Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Hole In The Wall - full transcript

Andi is embarrassed when Jonah performs a song about her; Bowie decides to renovate Bex and Andi's apartment to make it big enough for their whole family to live in; Buffy conducts her first girls' basketball team tryouts.

Previously on Andi Mack...

- You need to go talk to Coleman.
- About what?

Kinda told him that you did my homework.

I'm suspended from the team.

That's so unfair!

I'm starting a girl's basketball team.

Bowie, you should be a guitar teacher.

He's amazing. By my second lesson,

he had me writing a song, and my
third was performing on the stage.

♪ Words to make you stay... ♪

I think this song is about you.

♪ The only thing I wish for ♪

♪ Is being around you ♪

- I just want to be friends.
- I want to be friends, too.

So, we both want to go back
to just being friends...

But you don't want to break up with me,

and I don't want to break up with you.

- Is that allowed?
- I think we just did it.

I do feel weird around Walker.

You don't really want him to come to
the Color Factory with us, do you?

I'm sorry.

They are having a blast without me.

- Why aren't you there?
- I can't. I mean, with Buffy,

when she's with Walker...

and she'd rather be with
Walker than with me...

Mmm, this is so good.

Just so you know,
when we're living together,

you're making these every day.

That reminds me! I can't
believe I forgot to tell you!

Our lease...

- it was accepted.
- What?!

- When?!
- This morning!

- We got the new place.
- We got the new place!

Wait, wait, excuse me.
Are you two moving?

We're gonna need a bigger
place when we get married.

And you didn't think to tell me?

I mean, we had a family meeting

about changing breakfast cereals!

But this was a secret?

- It has two bathrooms.
- Two bathrooms?

And closets, and a place
for a washer and dryer...

And I'd get a bedroom.

I mean, I can't crash
on your couch forever, Andi.

Let's go there now! I want to see it!

There's not much to see. It needs work.

Oh, but we do have pictures!

Show me the pictures!

I left them in my car.
I'll be right back.

I can't believe you went looking
for our home without me.

We wanted to surprise you.


You treat me like a little kid.
I don't need surprises.

What is happening?! Do something!

- Surprise!
- It's the new place!

The apartment next door!

I'm gonna knock this wall down,

before you know it,
we'll have one big apartment!

Okay, fine. That was a good surprise.

♪ But I'm with you all the way


No. Why would I be nervous?

Because you're about to start
a girls basketball team.

Only the entire history
of this school and your future

will depend on what's on
the other side of this door.

Still not nervous.

You think anyone showed up?

- Yeah...
- What if you walk through that door,

and nobody's there?

I feel like you guys are deliberately
trying to make me nervous.

It's not going to work.

See? I told him. You're a rock.

And now he owes me
the muffin of my choice.

Okay, now I'm nervous.

Blueberry macadamia.

There's no such muffin.

Then, I guess you have
your work cut out for you.

Hey, welcome. Glad you guys
showed up. I'm Buffy.

Okay, let's go!

Shoot with one hand, not two!

Touch the line! Ease up!
Don't drag your feet!

You know what? Let's take a break.

This is a nightmare.

Nobody's going to want to coach us.

They're terrible.

They're not terrible.
They're just not you.

What does that mean?

That it's tryouts.

They're out and they're trying.

That's all you can expect.

They need encouragement.

Positive reinforcement.

I'm supposed to take
your advice after how you

treated me when I was on your team?

Well, you're lookin' like
the kinda captain I was.

- Is that what you want to be?
- No.

Ooh! I got one!

- Me, too!
- Me, first.


Here, my turn.

Perfect. Don't move.

Got it.

Can you even believe this?

I know... people still buy albums?

No! I mean, our invention!
The "no break-up break-up."

It works! I mean, look at us,
hanging out with no drama.

I know! It's fun.

Everything used to be so complicated.

You laughing when I fell at the arcade.

You buying me that piece of rice
with my name misspelled.

The bracelet!

Speaking of that...
I'm sure you've noticed...

You're not wearing it anymore.
I did notice.

I may have lost it at camp.

It's fine. I don't care.

I thought you'd be mad.


I'm relieved.

That thing was way more trouble
than it was worth.

Hey, I'm putting together a list
for open mic tomorrow night.

Got any preference on time slot?

