Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

After the tragic death of their mother, Mel and Maggie learn of a secret sibling, Macy, and discover they exhibit new abilities.

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This is not a witch hunt.

- Take my boots off.
- Please!

It's a military-themed party,

- and I don't have anything this ugly.
- I said no.

And why are those Greek
parties always themed?

Have you thought about
that, psychologically,

that they're always pretending
to be other people?

No, because I actually
like to have fun.

Don't you threaten me!

This is not a witch hunt.

It's a reckoning,
and I want him out!


What was that about?

Professor Thaine is
protesting his suspension.

And since Angela Wu
can't testify...

Are you okay, Mom?


I'm fine, honestly.

Look at both of you.

My beautiful girls.

Okay. Did you have a glass
of wine or something, Mom?


One. Come here.

I feel so lucky

to be the mother of two special

young women.

Special in such different ways.

Always remember that.

You're better together.

Your differences are
your strengths.

And nothing is stronger
than your sisterhood.

Nurture that.

Don't worry, Mom.
We are all over it.

Yeah, we're gonna
nurture it so hard.

But later. Can we go?

It's bad enough I'm the only
freshman with a curfew.

Yes. Go.

- Bye.
- Bye.


Brian, why are you following me?

I was on my way out,

and you were gonna go
through the woods.

- It's safe.
- Come on.

I'm driving you.


Friends give friends rides.

We were gonna try some space.

For both of us.

Just be careful.



Hey, I have to go.
Something is wrong.

Hear this! I have three!

Esse quam videri.

It means, to be rather
than seem to be.

That is the Kappa Tau
Kappa motto, which means

we strive to be authentic.

Lower the volume, please.

Need I remind you that since
the Angela Wu coma sitch,

we are "dry,"

and not looking to
attract attention.

You're going to rush, right?

Oh, no. She's definitely not.

My God, what are
you doing here?!

Mom has been texting. She
needs us both at home.

What do you mean, she needs us?

You obviously got the messages.

You check your phone
every five seconds.


I'll just hang out here,
engage these young men

in discussions about
rape culture.

Stop it! I'm... I'm coming.

Hey, remember, when
it comes to consent,

you can change your minds
at any time, okay?

Oh, my God, you just killed me.

I'm literally dead right now.

Is that vomit on my boots?

No. Maybe.

What? So, I'll clean them.

How the hell did freaking
birds get in here?

Why is it so cold?




- No!
- Mom!



Another hard pass.

- Hmm.
- What am I gonna do?

My Airbnb smells
like old hot dogs.

Look, don't worry.
The places are

nicer the closer
we get to campus.

It's, uh, class warfare
right here in Hilltowne.

Or "Helltowne," as the
cool kids call it.

Be sure to throw that out a lot.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
nothing but cool here.

Yeah, I see.

Let's get you out of the rain.

Don't worry. We're-we're gonna
find you a place, okay?

You sure I'm not leaning
on you too much?

- Nah.
- It's just this whole job

came up out of the blue,

- and you're the only person I know.
- Keep leaning.

I like leaning.


Hey, Macy, you okay?

I... That house.

Yeah. You probably saw
that on the news.


First-week jitters?

Professor Thaine.

Yes. Hi.

- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

Sorry for my absence in
your first few days,

but I'm back now,
reinstated and absolved.

No harassment.

I say that just to

- get it out in the open.
- Yes.

Yes, of course. I understand.

Good. I look forward
to working with you.

Lovely blouse.

Ms. Vera.

Uh, please, wait.

I read your article
in Critical Inquiry.

Very well-written,
if a bit hostile.

Reading it made me
feel as if my penis

had been torn from my body.

Oh, good. You read it right.

Perfect. So, look, I
know you don't like me

because I replaced your
mother in the department...

Oh, that's, like,
fifth on the list

of why I don't like you.

Fifth? Okay. Well, you can
tell me one to four later.

One, they should have
never hired a cis male

to lead the Women's
Studies department.

Although this cis male has
been published 12 times

by respected feminist journals

and re-tweeted by Roxane Gay.

Check Twitter. You'll have
to scroll back a few months.

