Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 10 - End Sinister - full transcript

Æon chases Trevor into the distant future where she meets what the human race has become.

Go forth and multiply.

Procreation is the
fundamental act of faith.

We divide even as we conquer.

And is it losses on
the field of battle?

No. It is in the battle of love.

So I turn my weapons to
the task of evolution.

Case in point.

I transform two men's semen
into armies of conception...

by exposing them to the
same ray: Aldous B.

Sadly, one dies.

The other buries him with honor.

The ray is imperfect.
Some will die.

But the alternative is the death
of the entire human race.

We have already evolved so much.

Our actions would be incomprehensible
to a human from 1,000 years ago.

It's the evolution revolution.

Tomorrow we speed
up the process.

All sectors...

all species.

Only the strong shall evolve.

Thanks for hitting me.

For a moment there I
thought I was dreaming.

As usual.

Put the control down, Aeon.
Just gently put it down.

And let you kill off half the planet?
I don't think so, Trevor.

The ray will be fatal to only
a small minority at most.

It will strengthen the
strange, like you and me.

If we're all doomed, what
will you live for, Aeon?

There. That's a
longtime dream of mine.

Sorry I can't stay to enjoy it.

Where are you... All right, you
don't have to answer that.

I know someone who's
just going to love you.

Bit much. Let's go.
I'm getting you out.

Found us a sack of
bones, eh, doggies?

This ain't the one we came for.

What's the matter?

Running away is a sure sign
of guilt, if you ask me.

Where's your mouth?

Look! It got no mouth.

Easy, sleazy.

Moving slowly, and
nobody gets hurt.

You stay there, I stay here.
Everybody happy.

Vertebral structure consistent
with humanoid lineage.

No apparent bodily
orifices anywhere.

Well, how the hell
do they do it?

It certainly would be
worth finding out.

I guess one would
have to be inventive.

Exposure to Aldous B.

Very odd.

Fatboy, I must do some
outside research.

- Watch the alien.
- Just watch it do what, exactly?

Someone scaled
your eyes, Fatboy.

I didn't know you were
so impressionable.

It's my fault. They
came here to see me.

Your ego is staggering.

What's this got to do with you?

These creatures have died
from exposure to Aldous B.

Somehow it shot from the
satellite to their ship.

Nice going, Trevor.

Making friends all
over the universe.

They had to find the source of the ray.
But the ray killed them first.

They lacked the
resilience to survive.

We need exposure to Aldous B.

We must remain a
virulent strain.

You've made your sick bed. Who else
are you going to ask to die in it?

As a matter of fact,
I feel quite guilty.

It looks like our survivor
must have been the navigator.

Not a scientist or a general,
just a foot soldier.

It's got no idea what to
do here on our planet.

That escape pod out there
was a hibernation chamber.

It was supposed to sleep
till the cavalry arrived.

- Which turned out to be you.
- "It" is all he is to you, I suppose.

"He" seems more like a "she" to
me, if you really want to know.

- And I want to help her.
- Help? Her?

Sure. I know what kind of
help you have in mind.

Look who's talking!

I'm sure you want to know, too.

What would it be like...

with an alien.

Do you think it's
anything like this?

They don't have one
of those, or these.

Would you like...

Oh, sure, of course.


It's all right, go on.

Oh, my God. No!

I am sorry, but there are
some things even I won't do.

Here, let me show you how we...

You'll be back.

I don't think so, sweetheart.
You'll definitely be back.

Why am I bothering to
save these people...

with their secret appetites
and sorry needs?

The alien, by contrast,
is remarkable.

She relies on no physical sustenance.
No need for air, for food, for water.

She does not defecate or perspire.
She lives in the mind.

Her feelings are real,
more intense than our own.

Her language of pictures...

is at once more poetic
and more precise.

She needs no one else, but
she wants someone else.

This will be my evolution.

Programming for
itinerary, complete.

Anticipated duration of
voyage is 523 years...

two months, five
days, four hours...

19 minutes and 32 seconds.

And the return trip?

Return itinerary has
not been programmed.

- I could kill you right now.
- Oh, come on, Trevor.

You could kill me anytime. I've
always wondered why you don't.

Right now, so do I.

Look, Trevor, put that gun down.


The alien's using you, Trevor.
Can't you see that?

How can you stand
to be controlled?

I would rather be under control,
than out of control like you.

- But, of course, I am in control.
- Wrong again.

It seems to me that I have the
control, so I'm making the choices.

Aeon, if I wanted the control
back, I'd have it by now.

And I would steal it again. I'll
never be changed against my will.

Don't you see? We've
all already changed.

The alien has changed us.

Our physical strength is as nothing
compared to her mental power.

She has shown us
what we could be.

I'm glad you stopped
me from using the ray.

You were right. I was wrong.

Extraordinary words to hear from
the mouth of Trevor Goodchild.

Anyway, I'm glad you're
sending her home.

Sending her home?

I was wrong, but now I'm
on the right track.

I'm going with her.

I'll go to her planet and learn
all I can, cure what I can...

I'm ashamed of what I've done.

Ashamed? How pathetic.

You're running away, Trevor.

You're forgetting what
it means to be human.

Don't do it. Don't go!

- You won't make it.
- But I have made it.

- So I see.
- No, you don't see.

You need to see. We
all need to see.

And we will.

Come back to the pod. A
rescue party is waiting.

Sweet dreams.

Trevor. Oh, no. Trevor!

Trevor, there's a bomb.
Eject the tube.


He'll be back.

I'll be waiting.

I feel your pain.

Okay, okay, I don't!
I don't understand.

Aeon. Why am I not
surprised to see you?

- What have they done to you?
- I'm trying to be like them.

They've taken over. You
brought them back.

No, no.

They were already here.
You feel it, don't you?

- Feel what?
- My thoughts.

- Where are you going?
- Read my mind.

Don't do it, Aeon!

Is this what you wanted?
Are you satisfied?

Now I'm the only one.

Out. Get out of my head, you...

Get out!

It's you or me now.

The control!

Do you remember the night
you stole this from me?

You weren't going to let me kill
off half the human race, remember?

Trevor, if this is an "I told
you so" speech, don't bother.

If I'd let you do it, the aliens
would never have taken over.

You don't get it, do you? You
don't understand at all!

Sorry, your aliens...

Aeon, there are no aliens.

These people you think of as
aliens are what we have become.

They're humans. They're us!

- It's called evolution.
- You're lying!

Congratulations. You've just
killed off the entire human race.

They are us. I am alien.

We are all winners...

those who will be left,
once I use the ray...

We have already
evolved so much...

our actions would be incomprehensible
to a human from 1,000 years ago.

It's the evolution revolution.

Go forth and multiply.