American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - Drink the Kool-Aid - full transcript

Kai seeks to test the loyalty of his cult. Ally seeks revenge. Oz learns about his parentage.

KAI: On March 26, 1997, acting on an anonymous tip,
police found the bodies of 39 members
of the Heaven's Gate cult.
They had committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous mix
of pudding, apple sauce and phenobarbital.
What only they knew--
because only they had been blessed
by their leader with his bomb of knowledge--
was that they weren't killing themselves,
they were just leaving the vehicles of their bodies
and graduating to the next level.
A comet had returned,
one with an orbital period of 2,500 years,
and in its tail was a spacecraft.
Once the members left their bodies,
they could get a ticket to ride on the ship
and leave this earthly shithole forever.
Isn't that cool?
Many of the lucky bastards
had themselves voluntarily castrated in Mexico.
They had been taught by their leader, Marshall Applewhite,
aka Do, to forgo
-...of human ways, -any earthly pleasures:
-human behavior, -sex, gourmet cheese,
-human ignorance, -dogs, the Beatles.
-human misinformation. -These were all distractions
that would do nothing but keep them trapped in their
-And that can't happen, -antiquated flesh vehicles.
unless you leave the human world that you're in...
and come and follow me.
It makes total sense when you think about it.
Time is short.
Last chance.
Is it any wonder that the federal government,
led by Democratic President Bill Clinton,
had to try to take down David Koresh?
Koresh was blessed with the gift of prophecy
when he was a young man.
God revealed himself to young David,
told David that his ideas
and sperm would have great power and influence.
Zephaniah says, "He will not do iniquity.
He will bring forth His..."
He collected a loyal group of followers.
He became the leader of the Branch Davidians.
They understood that he was the chosen one,
that his sermons were more than words--
they were the secrets they needed
to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
He dissolved all marriages amongst his followers.
Men had to be celibate.
He was the true savior,
and it made sense for him
to father all of the children
and repopulate the planet.
He had divine semen.
Holy ejaculate.
God's own DNA shot from his mighty prick.
KORESH: Don't you understand?
This is my family. I would never let you take my family from me.
You come to my door, pointing guns at my wives and my kids,
I will meet you at the door, any time.
KAI: When the government came to arrest Koresh and his followers
for legally collecting guns and ammo,
some left the compound, but the true believers stayed behind.
They refused to leave their father. And why should they?
They had listened to his holy teachings.
The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not fear.
They knew that there was greater glory
in crossing the threshold into death with their leader
-than staying behind and being slaves in a lost -(yelps)
and broken world.
(gunshots in distance)
79 men and women
died either by gunshot or in the fire.
(helicopter blades whirring)
But the Kanye of leaders was the great Jim Jones,
the man who coined the phrase "drink the Kool-Aid."
He founded the Peoples Temple.
It was a beautiful rainbow.
They saw no race or class or sex.
He moved his entire congregation,
over a thousand people, to Guyana with the plan
of creating a utopia.
But it all fell apart.
He was betrayed by his own.
They invited a congressman to inspect their private heaven.
He didn't understand.
He tried to destroy the perfect world Jones had created.
So Jones had to have him killed.
He had no choice.
But once that seal was broken,
there was no going back.
He had to end it all.
And 918 of his loyal parishioners
were more than happy to follow him anywhere,
even to the other side.
If we can't live in peace, then let's die in peace.
(cheering and applause)
-How very much I've loved you. -MAN: Love you, too, Dad. Yeah!
How very much I've tried to give you the good life.
But, in spite of all my triumphs...
in my opinion that
you be kind to your children and be kind
to the seniors and take the potion
like they used to take in ancient Greece
and step over quietly,
-because we are not committing suicide. -(choking sounds)
It's a revolutionary act.
-(crying, coughing) -You bet your life,
-you bet your life. And to me, -(cheering and applause)
death is not a fearful thing--
-it's the living that's fearful. -(coughing)
Mother, please, can somebody show these children
to the relaxation of stepping over to the next plane?
