Águila Roja (2009–2016): Season 3, Episode 10 - Episode #3.10 - full transcript

(ep 4x03 according to RTVE, 3x10 according to IMDB)
They've captured the pirate Richard Blake!

Let's go!

I suggest an exemplary punishment which will echo well beyond our borders,

Do exhibit him so that everyone will know who killed the pirate Richard Blake.

The Commissioner learned that his wife was not as pure as he imagined.


Where do you hide your money?

Don't hurt him, please.

Run! Run to Cipri!

Catalina, I need my...


You were a pirate?

We have to make the official announcement of the engagement.

On one of my voyages I was shipwrecked.

Someone rescued me.

It was Richard Blake.

We need protection.

I'm sure your boyfriend feels very blessed, my lady.

Shall we go somewhere more quiet?

Ma'am, Nu?o is no longer a child.

The monkey bit me!

~ We could have been killed.
~ I know.

But you're never there when we need you,...

just like with Mother.

Lucrecia, what Nu?o needs just now is someone to advise him.

Ah, some father, you mean!

And there, on the same voyage, I met a woman.

Her name was Mariana.

Did they tell you something?

Something about what?

What did they have to tell me?

He's surely got a girlfriend!

My father has a girlfriend!


Nu?o, count on me for anything you need.

For everything.

And Mother, what about her?

You've forgotten her. You've forgotten!

I haven't forgotten your mother, Alonso!

Do you want to touch them? They're just for you.

Get away from my son.

~ Murillo!
~ Nothing bad's going to happen.

Where do you go every night? What's her name?

Beatriz! What happened?

Her son attacked me.

I'm Alonso. Alonso de Montalvo.

I have to do for him what he did for me.

I demand the imminent execution of your son for the affront to me.

I have to save his life.


Look, this ring will lead you to fortune.

I offer the fortune of Richard Blake in exchange for his life.

Where do you have him?

On my life, I'm going to find him.

Carry out your mission, Blake.

I'll be back.

Well, I guess it's mine now.

Commissioner, let me go, I haven't done anything, I swear!

Open the door for me!

I didn't rape that girl!

Mother, I didn't do anything, please!


Mother, I didn't do anything, please!


Mother, Mother!

What do you say to a son of yours...

when they're about to kill him?

Mother! Mother!

Commissioner, can we talk?

Go ahead.

The Duke has announced that Nu?o will be executed the day after tomorrow in the Plaza of Justice.

He'll have to remain in custody until he's been beheaded.

Cheer up, Master.

I already know that we haven't found anything in that tower, but...

whenever we close one door, we open up another.

I know that, S?tur, believe me, I know.

I'm fine. Don't worry.

And even if you weren't, you'd still tell me otherwise.

Yeah, you're pretty good at hiding your true feelings.

Fuck the monk!

Given on the attachment you had for Agust?n, of course it's not easy,...

to accept that you almost witnessed him kill you and your whole family.

Look what Alonso did on my behalf for Gabi.

Even if still I don't know why.

Because on the one hand I'd like to give it to him...

so that the kid doesn't forget me,...

like your mother did with you, but...

I think that in the end I won't do it. What do you think about it?

It's fine.

It's no biggie, right. When compared...

with that piece of the medallion your mother gave you, I'm not surprised.

Give me a drink.

S?tur, Gabi won't ever forget you.

~ Never.
~ Yeah, well, we'll see.

We both know the mind can be very deceptive.


Come on, man.

No, leave it.

Anyway, I wasn't going to give it to him.

~ Let me grab it for you.
~ Do give it a miss.

Surely a hero isn't suited for domestic chores, leave it.

That's it. I have it.


A tourniquet.

Oh, God, Master!

This is your right hand!

The hand used with the katana!

Good morning.


Yes, it's me.

What? If I didn't come looking for you, I'd never see you.

Yesterday you told me you were going to get me into the palace.

But you didn't.

Yeah, sorry.

I'll try today, agreed?

You're just going to try?

Juan, you don't have to work so hard.

You'll get ill.

Not only that, we have to begin organizing the wedding.

Oh, Juan!

Juan, the way you stuff this full of the junk, the letter's going to get wet.

Leave that alone.

Don't touch anything, all right?

Excuse me.

It's just that I've got a lot of work to do.

Do you think I have time now to organize a wedding?


I didn't say a word.

