Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 3, Episode 13 - Episode #3.13 - full transcript

(ep 4x06 according to RTVE, 3x13 according to IMDB)
We're going to ride along that light,...

we'll leave the map, we will cross the sea, another sea,...

and we will end up like Marco Polo, at the end of the Earth.

You've got a message.

We'll meet in two days in the Pit of Hell.

The king has asked God for a healthy male. Only then will he sign the peace treaty with Portugal.

The queen will have a son.

I found the letters stashed in her chest and she knows that I took them.

I treasure no gift from any men in my past.

No. You only live with one.

Fire, fire!

What happened?

Who left the window open?

You're a married woman.

But I love you.

Now what?

If the king has no more successors, the dynasty is finished.

It's a boy, your Eminence.

He will be delivered to a family that will give him everything he needs.

Where is the Pit of Hell?

It's in the catacombs beneath the main square.

I bear a letter for the Marquesa de Santillana.

"I've deciphered the letters. I'll wait, as always, at the crossroad to Alcal?."

You can't take my son.

How many times do I have to tell you that nobody but me touches my mail?

Wake up.


Cipriano, you're smiling.

Me? No.

Isn't that a woman?


~ Hern?n!
~ Juan!

She's just given birth.

Let's see: not only has she some mysterious letters, and she has tried to kill you...

but she also killed a man.

Isabel is not what she seems, Hern?n.

Everything is ready to make the swap.

And what if the queen actually gives birth to a boy?

It won't be difficult to get rid of a newborn.

In?s has returned.

It's the escutcheon of a religious order.

What was In?s doing among nuns?

I was very alone.

Relax, Lucrecia.

I'm going to take care of you.

Just one pistol will be loaded.

Only one shooter will lose his life.

May God embrace you in His arms.

~ Where's the baby?
~ Hold on, by God!

If I hadn't come in, Lucrecia would now be dead.

She attacked me and I had to get treatment.

Do you know how happy she'll be when In?s sees the boy?

Spain has a crown prince.

I am not going to yield to the desires of Portugal.

In?s, In?s!

It seems we have deprived a child of his mother for no reason.

You'll leave at once for Puerto Rico.

If I'd had the strength to attack her, don't you think I'd have tried to get out of the tub?

Master, this is worse than they say.

He's gone!

I lost him.

Master, you saw him just like I did.

That man has gone from under our noses.

And if he can walk through walls, then he's a ghost or a soul in torment.

Ghosts don't exist.

Here's you again with your old song "that doesn't exist"!

Then how do you explain it all?

How hot it is here!

Now I understand why they call it the Pit of Hell.

Because it's the next best thing to it.

By the mother who bore me!

S?tur, don't even move.

There may be more traps.

Master, I don't feel very well.

My vision is darker than usual.

Master, please!


Hey there, Alonso.

Why are you looking at me like that, as if you were an owl?

If I am an owl, you're a groundhog.

'Cause you've spent a lot of hours sleeping.

What happened?

Father said you should sleep here...

because you had to rest.

Are you feeling better?

I feel like I'd gotten into a wood stove, I'm so hot.

What about your Father?

Father's gone with Margarita and Juan to In?s's funeral.

But I stayed here to take care of you.

I'll go make you breakfast.

No, no, don't, I'll get up right away.

Hell, no, S?tur, don't get up.

Yeah, I'll get up. Let me.

No, no, no. You shouldn't get up until you're better.

You see. No.

You still have too high a fever.

How's Cipriano?

Bad, what would you expect?

He didn't open his mouth through the whole funeral.

S?tur, you're soaked.

Come on, let me take that shirt off, come on, and I'll give it a quick rinse.

~ No, no, no. Not that, please.
~ Come on, I'll give you a quick wash.

No, please, I'm not crippled.

Why are looking at me like that, as if I were an old donkey?

This is a mild cold.

Cold or not, but you don't get up from here until you lower your fever.

Come on, let's make something hot.

Go on. Take this.


On top of this, I'm wear your shirt. I'm fine, by my mother's milk!


Hello, Mariana.

Did you sleep well?

Get out of here! I'm not even dressed.

Here we give the orders.

My husband will make you pay for this outrage.

I'm afraid not. The ship carrying him has sunk. No survivors.

At this moment he ought to be on the road to Hell.

That's a lie.

I recognize it's a disappointment that we did not expect.

Death awaits us all.

But Providence always offers alternatives for redirecting our future.

