Charmed (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Let This Mother Out - full transcript

After getting a message from the spirit board to not trust Harry, the sisters are conflicted and ultimately concoct a plan.

- Previously on Charmed...
- I feel so lucky

to be the mother of two
special young women.



MARISOL: Hear this! I have three!



I think I'm your sister.

You are the Charmed Ones.

Witches who are destined to save

the world from impending doom.

I am an advisor. They call me

a Whitelighter.


- HARRY: Bad news.

Looks like something in the underworld

knows you three had
your powers activated.

The spell won't work unless
you use the Power of Three.

WOMEN: Timor tuus fortitude
tua feminae ultimum exitium.


It's begun.


I found it.

Let's see if it works.

Mom? Are you there?

"Don't trust..."

- Harry?
- HARRY: Ladies.

I'm right here.

Kannst Du das bitte wiederholen.

- Repeat.
- Kannst Du dasbitte wiederholen.

Help me, please.

Hilf Mir bitte. Repeat.

- Hilf Mir bitte.

Help me, please. Hilf Mir bitte.






Hilf Mir bitte!



HARRY: Ladies.

- Hello.

What is it you need?

- Uh...
- Um...

We-we said your name,
but not to call you.

- It was a mistake.
- Exactly.

This just showing up
thing isn't gonna work.

It's a violation of our personal space.

Well, you summoned me.

I have been working very hard

to decipher what the demon Taydeus meant

when he said, "It's begun"

while in the midst of his death throes.

- That does sound important.
- Extremely.

- You should get back to it, then.
- Yeah.

- Why are you three acting so peculiar?
- What?

- We're not.
- No.

- No, it's normal.
- Normal.

- All... good here. We're good.
- Mm-hmm.

Excellent. Then I will
leave you in peace.

Oh, but remember: the underworld

knows you're the Charmed Ones,

and we need you to keep safe.

You must call straightaway
if you see signs

of increased demonic activity.

[MOUTHS] Heavy fog, abrupt
changes in temperature,

rampant dog fornication,

spontaneous human combustion,

presidential tweets... Oh.

And stay away from that thing.

Spirit boards are notoriously
vulnerable to tricksters.

Must dash.


We... we have to figure out
who we can trust.

The spirit in that board
or our faithful advisor.

♪ ♪

[SIGHS] I don't know what's weirder:

being on guard for demon activity

or staying in your mom's room.

I'm essentially a complete stranger.

Oh, come on, we're sisters.

I mean, we just found out we're witches.

We're basically the only
people you can live with.

Anyone else would end up
thinking you're Cray.

♪ In the world ♪

♪ I'll give it to you ♪

MACY: Okay to move this?

MAGGIE: Okay, serious
power envy right now.

Oh, can you just... can we just

- leave that where it is?
- Oh, sorry.

♪ Nobody cries ♪

[EXCLAIMS] Careful with the Mom bong!

- He's fragile. And one of a kind.
- The what?

I found a bong in the back of

Mom's closet in the third grade.

I didn't know what it was,

but I broke it, and I felt so bad.

So I made her a new one in art class.

Mom loved it.

"My eight-year-old made me a bong."


- Oh.

Okay, are you guys just
showing off? 'Cause I-I get it.

[CHUCKLES]: Your powers
are way cooler than mine.

And why are you taking a selfie
with the Mom bong, anyway?

I didn't realize you were
already moving Mom's stuff.

[SIGHS] So, look.

I found a page on spirit boards.

It says that they're a legitimate way

to commune with the other side.

- But Har...
- Don't say his name.

Just in case.

He just told us

they're vulnerable to tricksters.

Because maybe he doesn't
want us to trust it.

We all heard Taydeus say, "It's begun."

And if some demon uprising is coming,

I want to talk to Mom.

- Assuming it's really your mother.
- Our mother.

MEL: We can ask the
board more questions.

Maggie and I will know
if it's really her.

Don't you want answers?

- You can ask her why she...
- Abandoned me?

Yeah, of course I want answers.

We can't let our emotions confuse us.

We have to be smart.

We need to find objective evidence.

Some way to test if our
Whitelighter is telling the truth.

MEL: "Truth Serum."

- Whoa. [CHUCKLES]

It's like a magical Siri.

Can science explain that?

Look, I don't need some truth serum.

