Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript



- Zelda.
- Hello, baby.



What are you doin' here?

Oh, a surprise.

You're supposed to be
at Tildy's.

Oh, she sends her love.

Her new baby's a crier.

Come on in.
It's like Grand Central
around here.

My, what a lovely house.

Where did you find this place?

It's in the middle of nowhere.

The roads in this state
are abysmal.

- Now, dear.
- No, you're right, Daddy.

They are awfully bumpy.

Well, hate to drunk and run.

- Love you, Zelda, honey.
- And I actually have to work.

Oh, bye.

Roaring good party.
See you next weekend.


Friends, up from the city.

They, uh, have to
get back for work.

Uh, so it's proof that
all roads lead to Westport.

The Sayres from Montgomery
are at our door.

They just surprised us.

Yes, that'd be
Mrs. Sayre.

And the right honorable
Judge Anthony Sayre.

This is the right
honorable Tana.

Houseboy, chief cook,
bartender and...

All out master of many trades.

I'm sincerely happy to
make your acquaintance.

- Thank you.
- Uh, very nice to
meet you, too.

Tana has been so helpful, Daddy.

Really a Godsend.

He's from the Japanese
Reliable Employment Agency.

Japanese what?

Tildy said you needed
a few things,

some sheets, some towels.

Oh, yes, thank you, Mama.

- Uh, Scott.
- Yes?

Would you take Mama
and the bags upstairs.

Oh, certainly. Tana,
can you show Mrs. Sayre
up to the guest room.

I asked you.

Yes, but this is exactly
the sort of thing that
Tana excels at.

- Yes, of course it is, but...
- It's fine, Zelda.

- Gives me a chance
to get to know...
- This way please, missus.

Daddy, let me take your jacket.

No, I'm fine.

Where's the lavatory?

It's right through there.

Why are you being like this?

I know you're upset
about Max and the diary...

My parents are here.

What are they gonna
think about all this?

This is the first time
they've seen us married.

Firs time they seen us
in a home.

Since when did you care
what they think?

Your father hates me.

They didn't want to
come to the wedding.

They didn't even
see you off at the train.

You might not want to claim them

like you claim
everything else about me,

but they are still my parents.

When my daddy gets
out of the bathroom,

the least you can do
is offer him a drink.

Mrs. Sayre, please,
come this way.

Borrow this towel?
It's okay, it's okay.

I will make you some tea.

You, pry this sorry ass
up off of here

and call a cab.
Call lots of cabs.

I got another one
for you over here.

- Tallulah, Eugenia...
- Hmm?

Can you please get rid of, uh...

- Who is that?
- Not Scott Joplin,
I can tell you that.

My parents,

Mama and the judge
have decided to surprise us.

- They're here?
- Oh, glory be, what fun.

No, no. We've gotta
clear this place out.

They'll be horrified.

Oh, yes,
perhaps this is a bit
trop pour la famille.

We'll help you, Zelda.
Anything for a
Montgomery sister.

Gird your loins, Beadsie.
We can handle the piano man.

Thank you.

Tell him, Max.
20,000 copies sold
in the first two weeks.

Yes, indeed.

Sounds quite good.

Yes. I do tell Max,

that the next printing
should be larger.

And I tell our authors
they should stick to
the writing.

Well, what other authors
do you work with, Mr. Perkins?

Henry James.
Edith Wharton.

Oh, my goodness,
those are two of our
finest writers.

I certainly enjoyed
"The Portrait of a Lady"

and Henry James, he is a genius.

- Some of my favorites.
- Ah, Vincent.

Here, let me introduce you
to my father-in-law.

And I really must be going.
Good to meet you, Judge Sayre.

Likewise, Mr. Perkins.

- Pages, my boy, pages.
- Yes.

Call me.

Judge Anthony Sayre,

the poet
Edna St. Vincent Millay.

- Pleasure.
- Entirely mine.

Townsend, would you please help?

These guests are like cicadas,

loud and shrill and
constantly under foot.

We have to get rid of them.

Of course I will help,
just as soon as I finish
this batch.

Damnit, Townsend.
No one cares about pancakes.


You know what I mean.

I know you're wrong.
I think people care

a great deal about pancakes.

- Oh, you do, do you?
- Um, yes, I do. Yes.

Yes, yes, I do.

So, you come down to
these kinds of parties
often then, do you?

Yes. I thought so.

Excuse me?

Your poetic soul.

I saw it the moment we met.

Not something all men have.

When one does, one does.

Do you know what I mean?

I should join my wife.

Perhaps, yet,
should she not be allowed
a journey of her own?

Well, again, it, uh,
was a pleasure to meet you.

Bid adieu to your
darling daughter,
won't you?

You're the one
that was bored,
remember, Zelda?

"Well, let's invite
everyone out,
let's have a party."

- Yes, but I do think...
- All I wanted to do
was write.

This is what you wanted.

Scott, my parents are here.

What does it matter
what I might have wanted
a week ago?

What is wrong with you?

Where's Daddy?



Daddy, wait.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know how a person,
much less my own daughter,

can live like this.