It only expects a little cooperation from us.

Where is Richard Blake's treasure hidden?

I'll never talk.

Let me take her to jail.

A couple of hours there will soon change her mind.

Please, Commissioner, that's no place for a lady.

Are you familiar with Mongolia?

They say that conditions there are extremely harsh.

It is so cold that the extremities just slowly rot away.

And when that happens, you have them amputated.

An ambassador of the Mongol king is visiting the court.

I've been told that his master wants a western woman. A pretty one.

I'll ever tell you where my husband's treasure is hidden.

Within six months I'll send an emissary to see if you've come to your senses.

You'll pray that we get you out of there.


When we close the deal with the Mongolian, they'll come for you.



Next phase:...


elevated fever,...



leading to...



Can you tell us what you're doing here?

I've been looking for you for a while.

I told you not to get up.

How are you?

Go on, go back to bed, do us a favor.

I have the plague, Master.

S?tur, how on Earth could you have the plague?

I'm a dead man.

I've developed a grape here and another on the arm.

And there will be more of them.

Let's see, you're not a doctor.

It could be something else. Let me see.

No, no, no, no.

Don't get near me. I'll show you them, but don't touch me.

We have to get you out of town.

I'll take care of you.

No. I'd infect you, and you'd infect Alonso and Margarita.

It's better if I leave.

No. You'd never stand a chance on your own.

Didn't you hear me?

I have the plague!

I'm doomed and you can't do a thing.

So let me alone.

I know a place in the forest where we can go.

I'll tend to you there.

Don't you understand?

You understand nothing and you're complicating everything, Master.

I'm not complicating anything!

I'll get quinine to heal the sores and then I'll back.

Don't even budge from here.

Are you confusing me with some stupid peasant? Put on more of it!

My skin should look transparent.

What's the matter, Catalina? You look awful this morning.

We've just get in from a friend's funeral, Ma'am.

What's the problem?

Her suffering finally ended.

Better dead than poor.

~ Ma'am.
~ Yes?

An envoy has brought this box on behalf of Mother Isabel.

~ I think it's a present.
~ Open it.

~ Me, Ma'am?
~ Yes, you, open it.

A mold, Ma'am.

Leave me alone.

By your leave.

"All secrets are kept under lock and key.

"I had no time to figure out what the Cardinal was so jealously concealing.

"I hope that if it proves to be worthwhile, you'll share it with me.

"Lucrecia: life sometimes leads to mistakes.

"Your friend, Mother Isabel."

"My dear Cardinal,...

"I'm writing for the purpose of inviting you to dinner...

"in my humble palace..

"It's a long time since I have enjoyed your company.

"My suite is empty without your presence.

"Marquesa de Santillana."



How did you find me?

Once you told me you'd like your remains to be buried next to Philip II's chair.

In front of the Escorial.

Even if you haven't already been able to live like a king, at least...

you'd like to die like one.

Don't you remember?

I guess I've been talking too much!

Stay back, Master, please.

S?tur, we're going home.

I told you to stay away from me.

If you want to go on on your own, you'll just have to shoot me.

Don't you get it?

I'm a dead man.

If you come with me I'll infect you, and you'll die just like me.

S?tur, I'm going to take care of you.

I brought medicine and you'll be fine.

There's no cure for the plague!

Don't you hear me?

I've seen loads die this way.

First comes the fever,...

then coughing up blood,...

and then boils enough...

to make you wretch.

That's not even mentioning the final putrification of the body,...

that makes you look like you're rotting away from the inside.

S?tur, listen to me: you're not going to die.

I won't allow it.

Give me the pistol.

I'm going to shoot at you, Master.

~ I'm sorry.
~ I'm sorry, too, S?tur.

The visit of the ambassador of the Mongol king is certainly slightly uncomfortable.

His garb is somewhat strange.

We must protect our interests in that part of the world, your Majesty.

You're right, Cardinal.

And their gifts are extremely luxurious. We will have to reciprocate.

Leave it to me. I think I have something that will fully satisfy.

Very well.

It seems that the crown prince is sleeping.

I brought a little present that I hope he'll enjoy.

A rattle of silver.



She's got the plague!

Guards to me!

Get her out of here immediately, quickly!

No, your Majesty.

You should leave town at once.

You and all your family.

We have to protect the life of the crown prince.

Not the plague, not again!

Cardinal, make sure that the plague doesn't spread.

Whatever it takes!

What a day!

