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How long are we gonna hang around here?

Until he makes a move.

He's staying put, though.

It's been three hours...

It's like he's not here
for a drug deal at all.

Are you sure this isn't a sham?

Regardless, we gotta stay put
and confirm the facts.

I hope you didn't forget
I'm from the Juvenile Division.

That's why I'm asking you
to go out with me tonight

as yourself, Kaoru Mayama.

I took all this time to get nicely
dressed up, just for a stakeout!

And you're stunning!

-Get another drink.
-You don't have to tell me that.

He's gonna move.

He ain't going nowhere.

All right, let's have a drink!

And here I thought it was a murder.

Sorry for pulling you
all the way out here.

Forget it.

I was staying over tonight anyway.

What the hell, calling 110 every time

you want to mediate a marital dispute.

At least a murder didn't happen.

-Nothing like a little peace.
-You got a point there.

Minato Control to all units,
break-in occurred

at Ishizuka Shokai, 253
Yamashita, Nakaku...

Such a peaceful city, isn't it?

-Making a U-Turn.
-Location is 253 Yamashita...

You never saw the culprit's face?

No. As soon as I went into the door,

he attacked out of the blue.

Though, I can see
some signs of a struggle.

I thought he was going
to kill me. I was desperate.

You at least have an idea
of the suspect's height, right?

About that, the room was dark.

And during the struggle,
I hit myself real good.

How's your head?

-I'll live.
-What was stolen?

Fortunately, nothing at all.

Good to hear.

-May we check the safe again?
-Go right ahead.

-All there and accounted for.
-That's just swell, then.

He was very careful coming right in.

He must've gotten in
through there and unlocked it.

What a meticulous bastard.

A real pro.

Well, well. You're here early.

Kaoru's a persistent drinker,
it was hard to even get here.

A date with Kaoru comes at a price.

-How's that?
-Office Love is a salary cut.

-It was strictly business.
-You're a womanizer.

You gonna cry for her?

I won't cry.

Hey, Taka.


Please don't take Kaoru outside of work.

She's in real trouble now.

What? Something wrong with Kaoru?

Don't gimme that!

She's scheduled to discuss

delinquency issues
with the PTA at a school.

But she's got a hangover.

Is it true about drinking
to welcome one home?

-Stop kidding around!
-That felt good.

Listen to me, Taka.

Can you go to the PTA instead?

Watch yourself henceforth!

-Mr. Suzue!

You go to the PTA instead.

-Don't gimme that!
-Good morning.


Good morning, sir.

Prefectural HQ filed
a complaint against you.

Don't play dumb.

I'm talking about
the drug trade investigation.

Who, me?

Who the hell else!?

No more impulsive moves!

-Are we clear?
-Good morning.

-Are we clear!?
-Yes, sir...


Tanimura! What are you doing?


I was having a nice sleep, man...

It's not a good way to die.

Chief wants to see you.

Chief is calling for you.

Here's the data center's report, sir.

Oh, thanks.

-You wanted to see me?

What are you, sleepwalking?

Wash your ass before you address me!

Here, handle this M.O.

Hitomi, coffee.

Some brain you have!

-Here you go.


It's the same M.O.

Shinya Nakazawa.

I said him he had family.

Quite the fancy guy, too.


You here, Nakazawa?

Can I help you, pal?

I'm a friend of Nakazawa's.

Can I ask you what you're doing here?


Quick, strong, and tough. He beat me.

Damn it.

You got some stones feeding us that BS.

It's not BS, believe me!

You had me staking it out all night.

No drug deal ever went down.

Then their plans changed!
They called off the deal.

Gimme a break.

Screw you, man.

Don't play with me.

All I know is that Shimazaki
is tied up in this!


Former Ginsei Clan executive.
Got excommunicated.

-What is it, Shibano?
-Don't gimme that. What's this?

What are you doing here?


I don't like it when you
fly off the handle.

I'm not a robot. I have freewill.

Don't get cute with me.
I'll lay it on you, straight.

The Prefectural Unit is checking up
a drug trafficking route.

I informed your Section Chief.

No doubt, Shinya Nakazawa
hit Shokai Ishizuka.

