talbott,

an attorney with the Sheriff's department.

Yeah. No problem. We're all out.

There's a dryer down in the basement

I couldn't get out by myself,
but otherwise, you know--

- We'll take care of it.

Oh, no, uh, we'll change the locks.

Yeah, right.

[knock at door]


Pizza again?

You can't live like that.

Come on in.

I've only got a few
minutes before my shift.

I...I can't wear this if I'm
not still engaged to you.

Am I?

You tell anyone I moved out?

No. You?


So what are we doing?

I'd marry you tomorrow, Hallie,

if I knew we wanted the same things.

I'm a resident, Matt.

I cannot start a family right now.

Yeah, that's been made perfectly clear.

So what are we doing?

I don't know.

Call me when you do.

Yo, Peter Mills!

My partner, Shay, she's
been asking about you.

Been talking about you all morning.

I heard she's a monster.

Dude I know over at 19,

he walked with a hitch for a week.

Ah, you guys are busting my balls.

Listen to me, kid.

I just lost my house to foreclosure

because I took a bath in the market.

We're now living with my in-laws,

which is two bedrooms shy of unpleasant.

My wife won't take her birth control

because the Pope said if
she did, god would cry,

so I'm not having any sex.

So if there's any chance

that I could live vicariously through you,

it's literally all I got.

All right.


- Hey.
- I'm Peter Mills.


Uh-huh. Peter Mills.

Can you hand me that box right there?

Uh, yeah.


So the little girl from the
bridge accident, she okay?

You really are new, aren't you?


We get 'em to the doctor best we can,

and then we move on.

It's the only way to make it here.

Uh, yeah Yeah.

So, um... I was thinking--

I mean, I was wondering...

do you maybe wanna hook up for a beer

or dinner or something?

Peter Mills, are you gay?

Me? No.

Because I am.

[all giggling]

Dawson. Shay.

Which one of you put a
needle in the girl's heart?

Give me a minute.

Tell me what happened.

Her heart was stopping,
and we pulled over,

and I did what I had to do.

It was the right thing to do.

Chief surgeon at Lakeshore disagrees.

Do you know who your union rep is?


Get him involved right
now, just as a precaution.

Maybe this goes away.

Just in case it doesn't.


You two stick together.

How long were you the candidate here?

Not long, four years.

I can't believe we're gonna
miss the fights tonight.

Well, that's just as well,
'cause I just found out

he fought golden gloves.

That was 20 years ago, chief.
We gotta tape it or something.

We gotta see it.

What's the lieutenant doing?

He said he wanted to cook
the Saturday corned beef.

Ah, look at that.

He made the best chicken parmigiana

I ever put in my mouth.

What do you got there, Casey?

Don't you worry about it.

Call everyone to chow.

Hey, Casey's in there cooking.

- Casey?
- Yeah.

Have at it.

What the hell's going on? You okay?

'Cause if you're not, maybe you need to--

- You think I need your help?

I'm trying here, Severide.

Keep on.

I cleaned out Darden's locker.

You should have vented the back.

We're called the rescue squad, Casey.

We don't vent.

You shouldn't have put
Andy through the window.

I don't have to explain myself to you.

I sleep like a baby.


Say, Herrmann.

You think maybe you just bought
a little too much house?

I was preyed upon by
low-interest loan vultures.

What time is the mayor coming?

I heard 9:00.

I heard he stops to take a piss

at every house in the city,

- as a sign of respect.
- Stopped here in June.

Hey, Boden's about to
fight in ten minutes.

Screw it.

Let's take a ride.

Take a ride. All right.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

[bell dings]

[cheers and applause]
Fighting in the red corner,

for the Chicago fire department,

chief Bo-Bo-Bo-Boden.

Hello, sports fans.

This is Brian Zvonecek,

coming to you live from the
annual battle of the badges.

- Firefighters versus the police.
- What's that?

I hope you all are ready for this.

That's Otis.

Boden looks like a heat-seeking missile

as he climbs in the ring

to take on captain Olmstead from the cpd.

Olmstead, of course,

looks like the quivering
cop slob that he is.


Chief Boden first won back in 1992,

when he was part of the esteemed truck 81,

the greatest truck in all of Chicago.


I can't keep making excuses for ya.

[bell dings]

There goes the bell, and here we go.

Takes two quick jabs to the nose.

Oh, he falls back into the ropes.

One, two, three to the Chin.

Boden's in trouble already, folks.

Wait. Here it comes.

Three straight lefts... [alarm sounds]

Accident. Building fire.
241 Franklin Street.

Ambulance 61, engine 51.

That's just down the block.

81 responding. We're rolling.

Copy that, 81.

[siren wailing]

Engine 51 responding.

Ambulance 61 en route to scene.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Squad three responding to
Franklin Street building fire.


Wow, this is bad, bad, bad.

[indistinct shouting]

Let's go, let's go!

Otis, get to the elevator

and tell us what we're looking at.

Mills, help Cruz vent the roof.

Herrmann, you and me to the top floor

and work our way down.

Let's move.

[indistinct shouting]

Keep moving.

Two coming out.

Let's go, Herrmann. Second
floor, clear the doors.

Fire department! Anyone here?

[Indistinct shouting]

Hey. Slow breaths.


