Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Secret Society - full transcript

Invitations from a secret society at school cause tension between Andi and her friends; Bex and Celia search for the perfect wedding dress.

Previously on Andi Mack...

- My parents are getting married.
- Cool!

When's the big day?

- We haven't gotten that far, yet.
- No.

We can just get married at City Hall.

There's gonna be a wedding.

Maid of honor, ready to go.

I have come to take you cake tasting.

Who could say no to that?

- The bride.
- Well, it's her loss.

My dad passed away three years ago.

Bowie, I'm so sorry.

You may not have your dad,

but you do have a daughter.

Did you hear that?

I just turned into my dad.


I think you just turned into my dad.

It's been way too long
since we've hung out.

I have plans tomorrow night.

With who?

Amber's taking me to a party.

I'm sure you can come!

I don't want to tag along
to a party I wasn't invited to.


I was hoping that...

dance dance film festival
was still happening?

That'll be going on all night.

I find this odd.

Very odd.

I wouldn't say "very."

I would say "extremely" odd.


what's all this about?

You have something to tell us?

You know that Jefferson
has a Secret Society?

You've never heard
about the Secret Society?

- Nothing.
- No.

They're that good.

Are you part of it?

That's not important.

- He's part of it!
- Shhh!

Please! The Secret Society
doesn't know that I'm here.

Or do they?

One of you is going
to be invited to join.

Which one?

I don't know. I shouldn't
even be telling you this,

- but I wanted you to be prepared.
- For what?

You'll get a note,

a plain piece of paper,
and all it says is:

"Will you?"

But they only want one of us?

Well, if the Secret Society
wants one of us,

they have to take all of us.

That's not how it works.

If they ask me, I'll say no.

Me, too.

We all know they're not going to ask me.

"Will you?"

"Will you" what?

Oh, I can't tell you.

It's the Secret Society.

They want me.


♪ But I'm with you all the way


What'd you think?

About what?


You need me to tell you
you look incredible?




considering you look
pretty great every day...

at this moment, you are...

so beautiful.

I can't believe I get to marry you.

You can't just come in
the kitchen looking like that,

I'm only human.

Well, that's more like it.


Great tuxedo.

Where did you get it?

It was my dad's.

The one he wore at his wedding.

You're gonna marry me
in your dad's tuxedo?

I know you can't show
me your dress, but...

have you picked one out yet?


Where's your wedding dress?

I know I have it.

It's in a white garment bag.

Go check upstairs in the closet.

Found it!

Bowie is going to wear his
father's tuxedo to the wedding

so I thought what if...

Then this happened.

- I was small.
- Well I'm not!

I'm a hulking behemoth who now
needs to buy a wedding dress.


I have been preparing for this moment!


Wait, there's more!


Don't get me wrong.
I'm still extremely opposed

to the entire concept
of a Secret Society...

- You want to go.
- Not to join.

For research purposes only.

I think that's a good idea.

He checks it out, comes back,

and spills the beans.

That would be my sole purpose...

Bean spilling.

And then the Secret Society
won't be so secret.

But I thought we agreed
we were gonna say no.

Yeah, but then I got invited.

You seem a little too excited
that they picked you.

I'm not a little excited,

I'm ecstatic!

Buffy. We can trust him.
He'll do what he says.

He'll see what it's about,

and then he'll tell us everything.

Ooh, do you like this one?

How 'bout this one?

Oh, how 'bout that one?

You aren't one of those
people who can sleep

with their eyes open, are you?

You haven't seen one dress,
not one, that you like at all?

Can you get snow blindness from
staring at too many white dresses?

Do we have to keep doing this?

Well, we could go to a store.

You could try some dresses on

like the cave woman brides used to do.

I know you can't tell
because of the eye drops,

but these are grateful tears.

Oh, yeah.


So, you joined the Secret Society.

That's what you're saying?

No, I'm not saying that.

Then, what are you saying?


Because there is no Secret Society.

Oh, we're doing that now.

What is your role in all of this?

Are you his handler or something?

You have to make sure
he doesn't say anything?

No! I-I thought we were...

um, going to get ice cream.

Has anyone ever told you
you should be an actor?

You promised you'd tell us.

And we believed you.

One of us believed you.

I feel like you're picking
the Secret Society over us.

What do they have that we don't?

Cyrus! We've said all we can.

Let's go. We have to...

- know.
- Yeah.

Well, we have to...

"you know," too!

Don't worry, we have plenty of them.

I love it.

You do?

- She loves it!
- Don't you?

I guess...

It's gorgeous!

Aw, Bex...

this is the one.

But what do you think?

I wish Andi were here.

- Andi!
- I'm sorry, who's Andi?

- My daughter.
- Should we give her a call?


She has to be part of
picking out the dress.

She can't know we went
shopping without her.

