Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Mama - full transcript

Andi learns more about her past on the anniversary of the day Bex left home. Jonah attempts to teach Cyrus how to skateboard.

Previously, on Andi Mack...

Hey, Jonah.

Hey, Cyrus.

Do you see that?
Jonah Beck sayin' hi to me?

Like, wha'ever. No B.D.,
we're friends...

Okay, look, not everything
has to be a competition.

But can it be?

You made the team?

- Yes!
- I knew you would.

Bex coming back is the best thing

that has ever happened to me.

Don't make her leave again.

Again? What did you tell her?

Nothing, I swear.

I... Uh...

I don't want her to think
I sent you away.

Well, I know that's not what you think.

Because that's not what happened.

Mom, we've been having
this fight for 13 years.

I've resigned myself to the fact

that we'll never agree what happened.

I'm the kid here. You're the adults,

it's your job to figure this out.

So, tell me the names of the moves.

I made up a little song.

- Why?
- 'Cause it's easier if I sing it.

♪ R is right and F is face ♪

♪ U's up here and D's
downtown but flipped around ♪

♪ And Prime is backwards 'cause you do ♪

♪ things backwards when
you're in your Prime ♪

I didn't say it was a good song.

So if I say U2, what do you do?

Twist, twist.

Very good.

- If I say D Prime...
- Kah-choo.

Nice! Show me Jackhammer!

R-U, R Prime, U Prime!

Ah, this is all I wanna do today.

Just sit here and learn
to do this puzzle.

Nothing else. Just this.

All day? You don't have much
confidence in your puzzle skills.

Hey, if we got time left over, we can

work on my fidget spinning skills.

It's from CeCe.
She's doing a "closet cleanse"?

What's the point? It's just gonna
get cluttered in two weeks anyway.

She says if we want anything, we'd

better come pick it up today, otherwise

she's throwing it out.

- I'm telling her yes.
- No, we're busy!

It'll only take an hour.

And then... we can cleanse the fridge?

get some bread, cold cuts and
cheese to go with our mustard?

I can't. Not today.

Why not?

- I need your room.
- Why?

It has a door.

What's going on?

I'm sorry.

Today's just a very hard day for me.

Yeah, I... I got that.

Thirteen years ago,
when you were a baby...

I'll never forgive myself.

I'm so sorry, Andi.

- Today's the day when...
- You left home.

You know what today is.

Oh, honestly, I don't remember.

Mom... don't even.

Oh. Shouldn't there be more?

What shouldn't I even?

I'm sorry, I can't do this.
I don't wanna be here.

Listen. If I can forgive both of you

for lying to me for 13 years,

then you should be able
to forgive each other

for whatever happened 13 years ago.

- She has a point.
- She always does.

We need Pops. Where is he?

He's at his Hot Yoga class.

Dad's doing Hot Yoga?

I did not know that.

There's a lot you don't know about us.

Well, it's not like
opening up and sharing

- is your specialty.
- Okay!

Today's about forgiveness.


From, like, a second ago?

Barchu et adonai...

Barchu et adonai ham-vo... Jonah!

Hey, Cyrus!

What can't you do?

What's that?

Hebrew. I'm studying for my bar mitzvah.

You shoulda gotten the save-the-date.

I did. I'm savin' it.

You can read that?

How do you say docious
magocious in Hebrew?

Mm... You don't.

But I appreciate your pretend interest.

Dude, don't put yourself down like that.

You think this is me
putting myself down?

You should see me when
I'm really putting myself down.

Actually, you shouldn't. It's dark.

Well, there's something I couldn't do.
Read that.

I'd much rather be able to do that.

You wanna skateboard?

I can teach you right now.

Ah-ha-ha, good one.

Cyrus, it's easy. You can do it.


Hold on. Let me turn
down my mother's voice

screaming "No" in my head.

I swear, I'm not selling anything.

It's for this class at school.

Community service.

Our grades depend on how
many people we can sign up.

Nice to know you care, Buffy.

Millie, of course I care.

You know I've always been
a really great neighbor.

No, you haven't.

Well, I'm being one now.

How would you like a hot meal
delivered to your door every day?

Healthy food?

- Lots of vegetables?
- Tons of vegetables.

No, thanks. You can sign me up

when you find a food service
that delivers baby taters

and milkshakes.

That's my favorite meal, too.

I like to dip my baby taters
in my milkshake.

Me, too!

Only two times in your life you're
allowed to eat like that...

your age and my age.