I believe that that is
Mom's spirit in that board,

and I know all she'd
want to do is protect us.

Yeah, because you want to believe it.

It's a classic error in reasoning.

- Confirmation bias.
- Screw reasoning.

We're talking about a chance
to communicate with our mother.

We can't give that up.

I mean, don't you want to?

Well, yeah, of-of course I want to.

That board could be dangerous.

Sorry. Majority rules.

I think Macy's right.


Looks like the majority
has ruled with me.

I do want to talk to Mom. I just...

I think Macy made some good points

about using the truth serum first.



Then we're agreed.

We stay away from the board

until we figure out if we can trust him.

- Why not Meghan Markle?
- Oh, not this again.

We're not naming Har...

Our Whitelighter Meghan Markle.

Well, I think it's perfect
because he's British,

and she's married to a guy named...

- Maggie, no.
- Don't say it.

♪ And a gold chain ♪

Well, I'm gonna start using
it because I like it.

More passionflower, please.

Thank you kindly.

♪ Snuck a Solo cup ♪

It's for the truth serum.


So, I guess we know why Mom grew these.

Do you think she used them on us?

Why would she? We told her everything.

No, you did. I didn't.

They were freakishly close.

Yeah, except she didn't tell me
she was a witch.

And I'd really like to know why.

You can use the board
once we have an answer about...

Meghan Markle.


I just need some atropine
from the lab, and we're set.

Once ingested, it'll take
30 minutes to kick in.


You can handle that because I am
super busy with Kappa today.

Kappa is more important
than figuring out

if our witch-advisor wants to kill us?

In case you forgot,
you tried to vanquish

my sorority president
at my pledge party.

So I'm low-key in the doghouse at Kappa.

Lucy's last text to me didn't
even have an exclamation point.

OMG. Really?

Hey, if I have to be a witch,
I still want to have a life.

Okay? And today we're visiting
Angela Wu at the hospital.

Oh, I'm trying something.

To block my powers.

The last thing I need to know is what

my entire pledge class thinks of me.

Let's hope it works.


LUCY: Let Angela feel that we see her.

We know her sweet spirit
is in there somewhere.

And though she's not a Kappa right now,

we hope for her recovery,

because we're pretty sure
that she's Kappa material.

She'll still have to rush, though.

Sorry I'm late.

What's with the
weather-inappropriate handwear?

hospital germophobia.


Let's get started, hmm?


let Angela feel our thoughts
and our prayers.

WOMAN: Maggie is so weird.

How many states are there again?

- I think I'm gay.
- Down-to-earth.


God, I have to poop.

Would anyone care if I died?

Just wake up already.

You're supposed to hold her hand.




[GASPS] Galvin.

You're not gonna throw
that at me, are you?

Right. The beer bottle.

That was an accident,
and I'm really sorry.

That's all right. I-I
was kind of getting

in your business about
your sisters anyway, so...

No, you were being a good friend.

And I took your advice, so thank you.

You're welcome.

So, what's with the atropine?

- That stuff's pretty lethal.
- Uh...

Meant to get acetic acid. [LAUGHS]

Thank you.

I'm really glad we cleared the air.

Me, too.

Especially since I'm your new teammate.

Gregorian teamed us up
to make those plasmids

for the Agrobacterium project.

You, me, Viktor, Kretz.

I-I just thought he was
handling that himself.

Well, he was, until
Professor Thaine resigned,

literally a day after he
was officially reinstated.

- It's weird, right?
- Yeah.

I'm sure there's some sort
of story behind that.

Well, he was dealing
with some personal demons.

Well, I say good riddance.

MACY: Do you know what happened?

Oh, apparently, a woman
from the cleaning crew

lost her damn mind last night.

She claimed a black blob
tried to choke her

and then escaped through an air vent.

- A black blob?
- I mean, obviously,

she was having some sort of
nervous breakdown or something.


I'll see you later?


BRIAN: I'm so glad she called me.

This doesn't mean we're
back together, okay?

It's 'cause I'm having a rough day.

It's... it's like a
stress release, you know?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, we're just friends.

- Yeah.
- Totally stress releasing, right?

BRIAN: Whoo! I love afternoon sex.

Hey, we're still broken up.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Friends helping friends.

- I'm cool.
- Okay.


BRIAN: God, I love her boobs.

Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs,
boobs, boobs, boobs.