I saw you suffering greatly at In?s's burial.

She was my friend.


The one who was really hurt was Cipri.

He really loved her.

I don't think he'll ever forget her.


This is the new girl.

By the blessed Virgin, how bad looking!

I really don't know where to start!

Where did you come from, Girly?

From the orphanage.

I need work, Ma'am. Please.

Well, let's see how what we can do with you, because if the Marquesa sees you like this, she'll have your turfed out.

By the Holy Virgin! I can't even imagine what you might have in there.

Marta, bring her a glass of hot milk.


We have to go home for a little while.

What's up?

I'll tell you more on the way.

~ Catalina, I have to pop out, I'll be right back.
~ Don't worry. Bye.

Look, Girly, the Marquesa would never allow someone like you to work in her palace.

~ I know.
~ Catalina.


The Cardinal will be coming for dinner tonight.

Forget the turkey and prepare lamb. You know how much he likes that.

Yes, Ma'am.

What's this, Catalina?

It's a new servant, Ma'am.

I warned you last week that she'd be coming today.

But don't worry, I've already told her she has to leave.

Send her up to my bedroom.

Excuse me, Ma'am?

Send her up to my room at once, Catalina.

Please not there, that tickles me.


Or else we'll never finish up.

Father, why do you have to wash me?

I can really take a bath by myself by now, you know.

This way I'll clean you more deeply.

Go ahead, turn around.

I'll check you for lice, all right?

Father, everyone has lice.


Where's S?tur?

I sent him to Toledo...

for a few scrolls.

Here's a lump.

It was Adri?n, the baker's son --- he threw a stone at me, the brute!

Good, that's that, then. It wasn't so bad, was it?

Get dressed.

Well, neither Alonso nor I have symptoms.

Did you take a good look on your own body?

Yeah, everywhere but the back, I see reach it.

And Juan?

He's a doctor.

Juan's not here, Gonzalo.

And this is very serious.

Could you look me over, please?

There's nothing.


Margarita, I've sent S?tur to a refuge in the woods.

It's to the north,...

near the crossroads for the road to Burgos.

~ If something happens, let me know.
~ If what should happen, Gonzalo?

I'm going to stay with S?tur...

until the end, if it comes to that.

But, Gonzalo, he could infect you.

That's not going to happen.

Why wouldn't it? Of course it could happen!

What you're doing is very dangerous.

Not only that, we may never see you again.

I'll be fine.

You can leave.

You have very pretty hair.

I've been told that life in the orphanage is subhuman.

Yes, Ma'am.

But I'll work hard, you won't regret hiring me.

You're lucky they haven't cut it off.

Wigs are made for nobles from the hair of orphans.

How did you get it?

Have you had a man?

No, no, Ma'am.

Don't lie to me. Have you had a man?

Yes, ma'am.

It's not important. That's better. Stand up.

You have...

white skin,...



Do you like my dress?

Yes, a lot.

How far are you willing to go to get it?

I'll do whatever's necessary, Ma'am.

An adequate response.

Well dressed, you'll be a perfect dessert.

We'll order you some makeup.

Father, well done!


I was just now coming to see you.

Are you going somewhere?

My parents are returning from France next month...

and I have to oversee the preparations of their palace.

Do you want me to go along?

No thanks, it's not necessary.

Well, when you come back, let's see if can we have a picnic someday,...

since we haven't been spending very much time together,...

and I miss you.

That's how you say goodbye to your future wife?

Go with God.



You need to save your strength.

You should rest.

How are you?

Untie me.

I'm not some old dog.

Well, you want to rule even over my death?

Come on, drink a bit.

I really don't understand it, Master.

How can you appreciate me so much?

My life is worthless, while yours...

Your life is just as valuable as mine is.

And now, go on.

Fair enough, but excuse me, if I die, nothing will be different.

On the other hand, you're the hero of the people.

What don't you get about this?

I'm going to get to do what no guardsman in the entire kingdom could do:...

I'm going to kill the Red Eagle!


I haven't done anything to be remembered for.

If I'm the cause of your death...

Master, for God's sake, don't make me bear that burden to the grave.

Untie me.

I won't untie you.

If you need something, I'll be outside.


This morning at the funeral I wasn't able to approach you to give my condolences.

I'm sorry, Cipri.

I'm sorry down to the depths of my soul.


I couldn't even bear to look you in the face with In?s still here,...

~ in plain sight.
~ I understand, Catalina. Thanks.