Millie, I really wanna
sign you up for something.

And not just to get a good grade.

Well, what do you got?

- Social calls?
- What's that?

Somebody comes by,
oh... takes you for a walk?

Like a dog?


Well, how is it different?


Oh, or we could just sit and talk?

Watch TV?

Or maybe just play some games.

- Card games?
- Of course card games.

- Right now?
- One game.

Okay. One game.

Ever play Spite and Malice?



My tank top collection!

Look at all my tank tops!

See how I fringed
the bottom of this one?

Yeah, it looks like
your bra has a hula skirt.

You joke, but I was kind of a tank top

celebrity. It was how I layered them.

And I wore these pants.

Skull wallet with chain, natch.

And, saving the best for last...

dun-dun dahh!

I wasn't allowed to get these.

I mean, you know what that's like.

Only you listened to her. I never did.


It wasn't just what she said,
it was... how she said it.

Like I was stupid,
and everything I did was wrong.

But I looked cute.

Do you wanna see my signature outfit?


So what actually happened?

It's not coming out, but it's
just lipstick, I think it's fine.

It's not the end of the world.

No, it's just the end of Andi's clothes.

She can wear them, she won't care.

Live like a farm animal if you want.

I won't let you raise Andi that way.

Um, she's my daughter.

You can't take care of her!
You don't know how!

Yes, I do!

Look, it's not just
changing her diaper, Rebecca.

What... What if she gets strep throat?

An ear infection?

What if she puts something in
her mouth and starts choking?

Do you know what to do?

How can I trust her with you?
You can't even do her laundry.

She was constantly criticizing me,

and telling me everything
I was doing was wrong.

I think you're exaggerating,
just a little bit.

Aw, Bex. I'm tryin' to clean
up, and you're makin' a mess.

Thank you, Mom, your timing was perfect.

See? What did I tell you?

What did you tell her?


Please don't ruin
my relationship with Andi.

I loved being her mother.

Can't say the same
about me, though, can you?

Feel free
to set the record straight, Mom,

tell her what a terrible child I was.

Bex wasn't a terrible child.

I just get so frustrated

when she clings to her skewed memories.

That's the main source of our conflict.

But... I want you to know
what really happened.


Your father and I are having dinner.

Would you like to join us?

Nah, I'm good.

So, have you decided what
you wanna do about school?

When I do, you'll be last to know.

I'm happy to take care of Andi
so you can get an education.

You're not raising her!

I'm just trying to help.

You had your chance to raise
a daughter and you blew it.

She's not your do-over!

Rebecca, it doesn't
have to be like this.

I'll leave a plate
for you in the fridge.

I'm sure that's very different
from what she told you.

Very different, you could say that.

You could also say completely different.


- Okay if I come in?
- Hey, Pops, how was Hot Yoga?

I hate it. It's the worst.

I bought a 10-class package.

- Uh-huh.
- Oh, hey. Do you know what today is?

Uh... Bex, get in here!

Today is the first time
that we've all been together

in this house, on this
date, in 13 years!


Am I the only one
who's happy about this?

I am, too! Yay!




Needs some work.

We'll get there.

You catch on quick.

Thank you.

But not quick enough.

Read 'em and weep!

Ugh! I was so close that time!

- Ohh...
- Go again?

I gotta win once.

Not going to happen.

You don't know me.

You don't know me.

I'm not leaving here until I win.

I've lost my friends,
I've lost my family,

I've lost my teeth.

But I have never lost a game!


I'm loving this! I feel so free!

This isn't skateboarding. This
is standing. You have to move.

Do I, though? When I'm blessed
with a vivid imagination.

You're one of a kind, Cyrus.

I'm actually not.
I've met my doppelganger.

Heh... How's my form?

Your form's great, but

your skateboarding leaves
something to be desired,

but that's okay.

I was hoping we'd be able
to go skateboarding together.

You and me...? Whoa! You and me?

Skateboard buddies?

I want that.

That's great! Now just
kick it back a few times.

Cyrus, you're doin' it!

I'm doin' it!

Cyrus, slow down!

I don't know how!


I don't know how!

- Stop!
- I don't know how!



My arm!

I need an ambulance.

You two don't need to keep fighting

about whatever happened back then.

I turned out okay.

Thanks to me.

We all heard that.

One thing I still don't understand.

I get why you left.

But why that day? Did something happen?

You didn't tell her?

Tell me what?

You wanna tell her?