- Oh, no.
- What's wrong?

I just want to get on top.

- Yeah. Yeah, sure.
- Okay.

BRIAN: Oh, man, why'd
she have to get on top?

Hang in there, Bri.

Just think about Nana Patty.

Mm. Yeah, yeah, Nana-Nana Patty
had that giant chin mole.

Uh, don't look at her boobs.


More stuff. Uh, broccoli farts,

ugly babies,

World Series winners.

World Series winners in reverse order.

Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs.

Mm, she's so hot.

- That was fun.

Yeah. Yeah, so fun.


Maybe, uh, we can chill
later, just as friends?

Yeah, sure.


BRIAN: I love her so much,
I have to get her back.

Hopefully soon, unless you're
too busy detecting, Detective.

NIKO: Well, I wasn't sure if
we're back together like before,

'cause then I'll bring
over subs for lunch.

Or are we starting from square one?

'Cause then I will text
you and ask you out,

and nervously watch the
dot-dot-dots for your response.

Bring the subs.

[LAUGHS] See you then.



Oh, my God.


What are you doing here?

Oh, I, uh...

I just wiped this poor woman's memory

of a demon attack.
What are you doing here?

Oh, I, uh, I heard about
what happened at the lab.

Well, well, she's obviously traumatized.

The next step is to understand
precisely which demon did this.

A companion of Taydeus, perhaps.

This demon could be what's "begun."

Did you hear any specifics at the lab

that could help us narrow it down?


No, sorry.

Mm, too bad.

Well, let me know if
you do hear anything.

And let's check back in later.



God. My power is officially the worst.

I'm never gonna be able
to have sex again.

What the hell are you doing?

It's her. It's Mom.

I'm asking questions
only she would know.

About my first word,

your weird attraction to the

green Teletubby in preschool...

It's her spirit in there.

- I know you agree with Macy.
- You really think it's Mom?

'Cause I'd really love
to talk to her right now.

I know it's her.

MACY: What is going on?

MAGGIE: I'm sorry, Macy.

Mom, are you there?


I can't believe you broke the board.

I'm sorry. I was trying to
save Maggie from that thing.

- I think it was Mom's spirit.
- I know it was.

She was trying to reach us.

You had no right to do that!

There must be a spell to repair it.

Mel, listen to me.

There was another demon attack,

a custodian at the lab.

I went to see her at the hospital

and Meghan Markle was
there wiping her memory.

Yeah, to cover his tracks, probably.

Or because he's a Whitelighter
and that's his job.

Look, I found a sample of its residue,

and I... I want to show it to him.

[SCOFFS] No way. I don't trust him.

Which is why we have this plan
to give him the truth serum.

The way we all agreed.

He drinks this, 30 minutes,
we know exactly where we stand.

I'm starting to think that you
don't want it to be Mom.

Or I'm just objective enough

to know that it can't possibly be.

You had a horrible loss,

you're grieving and I'm sorry, but...

It's different for me.

You don't want to ask
her why she left you?

I'm just not sure there's
anything she could say

that would make it better.

This whole sisterhood,

Power of Three thing, it's, um...

It's really just you two
and me, the outsider.

Macy, that's not true.

NIKO: Hey, who's hungry for

- a spicy Italian grinder?!
- Oh, God, Niko. Okay.

- In here!
- Enjoy your lunch.

I'm going to figure out if
I can trust Meghan Markle.

- Hi, Maggie.
- Hi, you must be Macy.

- Nice to meet you.
- Wow. Firm grip.

I squeeze a lot of stress balls.

I was just leaving.

Macy, wait.

- Is everything okay?

More sisters, more drama.


On that note,

I will be leaving, too.

- There may be a way to fix...
- Mom's sewing machine.

I'll check.

- You're taking up sewing?
- Yeah, I decided

that not all domestic
tasks are oppressive.


Ooh, you remembered
I like extra pickles.

Yeah, it hasn't been that long.

It's been too long for me.


Hey, I got you a little present.

Just something to let you know

how happy I am we're back together.


The 1987 first pressing

of The Cure's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

Still in the plastic.


[SIGHS] I have to get
back to the station.

Well, that's all right.

Just-just bring back the
handcuffs for later.

- Okay.


Hey, Mel.


Nothing, I'm just so happy.

Me, too.


I promise I'll get there
as soon as I can.

