Acceptable Risk (2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

An international conspiracy seems to be behind the death of Sarah's husband.

Sarah Manning?
Detective Emer Byrne.

I'm so, so sorry
to have to tell you

that your husband was found dead
today in Montreal.

She told you that he was here
for a medical conference,

but his body was found
in the red-light district.

Or did whoever kill him
want to muddy the waters

by dumping him there?

Three years ago,
her first husband died.

Now this.

The guards have been asking
about Ciaran's death.

I think maybe they're wondering
if there was a connection.

NUALA: There was somebody
looking for something

under Lee's car.

I disturbed him.
He ran away.

MacNALLY: It's a very
sophisticated bit of gear.

Real-time GPS,
active monitoring system.

I know him. Cormac Walsh.

One of the traffic-control
cameras picks Walsh up here.

He's meeting a female, 5'7".

Watch where I pick
that vehicle up again.

The embassy of the United States
of America.

Stop the car!


Excuse me.

There's a Detective Emer Byrne.

Can you get in touch with her?
I need to see her straightaway.

Yes, ma'am.

He gave chase as the SUV
drove away then collapsed?


And the driver didn't bother
to check on him?

She wanted to get away
as fast as she could.


It was a woman at the wheel.
I'm sure of it.

I wouldn't be able to identify

She was driving away,
and I was concerned with him.

He said you asked him
about Ciaran's death.

I asked him about it, yeah.

He was working at the firm
when Ciaran died.

Maybe he knew something
we need to know.

I can't be opening a new inquiry
into this

until I have something to go on.

I was hoping Mr. Lehane
would have it.

Did you know him well?

I know he's good
at what he does.

Tough. Smart.
Bull at a gate.

He'll keep working away
until he gets the answers,

one way or another.

The kids.

Do you think
there's a connection?

Lee's death is a murder inquiry,
but there's no proof

that Ciaran's was anything
but an accident.

And if you prove that it wasn't?

There's something very,
very wrong inside that firm.

Do you have any idea
what it could be?


You worked there.

Years ago.

You were legal affairs.

A lot of things
would've crossed your desk --

things that you couldn't
talk about

'cause you were an officer
of the company.

If I knew something,

would I cover it up
when it got my two men killed?

The same piece of kit

that was on your husband's car
at the airport

was on your car too,
Mrs. Manning.

High-end, well concealed,

serial numbers removed
so we can't trace it back.

Whoever it was

was keeping an eye
on your comings and goings, too.

We might have to knock a few
holes in the walls tomorrow

when we do the search
of the house.

I'll tell them to leave
as little mess as possible,

but half the fun of this job

is ripping other people's places
to pieces.

Go ahead.

Tear it apart.

Maybe I'm hiding something.

Somebody got hit by a car
in the street.

They're in the hospital.

That's what all the fuss
was about out there.

Will you be able to get back
to sleep?

I'll stay here.

I miss Daddy.

He wasn't my daddy.

He loved you, Eamonn.

You know that.

Police in Canada have launched
a murder inquiry

into the death in Montreal
of a senior executive

of a pharmaceutical company,

The victim has been named
as Lee Manning,

an American citizen living
and working in Ireland.

What the story with that thing
in Montreal?

What happened in Montreal?

You really want to ask me that

Do I come here
to talk about work, Maurice?

Wasn't there some kind of news

you were supposed to be breaking
to your wife?

I've put a lot of chips
on the table

to help your firm out
with that new plant.

Item one of the news is
one of your salesmen getting --

getting himself killed.

Those are the wrong kind
of headlines.

I can see why your boss
is so worried.

Lee Manning was vice president

of international sales
and marketing,

not a salesman.

He was vice president
to getting his head blown off,

according to the news.

You're human resources.

You'd have had to handle
the paperwork.

There is no paperwork.

There's no records of how
he was hired, who hired him,

where he went to work
before he came to us.

What little there was
led me back to Zurich.

There's no files there either.

