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I was so close, too... This is absurd.

I've never heard of a patrol car
running outta gas.

I'm so busy, I have no time
to fill up the tank.

Whoa, no! Hold up! Wait!

Damn it, man.

Ever heard of automatic brakes,
ya hunka junk!?

Shut up!

I'll call the cops!

I'm sorry.

Good grief.

I wish you would call them.

Minato Police.

Minato HQ, please respond.

Minato HQ!

Don't break down on me
like this, you wimpy radio!

Good evening.

Good evening.

Did you jump from there?

I need your help!

Wait, no. I'm Minato Police.

-A cop?
-What's the matter?

A weird guy is after me!

A weird guy?

Just get down from there.

Listen, if anything happens,
you honk right here, okay?

-What's wrong!?
-I'm sorry.

I wanted to turn on the radio.

The radio?

I wanted some music.
I'm scared to death here.

I didn't find a weird guy anywhere!

-Good grief.
-It's true!

He chased me all the way
from Yamashita Park,

I had no choice but to jump.

He might be a molester!

Got a description?

You must've seen him! How'd he look like!?

I didn't see his face.

-Maybe you saw things.
-You suspicious of me?

Just making sure.

Look at what you did.

I've had enough.

-Are you okay?
-I'm sorry.

-I'm a bit tipsy.
-Tipsy? Hold up!

-Aren't you underage?
-I'm an adult.


Just a second!

Screw it, no one's gonna steal that.

Hold up, Girl A! One second!

-Off to pick up your fiancé?
-He's a sailor.

He's on a boat arriving tomorrow.

Where you from?

Ashiya, Kobe.

Ashiya. A princess, huh?

Where are you staying?


-Marine Tower?

The only one staying there
is Dae-chan from Kyukancho.

There's a hotel near the side.

New Grand Star Hotel?

-I forgot.

-I just said I forgot.
-Your name.


-Cute name.

What do you have there?

Your name, Mr. Detective?

Seems important to you.

Just answer my question.

You first.

What's inside there that's
so important to carry?

It's a secret. Now, your name?

Minato Police, Bogey.

Date's over. Careful on your way home.

My date got interrupted.

Good evening, sir.

-Gunshot wound?
-Yes. Shot twice in the chest.

Judging by the foot prints,
there was only one culprit.


-Any ID?
-Name, Sakurai written in his suit.

No business card or driver's license?


Sounds like robbery.

He only had this in his pocket.

Paper napkins from a bar?

Not sure of the place.

A family of four-leaf clovers.

They say it brings good luck,
but obviously that's BS.

-Sorry I'm late!
-Keep it down, you scared us!

I had to take a shortcut.

If you were the culprit,
it'll be an easy target.

The way this poor chap croaked
is a lot less fashionable.

When was he killed?

A couple of hours ago.

Couple of hours, you say.

It's true! He followed me
from Yamashita Park!

No doubt the deceased
was a guest at the Star Hotel.

The guest list might be full of hogwash,

but check this out anyways.

Ichiro Yamakawa.

The address is 1-4-5 Nakamoto,
Nishiku, Yokohama City.

That's right. Thanks.

Excuse me, do girls around 20 stay here?


So I guess the "weird guy"
thing is bogus, too.

-Who did you sell the gun to?
-Who cares!?

That's my business!

You're gonna spit it out, right now!

I'll kill you, you prick!

You're going all out.

I want this thing done by midnight.

Today's our wedding anniversary. Move it!

So you just ran away without telling him?

I'm telling you,
that guy chews on my butt.

-Your butt?
-Every night.

He's a perv.

That's not enough to call him a pervert.

He's indeed a pervert!

Is that your kink, too, Mr. Suzue?

It's not.

Anyways, you did good
getting away from a yakuza.

-You're still 16...

I spotted an undercover cop car
in a illegal zone.

You what!?

It's still there as of right now.

A citizen complained,
may we tow the vehicle?

Wait a minute.

-Which car is it?
-Car three.

Chief, what did forensics come up with?

-Who used Car Three last night?
-Yuji did.

