Blood & Water (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Interview - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say...


What are you doing?

Somebody do something!

I know your family has been
and is going through a tough time, but...

as principal of Parkhurst,
I need assurances

that it will not affect your school work

or any other student, for that matter.


I have no control
over what's happening with my family.

I wouldn't do anything to mess this up.

Oh, look at you.

My bursary application.

Oh, yes. Don't forget to deliver that
to the administration office.

Wow, this is so intense.

Remember that Khumalo girl
who was kidnapped?

May I ask something?

If I were accepted here,

could I use my mother's maiden name, Vezi?

I don't want the Khumalo name
to be my story here too.


Right outside the school?

You know you shouldn't be doing that
in school uniform.

Watch it, man.

Puleng Vezi?

How did you know?

Oh, let me see.

That hopeful gaze in your eyes,
the way you're gripping your bag,

reeks of rookie eagerness.

Wendy Dlamini.

I have the pleasure
of giving you the full tour.

Please, follow me.

Come on.

So, where are you from?

Certainly not from the same place
as people around here.

Well, that's probably a good thing.

Parkhurst High
is internationally renowned

for its academic excellence.

We boast about having the best foundation
to get into top tertiary institutions.

Not to mention our sporting rep.

This school's a melting pot of cultural...

- Watch it!
- And economic backgrounds.

Then there are the swimmers.

With their failed Olympic coach,
Chad Morgan.

The star pupils who think
they're in a league of their own.

Fikile Bhele.

I see she's a candidate
for the head girl position.

Do you think she stands a chance?


Unfortunately, Parkhurst isn't immune

to frivolous popularity contests.

Actually, my mother's the Minister
of Agriculture.

Ah, so one of the wealthy entitled brats.

More like the champion for the underdog.

That's why I started
the school magazine society.

To speak truth when no one else will.


I was starting to worry
you had jumped ship and abandoned me.

Puleng, meet my very best friend
and future head girl of Parkhurst High.

No one is more deserving than Tahira.

According to you, Wendy.

- Modesty won't get you far.
- Nice to meet you, Puleng.

Uh, when are the interviews
happening after school again?

We're conducting interviews
with each candidate

as part of the head girl
and head boy campaign.

More like a profile on each candidate,
including hers truly.

Sounds serious.

Rightly so.

It looks good on any uni application.


We need to go.
Find me if you need anything.

Welcome to the jungle.

A piece of advice:

Don't lose yourself.

I have to ask...

What makes you sure
that this is where you belong?


can you tell me more
about the magazine society?

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

Yeah, no, find your own seat.


Uh... There's an open desk next to me.

This one.

All right, great then, settle down.

We've got a new student here
with us today.

Miss, uh, Puleng...


She transferred from Meadowridge.

Let's welcome her.

Let's see, yesterday,
any questions about...


I don't think I'd be here without
that interview you set up with your mom.

We all clear on that?

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes.

While I find this rehashing
of Schindler's List riveting,

if the department insists on teaching us
white male domination in ancient wars,

wouldn't it be more enlightening to us,

as the students of the continent,

if we studied Darwin's impact
on historical events closer to home?

The Holocaust affected many people,
Miss Shlamini.

Of course.

But we've had our own horror stories
with relics such as Leopold,

who murdered millions of Africans
and is never discussed.

So sorry I'm late, ma'am.
Swimming practice ran late.

What about the ten million people
in the DRC that King Leopold killed?

Do they not get air time?

She's at it again.



How come Coach never talks to me?

He just dictates, and I work just as hard.

Chris, the only thing you work hard at
is getting laid.


Mr. Ackerman?

You care to share?

No, ma'am.

Perfectly happy listening to your, um...

alluring voice. Thank you.

As I was saying...

by discussing African history,

perhaps more specifically
the influence.

Darwin's theory had
on the apartheid regime,

maybe we as South Africans
can better understand

and address the systems
governing our country today.

Okay... homework.


I want an essay where you debate
the historical genocides,

and which one has had the biggest impact

on African politics.

Let's say two weeks from today.

Thanks, Miss I'll-challenge-everything-

Wendy is just trying
to be like her mother.

I mean, her body's already halfway there.


Miss van Rensburg,
you will apologize now.



Uh, Fiks and I are competing
in a gala next week,

and you know how these things go.

