Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 5, Episode 9 - Episode #5.9 - full transcript

By God, master, I'd never seen
you so violent nor so vindictive.

Let it be known the price they
must pay for what they've done.

Good evening, Cardinal Mendoza.

Richard Blake...

Nu?o has gone away.

In this letter he says
goodbye forever.

Don't upset yourself, by God,
the doctor is guilty.

I can't believe that Juan
did something like that.

If he killed his wife
he will pay for it.

-I'll kill you.
-Guard! Quick!

-Hand me over at once.
-With pleasure.

In my prison I have no mob
like those in your dungeon.

A murderer is murderer
everywhere, warden.

I'll take care of you,
I promise.

No way, You were about to ask
the same thing of Margarita.

You can't marry another.
-If it's best for Mariana, I will.

Maybe we gave up too soon...

before we've exhausted the
possibilities of proving his innocence.

Would you like him to be?

Richard Blake was
in my own bedroom.

What's this letter?

No stamp in the sealing wax
or sender or anything.

Nu?o has been kidnapped.

Mother, what are you
doing with the letter?

No letter has been received.

Don't you remember
your first patient?

Your leg is busted.
I'll have to cut it off.

I've cut the artery!

I've cut the artery!

You didn't pay for
the death of my son,

but you'll pay for
your wife's death.

Call the King!

Call the King!

The cross belonged to a young man
who died 14 years ago in the war.

No chances left for Juan.


Someone put an opiate in the
water so he wouldn't remember.

You also drank it and the
same thing happened to you.

That means that the doctor
didn't kill his wife.

We found this handkerchief.

It belongs to Nu?o.


Richard Blake?

Yes, I don't understand, either,
he was dead.

God worked the miracle:

your wife has just
risen from the dead.

Juan will be beheaded at noon.

They will monitor him...

until the executioner gets
the axe over his head.

Now you can't count on
the element of surprise.

It's from Nu?o.

"When you receive this letter I'll
have embarked for the Americas."

-Why are you doing this for us?
-You have to jump!

I'm sorry for all I did to you.

Juan de Calatrava y Fonseca,
noble of Spain,

from today on I'll
be a living dead man.

How's Margarita?

Gloomy, how else?

She's tight-lipped since
she came from the woods.

You could go downstairs
and talk to her, right?

What do you want me to say?

Juan's not coming back ever.

I can't comfort her.

Look, normal people,

us who aren't heroes,

sometimes we need
to be listened to.

Just that.

I discovered something
about the Devil's Mouth.

Very well.

So what?

Do you already know
where the treasure is?

In 1307, King Philip of France
convinced the Pope...

to dissolve the Templar's order.

They were pursued by Europe,

many burned...

You're mixing concepts.

What has this to do
with the treasure?

Well, one of these knights
was arrested here in Castile.

And according to the legend he
was executed and buried in a forest.

It was called the Devil's Mouth.

In other words, these Templars,
had a pact with the Devil?

The Pope accused them of heresy and
worshiping a devil called Baphomet.

In reality, he envied their
wealth and influence.


That's a good track, okay.

If the Pope wanted
to grab the treasure,

the thing must be fine.
Take it from me.

That legend was lost
over the years,

Although that forest remains cursed.
But... it was renamed.

The forest of the hopeless.

Don't tell me you want
to go among the dying.

We must find the
grave of the Templar.

It's the only clue that can
lead me to my mother.

That forest is full of
monsters and the deformed!

Full of plague, lepers...
there, even the air is sick.

If you want you
can stay here.

If you enter you will come out
with buboes in the ears.

What do you want me to do?
Stay sitting here?

I don't know where else to look.
-Come on, think again, by God.

I've been through the plague and
I know what I'm talking about.

Against that disease
no sword can fight.

It's settled.


I'll go there.

This is getting out
of your hand, master.

Just by entering these woods
you can get infected.

Not even the Red Eagle
can escape from the air.


Can you listen to me?

I know you'll ask for a ransom.
When will you release me?

The Commissioner will pay.





Have you come for me?
They've paid you already, right?

I've been in the woods.

No one has come.

It can't be, it's impossible.

