Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - There's a Mack in the Shack - full transcript

Previously, on Andi Mack...

Over here, I'm wide open!

Come on!

What can I do to make
things better between us?

- Quit.
- Quit?

Go play on a girls' team.

There is no girls' team!

That's not my problem.

This is where we live now.

Welcome home.

Gotta get this place in shape.
We're selling it.

But... it's our house!

You don't live here anymore.

What about AndiShack?

We gotta clean that up, too.

You really do need to tell Andi.

Are you kidding? She's gonna be crushed!

AndiShack has been
there for my whole life!

There's nothing else like it.

She's still making cranes?

Ten more since you last saw.

Oh, thanks.

- Well, that's an impressive flock.
- Mm.

Is she ever gonna stop?

When she reaches a thousand.

And then what happens?

Then her wish is supposed to come true.

Which it won't.

Should we try to talk to her?

There's only one thing
she wants to hear us say,

and we can't say it.

That's beautiful.

It could be in a museum.

She's made so many
amazing things out there.


I just wish that selling the house

didn't mean she needed
to lose AndiShack.

I was thinking the same thing.

- Ah!
- What?

That's why she's doing it.

Those cranes are
a glorious flock of guilt,

flying right at us.

- So we'll change our minds?
- Mm.

She's crafty.

In more ways that one.


Come in.

Thought you might want some breakfast.

No, I'm... I'm good.

Oh... they're lovely.


If only they could really fly
and lift AndiShack away.

You know, before
the bulldozers get here.

No bulldozers are coming.

They might as well be.

Andi... if there was a way
to save AndiShack, we would.

Do you mean,
besides not selling the house?

You can keep the AndiShack
sign and all of this.

That's just Andi's stuff,
piled in a corner, under a sign.


is AndiShack.

And more than anyone else...

you know that.

I do.

But now that it's just Pops and me,

this house is too big.

It's getting so quiet.

But you like quiet.

One of your favorite expressions
is "Keep it down in there."

I know, and I miss saying it.

You know what else I miss?

Wet towels on your bed.

Lights left on in every room.

Glitter footprints
tracked in from AndiShack.

Well... I could come over more often,

and do all those things.

That would be nice.

And if I did that, maybe you
wouldn't have to sell the house?

Maybe I wouldn't.

Would you be willing to give
such an arrangement a shot?

I would.

But seriously, hang up your wet towels?

Hey. What's he doin'?

Calculating his odds of getting
a chocolate chip muffin.

It's like they know I'm coming,

and they disappear
right when they see me.

They're muffins. They don't have eyes.

You're thinking of Danishes.

That's funny.

What is?

I think today's your day.


You'll jinx it.

I won't do banana nut again.
I won't do it!

I'm just gonna grab one.

Same as it ever was.


Look away, Cyrus. Look away.

Ah, oh, good.

Which of these is feathered,
flared, or vampy?

I have a quiz coming up.

Ooh. Not my area of expertise.

But... feathered, flared
and definitely vampy.

Huh. Now it seems so obvious.

- I've got some news.
- Tell me.

CeCe's not selling the house.

Yes, she is.
CeCe doesn't change her mind.

It goes against her long-held belief

of being right about everything.

Well, there's been a new development.

CeCe won't sell the house
if I spend some more time there.

So the new development is,
she's manipulating you?

I'll do whatever I
have to do to save AndiShack.

Including giving in to her blackmail?

It's not blackmail. It was my idea.

You may think it was your idea,

but it was her power of suggestion

that made you think it was
your idea in the first place.

You talk about her
like she's a supervillain.


Good luck with the eyelashes.


Good morning!

Good morning.

What's with all the boxes?

I wasn't sure which kind you liked.

So I don't have to have muesli?

I'm not your mom anymore. I'm your CeCe.

And breakfast at CeCe's is fun!

I do have muesli, though, heh.

Want some muesli?

I never wanted muesli.


I like to create my own signature blend.

Oh, how disgus... original.

Be my guest, blend away.

In fact, I am gonna join you.

Good morning.


What's the matter?

My flavors are off.

- I need Scadoodles.
- No... What?

Give it to her.

Her flavors are off.

So, how is yours?

Mm, it's delicious.

- Right?
- Mmm.

Oh, shoot! I'm late.

I only have left enough time
to skip breakfast.

- Oh.
- Huh.

Bye, guys.

- Bye.
- Bye.


- Muesli? Mm-hmm.
- Yes, please!

Okay, everybody. Quadratic
equations exam tomorrow.