- She's quiet prolific.
- Congratulations.

Thank you.

No, but this-this
really isn't about me.

I wanted to check in on you.

Make sure you're doing okay.

See how, you know,
you're feeling.

I will feel better once
this conversation is over.

You realize without a
permit, that's vandalism?

Professor Thaine is
a sexual predator.

- He should not be back teaching.
- He had a hearing,

he was exonerated, it's over.

The main witness against
him is in a coma.

It was a "he said,
she said" situation.

- Three "she saids."
- And,

Angela Wu? Clearly unstable.

If your mother hadn't started
this whole witch hunt...

This is not a witch
hunt, it's a reckoning.

Seems like your mom's the
one who had the reckoning.

Damn it!

You-You can't just...

You punched an undergraduate.

In broad daylight.
Which is assault.

And I regret that. Completely
my bad, but, Niko...

Detective Hamada,
if you heard him,

the things he was
saying about my mom...

I just think that he knows
more than he's letting on.

- No, don't do that.
- What?

Look at each other like this is crazy.
It's not.

Warner Thaine was a
known sexual predator.

My mom supported Angela
Wu when she came forward.

Suddenly Angela ODs,

even though she's a straight-A
scholarship student?

- And then my mom dies?
- In both cases,

there's no evidence
of foul play.

Because you're not looking!

Mel, your mother's death
was a horrible accident.

But your sister
said she had always

been trying to fix
that window...

and she'd been drinking.

Yeah, I know what's
on the report.

We're gonna try and talk Cam
out of pressing charges.

Given everything that's
happened in your life.

Oh, thank you.

That's great.

You hit someone?

Don't worry about it.


You're a graduate student,
a teaching assistant.

You could lose your job.

See, this is why I don't
come home anymore.

You're losing it.

- Then why are you here?
- Because I needed clothes.

For rush.

You're rushing that sorority?

Yeah. I have been.

All month.

And if I become a sister...
A sister.

That's just what it's called.


I'd move into the Kappa house.

I just can't live
here anymore, Mel.

You're so angry all the time.

And you're obsessed
with Mom's death.

- Obsessed?
- Yes, you're obsessed.

Because I'm not just moving
on like nothing happened?

That's not fair.


Um, I'm Macy Vaughn.

- Yes?
- Sorry, um,

- I just moved to Hilltowne...
- Um...

- I'm sorry. This isn't a great time.
- No, wait.


I think I'm your sister.

It's her, right?

Your mother.

Yeah. Definitely.

And our house.

Well, it's not the circuit.

- Mel, look at this.
- Oh.

I saw. Where'd you get it?

I found it after my dad died.

I just got a job
at the university.

I was walking by and
saw your house.

So our mom gets murdered
and, three months

later, you just
happen to drive by?

- She wasn't murdered.
- Stop it.

- What do you want?
- I don't want anything.

Because we don't have any money.

- Mel.
- Money? I don't want money.

- Then why are you here?
- Because I just

found out, and I thought
maybe you would...


It was clearly a mistake.

- But why not try again?
- Because I'm not begging.

I've been fine on my own.
I like being on my own.

Then why'd you go there?


That's an Internet search.

Look, I-I know we don't
know each other that well.


But you didn't e-mail,
you didn't call.

You just went over there. Why?

I guess I wanted to
ask 'em about my mom.

Well, what did your dad
have to say about it?

That she died, when I was two.

Obviously, he... he lied.

All the more reason to
go back over there.

- No.
- Look, they were shocked.

- I bet if you try it again...
- No, I'm done.

- Come on.
- Enough, okay?

What the hell?

I-I am so sorry.

I am drunk and clumsy.
I sh... I should go.

What else can I tell you?

Oh, we have maid service
every week, 'cause trust me,

girls are just as gross as boys.

But Kappa is not just
about the perks.

We also give back. That's
right: Kappa is woke.

We volunteer at
Hilltowne Memorial.

Some of the sisters
have been sitting vigil

with poor Angela Wu, even
though she is not Greek.

So sad.

Is she gonna regain
brain function?

No. But not for a lack
of effort on our part.