It's not my favorite story.

- She should know.
- Know what?

From now on, when Andi has a
check-up, I'm taking her.

Not you, just me!

Ugh! You're overreacting!

The pediatrician doesn't
even know I'm her mother!

Of course he does!

He gave me a lollipop!

For being brave when
Andi was getting her shots,

which you weren't, by the way.

Knock, knock.

What is it, Ham? We're in
the middle of something.

I think you left something
in the hallway by the coat rack?

She was still strapped in the car seat.

- Oh!
- Well, I thought I had her...

- You had her last...
- You were supposed

- to take her from me...
- No, I... I didn't...

How long was she there?

Since we got back from the doctor.

- That was 40 minutes ago.
- Ohh...

I'll take her.


Did you hear that? Did she
just say her first word?

Mama! She said Mama!

Say it again.

Mama. Mama.


- Mama.
- Aww...

Andi, I'm sorry.

Do you forgive us? I'm so sorry...


It's fine.

I just need a minute...

I made you leave.

It was me.

I can't believe the first words I ever

said were the reason why you left.

It wasn't only that word, it was all the

other words that had come before it.

Hey... I didn't wanna leave.

It was the last thing I wanted.

But the first thing I wanted
was for you to be happy.

And I don't think you would've been...

with the both of us here.

I trusted you, because I knew
how much you loved her.

That was an amazing sacrifice you made.


I don't think I could've made it.

Mom... you've never said that before.

Read 'em and weep!

Ugh! Do you have to say that every time?

Yes, I do!

At least until you actually
start weeping.

My deal.

This isn't the only thing
in your life... is it?

You really lost
all your family and friends?

Yes, I did. None of them
will play with me anymore.

Wait... They're still alive?

- So what, if they won't play cards?
- Ugh!

My friend Cyrus is in the hospital.

Um, I gotta go.

But you didn't win. You said you
wouldn't leave until you did!

Thank you so much, Millie.

For what?

For reminding me that friends are
more important than winning.

Who said that?

I didn't.

Next time bring baby taters.
And milkshakes!

And make mine chocolate!

Oh, how is he?

- I don't know.
- What happened?

I was teaching him to skateboard.

- What?
- Are you insane?

You were with him when he threw
up on the merry-go-round.

Sometimes I forget how helpless he is.

You do?

It's his defining characteristic.

Oh, here he comes.

Guys? Check it out. I'm in a sling!

Did you break your arm?

Part of it!

You had me so scared, dude.

I'm so glad nothing happened to you.


This is a milestone.

My whole life I have lived
under a cloud of fear.

"Don't climb to the top."
"Don't swim after you've eaten."

"You could get lost
and die in a corn maze."

But today, I was reckless. I stood on

the edge and looked into the abyss.

And here's the proof.

And I want you all to sign it.

Smaller. Just your first name.

Leave some room.

Hey, Mom. I'm done.

Oh. What did you decide to keep?

Not much. A few tank tops.

And these...

because they're outstanding.

And the rest of it?

It just... It feels like it
belongs to a different person.

Anyway, I don't have the room.

I gotta start saving Andi's stuff,

so she can throw it out
when she grows up.

I have a confession.

You knew what today was.

Why did you deny it?

That's what I do. It's a reflex.

So when you invited us over...

It's like this place was haunted
for one day every year.

And I thought if you were here,
it would break the spell.

I think it did.

Me too.

And this whole "come get your stuff"
routine was a ruse, I knew it.

I knew you'd never throw it away.

Oh, no, no, no, that was real.

We gotta get this place in shape.

We're selling it.

Selling what?

The house.

You're selling the house?

You can't do that,
why would you do that?

It's just too big for your dad and me.

But... it's our house!

You don't live here anymore.

What about AndiShack?
What happens to AndiShack?

We gotta clean that up, too.

Mom! Andi's gonna be devastated!

I agree. That's why you should
be prepared when you tell her.

Me? Why do I have to tell her?

Because you do all the big jobs now.

You're the mama.


♪ R is right and F is face ♪

♪ U's up here and D's
downtown, flipped around ♪

♪ And Prime is backwards
'cause you do things backwards ♪

♪ When you're in your prime ♪

It's catchy.

Long day, huh?

Too long. All I wanna do
right now is make a tent

out of my blanket
and eat animal crackers.

Oh, before that, there's
something I have to tell you.


We also have vanilla wafers.

Ooh! Yay!

Have fun.

I'll just be here singing to my cube.