Schitt's Creek (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Honeymoon - full transcript

Following their sexual encounter, David and Stevie find that they don't know how to behave around each other as regular people anymore... as regular as each of them can be being who each of them is. It doesn't help that mostly everyone in town finds out about their encounter, and won't let them forget. Dating now for two weeks, Ted and Alexis host their first party as Ted wants to meet Alexis' friends. Four of the invitees - David, Stevie, Mutt and Twyla - find that it is not the rousing party they were expecting but a quaint couples only dinner party with only the six of them. The conversation steers in all directions uncomfortable, one issue which Mutt and Alexis don't want to seem to talk about concerning a discussion they had during their community service time together, namely a dream which Mutt had that Alexis assumes was about her. A conversation that Moira and Johnny have with David and Alexis that starts off being a "don't get pregnant" by/with a bohunk local turns to the fact that Moira and Johnny have no social life in Schitt's Creek. They later find that not having a social life is more than their own choice.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This was a good choice.


We make good choices.

Mm-hmm, this was a really healthy choice.

Well, I'm gonna go to work now.


Which is where I should've
been fifteen minutes ago.



Oh, Stevie!


It's your dad, he saw me! (Bleep)!

It's the towels again, we need towels!

Your dad can't know about this!

It's humiliating for me!

Stevie, is this where you keep the towels?

If it is, I'd love a key!


Here you go.

Okay, this is a face cloth, and a bath mat.

Oh! Uh...

I will get you some towels and
I will bring them to your room.

Oh, I'd love to take them
with me, I need them now.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

I will deliver them to your room.


Is everything okay?

Yes, I'm just a little tied up right now.

- Is anyone in there?
- What? No!

Are you in danger?
Blink if you're in danger.


That's really not necessary.

Okay well, I'm going back to my room now...

And I'm gonna call the police!

No, Mr. Rose, please don't call the police!

Dad, please just take
the towels, and go!


Well, I uh, I've got everything I need...

Good seeing you both.

- Um, what happened with
- Stop!

- What um... Okay, what happened-
- You said something about-

You slept with Stevie!

What, did dad tell the whole motel?!

Well no, but I heard through the wall,

'cause he was doing his high pitched voice.

So, was it cute for you, or what?

It was fine, it was weird,
it was weird, it was good.

- Love that.
- It was good but weird.

I love that!

Um, okay, so I have to tell you this,

um, Ted wants to meet my friends,

So I think it's getting kinda serious.

- It's been two weeks.
- I know.

What's your point, David?!

Ugh! So anyway,

We're throwing a party
at his place tonight,

so I would say be there around like, seven.

That's presumptuous, what if I have plans?

That's so cute, bring Stevie!

No, I'm not bringing
Stevie, it's not a good time,

- I'm gonna let the dust settle on that...
- Well okay, but Ted's already getting groceries,

and I may... I already invited her.

So it's gonna be fun!

David, it's gonna be so much fun!

Children, children!

Your father and I have
something to discuss.

I'm really busy right now, though.

I can't right now, I don't have time.

We understand you have
found some local friends

- with whom to spend "time" with
- Oh my God!

Okay, I can't deal with this right now-

And that's fine.

But we do have to be careful
with our hearts and our parts.

Because a podunk baby out of wedlock

is not something your
father and I can afford

to negotiate at this moment.

Well, that's crazy,

because all I want to negotiate right now

is some podunk baby out of wedlock! So-

Okay, hi. Hi!

I don't wanna sound
negative about this at all,

but I think that you two
really actually need to consider

the idea of um... Getting a life.

Alexis, I would not concern
yourself with your mother and me,

because we have a
flourishing social life here.

Walking over to the
cafe and ordering a tuna melt

is hardly what I would call
a flourishing social life.

Oh, that's funny. That's funny.

Yeah, it's just that you're so involved

in our lives right now,

and that was fine when we were
child actors for a little bit,

but now David and I are grown up adults,

and we're just feeling very like, um...

- Suffocated.
- Suffocated.

- Suffocated?!
- Wait, stop, stop!

We came in here to speak about you two!

What could you possibly have to say now?

Well, now I don't remember.

