Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

♫ You should have
a great career ♫

♫ Yes, you should,
and you could ♫

♫ If you want
a future, darlin' ♫

♫ Why don't you get a past? ♫

♫ For that fatal moment's
comin' at last ♫

♫ We're all alone ♫

♫ No chaperone
can get our number ♫

♫ The world's in slumber,
let's misbehave ♫

- Can it be better than this?
- Of course it does.

♫ There's something wild
about you, child ♫

- ♫ That's so contagious ♫
- Here we are.

♫ Let's be outrageous ♫

♫ Let's misbehave ♫

♫ They say that bears
have love affairs ♫

♫ And even camels ♫

♫ We're merely mammals ♫

♫ Let's misbehave ♫

Here you go.

- Over here.
- Uh-huh.

- Ultra dry.
- Come on. Hurry up.

You have a drink.
Come on.

- Oh.
- Just gorgeous.


We'll be back.


Been here one month,

and you're all they write about.

"'Who's Who and Why'.

"Frivolous facts

about the great
and the near-great."

Ironic, being that
your book isn't out.

Oh, Bunny,

how I've missed you.

There's been no one

to keep me
tethered to the earth.

So tell me, what brings
you back to New York?

Did all of Europe grow
tired of your opinions,

or was it just the French?

Here we go. I need a drink.

Have I really been gone so long

that they're calling you

- the son of the city now?
- Mm-hmm.

Don't they realize
that you're from


And they call this journalism.

Well, working for
Vanity Fair doesn't mean

you know anything about
journalism, my friend.

Mm, please be a dear, darling.

Of course, dear.

Gives me a reason to live.

I don't know why Eugenia
puts up with it.

She has to. If it
weren't got Tallulah,

no one would know who she is.

I have to say, as unbearable
as Tallulah is,

she was really lovely
in that play tonight.

Lovely in a ghastly production.

This town has a short mAmory.

She'd better find
a new play quickly.

Someone needs to dance with us.

At your service.

You dance with Eugenia.

Thank you, sister.

He must be some kind
of a genius or something.

You'll enjoy that.

- Shall we?
- Delighted.

I have been noodling

and hieing my capital eyes

on this success of yours,

- I'm sure you have.
- Yes.

And I have a brilliant idea.

We turn Paradise
into a picture show.

Starring you and Zelda.

- You want us to act in it?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's absurd.
- I've already spoken

to my colleagues
at United Artists about it.

You spoke to them
about Paradise?

Yes, because I would
adapt it, obviously.


Well, who else would you
want to write it?

I mean the point is
UA loves the idea.

It makes sense to them.

You're both already
in the public eye.

- And the two of you...
- Are not actors.

You're one better.

You are Amory and Rosalind.

You know, let's be honest.

Those characters
are basically you.

Pass the gun, darling.


Leave it to Townsend

to try and draft off my success.

It will be a good film.

Can you imagine the two of us

up on the screen?

I don't suppose acting's
too terribly hard.

- No.
- Luddy certainly thinks
we can pull it off.

Any more enbalming
fluid, old man?

It's under the bed.

Ah. Of course.

Close the door, Bunny!

I think we should do it.

We have to do something
in between all these parties.

I've always loved acting.

And a motion picture
is something

that we could do together.

Think of how much fun
it'll be, goofo.

Well, if it sounds
like fun to you,

then it sounds like fun to me.

Ohh! Can't a man
take a bath

with his wife?

Mr. Fitzgerald,
Mrs. Fitzgerald,

people are complaining
about the noise.

There is water seeping
into the room below.

This is the Biltmore, sir.
We have standards.

Don't make fun.

I'm not. You're captivating.

I mean it.

As a matter of fact,

I have some news.


So I spoke to Townsend today.


And he said before
anything can happen,

the studio wants to see

what we look like on celluloid.

So he's arranging
for a screen test.

A screen test?

- Shh!
- Oh, shush yourself.

You beast. Why didn't you
tell me straightaway?

Isn't it enough?

The two of us on film?

Oh, it's like a dream.

Always leave
your mouth parted.
It's more suggestive.

- Her right side's better.
- Your right side's better.

It is?

Remember, it's all
about the close-up.

Remind her not to smoke, Ed.

No, don't smoke, darling.

Studio rule.
It's unladylike.

You just have to hold it.

What's the fun of that?

Well, this has nothing
to do with fun, trust me.

You are smart to seek out

a professional.
There's nothing worse

than an amateur thespian.

That's not what you do

with your cigarette.

Yes, it is.

You don't see yourself.

I do, and you always...

Bitty, who's the actor here?

For heaven's sake.

