Acceptable Risk (2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

The wife of a man traveling on business for a large drug company learns that her husband has died while on a business trip.

WOMAN: Good afternoon.
How can I help you?

I have an appointment with the minister.

Lee Manning, senior VP of marketing,

Gumbiner-Fischer Pharmaceuticals.

I'm in the lobby.


Hey. It's me.

Well, with any luck,
it'll be a straightforward meeting.

I can wrap it up quickly and
make an earlier flight back.

Ah. Promises, promises.

But if you can manage that,

I was thinking we could get away
for the weekend to the country.

Just you and me.

That would be nice. Don't you think?

It's a yes.

Okay. Just keep your
mind on your job, you.

Have you -- Have you talked
to Eamonn and -- and Rose?

Have you -- Have you told them the plan?

No. I'm gonna do it when I get a moment.

Today, when they get home from school

LEE: Is that gonna be a problem?

SARAH: Not for Rose.

For Eamonn, I'm not
sure how he'll take it,

but yeah, he'll come 'round.

Just -- He might just
take a bit of time.

The important thing is
we do it as a family.

You know, if there's anything
you want me to say to him or...

What, man to man?

Yeah. We'll see.

He worked his way a day at a
time through everything else

and came out the other side.

That's his way.

Rose has hers, although she can
be difficult to read at times.

In the heel of the hunt,
it'll all be fine.

I'm sure of it.

-Mr. Manning?
-I would never --

Mr. Lee Manning, Gumbiner-Fisher?

A moment?

I promise, I wouldn't wreck
what you have with your kids.

Now, if there is anything about
this that threatens that...

Hey, this is gonna be the best thing

that could happen to this family.

Now, take care of business
and get back here.

You've only been gone a day,
but I miss you already.

I can't wait to show you just how much.

LEE: I love you.

I've got to go.

Remember that.

I never doubt it a minute in a day.

There's been a change of plan, sir.

The minister would like
to discuss this matter

somewhere, uh, less public.

We've arranged for an office nearby.

I'll drive you there. Follow me, please.

The agreement was that
we would talk here.

You could pass that to me,
and I'll make sure he gets it.

No. I have to hand this
to him personally.

The minister is only available today,

and it'll be some time before
a new appointment is possible.

Okay. All right.

I'm gonna have to go up to my
room and get something first.

Well, then your little trip to Montreal

has been a waste of time, sir.

Unless you're prepared to
spend another week here.

I can't wait that long.

Well, that's your decision.

I'm just laying out the facts.

Your call.


Mrs. Manning? Sarah.

Hello, Barry.

How are you?

Are you coming back to us?

Not yet, I'm afraid.

Ah. I'm sorry to hear it.

Are you still holding
down the fort here, then?

I do what I can with
the gifts God gave me.

How are the kids?

A handful -- but the
right kind of handful.

Well, it would be great to get you back.

As you know, we're just
one big happy family here.

As head of security,
I can personally guarantee that.

I'll have to search you, sir.

Thank you.

SARAH: I've thought
hard about the offer,

and I'm very flattered the
company wants me back,

but this isn't the time.

You're sure?

Legal have lost some key people.

We've made some changes to our
tax planning arrangements,

which could really do with somebody

with your depth of experience.

Dr. Hoffman is very
keen to have you back.

Thank him.


The offer made me ask
myself some questions,

some personal ones,

about what I really want
in the next few years.

About what Lee and I both want.

I can't change your mind?

What if we were to look at
the terms of the offer?

No. No. Please.

The -- The money's great already,

and -- I hate to turn you down,
but I...I have to.

Maybe in a few years down the road.

I know that sales and marketing
has your husband on the road

most of the time.

We'd be really flexible about
any traveling you need to do.

We really want to make this work.

It's the personal stuff.


I had to try.

That's what they pay me for.

Thanks for coming in.

And if you change your mind,
just pick up the phone.

-We're --

I know.

Just get in.

Mrs. Manning.

This is a catastrophe,
a disaster for the firm.

Human resources has just
told me of the bad news.

Can I not persuade you
to change your mind?

What are your terms?

Tell me what it would take
to get you back with us.

I promise unconditional surrender.

Make as outrageous a set
of demands as you wish.

I'll make sure we meet them.

