Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 3, Episode 11 - Episode #3.11 - full transcript

(ep 4x04 according to RTVE, 3x11 according to IMDB)
What do you tell a child when you know they're going to kill him?

I didn't do anything, I swear!

You've been bitten by a snake!

We have to start organizing the wedding.

Stop it. Don't touch anything, all right?

That wound's really bad. What do we do now?


But there must be something we can do, there must be some remedy, some herb.

They're saying Nu?o raped a girl.

Tomorrow they're going to cut his head off in the plaza.

Master Nu?o.

And you'll let a man die for fifty fucking reales?

Forgive me. Do you think I have time now to organize a wedding?

Hey, there are lots of fights, and lots of money for the winner.

You must sign the authorization for his execution.

The best I can do for my son now...

is to let him die with the dignity of a noble.

Your child is getting his head cut off, and you're not going to lift a finger to help?

Nu?o, a man must face up to his mistakes.

But I didn't do anything.

I was riding along the path of large field.

Margarita, what I said before...

Gonzalo, I don't want to talk about that.

Kill me in place of my son, please.

I told you to leave.

I can't move my hand.

Twenty five reales per fight.

Two hundred for the winner.

Good. Sign me up for tonight.

Let me by, I'm fighting tonight, all right?

~ What are we going to do?
~ Flee.

I found Nu?o's spur. That means he was riding.

You'll never be the Marquesa de Santillana ever again.

Surely that girl is pregnant!

Master, don't tell me you're thinking what I am.

With his own daughter!

This business with Nu?o is beginning to affect you seriously.

From this moment you are relieved of all your duties.

Let me out!

Betting against yourself.

That's the smart move.

~ I'm leaving town. Come with me.
~ No.

Tell me you believe me.


I believe you.

I must have gotten a strong blow to the head, I'm seeing visions.


~ Are you going to be fighting?
~ That's none of your business.

If you stay, this will erase all the good memories you have of your son.

I have to get out!

Make public the relationship you have with your daughter.

Let my father alone.

The daughter had a relationship with an African slave.

Well, that child is going to come out black.

What's that?

A ball!

And you keep saying I'm like a runaway horse.

But Agust?n was weird, weird!

He kept on hiding hiding things.

And these numbers?

Why would he place numbers on a ball?

You at least wrote things, even if only in Chinese.

Tell me what the Hell those numbers mean.

I don't know yet.

But whatever it is, I'll find out.

Your Majesty.

They've arrived.

Bring them in.

Your Majesty.

The Mother, Isabel de Montejo.

The abbess of the Dominican convent in Puerto Rico...

has just arrived from the colonies to serve you.

Can you do anything for my son?

Not I, your Majesty.

Our Lord in his infinite mercy will decide what to do with his soul...

as with all of ours.

The only heir to the throne is dying.

The best doctors in the empire have seen him but he but doesn't improve.

That's why we're here, your Majesty.

In moments like this faith is our only salvation.

They say she has saved the dying with her own hands.

Is this certain?

The Mother Abbess has a gift.

She serves as a kind of intermediary of the divine will.

I am only just another servant.

The Lord punishes me for my sins.

I am willing to do anything.

Your Majesty, it's never too late to repent of the evil one has done.

Your Majesty, your Majesty!

A doctor! A doctor!

There, that's it.

A ball, Master.

What would we want with a crystal ball?

Because neither you nor I have the soul to play bocce.

Agust?n hid it for another reason.

These numbers have to have some significance.

It may just be one of those balls where they tell your fortune.

It didn't have anything inside, but it began to fill with smoke, and...

things happened inside it.

Now I just expect whatever comes from this monk.

S?tur, that doesn't exist.

~ No one can foretell the future.
~ What do you mean? I do.

I'm confidently predicting that I won't sleep all week and I'll be looking for the meaning of this nutty ball.

Sorry, Master, but we stumble over one mystery after another,...

each of which seems as great as that of the Holy Trinity.

Do we know who they are?

They're the Duke and Duchess de Somoza.

They've got a castle around here.

They killed him with a blow on the head, and she seems to have suffocated.


They didn't rob them.

The Duchess is still wearing her jewels.

Someone wanted revenge and clearly he found it.

Tell them to come to collect their bodies.

And do question all the servants of their palace without mercy.

~ I want the culprit tonight.
~ Yes, sir.

Why don't we ever catch a break?!

We get out of each mess only to get bogged down in something else.