No, you didn't say a word, but you blame me anyway.

I'm not blaming you over anything, Juan!

I'm simply saying that if you have so much work, I'll help you clean up the bedroom.

I just want to help you out.

Come on, let me.

I have to get back to work.

The sooner I start, the sooner I'll be finished.

See you later.

Very well.

Hope you have a good day.

I'm looking forward to your parents arriving so we can make official our engagement.

I love you with all my heart.


That wound is pretty bad. What should we do?


"Wait"? "Wait" how? Wait for what?

I don't think you understand.

I think it's the poison that is affecting the brain.

S?tur, we can't do anything else.

We can just wait and see how my body reacts...

and trust that the poison doesn't reaches the heart.

But there must be something we can do!

There must be some remedy, some herb.

An herb...

That's it.

In my home town, it was said that the urine was the hand of a saint.

If you don't mind, let me pee on you.

~ I'll piss you, and you'll heal.
~ No, S?tur, S?tur!

Thank you, but...

let's not, all right.

You're right, it's better if we don't.

I know it's my fault.

Me and the amulet and the bad moment I chose to show it to you.

S?tur, it's not your fault. Agreed?

Besides, I'm better.

"Better" how?

"Better" how? You still have that scary hand!

And to make matters worse, it's the hand you use with the kitana.

Because if you were just a teacher, it would be bad enough.

But you're still the town's hero.

Now tell me what the future holds for a one-armed hero?

Let me go! No, please, let me go!!

Where's the Commissioner?

Pedro, Pedro, you know me, please!

Get up, sir.

Get up.


All right.

Master Nu?o!

The order arrived last night, Catalina.

Tomorrow they decapitate him.

Mother, I didn't do anything, please!


Madam, the guards have arrived to escort Nu?o.

I have ears, Catalina.

Have you come to state the obvious, or do you want something else?

No, Ma'am, but...they're taking him away now.

I already heard you.

I want you to clean the silver. I saw a very black candelabra.

Ma'am, with all due respect, I'm sorry, but...

today may be the last time you see your child alive. Do not think you should...?

Get out!

Get out of my bedroom right now.

Never in your life will you even dare to suggest what I should be doing, Catalina.

Yes, Ma'am.

Anyone else want to fight him?


You don't have what it takes!

Your wives have more balls than you do.

Let's go, ladies!

And who wants to fight him?


I will.

Your name?

None of your business.

Good. Let the fight begin!

I don't know you.

Where are you from?

None of your business.

That's yours. You won it fair and square.

I don't want it.

Hey, there are always more fights, and lots of money for the winner.

He'll be back.

I tell you, Master, why don't you just hang around and rest?

After all, one skipped day off school won't harm anyone.

Look, I'll even go and teach a lesson in your place.

You teach a class?

Why not?

As humble as I look, my mind is very lively.

I could tell them up about the time I helped a cow give birth...

or when on my effort "The Swindler" was published.

"The Swindler", yes, "The Swindler", don't stare at me like that.

Quevedo was not sure enough, and I told him: "Realize this, Francisco,...

"the novel is good, so trust me and publish it. "

And look at how it sold!

All right...let it go, I've just seen your face.

What are you doing?

I don't know how this goes.

No, not like that. Work it a little, because I can't dress you like this.


What are you doing?

Nothing, it's not what it looks like, I'm trying...

What's going on with your hand, Gonzalo?


Gathering firewood for the hearth,...

there was a snake, which bit him.

What kind of snake? Venomous?

No, nothing like that, just a little snake.

Come on, come. I'll help you.

Oh, my, the soup!

It's going to evaporate on me, and so...sorry.

Margarita, about what I said before...

Gonzalo, I don't want to talk about that.

Everyone has his own life,...

and that's as it should be.


What happened to your hand?

Nothing, a snake, it bit me.

Are you all right? It doesn't hurt?

Yeah, no, it'll heal in a while.

What do you want? What's going on?

Look. They're saying Nu?o raped a girl.

Tomorrow they're going to cut his head off in the plaza.

It's about time nobles got to pay for their crimes, too.

Long live the law!


Is he already locked up?

Yes, sir.

~ In which cell?
~ Number eight.

Sir, you ought to sign the authorization for the execution.

The king, meaning yourself,...

is the most important piece, and you must protect it at all costs.

The rest of the pieces can be sacrificed.

There are lots of pawns and they're not worth a damn.