There you go. That's better.

There's really nothing
to fret over, Zelda.

It's the pictures. You don't
have to actually speak.

It's far less challenging
than the stage.

Mama was a stage actress.

Mrs. Minnie Sayre?

That explains it.

- Hmm.
- She was offered a part

in a traveling theatrical,

but her daddy thought
the profession unseemly,

so she married
the judge instead.

How tragic,
giving up your dreams

to marry a man.

Stories like that make me
especially grateful

to be a lesbian.

Perhaps I'm making
too big a fuss over this.

I'm photographed
for the newspaper
all the time.

Yes, but the question is

what are you appearing
in those papers for, darling?

It's not like you were
really doing anything.

Oh, you're going
to be just fine.

Look at you.

You certainly
have the eyes for it.

Yes. They're even
bigger than yours.


- Zelda clips them all.
- She's making a book.

Glad one of you is.

These are from this week alone.

They love us.

I should think that you'd be

I should think
that you'd be
at the attention.

thrilled at the attention.

It's good for book sales.

"Fitzgerald's Flounder

Falls In a Fountain."

Hard to see the correlation.

Well, there's no such thing

as bad publicity, Max,

except for one's own obituary,

and, well, even then.

Oh, come on, Perkins.

Can't a fellow
enjoy his success?

I've earned this.

Do you know a young author

by the name of Sinclair Lewis?

I never heard of him.

Rumor has it his new
novel is a masterpiece.

You're a real killjoy,
Perkins, you know that?

I'm just trying
to protect your mantle.

Well, it feels slightly
more ominous than that.

See this?

I was never much good at math.

I can translate. This is
what we call a plateau.

Sales of your book
have leveled off.

One can't stay on top forever.


Unless one us a superb
writer, as you are,

and one generates another book

to follow on the heels
of one's first success.

Have you begun writing yours?

I'm always writing, Max.


And what's this I hear
about a motion picture?

It's one thing to sell your
stories to the pictures,

but acting in them?

It's just Townsend's folly.

He's just angling
for an easy sell,

monkeying with Zelda.

It'll never come to fruition.

Keep it that way.

Hollywood is for writers
who can't write.

It will undermine
your reputation.

Worst thing you could
do for your career.

I've already talked with Alfredo

about making that same suit
in linen and seersucker.

That way, when we
go to Hollywood,

you have something
lighter to wear.

I don't need any more
suits. I have plenty.

How much is this costing anyway?

Careful, Alfredo.

Mr. Fitzgerald
dresses left.

That'll be a good look
for Amory, don't you think?

You'll be him, and he'll be you.

There's no guarantee
that I'll be him.

Of course you'll be him.
That's the whole point.

Townsend's already talked
to the studio about it,

- and after the screen test...
- About the screen test...

I spent the whole afternoon
with Tallulah,

working on my
emotional projection.

Perkins doesn't like
the idea of the film.

- Not one bit.
- Scott,

the screen test is tomorrow,

and Townsend's gone
to a lot of trouble.

- I've been preparing...
- Max doesn't think

that being in the pictures
befits a serious writer.

He doesn't want me distracted.

He just doesn't like the idea

because he doesn't think he's
gonna see any money from it.

That's not the issue.

He's worried
that it might confuse

the reading public.

- That's ridiculous.
- Zelda,

I need to be writing
my next novel right now,

not doing screen tests.

Excuse me, Alfredo.

Can we just maybe pick
this up tomorrow?

Stay, Alfredo.

We're going to finish
this right now.

- Zelda...
- This was supposed to
be our special thing.

I can't be
in the pictures,
darling girl.

But there's no reason you can't.

- 2 cents.
- Yeah.

No one's going to want
me without Scott.

So we'll get someone
else to play Amory.

Doug Fairbanks, Barrymore.

Plenty of fellas can play it.

I haven't acted
since I was a child.

What do you want to do, Zelda?

All right, roll film.

And action.

Tilt your head.

Chin up.


All right, cut.

- Was that all right?
- Sure, sure.

Listen, we're gonna
take a minute, sweetheart,

and change the lens,
come in for the close-up.

Should I offer
to smoke or something?

- I've been practicing...
- Oh, no need.

No, just...
just be yourself, Zelda.

Standing here all alone, I...

And these lights are so hot.

I didn't realize.

You look beautiful.

Okay, you ready, sweetheart?

All right, roll film.


Look to your left.

Chin up.

You're in Montgomery, Zelda.

You're at a dance
at the country club.

You bought that dress
special for that occasion.

And, even if your mama
doesn't, you know

the boys will love it.

And the band just started
to play your favorite song.

