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Previously, on
"Andi Mack"...


- Jonah!
- Help.

- You okay?
- No.

- Okay, I'm gonna go get some help.
- Don't leave!

T.J.'s not sitting
with his friends.

I'm just gonna do a quick
walk-by, make sure he's okay.

Buffy broke girl code.

What exactly is the code?

You don't go out
with someone

after they been
with your best friend.

I knew something
felt off.

Now you know what.

How did that happen?

How did what happen?

Andi's in a
canoe with Amber.

You are using
my charger.

Hey! Take your 2%
and hit the bricks.

How do you even know
that's your charger?

See the pink tape
wrapper around the plug?

I marked it to avoid
this exact situation.

Well, where's my charger?

Oh, good.
You found it.

This one...

Also has pink tape on it.


Is anyone missing
a charger?

I found one
with pink tape on it.

You put pink tape on all
the chargers, didn't you?

You're just mad
you didn't think of it first.

♪ I'm standin'
on the edge ♪

♪ And everything I know-oh-oh
is blown away ♪

♪ Life is upside down ♪

♪ But any way it goes
I'll work it out ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Here we go ♪

- ♪ One, two, three ♪
- ♪ I'm ready for tomorrow ♪

♪ Tomorrow starts today ♪

♪ There ain't a map to follow ♪

♪ But I'm with you
all the way ♪

♪ I'm ready for tomorrow ♪

- ♪ Tomorrow starts today ♪
- ♪ Hey ♪

♪ There ain't a map to follow ♪

♪ But I'm with you all the way ♪
Season 03 Episode 08

♪ Hey ♪

♪ All the way ♪
Episode Title: "Got Your Number"


What is this?

Open it.

"You are cordially
invited to the first annual.

DanceDance Film Festival."

What's that?

is like Sundance.

Except it takes place
in my living room

and only shows
dance movies.

Ooh. Tell me the lineup.

Center Stage,
Save the Last Dance,

Step Up, one through four,
Step Up 3D...

because, it's the best one.


And Footloose.

Me and my Sunday
shoes are in.


Because it's been way
too long since we hung out.

Just the two of us.

Oh no.


This says tomorrow night.

I have plans
tomorrow night.

With who?



Well, what
about tonight?

I have plans tonight.

With who?



Amber's taking me
to a party.

I'm sure you could come.

I don't want to
tag along

to a party I wasn't
invited to.

Well, we'll do it
another time.

I was just about
to say that.

What about next weekend?

Let's make a plan.

I never thought we'd
have to make a plan.

I know.

What are we?

- Yep.
- Yeah.

Will you hold my foot?

You want me
to massage it?

Nah. Just hold it.

I feel like we're
an old married couple.

Okay, fine.
Don't hold my foot.

No, I like it.

Imagining us...

As an old married couple.

We'd be pretty cute.

Swiping sugar packets
from restaurants.

Driving 30 miles an hour
down the freeway.

With the blinker on,

You'll look good
with grey hair.

I could see you
as a grandma.

Ugh! That was
a little too real.

Yeah, we need
to get out more.

- Tomorrow!
- What's tomorrow?

Oh, Andi's spending
the night at Amber's.

We could do something.



I got this.

What do ya got?

An idea.

I'll plan
the whole thing.

It'll be a surprise.

- Really?
- Mh-hm.


This is exciting.

Nothing too fancy
though, okay?

I am not saying
a thing.


Keeping it
a total mystery, huh?

That's fine with me.

As long as it's not
that rock climbing wall.

You're no fun.


Maybe I'm a lot of fun.

You'll just have to
wait and see.

♪ If you need me ♪

Hold my foot.

♪ All I wanted was to
let our love grow ♪

♪ Come on baby,
take me away ♪

♪ Come on baby,
take me away ♪

See? Told you I had a ping
pong table in my basement.

Why didn't you
believe me?

'Cause you've never mentioned
it until 30 minutes ago.

Well, until recently,
my stepdad was using it

to play with his
Civil War figurines.

This morning,
it was the Battle of Shiloh.

That sounds cool.

Kind of.

It's mostly just...

- I'd rather do this.
- Yeah, me too.

Play to 11?

It's your table.

- One, zero.
- Nice!

- Alright.
- Yeah.


Two, zero.

I haven't played
in a while, okay?

It's your serve.


Three, zero!
It's a massacre!

Hey, niceburg!

Is this real or are you
letting him win?

Oh, it's real.
Tell him, Jonah.

- You wanna play?
- I'll take winner.

Here you go.

I just remembered,
I'm supposed to be somewhere.