He was hired
on a private contract,

and the details are sealed.

Somebody's gone
to a lot of trouble

to wipe him out
of this firm's system

and to make sure
it stays that way.

I'm as much in the dark
as you are.

I want to be happy.

Are you happy?

You're not just telling me
what I want to hear again?

Would I do that?

It's your stock in trade.

How else do you get the votes?


I'm not in bits, Nuala.

At some point, I will be,

but right now
I'm holding it together.

She had to ask those questions.

You have to watch everything
you say to them.

I have had more dealings
with the guards than you.

How did that work out?

I'm sorry.

I asked for it.

You never really liked Lee,
did you?

Let's say I was never quite sure
of him.

Then again, I was married
to a con man myself.

Lee -- Lee wasn't a con man.

The gun.
The lies he told you.

He -- He didn't tell me lies.
He --

Not point blank.

He just went 'round
the questions when he was asked.

That's how Patrick operated,
and I kept looking away,

choosing not to see
what was adding up.

But he never put my life
in danger

the way Lee has put yours
and mine and your kids.

The house is clean,
but I'll swing 'round

and do a sweep on your car
from time to time

just to keep your mind at rest.

As far as the gun is concerned,
we didn't find any evidence.

But it's a big house.

He could have hidden it

Detective Beck,

why is the German Federal
Intelligence agency interested

in the death
of a pharmaceutical executive?

His appointment in Montreal
was with the minister of health

of one of our state governments.

And this man has responsibility
for the budget

of several tens of millions
of euros.

We've been concerned
for some time

that his financial affairs
could open him to blackmail.

If Mr. Manning's death
is in any way connected

with these affairs...

If his job title concealed
another reason

for being in Montreal --

one that required him to carry
a gun --

and a gun modified
to military specifications

for use
in close combat situations.

Seems to have been worth
the risk to him

to bring it into Canada

even though he has no criminal
record in the United States

or elsewhere.

Are the Americans investigating?

They have no jurisdiction here.

This is a Canadian matter.

I have spoken with the police
in Dublin.

Mr. Manning was not known
to them either.

Another thing of interest

is that we have surveillance
footage from the hotel lobby

which shows him carrying
an envelope

as he left with the man he
thought was the security guard.

And now it's missing.


A dead American working out
of Ireland for a Swiss company

whose death in Canada
excites the interest

of the German security services.

Quite a headache.

I have spoken to our people
in North America.

They will handle
the formal identification

to spare you
any further distress.

You have too much to cope with
as it is.

That goes without saying

how much I personally feel
the loss you have suffered.

Thank you.

I thought I saw him just now.

"There's Lee," I thought.

"He's heard I'm here.
He's coming to say hello."

Instead, I...can't get my head
around finding out

that I have no idea who he was.

I didn't know anything
about him -- anything at all.

I do not understand.

Nor do I.

But if I don't know who he was,
how do I know who I am anymore?

Does that make sense?

He carried a gun.

A gun.
W-Why would he do that?

It was not in connection
with his duties for us.

I would hope, with all respect,

that you could throw some light
on that.


-You were unaware he had one?
-Y-- Of course I was.

You had no knowledge
of why he might carry one?


It's a serious matter
to this company.

I have to find out
why he armed himself.

What does it say
about our security practices?

Also, I'm afraid,

what does it say about
your husband's state of mind,

the serious personal issues
he must have had

that we didn't know of?

We were happy.
He was happy.

You wish to believe that,
of course,

but you do not know who he was.

Your own words.

You do not know
what kind of secret life he had,

what else he was involved in
that he kept from you.

He didn't keep --

Okay, I didn't know
about the gun.

But the personal things,
what we felt for each other --

All I know is the facts
in front of me.

In the meantime,
my concern is to do what I can

to help you and your children
get through this.

Please tell Ms. Kilbride
and Mr. O'Sullivan

we will be there shortly.

Yes, Dr. Hoffman.

I have no idea
who the real Lee Manning was.

