Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 1 - Utopia or Deuteranopia? - full transcript

Aeon discovers Trevor Goodchild, the new leader of the nation of Bregna, may have something to do with the disappearance of the former president, Clavius.

The unobserved state is a
fog of probabilities...

a window of and for error.

The watcher observes.

The fog collapses.

An event resolves.

A theory becomes a fact.

What is the truth?

Tell me if you know, and
I will not believe you.

Things are never what they seem.

Clean gloves hide dirty hands...

and mine are dirtier than most.

Without truth, there
can be no justice.

Justice will be done.

Illuminating sentiments,
Chairman Goodchild.

So what about justice
for Clavius?

It's now been six months since the
abduction of our elected president.

Justice for Clavius.

Justice for all of us. There
can be no more secrets.

That's what I'm
trying to tell you.

And what are your
secrets, Chairman?

I have nothing to hide.

From now on, I
will hide nothing.

Only an open society
can be a just society.

Most revealing. Very impressive.

You've made your point.

Now, where is President Clavius?

I wish I knew.

We must wait for the
terrorists to make their move.

So you've little hope.

I fear he may be dead.

How interesting.

Perhaps, then, you can explain
this video reel we obtained...

from your own security force.


He's alive!

Don't you know a tape
like that can be faked?

By showing it, you are playing
into the hands of our enemies.

Many people hate you and
would like to see you dead.

How does that make you feel?

Those people should get to
know me a little better.

Then they'd know I don't
indulge in feelings.

See if you feel this.

I hold the future of
Bregna in my hand.

See it, my friends,
and embrace it.

Embrace the new openness.

Nothing is sacred.
Nothing is secret.

Chairman Goodchild.

Gildemere, please.

We're doing what we can about Clavius.
Stop pestering me.

You saw the attack on me today.

Those people are maniacs
and cannot be trusted.

Yes, we must be careful
whom we trust.

You've served me well today,
and now I must serve you.

I owe you very much, Clavius.

You have given me the
way to Aeon Flux...

and I will give her freedom.
True freedom.

Freedom from prying
eyes and expectations.

A private place.

A place of our own.

Tell me why I
shouldn't kill you.

We're being watched.

My name is Aeon Flux.

I'm here on a mission to
assassinate Trevor Goodchild.

Is everybody listening?
Do you believe me?

Everybody happy now?

You're crazy. You can't
kill Chairman Goodchild.

He's our most beloved
and trusted leader.

You don't need to kill him.
Clavius is alive.

I know Chairman Goodchild came
to power by illegitimate means.

We can bring him down.

Put your hand there,
and press down.


Is this okay?


Do you have any proof?

Proof? Of course. I've
tailed him for months.

Clavius wasn't kidnapped. At
least, not by terrorists.

Don't waste my time.

No, wait.

I do have proof.

I'm sure this is
very significant.

- Can I borrow this?
- Well...

- Can I borrow the fabric?
- Lf you'll help me.

You're going to like my help.

Sir, I think you
better see this.

I think they're having fun
at our expense, soldier.

Let it go.

What is this?

Look, let's not even
bother with those idiots.

Just show me some action.

Going somewhere?
Vacation for 10 years?

Counsellor Gaylen...

you know the rules.

Total information awareness,
equal opportunity enforcement.

We are not losing anything...

but shame, inhibition...

perversion, depravity...


You're late.

The patient is in the
eleventh hour of surgery.

We'll have to go in,
close the vessels.

Removal could get messy.

Naturally, the removal.

Yes, excision of the tumour...

Must proceed, and my skills...

Will be...

You have a certain
bedside manner...

with the... The tumour.

I see.

In other words, we must
remove the patient...

from the tumour.

And restore function
to the organ.

I'm a tumour now?

Stop pretending. I know
you're coming after me.

Come on. Look at me, Aeon.



You are alive.


My God, what's that
bastard done to you?

Stay calm.

I'll be back.

