Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 1, Episode 1 - Beast Wars: Part 1 - full transcript

A band of benevolent Maximals track a pack of power-seeking Predacons to a mysterious planet. When they both crash-land, they establish themselves upon the planet and clash, commencing the Beast Wars.

Subtitles by [email protected]

Hull breach in Sector Seven!
Guidance systems failing!

Oh, man!
This is ridiculous!

We're an exploration ship,
not a battle cruiser!

No choice. Our ship was the only one
that could lock onto Megatron's warp signature.

Shields are doing a major fade!

Plasma cannons to full power!

Their shields are down! Destroy them!

Oh, now where's the fun in that?

A little torment I think first, yess?
Side guns

Rupture! The stasis hold is failing!

We're going down...

Launch all pods.
Get them in safe orbit!

All plasma cannon: FIRE!

Damage report.

Believe me. You don't wanna know.

That's what I thought.

Navigation! Is this the right planet?

Unknown. Course settings were accurate but readings

are inconsistent with those expected
for intended destination.

Never mind that! Tell me there is Energon here!


Yessss! The planet has Energon!

Too much Energon.

Field readings are off the scale.

Continued exposure to robotic forms
will result in permanent damage.

Then we will create alternate forms

based on the most powerful local creatures!

Scanners activated.

Scanning and replication of local life forms...

You may emerge.

Rrrowr! Look at me!

I'm a cheetah - no, I'm -- CHEETOR!


Interesting!? Mrow! Optimus, the word is --

-- spot-on SMOOOTH!

Prrrrrr. It's a crime.

Ha, a bit tacky

Ya never had taste, did ya kid?

Now this...|This is what class is about.

Call me RATTRAP.

Oh, yeah?
How's about I cut meeces to pieces?

Ease back, Cheetor.

Livin' large is for forms like me RHINOX.

Yeah! An' just consider yerself
lucky I didn't get rough on ya!

Moderate your conflict circuits, Maximals...

Remember, these beast forms are to protect us

from the long-term effects of the
Energon fields out there.

We may need Energon for power,

but this is too much of a good thing

Our robot forms will start to short
out after a few minutes' exposure.

This is one unusual planet...

...whatever it is.

Or whenever.

The TransWarp drive can go
through space an' time.

We were locked onto
Megatron's warp signature.

We could be anyplace... anytime.

Yes. And our crew is orbiting the planet
in those stasis pods we lost in battle.

They're protected from the Energon fields

but it means Megatron has us outnumbered.

No! NO! It is all wrong! This cannot be Earth!

Megatron, you FAILED!

Not only did you FAIL to destroy the Maximals
when you had the chance --

-- you FAILED to bring us to the right planet!

We stole the Golden Disk for nothing, you IDIOT!

I beg your pardon.
What did you call me?

You heard. You are an idiot
and an incompetent leader.

And I - am taking over!
Dinobot - TERRORIZE!

I challenge you to battle, Megatron!

The winner shall lead the Predacons

- and the loser shall be destroyed!

You're so impulsive, Dinobot.

Brave, but misguided.

Do you accept my challenge!?

There is more to being a
leader than simple courage.

There is cleverness
and cunning as well.

Isn't that right --


What does it matter which planet we are on?

We came looking for Energon,
and this planet is rich with the element!

Enough energon to power
the Predacons' entire Galactic Conquest!

Only the Maximals could give us trouble now -
- if they survived the crash.

Find them!

And if you find them - destroy them!

All this fer a Golden Disk.

It was Cybertron's most carefully
guarded relic, Rattrap.

It gave the location of a major Energon source.

That's why Megatron stole it.

Yeah, like I care!

Ya know, we were supposed t' be
doin' deep space exploration.

Playin' Galactic Patrol wasn't
nowhere in my job description.

You know what I'm saying?

You sure you're cut out
for this Commander gig?

Remember the Great War, Rattrap.

If the Predacons get enough Energon,
they'll start it again.

We can't let that happen.

Besides, you wanted exploration,
and here we are on an unknown planet.

What more do you want?

Call me picky, but a workin' spacecraft might be nice.