All they're doing is taking a drink to go to sleep.
That's all death is. It's sleep.
Stop this crying and hysterics!
-(gunshot) -Die with a degree of dignity.
-(gunshot) -Don't die with tears and agony.
Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, my children.
God Almighty, God Almighty.
-(coughing, shouting) -(sighs)
These were great men.
All of them.
Do you understand why I'm telling you about them?
You want us to see how you're like them?
That's right, Pus Bucket.
But I also want you to see
that it's easy to get men to kill for you.
Any asshole with enough money or a rank in the army
can get men to do that.
Real power
is having people loyal enough to you
that, if you ask them to,
they will kill themselves.
They will override their natural survival instinct
in service of your needs and will.
Wait, are we a cult?
I thought we were a political movement.
All politics is a personality cult now, Heart Attack.
You don't have to raise your hand, Tripod.
I know we're not supposed to jerk our meat, but...
are you gonna make us cut off our balls
like that Hale-Bopp guy?
Would you, if I asked you to?
I totally would!
Fuck it. (chuckles)
Whatever you fucking want, Kai.
I don't want that, Speedwagon.
Even if he's not jizzing, a man needs his balls
to produce testosterone to make him strong
and aggressive.
But what if I asked you to make the ultimate sacrifice?
Would you do that for me, Speedwagon?
With a fucking smile.
How 'bout the rest of you?
Sandstorm? Gutterball?
-Yes. -Yes.
Thank you all for your loyalty.
'Cause things are about to change.
We are expanding, brothers.
Our ambitious, nation-saving agenda
is headed to the next level,
and it's gonna take even more courage and focus
and, most of all, loyalty
to navigate these stormy waters ahead.
GUTTERBALL: What's gonna happen?
You'll find out at the council meeting on Monday.
Get some rest.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
The left-wing propagandists at CNN and NBC have polluted
our discourse with fake news.
Pornography has desensitized our young men.
We've lost a generation of moms to Candy Crush!
This can't go unchecked.
I don't doubt your good intentions, Councilman,
but banning our citizens from accessing a list
of Web sites that you personally deem offensive--
what you're proposing is censorship.
It's not censorship-- it's regulation.
It's about protecting the people from cultural decay.
And connecting every computer in town to a private network.
-The cost alone... -Why don't we ask
your colleagues about their feelings on this matter, Perry?
Councilman Moyer?
You've been silent all day.
I think it's a fantastic idea, sir.
KAI: Good.
All in favor of the Kai Anderson Internet Freedom
and Integrity Act?
The motion passes.
Finally, finally, I'd like to make a statement.
Tonight, I'm announcing to you, my loyal constituents,
that I intend to run for United States Senate in 2018.
We need fresh representation in Washington,
and I believe I am the man for the job.
-(whooping) -Yeah!
Councilman, the senator up for reelection
is a popular incumbent who's served for three terms.
Anything can happen, Perry.
SPEEDWAGON: That was amazing, Divine Ruler.
-Thank you. Where are our women? -I don't know.
We told them about the meeting. They should be here.
I'm not feeling love from them, Speedwagon. Or loyalty.
ALLY: I need to know why.
I need to know.
I want a fucking explanation.
Why did you join a cult?
Why did you destroy our family?
-Why?! -(gasps)
You were... you were a mess,
and The Butchery was ten times more work
than we thought it would be for half the reward.
I just... I-I felt...
I felt like I was out of control,
like there was no boundary or structure
to contain me or my feelings, and...
I wanted someone to come in and say,
"Do this. Go there.
"Believe in this.
Care about that."
A daddy?
-(sighs) -I guess, yeah.
It felt so good to take my hands off the wheel.
And I...
am sorry, but I hated you.
Or... or I...
I was so... I was so angry at you
that I thought I hated you. And in my head,
I told myself, if the price that I have to pay
f-for this feeling of relief was...
destroying you, then-then why not?
People died, Ivy.
Because of you.
I know.
I know. I know.
