American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Spooky Little Girl - full transcript

One of history's most famous murder victims pays the house a visit. Constance discovers more of Tate's bad behavior.

[news anchor] Today in trial 0.J., lawyers argued
over whether the former Heisman winner
is an arthritic cripple incapable of murder.
He has bad knees, arthritis, and limited mobility.
He may look like Tarzan, but he moves like Tarzan's grandfather.
[news anchor] After that, the jury got a peek at an exercise video,
Simpson taped just two weeks before the murder.
[0.J.] Bring it all the way down.
Feel it in the knees.
[phone ringing]
Love that intensity.
[Laura] Hello?
- Is this Laura Hart McKinney? - Yes. How may I help you?
The Laura Hart McKinney who used to live in Los Angeles
who has tapes of LAPD Officer Mark Fuhrman?
How did you find me?
I'm an investigator working for O.J. Simpson.
We believe our client is innocent. And your tapes could really help him.
Well, I don't want to help him.
Look. I was just writing a screenplay,
about the LAPD. I met Mark and I interviewed him for research.
So there are tapes. What does he say?
How inflammatory is it?
I never asked to be a part of this.
[hung up]
So on the night of the murders,
you were in an alleyway behind Bundy Drive
and you heard a commotion near Nicole Brown Simpson's condominium?
Yes. I heard two men arguing.
The first man said, "Hey, hey, hey!"
And the second man yelled at him.
He was hard to understand.
Did the second voice sound as if it was older, more mature than the-
Grounds for speculation, Your Honor.
Sustained. Foundational.
All right then.
The second voice you heard, it sounded like a black man. Is that correct?
- Object to, Your Honor. I object. - Sustained.
- This is ridiculous. - Sustained.
Mr. Darden, where are you going with this?
Your Honor, I was asking in good faith.
We know that the witness told the friend that he heard
an angry yell of an older man, who sounded black.
I resent that statement, Your Honor.
You cannot tell by somebody's voice whether they are black.
That is a racist statement.
And entirely inappropriate.
I am offended, that in America,
in 1995 that we have to endure this kind of thinking.
All right. I didn't make the statement. The witness did.
Oh, please, Mr. Darden.
If this is the witness' statement then he is the racist, not me.
But that is what you're suggesting.
-[Johnnie] I suggested nothing. - Well, yes, you did.
Don't put words in my mouth.
You have created a lot of problems for myself and for my family.
You continually make statements about me and race, Mr. Cochran.
Wait. Stop it both of you. This is all improper.
And I'm so mad at both of you right now
I'm about to hold the two of you in contempt.
Let's take a recess so you can cool off.
And we'll resume in fifteen.
[gavel banging]
What was that?
He is so cynical.
I mean, of course, there is such a thing as a black voice.
There are accents, speech patterns.
I know that. But look what happened.
His witness was failing so Johnnie threw a racial stink bomb
to deflect attention. That guy saw a Bronco near Bundy.
He heard two men arguing outside the condo,
but now the jury has completely forgotten that.
Is it true?
Yeah. The tapes exist.
And they're really ugly.
They have phrases like...
Stuff like...
Get niggers. Frame niggers.
Plant evidence.
Jesus Christ. Can we confirm the authenticity?
I've asked around. Her lawyers have shot
the tapes to London papers, TV tabloids.
They've heard snippets.
Supposedly there's an offer on the table
for two hundred and fifty grand.
Why didn't she sell?
[Bob] That's the strange part.
She doesn't actually care about the money.
She'd rather sell her screenplay.
She's a screenwriter. Or, well, a wannabe screenwriter.
She was living in LA.
She couldn't make a living so she moved to North Carolina
to teach screenwriting.
I don't understand. How can you teach screenwriting
if you can't sell a script?
[indistinct chatter]
Gentlemen, you are missing the point.
I don't care who she is or what she does.
What matters are these tapes. We must get them.
Get niggers? Frame niggers? That takes my breath away.
These tapes will allow Mr. Simpson to walk free.
Let's not get too cocky. I mean, we haven't heard them.
Look, lucky breaks don't just fall from the sky.
Yes, they do, Mr. Scheck.
God brought us these tapes.
There is something much larger at play here.
This is manna from heaven.
What is the defense doing?
They got Ito to sign a subpoena for what?
Thirteen hours of tape in North Carolina.
I don't follow. Who is this woman?