Don't you think?

This strikes me as disrespectful.

Is this all that you're giving me?

Please, Manuel, it's all I have.

Next week I'll pay the rest. I promise you.

No, Cipri, no.

Every time I come you give me the same old song-and-dance.

You can't leave me without wine,...

this is an inn, you're looking to ruin me.

Look me up when you have the money.

No, for God's sake, Manuel!

Next week, I promise you!

Without fail, Manuel!


I think I can help you, innkeeper.

Excuse me?

How would it look to you if the inn were filled with people...

this very evening?

I...I don't understand.

My friends and I are artists. I have an attraction known throughout the kingdom.

Let us have a gig here, and we'll share profits.

A performance?

What kind?

A fire-eater, an exotic dancer,...

~ and something special.
~ Special?

The human beast.

Felipe Pr?spero is very serious.

I should visit the king and show my support.

If the child dies, the kingdom of Spain will be in a position of extreme weakness.

He lost two sons, Hern?n, and the queen is pregnant.

No one knows whether it'll be a boy.

By the way, Catalina told me that you've changed your bedroom.

Do you want to move Irene's things, too, or are you running away from her?

Madam Marquesa.

Cardinal Mendoza, with a guest.

At this time of day?

~ Marquesa.
~ Your Eminence.

~ Commissioner.
~ Your Eminence. I present to you Mother Isabel,...

abbess of the Dominican convent in Puerto Rico.

I imagine you're heard of her.

Of course. Her fame precedes her.

And tell me: how are our troops in the colony?

It's a garrison of vital importance.

With high morale.

May God protect all Christians who are away from home.

Marquesa, Mother Isabel has come to ask you something.

It's a personal favor.

~ Just ask. We'll try to help as much as possible.

Given the proximity of your palace to the king's abode, I would...

stay here, if you do not mind.

I don't think I'll be a bother to you.

We are happy to have her among us.

Catalina, arrange everything, please.

It's a great day. Shall we walk in the garden?

~ Gentlemen?
~ Yes, of course.

Why have you come?

The king has summoned me to ease the pain of the Crown Prince.

I don't know what you intend, but I want you far away from here.

It will be so only if God wills.

But you're not going to the palace?

I've already said, Alonso, get on to school or you'll be late.

Give me a kiss.

Go on, go.

~ Hi.
~ Hi.

And what are you doing here in town?

Shopping with my brother.

~ Right.
~ My parents aren't home.

They've been away a few days now.

The human beast!

What will it be?

~ What's this?
~ In the tavern, tonight.

The human beast.

I don't know, we could go, right?

You and I, together.



Where have you been, my love?

I spent the whole night attending to peasants.

You're exhausted, Juan. You can't go on like this.

You're going to tear yourself apart.

All right, Margarita, not now, please.

I need to rest, that's all. All right?


Go on, go to bed, you don't know how wrecked you look.

I'm going to the palace. Rest!


Stop this right away.

It is the second time I've told you, and I hope never to repeat it:...

don't poke your nose into my life.

Why are you in these fights?

There must be some good reason for doing it.

If you keep on meddling,...

the next time I won't be quite so friendly.

No, stay away!

What have you got up in there?

I told you not to come any closer.

Let's see. It's nothing, come on, I'll treat it myself.

How hard it must be always to live so far from one's home.

Well, excuse me, but I'm going to ask you a question.

How do you manage to understand the Indians?

The Lord's language is universal, Catalina.

How humble you are!

And forgive me, but I never imagined you were so beautiful.

Well, this is the Marquesa's suite.

Can you leave me alone for a few moments? I would like to bless the room.

Well, you're going to need a very long time, because this place...

well...I meant to say...

a blessing, right...

it'll take its own time, I imagine.

By your leave.

Lucrecia, you...

Excuse me.

Excuse me, I didn't know...

No need to be embarrassed.

After all, the Lord brought us into the world like this.

Well, not exactly like this.

Haven't you ever seen a naked woman?

A woman, yes,...

but a saint, no.

Don't believe everything you hear.

If you'll excuse me.


They just arrest a lackey, and accused him of the killing we found in the forest.

That was quick for the Commissioner.

Since they were nobles.

You know how things are.

Have you tried...

to add them up?

That's not it, S?tur, that's not it.

I don't quite get it yet, what all this has to do...

with the subject of your family, because...

Me neither.

But what I do know is that Agust?n hid this ball with great care.