Um... Haircut!

Are you upset
that I'm winning?

No, of course not.

Ooh, I think he is upset.

Look at that face
he's pulling.

That's because you're here,
if you want to know.

Hey, that thing
that happened

with T.J. and his friends,
we worked that out.

It's got nothing
to do with that.

Then, what is it?

Ask him.

What is it?
What did you do?

I have no idea.

Why didn't you tell me
T.J. was coming?

I didn't think I had to.

You like everyone,
everyone likes you.

T.J.'s kinda between
friends right now.

I can't help you.

I'll never be friends
with that guy.

Why not?

Long story.

Kind of embarrassing.

Come on.


It's CG.

It goes all the way back
to Little League.

Little League?

Were you two
rivals or something?

The opposite, actually.

We were on the same team.

I love baseball.

I thought that was
going to be my sport.

I wanted to be a legend
like Roberto Clemente.

I even got his number,
21, on my jersey.

But I never got to
wear that jersey.

Somebody stole it.

Care to guess who
that somebody was?


- Yeah.
- Why?

- Let me finish.
- Please do.

I very politely tell him...

"That's my jersey."

He's like, "No, it's not.
It's mine."

I say, "Ask the coach."

But T.J. refuses, so...

I say,
"I'll ask the coach."

Then T.J. goes:
"Is the coach your dad?"

It just so happened
my dad was the coach.

Ooh, I was afraid
you were gonna say that.

"Wittle baby has to wun
and get his daddy!

He's angwee."

And I was angwee!
I mean, angry.

So I yelled, "Just give me
back my jersey!"

"Oh, is Wittle Baby
gonna cwy now?"

Did you cry?

There's no crying
in baseball.

That's not
an actual rule.

Yes, it is.

That's just a line
from a movie.

Are you and I going to
fight about this now?

No, no. Sorry.
What did you do?

I shoved him.

He shoved me back.

The other kids were yelling,
"Fight, fight, fight!"

"Fight, fight,
fight, fight!"

We didn't fight.

- The coach...
- Your dad.

Right. He put a stop to it.

He needed the team
to get along.

He said it would help
if I just wore another jersey.

So I did, but...

Every game, I had to see
T.J. wearing my number.

So, what happened
the next year?

I didn't go back.

I never played
Little League again.

Or basketball
or football.

Why not?

I didn't want to be on a team with T.J.
or any of his friends.

I mean, he became
this star athlete.

So did you.

On the Space Otters.

I love Ultimate,

It would have been nice
to play a real sport.

You always say
Ultimate is a real sport.


But, come on.

So, this was never

No, and I know
what you're thinking.

This is a stupid grudge and I
should have gotten over it by now.


No, it's not stupid.

Clearly, this was and important
moment in your life.

Without it, you might have been
a completely different person.

What do you mean?

Think about it.

You're the nicest person
anyone's ever met.

Maybe it's because
you don't want anyone

to feel the way
you did that day.

I don't.

The question is:

Why did T.J. do it?

He's mean.

He's always
been mean.

Eh, it's just his face.

He's really not
so mean anymore.

You know,
this is the first time

I ever talked about this.

I'm glad we had
this conversation.

Me too.

I'm ready to let it go.

I'm not.

So, what's the latest

on the whole
Buffy-Walker situation?

Still a situation.

Girl Code's still
being broken?

Technically, I guess.

Although, I don't know,
maybe some of this girl stuff

is not so cut and dry.

Maybe it should be called,
Girl Recommendations

or Girl Loose Guidelines.

That's the one problem
with Girl Code.

A little too
open to interpretation.

It should come
with a label.

"The following codes
are merely suggestions."

Girl Code may result
in nausea, insecurity,

loss of sleep,
and weight gain.

"Be careful when
using Girl Code."

"Girl Code is not available
in all 50 states."

Results may vary.

"If side effects occur, please
consult your other girlfriends."

- Where are we?
- You'll see.

This is the party?

Yeah, isn't it cool?

It's a warehouse.


I'm used to parties with silly
string, accessible bathrooms

and my mother DJ'ing!

That guys has a beard.

Welcome to your first
high school party.

This is a high school party?

I'm not ready
for a high school party.

Don't worry, Bambi.
I'll protect you.

- Isn't this cool?
- What?

Are you having fun?

You will!

I was just like you
the first time I came.

Come on!


Okay, excuse me.


We got separated.


I've always wanted
to do this.

I know.

Sorry it took 15 years.

It was worth the wait.


Agh. It's, uh...

It's Andi.

"I'm at a warehouse party.