The commissioner would
never abandon me.

No one has paid.

It can't be, something
must have happened.

Let him go.

What are you going to do?

Let me go!

What are you going to do?
I said let go of me!

Your family doesn't take us
seriously, marquis.

We have to do something
to change that.

No, no, please.

The Commissioner will pay.
I know he will pay, really.

Please let me go!

Let me go!

No, please!

Let go, please!

What are you doing
here so early?

Since you didn't leave yesterday
I wanted to prepare food for the trip.

And I want to say
goodbye to Alonso,

so he doesn't leave
without a kiss.

Claudia has gone.

What do you mean gone?

She left yesterday.

I'm sorry, Gonzalo.
I knew nothing.

Why? What happened?

Well, we realized that...

that there was
nothing between us.

Well, if you need anything,
just let me know.

Thank you.

Father! Father!

Gabi is going to do
his communion.

He brought me running
this fast from the market.

-Take a breath.
-Father Damien said so.

It will be on this Sunday, Father.

This Sunday.

-And, you know what else?

It will taka place at the Counts
of Villena's place, in full luxury.

The Count will lend his
chapel to the blacksmith.

I'm happy for Gabi,
and Estuarda.

It was about time
things looked up for them.

What about me?
When will I do communion?

The guys my age
have already done it.

That's just what I say, Gonzalo.
When's he gonna do it?

If this continues this way
he'll accumulate sacraments.

He'll do it in due time.

By the way,
what about S?tur?

He doesn't know
about the communion.

You'll see how he'll fill our
heads when he finds out.

Master, I'm imagining my Gabi,

stepping up to the altar

with the bread and the wine,
and God our Lord,

flooding him with
all His grace.

He'll come out a Christian
from head to toe.


We are entering the
forest of the hopeless.


Master... Let's go home, by God.

Think of the communion
of the child.

Don't worry, the tomb
has to be close.

We won't take long.

Look, I have to be healthy
for the celebration...

On account of this foolishness I could
infect the kid, priest and the guests.

According to the map,
the tomb is near this creek.

Whatever you say.

But, by God, avoid
touching anything.

And breathe as little
as possible, master.

Be careful, master.

Stay away!

Stay away!

Stay away.
-S?tur, no!

-Are you okay?

Tell me that you're okay!
-What are you thinking of?

You could have killed him!

No, I...
I just wanted to scare him...

It was the gun that went off.

Does it hurt much?

Dammit, I almost killed you...

It's nothing.
It only grazed me.

Be careful, don't dip your hand
too much, in case the water is...



We've found gold!

Squeeze more!
So to bring out my charms.

And you, seamstress.
Take note of my needs.

Yes, ma'am.

To start off, a dress like that
of the Marquise de Alboran.

With folded collar and
tight sleeves to the elbow.

Hey, you're not pushing!

Ma'am, indeed I am,
but I don't want to go too far.

This body has made theaters quiver
from Linares to Tortosa, dope.

Come on, squeeze me more!

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, ma'am, I'm sorry.

You're useless.

And you...

I don't know how your
previous mistress was,

but I'm a real woman.

I don't want rags for skeletal ladies.
-Yes, ma'am.

I'll take your measurements
when you say so.

Well, now get out of sight.

Both of you, out. Out!

Mother, do you think
he's already killed?

Relax a little, eh?

You've given me such a night!

I heard you using the
chamber pot 20 times.

I don't feel well.
Maybe he escaped?

No, trust me, son.

Your brother will already be
resting in peace in a ditch.

They have brought this
package, Marquis.

Go, go.

Sounds like a gem.

And a good one,
of the expensive kind.

Must be from the Duke of Pinares,
who was making eyes at me.

Mother it's a finger!
It's a finger!

I can see it's a finger.

But lower your voice,
don't yell.

Let's see what's written here.

It's from the kidnappers:

if we don't pay the
ransom within a day,

they'll send us Nu?o bit by bit.

What shall we do?

Well, what we've
always done: nothing.

If they've chosen to
butcher apart this child,

then we have
nothing to object.

Now take this finger...

and get rid of it.


We'll get through this,
as we always had.