Start from the top and explain.

Look, it's the exact same
M.O. as Nakazawa's,

the man I arrested before.

So who's the guy
at Nakazawa's apartment?

How could I know that?

-He got away.
-Watch your tone.

Just let me get a hold of Nakazawa ASAP

so I can find out the truth.

-Your blood pressure will go up.
-I'm diabetic.

I meant the Chief.

-Yes, sir!

Hey, Takayama, I received
a complaint from Mr. Shibano.

You never told him anything about this.

What!? You're kidding!

-Try to consider him some.
-Will do, sir.

Sir, can you put out an APB on this guy?

Who's this?

Tokuji Shimazaki, former Futaba Family
executive, of the Ginsei Clan.

If we find him,
we'll bust this drug route.

You don't have a clue, do you?

I said to keep your nose
out of the drug route.

-Sir, put out an APB on Nakazawa.
-You, too...

-Put out an APB on Shimazaki.
-Sir, this guy almost killed me.

That's enough!

Your blood pressure, sir...

Investigation Department. Yes.

Just a moment.

Mr. Oshita, call for you.

I'll bet you a million yen
it's Nakazawa! Hello, Oshita.

Remember me? It's Nakazawa.

Shinya Nakazawa, we got history.

Really? You really Nakazawa?

Nakazawa! We know you hit
Shokai Ishizuka last night.

You did it, didn't you? Well, Nakazawa?

I had no other choice.

They took my wife, Yorika,
I was under orders.

-Please help me, Mr. Oshita!
-Okay. I'll help.

Where are you now, Nakazawa?

A payphone at Honmoku Park--

Hello? You there, Nakazawa?


Spit it out.

Stubborn bastard.

Tell me where the stuff is,
or it's gonna hurt even worse.

I don't know! I really don't know!

Don't mess with me!

I know you took it from us!

I told the cops I didn't see who did it,

but I saw you all right.

What a screw-up job
to set off the alarm.

You brought the cops in!

Hold it!


What did you just do!?

You know he's no good to us dead, right!?

Make way, please.

It's Nakazawa.

Mr. Oshita, please don't. I'm working.

This'll only take a second.

Look, I haven't talked
to Nakazawa in years.

Do you know where his wife is?

-His wife?
-Her name is Yorika.

He married that woman?

You know her?

They used to hang out at a place
in Honmoku called Crush.

But the place's gone.

Crush in Honmoku. Thanks.

Wait, that placed closed down!

So this is Crushed. Fitting name.

Where's your boss?

Come in.

I'll call you later.

Busy man, I see.

Restoring the store's
credibility won't be easy

after the break-in.

Please, take a seat.


I'm glad you guys caught who did this.

It doesn't do us much good
finding him dead.

I'd like to get a few facts
straight again.

Such as?

You sure nothing was stolen?

No. Nothing at all.

Mind showing me the contents
of the safe again?

I promise I won't steal your jewels.

What a joker.

And that bottom drawer?

I don't usually put stuff here.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.


-No one from investigation's here.

Everyone's out for the investigation.

-It's a bit dead here, though.
-That's great, isn't it?

I heard your presentation yesterday

was surprisingly popular
with the PTA wives.

Surely you jest.

They've nominated you
for the next round-table meeting.

Cut me some slack.

Where's Kaoru?

She's working part-time again!

Well done.

Still got that part-timer spirit.

Please say I'm pro-bono!

Just don't let your work pile up.

The investigation guys'll take
advantage of your sweet face.

I'll treat them all to drinks next time.

You'll only get screwed by your own.

That's seniority for you.

I can't find anything on Yorika.
What about you?

No point in keeping her alive
with Nakazawa dead.

That's a dangerous line.

I'll ask the Chief to make it
a public investigation.

Hey. Turns out, Yorika has priors.


The Honmoku Police took her in
for questioning at 17.

-Impure sexual misconduct?
-That's nothing.

How does meth addiction sound?

She was an addict at 17!?


She got friendly with a gangster
15 years her senior,

and got yanked in.

Who is this gangster?

Tokuji Shimazaki,
former Ginsei Clan executive.


Oh, is he famous?

The guy I've been chasing
on the drug route.