You say you have none either.

But, uh, I have to be aware

that your relationship with him
was personal

and mine professional.

You think I know something
I'm not telling?

Isn't that
what the police think?

Isn't that why our head
of security came to your house?


Cormac Walsh!

All right. All right. All right.
I'm clean.

Are you carrying anything else?


Show me.

I heard you moved on
from bag snatching

to bigger and better crimes,
Mr. Walsh.

Hadn't realized
you'd come so far.

Thinking of going into
the diplomatic service now?

The what?

You have some
very interesting friends,

one of them in the U.S. embassy
out at Ballsbridge there.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You have me at a loss.

You went to see her
right after you were found

trying to remove the bug
from the car in the airport.

Why is she in Dublin?

What else has she used you for

that she doesn't want to get
her fingerprints on?

Have you had a bang on the head?

Is that why you're seeing stars
and stripes?

Another time, yeah?

I can place you at the airport.

-It's enough to hold you on.
-It's pretty thin.

I know, but it'll do.

Come on.

-I'm so sorry, Sarah.

Thank you.

We can't bring your husband

but we can try to make things
financially comfortable for you.

I don't need charity.

DR. HOFFMAN: We have, uh,
put together a package

which will maintain
a standard of living

reflecting your husband's
dedication to this company.

I'm thinking of the years ahead,
not just tomorrow.

I'll leave you in good hands.

Take care, Sarah.

AIDAN: I was instructed
to make the package

as generous as possible, Sarah.

I think you'll be satisfied
with it.

If you want to take
the papers away

and find somebody in trusts
and estates to advise you...

I'm sure you did a great job,

I trained you, after all.

Confidentiality clause.

What's all this new stuff in it?

Everyone leaving the company
is required to sign one --

to protect our intellectual
and commercial property.

I haven't worked here for years.

You'll be a beneficiary
of the corporation.

You helped draft the language
yourself when you were here.

Look, this is difficult,
I know --

for me as well as you.

But through your husband, you
may have come into possession

of information
about what we're working on --

what new drugs
are in the pipeline,

what our research
and investment strategy is.

I never asked him about his
work, and he never told me.

Is there a problem?

It's just standard
legal boilerplate.

No, not quite.

There's -- There's
some new language in here.

I wouldn't have the right
to disclose

what Lehane said to me
last night

or -- or what we talked about
just now.

It could be read as saying

I can't even ask
what happened in Montreal.

That is not the intention.

-It's the way it could be used.
-Not by anyone in this office.

By somebody else in the company
with a different agenda?

I don't think anybody
has an agenda here.

Words mean something.

It's a complete package.
Our best offer.

My instructions are
that it's all or nothing.

Take it or leave it.

You mean take it and leave it,

Take the money
and leave the questions alone.

I need to talk to Sarah alone.

We need your signature
as soon as possible.

Let me know
when you're ready to sign.

You can go.

The footage doesn't actually
show you removing it.

It's your lucky day.

I said it was thin.

Ah, I kept you out of the rain
for an hour or so.

Watch yourself out there.
Don't get out of your depth.

More risk of that for you
than there is for me.

Believe me.

You have no idea the size
of this thing

or the forces
you're messing with.

Is that right?

Hasta la vista.

Unless I see you first.

Do you even know
what "hasta la vista" means?

CORMAC: She just pulled me in
to jerk my chain.

They don't have anything,
but we have to meet now.

I have to get out of Dublin

You got that, amigo?

You're my ticket out --

or you're gonna be back home
on the range before you know it.

SARAH: I understand
you have to cover yourselves,

and I don't want to be

But when your own head
of security

comes to my house last night
and wants to know if Lee's death

is somehow connected
to Ciaran's...

If -- If he tells me the guards
are beginning to think that,

what am I supposed to do?

Sit on my hands?
Just let it go?

Or try to find the answers?

Like the answer
to why the man I lived with

had a gun hidden in the house
somewhere --

my house, his house, our house,
the -- the kids'.