The rooks, the knights, the bishop...

the time might even come to sacrifice the queen...so sacrifice her.

That's how to save the life of the king.

But never, never, leave the king exposed.

Because otherwise, you're dead,...

and the game will be over, just like now.


But don't worry, Nu?o.

I'll always be at your side to protect you...

and you won't be alone.



You must sign here, sir.

But, sir...

you must give your consent.

The Duke de Nore?a doesn't want to delay the execution.

You shouldn't have come here, Catalina.

You could have a guard following you.

You know what would happen if we were discovered?

No one's seen me, I swear!

I had come to check on him.



The fever's almost gone.

We're here with you, relax.

Now the important thing is that you recover so you can get out of town.


I don't know.

The Commissioner has posted guards who watch the street day and night.

There's a way.

Last night I gave all my savings to a woman from San Damiano. Tonight they'll collect the dead...

to give them a Christian burial at the monastery.

And you want Mart?n...?

It's a great chance to leave town.

Nobody's going to search through a heap of dead bodies.

But you must not come here anymore, Catalina.

Let me take care of everything.

It's the best thing to do.

Thanks, Cipri. For everything.

Anyone would have done it.

I can't believe they'd do something so awful to Nu?o.

He's just a child!

Spare me your whining, Irene.

It doesn't help a bit now.

Madam Marquesa, your son's clothes.

Burn them.

~ But Ma'am...
~ I told you to burn them!

~ Lucrecia...
~ Don't mess around, Irene.

Do you dare make me burn them myself?

~ Ma'am...
~ Lucrecia.

I'm very sorry about Nu?o.

Leave us alone.

Lucrecia, are you all right?

How could this have happened?

I imagine Nu?o became a man before we expected him to.

You're talking nonsense, Lucrecia.

You'll have one less student, Gonzalo, but don't worry.

I'll continue financing the school.

Don't look at me like that, Gonzalo.

My son has done something very serious and should bear the responsibility for that.

Lucrecia, your son's about to die and you don't even blink?

Who do you think you're fooling with this show of indifference?

Do you really think Nu?o was capable of...?

Of rape? Of raping a child?

He says he's innocent, that he was riding a horse when it happened.

What about you?

What do you think?

That he's lying, Gonzalo, that he's lying.

Everything implicates him.

And you, the only thing you can think of is to burn his clothes.

The best I can do for my son now...

is to let him die with the dignity of a noble.

Lucrecia, this isn't a matter of nobles or peons...

what really matters is that your child is about to lose his head and you're not even lifting a finger to help him.

That's what's important.

This man is never here.

I don't know why he bothered to open doctor's clinic.


A few little herbs to loosen the belly?

What do you mean, my belly? Mine runs like clockwork.

No, I'm looking for something for bites.

Like what, spider, mosquito, flea...?


But what kind of snake?

The kind that kills you.

Well, that, that has no solution.

You don't have anything here, you, of man or God?

Look, I've got this.

This is an ointment brought from the Indies.

And it's saved the lives of more than one explorer in the New World.

~ Miraculous.
~ What do you mean, miraculous?

Well, you can stimulate the circulation in any body part.

I'll take it.

What are you doing? I said I'll take it and that's what I'm doing.

Money first, it's worth fifty reales.

Always with the money...

Do you know what happened? We got robbed recently.

Give it to me, I'll pay you tomorrow.

Don't be like that!

It's a matter of life or death!

Tomorrow, huh?

But, are you going to let a man die for fifty fucking reales?

How insensitive!

Hey, thief, thief!

There, beat him hard, so it hurts a lot!

The next time you're going to rob someone, think twice.

But what happened?


You should lend me fifty reales.

Fifty reales?

I can't help, I don't have any money just now, S?tur.

You've got the inn!

And nothing else, but people convert their wages into wine there.

But I don't have it now. I swear, S?tur.

Maybe you just don't want to.



~ I can't, sir.
~ Why not?

We have been ordered to remain together with the prisoner at all times, sir.

You think he's going to escape? Who gave this order?

The Duke de Nore?a, sir.

The door.

Get me out of here.

I swear I didn't do it.

~ I know you were angry and needed an outlet.
~ No!

~ Nu?o, a man confronts his sins.
~ But I didn't do anything!

I was riding along the path by the large field.

I don't care about what you were doing.

It won't change how I feel about you.

