American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Charles (Manson) in Charge - full transcript

Kai begins to unravel as he starts to suspect a traitor in his ranks.

If Russia and the United States got along well
-and went after ISIS... -(laughing)
I wonder if this is how black people felt
when Obama became president.
I know it's super not Vassar or PC to say this,
but I think Hillary is even more important than Obama.
The fight for civil rights
lasted a couple of hundred years.
The fight for female equality lasted, like... thousands.
WINTER: I guess you're right.
Black men did get the right to vote before women did.
-DOROTHY: Yeah, right? -HILLARY: Well, that's because
-he'd rather have a puppet as president... -(laughter)
RILEY: Oh, my God.
-You're the puppet. -Oh, my God.
There's no way people are buying this shit.
I'm telling you, she's gonna flip Texas
and maybe even Arizona.
It's gonna be the biggest loss in electoral college history.
-TRUMP: ...nuclear warheads... -KAI: Want to bet?
I'll bet.
If Trump wins, you can fuck all three of us.
-Riley, gross. -It's never gonna happen.
You guys don't see it.
Your precious Obummer has shielded you
from what's really going on out there.
WINTER: Right. Economic anxiety,
aka racism.
People hate her.
She's weak.
Remember what happened a few weeks ago
at the 9/11 memorial ceremony?
She had to be carried to a car.
Everyone knows it's early onset Parkinson's.
They hate the sound of her voice,
they hate the fact that she can't satisfy her husband.
The world isn't this progressive, happy place
you think it is, okay?
People tolerated the black guy,
but nobody wants a woman president.
Not even other women.
Who told you that?
Your 4chan Pepe frog-fucking buddies?
In between exchanging
pictures of dead people and shit porn?
You win if people turn out to vote.
And nobody is turning out for that shrill, cuck bitch.
Have you seen Trump's rallies? The passion?
The passion of the angry white man.
-Boo-fucking-hoo for you. -That's right!
We've been humiliated and put down for too long.
Trump is one of us!
We will stand out bleeding
in the rain and snow to vote for him.
It is all about shame and humiliation for you assholes.
You know, we should start some sort of, like,
government program to get you all laid so you'll shut up.
Yeah, you probably wouldn't even need to get fucked.
Just some pretty girl smiling at you,
telling you how important you are.
You ever notice how all the alt-righters are young men?
-And none of them have girlfriends? -(laughing)
Hey, Winter, uh, give me some lotion.
I'm gonna give your brother a handy, so...
What the fuck, Kai?
-Are you okay? -I'm sorry.
-(sobbing) -I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
Are you okay?
-Are you all right? -(gasps)
I am pressing charges! I am pressing charges!
-You really did it now, Kai. -(door slams)
After all the shitty things you've done,
you finally crossed the line.
HILLARY: But he also went after a disabled reporter...
♪ ♪
WOMAN: It's a statue of the goddess Anat,
the ancient Semitic goddess of love and war.
There's a tale told that a man slighted her.
And so she took a sickle and cut him in two,
and scattered his pieces in the fields to be eaten by the birds.
You're basically telling me chicks have been overreacting
since the beginning of time.
-(pen clicks) -Do you know why you're here?
My sister's friend got mouthy,
so I got a little too physical with her,
and they ordered me to take anger management classes
as part of my probation.
You think it's okay to put your hands on a woman?
They're the ones always yapping about equality.
I was just treating her the way I would have treated a man
talking to me like that.
It was a political act.
A blow struck for women's liberation!
Are you familiar with the work of Valerie Solanas?
Is that the lead singer of The Motels?
I see boys like you all the time.
Not quite men.
Angry, lonely, hard up.
You want me to understand that I'm not special.
Too late.
The world beat you to it.
But you are special.
You're different from the others.
You're smarter.
And you have a certain untapped charisma.
Have you ever considered politics?
I mean, not until recently.
You think if I had a purpose like that,
it would make me less angry?
I think if you had a purpose, you could change the world.