It just makes no sense why Fuhrman would blab
to an unemployed screenwriter.
Why would Fuhrman do anything?
I'm not going to pretend like I'm surprised.
Whatever's on these tapes scares me.
Maybe it's meritless. Fiction.
Just Fuhrman and his writer playacting.
The defense has been obsessed with creating stories for the jury
and lawyers resort to stories to distract from the fact-
You know, Marcia, people like stories. It helps them make sense of things.
I don't like the book Chosen.
Now who can deny there isn't a higher power watching over us.
[all applauding]
I spent my life fighting for a cause
and then in the biggest case of all time,
with the whole world watching,
a magical piece of paper appears.
We still need to get a judge
in North Carolina to enforce the subpoena.
A small technicality. I will venture forth
to secure our bounty.
Well. Obviously I will accompany you.
I mean, I discovered Fuhrman, for God's sake. I invented him.
Hang on, Bob. I won every Fuhrman motion.
Gentlemen, we still have a case here in LA.
I don't understand. Why do more than two people have to get on the plane?
Then it should be me. I have a winning record in that jurisdiction.
I've tried over two hundred cases there.
Two hundred? Really? When?
Seems like yesterday.
But understand this. Things change really slowly down south
and I know the Carolinas
like I know the caramel color in a single barrel apple brandy
sipped over the blush of the morning sunrise.
Oh, come on. Really? I hired all of you.
You know, whatever. I don't grovel.
Make sure you put my name on the brief.
Thank you, Bob.
[airplane engine revving]
[birds chirping]
- This is it. - All right, let's go.
Here are the transcripts.
The judge'll see you gentlemen shortly.
Thank you.
- My friend, I can taste victory. - Yes. Yes.
- Shall we? - Yes.
[slow music]
It's unbelievable. It's horrible.
Horrible we can sell. Look the bastard is nailed. Dead.
He directly contradicts the trap I laid when he testified.
Lee, it's more than that. It's evil.
But this is what black people have always known.
And now, it's right here. For everyone to hear.
Your Honor, it would be a travesty
if these tapes were not allowed into the 0.J. Simpson trial.
These tapes are tangible evidence
of the Los Angeles Police Department's racism.
They are a revelation of truth.
- May I approach the bench, Your Honor? - No, you cannot.
Your Honor, with all due respect, we ask you to enforce the subpoena
and compel Ms. McKinney to turn over the tapes. It is important.
It is imperative.
It is indispensable that we return them to California.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Mr. Cochran, there are no TV cameras in my courtroom.
There is no need for gratuitous alliteration.
Your request is denied. These tapes are not material to your case.
[gavel banging]
Who is that man to say that they're not relevant?
Those tapes are proof of the systematic civil rights violations,
what black people have always known
and what white people have never understood.
Johnnie, calm down. We'll just file an emergency appeal.
And this time, let me do the talking.
Mr. Cochran, take a good look where you're standing.
We're in the south.
Haven't you noticed the smell
of mint julep and condescension in the air?
Right behind you there's a statue of a confederate soldier holding a rifle.
With all due respect, I don't know if you play as well in Dixie.
Your Honors, may I say what a great pleasure it is be practicing law,
once again in the great state of North Carolina.
My heart gladdens with the promise of justice
when I stand in one of the original thirteen colonies.
From the great Smoky Mountains, to the Pimlico Sound
I know that fair consideration will be offered to all
who set foot in a Tar Heel tribunal.
As the Bible tells us, seek and ye shall find.
And I thank the Lord for helping us
to find these terribly troubling tapes.
The court has received the tapes and transcripts.
I will arrange for my clerk to make you copies.
I presume it will take you a good amount of time
to wade through the materials,
and decide how much, if any, you want to introduce.
We'll want to introduce plenty, Your Honor, maybe all of them.
You Honor, we will fight that.
Mark Fuhrman consulting on a screenplay
has no bearing on a murder trial.
This is just the defense throwing conspiracy mud at the wall
and seeing what sticks.
Oh, it'll stick. It'll stick with the jury. It'll stick with the public.
The public? What do they have to do with this?
The truth, Marcia. They have a right to know.
This isn't a smoking gun in the Simpson case.
This is a smoking gun for the United States.
Your Honor, I anticipate that this will be just a pro forma request?
Actually, Mr. Cochran, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions.
I need to review precedent and make a determination.
Until then, you and your assistants may review the tapes.