Can you hold it for a day,

and we'll just come back
tomorrow and do it again?

I'm sorry, we don't hold sale items.

It's on sale?

25% off.

I just fell in love with it
all over again.

- That's...
- Isn't it?

- Can I change now?
- One more time.

And move your arms more.

Yeah, like a human.

How's this?

Bye. I'm done.

Do you see my problem?


The groom cannot be more
beautiful than the bride.

How am I gonna find a dress
that measures up to that?

It's a lot of pressure.

That's not the answer I was looking for.

Will you help me?

Of course! When can we start?

How about after school?

Yay! I can't wait to see the look
on your face when we find the one.

Are you guys talking about me?

- No!
- The dress!

I don't have a limitless
supply of self-esteem.

Oh! We cannot forget to invite CeCe.

Oh, right! It would be
terrible to leave her out.

And she has the credit card.

The point is, it doesn't
change anything between us.

Cyrus, it's fine.

I really don't care.

I have less than zero interest
in the Secret Society.

Do you need me to replay the
sentence you just said?


So... will you?

I don't know, if Cyrus isn't going
to tell us anything, then I...

Save it!

I'll see you on the flip side.

I can't tell you anything.

I'm really sorry.

- You don't have to apologize.
- Cyrus!

I'm going to apologize
if I want to apologize.

It's okay.

I knew this is what would happen.

No... Buffy!

That was excruciating.

Oh, I gotta go, I get to go wedding
dress shopping with my mom.

Oh, that should be fun.

Yeah, I could use a
little of that right now.

How'd she do?

It's tough at first. She's a newbie.

Which you were yesterday.

Yeah, but yesterday I didn't
have someone to lord it over.

What if I found something today?

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Nobody finds their
wedding dress that fast.

Can I get anyone something to drink?

I'm Ricky, by the way,
I'll be helping you today.

Hi, Andi, the daughter.

Celia, the mother.

And Bex, the bride.

Generation representation, I love it!

You know, there's a dress
that might be perfect...

Let me show you.

It's beautiful.

But, is it the one?

Oh, you have to see it on!


look at you...

Do you like it?

You're glowing!



put it in the "maybe" pile.

And try on the next one.

Do we really need to make piles?

This is the dress!

This is "a" dress.

We get to see her in a bunch of dresses.

Isn't that the fun part?

You know what else is fun?

Finding the dress.

Which I think she has.

Well, her face didn't even do the thing.

- What thing?
- You know, the...


Oh, well, you said yourself.
She was glowing!

She always glows.


I see plenty of ding.

This is the dress!

Why do you keep saying that?

"This is the dress"?

What dress?

The one we bought yesterday.

I'll leave you ladies to discuss.

You went shopping yesterday?


So I'm not here to help you
pick out your wedding dress.

I'm here to watch a reenactment

of you picking out your wedding dress?

Oh, well, when you put it that way...

What other way is there to put it?

She is the bride.

I know.

Which means you get to pick
out any dress you want.

I just thought I was
gonna be a part of it...

which I'm not.

As the daughter of the bride,

I now pronounce myself betrayed.

Can we just stop with all the
hand-wringing and the boo-hooing.

It's over!

I was able to return the dress.

I'm not boo-hooing, okay?

I just wanted to see my mom's face

when she found her wedding dress.

But if that's the dress you love,
you should go back and get it.

I just don't need to be there

when you find it for the third time.

I feel like I've looked at every
wedding dress on this planet.

I don't think there is such a
thing as the perfect dress.

There is!

What are the chances we're
gonna find a dress we all like?



And ding.

Will you? Will you? Will you? Will you?

Will you? Will you? Will you?

This is so stupid.

Will I what?

Will you go to my Fall Formal with me?


What's going on?

What is this?

It's an epic prom-posal!

Upon which all future
prom-posals will be measured.

Walker mapped out this whole saga.

You guys were great.

I didn't like that we
couldn't say anything...

But we had to make it as
mysterious as possible.

We found out one at a time.

So, it wasn't that

we chose the Secret Society over you.

We were pretending to be the
Secret Society for you!

So now that you know, you aren't
mad at us anymore, right?

I deserve all the blame.

By which he clearly means
he deserve all the credit.

Look at her, she's so stunned!

She hasn't said anything!

So, what's your answer?

Will you go to Fall Formal with me?


Next on Andi Mack...

You guys really thought I'd say yes?

I feel bad for the guy.

His heart was in the right place.

And you still really like him, right?

- Eh...
- Hold up!

Whoa, if you really want
this relationship to end,

you need to tell him in person.

What're you doing here?

I'm supposed to come up with an original
dance for my choreography final,

and perform it in front of the class.

I'll be your tutor.

- Really You'd do that?
- Why not?

Are you still thinking
about breaking up with Jonah?

Are you guys talking about me?