Cipri, I've noticed that...

what began poorly ended in the worst way possible.

And it cannot be.

What are you trying to say?

We have to forget everything that's happened.

We owe that to In?s, Cipri.

It's over.

By order of his Majesty the king,...

we are asking all residents of the neighborhoods...

of San Felipe, Las Descalzas, and Caballerizas

to assemble in the Plaza of Justice this evening at 6 PM.

By order of his Majesty the king,...

we are asking all residents of the neighborhoods...

of San Felipe, Las Descalzas, and Caballerizas

to assemble in the Plaza of Justice this evening at 6 PM.

They aren't saying why?

Maybe it's a feast for the birth of the crown prince.

Maybe they'll even bring us some food!

Be prepared. We'll rounded up everyone who seems infected.

Neither they nor any of their relatives may leave this Plaza without our permission.

~ On pain of death.
~ Yes, sir!

Come in.


Thank you for coming.

I know you've worked on behalf of the Cardinal for many years.

That's right. For over a decade, I've had the pleasure of being at his service.

Spare me the false modesty, servant.

Everyone knows the Church isn't very generous with its servants.

What door does this particular key belong to?

Do you know what the Cardinal keeps locked up there?

I don't know what he treasures there.

But I imagine I could guess which door this goes to.


Tonight we'll visit the Cardinal's palace. Ensure that the staff won't see me.

And what about the Cardinal, Madam Marquesa?

Don't worry about that. His Eminence will be otherwise engaged tonight.

In case you get that Christian remorse when the time comes.

You can go.

Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

Do you know Mongolia?

It is so cold that the extremities just slowly rot away.

And when that happens you have them amputated.

At this moment he ought to be on the road to Hell.

The ship carrying him has sunk. No survivors.

I'll be back.

Why have they gathered us here at all?

They'll bring us dinner to celebrate the birth of crown prince.

I mean, if it's to be a celebration, I don't see many wreaths.

Look, Cipri.


How are you doing?

We're fine here.


~ Hello.
~ Hi.

Does anyone know why we've been summoned?

No idea.

But I've heard they're doing the same thing all over town.

S?tur's in Toledo with my father but he's on the way. He'll arrive any minute. You'll see, right?


If he comes, can I say hello to him?

Of course, son. He's your father.

Surround them.

Why, we haven't done anything?

Let no one leave the plaza without being inspected.

If they try to escape, kill them.

Look out, look out!

Let the doctors in.

Tell us, by God, tell us what's going on.


For God's sake, just tell us what's going on.


~ Take this one.
~ No, no!

Take him.

She's infected.

These are the signs of smallpox. I had smallpox.

Take her.

Let me go! No, no, no, no!


Take her son, too.

He could be as ill as she is.



Let me go! Let my mother go!

They have left everything perfectly ready.

I hope the lack of servants doesn't ruin the night.

I had to send them all to the plague inspections.

You've done well.

In '56 I had the misfortune to live near an outbreak of plague in Naples.

Believe me, no prevention is enough.

If they cleaned themselves more often, they wouldn't cause us so many problems associated with these diseases of poverty.

Don't worry. We can handle these matters more deeply like this...

on our own.


Good night, Uncle.

You still look bad.

Maybe you should see a doctor.

No need, I'm fine.

It can be the marriage. Sometimes it suits you well but sometimes it consumes the spouses.

Does the Commissioner claim a lot of your attention?

You needn't worry, it's just that I'm a little tired.

If you'll excuse me.

Like I said, without the usual indiscretion of the servants...

we could be more relaxed. Don't you think?

The truth is that...

I owe you an apology, your Eminence.

Something unexpected has come up...

and I won't be able to join you tonight.

Then why did you have me come by?

~ You know very well that I'm a busy man.
~ Yes, your Eminence, I know.

That's why I thought of something that might make your visit to my palace fruitful.

Wait here.

I present to you my new prot?g?.

Just the way I needed it once, now she needs your valuable guidance for moving...

through the tortuous pathways of life, your Eminence.

It will be an honor to listen to your advice, Cardinal.

I'll leave you two alone so you can get to know each other.

Of course.

For certain obligations of the hierarchy, God must be the only witness.

Your Eminence.

Come here.

Not feeding yourself is stupidity.

The weaker you are, the less you can fight the disease.

I won't eat or drink until you're away from me.

Call it passive resistance or whatever, but...

that's what I intend to do.