So much saint stuff
surely made you sick.

You don't mean it, I hope.

Take it seriously.
We can't go back to that river.

Master, this is a godsend,
we can't overlook it.

You can't hide a gold field.

If they find about the gold
they'll want to go to the river...

to that forest.


What will then happen
to these sick people?

They won't take them away,
they'll slaughter them.

-All this fuss just for the sick people?
-Of course, S?tur!

If we take that gold
we condemn them.

No, master. No.

If we take this gold,
our problems are over.

Goodbye to hunger, hardship...

Our children will live like kings.

At the expense of the
blood of these people.

You call yourself people's hero?

Don't think of us,
think of the poor of the town,

All the things they could
do with that money.

S?tur, they will kill all the sick.

Don't you care?

Well, actually, no.

Since the poor things are hopeless,
they're the living dead.

In choosing between a healthy guy
and a stiff one, I wouldn't think twice.


What if one of those people
in the woods was your son?

Would you let him die, too?

My son wouldn't have ever
entered that forest.

Before that I'd kill him with my
own hands so he won't suffer.

Your Bible, S?tur...

your Bible says that all people
are equal in the eyes of God.

And you... do you call
yourself a Christian?

Master, even God makes mistakes.

If when I got the fever I'd
been put out of my misery,

they'd have done me a favor.

That way I'd have had
a dignified death.

I have nothing else
to say to you.

Very well.


Give me the gold.

I don't want you to
return to that river,

or even go near it.

What is it? You don't
trust me, or what?

I know you well.

I know your weaknesses.

I'll depart from Seville in a boat,
bound for the Americas.

With favorable winds,
in less than a month...

I'll land on Veracruz.

-And when will you leave?
-Tomorrow I'll leave for Sevilla.

There's a ship in the
Port of the Indies.

There I'll look for a good
captain and competent crew.

-You can retire.
-Yes, sir.

Have you talked to the treasurer?

There's been no problem,
I have arranged to sell my lands.

How much money
are we talking about?

Enough to pay for food
and a good crew.

If you expect to grab
my family's money...

then you are more stupid than
I had thought, Commissioner.


You're not going anywhere
at the expense of my niece.

But Uncle, he's...

He's my husband.
-Don't interrupt, Irene.

It's between the
commissioner and me.

I have the right to
manage my estate, too.

Not if your husband
takes advantage of you.

Have you thought about
what would happen if I die?

You'd stay completely
helpless and at his mercy.

I won't allow that to happen.

I'll assume that risk.

Irene, you are not
aware of your situation.

All you have...


I've given it to you.

And you must take
care of it, my daughter.

Irene, leave the room, please.

If you want to go to the Americas,
I can obtain a passage in the galleys,

but don't spoil the heritage
of the Mendoza family.

If you want your niece's lands,

you can keep them.

Thus speaks a reasonable man.
I'm glad you changed your mind.

Make no mistake, Eminence.
Neither God nor you nor anyone...

will prevent me searching
for Nu?o de Santillana.


This is for you,

for the communion of your child.

For me?

Oh se?ora. Thank you, by God.

Thank you very much.

Even with the neck ruff.

My lineage will show on all sides.

Have you tucked the sleeves?
-Sure, S?tur.

It mustn't cover my hands,
that wouldn't be elegant.

-Gabi will be proud of you.

Damn... I can not wear
these grungy shoes.

They're going to spoil
the fine clothes.

-Where are you going, S?tur?

To talk to the cobbler
so he'll attach...

a pair of buckles
for the celebration.

They should shine so much that they
could see me coming from Toledo.

Be right back.


-How's Gabi?

Is he nervous?

Constantly speaking
of his communion...

I wanted to ask you a favour.

To get a good place in the church.

-It'll be difficult.
-I'm not askng for first row, but...

He's going to meet God,
I wouldn't like to miss any detail.

S?tur, you're not invited.


I'm sorry, in what capacity
could I invite you?

Nobody knows you're his father.

People might start gossiping.


You can't do that.
Don't go there.

You, don't go there, eh?

The blacksmith is a good person.
He loves us, works at the palace...

Gabi and I have what
we have dreamed of.

