Andi Mack (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Friends Like These - full transcript

Andi tries to convince her friends to find a new hangout spot to avoid Amber at The Spoon. Buffy tries out for the boys' basketball team.

Previously, on Andi Mack...

I love basketball.

Jefferson doesn't have
a girls' basketball team.

Then I guess I have no choice.

You seem nervous. Are you nervous?

I'm not gonna make the team
if I'm as good as the boys.

I have to be better.


Ooh, secret stash.

Wait... Andy, don't!

This is that picture that you
ripped up and threw away

because you said he was nobody.

- He's just...
- Don't say he's nobody!

Is he the real reason
why you can't marry Bowie?

Why here?

Why does she have to
work here at The Spoon?

My dad really doesn't want
anyone to know he lost his job.

I promise I won't tell anyone.

Thanks for listening.

Hey, Andi.

Hey, Amber.

Get you started on a
basket of baby taters?

It's okay, I'll just wait
for Buffy and Cyrus.

Whatcha readin'?

I love that book. I cried
so hard when Cassie died.

Wait, Cassie dies?

Wait, you cried?

I have feelings.

I'm sure you do.
I've just never seen them.

You just have to get to know me better.

I have to?

I'm sorry. I... I was just being funny.

Oh, I think that guy over there
is trying to get your attention.

Okay. I see you.

Some of these customers are so needy.


Okay, that was weird.

- What?
- Amber.

She came over here
and just started... chatting.

Maybe she wants to be friends.

Why would she ever
wanna be friends with me?

Maybe she likes you.

Or maybe...

she still likes you.

I love holding hands.

Don't you just love holding hands?

Only with you.

We can do our pinkies together,

or the one-finger hold.

Or interlocking, my personal favorite.

Hand holding is truly an art.

And we are Van Goghs.

Do you wanna Van Gogh
to my house tomorrow night?

I'd Louvre to.

I can't get over us.
We're perfect for each other.

If I wasn't already holding your hand,

I would so be holding
your hand right now.

So tomorrow night,
what'd you have in mind?

Anything, it doesn't matter.

There's a new reptile documentary.

I've already seen it,

but I would happily watch it again.

I'm baby-sitting my brother, but
he has to be in bed by seven.

Oh, interesting wrinkle.

So it will just be you and me.

And a Komodo dragon. Spoiler alert.

Who's that?

That's TJ. Team captain.

We've had four classes together.

And he has no idea who I am.

All right, listen up, ballers.

Tryouts today. Roster goes up tomorrow.

Any questions? Good, none!

Wind sprints! Line 'em up!

Track-team represent!

Keep up next time.

Me? You're the one sucking air.

My heart rate's back to normal.

You're nothing if not kind.

And you're nothing if...

Nothing if what?

That's all. Just nothing.

Seriously, Buffy? You...

really think you're gonna make
the boys' basketball team?

I really think I'm gonna make the
boys' basketball team... better.

That was a foul!

This is a drill. There
aren't any fouls in a drill.

What is your problem?

You're the captain. Is this
how you treat your teammates?

You'll never know.

So, what happened at tryouts?

I'm not on the team.

They already posted the roster?

I thought that was tomorrow.

It is. But I already know.

TJ hates me.

I hate TJ.

Who's TJ?

The captain. He kept
calling me "little girl,"

saying, "Go back to your playground."

Whoa. What did you say to him?

Nothing. I'm not gonna
trash talk the captain

when I'm trying to make the team.

Which I didn't.

But he doesn't pick the
players, the coach does, right?

Yeah, but...

Hey, guys. Mind if I sit down?

My dogs are barkin'.

That's waitress-speak
for "my feet are tired."

Enjoy your childhood, kids.

It doesn't get any easier.

What was that?

I don't know.

Jonah says she wants to be friends.

Jonah just wants everything
to be docious magocious.

I think she just wants
to stay close to Jonah.

So, she's tryin' to get close
to me to make that happen.

Of course. Jonah's the one who got away.

- He's her "what if."
- She can't move on.

She needs closure.

You're making it sound so romantic.