But other than that, they are to remain sealed. You understand? Sealed.
[suspenseful music]
[Mark] See, if you did it like they teach you in the academy,
you'd never get a fucking thing done.
If the suspect doesn't talk, you give him
a shot in the stomach with your stick
and you say, “Listen, boy, I'm talking to you."
Or you grab him by the hair and keep punching him till they go down.
See, people don't want niggers in their town.
People don't want Mexicans.
They don't want anybody but good people.
And any way you can do to get them out, that's fine.
We have no niggers where I grew up.
[Laura] Do you still use the choke hold?
[Mark] No. We had to eliminate it because a bunch of niggers
down in the south of LA complained.
These niggers started a bunch of organizations
because all the niggers got choked out and killed.
The longer this trial goes, the lower your numbers drop.
We get to the March primary and people are still talking about 0.J. Simpson.
There's something seriously wrong with this world.
[knocking on window]
God. I think my numbers are about to fall even lower.
Excuse me for a second.
All right. What?
[door closes]
-[Gil] Has Ito ruled on the tapes? - Not yet.
And we're fighting to keep them out, but while we were reviewing them,
we heard something... Unexpected.
You should sit. This is bad.
No, I know. He hates Mexicans, he uses the N word. He's a sexist pig.
He utters every racial slur known to man.
Yes. That is all true, but there's sort of an 0. Henry twist.
Somebody he hates that none of us saw coming.
[Mark] I hate this woman. You know the type, dyed blond,
one inch roots, sloped shoulders, a pouch big enough to hide cats in?
She's the only marsupial on the police force.
- Peggy barely worked... - Wait.
Peggy? Is he talking about Peggy York, Ito's wife?
[Mark] It sickens me she's a captain. I refuse to take orders from her.
She's as far from a policeman as I've seen.
Hell, she's as far from a woman as I've seen.
She just sucked and fucked-
What did he just say?
- He says that she sucked- - He's saying that...
I cannot believe this.
Our star witness insulting the judge's wife.
Yes. Not only does Fuhrman hate blacks,
he hates Peggy York, the highest ranking woman in the LAPD.
Didn't she sign the affidavit?
When Ito was assigned to the case,
Peggy claimed she had no dealings with Fuhrman.
Which seems hard to believe
since we learned she reprimanded him for
writing KKK on a Martin Luther King poster.
Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.
So which means she can be called as a material witness
in which case Ito has to disqualify himself
which means we're looking at a mistrial.
Six million dollars of taxpayer money. one year of work.
We're looking at a mistrial? Shit, the constituents will freak out.
This screams gross incompetence.
Marcia, let's take a deep breath here.
Do we want a mistrial?
Let's start over. Learn from our mistakes.
Do it without Fuhrman.
[music intensifies]
We are in perilous waters.
The prosecution can manipulate this situation.
Marcia and Chris are in trouble. Their case is dying.
Suddenly they get thrown a life preserver. Peggy on tape.
So they game it. Ito gets tossed for the conflict. They get a new trial.
Jesus. A complete do-over.
Well, wait a minute. Try the case again?
We can't. We can't live through this again.
They could move the trial back to Santa Monica and get a white jury.
And this time they don't call Fuhrman.
The LAPD doesn't get tarnished and the tapes
never get played.
The scenario is unthinkable.
We are this close to them being admitted.
Does Ito even know yet?
- My wife is mentioned on these tapes? - Yes, Your Honor.
And it's quite derogatory.
Terrible things.
It's a delicate situation for all of us.
Delicate how?
The interactions Fuhrman described, given their explosive vocabulary,
would seem to make it hard for Peggy to forget him.
So the implication is that Peggy lied so that I could be on this case.
This whole situation is toxic.
[clears throat]
All right.
I don't want there to be any insinuation
that we tried to keep this contained, so
this conversation should continue in open court.
Thank you. If you will excuse me.
Your Honor.
[door closes]
A concern has been raised
regarding the court's ability to be fair and impartial.
It could be argued that the court would not
want the court's wife to be embarrassed.
And what's unfortunate,
is that things are said about people all the time.
Things that are not accurate, not kind.
I love my wife dearly.
And I am...
Wounded by criticism of her as any spouse would be.
I think it would be reasonable to assume that
that could have some impact.
Women who work in male dominated
professions, I think, are tougher than most.
And if they are successful, they are almost always
targets for this kind of treatment.