And that means something.

Let's see.

I've got it.

S?tur! S?tur, I've got it.

It's a numerical sequence of somewhat-related prime numbers.

Related to whom?

No, S?tur, prime numbers are those which can only be evenly divided by one and themselves.

If we remove those...

we're left with: forty degrees,...

thirty four minutes, and twenty seven seconds,...

and fourteen. Fourteen is equivalent in the alphabet to the letter "N".

N for North.

And on the other side, four degrees,...

zero minutes, and fourteen seconds,...

and twenty one.

The twenty first letter in the alphabet is O, for Oeste {"West"}...

O for Oeste: North, West.

They're the coordinates on a map.

If you say so...

And a location.

And this exactly corresponds to...

a lake.

A lake.


Have you heard?

About what?

This evening at the inn, there's going to be a show.

How could we had avoided learning about it? You, candid soul...!

No way, Cipriano has papered the whole town.

Yeah. Listen, can we go, please?

Look, there'll be an exotic dancer,...

a human beast,...

That doesn't sound like a suitable show for the kiddies.

But why not?

Please? Look, we can go with Aunt Margarita.

We never go anywhere together.

The boy has...hit the nail on the head there, right enough.

All right.

All right. You've talked me into it.

We'll all go together.

And you'll get a surprise.

I don't think so, Alonso, I've seen a lot of dancers.

No, no, that's not it.

~ No?
~ No.

What then?

Gabi'll be coming, too.

How could Gabi come along?

Then count me out.

You go. No, no.

Gabi would be thrilled.

I promised not to go back and bother them.

Have fun.

I'm sorry, son.

Why did you do it?

Sir, I haven't killed anybody!

It's a very simple question.

If you confess, you can save yourself a lot of suffering.

Tell me, was it out of vengeance?

Did you hate the Duke and Duchess, your masters, so very much?

I swear, sir, I didn't do it.

They fired you two days ago...

for stealing from the pantry.

You arrived home and saw your family had nothing to eat.

Then you did it, it was a human reaction.

I didn't do anything.


Prepare the death machine.

He's to be executed tomorrow morning.

As you order, sir.

Master, my God, this lake is huge.

Remember what happened in the pit, which we barely escaped.

Somewhere in there may be something to help me understand my background.

I really ought to do it.

Master, for God's sake!

You don't even know what you're looking for.

What are you going to do? Dive into the whole lake?

I have to try, at least.


~ Master, have you found something?
~ Nothing yet.

No, man, no!

He will surely improve, your Majesty.

The very best doctors are attending him.

We'll soon have some good news, trust me.

Thank you, Lucrecia.

No one else seems to agree with what you've said, but...

I appreciate your support in these times.

Your Majesty.

It would be an honor for me to watch Philip tonight.

Due to her advanced pregnancy, the queen must rest.

I'll stay.

I don't think that would be convenient, your Majesty.

The child needs peace so that God may enter his soul.

You may retire, Lucrecia.

Your Majesty, it would be better to wait for news from the doctor...

to see what he thinks.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, how is the prince?

He's worsened.

We must have patience. God is just.

Just? He's already taken two of my sons!

That is God's justice?

To take the lives of innocent children?

The blood-stained soul is yours, your Majesty.

How dare you talk to me like that?!

I am the king.

Pardon my frank words, but...

I really believe that the Almighty doesn't approve a life so full of war and death.

War is sometimes a necessary evil.

I know, yes, yes,...

but we must all strive to bring peace to this kingdom.

Your Majesty, it's the queen. She isn't well.

"The blood-stained soul",...

a splendid blow, Mother Abbess.

There is nothing easier than to manipulate a heartsick man.

Even a king.

That's why I brought you here. Portugal's envoy will be glad to see...

how events have been playing out.

Master, you've spent two hours diving in, out, in, out...

If you continue to soak like that you'll have something the size of a vegetable.

Master, for God's sake!

Do it for me, don't go back in there!

Come on, get out, hey!

The last time!

Take this, Master.

Everything must be measured.

If there's anything in there, if there really is,...

it's not moving around.

Besides, you promised to take Alonso to the inn.

And you're a father first, a hero second, that's life.

You're right. Alonso must be waiting for us.

S?tur, would you reconsider coming to the inn with us?

No...don't even mention it.

I could put Gabi at risk, they could ask him...

who I am, what he knows about me, right?

No, better not.

