American Horror Story (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Smoldering Children - full transcript

In 1994, Larry gets burned. In the present, Ben begins to understand what happened to cause Vivien's institutionalization. Constance is questioned by the police in Travis' death. Violet learns something about herself that she doesn't know.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ham.



It looks lovely.

Now, who wants to say grace?

Oh, Mother, may I?

Oh, of course, son.

I was hoping you would choose
to become a part of this family.

Dear God, thank you for
this salty pig meat

we are about to eat, along with

the rest of the
indigestible swill.

And thank you for our
new charade of a family.

My father ran away
when I was only six.

If I'd have known any better,
I would have joined him.

And, also,

because she's been trying to
get back into this house

ever since she lost it, Lord,

a big thank you for blinding

the cocksucker that's
doing my mother,

so that he can't see
what everybody knows.

She doesn't really love him.


Now, Tate, I know
that you've had

a hard time making
the adjustment,

with all the recent changes--
moving back in here

after the... the tragedy that
my own family went through...

They burned themselves alive

after you were
cheating on your wife

with Constance, Lawrence.

It was...
that was nobody's fault.

Passion drove her to it.

One day, you'll understand.

There are sacrifices you have
to make in the name of love.

On a lighter note,
I have reserved

tickets for everybody,
for Saturday, at our

community theater, for the
opening night of Brigadoon.

I'm delighted to be
debuting in the chorus.

Well, I, for one,

shall be there with bells on.

Thank you, darling, for being
so supportive and encouraging.

You have allowed me to explore

another facet of my self.

Yay, I love the theater!

Don't, Addie!

You're a smart girl.
You know he killed our brother.

Stop it! Beau died in his
slumber, of natural causes.

Now, you know he had
a respiratory ailment.

Your brother's
in a better place.

He suffered with every
breath that he took.

He only suffered
because of you.

You know, Tate,
unlike your siblings,

you were graced
with so many gifts.

How is it that you can't
bring yourself to use them?

Just a smile,

or a kind word,

could open the gates to heaven.

No matter how
much you want it...

...I will never be
your perfect son.

(music playing)

(distant phone ringing)

Tate, what are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be in school?

I'm going right after.

After what?


Oh, ah! Ah!


(knock on door)


How you doing?

Viv, I owe you
a very big apology.

I don't want you to apologize.

I just want you to leave.

I've been doing
a lot of thinking

while I've been in here.

I think you're
the one that's crazy.

I really mean that.


I know you're
telling the truth.

You were raped.


Who, or-or what has brought
you to that conclusion?


I know it wasn't
anything that I said.

Can I sit?

I was advised not
to tell you this.

The psychiatrist and Dr. Hall

didn't think you
were stable enough.

The twins have
different fathers.

One of the babies is not mine.

It's a medical anomaly, but...

there have been cases.

Oh, God...

When I came to see you, I was...

I was convinced it was Luke,

that somehow you two...
Oh, God...

Vivien... I'm...

I'm so sorry about all this.

I really am.
(sniffling, sobbing)

Do you remember anything
about this guy,

other than the rubber suit?

His eyes, his voice...?

He didn't speak, Ben.
Don't you think

that's all I've been thinking
about since I've been in here?

How did he get
into our house?

Where were you?

How did he get
that suit?

I don't have any answers.

But we'll find them.


Now, I-I've spoken
to the psychiatrist,

and there are some...
legal hiccups to work out

because of the gunshot.

But you'll be able to come home,

in a day or two.

I promise.

I'm not going back
to that house.

(knock on door)

Constance Langdon?


I'm Detective Granger,

this is Detective Barrios.

May we come in?

We know how upsetting

this must be for you,
Ms. Langdon.

If you could just confirm
for us that that is

Travis Wanderly...

Yes, it's him.

Look at that face.

That beautiful,
beautiful face.

Who would do
something like that?

That's what we're
trying to determine.

Where did they find him?

In a park. In South Central.

The colored section?

What on earth would
he be doing there?