Commissioner, please, you've got to believe me.

I didn't do anything.

Nu?o, I've traveled all over the area with my men, and no one saw you riding. No one!

Commissioner, I swear to you.

I didn't do anything.

Please, you have to believe me.

~ Please!
~ The door!

I didn't do anything, I haven't done anything!

Go out to the field and find someone who saw Nu?o. Move!

But, sir, we've already been there. And no one saw him.

~ Are you questioning my orders?
~ No, sir!

I don't want you to raise your head from the books until the teacher arrives. You got that?

That's right.

In the book, in the book, Murillo, I can't see you.

Such a low appreciation for literature!

I'm more fond of arithmetic.

No backtalk, brat. Go on!


I haven't seen my father, S?tur.

Your father?

Your father had trouble with his horse this morning, it couldn't get out of the barn, and...

and took it so they could give it an exorcism.

Relax, he should be back any moment.

Let's go.


Here he is. Now what did I tell you...?

Where the Hell were you? I was worried sick.

Are you all right?

I'm fine, S?tur, I'm fine.

You're not fit for teaching.

Come on, kids, go go go!

A little time outside to play.

While the teacher prepares a lesson. Come on, go! Go on, play!

What's gotten into you, Master?

I've been looking for a witness.

Nu?o says he was off riding a horse on the night of the rape.

But nobody saw him.

~ Father, do you think Nu?o deserves to die?
~ No. I don't think that a boy's death...

will discourage anyone else from rape.

All right, but I'm not getting it --- where are you headed with that black and white outlook?

This boy has committed a serious crime upon an innocent child.

~ He sure deserves some kind of punishment.
~ Accepting that Nu?o is guilty...

the punishment should be applied according to his age.

But of course, never so cruelly.

Very nice.

Go on, go on, go on. Play!

When we're ready, I'll let you know. Go on!


Master, for God's sake!


You don't have a happy face, my girl.

It's nothing, Father.

It's just that I'm not sleeping well at night.

Beatriz, I know this whole thing has been very painful for you.

But soon you'll be able to put it behind you.

Pour my daughter some water.

Do you want me to send for a doctor to prescribe you something to help you sleep better?

No, Father, it's not necessary. Thank you, though.

Your Grace.

The lady insists on speaking with you.

Tell her I'm not receiving visitors.

What are you doing here?

Have pity on my son, please.

Your child has brought disgrace to my family, and you can be sure he's going to pay for it.

I know Nu?o had besmirched your honor.

Honor? We're not talking about honor. Your child has shattered the life of my daughter...

and I won't rest until I see his head severed from his body.

Now go away.

We have nothing more to talk about.

Kill me instead.

Kill me in place of my son, please!

I've told you to leave.

Beatriz, Beatriz, please!

You have to forgive him, he's just a boy, please!


~ Master.
~ Gonzalo.

How are you?


What's going on?

You passed out at school and S?tur brought you here.

Thanks, S?tur.

Bring me my boots.

No, no, no. Stay quiet for a while, for God's sake.

You aren't well. Check out this hand.

I'm fine, really.

Bring me my boots, go on.

By God, what does it take for you to get a bit of bed rest?

S?tur, I'm fine. Bring me my boots. Don't be such a worrywart.

Fair enough, I'll go get your boots.


~ Gonzalo!
~ It's just an illness.

You should see a doctor.

You should see Juan, although Juan isn't around...

What's up with Juan?

Nothing, he's very busy, and...

it's starting to get to him.

Here you are. Your boots.

But it's against my will, you hear?

What's going on, Gonzalo?

~ I can't move my hand.
~ Gonzalo, please.

I'll be right back.

Good fight.

I don't want you to leave me without a spectacle.

If you keep up this pace, you're going to burst.

That's my business.

By the mother who...!

~ Are you in charge here?
~ We're not accepting any more bets tonight.

But I don't want to place a bet.

~ I want to fight.
~ You?

Me, yes, me.

You pay well, right?

Twenty five reales per fight --- 200 if you win.

That's a pittance.

That's how it is.

All right. Sign me up for tonight.

Sign me up.

Let's see, let's see...

Are you sure you've fought before?

Me? What if I...?

Do you think that I'd show up here with this body if I couldn't fight?

Look, my whole damn life...

has been a real fight.

If you want them to kill you, that's your business.


~ S?tur.
~ What?

Saturno Garc?a.