That's not the real reason you're doing this.

~ Ah, no?
~ No.

You think you're very clever, right?

Yet what if he doesn't want to see me?

And what if he's forgotten who his father is?

If you hide yourself away, you'll never know.

The reason is that it's of no use to me to see him only for a little while.

It breaks my heart every time I think that...

he has another family, that he can't be with me.

No, the sooner I accept that, the better for everyone.

Give the whole thing a miss.

Hey, Catalina!

Hi, Cipri.

What's up, you're not in the palace?

Well, I came to buy some candy for Mother Isabel.

The poor dear suffered many privations, back in Puerto Rico.

I'd like to sweeten her life a bit.

You'll come this evening see the show, right? You can't be absent.

I don't know, Cipri.

Hey, come on, woman, for once something happens on this street, and you're going to miss out?

I'll put some very nice fabrics here,...

and there'll be an exotic dancer,...

a fire eater,...

and the human beast.

Cipri, but I have a lot of work to do, I can't spend time doing silly things.

Do come, yes, woman, and bring Murillo. You'll like it, you'll see.

Certainly not, Cipri, don't you get it?

I'm sorry, Cipri.

You've done very well for me, and I thank you,...

and with Mart?n too,.....

~ but...
~ But what?

Well, there'll be a lot of people here.

And every time they see us spend more time together, the more they'll start talking.

Good, let them talk.

~ We aren't doing anything.
~ Nor are we going to.

I'm a married woman.

Are you Irene?

The Cardinal's niece?

They told me you weren't too well this morning.

What's wrong with you?

Come on, trust me.

Nothing can be so terrible that you can't find a comfort in the Lord.

I'm a bad woman and a bad wife.

I don't deserve God's attention.

~ Look, Irene,...
~ Irene!

Leave us alone, please.

I have to talk with Mother Isabel.

No one dares to force me out of royal lounge. Nobody!

What do you want?

I don't know what you mean.

You can't fool me, Isabel.

We've known each other since you were a dirty maid who had nowhere to even fall down dead.

I should remind you that we worked together.

We were both servants, Lucrecia.

What are you getting up to?

I'll find out, though, you can be sure of that.

I don't know why you always think there's dark intentions behind things.

Because you're much like me, Isabel.

I know lots of things about you.

~ Is that so?
~ Oh, yeah.

The death of the former abbess of your convent always seemed pretty suspicious to me.

As much as the disappearance of your husband?

Look, Lucrecia,...

I chose the path of virtue.

And you were the one to leap from bed to bed through all the bedchambers of the court.

I'm sure that you must have found this very tiring.

Excuse me.

Mother Isabel.

What happened?

Let's go, Father, or we'll be late!

If not, I've put on my Sunday best that Mother made me for nothing, right?

You're very elegant, son.

Hey, S?tur, what are you still doing here?

Hey, man, I'm not going, like I already told you.

I'm hope you'll change your mind.

Don't you want to see Gabi?

Master, I'm going to tidy up the stable, it's full of dirt up to the top.

But I've already told Gabi you'll be there.

Have fun.

Yes, S?tur.

I don't get it, Father.

I was just sure that he'd want to see Gabi.

Me, too, son, but we have to respect his decision.

Go on, go to the inn and save a seat, I'll be right along.

~ Hi.
~ Hi.

Why won't you come to the inn with us to see the show?

No, Gonzalo, I'm just not interested.

Go on, make an effort, Alonso will be excited.

Yeah, but I've hardly seen Juan at all today.

I'd rather stay here in case he drops by.

Well, let's do something.

Instead of waiting here, you come with us to the inn,...

and have a good time. If Juan shows up beforehand,...

it'll surely occur to him to check at the inn.

You're right.

No reason to hang around here like a fool.


Besides, they said there's an exotic dancer, and that has to be seen.


I know what that means.

A very good show for children, Gonzalo.

I think they will learn a lot from this, huh?

We'll see, Margarita, dance is one of the beautiful arts.

But you don't know yet what she'll be doing.

But it doesn't sound too bad.

You say that because you've never seen me dance.

Murillo, son, sit there with Gonzalo.

And then hurry home, there's school tomorrow.

Go on, hurry.

Hi, Cipri.

Hey, isn't this great? What a spectacle!

Excuse me, I've got a lot of business.

S?tur wanted to come but he couldn't make it.

He had some errands to run.

He could well have saved it for later. But it doesn't matter.