Master, don't let her get close, by God!

~ S?tur, how are you?
~ Margarita, Margarita, Margarita!

Gonzalo, the Commissioner is arresting all the sick to avoid spreading the plague.

They've dragged them to the royal slaughterhouse to quarantine them there and let them die.

I told you so, Master.

I'll be responsible for the death of the entire town.

Go on, leave me here on my own.

~ And Alonso?
~ He's with Catalina, at her place.

Fine. You go stay with him. When I can I'll come look for you both.

Gonzalo, the Commissioner has also taken Estuarda and Gabi.

Son of a bitch!

It's better if you leave.

Yes. But be real careful, please.

Let me out of here, Master!

I have to look for Estuarda and Gabi.

Let me out of here!

Let me go, I'll infect that bastard.

Let me go, Master, for God's sake!

I beg you, let me go.

That'll be the best thing I've ever done in my life.

I wish he had the plague and not me!

S?tur, you'll see your son again, I promise!

Let me go, Master!

Master, don't leave me here, for God's sake!

Master, Master, Master!

Who are you?

And what about you?

So now the Cardinal sends his whores to do his dirty work?

Don't even think about it.

Why has the Cardinal locked you up?

Let me go and I'll explain.

Why are you here?

I'm the wife of the pirate Richard Blake.

The Commissioner and the Cardinal are holding me prisoner...

in the hope my husband will lead them to his treasure.

The Cardinal and the Commissioner...

Help me escape, please.

Don't even think about it.

Please help me! Please help me, they want to sell me!

Please, don't abandon me here!

Help me!


Since I didn't see you in bed, I got worried.

What's the matter with you?

Where's the Red Eagle?

He always shows up when we need him.

Maybe he's sick, too.

If not, why else wouldn't he have shown up in the plaza?

I don't know.

I'm never going to see Gabi again.


Of course you'll see him again, my love!

Of course!

When's life going to get better, Aunt?

When will the good times roll?

Good things are already happening, my love.

They're everywhere.

But sometimes we have to concentrate so the bad ones don't make us blind to them.

You aren't another plague victim, right?

Go to the kitchen and send up another maid to assist us.

You've grown into a real man of the house.

I'm the Marquis de Santillana, they must learn to respect me.

All right, but don't worry, it's just a cold.

I took it upon myself to see that none of the staff were infected.

Hello, Mother.

Hello, son.

Would you mind leaving us alone?

Is this the right time to come?

You drew out the dinner last night with the cardinal, I suppose.

Not like you think.

Surprise me.

While he enjoyed himself in my palace...

I made an urgent visit to his.

I discovered that he has Richard Blake's wife locked in a room.

Now that's a surprise!

Do not take me for a fool, Hern?n.

Since when do you do business on your own?

Lucrecia, our collaborations have always been the result of common interest.

Never obligation.

Now it makes no sense anymore.

All right. His Majesty will be pleased to know that you keep locked up securely the woman who knows the whereabouts of a treasure that belongs to him.

What do you call that, Hern?n?

High treason.

Would you send me to the gallows?

It would only be a small price to pay...

for all that I'd earn in return, don't you think?

Even if the king would finish us off...

the Cardinal would make one last request before he died:...

your head.

By the way, delicious cookies.

Come on, Lazybones!

Get moving!

What are they going to do to us, Mother?

~ I don't know, son.
~ That's enough!

Don't abandon me, Mother, please!

~ I don't have the plague, just the scars from smallpox.
~ Shut your trap.

Let my son go, at least.

Keep going, move.

Catalina, where's my servant?

Young Master, if you don't hold that handkerchief a bit away from your mouth, no one will understand you.

Where is my servant, Catalina.

He hasn't yet returned from the inspection at the plaza.

He's got the plague?

Burn it! Burn all my clothes!

And the sheets.

Just as you say, young Master.

Shall we set fire to the curtains, too?

We don't burn anything until his mother says so.

The only thing missing, since we have so little work...


Is that everything?

Except for Miss Irene's stuff, but she said it's all right, she'll do it herself.

Yes, of course. If the Marquesa finds out, she'd throw me out into the street for allowing it.

She already did that last month, Catalina.

You're saying she'd let two months go by without surrendering her underwear for a wash?

Well, what are you thinking, Marta?

When were you planning on mentioning this to me?

Has something happened to Miss Irene?

Is she ill?

Stop the wagon.

Get up.

No, no, no! Get up, for heaven's sake!