We don't live like this.

It's just a few friends.

Oh, there's nothing few
or friends about it.

I know you didn't want
a life in Montgomery,

but I could never
have imagined
you wanted this.

I don't want this.

We came here because
Scott needed to write.

Yeah, you call that writing?

No, no, of course not.

But I was so...

It was just so quiet.

What are you
talking about, quiet?

Scott's really tryin'.

He is really tryin'.

And I am, too.
We have the water and...

I love it.
I swim every day.

I thought, oh,
that's where I belong.

But then I have to come out.

I have to come out, don't I?

Oh, yes, yes, of course, you do.

People come out of things.

People come out of things,
don't they?

Well, you'll always have us.

And I'll always have Scott.

Maybe you could, uh,
talk to him later.

Oh, Tallulah, Eugenia.

It's sensational.

- What's it called again?
- Between the Sheets.

Oh, well, this is
just what I needed.

Oh, it is so comforting
to be among friends.

Montgomery certainly
misses you two.

That'll have to be
their cross to bear,

because I do not miss

I do.

- God, Beadsie.
- I do.

I miss everything
about the south.

The humidity is
so much better for my skin.

The gentlemen are more...

I prefer the north.

Women are far more beguiling.

Well, how curious.

I have no experience with them.

You're missing
everything, darling.

Oh, then I suppose I shall
have to get to know some.

Here, here.

Here, here.



I haven't thrown a dart
since I was a young man.

It's like riding a bicycle.

So, did Zelda mention
the family supper?

Yes. Yes, she did.

Just the four of us, I'm told.

My wife will be pleased.

So, this is where
you come to work,

or write, I should say.


And, uh, how is that going?


We came every bit as much
for Zelda.

She loves the water, you know.

I guess there's real value
in that arrangement then,
isn't there?

There's only real value,
your honor,

in doing things.

Mm-hm, doing things.

Yes, for instance,
writing a novel.

Well, I am the only judge

in the history of
the state of Alabama

who has never been overruled,

and frankly, it eludes me

how indulging in
scribbling something

maybe a few thousand people
will read

measures up to those rulings.

Rulings which will
stand the test of time.

Well, you were right.

Just like riding a bicycle.

So, you don't think my novel
will stand the test of time?

Well, I couldn't say.
I haven't read it.

I just never knew how much fun

Tallulah and Eugenia could be.

They asked me if
I wanted to join them

for an after dinner liqueur.

Why, I don't know.

Well, you're havin' fun,
Mama, why not?

Yes, why not drink
as much and as often
as you can?

We should get started.
It's getting late.

No, we should wait.

- Hey, Fitz.
- Yes, give me a minute.

You don't have to wait on me.

It's a family dinner.

Well, in that case, cheers.

What, uh, glorious bounty
are we to feast upon tonight,

Crown roast of lamb,
roasted potatoes,
and baby carrots.

Shall I serve?

Oh, goodness, yes.

I think we're all ready.

I hope we don't run out.

Never, darling.

From this day forth,
to have and to hold,

I promise to always
keep you in gin.

If ever there was
a promise to keep.

Thank you, Mr. Tana.

It's Tana,
not Mr. Tana.

Just being respectful.

Well, there's
nothing respectful
in being wrong.

I do not mind,
Mr. Scott.

Daddy's just tryin' to be nice.

If Daddy wanted to be nice,

he could have read my book.

Could you pass the carrots
please, Scott?

Scott, the carrots.

What about them?

That's enough.

It is more than enough.

- Oh, dear, please don't.
- Well, it is.

He just keeps on drinking
and flying off the handle.

I'm not gonna be
flying anywhere with this.

Tana, can you get the gin
in the cabinet, please?

Scott, please.

That'll be all, Tana.

Thank you.

Why are you sending Tana away?

You didn't want to do
any of this.

Fine, I'll get it myself.

We have to stop this,
both of us.

No, we don't.
We're just getting started.

- Damnit all, Scott.
- Zelda, please, honey.

- Just put it down.
- What are you doing?

Scott, stop it.

Both of you sit down.

Zelda, honey.

Just give me the bottle!


Zelda, are you all right?

- Zelda.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Stop it.

You need me to
write this one up
in my diary for ya,

or you think you got
this covered on your own?


They're gonna use each other up.



They're gone, Scott.

My parents are gone.


They didn't even stay
the goddamn night.








I'm sorry about
your parents leaving.

I think I'm gonna
write them a letter.

Let them know exactly
how I feel about all this.

I'd play you a tune but...

my ukulele's gone bust.

Hm. I don't think
a tune would do it.

Thank you, Townsend.

Guess I should
get back in there.




- What are you doing?
- Just what it looks like.

I'm leavin'.

Please, please stay.
I need you to stay.

How can you even say that to me?

I'm done.

What are you even talking about?

I can't do this anymore.

Not Westport, not New York,

none of it.

I feel like I'm
losing everything.

I need to go home.

I know you do, Zelda.

I know you do.

.srt Extracted and Resynced
by Dan4Jem, AD.MMXVII.I