I'm not ready to come
back yet, Dr. Hoffman.

Hans, please.

This isn't a negotiation.

My mind's made up.

It's a family thing.

My family. Lee's family.

Not the Gumbiner-Fischer family.

That cannot be your last word.

It is for now.


Mrs. Manning? Sarah Manning?


Detective Emer Byrne. Can I talk to you?

Your children -- Are they at home?

Rose and Eamonn are at school. Why?

Is there anyone with you at the moment?

A housekeeper, maybe?

She's in Spain at the moment.

I'm managing by myself
for a couple of weeks.

What's this about?

We've received a call from the
police in Montreal, Canada.


They want us to help
confirm the identity

of somebody who's been
involved in an incident there.

A what?

They found a wallet.

I think you should sit down.

What are you trying to tell me?

In the wallet was an
Irish driver's license

for a Lee Manning,

date of birth the 15th of May 1979.

There's also photographs of a
woman and two young children --

a girl and a boy --
several credit cards,

a membership to a yacht
club in Dublin...

...and a business card

for Gumbiner-Fischer Pharmaceuticals.


Could this be your husband's wallet?

There will be a formal
identification process

as soon as possible,
but in the meantime,

I'm so, so sorry to have to tell you

that a man carrying his wallet

was found dead today in Montreal.

DR. HOFFMAN: Have there
been any arrests?

Not as far as I know.

But it's early days.

I've asked to be kept in
touch with developments.

What a terrible thing for Sarah.

I spoke to her only this morning.

She will have all the support
that you and HR can give her --

whatever she requires,

whoever she feels she has
to turn to for answers.

She will have no need to
ask anywhere but here.

Please make sure she knows
this as soon as possible.

Yes. Of course.

The security aspects, Mr. Lehane?

In the time that Lee Manning
has been with us, no red flags.

Uh, a family man, although
the two kids aren't his.

He married Sarah a year and a half ago.

His main recreation is sailing.

He keeps a boat on a
club at Dun Laoghaire.

Everything's in line
with his income level

and his annual financial
disclosure form.

Keep me informed.

Mrs. Manning and I worked
very closely together

when she was here.

This is personal for me.

It's important that
the police in Montreal

get a complete picture of
what he was doing that day --

where he was supposed
to be, for example,

and who he was meeting.

A medical conference.

Uh, he was going to meet
somebody in a hotel.

I don't know which one.

It's company policy.
I'm never told the details.

That's all I know.

It's all I ever know.

Usually I don't hear from him
until he's back in Dublin.

This time was different.

He phoned. I spoke to him.

It sounded like he was in a hotel lobby.

I can't be sure.

Do you remember when that was?

Oh. It'll be on my phone.

I don't know how I'm gonna
tell Eamonn and Rose.

NUALA: It's a three-room apartment

in a perfectly restored
Georgian building,

and it is available for the
weeks you're inquiring about.

There are three flights of stairs.

No. No lift.

Um, as you'll see on the website,

it is a perfectly restored
Georgian building in a --


Thanks for your call,
and I'll wait to hear from you.

It usually rents pretty fast, so --

There isn't a helicopter landing
pad on the roof, either,

before you ask.

The only problem running
your own business

is the terrible amount of
eejits you have to deal with.

Say that again.

Oh. I can't believe it.

Emer Byrne, detective sergeant.

I'm the one who broke the news. You are?

Nuala Mulvaney. Sister.

BYRNE: I don't think
it's really sunk in yet.

The children are on
your sister's mind --

how to bring them home from school,

when and how they should be told.

If she does go for them,
I don't think she should drive.


She's holding up for the moment,

but who knows when she might lose it?

I'll see to everything.

Could there be a mistake?

The photographs and
everything else in the wallet

match the man they found.

I can't hold out any realistic
hope they have it wrong.

He traveled the world.

That was his job.

He did tens of thousands
of miles a year.

If -- If anyone could handle
themselves, it was him.

His car. He drove it in yesterday.

-It'll still be at the airport.
-I said I'll see to everything.

There's so many arrangements to make.

Getting him back.
How do I go about doing that?

Letting people know.

His people in America, people here.

But will there be an inquest?

How does -- How does all that work?

The funeral.

The funeral.