BARRIOS: We think maybe he was
killed somewhere else,

and his body was dumped there.

Wait a minute...

I heard about
this on the news.

They found a...

a young man with
his body cut in two.

They called him
"The Boy Dahlia."

Are you saying that...

that Travis is "The Boy Dahlia?"

Ms. Langdon, did your
boyfriend have any enemies?

Anyone who might
want to hurt him?


Everybody loved Travis.

(doorbell rings)

Right. Right.

Well, it's a...
it's a rubber mask.

I need it tested for
fingerprints and DNA.

Mr. Harmon, my name
is Peter McCormick.

I'm a truant officer
for LAUSD.

Uh... yeah, uh, come in.

Living room. Please.

Right, well, no,
I don't need to...

I... I don't need
to be transferred,

I just want to know
which department.

(flies buzzing)

Oh, I'm so sorry.

That was a urgent matter.

You have blow-flies.

Oh, God.

We shouldn't have
left food out.

I guess I better call
the exterminator, then.

So, I assume you're
here for Violet.

I know she's missed
a few days of school.

Yes. 16 consecutive days.



We've made numerous attempts

to contact your wife,
Mr. Harmon.

It's the only contact
information we have.

Any more absences, and we're

going to be seeing you
in juvenile court.

? ?

? I could be a smack freak ?

? And hate society... ?


I need to talk to you.

? I could play God... ?

(turns off music)

I don't feel well.

Can I come in, please?

Is this about school?

Yes. It's about school.

If you want to give
me the parent drill,

'cause it's going to
make you feel better...

Why would it
make me feel better?

Because... I know it's
really important to you

to be a good father.

Only if I've been
a good father.

And I've been
a lousy father lately.

I owe you an apology.

Is this some headshrinker trick

to make me feel sorry for you?

I can't imagine what this year's
been like for you;

moving and starting
a new school

and all the craziness
that happened to us here.

Hey, remember last year
when you announced

you were going to Harvard?

I probably said that
to make you happy.

I knew that.

I also knew that
you were smart

and you can go
anywhere you want for college.

Come on, Violet.

What are you doing?

This isn't like you.

(voice breaking):
I can't go back, Dad.

Okay, okay, honey, okay.

We'll find you another school.

No, they're all the same!

Honey, you have
to meet me halfway.

We'll find you
a new school,

but you have to start
going tomorrow.

Otherwise, we'll end up
in juvenile court.



(knocking on door)


Hello, Lawrence.

Am I interrupting

No. Uh... come in.

I was so sorry to intrude.

I just, I didn't know
where else to turn.

I needed some human..., I suppose.

I'm so bereft.

I mean,
how much tragedy,

how much loss,

can one woman endure?

Travis is dead.



Wow. That's awful.


So young.

So beautiful.

Not like you!

Constance! Constance!

That's why you killed him,
isn't it?


Because you knew I desired him

like I could never desire you.

No, no, no, no,
you got it wrong.

Now, likely I won't have
the upper body strength

to saw you in half
the way you did my poor Travis,

but I certainly could
cut off some

of the smaller parts.

I just moved the body!

I didn't kill him,
I swear!

He must've pissed off
somebody in the house.

I don't know which one!

It could even have been
your son, for all I know.

He's got quite a temper on him.

In the house?

Travis died in the house?

I didn't ask any questions.

I just moved the,
you know, parts.

I've got to go to him.

Constance, please!

Please, baby, he's dead
and I'm here.

And I'm alive and
I still love you.

That's your problem.

No, you love me,
too, I know it!

Are you crazy?!
Are you crazy?

God, I never loved you.

I endured you...
for the sake of my family.

That is all.

So you're going back
to your boy?

Your dead boy?

Even dead...

even a boy...

he's twice the man you are.

Well, he is now.

Shh, shh!
Just listen to me. Listen.

Don't be mad.

I love you.

Spend the day with me.

We can play Scrabble,
if you want.

I'll even let you win.

I can't.
I promised my dad.

So go tomorrow.
It's not like

they're gonna miss you
for one more day.