Would it be possible for us
to get an extension?

That's fine, but just by a day or two.

But, ma'am, that's completely unfair
for the rest of us.

It is what it is, Miss Schlamini.

It's Dlamini.

Hey, KB, have you seen Fikile?

Yeah, yeah. I'm going to her now.

Hey, hey, what's good?

Mr. Molopo!

Off the skateboard.


Uh, I'm sorry.
I don't know why I called you that.

Um, how's your first day going?

Well, my mom's BLT sandwich
is keeping me company.

My mom's is always pretty dry.

She hates mayonnaise.
We don't have any in the house.

I mean, who hates mayonnaise?
It's mayonnaise...

I do.

That's not the point. Uh...

What I mean is I know what it's like
to be new and to not know anyone.

So no more. Scout's honor.

You were a Boy Scout?

Nah. I thought that's just what people say
for emphasis.


Um, I heard you're joining
the magazine society.

We're meeting up in a minute
if you want to come with me, maybe.

Um, you know what?

I'll catch up with you later, okay?

La... Later, then, yeah.

Damn it.

Uh, where do you think
you're off to?

Students are not allowed to hang
around the pool area during break.

I got lost.

I'm new.

First day.

I thought this was a meeting.

undeserving illiterates!

Who's what?

They live to make our lives miserable.
No one bats an eyelid.

Who is she talking about?

Fikile Bhele.

Well, what did she do?

It's what she doesn't do
that's the problem!

And she's interviewing Fikile
for the head girl profile?

Excuse me?

Wendy, given your state of mind,

perhaps someone else should conduct
the interview with Fikile.

Are you saying I can't be professional?

Not when it comes to Fikile.

It's like how crazy I get in traffic.

I tell myself I won't lose it.

I won't dream of ramming into some idiot

cruising at 40 in the right lane,
you know?

You don't have a car; You don't drive,

and you don't have a learner's.

I was just proving a point.


So, who do you suggest do the interview?


- I'm more of a visual person.
- I can do it.

That was a rhetorical question.

I'm neutral.

Maybe that's not the worst idea.

- Have you ever done an interview?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, you'll have to come up
with the questions

and write the article.

I can send you something I already wrote.

No, I'll do the interview.

Fikile's included.

Why don't you maybe read Puleng's article
before writing her off?


What are you so busy with?

My God.

- It's your first day at school.
- Siya, go away.


Why the ugly face?

Your face is ugly.

Seriously, what's up?

Is Dad going to prison?

Everyone says he is at school.

It's even on YouTube.


Finn says his mom said
he shouldn't be friends with me anymore

because Ubaba is a criminal.

Ubaba's not going anywhere.

Okay? He's innocent.

And soon,
everyone will shut up about this.


- Now, give me a kiss. Mwah!
- Ah!


You know you can chew your food?
It's not liquid.

That's disgusting.


How was your first day of school?


Just fine?

It was okay, Ma.

Your birth certificate's there
on the counter.

The school's been asking for it.

I, uh...

I joined the magazine society today.

I have my first interview tomorrow.

Well, that's really nice.

Who are you interviewing?


I need money for new writing software.

It's for the magazine society.

Surely there's free software for that.

Yeah, but it's a specific kind, Ma.

The school will have to pay for it.
I'm still trying to figure out your fees.

The tournament's
this weekend, Baba.

- Siya...
- Ma, leave him.

Puleng, we've spoken about this.

It's just until the case
has been dismissed.

Yeah, but the court case
is still months away.

Plus, Ubaba's innocent.

- Ubaba says he's coming home soon...
- Siya, give me the phone.

Since when do you go here?

Um... Yesterday.


I was under the impression
the magazine society was a little...


Half an hour. Best get started.


can you talk a little
about where you grew up?

Cape Town, for as long as I can remember.

Uh, my mom's from the Eastern Cape
and my dad's from here.

Where were you born? Home?


Um, I'm not sure,

but definitely Cape Town.

And then we move to the Eastern Cape
soon after that.

Uh-huh, got that.

Um, days, weeks, months?

I don't know.

But what does that have to do
with me being head girl?

I just find that kind
of information interesting.

Do you have any pictures of your parents
with you, by any chance?

- What?
- Any baby photos of yourself?

