Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 3, Episode 12 - Nemesis: Part 1 - full transcript

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50 Nemesis - part 1.

And a mighty warrior
came down from the sky,

and a rainbow was upon his head,

and his feet like pillars of fire!

And the great dragon was
cast out onto the earth,

and his followers were cast out with him!


What in the seven spiral galaxies
are you jabbering about?

The Covenant of Primus.

Datatrax 7.613.

Only two exist.

One was aboard the Ark.

Oh please. Sure. Okay.

Dragon-breath lost his base.

And we added Thunderbutt there to the team.

But you don't got to claim it's ordained,

This is our last opportunity
to end the Beast Wars,

and Megatron's evil.

All we have to do is find him.

Dangit! I hate hidin' from them Maxies.

"Can't I just shoot one?!"

No! We are, at the moment,

at a tactical disadvantage.

And whose fault is that?!

You led us to defeat!

Defeat? Not yet.

For I suspect that Tarantulas may
have left a legacy I could yet utilize.

Against Tigerhawk? Hah!

The Royalty will triumph!

All we need is a new Colony,

and I shall find it!

Ha! Ant-bot not find own thorax
with both hands and a road map.

A new base, yess!

Take Quickstrike and
Waspinator, sub-commander.

See what you can locate.

At once, my Queen!

Waspinator feel much damage coming on.

The rest of you,
search this wreckage.

That spider's schemming was
one of few certaines in this struggle.

Ah, yes.

Incipient treachery from Unicron's spawn

may yet turn the tide.

This is DepthCharge.
Pred activity spotted in grid Scylla.

Confirmed. Strike team ready to deploy.

Fall back until their arrival.

Blow it out of your exhaust port, Optimal.

X is down there...

I'm going in.


DepthCharge, fall back!

Hit it, bots, the moment is now.

Transform and finish it.

Yah! More of that spider's toys!

We're wasting our time!

Ah, not if what I suspectis...

Yes! YES!

Dinobot, Rampage!

Into the submertion pulley, quickly!

Victory may yet be ours.

Our quarry appear to have vanished.

I know they were here!

I can still smell stink of X's spark!

Ha! I knew it!

DepthCharge, wait!

Aw, slag.


Aside, scrapy!

Worry not, my love...

it's just a... scratch.


but I think you're due some
time in the CR Chamber.

Sir, I'll be fine! I just...

Shut up and obey your
commander, bone-brain!

Yes, dear

I'll escort them back.

Come on, we've got work to do.

That will be our new colony.

I don't wanna move in there!

It's got all them hairy critters in it!

Unless... unless, we's gonna slag 'em!

Oh, please,
tell me that's what you're plannin'!

The royalty demands a new colony

and we shall take it, by force.

Yeah hoo! Now your talking.

Howz about it bug boy?

You ready to rip?



But the Royalty commands.

I said NO!

Dragon-bot command you,
Subcommander Kiss-butt,

Dragon-bot not command
Waspinator, not anymore!

Waspinator sick of being evil,

sick of being Predacon,

and Waspinator especially sick

of being blown to scrap all the time!

So, Waspinator quit!

Hmm! As of now,
which means Ant-bot and Two-head

can just pucker their mandibles

and plant big, wet, juicy one

right here on Waspinator's
big, fat, stripy...

For the glory of the Royalty!

Dang! Them little fleapickers' is
tougher than used to be!

Waspinator has plans!


Fleshy-bot listen to Waspinator!

X was here.

And Dinobot.

They went that way.

Fleeing our approach?

Not if I know Megatron.

He's after something


You're kidding.

I wish.

DepthCharge, we've had our differences,

but you and I both know this
is bigger than both of us.

They're underwater,
which means you're our only hope!

Warheads armed, full speed to maximum!

You have to stop Megatron!

At any cost...

Consider it done Beast mode.

Just a little further.

A little further.



Oh, it is far more than that,

my malevolent minion.

That is the most powerful
Decepticon warship in Transformer history.

The ship that shot down the Ark itself.

The Nemesis!

The Nemesis...

This is Optimus,
encoding transmission M Sipher.

Scrambles on. Go ahead.

This is class 7 emergency situation.

DepthCharge is preparing to engage

the superior force without back-up.

Tigerhawk and I are tracking his signal

but we may not be enough.

Prepare base defenses for a full assault.


I thought we had this all sewed up!

Megs just ripped it wide open
Optimus out.

Aw man.

Is it just me,

or did he just kinda' say,
'we're all gonna die'?

You mentioned... the Nemesis.

What is it?

Nemesis is the flag ship of the
ancient Decepticon space fleet.

It shot down the Ark
before crashing itself.

Somewhere on this planet.

Apparently Tarantulus found it
and now Megatron may have it.

And if he does?

The Primus help the universe.


Even after his demise

the spider's treachery
remains my best asset.


A refurbished ship with a transwarp cell.

A Predacon control console.

And best of all, a Covenant of Primus.

It was from these tracks
that I took my name,

and how fitting,

since space and time
are now mine to command!

If the ship functions.

It must!

Quickly! All power circuits on-line!

By the Matrix!

DepthCharge to Optimus.

You call it a night. I'm going in.


And DepthCharge... good luck.


Think you can save the Universe, Fish-boy?

Don't make me laugh.

I have no time for you, X.

Like you had no time for Starbase Rugby?

You had friends there, as I recall.

Tasty ones, too.

Oh, pathetic!


Face it, Fins! You can't win!

A little tension, yess!

Status report!

Power cells aproaching maximum.

Power at maximum.

And as it were a great
mountain raging with fire

arose from the sea!

Thrusters on-line.

I was your assignment, and you failed.

Raw energon.

Right through your twisted spark.

Take it!

Take it straight to the Pit,

you sickening piece of slag.

These are DepthCharge last coordinates,

butl'm not getting a...

Base to Optimus!

Status report a massive detonation
of unknown type at your location!

What's the status?

He's done it!
DepthCharge has done it!

It's all over!


Ain't I always said that
tin minnow is one of my favorite people?


But I'm afraid that DepthCharge

has paid the ultimate price.

By the Code of Primus.

The Nemesis!