Anyway, you should all
be so, so, so, so proud

to have made it to
this final round.

So go and enjoy some
apps, and good luck.

I like your... your top.

Maggie? Maggie.

Um, between you and
me, you're a shoo-in.


Unless you, like,
poop in a vase,

or space out on
your phone again.

I'm just kidding.

Oh, Viv, Dylan.

I don't think that
you've met Maggie.



Didn't she used to work
in the dining hall?

Oh, um, yeah, yeah.

I-I worked at the dining
hall last semester.

I'm at Silvio's Trattoria now?

We don't need your résumé.

Great skirt. Where'd you get it?

Her mom just died.

I should be nice.

Uh, is this some
kind of rush prank?

Maggie, what is going on?

Rush prank?

I'm sorry.

I have to go.


Ugh, I'm so bloated.

I hate these bitches.

- Where's the mini quiches?
- Where's the guy

- with the mini quiches?
- Mini quiches?

Are you okay?

We may have to get rid of her.

I mean, if someone just
showed up at your house,

claiming to be your sister,
would you believe them?

Mel, you need to breathe.

Oh. Is it that kind
of coffee date?

No. It's an "I'm worried
about you" coffee date.

You seem like you're unraveling.

Well, good thing I'm not
your problem anymore.

I still care about you.

Then dumping me after my mom

died was an interesting choice.

That's not fair.

I am so, so sorry about that.

All good.

Did you see that?

The coffee?

Oh, my God.

What is happening?

What about the coffee?

Please. Stop.

What is going on?

I have to go.

You were right. I am not okay.

I am not.

What the...?

Hello, ladies.

Don't, don't worry.

There is a reasonable

You are witches.

Witches who are destined to save

the world from impending doom.

That's right. You are
the Charmed Ones.

The most powerful trio

- of witches.
- He's the new women's studies chair.

I knew something
was off about him.

Well, that is
unnecessarily rude.

But I'll let it go because
I know this is a lot.

- Untie us right now, or else...
- No "or else" necessary.

Let me get those for you. I
know, it's all so extreme

with the grabbing
and the binding.

Believe me, I'd love to have
just sent out a group text.

There we are.

This isn't happening.

- Girls.
- So I'm not crazy.

- I thought I was going crazy.
- Girls.

- All of this is crazy.
- Girls.

- I am not a witch.
- Girls.

I don't even like wearing witch
costumes on Halloween, like...

- Not even slutty ones.
- Girls!

Sorry. Ladies.

Now, we all saw what
Macy did with the globe.

Looks like we've
got telekinesis.

Telekinesis is not a thing.

Then again, it did fly
across the room...

And there has to be a
scientific explanation.

Uh, yes, there is, it's
called molecular witch-etics.

- You're not funny.
- Particle witch-ology?

All right, what... All
right, what are you doing?

- Trying to freeze time.
- Oh.

Is that your power? Oh,
well, makes sense.

Very common with control freaks.

- So why isn't it working?
- It's a craft.


Which means you
have to figure out

how to access and control it.

Well, looks like you've
already mastered yours.

Bravo. Must be that
impressively high IQ.

So this means I really
was reading minds?

A testament to your innate

sensitivity, or
desperate insecurity.

They're two sides of the coin, really.
Not to worry.

I will help you
understand it all.

You see, I am an
advisor to witches.

They call me a Whitelighter.

Physically, I died in 1957.

Wait. Was Mom a witch?


And part of my speech.

Your mother was a witch.

A very powerful one.

She bound your powers
when you each were born

to protect you and let
you live normal lives.

Now, she was in the process
of unbinding those powers...

The night she was murdered.

I knew it.

I knew she didn't fall.

Who killed her?

We don't know, as yet.

There was ice at the scene,
so cold is a characteristic,

but there are literally
thousands of

different demons
associated with cold.

What are you even talking about?

It's all here.

The Book of Shadows.

The Ancient Oracles predicted

three signs of apocalypse.

The first, "When
the weakest of men

"reaches ill-gotten glory",

"and," oh, God, this
goes on and on.

The language is far too
flowery for my taste.

But suffice to say, it's
your current president.