I want to know if there's something
beyond your swimming accolades.

I think it's important for people
to get to know the real Fikile,

the one who hopes and bleeds
like the rest of us.

I don't know, actually.

I don't think I have any photos.

My mom said we left most of them
in the Eastern Cape, so...

Why? Are you trying to find
some painful childhood secret?


I remember the time
when my brother almost drowned.

He was six.

Playing by the pool.

Like he usually does.

Plus, he knows better
than to go to the pool

without any adult supervision.

I was the one who found him.



It was one of the most terrifying things.

I keep thinking...

how his death
would've destroyed my family.

Maybe that's why I hate the water.

My point is...

I was four...

when I nearly drowned.

My mom found me.

And after that,
she signed me up for swimming classes.

Swore to never feel the fear
she felt that day, you know?

And now I love water.

And it's my goal to conquer more waters.

Thank you.

"Encourage students
to participate in community initiatives"

"that'll have a great impact on society."

What 17-year-old
speaks like this?

Seems like she has your vote.

Um... by the way, um...

you were great.

I mean, you spoke
about your brother almost dying, sure.


Actually, that wasn't a true story.

I just needed Fikile
to feel comfortable enough

to open up
and tell me about her childhood story,

which I read about in another interview.

I don't know if I should be concerned
or impressed.

I feel bad.

You have a knack for this.

Is that shade or a compliment?


Question. Um...

What are you doing this evening?

I'm... I'm shooting at this night market
in Sea Point.

It would be cool if you came.

Let me touch base with my mom first.
It should be cool, though.


I have to go.

Okay, don't forget to let me know.
It'll be fun.


That one.

You know,
I see why Wendy's threatened by Fikile.

The girl's in a league of her own.

Don't let her hear you say that.

Stalking me?

Unfortunately for you, no.

I just have to drop
something off at admin.

Is it true
that he was almost an Olympic swimmer?

Yeah, until the motorbike accident
killed his career.

Now he's my incredible swim coach.

Hey, do you wanna hang at lunch?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

Let's go meet my day ones.


You remember Chris, the loser,
that gave that soppy speech at my party?

- Hi.
- Hey.

You're Zama's Puleng, eh?

She's not happy with you, you know?

- You guys talk?
- A little bit.

And Reece, the biggest bitch
in the southern hemisphere.

You tried to sell me weed
at Chris's party.

Care to shout that
from the school's rooftop?

Hey, be nice.

Oh, hi. I'm... I'm KB.


Yeah, you...

- you burned my cardigan at Chris's party.
- Oh, shit, yeah.

- My bad, eh?
- Forgive him.

He's full of shit.

So, how'd the interview go?

Actually, thanks to Puleng,

- it was really good.
- You were great.

Hey, didn't you just start here?

Okay, um...

Fiks, why don't you read us
your motivational letter

- and we'll tell you if it sucks?
- You know I will.

- Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks.
- We'll be nice.

Okay... Okay.

"Pollution continues to be a never-ending
challenge faced by the world today."

While countries are adopting
more and more laws

to reduce its effects,

governmental actions cannot guarantee
the complete elimination

of this problem.

No matter what we do,
the sun will keep getting hotter,

the cold will keep getting colder.

A Zulu proverb says,

'When you bite indiscriminately,
you end up eating your own tail.'

"What has our Earth done to deserve this?"

That shit, huh?


Fuck you, guys.

No, it's not shit, it's just,

- I mean...
- What does the new girl think?

It's good.


You could push it a bit more, you know,

make it a bit more personal to you.

That always sells.

What are you up to tonight?

Editing your interview.


Well, a few friends
are getting together at KB's.

You should come.

- And Zama's gonna be there, right, Chris?
- Yep.


That would be...

Ah, thanks. Forgot that.

Are you coming?


♪ Started coming up
You know what's up ♪

♪ You know what
We're nothing but ♪

♪ Hennessy in my cup ♪

♪ Hennessy in my cup ♪

♪ Hennessy in my cup ♪

♪ Hennessy... ♪


Joint virgin.

What? No.

Don't mind her.

Yeah, no,
we need to loosen you up, dude.

Come with me.

So, where are KB's parents?

His mom lives abroad, and his dad is out.

Don't worry; He's super chill.

So how come Zama didn't come?
Are you guys cool?