Don't shoot, please, have mercy!

No, please, don't do anything, no!

Please, don't shoot!

Please, have pity!!

Listen to me.

You can't go back to town.

You could give it to your relatives.

For the moment hide yourselves in the abandoned convent of the Dominicans.

I'll see that you don't lack for food or water.


I just wanted to ask for a feather.


I really don't know where they are.

Where did you hide your son?

I swear I don't know where he is.

They were betrayed. We know they have the plague.

Talk to me!

I swear I don't know where they are.

When you're done with him, put him with the others.

Your methods are always so delicate, Commissioner.

Fearing such delicacy, townspeople started telling on each other.

I hope this is more effective than that melee you organized yesterday in the plaza.

Incidentally, my patience has reached its end.

Today I'll talk with the Ambassador of Mongolia to finalize the sale of Richard Blake's wife.

If you permit me to insist, your Eminence,...

let me spend two days with her in jail and I'll tell you where the treasure is.

It would save you a lot of effort.

Your crude methods have a limited ability to persuade, Commissioner.

There are more sophisticated methods to prolong the suffering.

What that woman will experience in Asia will be a constant stream of distress.

Sooner or later she will not want anything more than to surrender the treasure.

~ You may continue.
~ Your Eminence.


Doctors have confirmed that four of the prisoners have the plague.

Take your men and drag them to the sick.

Yes, sir.

S?tur! Estuarda and Gabi are safe.

How long were you planning to hide it?

How long since your last period?

Two months.

And have you consummated the marriage?

He changed his room so he wouldn't have to sleep with me.

He's never touched me.

And what are you planning to do?

For sure the Commissioner'll know that this isn't his son, but Mart?n's.

Mart?n is safe.

He's far away.

And who do you think will pay, then?

Your baby, of course.

He won't allow it to live.

All my life I've seen what noblemen do with their bastard children, and it's horrible, believe me.

Is that what you want for your child?

I won't let anything happen to that child, Irene.

His blood is my blood.

So what can I do?

You have to consummate the marriage.

I can't.

Learn to be a mother.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and assume the consequences of your actions.

It's time to accept that you're an adult.

Lie down with the Commissioner and let him believe he is the father of the unborn baby.

Come on, Doctor, lay him right there.

I'll be right out.

Don't spend too much time on it.

Please, help me.

I'm not sick.

My mother has died.

You're going to save yourself, kid.

Put it on.

Get out of here and don't say a word to anyone.

There's a guard on the other side of the door...

and he'll escort you to the watch post.

~ Put this in your mouth
~ Thanks.

Open up!

Open up!

Open the door!

Open up, open up!!

Others have tried that before.

Take this, have a drink of water.

It'll calm you down.

Stay away, stay away.

Poor guy.

He's lost his mind.

Get me out of here, get me out of here!

I'm the Commissioner!

Now he thinks he's the Commissioner of the town.

There was a time when I thought I was a queen.

All women are queens.

Take it easy, your fever's rising.

Drink a little water.

It'll do you good.

Nobody deserves to die like this.

In this place.

Let me out of here!

~ I'm the Commissioner!
~ Let me out of here!

Let me out of here, I'm not sick!

Step aside, step aside!

Lepers, get out of here!

Open up, I'm the Commissioner!

Let me out of here, let me out!

It's a mistake! It's a mistake!

But where could he be, Gonzalo?

I don't know. I've searched everywhere.

I'm sure he's out there somewhere, wandering around on the roads.

What if he's been caught, Gonzalo?

No such thing. I know S?tur, he did it for a reason.

I don't know what it is but I'll find out.

Father, take this.

Guard this closely so it doesn't get lost.

It's my homework for school.

Don't worry.

Where's S?tur?

Because if he isn't here, we can't leave.


What? What's going on?

Are you all right?

Father, please, tell me.

~ S?tur has the plague.
~ What?

Is he dying?

No, no. He's fine, Alonso.

All right. But now we've got to go. Agreed?

No! We're not going.

I won't leave without S?tur.

Imagine if he comes back and we're gone.

Don't worry, come on.

No way, Father!

I'm not budging without S?tur.


Not like this. Wait here, Gonzalo.

You get the horse ready while I talk with him.



~ Are you leaving?
~ Yeah.

You shouldn't leave now, we've got no protection.

What do you mean, no protection?

They found the bloody clothes off of the Commissioner but there's no sign of him.