Come on, Violet.

Ms. Langdon, we have a few
follow-up questions.

Not now.
This isn't a good time.

We spoke to the Korean gentleman
at the corner store.

He remembers
your boyfriend

and all the awful fights
you used to have.

Those Koreans-- they're
so suspicious, you know,

ever since Hiroshima.

That's a concealed weapon.

Why are you
carrying that?

Maybe because you had reason

to visit the colored
section of town?

Why don't you come down

to the precinct,
Ms. Langdon?

I knew it.

What'd I tell you?

All these old houses,

they got crawlspaces
of, like, three feet.

It's like a gated community
for vermin of every sort.

You follow these flies

and you will find
the source of your problem.

(flies buzzing)

Great, more money
I gotta spend

on this goddamn house
that I can't afford.

So, can you do it?
You are in luck, Mr. Harmon.

My last appointment
blew me off,

so I got an opening
on my dance card.

And what's your rate?

I'm gonna have to get in
the crawlspace before I can

give you an estimate.

But I can tell you this much:

for the money, I'm the best
exterminator on the market.

Okay, Phil, take a look.

Get me an estimate.

This is a disgrace.

You two... bunglers...

have come to harass

the one person in
this City of Angels

who not only has nothing
to do with this crime,

but is singularly
devastated by it.

You are interrupting
a grieving process

that started with the death
of my daughter.

And now Travis.

That's right.
You have been touched

by a fair amount of tragedies.

Lots of people dying near you.

Let's see, there was your son,

Beau, was it?

How old was he when he died?

Beauregardwas a mere boy.

Taken too soon by his condition.

Shitload of noise complaints
from the neighbors.


He was an exuberant boy.

Full of life.

Until he died
of "natural causes."

There was Tate, of course,
a mass murderer.

I will not sit here

and listen to this recitation
of torments past.

I have grieved enough
for two lifetimes.

Most people would be broken
by the deaths of their children,

but my nature would not permit
such weakness.

You're right.

Let's not talk about the dead.

Let's talk about the missing.

Your husband Hugo
and your maid Moira.

They disappeared in '83?

My husband was unfaithful,
that's true.

You know, I never understood
what he saw in her.

Perhaps it was her coarseness
that he was attracted to.

I heard rumors of a love nest

somewhere down in Brazil
near the equator.


But I never pursued them.

I am not one to stand
in the way of true love.


But what does the whereabouts
of two adulterers

have to do with the
murder of my Travis?

See, that's the thing.

In 1983, nobody in this
department thought

they were just missing.

And the D.A.,
he was about this close

to filing murder charges
on you, Ms. Langdon.


I would rather rot in hell
than bury you

in the same grave as your lover.

I ready the notes
on the case.

They think you killed them.

All they had to do
was find the bodies.

(dogs barking)

But they never found what they
were looking for.

(Constance laughs)

Because there was nothing
to find.

My husband ran away from me,

from his responsibilities.

It never bothered you

that he just disappeared?

Once I discovered
that he had cheated,

Hugo meant no more
to me than dog shit.

Oh, hello, Harry.
What are you doing here?

I've been assigned to the case.
No more talking.

Nothing more is to be said
until I consult with my client.

But I had nothing
to do with Travis's death.

I have nothing to hide.

Please, Ms. Langdon.
If you don't mind...

Sorry to introduce myself
under these circumstances.

Harry Goodman.

What did they ask you about?

Just my past.
Nothing about Travis.

Ms. Langdon, listen to me.

"The Boy Dahlia"
is sexy, sensational.

It's gonna bring a lot of
attention to this department,

so they're moving fast.

That's good. I want them
to find the murderer.

No, they want
to pin it on somebody.

And right now,
that person is you.

And if you say
one more word,

you could find yourself in
a very tight spot.

(whistling "The Battle Hymn
of the Republic")

(imitating Schwarzenegger):
The Verminator is here.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

If you can't pay rent, don't...

(flies buzzing)

I knew it.

When you're right, you're right.

Get ready to meet your maker.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


You're a murderer.