Hey, we can do something.

You come to my house to sleep, and you'll be sure to see him.

If they let me...

Of course.

Now it's the fire-eaters, and then to the human beast.

Too bad S?tur didn't come.

He's the only one missing so the whole family is here.

Except Juan.

Mother Isabel, I'm the Commissioner, may I come in?

Just a moment, please.

Come in.

How can I help you, Commissioner?

I was wondering what happened a while ago in the lounge.

I don't understand why the Marquesa reacted like that, and she isn't talking.

To be sincere, I don't understand, either.

Accustomed to the peace and quiet of the convent...

I don't understand these types of reactions.

Especially when there's no reason for them.

Mother Isabel, I know Lucrecia. I know that she doesn't lose her self-control for no reason.

She's been cold as an iceberg in the worst circumstances.

Then you're likely to know that she's as proud as nobody else, too.

And she'd never accept being relegated to second fiddle by my presence.

That's the Marquesa I know.


So, Commissioner, she would have to understand that in these times of sorrow...

the needs of his Majesty have changed.

And it's you who best meets those needs? Really?

Surely. And now, if you'll excuse me...

Remember that if your soul has a need, I am here to help all the children of God.

S?tur! Excuse me. Gabi is going to be very happy. Come on.

No, no, no, no.

I came because I had something here inside that...

was killing me, but...

I'm done just by staring at him. Thanks, Master.

Lost in the woods when he was just a child...

he learned to survive with the help of the beasts...

and vermin from whom he learned their habits and ways of behaving.

And at last, ladies and gentlemen,...

I present to you a perversion of nature...

a man, if you can call it so, that God himself rejected:...

the human beast!

Man, look!

Don't let his demeanor deceive you, ladies and gentlemen,...

without the whip, just opening the door would mean the end for many of us here.

Master, couldn't this be too dangerous?

And with the kids right in front!

I don't know, but we're not staying.

I don't want to see how they mistreat him, much less in front of children.

Please, and take mine with you.

Notice how the beast feeds like a real animal.

Gonzalo, children shouldn't see this.

No. Let's go.

He's feeding, Father.

I said we're going. Come on.

Let's go, kids, let's go.

Come on, come on.

And for those of you who still harbor a hope created...

that there is still a trace of humanity in the monster...

I'll reveal to you a little detail that is sure to have gone unnoticed.

The beast has the eyes of the Devil.

Each one is a different color.

Your way of teaching the word of the Lord is very convincing.

You have opened for me the doors of Heaven, Isabel.

Mother. Mother Isabel.

Whatever you want, Mother Isabel.

Neither you nor I can allow what happened here...

go through those doors.

Don't worry, we'll preserve the secrecy of confession.

I'm used to that. In my work, discretion is indispensable.

Good. Very good.

I'm glad to know...

that this is completely clear..

I think the same way.

But this time, Mother Isabel, remove the scapular.

It's a distraction.

Tea is being served. Mother Isabel, Commissioner.

I don't understand how you can pass so quickly from leisure to work.

We've barely left the tavern and you're there, busy with those things.

You can't seriously think you'll find the solution to the damn ball's numbers in some old papers.

This notice is fifteen years old.

It recounts the disappearance of the heir of the Marquis and Marquesa de Zorita, when he was just three.

That means that now he might be the age, more or less,...

of the beast.

Are you saying you think the savage has noble ancestry?

It could be.

With all due respect, Master,...

I think all these numbers are draining your brain...

worse than a raisin from Corinth.


"This heir's eyes are the most reliable way to recognize him...

"since these are of different colors."

It could be him.

Maybe, maybe, but...


What's with that face?

The beast.

Look. Look, son.

What's going on?

Well, we wanted to watch the rest of the beast's act.

Alonso, there's nothing more to see.

The mistreatment of a person is no show.

It's not a person, it's a beast.

No, son, he's as human as you or I.

Think: if you hadn't had the education and opportunities you've had, you could be in his place.

Go on.

Off you go.

We have to find the Marquis and Marquesa de Zorita.

~ Hi.
~ Hi.

Did she notice?

No, girl, no.

The Marquesa is very focused on Mother Isabel, to figure out who enters and who exits.

Do you like them? They're for her.

For the Marquesa?

No, woman, for Mother Isabel.

What I want is to give a little life to her suite.

I don't know, somehow I feel that we're alike.

You're like some nun?

