Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript


I thought I'd be able
to see the city by now.

We've got miles
and miles and miles.

Who can sit?

Sticking your head
out the window

isn't going to get us
there any faster.

It might.


New York needs to see me coming.


Isn't there room
at the church for this?

Then Tilde could help.

Where's your sense of adventure?

I don't want to ruin my hair.

Scott's corsage.

Let's see it.

Zelda, there's something
we need to discuss,

something Mama explained to me

before my wedding night

and I had to explain to Tilde.


About your...

About your conjugal duties.

My what?


every man has his own
set of expectations,

but it's better to
perform them in the dark.

The darker, the better.

Not that there's
any need to worry.

He'll take the lead, of course,

but it's important
for a wife not to...


So when your husband is...

ready to...


you just lie back

and think of the magnolias
in our garden.

It works every time.

Thank you, Tootsie.

I'll do just that.

It's gorgeous.

It's much better.
Thank you.

Where are they all going?


Where is he?


Excuse me. Excuse me.

Sorry. Excuse me.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me. Sorry.



I can't believe
you're actually here.

I've lost count
of the months.
Are you real?

I'm real.

I can marry you
right now right here.

Don't you dare. You promised
me a church wedding.

Oh, don't worry. I've
arranged for everything.

You ready?

Tootsie, come on.

I think I accosted
70-odd ladies

looking for you.

Scott Fitzgerald, are you saying

there's 70 ladies like me?

I would never say such a thing.

There's only one sun...

center of everything.

Where's he taking our bags?

Thank you.

To the Biltmore.

I've booked us all rooms.

The Biltmore? Really?

Our new home.



It just goes on forever,

everywhere you look.

There's plenty of time
for that later.

We're walking?

Come on.

♫ No one to talk with ♫

♫ All by myself ♫

♫ No one to walk with ♫

♫ But I'm happy
on the shelf ♫

♫ Ain't Misbehavin' ♫

♫ I'm savin'
my love for you ♫

♫ For you, for you, for you ♫

Zelda, my goodness.

I told you he'd do
something magnificent.

Zelda, this
is Ludlow Fowler,
my best man.

Welcome, Zelda.


Now this is how you
arrive in New York City.

- Well done.
- Thank you.

This is Harold Ober, my agent.

- Hello.
- Hello.

He's the man that helps
make the money.

- And his wife Anne.
- Pleasure to meet you, dear.

You, too.

3,000 copies sold in three days.

How's that for
a wedding present?

Is this all for us?

Uh, no.

This is for
the Easter Mass tomorrow.

We're in the rectory, darling.


The rectory?

What about Tilde?
She's not here.

We have to wait.

I... I bought you
all we can.

Mr. Fitzgerald,
are we ready?

Uh, there's one more
family member.

Uh, as I mentioned,

I have the O'Reilly
service this afternoon.

We're ready.
We're ready.

Uh, Tilde will understand.

- If you'll follow me.
- Okay.



Here? Really?


From Mama's wedding dress.

Something borrowed,

so you can have
one Sayre with you.


I love you, baby sister.

You look beautiful.


Dear friends,
we've come together

in this church on this day

so that the Lord may strengthen

and seal this union,

so that Christ may
bless this love.

Do you have the ring?


Francis Scott Fitzgerald,

do you take Zelda Sayre
for your lawful wife,

to have and to hold
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

until death do you part?

I do.

Zelda Sayre,

do you take
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

for your lawful husband,

to have and to hold
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,
until death do you part?

I do.

May the Lord bless

and consecrate Scott and Zelda

in their love for one another.

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

I adore you.

You be a good Catholic, Scott,

and you be a good
Episcopalian, Zelda,

and everything will be fine.

- Tilde!
- Tilde.

We did it.

Oh. So glad you're here.

You're married?
But it's not even noon.

We should have taken a cab.
I told you we'd be late.

We're not late.
It's quarter till.

The wedding was supposed
to start at noon.

How could you let this happen?

Uh, the preacher started.

You couldn't wait?

Tilde, this is how
the moderns do it.

We don't wait for anything.

Yes. Now's the fun part.

♫ The joint is jumpin' ♫

Welcome to the Biltmore.

♫ It's really jumpin' ♫

I'll just get the key.

♫ Come in, cats,
and check your hats ♫

♫ I mean this joint
is jumpin' ♫

♫ The piano's thumpin' ♫

That's my husband's book.

You're reading
my husband's book.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

♫ Check your weapons
at the door ♫

♫ Be sure to pay
your porter ♫

♫ When you're level
on the floor ♫

♫ Grab anybody's daughter ♫

♫ The roof is rockin' ♫

♫ The neighbor's knockin' ♫

♫ We're all bums
when the wagon comes ♫

♫ I mean... ♫

Here we are.

Welcome to your new life.


Is there more than one room?