-That figures.
-What type of bullets?

Where in the blazes is Oshita?

About the bullets...


-It's a 38 Special Hollow Point.

That figures. Thanks.

You're not a high school kid.

A man was killed with a gun that you sold.

I didn't shoot no one!

-You sold it, didn't you?
-I didn't!

You didn't shoot it,
but you sold it, right?

Selling and shooting
ain't the same thing!

It's the same! The hell is this?

A sketch of the suspect.

Some resemblance.

This nail polish isn't drying
as it should.

I want some coffee, Machida.


Put your heart and soul into it.

Yes, ma'am!

What is going on with Oshita!?

Good grief. Where the hell did he go?


Of course I didn't forget.

I'm just tied up with this culprit.

Don't be absurd.

How could the culprit know
our wedding anniversary?

I gotta go.


Eavesdropping isn't good.

Quite the love life you got, Yoshi.

You don't give up!


Who's Minato Police, Bogey?


Glad I reached you.
The cop from last night?

Miyuki from last night?

They're chasing after me in a car!

It's a car now?

I'm telling the truth!

All right, relax. Where are you now?

Stay right where you are.

Please hurry!

Taka! Come with me.

Oshita! What about the patrol car!?


Why did you leave that girl unattended?

We still don't know
if she's related to the case.

But she was chased by someone
close to the crime scene.

Maybe she's lying about that, too.

You should've seized the girl
while the case was still fresh.

You're one to talk. You'd put
your hands on rotten stuff.

I hope she isn't BS-ing me again.

That'd be the second time.

-What's wrong!?
-He's up there!



The princess is safe and sound.
Don't worry.

I don't see any weirdos anywhere!

Well, aside from you, of course. Right?

You think I'm a weirdo?

Not another dent!

The second one. Chief's gonna kill you.

You big plump!

She's quite heavy.

I'm sorry.

A car chased after you?

That's right. They almost killed me!

Maybe they thought you were
a bullfighter with that red bag.

It was a car, not a bull!

-You sure?
-You suspicious of me?

Just making sure.

You said a guy chased you
from Yamashita Park last night.

Someone got killed there.

You saw who did it, right?

I didn't see nothing!

Nope, you saw who did it.

At least those guys think you did,

hence you're a target.

That can't be!
But you'll protect me, right?

Of course.

We know where to find
the four-leaf clover.

Where's Kaoru?


No, it's nothing.

Hey, don't leave me by myself.

What about your sailor fiancée?

His return got postponed.

-Hey, take me to Motomachi.

I can't meet my fiancée dressed like this.

You look cute enough, though.

I actually graduated
from Anne and Nonno.

Hey, there!

Did you catch a cold?

It's an allergic sneeze.

I guess you don't like me much.

Am I really a target?

Don't worry, you'll be safe.

You're very pretty.


It's a waste for you
to stay on as a cop.

That's precisely why I became a cop.

-Not hungry?
-I'm on a diet.

With that figure of yours?

I actually just wanted to say that.

Gotta make a phone call. Be right back.

-Excuse me, the phones...

I'd appreciate it if you could
identify her for me. Bye.

-Excuse me.
-She just left from here.

He came three days in a row?

78,000 yen on the first day,
162,000 on the second,

and 980,000...

on the third day!?

It's not a rip-off. It's the regular fee.

Did he come alone?

Did he drink Remy Martin by the bucket?

He built a harem of successful hostesses.

That never raised your eyebrow?

Weird customers are a dime a dozen.

This one was killed.

That murder?

Why else do you think we'd spend
taxpayers' money to come here?

-A glass of water, please.
-Very well.

I wonder if this Sakurai had bread.

His suit looked shabby.

His shoes were miserable, too.

He made a killing on the stock
market or gambling.

It's you!

-About what?

You promised you'd protect me!

You woulda been safe with Kaoru.

You said you would
protect me personally!

-Do as she asks.

-Keep her safe.
-And what will you do?

I'm gonna dig into this place some more.

Hey, Taka!

You're a gentleman, right?


Understood, thanks!