I lost Amber. I don't
know how to get home."


She... She dropped
a pin.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you take us
to this address?


What is she doing
at a warehouse party?

Let's focus on the good news.
She texted us.

She wants us
to come get her.

Is this as fast
as we can go?

I can't believe I'm finally
on a carriage ride

the one night I don't want
to be on a carriage ride.


Don't worry.
I got this.

Excuse me, drive.
Stop please.

Please stop.

What are you
gonna do?


Text me when
you find her.

I will.



You're killing it
as a dad.

Go get our girl.

What took you
so long?

I ran all the way here.

Why didn't you drive?

Thanks for coming
to rescue me, Dad.

You're my hero, Dad.

That too.

Let's get out of here.


What's going on?

Are-Are you leaving?


You better believe
she's leaving.

We thought she was
staying at your place.

She never said anything
about a party.

I'm just glad we put
that spyware on your phone.

That's how we found you.

Don't blame Andi.
I'm the one who brought...

Nice try, Amber. But Andi
makes her own decisions.

She's gonna have to face the
consequences for those decisions.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
- Let's go, young lady.

Call your mother!
She's worried sick.

And the Oscar
goes to you.

That was so believable.
I had no idea you could act.

I meant it.

All of what I just said.

Wait. You're mad at me?

No. I'm not mad
at you, exactly.

I just don't want to think
of you at parties like this

and now I have to.

But, I was responsible.

I mean, I knew
I shouldn't be in there.

And I texted you.

You did. And you should
always, always do that.

But what you should never do it
be there in the first place.

I need to be able
to trust you.

And right now,
at this moment, I don't.

Did you hear that?

I did.

And I'm sorry.

I won't do it again,
I promise.

That was my dad

I just turned into
my dad.


I think you just
turned into my dad.

♪ Don't ever put out ♪

♪ The fire you bring ♪

♪ The heavens still sing ♪

- Call your mother.
- Oh. Okay, Dad.


Here she is.

- Where?
- There.


Need a lift?

What is with
the horse-drawn carriage?


Were you two
on a date?

Did I ruin your evening?
I feel horrible.

A buggy ride?

I have the cutest parents.

Uh! This is so much better
than a party in a warehouse.

That's crazy.

Hey. That never happened.

It doesn't matter.

We don't need to do this.

Well, I don't want you
going around your whole life

thinking I stole
your Little League jersey!

But you did!

I did not!

What if I told you
that there was a way

that we could
settle this debate,

once and for all?


Did you know the Little
League organization

you both played for
has a website?


Well, on that website,

are photos of all the
previous Little League teams.

Including yours.

- I told you!
- I told you!

It's 21.

It is 21.

Oh, no.

Ah, man.
This is embarrassing.

When I look
at this jersey,

I see a 12.

It's clearly 21.

To you.

To most people.


I have a learning disability.

It's a kind of dyslexia, but
with numbers instead of words.


I didn't know
I had it back then.

I only found out
a few months ago.

I'm sorry.


No, I owe you
the apology.

And I owe you one too.

For holding on to this
stupid grudge for so long.

I never even
thanked you for

helping me at Cyrus's
Bar Mitzvah party.

That was the most scared
I've ever been in my life.

Yeah. What was
going on then?

Panic attack.

I get those now.

Everyone's got something
they got to deal with.

Fear of flamingos.

Both real and plastic.



So, how was the party?

It was like being in
a crowded subway car,

in a steam room,

with speakers right here

doing this all night:

Sounds fun.

It wasn't.

This is fun.

You are fun.

I was hoping...

that the DanceDance Film
Festival was still happening.

Oh, yeah. That'll be
going all night.

Do you think we'll still be
doing this when we're 20?

I hope. But that's like,
100 years from now.

♪ 'Cause I want it all ♪
Synchronized by srjanapala

♪ Wrapped up and tied ♪

♪ I want the world ♪

♪ I'm gonna make it mine ♪

♪ Whatever's hot ♪

♪ Sparkle and shine ♪

♪ I want it now ♪

♪ I want it,
Yeah I want it ♪

♪ 'Cause I want it now ♪
Synchronized by srjanapala

♪ I want it now ♪

Next on
Andi Mack...

You know that Jefferson
has a secret society?

One of you is going
to be invited to join.

Which one?

I don't know. I shouldn't
even be telling you this.

But I wanted you
to be prepared.

I knew this is what
would happen.


I just said, I wanna
buy a wedding dress.

You should be melting.

- Whoa.
- There's more.

Bex, this is the one.

I wish Andi were here.

- Andi!
- Andi!