I don't believe

that Lee went to that place
in Montreal to buy a girl.

I don't believe that
our marriage was all a joke.

I don't believe
somebody killed Ciaran.

I want to believe he fell into
the canal like any old drunk

because even that's better

than the idea
of somebody pushing him in.

I have to keep asking
the questions.

I can't sign anything
that stops me from doing that.

And trust me --
take my word as a lawyer --

That's what that document
is intended to do,

whether they admit it or not.

The gun changes everything.


You're bleeding lucky
I don't talk to the guard.

-What did she want from you?
-What do I want from you?

That's the thing
we have to focus on, pal.

And you might want to do it
with a sense of urgency

'cause she knows
it was you I met

after the ructions
in the airport car park, yeah?

Figured out you work
for the stars and stripes

out of the embassy here.

Let's hear it.

There's a couple of people I
need to get away from in Dublin.

Far away.

Thought you had a nice
little business going here.

I have a bullet waiting on me.
That's what I have.

I'm an old man already.

I want a green card.

Legal. Aboveboard.
The real deal, Mr. McCoy.

There are lotteries
for green cards.

I've used up all my luck,

and I'm not getting back
in the queue at my age, thanks.

I have two bad knees.
I owe money everywhere.

My kids hate me.

My girlfriend just left me,
taking the telly with her,

and this guard's
gonna keep coming at me

and coming at me
and coming at me.

I'm still not out of the woods

over the other thing
I helped you with.

That was
the Drug Enforcement Agency.

-Not my department.
-You're not listening.

That's very disappointing.

This guard's gonna keep me
in her sights.

I know her.

Once she gets her teeth
into you, she never lets go.

She'll be back.

That's not gonna be healthy
for me.

Someone's gonna take notice and
decide to do something about it,

and bang.

She knows my name.

She wants your name.

A green card and a grubstake

is my price
for keeping it from her.

It was his car, wasn't it?

The fella who got killed
in Canada.

It says he flew out from
Dublin Airport that morning.

That's why you needed me to get
rid of the evidence pronto.

Smile for the birdie.

If there is anything you need,
Mrs. Lehane --

anything at all --
call me directly.

And be sure to let me know
the moment he comes around.

The Gumbiner-Fischer family
takes care of its own.

Thank you.

Dr. Phelan to pediatrics.

Dr. Phelan to pediatrics.

Excuse me.

-SARAH: Sarah Manning.

Donna Welty here

from the Canadian consulate
again, Mrs. Manning.

I hate to push
at a time like this,

but we really need to talk about
those arrangements

for the deceased.


Of course.

Has anyone been arrested yet?

Do you have any idea
who did this?

Well, the consulate is not a law
enforcement agency, I'm afraid.

Is there a connection
with the work he did?

Was it a private matter?

Whatever I can do for you
through consular channels,

-I will.
-I'm not asking just for me.

I'm asking for the sake
of my children.

They're in shock now, but when
they ask me what happened,

I want to be able to answer.

I'll do what I can.

That's all I'm asking for --

to know everything's being done
that can be done

and for somebody I can trust
to tell me the truth,

whatever it is.

She wants answers.

So do I.

I'm fighting a very bad case
of jet lag

because I'm hoping
that she will lead me to them.

I want answers.

We both do.

If Lehane doesn't make it,
your office Christmas party

is going to be a darn sight
smaller this year.

I might have to be thinking
about taking out life insurance

just to be around you.

Can't you take it seriously
for one moment, please?

I am.
Believe me.

Your firm is one of Ireland's
biggest companies.

If Barry Lehane was on the track
of something

that connected Lee
with another death,

they'd want him silenced too.

That's crazy, I know.

But right now
he's in intensive care.

A heart attack.

As far as we know right now.

Now you are looping the loop.

What if Lee Manning
had something

on someone at the firm,

someone who had a hand in
Sarah's first husband's death?

That he knew it was murder

and what he knew scared him
enough to carry a gun?