It's the plot of every
YA novel ever written.

Even the depressing futuristic ones.


Do I have a hair growing out of my chin?

I have a question.

About "nobody."

Fire at will.

You call him "nobody," but he's
really "somebody," isn't he?

At one time. Yeah. Not anymore.

Is he the one that got away?


You know, your "what if?"

Where is this coming from?

Is he the reason you can't move on?

Oh, well, someone learned
all the buzz words today.

I'm just trying to have an
open and honest conversation.

Which you promised me we would have.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Is he the real reason
you can't marry Bowie?


Well, Andi... relationships
are... complicated.

Yeah, I know. I've been
in one less than a week,

and I'm already in the weeds.

Exactly. And guess what?

It only gets more complicated.

Even if I thought you could understand,

I couldn't explain it to you.

Well, can you at least tell me why he's

taped together in a toaster pastry box?

Because I wanted the picture,

but I couldn't put him
in my memory box... yet.

You need closure.

Do you even understand
the words you're using?

The point is, do you?

You better be messin' with us.

- I am!
- You made the team?

I knew you would!

I wanna go call my mom.

Hi, Mommy. It's me.

Guess what? I made it!
I'm on the basketball team!

Um, I'll make sure Dad records the
games so you can watch me play.

I love you.

Call me later if you can.

- Did you...?
- No.

Oh, I'm sorry. That stinks.

But you did.

You probably can't tell right now,
but I'm really happy for you.

Don't worry. She won't last long.

What are you doing?

I don't think we were ever introduced.

Buffy. The new shooting guard?


You look like the new bench warmer.

Well, funny. You look...

What happened to your
great bantering skills?

They're on vacation.
With your fashion sense.

Oh. There they are.

I don't see her.

There she is.

This is ridiculous.
We have to celebrate.

Not here.

What's the worst that could happen?

"What's the worst that could happen?"

You know the story about the
guy with the pet python?

No, but I already love it.

He got the snake
when it was just a baby.

Raised it and played with it.

Like it was a normal pet.

He didn't keep it in a cage?

- Can I finish the story?
- Please!

One morning, the guy wakes up.

And the snake is lying next
to him, completely straight.

Not moving. The guy pokes it a
few times, but nothing happens.

He gets very sad because he's
sure his pet snake is dead.

- I'm scared.
- Go on, go on!

Calls his vet, tells him
what's going on.

And the vet screams,
"Get out! Right now!

The snake is measuring you
to see if it can eat you."


As a herpetologist, I know that
that's not accurate reptile behavior,

but as a lover of stories, A-plus!

What was the point of that story?

I think, you've got
yourself a pet snake.

And she's measuring you.

We need to find a new hangout.

Bye, Spoon.


Is it too salty?

It's perfect.

- The movie?
- All cued up.

- Better?
- Much.

No we can really see
all the scales and teeth.

- Ready?
- Mm-hm.

Komodo dragon!

Pit viper!

What's he eating?

Don't worry, it's just a mere-cat.

You're so funny.

This is the alligator snapping turtle.

Ugh, I thought turtles were cute.

Its strong jaws can amputate body
organs, fingers and limbs...

Should I turn it off?

No, I'm having so much fun.

Aren't you?

I sure am!

Once the snake
has the prey in its mouth...

But maybe we can turn it down.

Can I watch it from here?

I feel safer. Like you're protecting me.

From these guys? Not a chance.

We would both be so dead by now.

I would miss you.

I'd miss you, too.

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

That was... That was terrible.

It'll get better.

No, it won't.

I'm, um... I'm gonna go.

I'm sorry.

These baby taters are awful.

Don't call them baby taters.
That's an insult to baby taters.

What a waste. I can't believe some
potato gave its life for this.

Why did we come here, anyway?

Because sometimes it's fun
to try a new place.

And sometimes it's not.

Let's just go back to The Spoon.

I get that you guys
are the Good Hair Crew,

or... whatever.

- We're not the Good Hair Crew.
- You can join!

What aren't you tellin' me?

It's Amber. I don't wanna
be friends with her.