The Commissioner has disappeared.

You don't understand!

I've done nothing to be remembered for.

Untie me, I'll infect that bastard first.

Master, untie me.

This'll be the best thing I've ever done in my life.

I wish he had the plague and not me!

Cipri, I need you to take care of Margarita and Alonso, and not to move from here until I get back.

You got that?

Let's go.

Open up. I'm the Commissioner.

Open up!

I'm not useful even for this!

This hasn't helped me a bit.

I hate that guy.

And I curse his life.

I thought by watching him suffer I'd get some relief...

I don't know.

Now all I do is feel sorry for him and for myself.

People who do wrong should pay.

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you alive is revenge.

There's still some.



You know who I am.

You know me.

Tell me, who brought me here?

~ You have to know who it was!
~ No idea.

I don't know anything, really, and I saw nothing.


Fire, there's a fire!

They want to burn us alive!

They're going to burn us!

It's burning!

We have to get out of here!

We didn't even introduce ourselves. My name is Laura.

I'm S?tur.

But what does that matter? Cover yourself.

And don't breathe the fumes.

~ Let us out!
~ Open up!



Out, everybody out!


I want to kill him!

Let's go, go, go.

Out, out!


S?tur! S?tur!

S?tur, I told you to get out of here!

Let's go!

~ Let's go!
~ I'm almost dead.

Save her.

There's nobody here.

S?tur, S?tur, listen to me! S?tur, look at me!

S?tur, let's go, S?tur, get it together!

S?tur, S?tur, no!

Get it together, S?tur! S?tur!

He took everything he could.

He was beyond hope, I couldn't do anything for him.

By the Holy Virgin, how heavy that baker is!

Did he have to stuff his body with three pounds of donuts,...

'cause this is a ticket to indigestion!

Down, down, down.

There we go, there we go.

How are you?


Can you tell us what are you're doing here?

You need to rest.

I was just sick of being in bed, Master.

Look, no trace of the plague on me...

nor anywhere in town.

I'm already cured, right?

I'm more than cured.

So much cured as to dare tell you that this one here is already ready for fun...!

Why don't the two of us take the road to Toledo?

To the cave of the blonde!

There there are such girls, Master,...

the best of the best.

No, S?tur, no.

I have to go to the Pit of Hell.

I need to know how that guy escaped.

I'm going with you.

We're a team.

But maybe before getting back to work...

well...we could alleviate ourselves a bit.

Besides, since it's on our way...



Now that your parents are back in their palace, I'd like to say hello.

Today's not the best of days. They've just arrived, and they're tired.

Yeah, you're right.

It's just that I've really wanted to get to know them better, and I'd hoped for that before the wedding.

But another day would be better.

I have to go.

Would you invite me to breakfast tomorrow?

Of course.


Cipri, I can't help you just this minute.

~ Catalina,...
~ Cipri, no.

Catalina, this is what I want to say to you.

You're the only woman who's ever made me really happy.

And I'll do everything I can to make sure this is clear to you.

You're taking a magnificent specimen.

I hope she lives up to the expectations of your lordship.

Without a doubt.

My Lordship enjoys taming the bull inside this woman.

It's a perfect present for my king.

I'd like to leave as soon as possible. I'm already a month late...

thanks to the unfortunate outbreak of plague.

I've arranged everything so you can carry her in the best of conditions.

Without risking the goods.

And now I think we should go to the palace.

You're being offered a farewell dinner.

Don't worry about her.

My men will come to pick her up and leave her in your custody.



Some last wish? A confidence, perhaps?

Bend over.

Rot in Hell.

No, Ma'am.

I think that's just what'll happen to you.

May Heaven keep you.

I am willing to release you.

In return, you are to accompany me to the place where the treasure's hidden.

But it's a substantial journey.

That hardly matters. Traveling is something that excites me.

And if it turns out to be to new and exotic places, even more so. So where are we going?

The south seas?

All right. Untie me.

Are you sure you don't want to tell me something?

You're worried.

Well, now that you mention it, yes, I do.

I was on the verge of killing your brother.

I know it, and you know it.

But a month has passed and you haven't said "Boo".

And what can I say? That, coming from a brother of him is...

That's part of the past. It doesn't matter anymore.

Yes it does.

Because those things fester inside...

and grow, and become calloused.

Later when you want to resolve it, well...

the crust is so large that it can't be removed even with a katana.

I don't approve of what you did.

You see? I knew it.