- What are you doing here?
- I found Clavius.

- He's free?
- No.

I couldn't.

Listen, I think I'm
being watched.

You don't miss a trick.

There are things I have to do.
Keep this safe here.

- What is it?
- Evidence.

Trevor is more dangerous
than I'd realised.

What he's done to Clavius
is beyond treason.

He's being kept in a chamber
under Trevor's bed.

I'm going to release him. I
think we've done it, Aeon.

Think of it as a challenge.

I must go. We'll
be together soon.

Well, Trevor, what do you...

- Well, how do you like it?
- What a dress.

I'm sure it looks good on you.

You shouldn't leave that
thing lying around.

Never know who might
end up with it.

You don't know what you're
meddling with here.

You have no idea what
this is all about.

I sure don't.

I thought you had
an operation here.

I thought you were
getting some work done.

Where is the smoke-filled room?

Where are the sleazy characters?

Where are the window dressers?

You don't like it, do you?

I'm just trying to
survive, unlike you.

For example, Gildemere. I can't
see what you're doing there.

He's a bad accident
waiting to happen.



Tell me about our
friend, Gildemere.

Do you have a tip for me?
Maybe some spare change...

something about this
plot to take me down.

When will you give up, Aeon?


Go ahead.

Kill me if that's what you want.

You can't do it.

You think you know what I'm
doing, so obviously you don't.

What I have in mind for
you is much worse.

Are you all right?

I want out.

I want out.

What's been through you, sir? I
mean, what have you been through?

How long have I been...

192 days, sir.

The wide acceptance of
the new openness...

has no doubt exceeded even
your highest expectations...

Chairman Goodchild.

So why doesn't this new openness
apply to the Clavius case?

We will relay any information
as soon as it comes in.

Unfortunately, there isn't any.

Paisuck, Andrus, Turkalou!
Who did this?

They've rounded up
the whole network...

and you stood by and
let this happen.

These citizens must
be released at once.

Cellblock X-7?

These are drug traffickers,
wet-workers, defrauders.

Are you certain?

By locking them up, Trevor has shut
down our base of credit, you fool.

These men are my
special friends.

Why is it so hot in here?

I'm staggered by the complexity
of these documents, sir.

I've spent many hours
trying to crack the codes.

What didn't you understand?

I think I have a handle on some of it. For
example, the "mile-high jellyfish"...

that's the upper house of parliament.
Am I right?


And the "flying saucer men,"
that's the Ministry of Justice?

No, the flying saucer men
are the flying saucer men.


Area 66. The global empire.

What level are you?

We're men of peace,
so we attack.

Deploy the orbital jellyfish. Next,
expulsion of all foreign particles.

You're mad. You're insane.

Shut up, mother.

I don't know...

But at least you must have some
idea where they're hiding Clavius.


Actually, you're right.

What are we doing here?
We have the leads.

All security forces are
to convene in Y-Section.

I wonder where Trevor would be if not
for true patriots like you, Gildemere.

But you wanted Trevor dead.

Did I?

You knew Clavius was insane.

You're hurting my hand.

Normally I like that...

but, in this case, I can't
reciprocate your feelings.







Not now.

You should have killed me
when you had the chance.

I'm in control now.

Clavius is dead, and
you're the terrorist.

Aeon, you're mine.


She's got Clavius.

It looks like we've
caught our terrorist.

A Monican agent.

Uncover the body.


Who's that?

Trevor Goodchild is guilty.
He's the terrorist.

He was propped up with the
help of this Monican traitor.

They kept Clavius locked up...

and this is the proof.
He used this on Clavius.

Follow me.

Follow him.

He knows where Clavius is.
He pulled the plug.

Yes, I pulled the plug.

I did what Trevor couldn't and saved
us from the corruption and madness.

But Trevor Goodchild lied to
us, and now I will show you.

This is your man.

I had the key, and I
gave it back to her.

I had the key, and I
gave it back to her.