Can we go back to the part
where you said "apocalypse"?

Not really, I'm
in a rhythm here.

The second sign,

"The movement's
great sages fall,"

well, that refers to
your mother's death

and the senior witches who
have been killed since.

Other witches? How
many are there?

Really, this works much
better as a monologue,

if you don't mind.

The final sign
hasn't happened yet.

"With the blossoming of death

"comes the awakening of
the Source of All Evil.

And then, we fall."

Well, so, you can see why
we finished what your

mother started that night,
and brought you here.

She wanted me here?

Yes. Very much.

She sent you the
grant application,

made sure it was chosen.


She is our sister.


your mother's spell book.

Keep it safe.

Your guide to using
the Power of Three to

protect the innocent
and vanquish demons.

You three have 48
hours to decide

whether you wish to
accept your witchly fate.

- We get to decide?
- Oh, yes.

Being a witch is a fully
pro-choice enterprise.

And the decision
must be unanimous.

If you refuse,

everything since made possible
by magical intervention...

Will be undone.

You guys, this demon
harvests witches'

organs for freaking smoothies!

Don't worry, the
underworld doesn't know

your powers have been awakened.

No way. I'm not doing this.

I do not want to end
up in a smoothie.

Maggie, this is our legacy.

Mom wanted us to do this,

and now we can figure
out who killed her.

I'll, uh, I'll let you
three hash it out.

If you need me, call.

Or, uh, text, Snap,
or Twitter DM.

Well, or just call my name
and I'll magically appear.

I just wanted to
show you the effect.

They prefer I get around

like a regular person now...
To blend in.

It's a folie a deux. It must be.

He induced it somehow.

You did just see that guy
disappear into thin air, right?

You think us actually being
witches makes more sense?

Yeah, I do. It all...
Makes sense.

Throughout history, strong women

were called witches,
and they are...

We are.

We have to unite to change
the power dynamics,

right the ship, change
the course of humanity.

It's Lucy. She wants me
to go to the Kappa house.

Seriously, no interest in
changing the course of humanity?

Witches aren't real.

There's a scientific
explanation for this.





Of course I'm relieved.

I mean, justice was served.

This was a witch hunt.

- What-What are you doing here?
- I was worried.

You just ran out.

Oh, right, um, I'm-I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

You know what?

I feel better.

And I am sorry
about what I said.

About you ending things
after my mom died.

I know I shut you out.

- You were just so angry.
- Yeah.

That's what my sister says, too.

Are you really...




Yes, I'm okay.

I wanted... Niko?

Oh, my God!

Okay, I got this.

To be there for you,

but the anger just
got in the way.

Exactly, the anger
got in the way.

Wow, you really do seem better.

I feel better.

Like I've come out of a fog.

I've missed you.

- Is your sister home?
- Mm-mm.

Hi there.

Are you lost?

Mel?! Where are you?
A frikking demon dog

just tried to eat
my hair extensions.

And had crazy eyes
and-and green goo.

And the only reason I
got away was because

this group of drunk
guys showed up and...

Shh, shh, shh... Don't shush me.

Did you not hear me
say a demon dog?

Sorority initiation thing.

So just clarify.

Ex sex, or are you and
Niko back together?

Priorities. Shh.

So, what do you think?

I think I've never seen
anything like this before.

Yeah, pretty sure that's because
it's supernatural ooze.

But it seems to be surrounding
a non-supernatural cell.

Some kind of hydrochloric acid.

Well, there are about 1,000
demon dogs in this book.

It could take hours
to find the spell.

Are you seriously being serious?

I just barely got
away from that thing.

I'm not interested
in hunting it down.

What other choice do we have?

Um, we choose not to be witches,

we avoid demon dogs
till tomorrow,

- and everything goes back to normal.
- Baking soda.

I need baking soda.

Why didn't you summon me? I told
you if you needed me to text.

Stop talking, I have a question.

Is this gonna scar?

Good news, I'm a
healer, no scar.

Bad news, looks like
something in the underworld

knows you three had
your powers activated.

I was wrong.

If you're wrong, what's
the point of calling you?

A paradox for another day.