Yeah, well, I transferred schools,

so she's pissed.

And now...

she's ignoring me.

I'm sorry. That sucks.

While she gets over herself,
you should make new friends.

Starting... with that swimming costume.

Fuck what people think about you.

You have been blessed with great genes.


Your boy is threatening to drown himself.

Oh, shit.

Okay, I'll just...

I'll be right back.

I think I'm high.

How do you know Fikile?

Uh, she's my day one since we were little.

Her mom and my dad are,
like, super tight,

so we became best friends.

Just friends?

We kind of, like, dated, but it ended.

What about you?
What was your childhood like?


So how come
you've never tried weed before?

Who says I never did?

I'm guessing your folks are strict.

You don't like talking
about yourself much, do you?

I'm not good at opening up to people.

Well, actually,
more like people never care to ask,

so I've gotten used to writing
more than talking.

You write?

Uh, sometimes.

I'm dying alone, Fiks.

How are things with, uh...

you know who?

Not now, please.

What do you see in him anyway?

Why can't I just have a nice,
normal relationship?

I mean...

what's wrong with all the losers I date?

Let's face it, babe,
you aren't the easiest person to be with.

See you later, okay?

I heard them.

I heard them laughing at us,
tagging it out.

I heard them claiming they're back,
saying they vouch.

I heard them.

I heard them saying
they love them inside out,

and I'm hurting because I never know
what they're talking about.

They're walking as a pair,
handing each other, backing each other.

I've never known what that feels like,
but I know that I've always dreamt of it.

I long for it; I want it.

I need it.

Don't I deserve it?


A loving companion.

Am I not worth it?

Don't feel like I fit in.
My friends don't even know the real me.

Gotta keep my guard up,
these questions make me harder.

They ask about my sister.

Yeah, I heard 'em,
laughing it up, tagging 'em out.

I heard 'em, claiming they're back,
saying they vouch.

I heard 'em, saying they love 'em
inside out, but I'm hurting

'cause I never had
what they're talking about.

They walk as a pair,
handing each other, backing each other.

I've never known what it feels like
but I've dreamed of it.

I long it, I really want it, I need it.

Don't I deserve it?

Sisterhood, a loving companion,
am I not worth it?

Somebody there to shield me.

Gossipers trying to kill me.

I never felt like I fit in.

My friends don't know the real me.

I gotta keep my guard up.

The questions make it harder.

They ask about my sister, but, like...

I'll figure it out.

Shit, you're really good.

Just a hobby.

Not good enough to make it a career
or anything.

Not with that attitude, no.

You know,

I've actually always wanted
to go to New York.


I wish I lived in another country.

Better yet...

different family.

What I mean is...

Cape Town is more a town
than an actual city.

The other country in South Africa,
you mean?

Little Europe?

You know, I've actually
never mentioned New York to anyone.


People expect our generation
to move mountains.

But truth is, technology or not,
we're more lost than ever.

'Cause things...

things just keep changing.

- Must be the high talking.
- Yeah.

Oh, sorry.

Must be my mom.

Oh, shit.

Is everything okay?


I'm hungry.

Are you?



The meeting ended sooner than I expected.

I'll be out of your way.

Puleng, my dad.

Papa, Puleng.

You have a lovely home, sir.


It's hard to enjoy it
with this dreadful noise

you guys mistake for music.

Well, what kind of music do you like, sir?

Well, jazz, blues...

classical music, mbaqanga, you know,

anything soulful.

You know, I can also get down for some...

Hmm... Tupac Shakur.

♪ Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party ♪


don't ever say "get down" again.

- What?
- No.

Well, actually...

if you look beyond the "noise"
in current hip-hop,

you'll find
that it's still a deep form of art.

I mean, look at an artist like Youngsta,
for instance,

who's a powerhouse, conscious lyricist.

His lyrics confront you in a positive way

and expose the divided nature
in this beautiful city we live in.

It's not always bad.

Like with anything in life, I guess.

Well, have a good night, Puleng.

This one is a keeper, son.

Your dad seems pretty cool.

Holy shit, dude.

You just convinced my dad of something
I've been trying to since I could write.

Uh, bathroom.

What's your name?

I told you already. It's Mark.


Wait, where are you going, Markey?

Oh, shit! Oh.