Louder, shithead.

Saturno Garc?a. Like I just saud.

~ Midnight tonight.
~ Right.

Could you go up a little bit more, say up to thirty, thirty-five?

Twenty five.

Good, that's it, I've heard you. Loud and clear.

Let me by, I'm fighting tonight. All right?

Oh, God!

You said you'd take that?


I can't imagine anything more painful than...

having to choose the dress for your son's funeral.

By your leave, Ma'am.

I've looked everywhere.

There aren't any witnesses.

Nobody saw Nu?o riding. Nobody.

We must face it, Hern?n. He did it.

Yes, he did it, but he's our son.

I agree that he deserves punishment, but not death.

I'm not willing to consent.

What else can we do?


You'll never be the Marquesa de Santillana ever again.

You'll have to start over again, with no money, without anything.


How can we do it?

I'll get him out of the dungeons.

Then you'll wait for me with two horses the Gate de Toledo.


What about you?

I'm going to help you escape from town.

I'll never have the solidarity of the nobles ever again, Hern?n.

If I'm not there by six in the morning, walk away.

If they out find that you've helped him escape, you're dead.

Don't worry, Father.

We'll have everything ready for when the cart trundles by.

~ Good.
~ Cipri.

What are you doing? You shouldn't be here.

I said I would take care of everything.

Cipri, I don't know if this is a good idea.

If they catch Mart?n, he's lost.

Nothing will go wrong.

You'll take care of him, right, Father?

Don't worry.

Now I've got to leave.

Thanks for everything.

Thanks, Father.

Cipri, then you'll have to shroud him.


You know how to do it?

Relax. It won't be the first time I've shrouded someone.

Who died, Father?

A relative of the innkeeper.

~ Cipri, Cipri.
~ Gonzalo.

I just saw the monk.

Is everything going as planned?

Gonzalo, in God's name, tell me everything will be all right.

Everything will be fine. Trust me.

As God wills.

Go on.

Innkeeper, another wine.

The money up front --- you've had three cups and I haven't seen a maraved?.

I've got this. It's gold.

I only take money here, I don't want trouble.

How do I know that's not stolen?

It's not stolen, it's mine.

Where did you get this?

I found it last night on the road by the big field.

Master, let it go, by God.

Ready the horses. I'm going out.

Leaving for where?

Look, with a hand like that you won't be able to hold the reins of the horse!

Go ahead, get some rest.

~ S?tur.
~ Listen to me. Rest. Rest.

I have to go talk to the duke's daughter.

I found Nu?o's spur. This proves he was riding.

This surely means he wasn't lying.

Master, Master.

If there were different circumstances, I wouldn't mind, but you can't go out!

S?tur, Nu?o is innocent, but if we don't talk to that girl, we can't prove it.

Speak, you say? As if I didn't know what women are like!

Surely we'll get there and you'll have to climb up to the child's window...

and then her father will show up, followed by a brace of guards...

and you'll get into a big mess, like always.

I'm not going to allow Nu?o's execution if he's innocent.

If you want to come, come. If not, I'll go alone.

Stubborn, stubborn, like nobody else!

I bet this time I'll dare to leave him on his own.

You say I won't? You'll just see.


Empty the wagon.

They're just dead bodies I'm to give a Christian burial to.

~ Just bodies, Father?
~ Yes, sir.

And the dead have to be left to rest in peace.

All right.

Well, let's not waste any more time.

Mart?n is safe.

He's gone.

Master, wait.

Let me put on the bird costume...

and go to talk to the girl.

You just rest like you should.

Take this. Put on the hood.

S?tur, I'm fine, really.

This might work with your son, or maybe with your sister-in-law,...

but I've seen you this morning in the den and you're not well.

Wait here.

How stubborn you are!

Go on. Wear these gloves.

That'll protect your hand. Come on, let's go.



Do you think we can finish talking before midnight?

I've got something to take care of.

I'll be quick.


~ That isn't...?
~ Yes. Her father, the Duke.

The Duke, right.

Holy God!

Master, don't tell me you're thinking the same thing I am!

That girl is pregnant.

With his own daughter!

Him, rotten son of a bitch...!

So what do we do now?

~ They can't know that we saw them.
~ What?

If they see us, they'll run off.

We need them to reveal that Nu?o is innocent.

You're not thinking...just leave them there, to continue with their fucking?

Let's go.