BYRNE: I, um, I have to go now.
You have somebody here.

This is my number.

Feel free to call me any
time -- and I mean any time.

Thanks. Um, I'm just --

I'll...I'll be down a minute.

She'll be all right, do you think?

I don't know.

Three years ago, her first husband died.

Now this.

They've been getting their
lives back bit by bit.

How did it...

The police in Montreal are
still making their inquiries.

Hi. Deirdre Kilbride, Gumbiner-Fischer.

I'm here to offer whatever help I can.

Do you need a doctor?

A doctor?

They could give you something.

Knock me out?

Put me to sleep?

Just when the kids are gonna
need me more than ever?

I've been here before. Remember?

Burying somebody I love.

I know the ropes.

SARAH: We'd come to a decision.

I'd have another child.


So there wasn't room for that and a job.

Not for a few years, anyway.


When that horrible thing happened to...

When Ciaran -- the accident...

I never thought I'd lift my head
up to look at another man again.

And then I met Lee.

And everything changed.

Came back to life.

BYRNE: He called her
from the hotel lobby.

The call lasted two
minutes and 31 seconds

and was at one minute
past noon our time.

DUQUESNE: Which was moments
after the security guard

had been killed and substituted

by the man the victim
left the lobby with.

Now you have two dead, not just one.

DUQUESNE: The other man was
also shot once in the head

and, uh, his body stuffed
in the linen chute.

And before you say "nice clean job,"

somebody's already made that joke.

BYRNE: I wasn't going to.

It's hardly the time.

She told you that he was here
for a medical conference,

but his body was found in
the St-Laurent district.

St-Laurent is what the
tourist guides enjoy calling

a red-light district --

an exaggeration,
but there are many clubs there,

many people looking for,
shall we say, companionship?

The streets are usually
safe during the day,

but from time to time,
there is an argument over money.

You understand?

Or did whoever kill him
want to muddy the waters

by dumping him there?

That is possible.

How did Mrs. Manning take
the news of the death?

How do you expect? Not well.

Thank you for handling that.

There is one more thing,

something that does not seem to fit

what we know of the victim so far.

I found a handgun in the safe.

Can you think of any reason
why a sales representative

of a pharmaceutical
company would be armed?

Rose! Eamonn!

Your mum asked me to pick you up today.

-I have a dance class.
-I have a sailing lesson.

Well, you have the week off this week.

Get in my car. Make the most of it.

So lovely to meet you.

-Hi, Mum.

-Hi, Mum.
-Hey, you.

It's a silly little thing, but...

...the thought of his
car in the car park...

...that he's never coming
back for it...ever again.

I'll go get the car.

You take care of Rose and Eamonn.

Did you say anything to them?

I tried to make it as
normal a day as possible.

They were quiet on the way back, though.

Kids have a way of sensing
things, don't they?

You've got a very big
company on your side,

with every resource you and your
family need to get through this.

Just ask for anything you need.
Anything at all.

Thank you.


Sometimes people go away
and they don't come back.

Things happen to them.

Bad things.

I mean, it shouldn't be
like that, but...but it is.

Lee got on a plane...

...and a bad thing happened to him, a...

...a very bad thing.

It's just the three of us again.

You two and me.

I thought...

I was hoping that things were changing

and things were starting to work for us.

I'm sorry.




What are you doing?


Watch it!

Good night.

You working that murder
case in Montreal, Emer?

I wouldn't say working it.
That's their job over there.

I just broke the news to the widow.

-How'd that go?
-How does it always go?

It's the worst part of the job.

So it's not your case, then?

There is no case over here,

and even if there was,
I am on my way home.

I have a slice of cold pizza
and half a takeout chow mein

I have been dreaming about all day.

I'll dump it on somebody else, then.

Dump what?

It's a very sophisticated bit of gear.

I've never seen anything quite like it.

Real-time GPS, active monitoring system

that'll upload direct to
a dedicated satellite.

It's not something you'd
buy off the shelf.

No wonder people are paranoid.

Your TV set is listening
in to your conversation,

and the camera on your phone
is taking snaps of you

without your permission.

These are from the airport car park.

BYRNE: I know him. Cormac Walsh.

I lifted him a couple of times

when I was working in Clondalkin.