-Are you ashamed of me? Or the kid?
It isn't that!

Look, it's just that I think...

that you have to get out
of our lives, it's best for us.

For you, and what about me?

I'm his father, you can't just
wipe me out just like that.

S?tur... I'm sorry, really.

Estuarda, you can't do that to me.

You can't separate me from my son.



He's dead.

What are you waiting for,
get him out of here!

Irene, this is not
a place for women.

These lands belong to me.
Give me some time.

I just have to convince my uncle.

I don't need your help.

I know how to fix my problems.

You don't have
money for a crew.

You can't travel alone.

Who says you need
money to have a crew?

Open the cells!

I don't think it's a good idea.

It's my last day here,

I don't want you to
disobey me today.

Open them!
-Commissioner, they're thugs,

unscrupulous people.

The problem is the viewpoint.

Where you see thugs,
I see a crew.

Open them.

It's crazy, Hern?n.

Don't do it.

Irene, you have
to get out of here.

Don't do it. No! Hernan!
It's crazy! Don't do it!


I need...

I need you to give a
warning to someone.

-I'm not a butcher, S?tur.
-No, no... not that.

I want him to...

to make a mistake.

Or lose his job,
or something.

I'll pay you well.

If there's money,
it's done.

Who is it?

Jos? Aranda...

one of the blacksmiths
of the King.


-I was looking for you.

I wanted to ask forgiveness.

You know my secrets,
even the most important.

We don't think alike, but
you wouldn't hurt anyone.

I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Forgive me.

You lot!


Come on!

Come on!

The Spanish Empire
has put you to death.

I offer you the chance
to save your lives.

You'll embark with me
heading for the Americas.

What's up?

You've spent the whole
journey without speaking.

You think I'm a good person?

I have no doubt.

I have every possible doubt.

Look here, S?tur.

You can count on me
for whatever you want.

If you need help just...
-No, that's not it.

I have to go back to town
to undo a wrong.

This time I really
messed up big time.

Do the right Thing.
I'll stay on my own, don't worry.

No way,
I won't leave you alone.

Focus and find the grave.

According to the map
we're very close.

Close, you say...
Face it, master!

If God doesn't
send down a sign...

we're more lost than
a nun in a brothel.

This is it, S?tur.

Don't tell me we're looking
for a nun because...

Okay, don't tell me anything...


what's the difference?

You have the ability to
make me feel worthless.

For heaven's sake.

S?tur, you said it earlier.
We're looking for a sign.

Those who buried the Templar
perhaps left something,

some sign to find the grave.

Then let's look for it.


It's a Templar cross.

We're close.

The name of the dead Templar.

Help me.

Master, the treasure
of the Templars...

Do you realize?

We're rich!

Don't tell me we can't
touch the treasure.

The Templars have
been dead for years.

Come on, on three.
One, two ,three!

What the hell is this?

How many times do I have to say
I don't want dogs in the kitchen?

It has something in his mouth!

Let's hope it's not the sugared almonds,
the se?ora keeps count of them.

It's a finger!

What's this mutt doing here?
You cry like chickens!

Is this way you take
care of my kitchen?


The dog had that
in its mouth...

It's a person's finger.

I can see that. It's a finger.
Indeed. So what?

Well, ma'am...
the rest of the body...

It must be someone's, right?

We should notify the

Are you idiot?

To bother the authorities
about a finger?

Think of all the fingers
you'd find around!

I'll dispose of it.
Not a word of this!

Don't let the servants rise up
over some nonsense. Okay?

When you open a tomb
you can find anything.

But this...

I'm just as surprised
as you, S?tur.


I don't like this a single bit.

What kind of feast is it?

They're just skeletons.

I do not mean just about that.

This olace gives me chills.

We're uninvited guests
here, I tell you.

This is beyond our understanding.

-It's as if time had stopped.
-You see?

Not even you understand.

This was closed for some reason.

Better not move anything.

Trust me!

Don't touch, don't touch, no.

I don't understand the relationship
of this with the Templars or my family.

But there must be a way
to identify them.

I bet...

it won't be possible to
recognize them by their faces.