I'm an old-school, OG feminist.
And do you know who my favorite politician of all time is?
Donald J. Trump.
For thousands of years, mankind has built civilization
with a single intention: to keep women contained.
Face down, ass up. Compliant.
Donald Trump cannot tie his dick-tripping ties correctly,
but Hillary gets attacked
for her goddamn hideous St. John pantsuits.
And with every catcall,
every put-down, every slap
and pass-over at work,
the anger compounds.
As the orgasm inequality builds, so does the rage.
We are sitting on the biggest bomb the universe has ever seen.
Do you know what it is, Mr. Anderson?
Female rage.
The patriarchy has dammed it up for millennia,
and Donald J. Trump is the first world leader
to start hammering away at that dam.
With every tweet,
with every eye-roll,
every pussy grabbed,
he is slowly releasing the fury.
It's beautiful.
And do you see how you--
smart, charismatic, angry, woman-hating Kai Anderson--
need to take your own hammer to that dam?
How you must be the spear
for that movement because you are so very, very special?
Is that my purpose?
Repeat after me.
I am a turd.
A lowly, abject turd.
I'm a turd.
A lowly, abject turd.
From this moment on,
you have but one purpose:
to release the feminine rage
and to use all your skills
and passion and vision to break that dam to pieces.
But what will happen to me?
You will drown in it, dearest heart.
You and every other man.
But you will die knowing that you have saved us all.
And you'll be famous for it.
A legend.
Someday, there'll be a tiny statue of you
in someone's office.
Do you see your purpose now, Kai?
What you have been chosen and put on this earth to do?
The women of the world are waiting for you,
legs spread, on their backs.
Impregnate them.
Help them give birth to their rage.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
-(applause) -WOMAN: Can you see this?
Can you see what the fuck is happening?
This is an outrage.
This is America, people.
I'm at Bennett Park,
where my kid brother just had his birthday party.
And right there on the pavilion
is this fuckwad, city-council Nazi.
The guy who's always surrounded
by his group of male militia thugs.
This is the guy who tried to restrict the Internet!
Where are you?
Where are you?!
-(cheering) -WOMAN: No Nazi! No KKK!
No fascist U.S.A.! No Nazi! No...
Listen, everybody.
Most of you are here to listen to common sense.
-Yeah! -And that is absolutely lacking from Washington.
-SUPPORTERS: Yeah! -Especially in our representation,
Senator Herbert Jackson.
-(booing) -I mean, we got to talk about
some of this guy's extreme positions. Anti-life?
This man is for third-trimester abortions, people.
And some of you might be saying it's too early
to start talking about an election two years away.
Well, it is never too early
to start the work of saving our great country!
-(cheers) -Yes! Yeah!
KAI: I am the agent of change,
and this is the beginning of our campaign together.
The globalists and the elitists and the cosmopolitans
are so afraid of the truth that they don't want
anybody else to hear it.
That is un-American.
-Yeah! -We fought wars
against the fascists for our rights,
-and we will fight them now to keep them. -Yeah!
-This is our town! -Our town!
-Our state! -Our state!
-Our country! -Our country!
(chanting): No fascists! No hate! No fascists! No hate!
-No fascists! No hate! -Hey! Hey!
No fascists! No hate! No fascists! No hate!
-No fascists! No hate! -Fascists go home!
GARY: Who the fuck are these assholes?
We're all over social media.
-The message is getting out that... -Wake up, Speedwagon!
Now that we're taking aim at one of the Washington elite,
they're using their levers of power against us.
I'm telling you, it's the goddamn Feds.
They hate me and they are agitating the opposition.
-You see that? Don't look. -SPEEDWAGON: The white van?
They're undercover, recording everything.
But they would never lift a finger to stop them!
(chanting): Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
What are you so afraid of?
Are you afraid that you'll actually change your mind?
You know what's a shame?
It's a shame that in our constitutional democracy,
-we are not able to ha... -(feedback squeals)
(unamplified): have civil liberties
like the First Amendment!