If they both had a relationship
in the past, then maybe...

Shimazaki took Yorika hostage...

I'm done eating.

So that's why the Shimazaki
name got brought up to me.

I think I'll get a coffee.


Barkeep, the most
expensive coffee, please.

Put it on Takayama's tab
from the Minato Police.

-You're just in time.

The forensics report just came in.

They were able to match the bullet taken

out of Nakazawa's body, to your M.O.

-Meaning, it's the same person.

Place an APB on Shimazaki.

Are you still going on about that?

Sir, Shimazaki may be holding
Nakazawa's wife hostage.

Hostage? Neither of you
are making a lick of sense.

Please, put the order on Shimazaki.

-I want an explanation!
-He has Nakazawa's wife!


What? Shooting a hunting
rifle with a hostage?

-Likely him.

Okay, emergency command's in effect.

I'm joining you guys!


All officers report
to the scene immediately.

Location, Yurakuso,
35 Motohama, Nakaku...

All officers report
to the scene immediately.

He's on that fourth floor.

No doubt, it's him, sir!


Hey, bring me the dope!

Juvenile Division doesn't go further.

-I can't just stand and watch!

Get me the dope!

-Mr. Shibano!

-Not often you're the first on scene.
-I was just passing by.

The suspect is apparently a drug addict.

-He's holding a woman hostage.
-It's gotta be Yorika.

He's an excommunicado drug addict.

He's not as smart as he thinks.

-All right!
-Hey, let's not get hasty here!

Wait for backup.

Hey, I said halt!

-Hurry up!

What's taking so long!? Hurry up!

Get me the stuff,

or I'll blast her to pieces!

The drugs, now!

I'm not kidding, you pricks.

How about that!?

Hurry up!

Damn it!

You bastard!

Damn you!

Move it, Yuji!

Okay, just keep calm, and work the lock.

Work the lock... Damn, won't budge!

Give it up!

Taka, come here.

The next one goes into your body.

You must be Yorika.

Are the drugs still not here?

What? Is this a gag?

Come on, just one hit, please.

You guys got the drugs, right?

Did that madman Shimazaki
really hold you hostage?

Don't make me ask again.

You two tricked Nakazawa.

Dude had a soft spot.

He'll go to great lengths for me.

I made it look like I was kidnapped
by Shimazaki's uncle,

and then threatened him.


Is that how you got Nakazawa
to commit the jewelry theft?

Jewelry? You must be joking.

It was drugs, man!


Why would there be drugs there?

Uncle said they were there.

I get it now. Nakazawa stole his drugs!

That's why his apartment got raided.

So where are all the drugs at?

Beats me.

Nakazawa knows.

He got bumped thanks to you guys.

Well, damn...

He really screwed up, didn't he?

You fool!

What the hell!

Nakazawa died...

trying to take care of you, you know.

Like I give a damn about that.

You little tramp!

-Lay off, Yuji!
-Hey, hey!

No use. Brute force
won't work on people like her.

That fool Nakazawa died because of her.

He's not a good judge of women.

It was destined to fail.

From the moment
he got together with her.

Come in.

Taka, a word.

What is it?

I had a thought about our recent stakeout.

-Forget about it.
-I'm afraid I can't.

What if we didn't witness any drug deals

because Nakazawa stole the drugs

that were supposed to be traded?

But of course!

That's why that drug deal
that night was called off.

Meaning, Nakazawa
no doubt stole those drugs.

-Yes, sir.

-Let's go.
-Where to?


Good work, me.

The drugs gotta be stashed
here somewhere.

We've searched everywhere.

-Get me up there, will you?

I said get me up there.


This is the first time you've been useful.

-Watch out, man!

Keep it steady!

It would be faster to bring a drug dog.

Ouch, that hurts!

There's no proof that Shokai
Ishizuka is the source

of the drug trafficking route.

I mean, you heard Yorika's
testimony earlier.

You can't take the testimony
of an addict seriously.

And even if it were, there's no proof

that Nakazawa stole Ishizuka's drugs.

Nakazawa certainly stole drugs.

Evidence says the drug deal
that night got called off.

That's why Ishizuka killed Nakazawa!