He was a bag snatcher then.

He's come up in the world since.

Even so, how would he get his
hands on something like that?

Emer Byrne.

Barry Lehane here, head of
security, Gumbiner-Fisher.

Do you have a minute?

BYRNE: I was asked to break
the news to his wife.

That's my involvement.

If you asked me here to help you,
Mr. Lehane, I can't.

There's nothing I can tell
you about what Montreal knows

or doesn't know because it's their case.

You can confirm that there
were two murders, though,

and no suspect in custody yet.

It was on the news,
wasn't it? Big story.

I would've liked to
have heard it from you,

speaking on behalf of one of the firms

whose taxes pay your wages.

You're the ones who do that?

Can we talk about a raise?

I think this meeting
might be a waste of time.

While I'm here, maybe you
can help me with something.

Three years ago, you buried
somebody else from the firm

who met a sudden death -- Mrs.
Manning's first husband.

Ciaran. Yeah.

He was in, uh, public
relations, stuff like that.

Was a lovely man with a
bit of a drink problem.

I knew him.

It was an accident.

That's what they say on the file.

Missed his footing and
slipped into the canal.


Nothing to suggest it was anything else.

So why bring it up?
Just to pass the time of day?

Would you know why somebody
would put a tracking device

on her second husband's
car here in Dublin?

Why would I?

Corporate security would include
keeping your own people honest,

wouldn't it?

You think I bugged his car?

Someone did.

And then tried to remove it when
it was parked at the airport.


Before you came here, you were
in the antiterrorist division.

You're a very capable man, Mr. Lehane,

and I'm sure you'll do whatever it takes

to protect the people
who you're working for.

Well, I'm very flattered
you should think so,

but really I only do what's legal.

I need to know who put that
bug on Lee Manning's car

and who might have had an
interest in wanting him dead.

If you find out, you'll tell me.

You don't get a free pass

just 'cause you work for one of
the biggest firms in Ireland.

Not just one of the biggest.

One of the most important and powerful.

You should remember that.

You do your job, Detective...
and I'll do mine.

Lee Manning carried a gun.

The Canadian police found it.

Why would your salesman of
the year risk doing that?

Airport security didn't
catch the weapon?

BARRY: If it was made of polycarbide,

you'd be able to get
it past the scanners.

Same with any ammunition
he was carrying.

Not as powerful as a
metal-jacketed round,

but it could still ruin your day.

The issue for me is if it
wasn't a random killing,

somebody had to have
been waiting for him.

Only two or three people in this company

even knew he was going to Canada.

Someone outside it would know.

His wife.

SARAH: I'm -- I'm not following.

I hardly got 10 minutes
of sleep last night.

I'm having trouble keeping up.

You went to the airport.

Then the police somehow got involved.


There was somebody looking for
something under Lee's car.

I disturbed him. He ran away.

The guards are keeping the
car while they investigate.

Something under the car?

They took it seriously.
Really seriously.

I had to give a statement

saying whether I knew anything about it.

What happened to the person you found?

He took off like a rocket.

Did you know him?

I have a lot of odd friends, Sarah,

but nobody you'd see in a Garda lineup.

What's going on, Nuala?

What's happening?

You know as much as I do,
as the guards do at the moment,

including the one who was here.

Try to and put it out of your mind.

You have too much on your
plate to go worrying about it.

How are Rose and Eamonn?


Still, I was awake all night
thinking about the funeral --

uh, who to ask.

Lee's family in the States
-- They'd want to know.

I went to the study to arrange
it before I realized...

I have no phone numbers or
e-mails for any of them.

There are no letters,
not even a Christmas card.

I looked through Lee's stuff.

No clues there. Not even a photograph.

3:00 in the morning, it hit me.

I know nothing about Lee's
family -- if he has any.

I mean, who his people are,
where they live.

All I know is he grew up in Chicago.

That's all he'd say.

He must have talked about them sometime.

He said they weren't close.

Something had happened between them.

His jobs have always involved traveling.

They didn't keep in touch.

He didn't want to talk about it.

That was the door slammed shut.
It's how he wanted it.

I went through those
three or four times,

'cause everybody's got something --

from school or university or
the place they worked before.

Nothing. Not even a holiday snap.

Blank, blank, blank.