You need to stay and repent

for the countless innocent
lives you've stolen!

(gas hissing)

I see.

Well, yes, I've heard
some great things

about your Chinese
language program.

You're right,
China's the future.

Hey, just out of curiosity, what
kind of financial aid packages

do you offer for
academic high achievers?

Yes, she's been an "A" student
until this semester.

Her IQ is north of 150.

Well, my daughter has a very
bright future, that I know.

Truthfully, our real concern

has been the kids she's been
hanging around lately.

Hm. They're just not cut

from the same cloth.

Where've you been?

I just took your rook.
Checkmate in 13 moves.

What's wrong?

He wants to separate us.

He's gonna
send you away.

What are you talking about?

I just heard him
talking on the phone

with a boarding school,

asking about
financial packages.

Makes sense.

He sent Mom away.

I don't know why
I thought I was safe.

I just assumed
I was his little girl.

What a fantasy.

I'm so stupid
and naive sometimes.

Of course he's going
to send me away, too.

There's nothing stupid
about you.

And I won't let him
send you away.

(flies buzzing)

Hey! What are you doing
with my stuff, man?

What? Uh, nothing.

I'm, uh...
I had to move it.

Well, it's evidence.

You can't leave it
lying around.

Oh, okay.

Hey, man, um...
have I made the news?

The news... Oh, God, yeah.

You've been all
over the news.


Well, what about--
what about Constance?

She hasn't been
in the news.

No, no, no, I mean...
how'd she take it?


Pretty hard.


Why doesn't she come
over to see me?

Too soon, I suppose.

ANGELA: Travis,
come play with us.

Yeah, I'll be
right there, girls.

Those girls...

Margaret and Angela.

Found 'em hiding
down here.

Sweet kids.

A little needy, but...

Oh, say, man,
do you think, um,

maybe you could
snag me some clippings?

You know,
news articles about me?

Just thinking about starting
a little scrapbook.


(British accent): See if I can
get my seat back here.

Take it from
these little dollies.

May I have
some tea, please?

Thank you.

Best tea ever.

He's so good with them.


I don't think I've
ever seen Margaret

take to anyone so quickly.

They've been so afraid
up till now.

Lonely. We all have.

Why am I seeing
you now after...

after all this time?

You're ready now.

You're on the cusp.

Lorraine, I'm...

I'm so sorry...

For everything.

Prove it.

I'm gonna make her pay.

Lorraine, I'll see to it
that Constance rots in prison

for what she did
to our family.

Constance didn't do anything
to our family, Larry.

She didn't break
any vows, hmm?

That was you.


You sick son of a bitch!
Show your face!

Who are you?!

You raped my wife!
You raped my wife!

You raped my wife!

Show me your face!

Who are you?! Who are you?!




Wha... Wha...

The only reason I'm not
killing you is for her.

You need to take
a little nap,

and then it'll
all be over.

Vanilla latte.

Uh, nonfat, decaf,
sugar-free shot.

Nothing in it
that's bad for you.

What's wrong?

They didn't say.

They just want us down

at the police station
as soon as possible.

Now I have already answered
all their questions.

They cannot pin
this murder on me.

Something new must
have surfaced.

An eyewitness,
a piece of evidence...

I think you're
going to be charged.

What did you do to him?

I just convinced him

to leave us alone
for an hour or so.

Tate, what did you
do to him?!
I didn't do anything bad!

Just scared him a little.
He'll be fine.

But we're running out of time.

You're being weird.
Time for what?

I figured out how to keep
them from sending you away.

Can we run away?
Kind of.

Yeah. I love you, Violet.

And I want you to
be happy and free.

If we take these,
we can stay here.

We can play with Beauregard,
we can play games, watch videos.

We can be together forever.

You want us to commit suicide?


And I don't think
there's enough in here

to really, you know...

So I think if we use these...

Where did you
get those pills?
You dad has a lot of samples.

Did you hurt my dad?
No, I told you,
I just knocked him out

so I could buy
us some time!