Yeah, I don't remember.

Oh my God! Thanks.

You know, the more I think about it,

the more I wonder whether David's whole...

"Sexually adventurous"
thing was just a phase.

It's not a phase.

Well, you know, he was
very influenced in college,

- all those haircuts.
- It's not a phase, John!

The kids are right,

we've been talking about them
far more than I care to do.

Something about that top
that just knocks me out, baby!

Hey, how you doing?

Ah, okay...

- Jocelyn, hi!
- Hi, Moira.

Why don't you join us?

Moira, what're you doing?

Attempting to be social, support me.

- Won't you, please?
- Hey, sure! Hi!

Of course.

- Hello!
- Well!

- Hello.
- Hello.

Good to see you!

Look at us, all being together!

- Yes...
- Jonathan and I were just saying,

wouldn't it be fun to have
the mayor and his wife

over for cocktails and charades tonight!

Yes... Tonight.

Oh, yeah, no, unfortunately
that's not gonna work for us.

We're having a huge party
tonight at our place.

Ton of people coming to our house. Whoo!

Oh yeah, big!

But we're free any other
night, other than tonight.

- Hey.
- So, um...

So the other... so, last night um...

- That was just a...
- Was a one time thing.

- That was a one time
- Like a blip.

Just a blip... Just a blip blop. Just a...

My sister said that she uh...

- Invited me to Ted's, yeah.
- Yes, she'd asked you to Ted's.

- Yeah.
- Yep, um...

Okay, well I'm gonna leave from here,

should I just come by your place,

and get you when I'm done?

Yeah, we can go together, 'cause that's...

That's like, a totally
normal thing for us to do.

- Why would it not be?
- No, it's not! I mean...

So um...

- So, cool!
- Yeah, no, this is a good thing.

So I'll just um...

I'll see you when you swing by, so...

Yeah, I'll be-

okay, all right, blippity
blop. Blippity blip.

You're quiet today.

Am I?

It's just that you're not talking,

and it's annoying, because I'm bored.

Can't we just think and work,

or do we always have to talk?

Okay, you're being super
sketchy and emo right now,

what is going on?

Have you ever been in a relationship

- where you find yourself cheating
- Yes!

With someone in your dreams?

Oh, what?

Oh. Um... you know that
if it's in your dreams,

or over the clothes,
it's not cheating, right?

Yeah well, it's been
happening a lot lately,

and then I look over and I
see Twyla, and I feel bad.

Also, Ted is throwing a party tonight,

maybe that's something exciting
for you two to do together?

That's probably not such a good idea.


Oh. Oh! Oh.

I'm sorry, what kind of event
are you hosting this evening?


Oh, it's more of a soiree.

He's just teasing, it's
our annual Hawaiian night.

Pineapples, pig on the
spit, the whole nine yards.

Oh, you roast pigs?

- We do!
- Sure do.

We have a big one hanging in the garage.


Wow, it sounds like
um... quite the evening.

So whose pig do we have to
slaughter to get an invite?

Oh my goodness, well, um...

We just didn't think that you
and Johnny would wanna come, so...

Well, that's a touch presumptuous Jocelyn,

why would we not want to be involved

in a themed party in your yard?


Well, I mean, for one thing,

you know, the two of you are a little...

A little what?


All right, I've said it.

We didn't think that you'd wanna
hang out with "regular people."


Regular people?!

Regular people are how
Rose Video became such a-

Right, c-careful, Moira.

Regular people! I mean,
they made us who we were-

What am I trying to say?

We love regular people.

W-we love regular people.

Well, by all means then,
the two of you are invited.

Thank you!

So, just to be clear,
um, I'm a red wine drinker.

- That's fine.
- Okay, cool.

But uh, I only drink red wine.


And up until last night
I was under the impression

that you too only drank red wine.

But I guess I was wrong?

I see where you're going with this.

Um... I do drink red wine.

But I also drink white wine.

- Oh. - And I've been known
to sample the occasional Rose.

And a couple summers back I tried a Merlot,

that used to be a chardonnay.

- Uh-okay.
- Which got a bit complicated.

Yeah, so, you're just
really open to all wines.

I like the wine, and not the label.