Oh, Buffy, a minute?

What's up, Mr. C?

I have a favor.

There's a student who needs tutoring.

- You want me?
- I think you'd be great at it.

And it's algebra, which
you can do in your sleep.

I can, and I have.

But I've never tutored before.

I have full confidence in you.

And you're kind of my last hope.

We've been through
a lot of tutors already.

Sure. I'm happy to try. Who is it?

He's actually a teammate of yours.

Oh. Well, as long as it isn't...

- Him?
- Her?

- No way!
- I'm out.

You don't have an option.

You fail this class,
and you're off the team.

You don't want that, do you?

Only in my wildest dreams.

But he... he's your teammate.

And in his own wise words, which
he recently shared with me...

"That's not my problem."

♪ Welcome to the bottom of the
bottom, the insane asylum ♪

♪ If I saw 'em and I had to get
'em, Yeah, I prolly got 'em ♪

♪ Corner boostin', Mix up the
solution, I am such a problem ♪

♪ Crazy goon and gone off that
pollution with a group of goblins ♪

You want me to ask her to turn it down?

No! There's sound coming out
of that room again!

- Don't you love it?
- Well, of course I do.

♪ If you ready, come and visit us ♪

♪ On the wild side, where we
residents and prisoners ♪

♪ On the wild side... ♪

Oh. Is it too loud?

No! Turn it up!

You called this music "ear trash."

My ears had a change of heart!

♪ 'Bout to hit lick
By default, guilty to the law ♪

♪ Since I been a kid ♪

Where'd you learn to do that?

I've been taking classes!

I thought you were...

I thought you were taking
some kind of cardio!

What does this look like to you?

Come join us!

- Go, Pops.
- Come on!

You know you want to!

Oh, I don't want to. I have to!

- Whoo!
- That's right, come on!

♪ The wild side, the wild side ♪

♪ Born rebel, we born running ♪

♪ We push the pedal to the
metal and keep it jumping ♪

♪ Yeah, you know that we won't stop ♪

♪ Yeah you know that we can't stop ♪

Breakfast is so much
fun when you stay over.

- Frosted.
- Mm-hmm.

But not too sweet.

With a hint of peanut butter.

Nailed it!

Guess who landed two tickets
to the Tape Tunnel?


- Take me!
- No, take me!

What is it?

It's the new exhibit at the art museum.

It's like a spiderweb, but
it's made out of packing tape,

and you can climb through it!

Oh. It's okay, you can take her.

Okay, eat up. Our entry time is 9:15.

- This morning?
- What about school?

Ah, you can be a little late.

I'm skipping school
and this is your idea?

It's only a few hours.

I can call the school and let 'em
know you'll be a little late.

Okay! Come on! We gotta go!

I haven't finished my cereal yet.

Okay, we'll stop for a donut.

"We'll stop for a donut"?

Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Speaking of Toto, can we get a dog?

I haven't completely lost my mind.

Two, three, four...


Another day, another
soul-crushing disappointment.


This is how it is, Buffy.

You have to tutor me.

I'm team captain.

Sure, T.J. Here's your first lesson:

X times Y equals ain't gonna happen.

Well, if I'm not on the team,

then you "ain't gonna" win another game.

If you don't pass me the ball,

why should I help you pass a class?


I'll pass you the ball.

Do we have a deal?


You get my friend Cyrus here, a
chocolate chocolate chip muffin...

then we have a deal.

You can't get your own muffin?

I didn't need this extra level
of embarrassment.

But no.

Well, I can do it, but...
teach a man to fish?

Walk to the muffin
like you already own it.

He can't do that.

Hey, don't tell him what he can't do.

Dancing with danger
is on my bucket list.

Then what do I do?

Take the muffin.

That's it?

Just don't let anybody
stand in your way.

Mind if I, uh...


He's with me.

You're gonna taste so sweet.

I'll need at least a C-plus.

Why doesn't anyone in this
family answer their phones?

I'm sorry, I left mine upstairs.

What's wrong?

I got a call from the school.
Andi never showed up.

She was only supposed
to be a little late.

Why was she supposed to be late?

Your mom took her to a tape tunnel.

You can crawl through it.

Uh, I... I don't know,
it's a thing, uh...

Well, it doesn't take eight hours
to crawl through a tape tunnel.


Where were you?

You had me worried sick!

You know what's great
if you're feeling sick?


They're not usable,
they're decorative only.

- Not important right now.
- All right.


You should've called somebody.

We were having fun.

I lost track of time.

Sound familiar?

I was a kid when I said that.