Scared him so much, in fact,
that he didn't even feel safe

flying 3,000 miles away,
where they still got him?

Just who in the firm would have
the reach to pull that off?

Well, the file he was carrying.

It's important to know
whether he died

before he could deliver it.

If so, it's vital to know
where it is now,

whose hands it's in.

MAN: We sympathize with the loss
of your employee, Dr. Hoffman,

but what our clients do with
the intelligence we supply them

is none of our concern.

Once the file was handed over to
your representative in Montreal,

our connection came to an end.

That file contains information
of great value,

hard-to-find information

that this company paid a lot
of money for you to locate.

There are those
who would like to know

exactly what you had to do
to obtain it,

what laws you may have broken.

-Is that a threat?
-A statement of fact.

I suggest it's in your interest
and that of your firm

that you obtain the answers
I'm seeking.

And if I tell you
to go screw yourself?

Then I would remind you

that you are a part of a
multimillion-dollar corporation,

but I work for
a multibillion-dollar one.

If that file isn't found,
we're both --

in your words -- screwed.

Why not get away for a few days?

I'll come with you,
help with the kids.

We can all just clear our heads.

Hide, you mean?

Lee was killed in Canada.
Where would we be safe here?

Anyway, I have a funeral
to arrange.

What do I say?

That I'm burying somebody

but I can't really tell you
anything about him?

Who he really was,
where he was from,

what he did
to get himself killed.

So just leave the headstone

Would save you a few bob
at the stonemason's.

Ah, there's a bright side
to everything.

The answers are in that firm

I helped build a wall around it.

It was my job.

Now I have to find a way around
it or under it or through it.

And with Lehane in hospital,
I have no idea where to start.

The last people I can ask
are the -- the ones who know --

Gumbiner-Fischer's merry men
and women.

All those people in their nice
offices on the riverside,

who only get to keep that view
once they don't rock the boat.

Who maybe really, truly believe

that what's good for the firm
is good for them,

so it must be good for me, too.

Didn't you use to think
like that?

I'm on the other side now.

If I have to fight them, I will.

You were always the one
with the common sense.

I was the tearaway.

Now you're going to war
with a company worth billions,

thousands of people working
for them,

on a hunch, an idea that Lehane
planted in your head.

What if you heard him wrong?

What if you're jumping
to conclusions?

Ciaran died, my car was bugged,
Lee's car was bugged,

somebody searched my house,
Barry Lehane is in hospital,

and, um...

Oh, yeah --
My husband was killed.

Those are facts, Nuala.


There's nothing to worry about,

Go on.
It's grand.

You want to see
some kind of shape to this

because then there would be
some meaning.

What if there isn't any?

I've lost my marbles.

I would go to war alongside you
if that is what you want,

but please at least go into this
with your eyes open.

I should move on?

I did that when Ciaran died.

I moved on at the speed of
light, and I won't do it again.

I just won't.

It's a fine speech, Sarah,

one my brilliant,
overachieving sister,

the corporate lawyer,
might make.

Come back down
to the real world.

You are a mother, too.

I'm scared for myself.

I am even more scared for you
and those two.

Maybe you should listen to your
screw-up of a sister for once

and be a bit more scared
on their behalf.

Are you better now?

It was a fall.

I slipped on a mat.

I heard it was a stroke.


If 33 years in the GardaĆ­
couldn't finish me off,

nothing will.

I'll live forever.

So, what do you make of her --
the widow?

We could talk about
something else if you like.

No. It keeps me going,
being in touch.

I like to think
I can still be of some use

to you young whippersnappers.

I'm hardly that anymore.

So, is she on the level,

or is she in on whatever
her husband was up to

that meant he had to carry
a gun?

No. She seemed genuinely shocked
when I told her.

Just as she looked
knocked off her heels

when I broke the news
he was dead.

That doesn't mean anything.
You know that.

She was a lawyer?

She ran the firm's legal side.

A highflier.