Oh, God. I don't know
how I could have been so stupid and so weak.
I don't know. I'm so sorry, Ally.
And now I see him for what he is.
He's a demagogue and a manipulator and...
everything he touches dies.
But I was leaving. I was done.
I was on my way out. So you have to explain to me,
why did you become a part of this insanity?
What choice did you give me?
You wouldn't talk to me.
You wouldn't let me see our son.
I knew you would never leave
unless I got you out.
You came back for me?
I came back for Oz.
And for our family.
I'm not saying if we get out of this
that we're gonna be together.
But if we can escape,
I am not leaving Oz's mother behind.
(door latch clicks)
Hey. It's okay, buddy.
Hey, Ozymandius.
Can you give your mama a hug?
I'm sure you're feeling confused.
You've probably heard some strange things
about me from your mom, and... maybe others.
But I am never going to leave you ever again.
And it's going to take some time, but I promise
it will feel easy and normal
before you know it. Okay?
Would you just go upstairs
for a minute so the grownups can talk?
And, um...
I got you something.
-But that has a clown on it. -Of course it does.
Twisty's the title character.
Who else are they gonna put on the cover?
Come on.
I'll be up in a minute. Go read it.
I missed you.
I missed you, too, sweetheart.
You look good.
I'm really sorry.
For what?
Fucking my wife...
trying to drive me crazy, or trying to kill me?
WINTER: Everything.
I was an idiot.
We all were.
The election made me lose my mind.
I didn't believe in anything anymore,
except that my brother loved me
and would take care of me no matter what.
The world decided to take a huge shit on my head,
so I said fuck the world.
All I need is my family.
But then he killed our brother.
Vince was an asshole, but he was one of us.
Kai doesn't care about me.
He doesn't care about anyone.
We have to run away.
It's the only way.
I found this on wikiHow.
"How to escape from a cult."
They lay out 14 steps, it's all in there.
We have to pack lightly and get out as quickly as we can.
-And go where? -Anywhere.
We just have to go now.
If Kai finds out we're even thinking about this,
we'll be killed or put in the hole like Beverly.
Okay, let's go.
But no packing.
-I'll get Oz. -I will fucking get Oz.
(pounding on door)
PUS BUCKET: Open up! I know you're in there!
(pounding continues)
(pounding louder)
Emergency meeting at Divine Ruler's.
What are you bitches up to in here?
Just a little girl time.
Talking cookie recipes and boys.
Fuck you, liar. Let's go.
And bring the kid.
Kai said he could watch cartoons upstairs while we meet.
Let's go!
-What are they doing up there? Maybe Kai... -Not now.
Let's stop talking in this house.
(door opens)
BEVERLY: You lying bitch!
I'm gonna kill you!
-Hey! -Get the fuck off!
-Hey! -Get off of me!
Get her off! Get off of her!
-Come on! -(all shouting)
Stop this nonsense.
I hate you!
Hey, get off of me! Get the...
-(grunting) -KAI: Disloyalty,
lies, backstabbing.
That is what politics as usual looks like.
Fighting ourselves.
We need to get beyond that petty shit and reach a new threshold
to enter the power space.
What is that?
We need to do something radical.
Jim Jones said...
Oh, my...
"Death is not a fearful thing.
It's the living that's cursed."
Jesus, Kai.
Who the hell is Jim Jones?
He made his followers drink poisoned Kool-Aid.
Please, Kai. You can't do this.
Oz needs his mothers.
ALLY: You need us.
You want to get to the next level,
you need more than ass-sucking sycophants.
All he needs are his loyal followers.
KAI: That's right, Gary.
Fidelity to the cause is the backbone of our movement.
But it's time to remove ourselves from the shackles
of our bodies.
That's why this Kool-Aid isn't just for the women.
It's for all of us.
Our bodies are holding us back.
All they do is create pain and suffering.
In order to transcend biology and be reborn
into astral beings,
we need to kill our physical selves.
We will resurrect from the instant of death
into a greater being
and come back for my senatorial run
more powerful than we can imagine.