It's like I married
someone who wasn't there.


The guard's here again.

A gun?


It's impossible.

BYRNE: It was found in the
safe in his hotel room.

There also was an incident
at Dublin Airport yesterday.

Nuala told me about that.

Somebody was attempting to
retrieve a tracking device

on your husband's car.

That means somebody in Dublin
has taken a lot of trouble

to keep tabs on Mr.
Manning while he was here.

We know, unfortunately,
that he had enemies in Montreal, too.

-Lee didn't have enemies.
-Not that you know of.

But after he died,

somebody in Dublin needed
to remove the evidence.

I have to assume that they
are somehow connected

to whoever targeted him in Montreal --

either in connection with his work

or something in his personal life.

I'm his personal life.

The children are his personal life.

As far as you know.

I know my husband.

Is there anything you need to tell me?

Anything you've had
your suspicions about?

Anything out of the ordinary
the past few days or weeks,

I need to know about it.

I need you to help me.

That means you're gonna
have to trust me.

The medicine cabinet.

The catch sticks.

Now, whoever was searching...
pushed it too hard to close it.

I wouldn't have thought anything of it,

but when I came home yesterday,

the alarm had been switched
off, which was odd.

I found somebody in the
house a few months ago.

Lee had the security system upgraded,

the security gate put in.

He wanted cameras in the house,
too, but I put my foot down.

I don't want to live like that,
despite his job.

Despite his job?

Lee works...

...worked -- in a high-pressure business

with lots of money at stake.

The phone could go any
minute, telling him

he had to be on a plane the
other side of the world

on some multimillion deal.

There were things he...

...he couldn't tell me about
who he met, where he was going.

He had security reviews
three or four times a year.

He didn't have a laptop

in case he put sensitive
information on it

and it was lost or stolen.

Things like that.

The gun.

That wasn't the Lee I knew.

It doesn't make any sense.

I've got it!


I'm Sarah Manning, yes.

I know this isn't a good
time to talk, Mrs. Manning,

and I apologize for that.

My name is Donna Welty.

I'm at the consulate section of
the Canadian embassy in Dublin.

I sympathize with what
you must be going through

in this terrible time,

and I just wanted to offer
any assistance that I can.

Thanks. Uh, I appreciate that, but --

DONNA: Unfortunately,
it will be necessary

to start making some arrangements.


For the deceased.

Will I have to come to Montreal?

I have two kids, the funeral.

Well, your husband did
carry an American passport.

Perhaps there's a relative
in the United States

that could identify him.

No. Uh, I don't know.

That -- That's -- Sorry.
That's not gonna be possible.

DONNA: Then perhaps a representative

from the company that he worked for.

Uh, yeah. I'll ask.

I-I can't deal with this now.

What do you think?

Am I going nuts?

Eamonn, will you stop that now, please?!

I'm sorry.

Eamonn, I'm -- I'm s--


I'm so sorry.

-Go away!

Eamonn, please!

WOMAN: Conference call with Geneva

at 12:00 on the video link.

Lunch with the head of research at 1:00

and the formal announcement
of the new plant at 3:00.

Will that still be going ahead,
given the circumstances?

I see no reason to cancel it.

My speech?

I don't think you're crazy,
Mrs. Manning.

I know the stress you must
be feeling right now.

I want to get you all the answers

about your husband's death
as quickly as possible

so you can -- you can
concentrate on your family.

It's what really matters.

I know you've been through
something like this before.

Ciaran's death was an accident.

That was hard enough.


I'm talking a couple of times a
day to the police in Montreal.

They want to get to
the bottom of it, too.

Not much of it seems to add up so far.

Meantime, just to be on the safe side,

I'm gonna send somebody
to check out your car.

I don't think you should
drive it until that's done.

They've been following me, too?

I just need to be sure
one way or the other.

-MAN: Detective Emer Byrne?

I have something that
you might like to see.

That thing at the airport yesterday

just got even more interesting.


I can think of no one better to
help us launch the final stage

of our new manufacturing plant

than someone who has been a
great friend to this company

and helped us to get us where we are --

Mr. Maurice O'Hanlon, TD.

Thank you.

Thank you.

One of myself and my wife
Marie's best friends

just passed away.