It's goddamn piss!
-They're throwing piss! -We should go.
We should get out of here.
-Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! -Fascists go home!
No, I'm not letting these asswipes
run me out of my own rally.
-(screams) Fuck! -Kai, Kai, Kai!
Mace. It's mace! Use the milk.
Kai, Kai, Kai! Come on!
-(ambulance sirens approaching) -(helicopter in the distance)
(audio fades)
(ice cream truck music playing)
-(music continues playing) -(Winter growls in frustration)
-(music continues playing) -What's the problem here?
-Shut that shit off! -I was scrubbing the truck down
like you asked, and the music got stuck 'cause
-this stupid thing's so ancient. -(music stops) -Damn it!
The Feds are everywhere, watching us.
We are supposed to be getting rid of evidence,
not broadcasting it out to the entire fucking world.
Wouldn't it be better to just get rid of the damn thing?
That's what they're expecting us to do.
They're gonna be looking for an ice cream truck.
But once we strip it down and paint the whole thing
the color of orange sherbet,
that's when we can hide it in plain sight.
Got it?
Get to work.
You stay inside, I'll do the outside.
WINTER: Was she in pain?
In the end?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I know.
I know I have no right to ask.
It's just, Kai's been spreading that bullshit story
about her going off to cooking school in Paris.
And I know my brother.
And I know Ivy would have never left without saying good-bye.
Is that what you think?
Yeah, well...
maybe you didn't know my wife as well as you thought you did.
Look, you have every right to be pissed.
Is anything ever your fault, Winter?
You seduce my wife.
You use her to destroy me and my family.
I'm sorry I let things get so out of control.
But you have to believe me, I cared about Ivy.
I did.
It was real, whatever you want to call it.
Kai's out of his mind right now.
He's been taking so many pills.
And my mind is just going insane thinking about
what he did to her,
and that he made her suffer, and... and I wasn't there.
If something did happen to Ivy,
what makes you think it was Kai?
TV REPORTER: Shocking video out of Michigan today,
after a political rally erupted into violence,
leaving 12 people injured.
Local councilman Kai Anderson,
who was recently catapulted onto the national stage
after an assassination attempt
and some unorthodox and controversial city ordinances
that he passed, he clashed today with counter-protesters
after lashing out against Senator Herbert Jackson,
who he plans to unseat during the midterm elections.
Here's what Senator Jackson had to say earlier today.
The only blue hairs I respond to are the sweet little old ladies
of my state, not some alt-right extremist.
REPORTER: So you're not taking
Councilman Anderson's challenge seriously?
If anyone should be taking Mr. Anderson seriously,
it should be the Department of Justice.
You seeing this shit?!
Screw that guy right in the ass!
-Yeah! -Yes!
We're not the ones wearing ski masks.
We're not the ones throwing piss bottles.
-We shared ideas. -Yes!
And these Woke Warrior assholes,
they get anointed right here on national TV!
-(chanting) -Fake fucking media!
When the Woke Warriors get to hide their hands,
we're just gonna have to cut them off and show the world!
No offense, Gary.
Fuck them! I'm gonna bite it off
-and shit them out! -Yeah!
(exhales) We're gonna have to take a lesson from the master.
He's already shown us the way.
-I thought you were the master. -Sleeping bags out, boys.
-Yeah, yeah! -Oh, fuck yeah! I love story time!
Well, then you're in luck, Heart Attack.
'Cause I've saved the best tale for last.
Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills, August 8, 1969.
What looked like the work of a bunch of psychopaths
was actually a part of something much, much larger.
Something that in 50 years' time would be remembered
and repeated repeatedly.
Charles Manson was playing the long game here,
and on Cielo Drive, he was just lighting the fuse.
KAI: Charlie stayed behind that night.
He put Tex Watson in charge of the operation.
The plan: destroy anyone in the house.
The more gruesome, the better.
Even "wrong place, wrong timers" like Steven Parent.