Master, take all that trash out, don't save it up.

Listen to me:...

you know that I myself have been tempted to kill the Commissioner any number of times.

~ And?
~ So...

So I can hardly blame you.

I understand you perfectly.

Thanks, Master.

I want to continue being your squire, to help...

bring some sense to all this gibberish about medallions, deaths, and friars...

who first seem good, then bad, then you don't know what they are.

Someone's coming.

Juan, do you want to take a break now?

Your parents are waiting for us. We must firm up the announcement of our marriage.

I have to talk with you.

I just wanted to say that the problem is not you.

No, stop.

Don't go on.

~ Eugenia, please.
~ No, Juan.

Give me some time.

You'll learn to love me, I...

Don't leave me, Juan. Don't leave me!

Let's go.

Master, for God's sake, surely this is clear.

Didn't you see how he hugged the girl, or what?

That girl might be a relative of Juan, and she needs his help.

Nothing more.

~ That's it!
~ What? Where?


That's why he started getting his face flattened in that dump.

He was feeling guilty for playing both sides of the street.

That woman explains everything.

No, S?tur, this woman explains nothing.

Don't even think of making a fuss as usual.

But when did I ever screw things up?

All right.

Aren't you going to do anything?

Let's see, what do you want me to do?

We really haven't seen anything definitive.

And if I talk about what happened, all I'm going to do is hurt people.

Are you going to let Juan get away with it?

Scot free.

Totally scot free.

Stop it.

No, I won't stop it.

Because if you do something, then I'll be able to stay calm.

But if you're not going to do anything,...

well, I'll be in a right state.

S?tur, I'll take care of it!


Now let's go.

That's what I wanted to hear.

See how easy it is for me to relax?


There's something here.


That handprint? That must be from some guy...

who worked here, who put his hand on the soft clay...

so it'll be there forever.

Or maybe not.

Grab her carefully.

I don't want a mark on her body.

She must travel in perfect condition.

Let me go, let me go!

Don't make me hit you.

That bitch, that bitch!

Take her away.

Did this guy live here?

Sure, but he didn't live alone.

There are two pallets.

With his wife.

That hardly surprises me, given what's inside.

It wasn't his wife.

He was the jailer.

Oh, blessed God!

I don't want to be a killjoy, but...

how can we get out of here now?


It's the diary of the jailer.

"First day of confinement.

"The captive refuses to eat."

Such a mania for restraining women.

What could she have done to deserve this?

"She seems quieter.

"She does not cry every day and accepts my care."


Agust?n. Agust?n was here with her.

His visit calmed her down.

It doesn't say who the captive was?

"I haven't heard from Agust?n for several weeks.

~ "It's a bad omen."
~ But who is she?

Oh, my God! Couldn't it be your sister?

What is it?

Are you all right?

It can't be.

I saw her die.

She has...

the plague.

We can't stay here.

Today I release...

Laura de Montignac.

Your mother!

I saw her die.

They killed her!

It couldn't have been her, it's not possible!

Master, here it clearly says it.

Your mother was alive and living for many years locked up in this place.

Look at the bright side.

She's alive.

Alive and kicking.

When we find her...

she'll tell you who's your father and sister...

and end once and for all this mess that has gripped this family.

This book...

it's a gift from Heaven.

It could be, if the plague didn't take her.

We haven't even introduced ourselves.

My name is Laura.

People who do wrong should pay.

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you alive...

is revenge.

Oh, God!

I was with her!

She talked to me!

I talked with her, with your mother!

She's alive, I saw her!

Of course your mother's still alive!

She's still alive, Master!

Let me do it.

Thanks, it's not necessary.

Of course it is.

I really don't need it.

I'm your woman.

They're presents for the Mongol king.

You'll pay with your life if the merchandise doesn't arrive in perfect condition.

They stole the Virgin from the churches.

If he learns I'm nauseated...

Since when is a Commissioner unable to deal with two problems at the same time?

Don't tell me you've swallowed in Margarita's wedding ring, if you do I'll go crazy, S?tur!

Juan and Eugenia.

I love another woman.

Another woman? Are you still mooning over that commoner?

We ought to go far away from here.

To begin a new life.

~ Who is that?
~ It's my mother.

Something bad must have happened to her.

I saw a man who had her horse.


S?tur, I know what they're looking for.

~ The Holy Grail.
~ Blood.

Something many people died for but nobody knows where it's hidden.

What a pretty mission!