Well, yeah, we both know what it's like to live without a man.

Come on, woman! That's not the same thing!

No, it's not the same thing at all.

Just look how my face is drying up and falling off,...

yet she, however...

she has the smile of someone who's totally relaxed.

That must be because she has God as a husband.

~ Catalina.
~ Ma'am?

You can remove the tea from the room.

Madam, the Commissioner and Mother Isabel have not yet enjoyed it.

Quit the backtalk, take it away.

When you've done that, prepare Mother Isabel's luggage.

But the abbess is going today to speak with the king, Ma'am,...

would she mind if we did it in her absence?

Don't worry, Catalina, I've already spoken with her.

Make sure all her stuff's waiting by the door when she returns from the royal palace.

Yes, Ma'am.

Don't even ask me for forgiveness.

Why should I?

I just came to recover my strength.

You're married, Hern?n.

Since when do you have the moral high ground?

A moralist, me? No, please, how boring!!

My sole concern is to keep you from going to Hell.

Thanks, Lucrecia.

I found Hell with you and have no intention of going back.

~ If you'll excuse me.
~ Of course.

Imagine that you give hope to the Marquis and Marquise de Zorita...

by telling them you've located their son...

and then it turns out it's not him.

What if he is? It's worth the risk.

Besides, remember when you found out that Gabi was your son.

Man, Gabi is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, but it's not the same thing.

Think of how scared these gentlefolk will be when they see such a specimen.

This is it, S?tur.

The Marquesa comes every Thursday to visit the poor.

Right there.

Thank you very much for your good deeds, Marquesa.

Think this through one more time, Master.

I should remind you: a son is a very swampy ground.

Marquesa de Zorita?

I have to talk with you, it's very urgent.

I know that maybe this is painful, but...

I'd like to talk about your son.

I would appreciate it if you wouldn't pursue this matter with me.

No, and I wouldn't if I didn't have something very important to say.

This may change the lives of you and your husband.

I understand that your son has been missing for several years.


and was found drowned in a well a few days later.

Since then he rests with God our Lord in the family mausoleum.

Good evening.

I'm sorry to have bothered you, Marquesa.

Sorry, your Excellency.

It's just that sometimes we get carried away by hopes, isn't that right, Ma'am?

Must SHE say it to you? Because I've already said it to you before.

She's lying.

What are we doing here, Alonso? It's dangerous.

We're going to set him free.

Set him free?

He could kill us! He's an animal!

He's a person, all right?

He's not an animal.

He just needs someone to educate him...

and to teach him everything our parents taught us.

And we're going to do that, right?

Be careful.

Take it easy, we're not going to do anything to hurt you.

Look, I brought this, it's tasty. Try it.

Look, look.

It's yummy, you'll like it for sure.

This belongs to your father.

He liked it. Let's go.


That custom...

of desecrating graves, mausoleums, and other funerary methods...

seems to me to be an atrocity.

We need to find out if the Marquis's son is really in there.

And there's no other way.

Of course he's there!

Haven't you seen the prayer stool and the prayer beads?

If he weren't, the Marquesa de Zorita wouldn't come here to pray for him.

The poor woman, the disgust she'll feel when she discovers that they...

how do we say it...that the tomb's been violated!

Can I help?

I'm begining to believe you set up the show before I came in just to see the stunned face I get.

We have to find him soon.

Why don't we just let him go?

Let him go? He's a killer!

He killed these nobles right next to our camp. Don't you remember?

If we don't find before he kills again we'll all end up in the gallows.




This'll do it.

You see? That's it!

I'm really your friend.

Alonso. And this is Gabi.


And we're not going to do anything to you.

No, no!

Relax, you're not going to get hurt!


No, don't hurt me!

No, not me!

I tell you, something's going on with Juan. He's not well.

Woman, don't obsess over him.

Juan's worked up over the wedding...

and he's nervous. That's how it goes.

But why? It was him who insisted that we get married.

Because manhood is all about the fear of commitment. They kid themselves a lot, but then...

when they see the real thing looming, they shit themselves.

Don't draw any conclusions based on no real information.

Hey, look what I'm telling you.

It wouldn't have suited me that bad...

a habit just like these.

Come on, take that off.

I'm very sorry to have Mother Isabel leaving...

given how glad I was to serve her.

Have you done it yet?

Yes, Ma'am. The only thing left is to close the trunk.

And we have to get the missal and the cross from the chapel.