They look like medieval knights.

I don't care!

Do not you realize...

that this belongs to
the realm of the dead?


This is a warning.

If you've some idea about what happened,
then tell me. Otherwise, let's go.

Whatever it is, it has
no logical explanation.

Even so.

The red one!

I have to warn you that your
mother has chosen the other.

It matches her dress.

My mother has the virtue of
standing out even from a distance.

I'm different.
I'm refined.

Our entry into the
theater should be...


I'm sure of it.

You haven't been
in the gallery, right?

Not me, sir

I hope that everyone
can see us well.

My mother keeps complaining
about the prices.

This hair is a pain. I didn't
get it from my mother.

No sir, not from your
brother, either.

He is more... blond.

Warn my hairdresser.
I want my hair powdered.

Yes, sir.
With permission.

Are you stupid?

-Did they cut off another one?
-This is the one you had to bury.

How did you come up with
burying it in the gardens?

But...it was full of blood,
I thought it best...

Don't you remember when
we asked for remains at inns?

-Was it not enough?
-But mother...

Another mistake like that,

and we'll end up on the gallows.
You're useless!

-You have no right to call me that.
-Such things one must hear!

Without me, you wouldn't
find your own ass.

Enough! Stop it!

The Marquis is me!

From now on everything
will be done my way!

I'll go and see the commissioner
and put an end to this.

I can't take this anymore.

All right.

You're right, son.

When you talk to him, tell him
I'm responsible for everything.

I'll assume my guilt
before Justice.

Excuse me.

I can't take this anymore.
I'm a wreck.

I can't take this anymore.

Don't worry, son.

Nu?o is already dead.

It's what they do
in kidnappings.

They ask for a ransom...

and then kill the hostage.

Even if we wanted
we couldn't do anything.

Where are you going
in such a hurry?

What I said, forget it.

I'll pay you well,
but don't do anything.

-It's too late.
-What do you mean too late?

I am going to
disappear for a while.

Explain yourself at once.
What happened?

It got out of hand. It wasn't my fault.
I just removed the horse-shoe.

It was an accident.
-An accident?

Where are you going?


S?tur, the blacksmith...

-What happened?
-I was at Gabi's.

He was showing me the
communion clothes and...

What else? Speak!

His father, the blacksmith,
was working and...

Explain yourself, Alonso.

The horse went crazy,
it stepped on his back.

He can't move his legs anymore.

Oh, my God...

We're late.

The prisoners should be
on their way to Seville.

Yes, sir.

Are you interested
in the Templars?

Just for teaching.

Can you read?

I haven't always been a beggar.

What happened to you,
to end up on the streets?

It's a long, boring story.

I have to go, sorry.


My son Alonso was looking
for you to thank you.

We are indebted to you,
if I can help you with anything...

No, thank you.
No need.

Say hello to the boy,
he behaved bravely.

I'll tell him.
Do you have children?


Have you eaten?

I can't offer much, but an
extra plate won't be noticed.

Like I said, no need.
Thank you.

Your wife.

-Take him.
-Yes, sir.


Why did you come back?


It's not enough,
but it's mine.

This time my uncle
can't complain.


Come on!

Don't move from my side.

Now you'll pay for everything
you've done to us.

No... please.

No! Hern?n, no!

No! Hern?n!

-Are you okay?


Can I have some water, please?

Have they paid yet?

-Who are you?
-Who am I?


The Marquis of Santillana
will attend the theater tonight.

Who are you?

You wear the coat of arms
of Santillana on your clothes.

Also on the sword.


I'm Nu?o de Santillana
and Guzman.

Answer at once, boy,

or else I'll cut you open
from head to toe.

Are you the Marquis of Santillana,
or not?

I'm his half-brother.

I'm the half-brother
of the Marquis.

Not eating doesn't solve
anything, Alonso.


The blacksmith had an accident.

I know, I just found out.

Is it serious?

He can't move
from the waist down.

He's crippled for life.

He needs help up...
to relieve himself.

What will they live on, dad?

Don't worry, son.

Now, they're very affected
by what happened, but...

they'll eventually recover,
you'll see.