He wasn't very old

when they discovered a
rare form of cancer.

The drug they treated him with
gave him an extra 10 years.

He was able to spend
that time with his wife

and watch his children grow up.

The company that spent
tens of millions of euros

developing that drug
was Gumbiner-Fischer.

Now, there's been a bit
of a dingdong recently

about Dr. Hoffman's plans
to expand its operations

by building a new plant
here in the Republic,

providing good, secure, well-paying jobs

for young Irish men and women

who deserve a future
in their own country.

A problem has arisen.

Not to do with the new plant.

It's something more serious.

I may contact you should I need
advice on how to handle it.

Would it be a million miles away
from this thing in Montreal?

That's in the hands of
the Canadian police.

We know very little until their
inquiry is, uh, completed.

But our company is making
headlines for the wrong reasons.

Those reasons being getting one
of your salesmen bumped off?

That appears to have
been a personal matter

and nothing to do with
his duties for us.

Even so, it may cause us embarrassment.

You know where to reach me. Any time.

One of the traffic-control
cameras picks Walsh up here

a few minutes after the
incident at the airport.

He's meeting a female,
around 5'7", blond.

A bit out of his league, I'd say.

Then I lose them both.

That's it?

Not quite.

That's good.

I do wedding videos on the side.

Brings in a few quid.

Now watch where I pick
that vehicle up again.

Zoom out, and...

Is that what I think it is?

42 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The embassy of the United
States of America.

Sarah? Barry.


I'd hoped to be in touch
again in happier times,

but if you had a minute or
two to put aside for me...

The sooner the better.

You can't be asking me that, Barry.

I worked there.

I know how important security
is in that industry.

I'm not gonna go talking my head
off in the supermarket queue

about where he was -- even
if I knew, which I didn't.

I appreciate that, but I have to ask.

Because of the gun?

You knew about that?
You knew he carried one?

I was gobsmacked when I heard.

What was he doing? What had he got into?

I'm gonna find out.

But I need to know if
you accidentally, say,

let something slip inside the
family about where he was going.

To your sister, maybe -- uh, Nuala?

Is it Nuala Mulvaney?
Or one of the kids?

I told you -- I had
no idea where he was.

Lee followed company policy
about things like that

to the letter.

You're making me very uncomfortable.

Look, I don't want to go
here either, but I have to.

The guards have been asking
about Ciaran's death,

reviewing the files,
taking another look.

I think maybe they're wondering
if there was a connection.

A connection?

Ciaran's death. Now Lee.

If the guard who was here
said anything to you --

gave you a hint,
indicated a line of inquiry --

So what are you saying?

You can see the picture
that they might have.

Two deaths, one firm.

They wouldn't be doing their
job if they didn't have a look.

Rake it all up again,
in the middle of me burying Lee

with my kids knocked
off their feet again.

Ciaran wasn't murdered.

Don't -- Don't try to
tell me that he was.

There's the gates of mercy and
the gates of justice, Sarah.

You want justice for Lee. I know that.

There's the gates of what?

Something I heard a priest say once.

There's no mercy without justice.

And to get justice,

you have to know the facts
and look them in the eye.

Ciaran's job in PR meant he had
to have drinks with people.

Lots of people. Too many.
An occupational hazard.

That one night, he decided to
walk home to sober himself up.

It was an accident -- a stupid,
pointless accident.

Lee wasn't an accident.

The gun says he knew it
could happen at any time,

here or away.

What scared him? Huh?

Scared him enough to get a gun.

If there's anything he let slip,
anything you remember,

any clue that he gave

that he was afraid of the
same thing happening to him.

SARAH: I don't know
why he carried a gun.

I don't.

I-I can't get my head 'round it. It...

But what I do know is that I'm
gonna get to the bottom of it.

Wherever it goes. Whatever it costs.

That's what I want to hear,

'cause that's where I'm coming from too.

It's personal, this.

I was a guard, Sarah -- a damn good one.

You need someone like me on your side,

fighting your corner for you,

asking the questions
that need answering.

But you have to open up about Lee.

You have to tell me everything.

Everything about Lee?

He was the Invisible Man.

My God.

Stay here.



Open up! Stop the car!

Stop the car!



Help me!

Help me! Somebody!


Oh, Barry.