So let's go, quickly.

I don't want to have a run-in with Mother Isabel.



Put everything back in its place.

I'll try by all possible means to convince her...

to lengthen her stay with us.

It's a shame to deprive us of her presence in such times.

Catalina, fill the room with flowers.

May Mother Isabel enjoy a pleasant environment.

Ma'am, so we won't gather up her stuff?

What's the matter, Catalina? Or didn't you understand me?

But who could understand...

since this woman's almost crazy?

Good, so we have to undo what we've just done.

But what happened to you, what are these bumps?

What a fright you gave me! But may I know what you doing here, Eugenia?

Why's your body covered in bruises, Juan?

I fell off my horse.

I've been riding all my life and I know you don't get bruises like these from a fall.

Excuse me, are you a doctor?



Well, what happened?

Well, you see...

a dog crossed the street,...

the horse reared up, and I ended up rolling down an embankment. That's all.

Eugenia, what are you doing here?

We had an appointment with my parents, don't you remember?


So let's go.

And dress nicely,...

I'd like to boast about my fianc?.

Master, forgive me, but I don't understand anything.

That woman didn't know she was only praying to the stones?

I don't know, but there's something wrong about this.

Master, the boy!


Alonso, son!


Alonso, Alonso, Alonso, son!

S?tur, bring a damp cloth!

Alonso, son!

~ Son! Son! Alonso!
~ He's gone and fainted.

It's because he hasn't had a bite recently, Master.

Alonso. It's all over.

Are you all right?

Alonso, what happened?

And Gabi?

Where's Gabi?

Where is he?

What happened, son?

And the beast?

~ Where's the beast?
~ What beast?

I just wanted to help him be a person.

I freed him and brought him home here.

Where's Gabi, Alonso?

I don't know, he went crazy and attacked me.

My son, my son!

S?tur, S?tur!

I'm very sorry, Father.

Take it easy.

Hey, my pretty! What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Let her go.

Let her go.

I don't want to die, help me!

Please, I don't want to go to the gallows!

I told you not bring your whores here.

Sir, please.

I didn't know anything.

I just wanted to help. I'm really sorry.

Tell me about it.

I'm sorry.

~ Gabi!
~ Gabi!

~ Gabi!
~ Gabi!

~ Gabi!
~ Gabi!

I have to find him, Cipri.

What if the beast did hurt him?

Don't even think that way right now.

Your son is a streetwise kid, I'm sure he'll be fine.

~ Gabi!
~ Gabi!

We've spent the whole night looking for him but can't find him.

How the Hell can I be calm?

Where's my son?

Let's take a break.

We're going to find him safe and sound.

Safe and sound, you say? But did you see that beast?

How can I be calm?

I need to find him.

No, no!

No, for God's sake, don't kill him!

He knows where my son is!


No! No!




What have you done?

You've condemned my son!

Gabi, Gabi!

My God!

Hail most pure Maria!

Conceived without sin.

~ Father, tell me the reason why you needed to see me.
~ I am deeply disappointed...

by the lack of results that you have offered me, Mother.

I can't put any more pressure on the king just now.

We must tend to their pain with patience or we won't achieve our purpose.

I'm just waiting for a better time.

The Portuguese conclave urgently requires the signature of His Majesty. If Portugal does not get their independence...

I'd remain without their support for my candidacy for the papacy.

Do you know what that means?

You will return to Puerto Rico to rot your bones as abbess of that wretched convent.

Trust me, you'll have the signature, but I just need time, a little time.

We don't have time.

It would be a shame to lose your chance to go to Naples.

You should bear that in mind.

I won't go back to that hellhole plagued by disease and Indians.

Your Eminence.

You may go.

Why didn't you come on time?

You always manage to save the whole world.

For once we needed you, and you show up late.

I'm sorry, S?tur.

Because of you, they killed the beast.

And he was the only one who knew where my son is.

Of course, since it's not about YOUR son, why would you care? Right?

S?tur, you know I wanted to save that boy.

You were there, you saw what happened.

What I see is that you've cost me the only way to find my son.

Gabi could be off bleeding somewhere, or...

he could even be dead, and what are you doing?

Standing there like you're stunned.

S?tur, wait.

Wait? What for?

I'm trying to find a solution but I need to think.

I don't need to think, I need to act.

You do what you want. I'll be finding my son, do you hear me?

Or his body, at least.

We don't know that he's dead.