Please, please don't hurt me. (crying out)
KAI: Tex was in the homestretch of an acid trip.
-Why? -(gunshot)
Tex was backed up by three of Charlie's
-most trusted lieutenants: -(gunshot)
Susan Atkins, aka Sadie Mae Glutz.
Born to a pair of alkies in San Gabriel, she met Manson
in '67 while he played guitar at her house.
The next year, she bore a son, who Charles named
Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz.
-(gunshot) -Patricia Krenwinkel.
The Family called her Katie. In 1968,
Beach Boy Dennis Wilson picked her up hitchhiking
and let her and The Family crash at his pad.
But after one night of hard partying,
-he promptly kicked them out. -(gunshot)
Linda Kasabian hailed from Maine,
but ran away from home at 16.
She headed west looking for God.
A few years later at Spahn Ranch,
I'd say she found it.
TEX: Susan, Patty, come on.
Linda, you stay by the car. Come on!
KAI: It was clear Linda didn't have the sac
to carry out Charlie's orders,
so Tex made her wait out by the dead boy's car
while the rest of them found an open window.
They first came across Wojciech Frykowski,
an aspiring screenwriter sleeping off a bender.
Mm... what time is it?
It's showtime.
Who are you?
What do you want? (groans)
(girls laughing)
I'm the devil,
and I've come to do the devil's business.
KAI: Tex then sent Susan to check the bedrooms.
Abigail Folger, heiress to the coffee fortune.
(indistinct conversation)
Sharon Tate and celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring--
former lovers, by the way--
were having a quiet late-night chat.
Sharon and her husband, filmmaker Roman Polanski,
were expecting a son in just a couple weeks.
Lucky for Roman, he was off in Europe finishing a flick.
-Hi. -Because what follows...
Man, what follows.
(woman screaming, sobbing)
Squeal like a little pig.
Like a little piglet! Like a little piglet!
-(laughing) -Shit!
You shut the hell up.
Can't you see that she's pregnant?!
Please stop!
Kill him!
-(gunshot) -(crying out)
Get him, get him, get him, get him.
(screaming in distance)
Please stop! People are coming.
-Well, I can't do anything about that. -No.
KAI: Linda spent the rest of the night hiding
in the getaway car.
Some people just aren't closers, you know?
All the chaos did present an opportunity
to our coffee heiress.
Hey, hey, hey!
Might be one of the last she'd get.
(door slams)
(woman screaming)
The heiress was stabbed 28 times.
Six of those would have been fatal on their own.
Her last words before she die:
"I give up. You've got me."
Please. Please.
You don't have to do this.
Please just let me go.
Oh, woman, I have no mercy for you.
Kill me, but don't kill my baby. Please.
Take me with you and kill me after he's born.
-Please. -KAI: But leaving a baby alive
was not what Charlie instructed them to do.
-I don't think so. -(crying out)
KAI: And, frankly,
Susan was getting tired of hearing Sharon's voice.
SHARON: Mother...
KAI: Susan completed Charlie's order.
As the man himself put it,
"Leave a sign-- something witchy."
Manson sent his Family to wake up the world.
The Summer of Love was over.
This was the opening salvo of Charlie's master plan--
Helter Skelter.
Manson was tipping the first domino.
The murders would be blamed on random black people,
thus triggering an apocalyptic race war.
-Well, did it? -No, you fucking idiot.
He was betrayed.
-But who betrayed him? -Those women, duh.
Charlie had the right idea,
but he just wasn't thinking big enough.
You see, we're on the national stage now,
and if we want to siphon Senator Bleedingheart's support,
if we want to steal that motherfucker's mojo,
then we have to follow Manson's playbook, but do it bigger!
We have to unleash brutality
unseen by a world that's seen it all!
We have do something so shocking, so culture-shifting
that it'll open our path to the senate
and then the presidency!
-(cheering) -One dead pregnant lady
isn't gonna do the trick.
What the people need, what we have to give them,
is a Night of a Thousand Tates!