There is also an argument that
this court in ruling might be motivated to punish Detective Fuhrman
for making these statements about his wife.
So it cuts both ways.
This may be a conflict for me which could trigger a mistrial, so
I think anotherjudge has to determine whether or not this case can remain,
before this court.
[indistinct chatter]
This is insane. You couldn't get away with this plot twist
in an airport paperback.
So. What should we do?
Chris, I've been thinking about this constantly.
The problem is, it's too risky.
If it's perceived we pushed for mistrial,
it would trigger double jeopardy
and in that version, O.J. walks.
Can you imagine the public reaction?
What? You think I wouldn't want a do over?
I would like to do over all of my mistakes.
Do over my life. Do over my marriage.
We have to plow forward.
Your Honor, we don't want to leave our court.
We fought to get the tapes.
They are hard evidence.
The District Attorney's star witness was caught lying under oath.
He committed perjury.
Now, the part that relates to the judge's wife
is very very small.
And because we don't want a mistrial, we propose
that the tapes be given to Judge Ito
with that part redacted.
[Judge] Well...
I'm going to require time to review this constellation of tapes,
and transcripts and records.
Only after I have a comprehensive understanding can I make a decision.
[elevator dings]
We gotta wait for this judge to get a comprehensive understanding. How long?
Things cannot be left to whim.
Cochran, you have to trust the system.
- We need to turn up the pressure. - Pressure?
You want to turn up the pressure? This city is about to explode.
We have enough pressure.
[music intensifies]
I told you not to use Fuhrman.
Now how many times did I say it?
He's damaged goods and I said it and I said it,
but you just didn't take me seriously.
You know?
You put me on this trial because you wanted a black face,
but the truth is, you never wanted a black voice.
Good afternoon. I would like to introduce members of our coalition.
Miss Geraldine Washington, president of the local NAACP.
Mr. John Mack, head of the Urban League.
Mr. Danny Bakeweil, of the Brotherhood Crusade.
And the esteemed Reverend Frank Higgins,
of the Baptist Ministers' Conference.
Can we give them all a round of applause
as our speaker of the hour comes to the podium?
[all applauding]
We demand an immediate federal and state investigation of these tapes.
We demand full disclosure to calm
a community unsettled by the reports of their content.
It goes way beyond 0..l.
People are angry that these tapes confirm what we've always known.
Racist officers unjustly imprison,
beat and kill African Americans and other people of color.
God. This is terrible.
I tried to stop them.
I want our leaders to listen
and to listen very carefully.
Release these tapes...
Because this community is a powder keg,
capable of repeating the actions of 1992.
Release the tapes.
[clamoring in support]
Jesus. Johnnie is threatening another riot.
- Release the tapes. Release the tapes. - Release the tapes. Release the tapes.
Release the tapes. Release the tapes.
[all] 0.J. O.J. 0.J. 0.J...
[man] In the O.J. Simpson trial, the court handed down a decision
that Judge Ito will be able to rule on the Mark Fuhrman tapes.
A hearing is scheduled for today and a ruling is expected soon
on the highly controversial and incendiary tapes.
Your Honor.
This issue can be decided with dispatch.
We will present portions of that transcript
that are relevant to the credibility of Detective Fuhrman.
Thirty occasions in which he used the word nigger
in a racially offensive context
and which directly contradict the testimony he presented under oath.
We will also present
an additional seventeen extracts
where Detective Furhman speaks with personal experience
about police misconduct,
planting of evidence,
commission of perjury,
and the presentation of cover ups
and false testimony in court proceedings.
This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do as a prosecutor.
I don't want to be in the position of defending Mark Fuhrman.
My job is to defend Ron and Nicole.
The victims.
But the bottom line is not Fuhrman.
It's the concrete evidence.
The defense just wants to inflame
the jury so they forget about the facts
and vote emotionally.
I hope this very cynical view will be proven wrong
and the jury will rise to the occasion and say no,
we are going to look at the evidence,
because the rest of this stuff is irrelevant.
I submit these cases,
numerous cases, where racial epithets were deemed immaterial.
I beg of you, Your Honor. Act on precedent.
Do not let the jurors hear these tapes.
I am begging you from my soul.
[Mark] Any nigger driving a Porsche
who doesn't have a 300 dollar suit on, you can always stop.
Anything out of a nigger's mouth, the first five sentences is a lie.