Does that make sense?

- Yes, that does.
- Okay.

Um, this is just very new to me,

so as long as you didn't roll over,

and cry yourself to sleep with regret,

then we're good, right?

No, no, no, I absolutely did that.

Just wept for hours in the dark.

I say we go with this
one, it's the biggest.

Wow Ted, the place is very... New looking.

Did you design the interior?

Oh, I wish!

No, I found this website
online that sells off

old department store show rooms.

So this whole room-

Just gets delivered, as is.

This is the "bachelor's den" here,

and then that's the "executive
dining lounge"

that I got on black Friday.

- Wow!
- Yeah.


So... Are we the only ones
showing up to this party?

No, we're still waiting for Mutt and Twyla.

Oh, I should take the
rolls out of the microwave.

Hot rolls!

Alexis had just said that this
was a "party" party.

Ah well, you must've been
misinformed then, David.

No, it's a dinner party.

I wanted to get to know Alexis'
friends a bit,

so I figured we'd invite
a few couples over,

huh, have some dinner, play some games?

You guys showed!

Yeah, why wouldn't we show?

Twyla, I love your outfit,

you look like a little Georgia peach!

- Hi.
- So, where is everybody?

I thought this was a party.

It is, it's an exclusive little party.

Hey, who turned off don ho?!

- Oh hey, aloha, Roses!
- Look who it is.

It's the Schitts!

Hey! Yeah, there you go.

- Jocelyn.
- Moira.

Ooh, Johnny!

I gotta tell you, that suit,

that's pretty dangerous to
wear at a party like this!

I just wanna wipe my hands all over that!


You just keep getting funnier.

I'm not joking though, I really do.

Moira, I have to ask you,
are those wigs real hair?

I just wanna reach out
and just touch them-

oh, please don't!

No, Maureen does not like to be manhandled!

- Sorry, sorry.
- Hey Roses, if I tell you a secret,

you promise to keep it?

Uh no, I don't think we would, what is it?

Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Johnny...

Now listen, I'm the guy in charge

of upholding the law around here,

so if you have any ideas
about turning me in,

you'd just be turning me in to myself!

Spark it up, Roley! Spark it up.

You got it, honey.

Listen, I don't know if you
guys wanna partake in this,

because I'm sure your fancy dinner parties

didn't have illegal substances!

Illegal substances.


We had friends in the fda, but...

When in Rome.

Well damn, Roses!

Let this party begin.

I'll fire up the cheese fountain!


No thank you.

So Mutt, did you two criminals

do any good for the community today?

You washed a car, wow.

The judicial system is really cracking down

on its delinquents these days, huh?

You know what I always wondered,

what do you two talk
about all day out there?


I mean we talk, but...

We don't really talk
about anything important.

So... Like what?

Like, nothing!

Okay, um...

Like, Mutt was having a bad day today,

so we talked about that.

You didn't tell me you
were having a bad day.

- Ted, this is delicious.
- Mm-hmm.

I didn't mean a bad day, Twy,

I just meant like, he
was questioning things.

Thank you, Stevie, I ordered
it online from Nevada.

No sales tax.

- What were you questioning?
- It's nothing.

So when the lasagna gets delivered,

does it come frozen, or... ?

Okay, I just uh...

I don't know why you
didn't feel comfortable

talking to me about it.

It's not important.

That's why I was talking
to Alexis about it.

Stevie, how long have
you and David been um...

It's very fresh, and new.

- No, it's not.
- It is, I would say.

Uh uh!

So everyone knows?

- Knows what?
- These two have...

What an elegant gesture, Ted.

I-I'm sorry, I thought everyone knew.

- No.
- It's okay.


I've been with these people before.

I know them all.

Wow, you've really been
getting around town.

No, I was with them in my other life.

I'm gonna tell you something.

I'm from a small town, just like this.

No, I'm not buying that!

- It's true.
- Really?

Why would you leave?

Oh God, I couldn't wait to get out.

I was dying there.

Have you never dreamed?

Of a life beyond?

You have what ifs, like, what if...

I had enlisted in the military,

what if Roland hadn't been
such a smooth talker, what-

oh man, what if!