Just no pleasing some people.

Hey, check it!

They're fast, all right.
You chose a good form.

Hey, you think that's speed?
You ain't seen the Golden Rocket.

Check this!

Cheetor! No!

Cheetor! Return to base immediately!

We don't have time for this!

Cheetor? Please respond

No good. Th' Energon fields mess up th' comlinks.

Anythin' over a hundred meters
they ain't worth scrap.

Well, that's just prime.

So this yer first day on th' job or what?

Shut up, Rattrap.

Oh, yes SIR!

Oh, I feel just HEAPS better
knowing our lives are in yer capable hands

We're all gonna die.

Mrrow! Name's Cheetor
what's shakin', cats?

What, is it my breath?
Hey, wait!

What? It's just a big bug.

Hm. The way those two reacted
that's no natural life-form.

And if we're talkin' unnatural life-forms,

then we gotta be talkin' about just one thing.

Robots in disguise!

Cheetor -- MAXIMIZE!

Time for this cat to POUNCE!

Waspinator under attack!

Waspinator engage enemy!

Waspinator -- TERRORIZE!

Uh, oh.

Move! Move!

Heads up! Roadblock!

Veer left! There's a clearing about a hundred meters --

Ah yes. Silly me.

Of all the times for a Quasar jam!


Get to cover! We'll swat that pesky Predacon!

Oh, I would not count on that, Maximals. Nooo.

For I believe that you are soon to have...

how shall I put it...

difficulties of your own! Yesss.

We don't have to do this, Megatron.

There has been peace between
the Maximals and Predacons for centuries.

Why start this up again?

Peace perhaps on your side,
Maximal scum. Yesss.

But not on ours.

Permit me to inform you that
an enemy which appears to be peaceful

may in fact be merely... biding its time.


We Predacons have never abandoned

our rightful goal of galactic conquest. Noo.

We have merely been waiting...
for the right moment -- to STRIKE!

Ya mean like THIS?


Ah. A treacherous, underhanded sneak attack.

I like you, pussycat. Yess.

But it shall avail you naught. Noo.

For now the power-gauntlet has been cast



Tarantulus! TERRORIZE!


Scorponok! TERRORIZE!

Rattrap! MAXIMIZE!

Terrorsaur! Terrorize!

Megatron! Terrorize!

Optimus! MAXIMIZE!

Now... obliterate them.

I'm - I'm stuck!

Rattrap! Help Cheetor! We'll cover you!

Yeah, right!

That's an order, Rattrap!

Yeah? An' you can just
kiss my skid plate, Fearless Leader.

'couse I ain't goin' out there
an' gettin' MY pelt punctured!


See! Told ya!

Do NOT let them escape!

Hey! Lemme down, ya big bulldozer!

Cover fire.| They need it, we give it. Now.

Back to the base! Let's go, let's go!

After them! Go, you -- AAARGH!

Waspinator cannot move!

Energon field build-up.

Convert back to Beast Mode.

What's got yer servos so bent?

Let's get one thing straight, Rattrap.

I am Commander of this group.

And when I give an order,
I expect it to be obeyed.

Oh, yeah. So I get vaped
because you're too chicken to go yourself?

I will not give an order
I would not be willing to do myself.

But I was capable of giving you better cover fire.

You were not.

Come on, what you shortin' about?

We got outa there alive, didn't we?

But injured. It will take time
for our Beast Forms to effect internal repairs.

Yeah, well, better you than me.

I think we gave'em the fade, Optimus.

Keep your sensors on full.

According to the Golden Disk theft reports
there were six Predacons.

One of them was missing from the battle.

Maybe he was destroyed in th' crash.

Nah. That kinda luck we ain't
been gettin' much of, lately.

Tell me about it. Look!

Should we blast 'im?

Keep that option open. But hang on.

Attention Maximals!

My name is Dinobot.

I have left the Predacons to
join your group - as leader.

What? Did I hear the word 'leader'?

This guy's got bearings of chrome steel.

I hereby challenge you, Optimus Primal,
to a one-on-one battle.

The winner shall lead the Maximals...

And the loser - shall be destroyed!