Why would I need a time slot?

Because you're on the list to play.

And, right now, you...

yep, you are the only one on the
list, so you kind of have to do it.

I only have one song.

You're a one-hit-wonder! People
have built careers on less.

Do you want to open or close?

You could do both.

I can't play that song again.

He absolutely can't.

Then, I guess you're gonna
have to write another one.

I barely wrote the first one.

But now you know how to do it!

- I do?
- Yeah!

You just pick a moment in your
life where you felt something.

One of the three.

Three? Really, Andi?

Sorry. That was mean.

I can only think of two.




I'm trying to do yoga!

Turn it up!

Thank you!

♪ Touchdown, street sounds ♪

♪ Go crazy for the New York ladies ♪

♪ Kick back, lookin' around ♪

♪ Summer in the city,
goin' underground ♪

♪ Break out, hit the town ♪

♪ Go crazy for the drop top ladies ♪

♪ Beats off, face out ♪

♪ The rhythm of life,
drop it to the ground ♪

What are you doing?


Okay, we have a problem.

What is it?

Away from the hole.

♪ Take this party higher on the floor ♪

What's up?

All my special shower stuff is missing!

What do you mean "missing"?

I mean, it's not in the shower!

My eucalyptus body scrub, my
charcoal soap... they're all gone!

Well, I didn't take them.

I know... he did.


Yes! I mean, he had access,
he had opportunity,

he's the only one that would...

- Easy!
- You think this is funny.

I think this is a
new situation for all of us.

We just have to learn to adapt.

Oh, really? Well...

your special shower stuff
is missing too.

What special shower stuff?

Your coconut oil hair mask.

Oh, that's fine.
I barely use it, anyway.

- Your primrose conditioner.
- Plenty to go around.

Your sea sponge.

- Family meeting!
- Yep.

You can't just go scouring
through our apartment

like it's a drug store aisle!

What were you thinking?

You forget. I was on a tour bus for
two months with a bunch of dudes.

You don't want to know
what we were using for soap.

I mean, I was there,
and I don't even know.

It's really hard to be mad at you

when your hair and skin
look this radiant.

I feel like sunshine.

Could you please just ask next
time, before taking something?

Absolutely. It won't happen again.

Did you use my over-priced
peppermint shampoo as body wash?!

Was that wrong?

Yes, it was very wrong!

- Why?!
- Because...

one is shampoo, and one is body wash.

- They're all made with the same stuff.
- Just stop!


nobody signed up
for round two of tryouts?

People tend to go on vacation
around the third week of school.

Or maybe word got out
after the first round

that the captain was super cranky.

It's easy for you. You have
more players than you need.

You have nine. That should be enough.

They were flopping all over the court.

I mean, you were there!

It was like teaching fish.

Not so easy leading a team, is it?


and I feel like nothing I say
or do will make a difference.

Wow... there's that can't-do
spirit that makes a great captain.

What? They're never
going to look like a team.

Unless... they look like a team.

You lost me.

I think I need a favor.
You still owe me, right?

- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

How did Buffy's basketball tryouts go?

- Do you know?
- Yeah, I was there...

- And...
- Why don't you just ask Buffy?

Have you not talked to her
since the Color Factory?


And I was hoping I could start a
conversation with, "Congratulations!"

Yeah, you can't do that.


Well, in that case, I'm just
gonna go save some seats.

I'm really proud of you, man.
You've come a long way.

I mean, you wrote this song
all on your own.

You might want to hold that
compliment till you hear it.


Good Hair Crew... unite!

- Hey.
- Hi.

I saved a seat for Walker,
in case he's coming.

He's not.

It looked like you had fun
at the Color Factory.

- Why didn't you come?
- Let's... not get into that.

How did basketball tryouts go?

Let's not get into that.

All right, all right,

you guys ready for the show to start?

Most definitely!

Our first performer is making his
second appearance here on stage.

And we're lucky to have him back.

Give it up for Jonah Beck!

How's everyone doing tonight?

Ooo. Patter.

- We're doing good!
- Glad to hear it!

Nice shirt!

- I'll take it from here.
- Okay.

This is a new song. Hope you like it.