Don't bitches leave this place not pregnant?
That's the point, idiot.
There's a whole waiting list of slutty chicks
desperate to have late-term abortions
as some type of political statement, right?
Well, we're gonna steal the list for Divine Ruler.
Why don't we go around the back?
Where it's not so obvious.
(door slams heavily, echoes)
Guys, what the fuck?
(door bangs open)
What is going on?
This is not the plan.
What are you doing in my costume?
What is happening?
(stick banging along railing)
(banging continues)
Divine Ruler.
What did I do?
Sweet Gary.
It's not what you've done,
it's what you're about to do.
W-what about the Night of a Thousand Tates?
I'm really looking forward to that.
That's still happening.
Just not with you.
What I need you for is more important,
more vital.
...I don't want to leave you, Kai.
In doing this, you will never leave me.
You will become a part of me.
Closer to me than any of my other children.
The marathon of violence continues in Brookfield Heights
with the murder of local grocery store manager
Gary K. Longstreet.
Mr. Longstreet's body was discovered by an employee
of Planned Parenthood in the alley behind me.
Here to comment, Councilman Kai Anderson.
Thank you, Beverly.
Gary was one of my earliest supporters.
He is...
...was a dear friend.
I can't imagine the depths of sorrow
you must feel right now.
Incredible sorrow.
Gary was a kind, gentle man.
A big teddy bear.
I pray that Senator Herbert Jackson
and the left-wing terrorists he supports
are brought to justice.
Are you suggesting a sitting senator
is guilty of murder?
He emboldened the violent fascists
known as the Woke Warriors.
These anti-life zealots...
killed my friend
because he had the radical belief that babies are people.
Today, the victim is a pro-life patriot-- well, who's next?
Pregnant women recognizing the sanctity of life
growing inside of them?
Any more blood shed by the Woke Warriors
is on Senator Herbert Jackson's hands.
We will provide updates on this story as it develops.
This is Beverly Hope. Back to you in the studio.
CAMERAMAN: And we're clear.
What the hell, Beverly?
You can't report on a politically motivated murder
like you're reading a goddamn weather report.
If we don't sell this,
our entire movement could be derailed.
Am I clear?
Perfectly clear, Divine Ruler.
(mouthing words inaudibly)
It's chamomile. It'll relax you.
Why are you being nice to me?
I'm worried about you, Beverly.
You haven't been the same since...
Since I was forced at gunpoint
to drink fake poisoned Kool-Aid?
Or since I was thrown in an isolation cell
for a murder I didn't commit?
I'm sorry I framed you.
It was my only play at the time.
But I feel terrible about it.
Looking at you now, broken like this.
This isn't Beverly Hope.
You need to escape.
Get as far away from this place as you can.
I'm going to help you.
-What is this? -An Amtrak ticket
to Butte, Montana.
No one will find you there.
You're testing me.
Please go away.
I can't go back in that hole again.
No, Beverly. I swear this is real.
I want to make things right.
The train leaves tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.
Leave. Start over.
What about you?
I'm gonna stay here and distract Kai from your disappearance
as long as I can.
Please, Beverly.
Tell Divine Ruler I would never run. Ever.
I am his loyal follower until the end.
We need to talk.
Do you hear that? That low buzz?
I'm sorry, but I-I don't.
Listen, it's here. It's here. It's definitely here.
I'm gonna find it.
Hey, will you listen to me for a second?
After everything that's happened,
I cannot be paired with Winter.
-It's just, it's not possible. -Shh!
How can you not hear that? You don't hear that?
-How can you not hear that? -What are you doing?
I told you, it's the buzz. They planted something.
-Who planted something? -The Feds-- someone's listening.
We have a mole, okay? A double agent. I know.
It's bugged, this whole fucking place is.
Kai, will you listen to me? Would you please calm down
-and let me help you? -You don't even hear it!
The buzz! It's getting louder!
I can't think in here.
(steady buzzing)
(buzzing stops)
(exhales sharply)
(quietly): Ah, fuck.