Only the beast knew where my son is.

No one else knows. No one.

S?tur, wait. Wait!

He disappeared.

Since then, he rests with God our Lord, in the family mausoleum.

Who am I fighting today?

I'm sorry, I don't want you to fight anymore.

Why not?

No one can defeat you. The bets are drying up.

This is a business, Juan.

And I'm starting to lose money on you.

If you don't want me I'll fight somewhere else.

I said I didn't want you to fight,...

not that I'm not counting on you.

I have something that might interest you...

but be warned, it's very dangerous.

Tell me.

A table, six participants, and six guns.

Only one of them will be loaded.

Count on me.

They're encoded.

It's a language whose key is unknown.

I have to know what it says.

It'll take me weeks to decipher.

Impossible, I don't have that much time.

I'll pay you double the usual...

but I need it done as soon as humanly possible.

Don't talk to anyone about this.

If someone hears about this, you'll lose your tongue.

I need your help.

What do you want?

What happened to your child?

I need to know the truth.

It's very important.

He forced me.

I didn't want to, but my husband threatened to kill my son.

What else could I do?

What did you do with the boy?

My husband learned...

it wasn't his child when the boy was three.

He wanted to get rid of him.

I couldn't let him.

What did you do with the boy?

I abandoned him.


~ Who cares where?
~ The life of a child is in the balance.

I need to know exactly where you left your son.

I dosed him with laudanum...

so he wouldn't be scared,...

and so he wouldn't know what I was doing.

I wrapped him in his favorite blanket...

and left him in the woods.

Gabi, Gabi!

I bow to Your feet,...

my Lord.

Give him at least the joy of Thy glory.

Welcome him in Your bosom.

~ How is he?
~ He's fine.

My God! Are you all right? Is everything still attached?

He's fine, S?tur, he's just fine.

The Red Eagle brought him to the door.


I was scared to death.

But I've never been this scared in my whole life.

If something bad should happens, it'll kill me for sure.

He'll be fine, S?tur.

I'll make something warm for when he wakes up.


Thank you, Lord, thank you.

I owe You so much, ask me whatever You want, my God.

Don't mistrust me ever again.

How secretive you are, Master!

By the mother who...!

I'm sorry, Master, I was very nervous, and...

how do they say...there are times I say things without thinking.

Well, if I'd thought about what I said, I clearly would not have said it.

And how did you manage to find the boy?

I knew that guy was the lost son of the Marquesa de Zorita.

And after seeing his mother, I didn't think that such a young child could just get lost.


No, I just don't get it.

His mother abandoned him in the woods...

so I thought he would probably leave Gabi...

in the same place he'd been abandoned himself.

And why did you think that?

Intuition, I guess.

We can learn things from intuition.

The Hell with that!

Mind you, this is a map that's using a different scale.

You mean things aren't where they belong?

Yes, it's all been placed further down.

Check out the lake.

S?tur, of course!

We were looking at the wrong map.

The coordinates on the ball refer to this map.

Can you run that by me again?

Augustine based the coordinates of the sphere on the old map...

but we were looking at a modern one.

That way they'd never match up.

Here's one thing I do not understand.

If you place items differently on each map, how can you ever locate anything?

Don't laugh, Master, this is serious.

Maybe we think we live in the city of Madrid, and it turns out...

we're really in Guadalajara.

S?tur, please!

And since when do they have such maps?

There are things I'm learning while seeking out your origins.

And see the twisted ways we're going through to understand just a little bit!

Here it is. This is exactly where the map says.

You can see how confident I am of that.


Isn't that cross the trace you're looking for?

The sphere.

S?tur, hand me that sphere.


Now what?

S?tur, move a bit.

Here it is.

Here what is?

The place we've got to go.

Here there's just an infinite horizon.

We'll find it. We'll find it if we head in that direction.

Check this out.

They look like initials.

Isabel is not what she seems.

A table, six participants, and six guns.

Isn't that the noble from the ball?

Juan told me they knew each other, but he never said she once was his girlfriend.

Fire, fire!

I love you!

Can I ask about the fate of the child?

He will be delivered to a family which will give him everything he needs.

Where is the Pit of Hell?

It doesn't exist.

~ Mother!
~ She did it!

I will not be so condescending if you in turn jeopardize my aspirations.

In?s has come back.

Place your bets!

Yes, this soul goes to the cells.

Take it!

What we do with the bird?

Hey, little bird!