I'm trying to tell you, it won't stick.

I concur.

Listen, if Ishizuka was the drug dealer,

he would've gotten rid of all
the evidence by now.

You just can't stroll in there
without any solid evidence.

So what do we do?

Man, you guys are clueless.

We, the special prefectural unit,

will wait for the results
of the investigation.

Good, that settles it!

-What's settled?
-All right, all right.

I'll head back to HQ and give my report.

Good work.

We're gonna have to do this on our own.

Big man's looking at us.

The question is, just where
are those drugs?

We might get something out of that Yorika.

She's not exactly stable at the moment.

I'll try her.

Good luck to you.

It's going to take a bit of time though.

All right, let's go check up
on Ishizuka for a while.

-Come on, Machida.
-What!? Again!?

Stop whining, and go.

Hey, who told you to go!?

Who are you suppose to be?

I think I know why the drug deal
got called off that night.

Ishizuka's drugs got stolen, right?

Who the hell are you?

Ishizuka deals in drugs, doesn't he?

You a copper?

You can always rip him off
whenever you want to.

Got no idea what
you're talking about, pal.

Don't play dumb with me.

Despite being a copper,
you like danger, don't you?

I'm a cop precisely
because I crave danger.

We're alike that way.

Meet my legal advisor, Mr. Saruwatari.

Attorney, Saruwatari, at your service.

We're playing things safe these days.

Mr. Dangerous Detective.

Pair of sweethearts, huh.

I need sleep!

I feel nauseous.

What the hell!

Now, try to concentrate on it again.

What the hell are you?

-Still doing that?
-Same old grimy stuff.

Here's some coffee
with Kaoru's seal of approval.

Kaoru, you're staying over tonight?

I have to, I'm right
in the middle of all this.

Just like the Chief.

-Chief's still here?
-Yeah, not often you see that.

In his own way, he's cheering everyone on.

Bad news.
Ishizuka's leaving for Hong Kong.

-Say what!?
-Tomorrow... Oh, today already.

He booked the 10 AM flight.

Scumbag really's gonna bail on us.

-If it comes to it, let's bring him in.
-But we don't have anything on him.

Then, as a voluntary escort.

I didn't know the Chief was still here.

I remember when he used to rob safes,

but you can't just take something

back home with you, right?

-So, well...

He said he's going to package
the stuff he stole.

-And then what?
-And then...

He sent it himself.

Said it's the safest way.

And later...

No doubt,

Nakazawa sent out the drugs
in parcels himself.

Right. The post office takes care
of it when not home.

Let's look for it.

Ishizuka's flying off to Hong Kong
while we're looking for him.

-All right, we'll arrest him.

But what if we find drugs

but they turn out not to be
connected to Ishizuka?

We'll think about that,

if and when that happens.

Yoshi. The "Chief" comes in at ten.


-The Chief's not here.

Not until 10.

-Didn't I just say--

You're wonderful.

Please don't tease an old man.

We need you at the station,
on a drug trafficking charge.

Is this some kind of a joke?
I'll sue you for defamation.

By all means. I'll help you write
the report at the station.

You have any proof?

We found Nakazawa's stolen dope.

Tanimura, outta the way!

-The yacht harbor.
-Yes, sir.


Burnable trash.

Non-burnable trash.

Burnable? Non...

Damn it!


I knew it was you.

This is for Nakazawa.


Please, don't shoot.


Come on over here!

-Nice shot!
-Come on over.

Oh. Hey, there. Thanks.

Are you a cop?

Yeah. How you doing?

I guess you look like a cop.
Very dressed up.

With sunglasses.




That freaking, Taka!

Thinks he's on the other side
of the pawn.

I found the missing Parcel
Notification Form!


-Mr. Tanaka!

Here's the parcel.

Well then, Chief.

-Wow, it's like a ball of gold.
-Step away.

-What if it spills?
-Oh, well, I just...



Chief, it had to be this flashy
with all that bling.

Hey, welcome back from Hawaii.

They need to call a goodwill
ambassador between us and America.

What!? You should've asked me out, too!

She's got some proportion issues.

Just "some"?

What do you mean by that?

Subtitle translation by: GEO9875