Everybody take a cup.
When I point to you,
-you drink. -Fuck yeah.
It's a good day to die.
make sure the ladies have a drink.
(whispers): We have to do it.
Pus Bucket. My man!
Do us the honor.
-Drink! -I can't!
I'm-I'm not gonna do it.
No. I'm out of this thing.
I-I don't want to be an astral being.
Gary, he showed his true colors.
Please, Kai! Please!
Now the womenses...
BEVERLY: Kai, please.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
-Beverly, don't do it. -Bev... Beverly, don't.
ALLY (wailing): No. No, no, no.
KAI: This is not suicide.
It's a revolutionary act.
The world will be
talking about us forever.
You said we would always take care of each other.
You're not doing anything I wouldn't.
(men screaming)
(men screaming)
(screaming continues)
MAN: Yeah!
MAN: Yeah!
Do you feel it?!
MEN: Yeah!
The corrosive agent,
the blood pouring from your throat?
I think I just shit my pants.
No, that's your colitis.
Why would I kill us?
-I'm running for Senate. -(man chuckles)
And dead people can't vote.
Except in Chicago.
(men laughing)
There was nothing in the Kool-Aid!
-(men shouting, whooping) -Yeah!
Nothing except the proof that we are all in this together,
that we are loyal to the end,
that we would die for one another.
We are the few, the happy few,
the band of brothers and sisters.
We live and fight another day.
MEN (chanting): Kai! Kai! Kai!
(Beverly wailing)
I've got our passports and Ozzie's birth certificate.
Jesus, Ivy, no suitcases.
What if they're watching the house?
Can't look like we're doing what we're doing.
We're really doing this?
Walking away from our whole life?
We're not walking. We're running.
Next time it might not just be sugar water.
Wh-What about Winter?
Really, Ivy?
No, I-I just meant...
I-I didn't mean...
What about the bank accounts?
Uh, I went online, transferred everything to the checking
just like we discussed.
We can drain it as we go, convert it to cash.
Nothing electronic is safe.
Ozzie gets out of school in less than an hour.
We pick him up and we don't look back.
Keep the car running.
(speaking indistinctly)
He's not here!
Someone picked him up 30 minutes ago.
-Who? -Our nanny.
And she wasn't alone.
Oh, God.
-Sh-Sh... -Yeah.
Where are my mommies?
I'm sure they'll be here soon.
I got all sorts of games down here. Do you like games?
I guess so.
Here, I'll take your bag.
We're good. You can go.
Oz, if you need anything,
-I'll be right upstairs. -Okay.
Want to check out the games?
what kind of games do you play with your daddy?
I don't have a daddy.
What? Everyone has a daddy.
I don't. I have two mommies.
two mommies can't make a baby.
You know that, right?
(sighs) I guess so.
It must be hard,
living with just girls.
I mean, you don't know this,
because you never had a man to look up to.
You know, to teach you things,
to show you how to be a man.
I'm sure your mommies do the best they can,
but... they're girls.
They don't know what it's like to be you.
Every family is special in their own way.
Happy families are all alike.
Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Toy Story?
(chuckles softly)
Come here, Oz. Sit with me.
I'll show you a trick.
I know all about that. Winter showed me.
Well, then you know once we make contact, I can't lie to you.
I want to tell you a secret.
-What secret? -(car approaches, stops outside)
(car doors close)
(both panting)
-Where is he?! -Where's who?
(grunts) You bitch.
-(gasps) -Bitch! Where is he?
Where is my son?!
In the basement.
KAI: If you drink this potion, it'll make you
-immortal. -Oz.
That's right.
KAI: It's raspberry Kool-Aid.
-It's sugar free. -Come on, we're going.
I want to stay with Daddy.
What did you just say?
-He's not your daddy. -Yes, he is.
-You can't lie on pinky power. -It's all right, son.
-Don't get ups... -He is not your son!
Are you sure about that?
The Braddon Clinic?
That's where you got turkey basted, isn't it?