Ah, don't stress.

We already did the extractions for you.

Wait, what?

That was my job.

I-I know, but y-you weren't here, so...

I'll be there soon.

What is going on in there?

I can barely hear you.

Remember that janitor that freaked

out in the lab the other day?

She just died.

What? [GASPS]

Sorry to keep you waiting.

- That's okay.

The good news is

I have found the Royal Doulton

since you're so intent
on sharing a cuppa.


TRIP: Stop wasting our time.

Two eyewitnesses I.D.'d you.

You're looking at 20 years, minimum.

Eyewitness testimony
is notoriously unreliable.

Plus, those two idiots were drunk.

We have no case. You're gonna walk.

So, this demon...

Without evidence left behind,
it's hard to pin down.

Taydeus could have associates.

Did you bring The Book of Shadows?

Uh, no. Don't you want your tea?

Oh, yes.

Ah, delicious.


Mm, bit of an aftertaste, though.

MAGGIE: Look, all I'm saying is

I think we really hurt Macy's feelings.

We'll make it up to her.

Let's just focus on fixing this thing,

- so we can talk to Mom.

Separate yolk from egg white
and anoint with saliva.

Or instead, just kill me now
because that's so gross.


Hold on.


Hey, it's me. I'm at work, but I have

this overwhelming urge
to tell you how I really feel

- about something.
- Wait, what?

I love you so much.

And also, you're the worst
driver I've ever known.

Oh, no.

It's called personal space, Moynahan.

Respect it.

I'm sorry.

Come on, let's go.

And Frank, I cannot translate

the Mu Shu Palace menu specials for you

because I am not Chinese!

[EXHALES SHARPLY] These lenses are fake.

I just wear them so
people take me seriously.

Oh, God.

I am hot!

[LAUGHS]: I don't know
why I try to hide it.

Wait, why am I talking so much?

You'll be fine in a bit.

I slept with Greta last week.

Your ex-fiancée?

Twice. I feel really guilty about it.

Are you kidding me?

No. That's why I bought
you that Cure album.

- It was a guilt present.
- Yes, exactly.

Maybe you should give it to Greta then.

See, this is exactly why
I didn't want to tell you.

She was your fiancée.

You were still together when we met.

And I left her for you.

I'm allowed to have feelings about this.

Well, your version of feelings usually

means shutting me out completely.

I can't do that again, Mel.

I love you, but I won't do that again.

Oh. It worked.


Not enough hand sanitizer in the world.






Oh, my God.

Still no exclamation points.


Everything is so hard, Mom.

I wish you could help me.

Release me?


[GASPS] Guess what.

Niko slept with Greta... twice.

That sucks, but we don't
have time to unpack it.

Mom can come back. Her spirit.

But we have to hurry.
Something about a...

A lunar calendar, or a lunatic.

I don't know. I was keeping
track of a lot of letters.

- Let's go.
- Macy's out.

We have to do this quickly.

MEL/MAGGIE: Ipsum revelare.

Ipsum revelare.

Ipsum revelare!





Mom, it's you.

You're really here.

- Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm so proud of you.

I knew you were ready
to be the Charmed Ones.

I have so many questions.

[LAUGHING]: And I need your
help with so many things.

I was gonna tell you everything
that night to prepare you.

I just didn't get the chance.

Who did it, Mom? Who killed you?

Where's Macy?

Where's your sister?
I need to speak with her.

I only have a few hours.

She was with our Whitelighter.
I texted her to come home.

- Harry?
- Mm-hmm.

I warned you about Harry.

He's the one who killed me.

He wants to steal your powers,
and then he'll kill you, too.

That's why I'm here.

So, London must have changed
a lot since the '50s.

You've asked me that already.

Can we please stick
to the matter in hand?

Have you ever met Meghan Markle?

Macy, why the inane chitchat?


Just one more question.

Did you kill Janet?

What is going on?

- What are you and your sisters up to?


- _
- Oh, no.


She's still not answering my texts.

- What do we do?
- How did you...?

The spirit board?

What did you girls do?



- Macy?



My brilliant, beautiful
daughter home at last.

I can't believe this is happening.

[LAUGHING]: Is this really happening?

I never stopped dreaming
that I would see you again.

- Why did you leave me?
- It's a long story.

- Please tell me. I need to hear it.
- I will.