Listen to me, Violet, we can't
get all chicken shit about this.

We're running out of options.

Yeah. Okay, I get it.

It's the only way
we can be together.

Like Romeo and Juliet.

I know how to do it
so that it won't hurt.

Can we do it
in the bathtub?

'Cause it's warm and nice
and I can light some candles.


But we have to go now.

I'll-I'll go run the bath.


Help! Dad, help me!
He's trying to kill me!

Violet, no!

Dad! Dad!


Help me!
(dog barking)


Help me!

What's happening?
What did you do to me?

You have to stop.

Let's just do what
we said we would.

Dad, where are you?!

Help me!


Stop running!



Please, Tate, please,
I don't want to die.

It's too late for that.

Violet, listen to me.

Why am I running around
like a crazy person?

Did you drug me?

I'm not going to hurt you.

I have to show
you something.

And then you're free to
go wherever you want.

I promise I won't stop you.

You have to trust me.

I feel weird.

Like I'm losing it.

Come on.



It's so disgusting down here.

Okay, come on.

Close your eyes.

And remember...

everything's going to be okay.

I love you.

(flies buzzing)

Open your eyes.




Don't you die on me!


I died when I took
all those pills...

I tried to save you.

I did.

I tried to make you
throw them up.

You threw up some.

Not enough.


You took so many, Violet.


You died crying.

(sniffs, cries)

I held you.

You were safe.

You died...


I hardly feel anything.

I didn't want you to
find out this way, Violet.

You or your parents.

I had this idea that
if you chose to die,

with me,

you wouldn't be so sad.

I never wanted you
to see this.

I'm so sorry, Violet...


Detective, I want it noted
that my client is here

on her own volition,
and that your department

hasn't shown a shred of evidence
that could link Ms. Langdon

to the tragic murder
of Travis Wanderly.

We have the murder weapon,

Well, it's not mine.

Whatever it is,
it's not mine.

I had nothing to do with it.

You are not going to
hold me responsible

for a crime I did not commit.

Do you know this man?

He says he knows you.

He did?

What else did he say?

He says he killed
Travis, alone.

Says nobody else had
anything to do with it.

And you believed him.

Well, he came in with
the murder weapon.

Described in detail what
happened to the body.

Details we'd never
released to the public.

Since he said he knew you,
I was hoping

you would help us
with the motive.

Can you tell us anything
that might make sense?

I'm sorry, Detective.

I have no answers.

I can only imagine that he
confessed for one reason... pacify
a guilty conscience.

(cards shuffling)


all this time, I thought
I was protecting you.

But you were protecting me.

That's all I ever
wanted to do,

since I first saw you.

So why'd you
keep it a secret?

"Hi, I'm Tate.

"I'm dead.

Wanna hook up?"

I don't think so.

I still don't remember dying.

Do you?


What happens now?

You draw a card,
and then discard.

No, I mean... like,
how's it going to be?

Just like this.

Like it's always been.

It's you and me.

Together for always.

Hello, Constance.

Thanks for coming to see me.

What do you want?

I just wanted to see you.

One last time.

I wanted to take
the image of you

with me into my captivity.

Well, take a good look.

It's the last time
you're ever gonna see me.

I know.

They're sending me out of
state to serve my sentence.


Though I understand that
the penitentiary there

has a very fine
theater program.

Well, you'll finally
have that captive audience

you've always dreamed of.


Aren't you going to
ask me why, Constance?

Why what?

Why did I confess to a crime
we both know I didn't commit?

I have long stopped asking
why the mad do mad things.

But if you thought
you were protecting me,

then you're a bigger fool
than I ever took you for.

No, I have no illusion
that you need protecting.

From me, or any man.

No. No, this is about me.

I need to pay for
my crimes, Constance.

All of them.

Well, it looks like you're
going to get your wish.

You're going to die in here,
you know that, don't you?

I don't mind.

I can take it.

I can endure it all...

if you'll just say those words.

I know you loved me
once, Constance.

Just say it...

and I can face
whatever may come.

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