So she'd know
where the bodies are buried.

She might even have buried a few

I'm trying not to go there.


Because she's got two kids and a
nice house in the Wicklow hills?

And because she made
all the right noises

when you told her
her old man wasn't coming back.

She's got a bit of education
and a lot to lose,

and maybe you want to
believe her.

See, you're thinking of her
as a woman --

a woman you had to be the first
to break the bad news to.

But you didn't do that
as a woman.

You did it as a guard.

That's how you have to keep on
thinking about her.

DEIRDRE: There are no files
on Sarah's first husband,

like there are no files
on her second.

Nothing on paper.
Nothing on computer.

Payroll records,
annual accounts, evaluations --

all gone.

Somebody's gone
to a lot of trouble

to wipe him out
of this firm's history.

Was it any part of your
professional responsibility

to go looking?

Well, if something's been swept
under the carpet --

You let it stay there.

Unless you're told differently.

If there's a cover-up and we're
being used to make it stick --

I do my job.
Do yours.

That's how the world
keeps going around.



All that I owed to Sarah Manning

was to persuade her to take
the deal.

Wouldn't you take it --
for the sake of your kids?

If you had any.

What about truth?
What about justice?

This is legal.

Justice and truth are down
the corridor somewhere maybe.

I like this desk.

I like this office.

I like making a left instead of
a right when I get onto a plane.

I thought you would've got used
to that kind of life as well.

I don't know if there's anything

but even if I did, it's not
my affair, and it isn't yours.

-I'll decide that.
-Will you?

And damage the firm?

Drag me down with you?

I'm just asking you to open
your eyes.

Well, I-I can't help.

Barry Lehane will know
what to do with this.

I'll take it to him.

Some people can't be bought for
an office and expense account.

How's the boyfriend?

Maurice O'Hanlon.
That's -- That's his name.

He's on his way to becoming
party leader, isn't he?

Unless his private life
blows him up.

That'll be a tough one to break
to the wife.

And the kids.

And the media.

It's in hand.

Let's be very clear, you and I.

Sarah Manning might have sat
here once, but I run legal now.

You run human resources.

We both have to do what's best
for the company, not for her.

That's what we signed up for.

I think it would be in yours
and O'Hanlon's best interest

not to give her inside help.

Of course I remember you, Sarah.

You worked there, too.

We met a few times.

And you've had some troubles
yourself, I know.

Worse than this, even.

Terrible thing.

Are you coping?



All those years
he spent in the guards,

the undercover stuff
he couldn't tell me about.

When he joined that firm,
I breathed a sigh of relief.

And now this.

And right outside your house.

The guards told me some of it.

We were talking.

My car alarm went off.

He jumped up, flew out the door.

He was...
He was trying to protect me.

Instinct, I suppose.


He's very big on that.

I guess that he was there

to tell you how sorry he was
about your husband's death.

There was something else
on his mind, too.

Did he seem worried
about anything at the firm

in the last few weeks or days?

It's a big job.

He's always worried
about something.

He tries not to bring it here.

I'm...trying to find answers.

And I'm not sure the people
who should be helping me

are doing that.

He was trying to help.

He was on my side.

I can't help you, Sarah.

If I could, I would --
like he would.

But I've told you the truth.

I've got to get back
to the hospital.

I'll see you out in a moment.
Excuse me.

Yes. Hello.

Yes, he's fine.
Well, no.

He's -- He's being looked after.

How dare you!


I'm sorry.

What gives you the right
to do that

when my husband is lying
in his hospital bed?

Mine's in the morgue
and he's never coming home,

and the answers are in that firm

I told you I can't help you.

And if Barry can, well,

you'd better pray
just as hard as me

that he's gonna
pull through this

so he can tell you himself.

Now, you'd better leave.

And if you want to speak
to him --

when you can speak to him --
you know where to find him.

Now get out!

And shame on you!

DUQUESNE: Her husband's murder
was a contract killing.

As I told Ms. Beck,

it is no accident
that I was handed this case.

