Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Web - full transcript

When Cheetor messes up an important mission, he decides to fix it on his own. But when he is lured into Tarantulas's net of deceit and torture, Rattrap is the only one who can save him.

03 The Web.

Good work Rhinox...

Well, still needs a field test.


I'm your Bot, whatcha got?

Rhinox cobbled together a new com-link.

It's going to solve our long
range communication problems.

If it works.

Let's find out.

Wow, Ultra-Gear.

It's a valuable piece of equipment.

Take care of it.

I copy Big Bot. What do I do?

The device is voice activated.

Just talk into it and we'll hear you.

We hope.

Head away from the base at vector omega

and check in every 10 micro quads.

We'll see how far we can track you.

If you encounter any
Predacons, return immediately.

I'll be moving too fast for them to see me.

He'll do fine.

Megatron will reward me for finding this.

If I can ever get it out of
this blasted rock... Bahhhhhh!

Scorponoc TERRORIZE.

Cheetor to Optimus. Do you read me?


And he's over 5 micro quads away
Looks like it's working.

So far...

I just heard some kind of explosion. I'm
gonna check it out. Talk to you in a minute.

Wait, Cheetor, don't...

He's moving again.

I'm going after him.

If he calls in tell him
to get out of there, now!

Uh oh. This is trouble.

Cheetor - MAXIMIZE.

Cheetor to Optimus...

Optimus is on his way.

He said you should get outta there.

No can do baby blue.

Scorponok's here and
he found a mega-cannon.

Must have come from their ship.

I've got to stop him before he gets
it back to their base. Cheetor out.

Still operational.
Megatron will be pleased.

And you'll be slag, if you don't
stay right where you are clawful.

Clicking makes me twitch.
And there's a full charge in this beauty.

Away from the big boomer, plug ugly.

Cheetor to base. I've got the gig in hand.

Tell Optimus to home in on my signal.

Cheetor to base. Come in Rhinox.

Uh uh. You're making me twitch again.

And I'll make you scream.

Scorponok, TERRORIZE -


Better grab that weapon while you can

and get it back to base. Optimus is coming.

Don't give me orders.
I'm second-in-command.

You will take the cannon
back and I will see to Optimus...

Your hear me!


Cheetor, Cheetor.

His signal's stopped.

Could be Energon interference.
Better use scan mode.

Target spotted, locking in...




Now it's just you and me Mega-jerk...

They never learn...

And when will YOU learn pussy cat?

Scorponoc, TERRORIZE.


Good as new.

Yeah. And twice as loud.

Hey Big Bot. Uh, what happened out there?

You took a Predacon
missile right in the chestplate.

Guess you ain't as fast
as you thought, eh kiddo.

And you got my com-link trashed.

Hey at least I proved it worked.

Rhinox said you reported
something about a mega-cannon?

That's right. It must've blown
off their ship in the crash.

Scorponok found it, so I catted
in and got the drop on him.

I'd say that you were
the one who got dropped.

Tarantulas was there too. He got behind me.

- When I tried to take him out...
- Scorponok capitalized on your mistake.

Yeah, I guess so.

Rhinox worked on that com-link for a month

and he doesn't have the
components to build another one.

You've cost us an advantage...

I couldn't let them get
away with that cannon.

Oh, yeah, you took care
of that real good kiddo.

Back off RatFace!

Or I'll have a little
vermin-on-a-stick for lunch.

You back off, NOW!

Sorry Optimus, I -

Sorry isn't enough.

We're in a war for survival
and you treat it like a game.

If you had obeyed orders,
all this could have been avoided.

I'm going to call Dinobot
in from the perimeter.

We'll need his knowledge
of the Predacon base

to do something about that mega-cannon.

I can get inside their
base. Let me do it Optimus.

You've done enough.

I better come up with a plan.

If I know Optimus he'll want to move fast.

Yeah, with me in front. No thanks partner.

The pussy cat got us into hot oil.

Let him dance into Predacon H.Q.

At least I'm not afraid to do it.

Ya know, that is why you mess up kiddo.

You don't have the sense to be afraid.

Oh yeah? I'll show you
what I have the sense to do motorhead.

You and Big Bot!

Um, Um, Um...


You know what he's gonna do.

Aw, he's just grinding his gears.

Even he's not dumb enough
to disobey the great Optimus again.

Uh huh.

Okay, okay okay!
I'll stop him.

If I can catch him!

Sheesh, ah, the rotten little guys...

Got to move quickly.

All I have to do now is
wait for the right moment...




Ohhhh brother, you need
a maintenance bot badly.

You're in a stasis web.

It drains away the energy
but leaves the flesh alive.

At it's current setting
this will take only a few moments...

But I find a slower pace makes
the vital fluids taste so much better.

Whoa, you are one space happy spider.

CHEETOR! Maximize!

I'm afraid the web makes that impossible.

Cat you are and cat you stay.

And when your energy's gone - I feast.

Frontal assault, now, before Megatron
has a chance to use the cannon against us.

Impossible. The modifications
would be too extensive.

He's more likely to emplace
it as a defensive weapon.

Question is where -?

Rhinox, this is your
specialty, take a look.

And where's Rattrap,
I'll need him to scout.

Umm, still talking to Cheetor.

We waste too much
time talking. We must act.

Rushing in head long won't help...

No, no! Destory them!

Oh man, Oh man!

I must have a bug in my program
to be doing this for that dumb feline.

I can smell his stink
even in this sludge box.

Something's weird here.

Not long now.

This is a dumb plan, Webface.

I don't have any real
blood. Just mech fluid.

Oh, my filters will adjust.

It is the act I enjoy more
than the nourishment.

Ya know, you are one sick bug, eight-eyes!

The rat!

You got it. Now what say you let my pal go?

Tarantulas! TERRORIZE!

Rattrap Maximize.

Now he'll have YOU for lunch, web breath.

Thermal scan -

tsk, tsk, tsk.

Fell for the old hot-box.

Hang on kiddo -

Unable to respond.
Incorrect energy signature.

Incorrect energy signature.
Unable to respond.

Incorrect energy signature
Incorrect energy signature.

Guess I'll have to use my own signature.

Hey Ratface, what's the good word?

Game over vermin!

Give my regards to the Inferno!


I hate that rat!

Hey Fearless leader, what's the haps?

Where have you two been?

Just hocking around.

Ya know, Cheetor needed some activity.

You were kind of rough on him before.

Everybody makes mistakes, ya know.

Maybe you're right.

I'm sorry Cheetor.

I shouldn't have been so harsh.

No you were right Big Bot.

I messed up.

But I won't do it again.

From now on this cat is a team player.

I'm glad to hear it.

Hey, thanks for not telling him about...

Save it kiddo.

If I told Optimus about
your little play date with Tarantulas

he'd kick my sweet, pink butt too.

And one more thing - if you
ever pull a stunt like this again,

I will personally rearrange your spots.

Now... get outta my way,
I got garbage to munch.

And thanks for saving my life. Pal.