You can't wait
to show that dance card.

Now the most beautiful boy
you have ever seen

just walked in.

And you know
you have to have him.

A real
motion picture. Heavens.

Well, just a screen test.

They have to write
a scenario and all first,

so it'll be ages from now,
but yes, that's the idea.

Mama, I was so nervous.

But then, all of a sudden,

it all felt natural,

like maybe this is meant to be.

Mama, I really think
I can do this.

And what does Scott
think of it all?

You're his wife now,

You have obligations.

Well, it's his story, Mama,
so of course he's thrilled.

Oh, it's so exciting, Zelda.

We'll be first in line
to see it. It's...

A thousand chairs
couldn't keep us away.

Even Daddy?
You think he'd come?

Your father loves you, baby.

Mama, I miss you.

Tell me what's blooming
in the garden.

Oh, well,

the common areolas

have practically taken
over the whole backyard.

Mama, I got to go.

I love you.
Pick some mums.

Be good, Zel...

It's quite amusing.

Do you really think
that I'm ready

- to go to some museum?
- More like an exhibit.

Ah, yeah. The Exhibit
of Fitzgerald the Young.

Glass-front display,
lobby of Scribner's.

Excellent. I have
just the piece.

Lieutenant Fitzgerald's
military grade overseas cap.

Never worn overseas.

Oh. Don't forget this.

A must for any
Fitzgerald collection.

Oh, and I submit to you

a blank page...

pure, pristine.

The empty promise
of his great next novel.

Well, I'm glad

that you're enjoying
yourself at my expense.

I call it like I
see it, old man,

and you, quite often,
don't want to see it.

I always thought that was
the root of our friendship.


Despite all that,

you have the Irish gift
of turning the language

into something iridescent
and surprising.

Iridescent. Huh.

Guess what. Guess what.

I have the most amazing news.

I'm going to Hollywood.


They want me to come
out to the Coast

and audition for a new
motion picture.

W-Who are they?

The studio, United Artists.

There's this director...

- Fred Niblow.
- Yes.

Fred Niblow wants to meet me.

He wants me to audition
for his new picture.

He thinks I have something.

I can't take all the credit.

Fred was in town.

UA Casting Department
shared it with him.

He went gangbusters
for our girl.

My girl.

Oh. How are we going
to celebrate?

On the rocks or on the bed?

I say both.
What are we drinking?

First round's on me.

You're stunning, darling.

It just fell into your lap,
just like that.

I'm excited for you.

Well, United Artists did
like my... my audition.


Now you're going to be
a screen luminary.

A hell of a career.

What am I supposed to do?

Just chase you
around the country

and live off your money?


To my enchanting,

entrancing Zelda.

No training, no experience.

But instant success.

Want something to write about?

Here we go, gentlemen.

Mr. Scott Fitzgerald.



Come on. Ah!

I've got a name for you.

New name.

Sinclair Lewis.


S-I-N-C-lair Lewis.

Fitzgerald, people
came to see the girls...

- Sinclair...
- ...not you. Let's go.

- Get your hands off me.
- Let's go.


Get your predatory
hands off my wife.

And my novel.


I need to find my coat.

I got to find my wife.



- There you are.
- Hmm?

I just needed some fresh air.

Give me a cigarette.

That man in there?

I don't know who that is.

Hey, Zelda,

I fear we may have ridden him

a little hard tonight.

It seems we hit a nerve.

He never took any of this
movie talk seriously.

Townsend's the one
who thought I could act.

Townsend's the one who
tried to make it happen.

Townsend had his own
interests at heart.

Does he think I can't
do it without him?

I think it's more
the case he doesn't think

he can do what he does
without you.

He's scared, Zelda.

You're the only one
who keeps him

from spinning out of control.

He'd be lost without you.

That's not fair.

Isn't that what you
signed up for?


I'm sorry.

I messed everything up.

♫ Yes, sir, that's my baby ♫

♫ No, sir, don't mean maybe ♫

♫ Yes, sir,
that's my baby now ♫

♫ Yes, ma'am, we've decided ♫

♫ No, ma'am,
we won't hide it ♫

♫ Yes, ma'am,
you're invited now ♫

- ♫ By the way ♫
- ♫ Yes, by the way ♫

- ♫ By the way ♫
- ♫ And by the way ♫

♫ When I see that
preacher, I'll say ♫

- What'll you say, boy?
- Hey, hey!

♫ Yes, sir, that's my baby ♫

♫ No, sir, don't mean maybe ♫

♫ Yes, sir,
that's my baby now ♫

.srt Extracted and Resynced
by Dan4Jem, AD.MMXVII.I