Chief, we found out who Sakurai is.


An embezzler of 100 million yen.

100 million yen?

Loan officer
at the Ginza Toto Bank branch.

On the run for six months.

That's new intel.

Must've been off the record.

He called some days ago and said

he was gonna turn himself in.

That a fact?

Guess he gave up and went on a wild ride.

The question is,
where's the 100 million?


I didn't say I can't leave.

Just saying it's gonna take some time.

Yeah, I know, I know.

I know I missed
last year's too, but listen...

Can 100 million be hidden in there?

I'm having a some trouble grasping
what 100 million feels like.

Could I dream of 100 million
if I sleep with this?

-100 million, huh...

In addition, the barman is called Sudo.

The deceased spent a million
in one night.

If the culprit were to set eyes
on a place, this would be it.

That place is riddled with rich guests.

So if there's one thing
to suspect, it's the staff.

I see what you mean. But we got no proof.

For proof...

We'll need to set up a trap to get it.

Is Yuji still with the girl?

He is.

Damn it!

So he was killed for that 100 million?

Seems so. The money
wasn't found anywhere.

100 million.

100 million, huh.


One hundred big ones...

Hey, what the...!?

-Let me look inside.

Come here.

Listen, the dead guy embezzled
100 million yen and fled.

But we haven't found that money yet.

The murderer must've taken it.

Or someone else intercepted it.

And that's why that person's a target.

You suspicious of me?

You suck!

Wait just a moment!

Help, this guy's a perv!

Don't be ridiculous!

-Hold up!
-Help, someone!

-I'm a cop... Move!

-Stop this, sir.
-Lay off me, will you?

I told you, I'm a cop!

Get off! Can't you see I'm a cop!?


-Get the pervert!
-You bastard!

The detective from earlier? No, he hasn't.

If someone from our precinct
drops by, let them know.

That the girl in question
is at Minato View Park,

and to please pick her up.

Minato View Park, right?

I'll be sure to relay the message.

What a real loose cannon!

Relax, you'll get your blood pressure up.

Oh, silence! You made
a mess at the bowling alley,

and dented the roofs of two of our cars!

Sorry, sir. Here's my written apology.

You'll get a pay cut.

Please, no, anything but that!

Why pay a man who can't follow orders?

Just think of it as an investment.

-For a detective with a bright future

ahead of him. Right, Chief Matsumura?

I might as well book a ticket
to outer space

than invest in you.

That hurts. Come on, Chief.
Cut me some slack.

I wish to avoid any problems.

Your pension isn't due
for five years and six months.

Fine, then. I'll take a pay cut
or whatever.

I have to go to the pawn shop
with my regent.

Yes, Machida?

What? The barkeep of Clover
is on the move?


They're going to Minato View Park.
How'd they find it?

Hey! How--

What's the barkeep up to!?

Be patient.


Don't tell me that Taka...

Hey, Oshita! Hey!

He's like a flying bullet.

But that's why we love him so much.




Mr. Detective!

-Toru, after him!

You used her as bait!

-Outta the way!

You stay put, Miyuki!

What did you want with her!?


Then why run!?

-Toru, take him.
-Yes, sir.

Taka, you used her as bait.

-I just borrowed her.
-The girl's mine!

What's yours is mine, right?

You better get moving,
before she runs away.


I swear, if something had
happened to her...

Well, glad it all worked out.

You fool! What were you thinking!?

You okay?

It's your fault for not
bothering to keep me safe.

Oh, can it.

You're why we had to go
through all that trouble.

Plus, I'm taking a pay cut because of you.

-That's absurd.

Taking a pay cut for working
so hard is absurd.

Oh, hush.

You know...

I've never seen anyone do
so much for me before.

I'm sorry.

Let's move.

-Where to?
-To call it in.

Kaoru? It's me, Yuji.

Taka and Toru are bringing in
Clover's barkeep.

Got it.

Also, that girl was reported missing.

Miyuki Komatsu, 19.

Her address is 3-4-8, Wakamiya,
Nadaku, Kobe City.

A missing person's report?