It's the little things. The tiny details.
That's what they're looking for,
that's the thing that's gonna trip me up.
What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?
What's it gonna be, what's gonna get me?
-Always five steps ahead, right, Kai? -Jesus!
how can I turn that frown upside down?
You seem troubled.
Uh, well, you already said it. Th-they're after me.
-Who? -The Feds, everyone!
I-I don't know. I think there's a mole.
There's definitely a bug somewhere in this house.
I just don't know where it is.
But this is the only room where I know I can be safe.
This one room, where you are.
I probably shouldn't have killed you.
I've killed so many people now,
it's gonna be so hard to keep all these secrets.
Well, if anybody can do it, Kai, it's you.
You are the master at keeping
all of the balls up in the air.
Ah! Vincent!
Don't listen to him, man.
If you're gonna hallucinate somebody, it should be me.
Are you the ghost of Charles Manson?
I'm not a ghost, man. I'm still alive.
Kicking it at Corcoran State Prison in California.
You should come visit sometime.
I know why you're here.
You're the only one who could see things on my level.
Well, you're never wrong when you're right.
What would you do, if you were me?
Identify the Judas.
That's how I fucked up.
I trusted too much.
My Judas was Linda.
He said we were going out again tonight.
Last night was too messy,
and he was going to show us how to do it.
I didn't want to go, but Charlie asked me,
and I was afraid to say no.
He said, "As soon as you enter the room,
"as soon as you see the man,
slit his throat right away."
He said to leave a sign.
"You girls know what I mean. Something witchy."
MANSON: It's always the bitches, man.
Can't trust the bitches.
I can't trust anyone.
Look, as long as there's hate in your heart,
there'll be hate in the world.
(knocking at door)
-ALLY: Kai? Are you in there? -Yeah!
Look what I found.
-What do you want me to do? -Stay here.
-(knocking) -Don't you move!
Oh, fuck!
Valerie always said the male was a biological accident,
a walking abortion.
Oh, God, if only you'd been aborted in your mother's belly,
how much disappointment would the rest of us have been spared?
You can't talk to me like that anymore.
I could not have been more clear if I had tattooed it
on the inside of your eyelids.
It wasn't complicated. Two steps.
"A" to "B." Unleash female rage.
Incite the American woman's desperate
and patriarchally contained violent anger.
Give her no choice but to lash out
and cut up every man they see.
I did that! I got maced, for fuck's sake!
Look at the chaos out there!
You've enraged everyone.
And what of the poor females closest to you?
Your sister's defeated, another one is dead.
You even broke unbreakable tiger Beverly Hope!
It's not my fault they were weak.
I am the final carrier for Valerie Solanas' torch.
She handed the responsibility for scum to me, personally,
her protégée, and look how you have failed us both.
MANSON: My goodness.
I can't wait to see her face when you tell her the truth.
Did you think I was gonna drown myself in female rage?
That I would die a martyr to some dead bitch's cause?
-Fuck that. -Fuck that!
You gave me my purpose, Bebe.
You awaken me to the power of pissing people off.
And hell yes, I want women mad.
Popping off, losing their minds, getting hysterical.
But women can't run things.
They're too emotional, irrational.
I need women's rage to tear it all down, 'cause then
I'm gonna be the last one standing to lead them.
Amen! Helter Skelter!
You fucking turd.
A turd who knows the truth:
that women need to be grabbed by their pussies and led,
preferably to the kitchen to make me a sandwich.
Before I blow your dick off
and then shoot you dead, I would like to quote
the late, great Valerie: "To call a man...
-(gunshot) -KAI: Oh...
Who is this?
My anger management counselor.
Not very good at her job.
Far out, man.
That one definitely ain't no mole.
(clippers buzzing)
♪ ♪
(buzzing stops)
♪ ♪
I remember your first haircut.
You cried and cried.
I was afraid it was gonna hurt.
So I grabbed a pair of scissors off the sink
at the hairdresser's and cut my hair to show you it didn't.