Elevator one is clear!

Something's keeping it open.

We got an open door on five!

Let's clear it!

Otis and Vargas heading up to five.

Elevator obstruction.

Gimme a diagonal stripe right here.

[saw roars]

Fire department! Anyone here?

Call out! [child screams]

Help us! [coughing]

We're under here!

It's gonna be all right.
We'll get you out.

Come on.

Watch your head, sweetie.

I gotcha.

[elevator dings]

Woman down!

[elevator dings]

Think you can walk?

Go to the nice guy. Go to Mouch.

- There you go.
- He's all right.

Truck 81, we need two more alarms.

We're going back in.

Let's go.

[saw buzzes]

Hey! Use your axe!

I'll take her.


It's ready to vent! Back up!

[creaking, rumbling]

Roof is open.

It's too hot! We gotta go now!

Everybody out, out! Let
'em get hoses on it!

[sirens wailing]

Rescue squad is two minutes out.

Ambo team, what do you have?

Cruz and Mills are
headed down from the roof.

Otis, Vargas, Casey, and Herrmann

are clear on floor four and headed down.

No, no, no, they gotta go up.

Smoke's gone black.

Casey, up.

Go up to the roof.

Casey, do you copy?

Up, up, we can't go down.


Go, move, go.






[pass alarm beeping]

[sirens wailing]

Rescue squad on scene.

[indistinct shouting]

We have at least two not
moving in the basement,

Casey and Herrmann.

We'll get 'em.

Squad three, moving in.

Hold engines until men are clear.

[pass beeping]

[pass beeping]

Up here!

Up here!

Go up!

This is Severide, I need a ladder

on the west side window, fifth floor.

I see Casey and Herrmann.

Give me ropes. I'm going down.

Come on, let's go, let's go.


Down, down.


Okay, I'm down. Offline.


Come on, get up.

You don't wanna miss the mayor's visit.

You're cooking down here.

Hey! You all right?



Turn him.

Hey, his air!


- Take a breath, Herrmann.
- Breathe, Buddy.

Hey, get me another line down here!

Guys, need a lift?

That's the last resident.
Building's clear.

Got her.

Thanks, Buddy.


Get him up!

Watch his head!

Let's get him up. Let's go.





I got you, lieutenant.

Come on.

[all groaning]

All right.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

You're okay.

I'm okay.

You're gonna be all right.

That's right, Herrmann,
you're fine, okay?

Tension pneumothorax.

Don't think. Just do it.

All right, stay with me, Christopher.

Stay with me.

He's probably got other internal damage.

Help me get him inside.


[indistinct shouting]

[all coughing]

Clear! Squad Three, truck 81 are clear.

- Roger that.
- Open up the hoses.

- How's Herrmann?
- On his way to Lakeshore.


[somber music]

d d

I need another leader line!


Nice work, candidate.


Now start packing up our gear.

[siren blares]

Looks like we're gonna
meet the mayor after all.

[heroic music]

d d

[sirens wailing]

[fire truck beeping]

Do you think there's gonna be a hearing?

Okay. Thank you.


Yeah, yeah.

Uh, they're starting a file on me.

I'm going to the hospital
to check in on Herrmann,

if you want to come.

What do you know?

I know we can't lose another one.

Furlough requests.

Hell of a first day, Mills.

You handled yourself.

Rest of the truck will remember that.

Thank you, chief.


chief, one other thing.

I was talking about the rescue squad,

and lieutenant Casey told
me not to be a crow.

You know what that means?

Oh, did he?

A crow wanted to be a peacock,

so he put on colored feathers

and went over to the peacock yard,

but the peacocks,

they plucked them all away.

So the crow,

he tried to get back with the crows.

They wanted nothing to do with him.

[slight chuckle]

My mom used to tell me
to keep my mouth shut

and just watch.

I'm glad I have you here to watch, chief.

[somber music]

d d

[indistinct voice over hospital PA]

Any update?

He's in surgery, trying
to find the bleed.

They don't know.

I got her into four. She's 190 over 80,

so let's keep a watch on her.

All right.

- Hey, doc.
- Yes?

Um, Dawson,

what was the name of that
little girl from the bridge?

Casey, don't.

Madeline. That was her name.

A little girl named Madeline,

pin-In from the Columbus drive bridge.

Where is she?


[papers flipping]

Madeline Pokress. Vitals are stable.

Released by the end of the week.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- Anything change?
- He's still in surgery.

Called his family, they're
on their way from Wheaton.

Come get me if there's an update.

[phone rings]


What are you doing?


wanted to hear your voice.

How was your shift?

It was fine. Typical.

What is it, Matt?


Do you think maybe you could find a reason

to come over tonight?

[Bruce Springsteen's Blood Brothers]

d d

d We played king of the mountain d

d out on the end d

d the world come charging up the hill d

d and we were women and men d

d now there's so much that time d

d time and memory fade away d

d we got our own roads to ride d

d and chances we gotta take d

d we stood side by side d

d each one fightin' for the other d

d and we said until we died d

d we'd always be d

d blood brothers d

d d

d now, the hardness of this world d

d Slowly grinds your dreams away d

d making a fool's joke d

d out of the promises we make d - nowa jako?? napis?w.
Napisy zosta?y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.