I will tell you everything, I promise.

We just have to get this Prism first.

The Prism of Souls. It's the only thing

that can trap him and protect you girls.

He has it hidden somewhere.


So, this-this Prism...
How do we find it?

Well, it has to be
hidden behind a mirror,

somewhere he could keep an eye on it.

He's using your old office.

You had that antique mirror, remember?

It would be just like him
to use something of mine.

Don't worry.

I'll be here when you get back.



Why can't I tell what you're feeling?

I want to.

I mean, that's-that's my power,

reading minds, and...

I can sense feelings when I do it.

Of course it is, with
your sense of empathy.

But, baby, remember, I'm not a person.

I'm just a visiting spirit.

I just wish you could stay.

I wish that, too.


I just wish that I'd known

all of this when you were alive.

I know,

but that's not how
it was destined to be.

MAGGIE: Why would Harry

have the one thing that could trap him?

So no one else can get it.

Over here.

MEL: Let's see what that means.

"The only way out is together."

I'm a scientist.

I can read Latin.


So it's not behind the mirror.

It's inside it.

MAGGIE: Wait. Wait.

But what if...?


What the hell?


[WHIMPERS] Seriously, you guys.

How do we get out of here?

Like Mom said, we find the Prism.

Ah, maybe then the way
out will open back up.


What's that?

But that wasn't...

There. This must be
what holds the Prism.

How do we open it?

Okay, there are three sides.

Maybe we're the keys.

Come on, Maggie. We need
your hand to unlock it.

Wait. I'm sorry, but...

What if it's a trap?

And it, like, sucks us
inside or something?

Why would Mom send us
here if it was a trap?

She wouldn't, unless
that wasn't really her.

- Look, when I touched her, I...
- MACY: She told you.

It's because she's a spirit.

We don't have time for this.

Maggie, we decided majority rules.


See? No suckage.

It wasn't a trap.


Big congrats, except now we're trapped.

Damn it. My powers don't work in here.

I think we came through this one.

No, it was this one over here.

Wait. You guys, remember,
the only way out is together.

I told you it wasn't that one!

Right, like you knew. You were guessing!

Guys, here.

- The only way out...
- Is together.

Maybe I should switch to
physics, because I'm pretty sure

we just exited a parallel
dimension of the multiverse.

Geek out later. We don't have much time.




Help me!

Macy, help me!

Listen, girls, that's not your mother.

They're not girls. They're women.

Women I'm very proud of.

It's an Imposter Demon. It
wants to use the Prism to suck

your powers. That's what the Prism does.

Enough of your theatrics, Harry.

Macy, give me the Prism.

- No. No, no, don't.
- You can trust me. I'm your mother.

- She's lying.
- Stop!


If you're really Mom, then you'll know

what I made you in
third grade art class.

How could I forget? My
eight-year-old made me a bong.

She got it right. Give it to her.

HARRY: An Imposter
gets into your head.

That's how it works.

You really sure it isn't her?

Believe me, I want it to be. But...

... it's not. I can feel it.

You guys are crazy.
It's her. It has to be her.

Mel, please, I'm your sister.

This isn't something I normally
say, but I'm gonna say it.

You have to listen to me.

MARISOL: Trust yourself, Melly.

Think about how close we were.

It's always been you and me.

Mel, don't.


Mom would have never said that.

She didn't play favorites.

Careful, ladies, she might...







Harry, how do we kill this thing?

Expose the demon to its true self

and you'll vanquish it forever.

Maybe without the poetics, Lord Byron.

Show the demon its
reflection in a mirror.

More mirrors?

Oh, but of course.

All of yours broke when
you released the demon.


Wait. Duh.





- I got you.




I really thought it was her.

I did, too.

Don't. You're not the first
to fall for an Imposter Demon.

Let's just say I'm pretty sure
that's how Brexit happened.

It's funny. They're
considered lower-level demons

because their only real power
is emotional manipulation.

In some ways, that makes
them the most lethal.

And the most vulnerable to
a witch with your unique powers.

Now who has the cooler power?

I wanted to hear her
say it was a mistake.

Giving me up.

But I should have listened to you.

I should have listened, too.

- I can be a know-it-all.
- I always think I'm right.

[CHUCKLES]: Oh, my God.

You guys are so much alike.

Maybe you don't know each
other that well yet, but...