♪ The night before I left ♪

♪ I walked her to the door ♪

♪ To say goodbye, and she cried ♪

♪ She cried ♪

♪ She cry-ee-i-ee-ied ♪

♪ She could not stop
the tears from falling ♪

♪ No matter how hard she tried ♪

♪ And she cried, she cried ♪

What's wrong?

This song's about me.

♪ I never seen her look so sad ♪

♪ She must have been in so much pain ♪

This is not how it went down.

I definitely did not cry,
and cry, and cry.

♪ ...pouring rain ♪

♪ I didn't know what to say ♪

♪ Everything felt so wrong ♪

♪ So I picked up my guitar ♪

♪ And I wrote her this song ♪

♪ The night before I left ♪

♪ I walked her to the door
to say goodbye ♪

♪ And she cried, she cried ♪

♪ She cry-ee-i-ee-ied ♪

♪ She cry-ee-i-ee-i-ee-i-ee-ied ♪

- ♪ Whoa-oh-oh ♪

I'm fine.

They're all staring at me.

Yes! She's known some heartbreak!

Now, let's just let her
move past it! Yeah?

There you are. You took off last
night without saying goodbye.

Well, at least I didn't cry,
and cry, and cry.

And for the record,
I was a little misty,

I wasn't watering the lawn!

You didn't like it?

Jonah, I was humiliated.

You guys said to write about a moment
in my life when I felt something.

Right, when you felt something.

Not when I felt something!

But I did feel something.

Well, you conveniently
left that part out.

So, what can I do to make it up to you?

Can you un-sing what you sang?

- Help!
- Easy, JB. We can fix this.


I have some ideas. What kind
of budget are we working with?

Well, you did it.

I did, didn't I?

They look like a team.

Now, I just have to get
them to play like a team.

Hey, thanks for sharing
your jersey connection.

If you need sneakers, I also got a guy.

Where are they going?

I don't know. They've been walking
around like that all day.

They must really like those uniforms.

Can we please talk about anything
other than Jonah's song?

Sure. But I can't stop
thinking about it.

Sorry, it's catchy!

Especially the part where he says:
" Cry-ee-i-ee-ied."

And we don't change the subject,
then I-ee-I-ee-I'm leaving.

Please no.

What is happening right now?

I may not be able
to un-sing what I sang.

But I can re-sing it.

I really wish you wouldn't.

♪ The night before I left ♪

♪ I walked her to the door
to say goodbye ♪

- Here it comes.
- ♪ And I cried ♪

♪ I cried ♪

♪ So many tears I cried ♪

♪ I never ever felt so sad ♪

♪ I've never been in so much pain ♪

♪ I never ever felt so bad ♪

♪ Eyes look like they're pourin' rain ♪

♪ I didn't know what to say ♪

♪ Everything felt so wrong ♪

♪ So I picked up my guitar ♪

♪ And I wrote her this song ♪

♪ The night before I left ♪

♪ I walked her to the door ♪

♪ To say goodbye, and I cried ♪

♪ I cried ♪

♪ I cry-ee-i-ee-ied ♪

♪ I cried, I cried ♪

♪ So many tears I cried ♪

And that's how it went down.

Remember how we were
congratulating ourselves

for being able to hang out
with no drama or complications?

We were so wrong.

It's like a whole new set
of buttons have been installed,

just waiting to be pushed.

We're still pretty lucky
to have each other as exes.

Are you kidding?
We are the Best Exes Ever.

Best Exes Ever Forever.


Sure! Why not?

And we'll always be able
to hang out at Red Rooster,

no matter what buttons get pushed.

Even if it's the biggest
button of them all.

What button's that?

The one where one of us
likes somebody else.


Can you imagine what it's gonna
be like when that happens?

Sorry, I gotta go.

Looks like I won't have to imagine it.

Next, on Andi Mack.

Would you like to go with me to taste
cakes for your mother's wedding?

Who could say no to that?

Saddle up, and get ready
to bride! Woo-hoo!

You guys find a cake?

Yeah, I have buttercream
coursing through my veins.

We had your cake,
now you need to eat it, too.

It just would've been nice
for Buffy to at least

give me a heads up that
she's bringing Walker today.

Andi's in a canoe with Amber...

How did that happen?

Your best friend... is with him?

- I was never really with him...
- You were!

And now, she is. That is the
#1 violation of girl code.