~ Let's go.
~ Holy God!

You won't be the Marquesa de Santillana ever again.

You'll have to start over,...

without money, without anything.


Get me out of here.


Nu?o is innocent.

If you take him out now, he'll have to spend all of his lifetime on the run.

Nu?o wasn't lying. He was riding.

The girl is pregnant.


Tomorrow he'll burst. It'll make a mess of teeth, and eyes, and...

crushed bones.

And this thing too.

What are you doing, S?tur?

Oh, nothing, I was...

was...writing something.

I was creating.

Don't make that face, these are the ways of inspiration.

It comes when you least expect it. Haven't you ever heard...

that the writers give birth to the great novels when they're...

having a gigantic shit?

It's not talked about, but that's how it is, Alonso.

What's wrong, you're still worried about your father?

Well, just don't you worry, I'm going to fix matters.


My Father says there's no remedy for a snake bite.

Have I ever once lied to you? I mean, even once?

Well, trust me in this.


So now you're dedicated to annihilating your subordinates?

I'm sorry, your Eminence.

I haven't the time just now.

Yes you do. All the time in the world. The pistol.

Commissioner, this business Nu?o is beginning to distract you seriously.

You're in no condition to exercise your authority.

What are you talking about?

From this moment you're subject to house arrest...

until there are orders to the contrary.

The pistol.

I have to go.

Nu?o is innocent, and if I don't prove it, they'll kill him within hours.

You can take it easy. If such were the case, Nu?o would have...

a privileged place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do not move from here.

I have to leave. Let me leave.

Commissioner, from this moment you are relieved of all your duties.

I have to leave!

Let me go!

Let me go!


Can't you sleep?

No, it's...

What's bothering you?

It's Nu?o...well...

Well, I've never had much time for Nu?o.

I've even wished for his death several times, but...

it's hard to believe I'll never see him again after tomorrow.

Alonso, my love, it's normal to be sad.

What's happening to Nu?o is horrible.

But you can't blame yourself.


It's that I just don't know whether I want him dead or not.

Because I could ask the Red Eagle to save him.

But he only saves not-guilty people.

So if Nu?o is guilty...

I should want him dead, right?

Never wish for anyone's death, son.


Besides, it's still possible that they'll find out he's innocent and not kill him.

Surely the Marquesa and the Commissioner are doing everything they can for him.

Don't worry.

Go on back to bed, it's getting late. Go on.


It's...I think S?tur's acting weird: look at what he was reading.

Where is he?

No idea. He left a while ago.

~ Take it easy, right?
~ Hey, hey!

We'll see!

My money.

And your good manners, where are they?

I get paid or no fighting.

So will you give me more reales, if I screw it up? Well, no.

Your fee.

What's going on?


You don't trust me?

I trust you, indeed.

What are you looking for now?

The paper, I don't know where it is.

I guess I just left it at home.

Give me one of those, I want to place a bet.

There it is, look, here.

Who am I fighting against?

Against Guaje Salvaje.

Are you betting against yourself?

It's a smart move.

Go on. Get to the fighting.

There's a lot of friction here, you know.


S?tur, S?tur, what are you doing?


Let's go home.

Not yet. I've got things to do here.

Let me go.

The ointment for your hand is very expensive. Let me be.

Ointment is not an argument. We're going home.

What are you doing?

You can't go. The fight hasn't ended.

This man is in no condition to fight.

No one leaves here alive...

until the fight is over.

I'll fight.

No! No, you can't do it, don't!


They arrested my husband.

I don't know what to do.

Then do nothing.

How are you?

~ Fine.
~ Your hand must be broken.

Let's go home.

I'm really sorry...

but you just had to save my skin.

They gave me a strong blow to the head, I'm seeing visions.



What are you doing here?

What are YOU doing here, for that matter?

Are you going to fight?

Never mind.

If it affects Margarita, it's my business, very much so.

Why is it that such a response doesn't surprise me?

Why does the doctor want to fight, Master? It's just for the money,...

nothing else, and I don't think he needs it.

It's me.



You shouldn't be here.

I'm leaving town.

Come with me.


Just so there's a faint possibility that your life can continue.

If I go with you, they'll kill you.


I love you!


Do you want to confess your sins?


Mother, I'm scared.

Very scared.

You have to be strong, son.

Strong, very strong.

Tell me you believe me.

Please, Mother.