You looked like the village idiot after.
-(chuckles) -Mom was so pissed.
But it worked.
KAI: Mm.
Because I know you, Winter.
I've watched you since they brought you home.
The way your eyes open real wide, like a Disney chipmunk,
whenever you have something to hide.
Or the little smirk you make
when you're about to tell somebody off.
Or when you were 15 and started humping your pillow
before you went to sleep each night.
You weren't as quiet as you thought you were.
I'm your big brother.
They say that for a girl that relationship is more important
than the one with her father.
You're very important to me, Kai.
You've always looked after me.
Then why do you want to hurt me?
(whispers): Why would you say that?
All these people...
Who are they?
What do they want from you?
What do you want from them?
I look at you and I can't see you anymore.
I can't feel you.
One day, this is all going to end.
They're all going to get what they want from you
and they'll leave.
Is that what you want?
You want them all to leave?
You want to destroy everything I've worked so hard to build?
They worship you, and they should.
But I want you to know that when they're all gone,
I'll still be here.
We're all that's left of our family.
So why do I feel you slipping away?
Because I am.
Because... the only way for me to be there for you in the end
is if I get away from you now.
I love you.
But when I look at you now, all I feel is terror.
I'm afraid that if I'm around it much longer,
I won't be able to feel anything else about you ever again.
What if I say no?
If I say I need you and that you leaving would be a betrayal?
What if others want to leave with you?
I'd convince them to stay.
And I'd kill them if they tried to follow me.
(gasps) Fuck!
I always loved you the most, Winter.
You were, still are,
the only person in the world
who really talks to me and knows me.
♪ ♪
I don't want to lose you.
I need you.
So if you going away for a while is the price I have to pay
for having one person in this shit-bag world
of liars and cheats and traitors...
...then so be it.
I am this movement.
And one day I'm gonna be in the White House,
on Air Force One, giving speeches to Congress
and fucking the wives of other world leaders,
and I'm gonna need someone beside me
I know I can trust.
Thank you, Kai.
Thank you so much.
(sobs quietly)
I even know where you should go.
What? Where?
Butte, Montana.
I even got you a train ticket.
(breath trembling)
(whispers): Kai.
Get her out of here.
(crying): Kai, please, no!
(Winter sobbing)
(sobbing): No! Kai!
KAI: Why?
Can you just tell me that?
What did they offer you?
Immunity? Witness protection program?
Tell me it wasn't money.
-Nobody offered me anything, Kai. -Hmm.
I'm not the mole. I don't even think there is one.
Only the mole would say that.
You're not thinking clearly.
You're just trying to find things
to fit in with your delusions.
(Manson clicks tongue)
She thinks you're delusional.
-I know. -You know?
I loved you, Winter.
How can you sit here and lie to my face like this?
I'm not lying, Kai.
Pinky power.
Then you'll know I'm telling the truth.
I'm not the mole.
How do you explain this?
What's that?
You know what this is.
This is a bug, and you planted it.
It's the battery to my Fitbit.
Then why did I find it sewn into Kai's cushions?
-You found it? -Yeah.
Along with this.
Right where you put it.
In the ice cream truck.
WINTER: This is bullshit.
I didn't put that there, she did.
This is payback for me screwing your wife.
No, this is your disloyalty
coming back to bite you in the ass.
You never believed in Kai's vision of the world.
You were a Hillary supporter, for God's sake.
You were just looking for the opportunity to take us down.
Well, I am glad I exposed you for what you really are
before you could destroy us.
Stoking my brother's paranoia is gonna blow up in your face.
I know him, Ally.
You'll be chewed up and spit out just like me.
Too bad you won't be there to see it.
I didn't do anything.
I can't!
Please, Kai.
Are you willing to do what needs to be done?
WINTER: You don't need to do this.
-(Winter choking) -(Kai mutters)
(Winter sobbing)
(Kai grunting)
(Kai sobbing)
♪ ♪
Hello, Speedwagon.