The blacksmith can't work.

Gabi's mother will have
to go back to the streets.

If you're born a nail,
hammers fall from the sky.

Such is life...

Well, enough of feeling sorry.

Now we have to figure
out how to help them.

-S?tur should be here.
-I passed him at the street.

When he found out
he got really upset.

He left without saying a word.

Forgive me.

How are you?

Sometimes life is cruel.

You know that.

I had thought to visit
them with Alonso.

Will you come along?

No, master. I can't.

I need to be alone, sorry.


Holy God...


-Where have you been?

They're saying a mass
for the blacksmith.

Right now?

Gabi and Estuarda, too?

You want me to come along?

No, no...

No, I was on my way
to their house but...

with so many people
around I better not.

Okay, I understand.

Then I'll leave you,

I have to go to the palace.

Thank you.

Thank you.

How's Gabi?

He's really bad.

-You won't lack for anything, here.
-What is this?

-Is it gold?
-Take it and don't ask questions.

If you need more,
just tell me.

After what I said to you...

I treated you like a dog.

Don't worry about that.

Why are you doing this, S?tur?

-Stretch your arms further,
I want to see the pattern clearly.

Madam, if I stretch them further
I'll dislocate my shoulders.

Son, we're going to make
you some breeches,

that'll make all the females
in the court stare at you.

I'm not sure, Mother.
That's too much ornament.

No, trust me.

I always take you looking swell.

Didn't you notice the fuss you caused
when you entered the theater?

The daughter of the Earl of Uceda
got a crick in the neck from staring.


I'm a woman,
I don't miss a trick!

Posh people go to
the theater to stare.

Or do you think someone
watched the play?

Then we take it, right? It looks
like a beautiful fabric to me.

If she likes this,
it's a bad sign.

You may be right, son.

For a marquess,
sober fabrics fit better.

They give more poise
and make you slim.

Go on, go.

Buy some candied fruit.
Today you deserve a treat!

Will you give me some money?

-Is that all?


When will I have my own money?
Being a Marquis...

That's why.

Don't you know the kind of mob
to be found at markets?

Go on, go.

See you later at the palace.

When we return to the palace,
you'll empty Nu?o's room.

Madam, the gentleman doesn't
like his stuff being touched.

You obey and be quiet.

We can't keep it occupied
until he feels like coming back.

Yes, ma'am.

Come on!

I'll create a sitting room
for reading.

With its armchairs and books...

Let them see how
cultured we are!

Who are these men?

Templar knights.

They belonged to a military order.

They were half monks,
half warriors.

Very well thought out, right?

Because... living a lifetime in
a monastery must be a bore.

Why did they burn them?

They became so wealty as
to arouse the envy of kings.

And of the Pope, who
sentenced them all to death.

Did they kill them all?

More than 200 were burned alive.

They preferred death
than to recant their ideas.

How's Gabi?


He's crying all day long.

They'll get over it, son.

At first it will be hard but...

together they will.

You'll see.


Do you want to tell
me something?

Well, Claudia...

Did she leave because of me?
-No, son. No.

Claudia left because
this is not her place.

I didn't treat her
very well, either.

Look, it has nothing to do with you.

Also, you didn't
seem like a couple...

You didn't do boy and
girlfriend stuff, I mean.



I am no longer a child.

-Oh no?


If you ever find another woman,

another girlfriend like...
like Claudia...

I will support you.

one day I will leave and don't
want you to stay here alone.


Son, you and I will
always be together,

no matter what happens.

And even if one day
you do leave,

I don't think I'll ever
get free of S?tur.

Come on, go to Gabi.

Today he needs you
more than ever.


Put dried apricots, some cherries,
and how are the figs?



I was as embarrased as can be.

The se?ora, yelling at
the grocer for a farthing.

Knowledge is not
bought with money.

Look, I even miss the Marquise.

And how she treated us.
-So do I.

Holy Virgin, what a shame.

When that woman comes back,
she won't even recognize the place.

What could she want?
-What I say is...

why does no one warns her
about what's happening?

I don't understand it, either,

she must be in Paris
or some modern city...

and not stuck in a cave.