They don't want Mexicans.
They don't want anybody but good people...
Doesn't Ito have an impossible decision on his hands?
The Judge has no choice, he has to play the tapes. They exist.
I don't envy the guy. Pardon my French,
but he's screwed either way.
All rise. Courtroom 103 is now in session.
The Honorable Lance A. Ito presiding.
Good morning.
Over the recess,
I've had the opportunity to contemplate the issues at hand.
Now, I have not yet decided what tape
excerpts are appropriate for the jury to hear,
I think that there is an overriding public interest
in the defense's offer.
And I don't want there to be any impression
that the court would ever suppress any information.
These tapes
have become a matter of national concern.
Many entities have asked that they become public,
so what I'm going to suggest
is that the defense play its presentation
to the court in its entirety.
National concern?
This is a double homicide, Your Honor, not Iran-Contra.
Miss Clark, the court, in its wisdom, has made a determination.
Why do we have to broadcast it?
Truth, Miss Clark, the truth.
The court hides nothing from the people. Nothing.
You have presented a defense
that is based completely on lies and deceptions.
This teasing the public, the media,
by throwing them bits of the tapes,
inflaming the public's passions in an attempt
to exert political pressure over His Honor,
in an attempt to pressure the court into admitting in the Fuhrman tapes.
- Mr. Darden- - No. This case is a circus
and the defense has made into a circus.
And the court has allowed them to walk all over-
Mr. Darden, you are close to being held in contempt.
- Well. I should be held in contempt. - Jesus!
There is nothing funny here.
Mr. Darden?
Chris, calm down.
Mr. Darden?
Mr. Darden?
I am warning you.
A good piece of advice.
Take three deep breaths then
contemplate what you are about to say next.
I would like counsel, Your Honor.
All right, Mr. Darden, you can have counsel.
Do you wish to call your counsel at this time Mr. Darden?
I would like to be heard on behalf of Mr. Darden, Your Honor.
Miss Clark, do you represent Mr. Darden in this matter?
I don't know if I'm legally entitled to,
but I would like to be heard.
Mr. Darden is simply responding to
the unfair events that have occurred in this courtroom today
and other days.
The court has been exploited by counsel for cross purposes.
Miss Clark, I think perhaps you need to take ten deep breaths
for you also are about to be held in contempt.
Shall I take off my watch and jewelery?
Your Honor?
Perhaps some of my comments may have been
somewhat inappropriate.
I apologize to the court.
I meant no disrespect.
All right, Mr. Darden, I accept your apology.
I apologize to you for my reaction as well.
You and I have known each other for a number of years
and I know that your response was out of character, so thank you.
Thank you, Your Honor.
[all] No justice. No peace. No justice. No peace.
No justice. No peace.
After you.
No justice. No peace.
Thank you for coming.
No justice. No peace.
[gavel banging]
[Mark] I had sixty-six allegations of brutality,
but two of my buddies were shot and ambushed.
I was first unit on the scene.
Four suspects ran into an apartment in the projects.
We kicked the door down. I grabbed a girl that lived there.
Grabbed her by the hair, stuck a gun to her head,
and used her as a barricade.
I walked up and said, “I've got this girl
I'll blow her fucking brains out if you come out with a gun."
I held her and then I threw the bitch down the stairs.
[Laura] Can we use that in the story?
[Mark] It hasn't been seven years. Statute of limitations.
I have MiG-something pages of internal affairs investigation
just on that one incident.
We basically tortured those guys.
We broke their bones until their faces were mush.
There was blood all the way to the ceiling
and finger marks like they were trying to crawl out.
It was unbelievable. There was blood everywhere.
How do you intellectualize when you punch the hell out of a nigger?
He either deserves it or he doesn't.
Falsifying a report? Whatever. That's putting a criminal in jail.
That's being a policeman.
Does that police station have the smell of niggers?
They've been beaten and killed in there for thirty years.
Immediately after we beat those guys, we found a garden hose in the back.
We had blood all over us.
With a dark blue uniform, you don't see it.
But we had to wash our hands. Looked like red paint.
We cleaned our badges. We cleaned our faces.
Then we went out to direct traffic.
[Fred Goldman] What happened in there...
This is now the Fuhrman trial.
This is not a trial
about the man
that murdered my son.
We came to this court...
months ago...
You know I just realized something.
- What's that? - Mark Fuhrman's initials are M.F.