Looks like the red luggage came from Kobe.

I don't know the contents,
but I'm sure it's not the money.

Figured as much.

Just my luck today, I tell ya.

I had to accompany the princess
on a whimsical trip.

I'm not a princess.

I used to work at a factory
till last month.

I wish I could've gone to university.


I wanted to join tennis and skiing clubs,

and have boys take me out for drives.

Why did you run away from home?

If you heard my life story, you'd cry.

Then I'll pass. I don't feel like crying.

Go back to Kobe in one piece.

You're so cold. They reported me missing.

-That's none of my business.
-What about my luggage?

Don't you have to check it?

You said it's a secret.

I'm gonna cry.

Go ahead, no one's gonna care.

Yokohama's kind to strangers,

so feel free to cry all you want.

You're really cold.

I'd hate to get my clothes wet.

You go straight home, okay?

Your pal?

That's right. I didn't waste him.

I just told him some people
spend their money too much.

He was packing a big bag
filled with cash.

And you got yourself a cut of that!

Not quite.

They got the guns and money.

They? Wasn't it only
one guy who killed him?

Three, actually.

Two of 'em enjoyed the spectacle.

Are they yakuza?

They used to.

-Where are they?
-Beats me.

One of the guys said
the girl saw his face.

Said he'd look for her and take her out.

That's why you tried to eliminate her!

Wrong again.

Where are they!?

And don't tell me you
don't know where they are!

I recall now! I saw him
last night at Yamashita Park!

He was a bit rough, but seemed normal,

so I didn't pay him no mind.

But he's the guy after me!

Listen, Miyuki, where are you now?

Tell that detective
I'll find out who he is.

That's too dangerous, don't!



I knew you'd remember my face.

Oshita here.

Oshita! Miyuki's in danger!

Wait, was she really being
chased after, then!?

Takayama's headed
for the Kohoku Warehouse.

He's planning on rescuing her.

What's that warehouse site?

The barkeep fessed up.

Got it.

Yo, pal! Can you hurry?

It'll just be a moment. Please wait.

What a pain!

Once we get rid of this little brat,

we can split the cash without worry.

Hunka garbage's outta gas! Damn!

If you're gonna kill someone,
kill me first.

What's that!?

I signed up for an expensive
insurance policy.

-It'll be worth your while.
-Screw you!

Your aim's lousy!


-Gimme your foot.

-You okay?

Don't lie to me. Your foot hurt bad?

It hurts like hell.

Always going outta line.

Always interrupting my showtime.

100 million.

Lay off, Taka.

No need to open that.

Don't disrespect the lady.

After you broke up with him,
why go see him again?

-I can't do it.
-What do you mean, you can't?

I can't feel my butt anymore
unless he bites it.


That's perverse, you know.

I don't think that's a nice thing to say.


Mr. Yoshi!

About your anniversary present.

It's not bad at all.

It's a bit gaudy, isn't it?

I'd better go change it.

She worked at her uncle's
jewelry factory.

But it went under last month,
and she lost her job.

So she stole the merchandise.

In exchange for a paycheck.

-And they're cheap imitations.
-That's still stealing, no?

-Will she be charged with theft?
-She oughta be.


Understood. Goodbye.


As it turns out, her uncle
said that the jewelry

was given to her as a retirement gift.

Meaning, she didn't rob anyone.

He wants her to come back.

We oughta break the news to her.

Pretty cute.

You do it.

Isn't that a little racy?

Just do it. You left her
alone for three days.

-It's not my style.
-Be a sport.


Where's the girl?

They discharged her, she's all right.

You guys should've come a little earlier.

I couldn't come any sooner,
I've been busy!

She left a message for you.

She asked me to convey
her thanks to you.

Just a thanks, huh.

I don't remember her
ever thanking me, though.

That bag must've been
extra heavy on her way back.

Given that it's full of dreams
and hopes.

She's just a maiden. Isn't she, Taka?

Fool. You're the one
who stuffed all that in.


Wow, pretty!

A present for me!? How kind of you!

Thank you.

Subtitle translation by: GEO9875