You are definitely sisters.

HARRY: Maggie,

trust your voice. The more you do,

the less you'll be overwhelmed
by the voices of others.


Is that, like, the official
way I control my power?

'Cause it's...

It's kind of ruining my social life.

Yes. And it's also

the Yoga Mill mantra.

What do we do about that?

HARRY: Well, the Prism
can't be destroyed.

That's why your true mother
hid it in the mirror

in the first place, to protect you

from its ability to steal your powers.

[SIGHS] She's gone.

All over again.

HARRY: Ladies, I'm sorry.
This demon-fighting

business we do, it can
take its toll on one's...

... emotions.



You should put it back in your office,

behind that mirror.

You really trust me?

I trust you.

I don't like you.

But I trust you.

I'll do that straightaway.

Wait, th...

... that janitor at the lab.

Obviously, you didn't kill her, right?

Of course not.

I just wiped her memory.

But whatever demon attacked her

left behind a fatal
aftereffect, unfortunately.

Harry, I-I didn't tell you
what I knew about that demon.

It left this behind.

- I scraped a sample back at the lab.
- Oh, no.


Just let me, um...

I'll get back to you.

Oh, and check your phones, ladies.

We have a shared calendar now.

Training starts tomorrow at 2:00.

Please be prompt.

So, I guess we can trust Meghan Markle.

And we all have to listen to each other.

We're all we've got now.

Yeah. About this majority rules thing...

Yeah, let's not do it.

I mean, this is about
the Power of Three.

Listen to me, being all assertive.

She's right.

We all have to agree.


Good call, Maggie.

Great. So now that everyone
is listening to me,

I have to give you guys
some personal advice.

You need to stop living in the past.

I know it's hard, but...

just forget you ever heard
about Niko and Greta.

That wasn't meant for your ears.

And you...

... you need to apologize to Galvin.

Hey, if you don't want me to read

your minds, don't let me touch you.

- I've got something
- I got to do, too.

Hey, how's it going?

We need to talk.


You have always been so good to me.

- But...
- Maggie...

I have to trust my own feelings.

Which are telling me that this is over.

♪ Show me how you do that trick ♪

♪ The one that makes
me scream, he said ♪

♪ The one that makes me laugh, he said ♪



You hung up on me yesterday.

Galvin, I was overreacting.

You were right.

I've just been feeling like
an outsider with my sisters,

and I didn't want to feel
like that here, too.

I'm sorry. I'm... [CHUCKLES]

Really screwing things up.

You're not an outsider.

Not with me.

You sure?

We're cool?


[CHUCKLES] Yeah. Yeah, we're cool.



MEL: Hey, Niko, so
you're feeling better?

No, of course you didn't
say anything stupid.


Love you, too.


See you then.


You should always listen

to my advice about Niko from now on.


Oh, my Gosh.

Lucy just commented on my post
with three exclamation points.

Oh, my God, congratulations.

♪ Just like a dream ♪


We, uh, wanted you

to feel like this is your room.

Which means not living in

a shrine to our dead mother.

MAGGIE: I don't know
why she gave you up.

But I really wish she hadn't.

And we're gonna help you find
the answers that you need.


Well, uh, one of you should have this.

Gimme it. I made it.

It's very hideous.

Mm, I'd go more with "heinous."

It's a frigging masterpiece.

You guys just have the same
horrible taste in art, so...

- Mm...
- Mm.

Meghan Markle!

I beg your pardon?

Oh. It's your nickname.

We say it so you don't show up
every time we say "Harry."

What? I don't show up
every time you say "Harry,"

only when you call out
"Harry" with purpose.

Why would I show up every time

you say "Harry"? That's absurd.

You know what, it doesn't matter.

This is urgent. That black ooze,

the Elders confirmed my suspicions.

It's the primordial
form of the Harbinger.

MAGGIE: The Harbinger?

What does it...


Its full name is the Harbinger of Hell,

and its arrival heralds the
third phase of the Prophecy.

"With the blossoming of
death comes the rise

of the Source of All Evil. And then..."

"... we fall."

Right. That whole apocalypse thing.


And I don't want to say preventing

"that whole apocalypse
thing" rests solely

on your shoulders, but it does.

As I speak, the Harbinger is
probably hunting for a vessel,

a human vessel.

And if it finds one...

... everything's going to change.