She'll go crazy if they
tell her her son is gone.


Cipri, what are you doing here?

Oh, how muddy you come.
Did you fell down?



We can start
a new life together.

Far from the town,

as we wanted.

Cipri, by God, what is this?
-It's gold.

Pure Gold, Catalina.

And I know where there's more.

This I got in just one night.

Tell me you're not
in any trouble.

It's not worth being
on the run as outlaws.

No,it's mine, ours!

I found it in a nearby river.

We will be happy.

Oh, Cipri, really,
I'm all of a tremble.

We'll never lack for anything.

We deserve it, Catalina.


Has anyone seen my niece?

I've been waiting
for her a long time.

I don't know,
but I'll get her at once.

With permission.


It's mine.

Where did you get it?

I'm here, Uncle.

I asked you a question,
where did you get the nuggets?

I found them in a forest.

Irene, leave us alone
for a little while.

How long has it been since
your last confession, my son?

Why hasn't anyone
paid the ransom for me?

What's happened?

What about the Commissioner?

He wouldn't let me die here.
Why isn't he here?

Leave me alone.

Answer me!

Come on, eh!

What happened to the letter
from the kidnappers?

What did the Commissioner
say when he saw it?

-We didn't give it to him.

Ah! No.

No, no.

Don't tell the marquis.

I don't know why my father took
the title from me to give it to you.

You ask why?
Because he owed it to me.

All his life he treated my
mother and me like crap.

That's what you are!

You lived in a palace, we
didn't have anything to eat.

He gave us the leftovers.
He was ashamed of us.

And now we'll die.

And that title won't
belong to either of us.

I'll die in peace because you will
never be Marquis of Santillana.

Your Majesty, you sent for me.

Indeed, approach.

Why the urgency?

I wanted to consult you
on a very delicate matter.

Please, Irene.

Will you help me enlighten your uncle?
-Good afternoon, Uncle.

Irene, what are you doing
in the king's bedroom?

Don't worry, Cardinal.

I respect your niece as a daughter.

And don't imagine sins
where there are none.

You've put my mind at rest.

What then is the reason
for your summons?

Your niece has informed me that
you've found gold on crown lands.

I came to visit the queen,

and mentioned it, Uncle.

Your Majesty,

I thought of inform you as soon as
my ecclesiastical duties allowed it.

Well, do it now.

Where is this site?

I heard it's in a forest.

Is it so, Uncle?


Perhaps you've heard
about a place called,

"Forest of the hopeless".

It's where all the hopelessly ill
go to die in peace.

No one would go to that
place in their right mind.

That's the reason why...

no one has discovered that
the river running through it,

flows laden with gold.

-Thank you, Eminence.

I'm going to inform my
guards of so valuable a find.


What have you done?

That gold was ours,
the Mendoza family.

Like the lands you
forbade me to sell?

What could I want it for if I
cannot use it when I choose?

Revenge is not a Christian
feeling, my daughter.

I'm disappointed of you.

You betrayed your family.

The next time I confess,

I'll add three Hail Mary's
to my penance, Uncle.

Roll up my skirt a little bit,

so I don't trip over it before
the Earl of Uceda, eh?

Is the Marquis back?

No, ma'am.

we'll end up being late.

-Here, fasten it.
-Yes, ma'am.

The Count will like to
peep into the balcony.

If he's a proper man.

Do you know the Earl Uceda?
-Yes, ma'am.

He came sometimes to
some feasts in the palace.

He was widowed many years ago
and has a beautiful daughter.


and hasn't he remarried?

No, ma'am.

I don't think he refrains
pleasures of the flesh.

Do you know if he has a
steady lover in the court?

Or is he the type to nibble
at various dishes...

without getting indigestion?

Well, I don't know the
intimacy of the count.

If I may.

Come on, you servants
talk to one another.

And you know all the
womanizing in the town.

I don't know what the nobles
see in you all that awakens

their lowest instincts.

Madam, please.

No, it's good of you
to be discreet.

But I'm your Mistress,
and you can't fool me.

With that body you have...

I'm sure you've been favoured.

You're mistaken
about me, ma'am.

Oh, really?