I started my career
in Griffintown,

near the Port of Montreal.

The Irish-Canadian gangs ran it.

They were dangerous people
with a long criminal tradition.

They kill for hire.
They're good at it.

One of your more successful

These are the names
of Irish crime families

who have connections
in both Montreal and Dublin.

It is a long list,
and everyone on it is dangerous.

If someone wanted Lee Manning
professionally killed,

any one of them
could have arranged it.

I need you to help me find out
who it was.

Keep your trap shut.
Open the door.

-I said get in.

Don't press the panic button,

-Get in.
-What do you want?

Just a bit of business.
That's all.

Now get in.

My husband's due home from work
any minute.

You live alone.

Yeah. Well, my boyfriend's due
to pick me up.

Stop lying to me, Nuala.

It's not polite.

It's not taking me seriously.


That's what I'm here.

A commercial proposition.

First item on the agenda is
I need you to call your sister.

Tell her to get herself
around here, tout suite.

Don't tell her
I'll be waiting for her.

We'll keep that
as a little surprise.

Give me the phone.
I'll dial.

That's how we're gonna do this,

Lee Manning worked for the CIA?

At one time.

Several years ago, he was
accredited to the U.S. mission

in Bonn.

It's not quite clear
what he was doing there,

although around then there were
a number of disappearances

in the special rendition

Terror suspects kidnapped on the
streets, secretly imprisoned.

He was running an operation
for the CIA here in Dublin?

I think that is unlikely,

or the Americans would be
all over this.

You have met his wife.
How much does she know?

On the face of it,
nothing at all.

Perhaps she may have known

without admitting to herself
that she knew.

That is possible, yes?

Till that is clear,

one way or the other she must be
a person of interest, too.

Do you trust her?

I honestly don't know.

If she's not involved,

then she's got two nightmares
to deal with --

what happened in Montreal
and what happened here.

Her first husband drowned here.

Worked for the same firm.



I said move!

Do what he says, Sarah.

I don't think he's here
to hurt us.

Who are you?

The airport car park.

Why are you here?

I was just telling Nuala what
a nice place she's got here.

What do you do, Nuala?

Some of this, bit of that.

Must be a bit of money in it.

Up and down.

As the trampoline salesman said

when he was asked
how's business.

That's a good one, yeah?

Do you want a drink?

If this is a social event.

Get away from that.

You have a nice place too,

I've been inside it.
Had a look around.

A few months back,
then again the other day.

Good taste.
You can't buy it, can you?

What were you looking for?

A package, I was told.
An envelope.

Something to do
with your husband.

I'd know when I found
a hidey-hole.

The company didn't allow
my husband

to bring anything home
from work,

so you wouldn't have found

Maybe the company didn't know.

Maybe he had reason
to keep it from them.

The ins and outs of it
were none of my business.

I was just given the job.

I've been doing a bit of work
for a Yank, you see --

the one who wanted me to take
the bug off the car,

which is how me and Nuala met.

Miss America might know

why your old man's lying
on a slab in Canada.

I could lead you to her.

All it's gonna cost you
is money.

I took the liberty of having
a screw at Nuala's bank stuff.

Be fair, Nuala.

You wouldn't grudge a few grand

if Sarah here couldn't stretch
to it.

She's got the kids to pay for,
after all.

It's a private school, isn't it?

How do you know
where my children go to school?

Do you know why
my sister's husband was killed?

I said maybe
the all-American girl does.

Maybe she can put you on
to those that might.

Giving you
her contact information

will come at a price --
50 grand.

By this time tomorrow.

And if you don't come through
with it or you go to the guards,

then you'll never have answers,
will you?


That's what this is.

A willing seller trying to find
a willing buyer.

That's all.

Did you know Lee?

Did you ever meet him?

It's a nice chat.

Start putting that money
together, girls.

'Cause if I don't get it
by asking nicely,

I might get a bit desperate.

And who knows how I'll ask
the next time I come around?