You're supposedly a responsible adult.

This deal is a terrible idea.

What deal?

Uh, it wasn't really a deal.

It was kind of a deal.

Andi agreed to spend more time here so

you wouldn't have to sell the house.

Don't you think
you should've consulted me?


I have an idea.

You sell the house, but not AndiShack.

I'm confused but intrigued.

Keep going.

Take AndiShack with you.

Move it to your new backyard.

- Would that even be possible?
- Sure!

Celia, you're doin' it again.
Stop getting her hopes up.

But it is possible!

Not if we move to Paris.

- Are you moving to Paris?
- Paris?

No, it's just a foolish dream,

like sailing around the world.

Us, can you imagine?

I can.

So we can live our foolish dreams.

If we sell the house.

Then, I... I think you should.

You guys both really deserve it.

Oh, Andi, you're not
standing in the way.

We should go.

I need to find out
what I missed at school today.

You know what's weird?

Tell me.

At first, I didn't want them
to sell the house.

But... now I don't care
as much about the house.

I just really, really
don't want to lose them.

Oh, Tin Man, you had a heart all along.

Stop. I'm... I feel guilty.

- About what?
- You thought CeCe was manipulating me.

But she wasn't.

She tried really, really hard, Bex.

She bought cereal that she hates

and pretended to eat it.

Then we had a dance party, in my room.

That sounds... awkward.

No. She's a good dancer.

I mean it. She's changed.

She's... fun now.

She is? Like how fun?

On a scale of one to me?

Who is it? Is it her?

CeCe! I'm so sorry!

No, I'm sorry.

You didn't do anything.

Neither did you.

I manipulated you.

It didn't work, but...

Actually, it did.

We took the house off the market.

Wait. No. No.
You have to sell the house.

Hey. Shh.

It's just for now. We need a plan.

Your father wants to live
on a boat, which... no.

Hey, congratulations.

Your little scheme worked.

You're the puppet master now.

But I do still want to hang out.
I mean, if you do.

I'm on my way to dance class
if you wanna join me.


- Go get dressed!
- Okay.

Oh! You're welcome to join us.

No, no, I couldn't.

Impossible... Well, if you insist.

Go get dressed.

What's wrong with this?
Can't I work out in this?

Freestyle, y'all, come on!

Pop. Give a turn here! Here we go!

And... freeze!

You should've told me
people got dressed up!


Swing arms! Hip! Hip! Hip!

♪ We're climbin' up a step higher ♪

Turn it back! Strut and down!

♪ Don't you know! Here we go! ♪

Hey! Ha! Cha-cha-cha!

♪ Everybody gettin' together ♪

Hey! All right! Let's go!
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hey!

- Stop!
- ♪ the only rule ♪

- Stop!
- ♪ Get on up and act a fool ♪

- Stop!
- ♪ Shake it up and play it cool ♪

- Sizzle it out! Hey!
- Woo!

♪ Stepping up the feelin' ♪

Hey! Hey! Push it back!

Let's go! And out!

See the rabbit!

- ♪ See the rabbit ♪
- Let's go!

Hey! Cha-cha-cha!

♪ Let's get it started ♪

♪ Let's get it started ♪

Uh, you were great.

I saw you krumping.
I can never unsee that.

At least I know how to krump.

Boom! Roasted!

Okay, okay, but next time...

Yay! There's gonna be a next time!

So, how's the Cobb salad here?

This place serves salad?

Oh, what do you usually get?

- Should we?
- She's not ready.

Excuse me, I'm wearing harem
pants, and I can nae-nae.

Clearly, I'm ready.

Is that Jonah?

- Was it awesome, though?
- Yes, it was!

- Who's he with?
- I don't know!

Wait. What's happening?

It's Jonah.

Don't look!


Chinese New Year Jonah.

Year of the Dog Jonah.

He's your boyfriend.

Mom, not now.

I'm just tryin' to get up to speed here.

He's with a girl.

Don't look!

We're not just gonna sit here, are we?

Please, no.

Let's go out that way.

Keep going! Don't look!

Next, on Andi Mack...

I saw you at The Spoon with
some person I didn't know.

You mean Natalie.

She's just a friend.

What is this? When was this?
Where was this?

Who's pool is that?

When I was with Jonah, he
told me the exact same thing.

That you were just a friend.

Hello. You're not Bowie.

He's got a landscaping job.

He asked me to watch the shop.

I heard you met Miranda.

I think it was like at first sight.

She liked you, too.

I was thinking I'd like to ask him out.