Well, I heard you were the lover of
the Duke de Velasco and Fonseca.

He was my fiance.

If you don't need
anything else.

With permission.

What do you want?

Someone left this letter
at the door.

Go, go, go.

"Bring the money at 5 o'clock
to the Bridge of San Fernando,

or you won't see your
son alive again."

Nu?o is already dead,

that's what they
do in kidnappings.

They ask for the ransom...

and then kill the hostage.

I won't...

do communion on Sunday.

You'll do it later.

Come on, come.

Come son, sit down.

Do you know someone who...

that needs an apprentice?

What for?

I want to work.

No, Gabi. You can't work,
you are a child.

I won't let my mother...


Hey, son.


While a single drop of
blood remains in me,

you and to your mother you won't
lack for anything. Do you hear me?

Alonso says...
a man shouldn't cry.

There's a time for everything.

If the body asks you to cry,

then you cry until you get dry
like... like a rasp of cod.



S?tur, we need to talk.

It's very bad time.
Come back later, Cipri.

I know your secret.

What secret?
What do you know?

That you found gold.

About the gold...

how do you know
about the gold?

I saw you hiding the map.

I went to the river and
found some nuggets.


Cipri, by God. Nobody
should learn about this.


Sorry, S?tur.

We could have been rich,

spend a better life, but...

What are you telling me?

Speak clearly.

The Cardinal knows
about the gold.


You must go!

Get out, they'll kill you!


Don't you hear me?


tell everyone,
you must go away.

They'll kill you.


Flee, come on!

Get out of here!

Run, quick.

Give it to the Marquise.

If within a year you
don't see her, burn it.

Good luck, sir.


No, no, out, out.

Out, out, out, out.

Out, out all of you.


Commissioner, please wait.

What's up?

You must help me.

They're going to kill my son.

I'm not the commissioner anymore.

He was kidnapped.

Report it to the authorities.

I hope you find him.

They're the same ones
holding Nu?o.

Nu?o left for the Americas.


What do you mean?

He told me so in a letter.

That letter was written
by my son and me.

It's false.

I ought to kill you right here.

Commissioner, you need me.

And I need you.

If Nu?o's still alive,

only I can help you.

-Come, boy, come on. Come on.


Our Father, who art in heaven...

Shut up at once!

Did he pay?

Kill them.



Are you okay?


No, no, no.

No, no.

No, no, no, no, please.



I'm really sorry.

I should have died,
and not those poor things.

-S?tur, you have food, a roof!

What else do you want?
Money, decent clothes?

Your greed killed them!

It wasn't for me.

It was for my son.

I couldn't bear the guilt...

What do you mean?

That I paid...

For the blacksmith
to lose his job.

I tried to undo it. I swear,
I tried to undo it,

but it was too late.

And now I've left that
poor man disabled.

Why did you do that?

Because it's very hard...

to be separated from your child.

See how others educate him,
see how...

Well, who cares.
Anyway I have no excuses.

Every action has its
consequences, S?tur.

A single mistake can
trigger much suffering.

The error is me, master.

How do I go back?

I can't resurrect the dead.

I can't get these
people back to life.

So... think of the living.

What are you doing?

Looking for a map.

What for?

For helping the living,
the hopeless.

To find a place for...

for them to live.


It's crazy.

Where will you take them?

Well, I don't know.

I will do like...

like Moses, who didn't know where
he was going and parted the seas.

We'll find some place, master.
-S?tur, they're terminally ill.

You can catch the desease.

Even if I lose my arms and legs!

And I become like...
a mushroom.

Like... like a boletus.

It would be fair.

It's of the hot springs!

Neither this one.

Don't you have a map where
things look normal? Dammit!



Come back.

You are... beautiful.

His Holiness Pope Alexander VII
honours us with his visit.

What does it all mean?

If you have to use force, do so.

I won't go down in history as
the man who killed the Pope.

You better have a man
around to defend you.

The only thing the king
will do is to reward us.

You look handsome
when you smile.

-Should I turn it off?
-Turn it off.

Christianity needs men like me.

Drown him with the rest!

They made a mistake...

they wanted to kill me.