I believe you.

I believe you, son.

I love you, Mother.

I'm here.

Son, I'm here.

It's time.

I love you.

God, our Father,...

in His infinite goodness,...

and wisdom,...

will guide you along the road...

that leads to salvation.

Mother, I love you!

Master, relax, it's going to be fine, you hear?

You have to be fine!

I haven't been able to feel the hand for hours.

Don't give up now, by God!

I can't feel anything, S?tur. Nothing!

You can't afford to lose that hand.

If you lose it, it's all over.

It will be the end of your career as a hero.

And what's worse, the people will have no one to defend them.

We have to find a solution.

S?tur, go and bring water to boiland ice in a pot.

Here we go.

Do you feel anything?


Well, don't let the hand stick there for long, or it'll fall apart like a lobster.

What are you doing, Gonzalo?

Shouldn't Juan be looking at that hand?


I think it's best not to bother the doctor, who...

has been very busy lately.

You'll be fine, right?


Don't worry, I'll be fully recovered in two days.

Listen to your father.

You'll see he's right.

Have I ever told you about my cousin Teodoro?

Once he was bitten by a snake there in...

his dick.

What happened to him?

Well, nothing, except that someone would have to suck his thing to take the poison out.

And since no one was up for it, well...

the poor guy croaked.

Don't make that face, surely your father isn't so bad off.

We'll see, right?


It's burning.

Holy God.

Have you had breakfast?

Hello, Cipri.

Well, come on, now we'll have breakfast as God intended.

What have you got here?

We should celebrate that finally justice has been done.

What are you talking about?

Bad guys sooner or later have to pay for their sins.

They arrested the Commissioner and have suspended him from duty.

They've arrested him?

Yes, last night. It seems that at last the bastard will get to try some of his own medicine.

It's the Marquesa, it's the Marquesa!

She's going to see how they kill her son.

Madam, please.

What are you doing here?

Let me alone, Catalina.

Madam, by God, let me take you to the palace.

I'm staying with my son until the end.

Let me out!

Let me out!

I have to get out!

Please, I'm innocent.

I'm innocent!

If you stay, this'll erase all the good memories you have of your son.

Whenever you think of Nu?o you won't be able to picture him in any other way.

I swear!

I can't let him go through this alone, Catalina.

But Madam!

For pity's sake! For pity's sake, spare my father!


Make public the relationship you have with your daughter.

Confess that you are responsible for her pregnancy.

No, no!

He's not the father of my child.

He only wanted to protect me.

Him! He is the father of the child that I'm expecting.

Father, it wasn't Nu?o!

I was made pregnant by a slave.

Nu?o? Nu?o.

Nu?o, are you all right?

Are you all right?

Beatriz confessed that I didn't do anything.

I was sure of it, I was sure.

Catalina, escort my son to the palace.


Take it easy.

Greetings, Hern?n.

A seamless flight plan. A success.

You look horrible.

You think?

Come on, we'll get you a bath.

You'll be back as the Commissioner for this town.

Can you explain what the Hell we missed in Agust?n's cell?

I need to know why he locked us in that tower.

But you can be sure I share that concern.

But what sort of answer could the empty cell of a priest yield?

You have to explain about the duchess.

That big belly wasn't her father's doing?


The daughter had relations with an African slave.

Why with an African slave?

From Africania?

Then they're going to have a black child.

Probably, S?tur.

By the mother who bore me!

What could they say when the creature appears, that they'd overcooked him?

I don't know. S?tur, I can't find anything here.

Let's go. The only thing left to happen is for them to find us here.

I think I mentioned that before.

Let's go.

I'm sorry.

You hand, it's sensing pain.

I knew it would be recovering.

I knew that the Almighty couldn't leave an accomplished hero...

with a stump hanging loose.

By the Holy Virgin!

What the Hell is that?

The only heir to the throne is dying.

Agust?n was hiding it for some reason.

These numbers must have some sort of significance.

Someone wanted revenge, and clearly they found it.

Mother Isabel de Montejo, newly arrived from the colonies to serve you.

What do you want?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'll find out anyway, you can be sure.

I have an attraction known throughout the kingdom.

The human beast!

Why are you in these fights?

Don't stick your nose into my life.

Lucrecia, you...

We'll release him.

We have an appointment with my parents, don't you remember?


I WILL find my son, do you hear me? Or his body, at least.