Youse both live
in a classy part of Dublin,

but that doesn't mean the Dublin
I come from won't come knocking

one day or night.

We do things a bit different
there if we have to.

What do we do?

I don't know.

I need to make sure Rose
and Eamonn are safe.

It's Sarah Manning.

My children are doing
after-school activities.

I need you to check that they're
wherever they're supposed to be

right away.

O'HANLON: You want me to nobble
the guards?

That's what you're asking me?
That's why we're here?

That is not what I'm asking for
at all.

A job application at your place
must come with a health warning.

Are you enjoying this,
Mr. O'Hanlon?

Is that why you agreed
to meet me?

I want this place up and running

and providing good jobs
for the people who vote for me.

What do you want?

My staff informs me
that Mrs. Manning is causing

some trouble
over some routine paperwork.

She seems to be
a little unstable.

That worries me.

As she casts around for answers,

she might direct her anger
at my firm.

She's a problem?

Like all good lawyers, she can
make something out of nothing,

twist the facts
even if nothing is there.

If a scandal forced Zurich
to re-examine our position here,

this field would remain
as it is.

I-I get it.

You share my vision
for this plant.

I know that.

Help me realize it, and you'll
have my undying gratitude.

I'll do what I can.

There's a couple of people
I can call

without making a song and dance.

We both want the same thing
for this country.

But in view of the heavy loss
of life and limb at your firm...

...I'd be careful about using
the word "undying."


That's him?

That's the man who made threats
against against Nuala and me.

BYRNE: The same man you saw
at the airport?

The one I gave you a statement

who still seems to be
on the loose

despite all the resources
of the GardaĆ­.

We got off on the wrong foot,
you and I.

I regret that.

I'd like to put it right,
but if I can't, I'll live.

I'll get on and do my job.

You decide.

I pulled him in, but I had
nothing to hold him on.

Did he lay a hand
on either of you?


He made a threat before he left.

That it would be different if we
couldn't come up with the money.

Did you have breakfast?


Did you have something to eat

I grabbed something

before seeing Eamonn and Rose
off to school.

I wanted to keep them home,

but I'm trying to keep things
as normal as possible for them.

The school promised to keep
an extra eye on them.

-But if he's still out there --
-He's not.

Are you sure about that?

I am.

And I asked about breakfast

because you need to see
the latest on Cormac Walsh.

They fished him out of the canal
last night.

He had a bash
to the back of the head,

which indicates he was helped
on his way.

That's him, isn't it?
The same man?



That would have happened

inside of a few hours
after he left the house.

Your first husband died

under the same circumstances,
of course, Mrs. Manning.

I didn't have anything
to do with this --

if that's
what you're suggesting.

And I didn't push my first
husband into the canal.

Is that what you think?

I have no evidence either way.

Come on, Sarah.
We're out of here.

What, you think it's possible?

If I did,
you'd be under caution.

As it stands --

You have nothing
to hang her with yet.

I know who you are.

I was big on music for a while.

Oh. You were doing your homework
on me too, were you?

Went to see some of the shows
you put on.

You handled some big names.

That was me and my partner.

I can't take all the credit.
But thanks.

He's back in Dublin
for his court case, I hear.

I heard that too.

Can we go now?

That's all I need from you
for now.

Unless there's anything else
about your first husband's death

you want to tell me
that's not in the file.

I was at home.

I got a knock at the door
to tell me he was dead.

That's it.

And after you left
your sister's house yesterday,

you were at home all night, too?

-You never saw that man again?

-The man who threatened you?

The man who said he could do
what you can't --

tell her why Lee was killed.

So why would she want him dead?

I didn't say she did.

I'm just moving the pieces,
trying to find a pattern.

That's it for now.

This must be very hard for you,
Mrs. Manning.

I understand.

If you're thinking about getting
out of Dublin for a day or two,

take the pressure off you
and your children,

you might want to let me know.

Keep tabs on me?

To make sure you're safe.