Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Scott, it's adorable.

Look at us.

Our own little corner house,

just like real marrieds.

Max really came through.

All right.

Oh. No, no.

Just like real marrieds.


They forgot the furniture.

Or we did.

This is not the Biltmore.

Smell that sea air.

Our very own kitchen.

It's a clean slate.

Now there's a metaphor.

It's exactly what we need.


Who needs possessions?

We're free of everything.

I feel lighter already.

Oh, Scott, look.

There's your water, darling.

Oh, Scott.

How beautiful.

So much for a little thing.


It's so quiet.


Thank God for our lucky hammock,

heroically saving us

from the cold, hard ground.

Do any two people
work better together

than we do?

Hmm. Nobody's got
a right to live but us.

That's a delightfully
morbid thought.

I don't think
it's morbid at all.

I think it's
as bright as they come.

Full of hope and potential,

like a new book.

Starting tomorrow,

you'll fill this house
with your words,

and I will be the perfect wife

and make this house
a beautiful home.

Hello, boys.
Come on in.

Isn't this the best
place to start?

Upstairs, room to your right.

Yes, ma'am.

Maybe I'll learn.


Off to battle.
Wish me well.

♫ When whippoorwills call ♫

♫ And evening is nigh ♫

♫ I hurry to my blue heaven ♫

♫ A turn to the right ♫

♫ A little white light ♫

♫ Will lead you
to my blue heaven ♫

♫ A smiling face,
a fireplace ♫

- ♫ A cozy room ♫
- Oh, damn.

♫ A little nest, that nest
is where the roses bloom ♫

♫ Just Molly and me ♫

♫ The baby makes three ♫

♫ We're happy
in my blue heaven ♫

Where are my shirts?

This business of laundry:

you wash a thing,

then you have to wash it again

and again and again and again.

I ask you, what is the point?

Let's not wear any clothes.

We're at the beach.
Who needs them?

We certainly don't.
We're clean.

Not polished pan clean
like Townsend.

We're different.

We're blowy clean,

like rivers and streams.

Blowy clean.


I won't wear any, then.

- Hello?
- Tilde.

Zelda, what is it?
What's wrong?

There's nothing wrong.
Why does something
have to be wrong?

You're phoning me, aren't you?

The telephone is
for communication

of importance or urgency.

Well, I urgently
need some company.

Scott's been writing
night and day.

Luddy has forsaken me.

Please say you'll come visit.

Do you hear what I'm
contending with?

Hmm. Well, don't bring
the children, then.

Zelda, my hands
are more than full,

and yours should be,
too. You're married.

It's time you and Scott
had a baby.

It's the natural order
of things.

Might be for everyone else.

Zelda, I'm at a loss, sister.

Now call your neighbors in.

Uh, Zelda, I...

I have to hang up
the phone. I'm sorry.

Henry, get over here.

I told you not to get wet.

Out of the water.

No dessert for you.
Come on. We're going home.


Let's go.

- Scott...
- I was in the middle
of the thought.

I'm sorry. I j...

Could you perhaps knock?

Come in.

Goofo, I'm losing my mind.

The house, the work of it.

I hate cooking.

Is this really what we wanted?

Let's go into the city.

Haven't we just left?

That was ages ago.

- It was a week.
- Maybe for you in here,

but not for me.

Without the sun to remind me,

I'd hardly know
where one dull day ends

and the next begins.

I... I have to finish...

I know you're working
on your novel,

but can't we have a little fun?

Surely you've earned
a break by now.

We'll go,

and we'll come
right straight back.

You can't tell me you don't
want to see this body

in feathers and pearls.

You're right. I can't.

But I can't stop now,

not when I'm
in the middle of it.

You understand,
don't you, darling?

Zelda, what the devil
is that sme...

Oh, shit. Aah!


Did you not see this?

It's just a little grease.

It'll burn itself out.
it always does.

What is the matter with you?

It's out now.

Do you have to make such a fuss?

Yes! You do realize that we
don't own this house.

Look at this place.
It's a mess.

And I'm working myself
to the bone.

On what?
What are you writing?

You never show me
anything anymore.

Because I don't have
anything to show.

I'm writing.

I sit there, and I'm writing.

So please, can you just...

try and not send
everything up in flames.

Excuse me.

Hello, Mrs. Fitzgerald.

I am Tanaka Fujimori

from the Japanese Reliable
Employment Agency.



You can call me Tana.

Easier. More American.


Mr. Scott hired me.

He says you need help.

Well, who doesn't?

It's okay, Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Tana's here now.

Do you need something,
Mrs. Fitzgerald?

No. I'm fine.

Good evening,
Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Oh. Hello, Tana.

Mr. Scott says you only
like plain food.

Plain chicken, plain rice.

Would you tell Mr. Scott...

Would you tell Scott
we're ready for dinner?


Mr. Scott
is eating dinner

in his study tonight.


I'll take his try in, then.

Mrs. Fitzgerald, please, sit.


No. I'll take him his tray.

Mr. Scott asked me.

He's working.

This is Kamo Rosu...
roast duck.

Mm. I'd say well done, Tana,

but the meat's too damn tender.

Does he have to be so perfect?



He never stops moving,

except for that damn flute.

Uh, Tana's a wonder.

We should have hired him
the minute we got here.

You said it yourself.

You don't want
to cook and clean.

No. I don't. But...

what am I supposed to do?

Whatever you like.

You're the lady of the house.

Lady of leisure.

My apologies, Maryann.