Here's what I can tell you.

A demon dog always comes
with a demon owner.

Typically, a possessed human.

That's who we've got to find.

Now, did anyone know
where you were going

before you were attacked?

Just Lucy, the
president of Kappa.

And I heard her thoughts say
she had to get rid of me.

I-I thought she meant
cut me from rush.

Of course it's her.
So, what now?

- Is there, like, a spell to defeat her?
- Oh, yes, of course.

Somewhere in that
2,000-page book,

or, uh, "tome," I should say.

So, let's get reading.

Or, use sodium bicarbonate.


- Oh!
- Like I said,

some kind of hydrochloric
acid compound.

So sodium bicarbonate
neutralizes it.

Oh, well, saves a lot of time.

Right on. So let's
go get rid of Lucy.

Stop. We can't just get rid
of the president of Kappa.

We can, if she's a demon
who killed our mother.

Well, what if she's not, and
you makes some crazy scene?

Guys? Are you seriously
scared about ruining rush?

- Yeah, I am.
- I can't believe this.

I'm sorry I want a life
when this is over.

- With them? Why?
- Yeah, with them.

Because they don't blame
me for Mom's death.

I get it.

You think if I'd
answered my phone,

you would have
gotten here in time.

Well, I can assure you

I blame myself every day.

Who's there?



Welcome to Kappa.

You are all now officially
a part of our sisterhood.


Come upstairs.

I have something
special for you.


- Maggie!
- _

Maggie? What took you
so long in there?

- Maggie.
- Hey. Hi.

Um, I'll be back.

There she is. Go find Maggie.

Oh, hey, Mel.

I-I'm waiting for your sister,
but since you're here...

Be gone, demon!

What the hell?

- You're not a demon?
- Excuse me?

Um, I just mean theoretically.

I think you're kind of bitchy.

I was offering you a drank
from the secret stash

because all Greek parties are
dry now since coma girl.


You seem so stressed.

Is it rush?

Um, yeah, you know. Mostly.

You care so much about
what people think.

You know that I think
you're perfect.

Can I kiss you?

One last time?

Prepare yourself for the end.

You know, I'll pass on the kiss.

Too bad, you already said yes.

When it comes to consent, I can
change my mind at any time.

Oh, my God, Pilates.

Not so fast, Mags.


Oh, my God. Oh, my
God, is he dying?

- I don't know.
- Is he dying? He's not dying, right?

- It's just the demon?
- I don't know.

Oh, thank God.

What happened?

I'm just saying,
that was a kiss.

It was all the adrenaline.

In fact, adrenaline
doesn't have much effect

on human emotions besides
the fear response.

Oh, my God, if you'd
been my sister longer,

I'd tell you to shut up.

He's just not who I see
myself with long-term.

My God, are you for real pouting

because you missed
out on the fight?

I'm not pouting. I don't pout.

- Impartial observer. You pout.
- Yeah.

It's just I finally figured
out how to freeze things,

and I was excited to try it.

So how'd you do it?

Whatever. It's not important.

Come on, action, reaction.

What was it? What changed?


It works when I am not angry.

Oh, my God.

Your powers are judging you.

Ha-ha-ha, it's hilarious.

It is.

But I, uh, did want to say...

I'm sorry and I don't blame you.

I blame myself.

I knew something wasn't
right that night.

I knew, but I still wanted
to leave the house and...


It's not your fault, either.

I shouldn't have shut you out.

I am your big sister.

I'm supposed to nurture
you so hard, you know?

Hey, now see?

This is good.

You two are so much
better together.

Mom said that.

So what was she like?

Well, lucky for you,
I am a firm believer

that if it's not on
camera it didn't happen.

- Cake!
- No, higher angle.

Please. It's going on Instagram.

Oh, don't be silly.
You look beautiful.

I am so proud of you.

I'm proud of you both.

You know, when I was nine, at
a birthday party, I was...

I was so sure she contacted
me through a Ouija board.

Hey, maybe she did.

You know, she probably could.

Yeah, maybe.

You're right. She seems great.

But she also left me, so...

Oh, no.

You were really
lonely growing up.