What if I had not been
crowned "miss snow cone" at 16,

and moved to the city
with my driving instructor?


And what if I had not hand modeled

at that microwave trade show?


What if I didn't ask,

who's the eyebrows buying
everyone's drinks?

Wow, now you know.

Whatever happened to privacy?

Now your whole family
thinks I'm this big hooker!

My whole family does not
think you're a big hooker!

It a funny one night thing!

Everyone here is fine with it.

It was funny?

Yeah, it was a
f-it was a fun-

it was a-it was a
funny-it was-yes.

I had a best friend that hooked.

She married one of her
Johns on my birthday.

Wow, so cool!

It's not the time, Twyla.

Um Stevie, I don't
think you're a big hooker.

You don't talk all dinner,

and now you're telling me
I can't talk about Trixie?!

I'm sorry, it's just I think
sometimes you have a tendency

to say the wrong thing, that's all.

Is there a right time to
talk about being a hooker?

I bet nobody thought
sex with Trixie was funny.

I never said it was bad!

Okay, you know what I think is happening,

is things are just getting
blown out of proportion,

and honestly, if Alexis,

you just tell us what you
and mutt were talking about,

it'd probably help.

Oh my God, Ted!

We were just washing a car,
and talking about bad dreams.

- Okay?
- Okay.

You sound a little defensive.

- I'd agree.
- Well...

You know what, i just remembered,

I have to wake up early tomorrow,

I have an early check in.

Uh, nobody checks in.

Tomorrow someone is, early.

Uh Ted, you have a really special place,

and we should all do this again some time.

David, would you mind walking me home,

I don't think we're finished talking.

Oooh, David!


My son lives in a barn
in the woods, by choice!

He could be the next mayor
of this town if he wanted it.

My son is "pansexual."

Mm-hmm, I've heard of that.

I know what that is, that's uh...

That cookware fetish.

- No.
- Mm-hmm!

- No, no.
- No, I read about that!

No, he loves everyone, men, women,

women who become men, men who become women.

I'm his father, and I always
wanted his life to be easy.

But you know, just pick
one gender, and maybe,

maybe everything would've
been less... confusing.

Well... You know Johnny,

when it comes to matters of the heart,

we can't tell our kids who to love.

- Who said that?
- You did.


- You just said it now!
- When?

Now, right this second, you just said it.

And you're right, you can't tell them.

And I'm fine with that.

Whoa, thank you for playing along.

I'm sorry, I just had to get out of there,

it was like being in an
episode of "couples therapy."

Okay wait, this was all a put on,

just to get out of dinner?

Yeah, I thought you were in on it.

Well, you deserve a daytime
Emmy for that performance.

Thank you, I think so.

Okay, so you're not like,
raging mad at me, then.

No. I think it's fair
to say that neither of us

have ever worked with
a ceiling mirror before.

- True.
- It was funny!

And a little humiliating.

Yeah, I uh...

Saw a lot of my body, and I didn't like it.

- Mm-hmm.
- So...

I'm actually that way.

Okay, yeah, I was um-

wondering if maybe we should um...

Try it again, for the sake of practice?

I'd be into that idea...

For the sake of proficiency.

So I guess we won't be playing headbandz.

- Why did you say that?
- Oh my God.

What the hell

Just don't, just stay here.

Oh, hello again!

Spending another night together?


Oh, Stevie, I hope you're being smart.

- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!

Because we can't afford a baby right now,

and, let's be honest, neither can you!

Okay, well, I think it's about
time that you two go to bed.

Excuse me!

David, I just want you
to know that I support this.

Not the fact that you're sleeping
with a girl, which is great.

But you know, I'd be just as happy

if you were to bring home
one of your guy friends.

What are you talking about?!

Excuse me while I just go draw a warm bath,

and plug in my hair dryer.

No, no, Stevie!

You're a lovely girl, lovely girl.

Bit of an edge, but you
know, it's growing on me.

David, I just want you
to know that I endorse

all your sexual encounters.

A-are you drunk?!

Grass, too much grass.

- A little bit, but.
- What the... ?

Hey, track that cycle, missy!

Okay, good night!

Hey, good night!

Good night.