I guess that's funny.
But I don't feel like laughing.
It seems like...
Like it's all over.
Ito could save our asses.
He could decide it's all irrelevant and not let the jurors hear anything.
Come on, Marcia. They'll hear.
A couple of conjugal visits is all it takes.
...about the fact that he is a bad police officer.
I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you.
You deserved better.
I know I'm too stubborn.
I always refuse to back down.
It's a problem.
I shouldn't have bet on Fuhrman.
Well, if we're apologizing...
Then I'm sorry as shit about those gloves.
Guess we should have listened to each other.
I got some work to do.
These tapes expose the ugly reality of the LAPD.
It can never again be denied.
We only hope and pray that Chief Williams
[knocking on door]
Follows through on his promise of change.
I trust that's enough for your story and thank you.
Ito is releasing the decision.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Give it. Give it to me.
No. No. No. It's a nightmare.
Ito shafted us.
He's disallowing all the beatings, all the manufacture of evidence.
My God. He's allowing only two sentences.
"We had no niggers where I grew up," and "That's where the niggers live."
All Ito cares about is the perjury.
Fuhrman testified he didn't say the word,
so two sentences prove otherwise.
What about the other thirteen hours?
"Their value is ovenuhelmingly outweighed
by the danger of undue prejudice."
Prejudice, that's a hell of a word to use.
Bring the whole team down here and call up every network.
Shawn, dry them tears, girl. Let's go.
[intense music]
Thirteen hours of tapes down to two sentences.
In the history of American jurisprudence-
No, Johnnie, stop. You're turning this into a referendum.
Now, granted, it's a mixed decision,
but Ito has given us enough to work with.
Bob, you're blind. He's knocked out the manufacturing of evidence.
That's what get us to the planted glove.
I appreciate your passion, but we've been hired to defend a client,
not to burn down the city.
Now I'm sorry that you're disappointed. I understand-
No, you don't. It's impossible.
There is no way you can understand what this is like, Bob.
It's one of the cruelest, unfairest decisions ever rendered.
It lends credence to all those who say
the criminal justice system is corrupt.
Now, Judge Ito is misleading this jury.
Now all the world knows who Mark Fuhrman really is,
except our jury.
0urjury will be left in the dark.
0.J. Simpson has been wrongly accused and framed.
And the cover up continues.
Now. I know that many people share in our anger,
but the citizens of Los Angeles should remain calm.
- Here, baby. - Thank you.
I'm still trembling.
I had hoped to accomplish so much.
You have.
Johnnie, you have.
Those two lines say plenty.
I feel like I failed.
All those hours of tape
and the jury will only hear twelve words.
But the world, they heard the whole truth.
The hell with 0.J. Simpson.
He is an imperfect vessel, but you, you...
Got your message out there.
I'm proud of you, Johnnie.
[banging and shouting]
We call Detective Mark Fuhrman to resume the witness stand.
It's hard to be hated by both sides.
It takes a man of certain character.
- Very good afternoon, Detective. - Good afternoon, Your Honor.
You are reminded, Detective, that you are still under oath.
- Mr. Cochran, you may proceed - Thank you, Your Honor.
Detective Furhman, was the testimony you gave at the preliminary hearing
in this case completely truthful?
I wish to assert my fifth amendment privilege.
Detective Fuhrman, have you ever falsified a police report?
I wish to assert my fifth amendment privilege.
Detective Fuhrman, is it your intention
to assert your fifth amendment privilege
with respect to all questions I may ask?
- Your Honor, may I have a moment? - Of course.
Your Honor, can we curtail this performance piece?
The witness has already made clear
he will not answer any further questions.
Actually, Your Honor, may I ask just one last question?
Thank you.
Detective Fuhrman, did you plant or manufacture any evidence in this case?
I assert my fifth amendment privilege.
[audience exclaims]
[clears throat]
No further questions, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Johnnie is a genius. Did you see what happened in there?
Uallghing] Oh man.
Fuhrman framed me. He framed me.
That was something, huh?
It was a real success for the defense.
Well, I won't be wearing these much longer.
Man, that was magical.
Johnnie's got charisma, man.
That was something.
Bobby, have a good night.
Marcia, I've been looking for you.
- The ruling just came in. - The ruling?
What did Ito do now?
Ito? No, the ruling on your divorce.
I got primary custody.
So you got everything.
[theme music playing]