I'm sorry. I read your thoughts.


Yeah, I-I guess sometimes I was.

I definitely didn't have this.

Sorry. This is ridiculous.

I've cried twice in my life.

Oh, it's okay. We...

We cry all the time around here.



Anyway, I'm leaning
towards yes tomorrow

on the whole witch thing,

but whatever you both
choose I'll be cool with.

Thank you.

I mean, come on.

You both had mad
endorphin rushes, right?

That was next level.

And clearly it was
Mom's dying wish.

Sorry, this is what she does.

Can we go back to whatever
we do, you're cool?

I am cool.

I'm trying to be cool.

I want to be cool.

You are the Charmed Ones,

witches who are destined
to save the world.

The demon who killed our mother.

We can figure out
who killed her.

There was ice at the scene.

We can figure out
who killed her.

Cold is a characteristic. Cold.

There are literally thousands of

different demons
associated with cold.

Do I look righteously angry,
like I'd fit in at a rally?

You look good. Listen,
it wasn't cold, right?

- What?
- Sorry.

I haven't slept.
I'm a scientist.

Evidence is repeatable and with
Demon Brian it wasn't cold,

which means he wasn't the
demon who killed our mother.

And crows. You said
there were crows,

so I started thinking maybe
there's an ornithology angle.

Plus the cold factor...

Wait. Mel. Let's get Mel.

She's already at the rally

to protest Professor
Thaine's reinstatement.

Oh, no.

We believe the women!
We believe the women!

We believe the women!

Not all men! Not all men!
Not all men!

Not all men! Not all men!
Not all men!

It's a beautiful day.

Melanie Vera.

We meet at last.

According to The
Book of Shadows,

his demon name is Taydeus.

He's an upper-level demon
who's lived for centuries

feeding off of strong women,
draining their strength.

You can't go in there.
I told you.

You aren't allowed...

Well, hello.

Sir? Are you...

Wearing a costume?

No, Cameron, I'm not
wearing a costume.

Oh, come on, girls. He's awful.

Whoa. Right?

I can't hold him.
He's too strong.

How do we get rid of him?

I-I have the spell here.

We're-we're supposed to call Harry.

Oh, dear.

Go. Heal him.


Timor tuus fortitude

tua feminae ultimum exitium.

The spell won't work unless
you use the Power of Three.

Either accept your destiny or
go back to your normal lives.

Right, but you said all magical

intervention reverses
if we refuse.

You won't remember any of this,
including meeting each other.

Okay. You know I'm in.

I want to know you guys

and figure out this
whole witchcraft thing

on a molecular level
and get a freaking

Nobel Prize, so yeah, me, too.

Oh. Maggie!

Okay, fine! I'm in! I'm in.

Hurry. You have to join hands.

I can't breathe.

Macy, use your power.

Draw your sisters to you.


Timor tuus fortitude tua
feminae ultimum exitium.

Timor tuus fortitude tua
feminae ultimum exitium.

Timor tuus fortitude tua
feminae ultimum exitium.

Timor tuus fortitude tua
feminae ultimum exitium.

That's for killing our mother.

You think I killed her?

You poor, stupid girl.

Now... It's begun.

- Is he...?
- Dead?


Why didn't he disappear, then?

Oh, no.

This must be the kind of
demon where you have to do

one last thing to get
him to disappear.

Crack the neck,
remove the eyeballs,

eat the intestine.

Only kidding. Sometimes
it just takes a minute.

What was that?

Don't worry. I'll
wipe his memory.

No. Don't.

We have to. That's
how it's done.

Mortals mustn't know.

Haven't you ever seen
a superhero movie?

Let him tell people.

No one will believe
another hysterical man.

True. It's a "he said,
she said" situation.

Three shes, in fact.

So don't mess with us, Cam.

Go home and change your khakis.

- Are you sure I can stay here?
- Yeah.

And we're sisters, so...

You don't have to
be alone anymore,

even when you want to be

because I'm warning you
now, Mel and I are a lot.

I found it.

Let's see if it works.


Are you there?

"Don't." Don't what?

"Don't trust..."




I'm right here.