Why not?

Where should I start? Should it be
the time that she humiliated me

in front of your locker?

I forgot about that.

Or the time that she
embarrassed you at your party?

She felt bad about that.

Plus, she cheated on you!

Can of worms, do not open.

But mostly, it's that I don't trust her.

Why would she ever
want to be friends with me?

I can only think of one reason...

I told her to.


Why would you do that?

Because she's goin' through
some hard stuff.

What stuff?

She asked me not to say.

Mm-mm, that is not how it works.

You can't bring up a topic and
then say you can't talk about it.

You say that like it's a rule.

Because it is. But it's our rule,

and it doesn't apply to everybody.

It should.

Let's just say that right now,
Amber could use some friends.

I told her you guys were cool, but...
it's up to you.

Barely halfway through seventh grade,

and Jonah Beck is saying I'm cool.

Jonah Beck is telling
other people I'm cool.

He says that all the time,
about everybody.

Please don't take this away from me.

Oh, how'd it go with Iris last night?

Bad. Really bad.
I don't wanna talk about it.


We had our second kiss.
It wasn't really a kiss,

it was some mutant form of contact.

I don't wanna talk about it.

- Then we won't talk about it...
- But what does it mean?

Are we talking about it?

I don't know.

Someday, I will have to talk to my
four shrink parents about this.

Not today.

So, when it happened, what did you feel?

What was going through your mind?

That I'd rather be watching a snake

eat an elephant than be doing this.

Not a good sign, is it?

Buffy, am I gonna be okay?

Cyrus. You already are okay.



- Cleaning out your closet?
- Yep.


So, you guys have found a new hangout?

What gives you that idea?

Well, you haven't been to The
Spoon in a couple of days.

And I got it out of Jonah.

I never knew Jonah had such a big mouth.

Oh, yeah. If you don't
want him to say something.

you have to be very explicit.

Thanks for the heads up.

But the new place isn't so good,

so you'll be seeing us again.

You don't have to sit at my section.

'Cause I'm not a very good waitress.

Are you selling this?

- How much?
- Five bucks?

I'll take it.

You don't have to do this.

Please. Are you kidding me?

I love this shirt.

This is a great shirt.



- You busy?
- Not too.

I need your help with something.



Yeah, let's do it.

What's the process?

Don't ask me. I tried ripping this
picture up, and throwing it away,

and that didn't work.

I'm hoping you have some ideas.

Let me see.

Tell me about him.

His name was Gabriel.

He was very funny, very charming...

very toxic.

He was great at impressions.

His best one was that
of a normal person.

That sounds really messed up.

It was.

Took me a while to see it, though.

You asked me if he's the reason
why I can't marry Bowie.

He's the reason why I'm afraid I
won't be able to marry anyone.

Oh, come on!

This guy? What are you talking about?

He's nothing special.

You have a whole box of ex-boyfriends.

Yeah, but he doesn't belong in there.

Those are memories I wanna keep.

That's why I gave him his own box.

Which he doesn't deserve.

He's "nobody."


So, you need to put him in his place.

Ugh, I... I can't.


I'll be right next to you.

You know, once you do this,
it's forever.

Taped-together photo of Gabriel...

I commit you to the
sea of ex-boyfriends.

I've never done
a closure ceremony before.

It was a beautiful service.

I'm seriously glad we did it.

And I owe it all to you.

Are you okay?

Do you need a pizza?


Wait, did you put the picture
of Bowie back in there?

Yes. But I can't open the box
till the next full moon.

Here, I'll get it.

Look at you two.

You're so in love.

This is the most perfect picture ever.

Am I ever gonna have this?

Do you mean love or the picture?

Let's start with the picture.

This belongs to both of us.

Next, on Andi Mack...

I'm doin' it!

- Stop!
- I don't know how!


Today's just a very hard day for me.

Today's the day when...

You left home.

So what actually happened?

You wanna tell her?

It's not my favorite story.

- She should know.
- Know what?

What is it, Ham? We're in
the middle of something.

I think you left something
in the hallway by the coat rack?

I made you leave.