I've been remiss in inviting
our neighbors to call.

I'm a little at the mercy

of my husband's
writing schedule.

You must be quite
proud of his success.


Thank you, Tana.
That'll be all.

Yes. I'm very proud.

Scott's talents have been
nothing but a blessing to me.

Perhaps next time
our husbands can join us.

I don't have a husband.

Never have.
I've never been married.

I'm sorry. I...
I just assumed.

Everybody does.
I'm a rare breed.

Never found a man
who could tolerate

how often my hands
are covered in clay.

Speaking of...

For your new home.

Oh. Thank you, Maryann.

That's wonderful.

You're an artist.

I wouldn't say that.

It's just what I do.

This is all you have?

- Zelda.
- This whole time

when you've been
locked away in here?

Where's my...

Where's your novel?

There's not even an end
to a beginning here.

I... I didn't say that you
could come in here.

Well, maybe if I'd been
delivering a duck dinner.

I told you that I
needed to be alone,

and yet here you are
judging my...

my pace, my process.

You just don't stumble
into beauty, Zelda.

It takes Herculean
focus and effort.

And gin.

There are more empty
bottles in here

- than you have pages.
- You know what...

what I do is very different

from the automatic writing
that you do in your diary.

How dare you.

These are not random.

These are my thoughts
and dreams.

You told me you thought
my writing was beautiful.

I'm sorry I interrupted
your process.

Well, for your information,

I have written
three stories already,

but I have to do both.

Max wants the new novel
by September,

and he's not going to
give me another advance.

So without the stories,
how do we afford this house?

How do we afford anything?

You think that that
just appeared

on your wrist by magic?

I don't want this,
you horse's ass.

I want you!

What, do you not
need me anymore?

Of course I do.


Okay, how about this?

We have a few friends
over for the weekend.

We tear things up a little.

I can write in between.

We'll bring the city
to Westport.

How's that sound?

You're right.

It's people that we need,

both of us.

Higher, Bunny.

I thought you preferred lower.

Faster, sister.

- Careful now.
- Jump, BG, jump. Oh.

- Try again.
- Okay.

All right.

You inspire me, my dear.

♫ Cuddle up a little
closer, lovey mine ♫

♫ Cuddle up and be
my little clinging vine ♫

♫ Love to be
your cheeks so rosy ♫

♫ Love to make you
comfy-cozy ♫

♫ 'cause I love you
head to toesie ♫

♫ Lovey mine ♫

Bravo, Tom, bravo.

Oh, come on, Zelda.
You never stop at one.

I haven't stopped so far.

There, darling.

You're cured.

Cured? Was I sick?

- No, no, no. I didn't mean...
- Scott.

- Zelda.
- Hi, Max.

Max. Ha ha.

Out from behind
your mahogany desk.

There's a first.

Well, you did invite me.

Yes, I did.

Ah, Greeks bearing gifts, eh?

No, no. Nothing clandestine.

I'm just here as a guest.

- Hmm.
- Of course,

if you do have some pages,

I'd love to take a look at them.

Ha ha. Of course.

Yes, follow me.

I'll take you to
the inner sanctum.

All right.

Well, as you can see,

nose to the grindstone.

Awfully small grindstone.

Oh, it's quality, not quantity.

Oh, it's too unrefined

for the naked eye,

even one as well practiced
as yours.

Please, sit.

I'm on to something quite
spectacular, though.

I don't mean to denigrate
my previous work,

but this novel will
put Paradise to shame.

Well, you do set the bar high.

And I've been drawing

tremendous inspiration
from Zelda.

Is that so?


By all means, take a look.

Zelda, you throw
one hell of a party.

One aims to please.

It's your true calling, my dear.

That's not yours.

Look at that. See?

- Shall we?
- Take a look.

We shall.

Oh, well, ladies,
may we join you?

Get in line, boys.

Age before beauty.

Keep telling yourself that.



You look like you've
got a bit of sun.

And then some.

I'm impressed you got
so many of us out this far.

- Ah.
- It's quite the quota.

Actors, authors.

- Poets.
- Hmm.

So tell me, Scott,

what exactly does your wife do?

- Zelda?
- Mm.

Well, uh,

she loves me. She's Zelda.

She doesn't have to do anything.


Ah, Zelda, there you are.


My God,

is it only Saturday?

- Scott...
- Fitzgeralds,

I really must be going.

Zelda, my dear,

you have quite a presence
on the page.

I spent hours

with your book.

My book?

I hope you don't mind.

An author and his editor
have no secrets.

Of course not.

Quite engaging prose.

Yes. Now you can see
how she inspires.

Yes. Yes.
Your Zelda has a voice.


Hell, I could see publishing it

in its own right.

Diary Of a Popular Girl.

That has a ring to it,
eh, Zelda?

Yes, it does.

Don't you think?


No. Uh...

I mean, it's wonderful,

but... but, darling,

this... this truly
is my inspiration.

It's also my life.

Which I have used already
and to great effect.

Yes, I know you have.
Some of it...

Certainly not worth
squabbling over.

Two wordsmiths under one roof.

- What could be better?
- My point is

we both stand to benefit
far more financially

is I were to use that diary

than if you were to publish
it under your own name.

This is how it's always
been with us, Zelda,

and you've always lived that.

This is the way that we work.

Our sum total is
greater than our parts.

What part am I,
and what part are you?


- Zelda.
- Hello, baby.

.srt Extracted and Resynced
by Dan4Jem, AD.MMXVII.I