Lesbians love that place.
And I've been a donor there since, well...
Jerking off into a cup there
was kind of my first job after high school.
Isn't that where you got your sperm from?
I've kept close track of all of my children,
but Oz is special.
There's no way that's true.
Well, we know for sure you're not the father.
And you have to ask yourself, who does the kid look more like,
you or me?
Come on, we're leaving.
KAI: Why don't we ask the boy what he wants to do?
Oz, do you want to stay?
-Yes, Daddy. -See? The boy wants to stay.
I promised him he could play games,
I promised him he could spend the night.
Ally, if you let him stay,
-he'll be fi... -Be quiet!
You know, this'll give you two ladies a chance
to get reacquainted after your separation.
Maybe that's a good idea.
Are you out of your mind?
Why are you being so mean?
I'm not being mean, sweetheart.
KAI: You know, no one
has to leave. We could all stay.
Uh, I think...
I think it'll be okay if Oz spends the night.
-Ivy. -He'll be fine.
Come here, bud.
Let... Let's just go.
ALLY: Ozzie...
you just behave yourself, okay?
I will.
Wave bye to Mommies.
Bye, Mommies.
All right. Wave bye-bye.
We're gonna have so much fun.
(whispers): Ivy. Hey.
What did we just do?
We saved our son's life.
By leaving him in there with that psycho?
What choice did we have? If we had pushed
just a little bit more, he would have killed all of us,
and you know it.
Maybe now we have a chance.
I found that paperwork in the attic.
It doesn't have a picture, but it has
all the sperm donor's attributes.
I-I mean, look at this.
It's got race, age,
hair color, uh, weight, height,
IQ, m-medical history...
The only it doesn't show is the propensity to be a psychopath.
All of this could easily match up with Kai.
And a million other white males.
We have to go to the clinic.
I know they have pictures in their files.
No, Ivy, the important thing is Kai thinks Oz is his son.
And as long as he believes that, he's not gonna hurt him.
He's safe now.
What happened to you? Th-that wasn't enough before.
I know that.
But I've had a chance to think,
and you were absolutely right.
We didn't have a choice.
There is a way to get him back.
The only answer is murder.
That's exactly what I've been thinking.
How would we do it? He has an army.
It's gonna be dangerous, and we-we can't put Oz at risk.
Ivy, you need to calm down.
It's not good for your health.
Come on. Sit down.
Eat some food. Drink some wine.
I have a plan.
You cooked?
I put pasta in boiling water, but it is your sauce.
I did pick the wine.
That's what we had on our honeymoon.
I've been saving it for a special occasion.
Tonight we start over.
It's good.
(clears throat)
Aren't you eating?
When I was put in the psych ward...
...that, uh,
very first week inside...
I had thoughts of suicide.
I wanted to end it so badly.
was in so much pain.
I felt completely alone in the world,
and I almost did it.
And then I thought about you...
...and how you left me alone in there
without a word.
No visits.
Not even a glimpse of Oz
in all that time.
They told me you were insane. I was trying to protect our son.
You were trying to take him away from me.
Admit it.
So, in that second week,
I pulled myself together,
pushed those self-destructive thoughts away
and turned my energy
towards freeing myself from the fears that paralyzed me.
And it was...
desperately hard.
But then I realized
that those fears were filling a hole
I had inside me, and you can't take those fears away
without filling that hole with something else.
So I chose revenge.
On you.
You tried to make me go crazy.
You tried to take my son away.
You let yourself be seduced
by the babysitter.
And worst of all, you let Kai into our lives.
And I couldn't forgive you for any of it.
But then the thought of revenge--
mmm, mmm, mmm--
that cured me.
You think you're cured?
I wish you were.
Hell, this is the woman I've always wanted--
strong and assertive, someone who doesn't cower
at the sight of clowns, or holes, or blood,
or whatever else.
But it's a passing phase, Ally.
You're all bluster
and no follow-through.
You'll revert back to what you really are:
a coward.
So... you can dream of revenge,
but I'm not afraid of you.