I didn't see anything.

- Not that there's anything to see.
- Wow.

Don't forget to use protection, kids.

Ah, you can go first.

Ah, dude, don't be silly.
We're both girls.


What's up with Chris?

I thought he was straight.

He prefers pansexual.

Meaning he follows his heart,
not his dick.

Also, do you have a spare tampon?

Yeah, I do.


I... left my phone in the toilet.

Oh... Oh, my God.

What the fuck are you doing?


Was looking for my phone.

Found it.

Oh, my God.


Sorry about last night.

I completely forgot to message you.

You have a busy night?

Yeah. Writing that article was intense.

Only finished at like 12:00.

See you in a minute.

You okay?

Sakes, Ackerman.

Get your act together,
you wanna stay on this team.

Entitled shit.



- Mrs. Khumalo?
- Yes.

Hi. I'm Detective Vaans.

Mrs. Khumalo, after your husband's arrest,

your daughter's missing person's case
was officially reopened.

Good day. Puleng Vezi.

I'm here to drop off my birth certificate.

Bursar's left already.

Can you tell me, um...

a person's place of birth,

that's usually
on the birth certificate, right?

Yes, sometimes they put the hospital
or the town of birth.

Now, some evidence,
previously thought to be insignificant,

led us to a young girl in Beaufort West
who was trafficked as a child.

We cross-referenced our database,

and I need to inform you that we believe
there's a strong possibility

that this young girl could be...

your daughter, Phumelele.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Submitted your motivational letter yet?

Done. That scholarship is mine.

Proud of you, Fiks.


Uh, you know, actually I was...
I was thinking at the party.

How come you've never been
with anyone after me?

Who says I haven't?


Thanks again for the opportunity.
I really appreciate it.

Are you keen on doing another one?

I could actually do with some help.
We're meeting in 15.

Um... I'm kind of still deciding
about the magazine society.

I'll get back to you, though. Maybe later?

Hey, guys.

How did she infiltrate the royals?

Royals, my ass.

Newbie's got skills.

And she got a new hairdo.
Channeling Fikile much?

I guess she's a genuine influencer.

People like her really do rule this world.

Best to know your place then.

High school world, maybe.

But people like them always crash.

I admire your optimism, my friend,

but the Fikiles of this world
always get what they want.

Unless someone does something about it.

Anyway, see you in class.

♪ Ygen ♪

♪ Youngsta ♪

♪ It's the Cape crusader ♪

♪ Put it down like ♪

♪ What my name is ♪

♪ Kaapstad did it ♪

♪ Uh ♪

♪ 3T ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ It's the Cape crusader
Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ I put it down like
Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ What the name is
Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Kaapstad did it
Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Uh It's the Cape crusader... ♪

Edit the layout and then print. ASAP.

♪ Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek... ♪


♪ Young Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek... ♪

Now he's my incredible swim coach.

Someone's here.

♪ This is my call of duty
I'm not even pocket dialing ♪

♪ When I stick it ♪

♪ It's like the British
And the Dutch arriving ♪

♪ When they landed at the seashore ♪

♪ And they thought the Cape
Was just a detour ♪

♪ Educate yourself, read more
Before they signing your deceased forms ♪

♪ I can't tell you how this feels, yo
This the city I would bleed for ♪

♪ But I'm at the bottom of the seesaw
Hoping, praying for a beanstalk ♪

♪ Cape flats or Sandton, uh
I be lifting every sanction, uh... ♪


You ready to go?

Mommy, just a minute.
I need to add something.


So, you take the article to print?

Wendy, I don't think...

Just give it to me, I'll do it.

Your mother seems to believe in you.

Your situation is desperate enough. And...

my son Wade...

vouches for you.

Why should I believe in you?

Parkhurst College is my last shot.

And I get I can't repeat
previous mistakes.

I promise...

I won't let you down.

Because once I put my mind to something...

I get it done.

What the hell are you doing?

♪ Young Young Van Riebeek
Young Young Van Riebeek ♪

♪ Young Young Van Riebeek, uh ♪

♪ Well, I'd pay to find you in our story ♪

♪ Where our shows intertwine in glory ♪

♪ I can feel you in my spirit ♪

♪ My heart is bruised
And you're my healin' ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪

♪ Blood ♪

♪ Blood and water ♪