Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 13 - Nemesis: Part 2 - full transcript

With Megatron wreaking mindless violence over the earth and headed for the Ark, Optimus attacks, to no avail. All looks hopeless - unless the sudden resurgence of an old friend can swing the balance in the Maximal's favour.

Subtitles by [email protected]

52 Nemesis - part 2.

I am Alpha and Omega.

The beginning, and the end.

Optimus to Rhinox.

We have a code one alert.

Deploy Operation: Eternity.

I am that which is, which
was, and is yet to come.

And you will know my name is Megatron,

when I lay my vengeance upon you.

You have already read
the Covenant of Primus?

Just the good parts.

For pity's sake, Megatron, no more!

Ah, company.

Ta-ta, Optimal Optimus.

Well, I'll say one thing for my namesake,

he liked his artillery big and plentiful.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes, mindless destruction!

Good for the spark, I always say.

My own spark has changed.

It feels, at last, complete.

Yes, the destruction of Rampage, no doubt.

Bring us around.
Vector 6-2, on the double!

We didn't even scratch it.

Quickly, go to your fellow Maximals.

Prepare them.

If Megatron destroys the
Ark and its occupants,

history, as we know it, will unravel.

You can't stop that thing alone!


But it is my destiny to try.

I will hold the line here.


Operation: Eternity?

What the heck is that?

And how come I never heard of it?

Can we discuss this later, Rattrap?

Come on! Boss-bot calls up
with his gears in a grind,

and suddenly I've got to pack up
my Pred parts collection?

Man, you know how many pieces
of Waspinator I've got?

Rattrap, we may have to move the Ark.


Failure on three primary circuits.

Power cells depleted.

Weapons off-line.

Blast that Tigerhawk!

My forecast was for clear sky

all the way back to Cybertron!

A brave stand...

and noble.

Ah, perhaps.

Computer, divert all
available power to primary weapon

and give me target lock.

Tigerhawk, do you copy.

I repeat, do you copy?!


Unit Tigerhawk: Terminated.


This ends here, Megatron.

No more good friends will be
sacrificed to your insane ambitions,

I swear it. No more!!

Err... You knock?

You see 'em run, pardner?

Like shotin' protoforms in a stasis-pod!

The Royalty will be pleased!

The new colon is ours!

Ready for... huh?

This all seems hauntingly familiar...

but why?

You saved the valley...

you saved the lives of those who live here,

and of those who are still to come.

I suppose, given my imminent godhood,

these primitives should really
be beneath my attention.

Ah, still, no score
is too small to settle, I always say.

You would turn the full fury

of this mighty warship
on a lone anthropoid?

Tell me, Megatron,

where is the honor in that?

You DARE use the H word to me?

I... I... apologize.

I merely felt our power should be
conserved for the larger battle.

Duly noted - - and ignored.

Royalty! My Queen!

We're down here!

I don't like the looks of this!


Rhinox, what's our status?

Almost all the equipment's aboard.

But I'll need time to put
up the Arc's main engines!


Targeting grid 3H.

Full pulse spread!

Bring fusion cannon on-line

and prepare to fire!

Negative. Fusion reactor currently at 65%.

It's been off-line to long.

We don't even have the
power reserves to FLY,

much less FIGHT!

There is no other choice!

Do it!

Bad news.


just in time for one of
those really ominous silences.

Tell me about it.

Somehow, ya got to know Megs
ain't just decided to lighten up!

Attractive beam!

And the stone of their protection

shall rise upward for ever and ever.

As they who live and war as beasts

confront their final cycle.

Fusion cannon at 70%.

This has to stop! At any cost.

Fusion reactor currently at 90%
and rising.

Yess Soon, it will all be over.

Any Maximal still alive
will perish along with their ancestors.

And the new, glorious era
of Predacon rule will have begun.

is that capacitor circuit ready?

I need a conduit cable
to finish the connection.

- Aha!
- Hey!

Ya' emasculatin' femme-bot!

Yes! Main thrusters now
connected to Teletron 1.

It's TeleTRAN!


Last chance, bots.

Start ignition sequence.

Just a few more nano-clicks...


Oh, well, come on, let's have it.

The usual 'destiny and honor' speech.

Speech this.

Fuel pumps!

Fuel pumps activated.

Stand ready for ignition...

Come on, BigGreen!

Light this candle, will ya?!

Ignition... NOW!

And there came a hero who said:

'Hurt not the earth.

Nor the sea.

Nor the trees.

Nor the very fabric of time!'

But the hero would not prevail!

Finish the quote, Megatron.

Nor would he surrender!

No power. No weapons.

We're all gonna die.


Deactivate tractor beam!

All power to main fusion cannon!

Victory is at hand!

A coward's victory.

The Ark is defenseless...

not much sport in this.

Class 3 emergency data. Downloading.

Warning Schematic downloading.

Class 3 emergency data.

Huh? What the heck does this mean?

It means we just might have a weapon!

Come on!

Computer, bring fusion cannon on-line!

Divert all power!

Fusion cannon at full power.

Then now, while they are helpless,

destroy them!

Megatron, no!

WOW! An Autobot Shuttle!

The history tracks never mentioned this!

History's still being made.

Let's move!

I am alpha and Omega, Optimal Optimus.

Now and forever.

Until the end of time!

Destroy them!



What possible reason do
you have to disobey me?

I am your master!

I am your creator!

And I... have my honor!

Stand aside, traitor.

And observe as I fulfill my destiny!


For everything that ever was.

Dinobot, save yourself!

Farewell, Optimus Primal.

It's done.

All is as it should be, at last.

The Beast Wars are over... for now.

Ready to initiate transwarp sequence.

Let's go home.

In the spark of an enemy,
there will be salvation.

And in the darkest hour,
there will be a light.

Yeah, from a very unexpected source,

old Chopper-face's clone.

Who would have thunk it?

And let us never forget
those other brave bots

whose sacrifice safeguarded
past, present and future.

You know what the best thing is?

We don't have to see
Mega-butt's ugly mug again

till we get back to Cybertron!

Ahh... Waspinator happy at last.