(chuckles softly)
You'll never do anything to me.
I already have.
I put arsenic in the wine.
And the pasta.
Oz will never forgive you.
No, it's you he won't forgive
-for abandoning him. -(gagging)
I knew I couldn't trust you,
and I wasn't gonna let you stand in my way.
(panting, heaving)
I found my strength, Ivy.
I only want two things in this life:
I want Oz all to myself...
(Ivy gagging, gasping)
...and I want to watch you die.
Halfway home.
Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, my children.
You don't know what you've done.
You don't know what you've done.
KAI: Everyone thinks that Jim Jones was a madman.
That he orchestrated a mass suicide.
But the story didn't end there.
(angelic choir singing)
KAI: Jones promised his followers something more.
Something greater than terrestrial life.
-(laughs) -He delivered what only a true messiah can.
He brought them back to life.
And he rewarded the faithful
with warmth, beauty,
everlasting love.
That's, like, one of the most beautiful stories
I've ever heard.
But I don't think it's true.
Wikipedia says he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
They found him with all the other dead people.
His body was cremated.
His ashes were scattered at sea.
So the stuff you said couldn't have happened.
KAI: Hey, buddy.
Wikipedia is fake news.
I'm the only one you can trust.
I'm the only one who knows the truth.
I know things.
Things other people don't know, ultimate truths.
That's why we're here.
And if you start questioning ultimate truths, well...
where does that get you, Gutterball?
I-I'm gonna go with... punished?
Do you understand now, son?
But it makes no sense.
Why are the families of the people
who died there still sad?
It says they're still trying to bury the people they lost.
(Kai shouting)
(singsongy): Doubters get no cookies.
Put him in time-out.
No. No!
(Oz screaming)
Divine Ruler is not available.
Yeah, I'm here to pick up my son.
-That's not possible right now. -Not possible?
What the hell are you talking about?
Where is Oz?
Please, Speedwagon.
I need to see my son.
Look, I don't know where your kid is.
Divine Ruler must have left with him early this morning.
-Left with him? -I'm sure he's fine.
You tell Kai, dinner at my house tonight.
I'm making Manwiches.
All I'm asking you to do
is show me a photograph of my son's biological father.
That's it. That's all I need.
Like I said, we never release
identifying information of our donors.
There is nothing that I can do.
My son's life depends on this.
Woman to woman,
I am begging you.
Please. Please, help me.
Thank you, um, it is, uh,
p-patient number X93994.
Now there's something else you're going to do for me.
I've been dreaming of your cooking all week.
Will you open the wine, please?
Only for you.
How's my son?
Has he been behaving himself?
Oh, yeah.
He's cute.
Talks a lot.
No filter.
He can be a precocious little fucker.
Well, with a name like Ozymandius,
kid's just begging to get the shit kicked out of him.
Who came up with that?
I did.
King of kings.
The boy is crying out for order in his life.
That's why he's lucky to have you
as a role model.
Bon appétit.
Where's your wife?
She's in the trunk.
I killed her.
Holy shit. Are you serious?
I had you all wrong, didn't I?
How'd you do it?
I poisoned her.
How did it feel to watch her die?
Oh, it felt fucking fantastic.
She wanted us to kill you.
Why am I still alive?
A son needs his father.
-So, you finally believe me. -I didn't...
until I got the evidence.
There it is,
in black and white.
You were an easy person to choose.
no diseases...
IQ through the roof.
It's like hitting the genetic jackpot.
Somehow, all those years ago,
I knew you were extraordinary...
without ever meeting you or even knowing your name.
You were just donor number X93994.
Something about you spoke to me.
-Because this is cosmic, -(exhales)
written in the stars, divine intervention
bringing us together.
Holy shitballs.
I'm fucking awesome.
I literally spoke this into existence.
I'm a daddy.
I'm Oz's real daddy.
We made...
a messiah baby.
This child
is destined for greatness,
like his father.
My son.
Our son.
The bed's for family.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Now we can be a real family.