It's a honeymoon suite.

Oh, my.

Now you can see what the rich
spend their money on.

And it's all ours.

Ah, silk sheets.

This is gorgeous.

Anything your heart desires.

Just press this,
and you'll have it.


Anything that wild mind of yours

can conceive of.

And a bellboy can carry.

This is the Biltmore, after all.

There's no reason for us
to ever leave this room.

Oh, good,
because I don't want to.

Did we order something already?

I invited a few friends
to celebrate with us.


Well, of course.

How crude we'd be if we didn't.

- Congratulations.

Congratulations, both of you.

That's sweet of y'all.

- Ah. Winston.
- Fitzgerald.

- This is Winston.
- Hi. Lovely to meet you.

- And Reed.
- Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Boys, I am never going
to remember all your names,

so you're just going to
have to be fine with that.

Well, I am the handsome one,
and he's the reprobate.

Or vice versa.

This is Townsend Martin.

He's the one
that writes scenarios
for the pictures.


I'll remember him well.

Townsend, even a bride
on her wedding day?

- Oh.
- There.

- That's the groom.
- That's enough.

A chorus girl?

And a fetching one at that.

I dare say Scott was
the prettiest chorus girl

the Triangle Club has ever had.

Prettier than I am?

I was as pretty as you are,

and you're as handsome as me.

We're two of a kind.

Yes, although only one of you

was propositioned by a pair
of Princeton linemen.

That is too unfortunate.

Scott. Scott.

Might have been a little
bit embarrassing...

Are there any plans for a meal?

A meal?

Something to absorb
some of this liquor.

Oh. Oh, yes.

Yes. Of course.
I'm starving.

Food, sustenance, a must.

Here. You can order...

...whatever you like.

Order everything there is,
why don't you?

♫ When we talk
about the weather ♫

♫ Then we cuddle
close together ♫

- That's great.
- ♫ But wait ♫

♫ You ain't
heard nothin' yet ♫

♫ She's got charms,
such curvy arms ♫

♫ But you ain't
heard nothin' yet ♫

♫ And when those arms
are around my neck ♫

♫ Oh, believe me,
boys, I'm set ♫

♫ And when the lights
are turned down low ♫

♫ I hug and kiss my pet ♫

♫ Now she'd get sore
if I told you more ♫

♫ But you ain't
heard nothin' yet ♫

Where is she?

Where is my little Zelda Sayre?

Oh, Zelda, there
you are, darling.



You can hear the Montgomery
from across the room.

What a surprise.

Townsend told us
about this shindig.

Thought you might like
to see some faces from home.

Now where is that wunderkind
husband of yours?

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,
I'm not much of a reader.

I usually just skip to my lines.

But I say let's drink
to your brilliant book.

Hear, hear.

Save me.

My apologies on behalf
of the Princeton crew.

We're a bit much,
taken all at once.

Or individually.

I've never seen him like this

about anybody, you know?

Hope you're ready.

Because you two are
off to the races.

Does anybody call you Luddy?


Then I will.

A-a-ahem! I have a toast.

I have a toast, everyone.

To the incredible...



Intellectual? Good God!


F. Scott Fitzgerald

and his beautiful bride.

- To Scott.
- To Scott!

- And his bride.
- His bride!

To Zelda.


- Wait, Tilde.
- Tilde!

You're not leaving already.

The lobster creams just come up.

No, no. I've had quite enough.

I blame you for this.

And I don't think
I'll ever forgive you.

Oh, sure you will.


Tilde, stop.


Why are you leaving?

Because I'm heartbroken, Zelda.

You couldn't wait
for your sister.

It's only Tootsie and me,
and you let Scott...

And I don't want to hear
how modern it all is.

A wedding should be
about tradition and family.

There wasn't a proper
reception or a photographer.

What's Mama going
to put on her wall?

Zelda, that can't be
what you wanted,

what you dreamed of.

Yes, it is.

This is New York.

Yes. And you just got here.

This was your wedding day.

It was supposed to be
about you, not Scott.

It is about me.

And Scott loves me.

He did all this for me.

This is exactly what I want.

If I had wanted a stiff,
boring old party,

I would never
have left Montgomery.

Perhaps you shouldn't have.

This is my life, Tilde,

and I'm gonna love
every minute of it.

- Maybe we should...
- Can't save somebody

who doesn't want to be saved.

Katie, that can certainly
wait until tomorrow.

I suppose it could.

For better or worse,

our girl's a married
woman by now.

Well, the judge say

Montgomery never
seen no Catholic
wedding anyhow,

so this will be fine.

I'll get it, Katie.


- Mama?
- Oh, baby girl!

I'm married, Mama.

So you are.

It's... Tell me everything,
my girl.

Well, Montgomery's
never seen the likes

of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
I can tell you that.

And I looked right smart
in my spring suit

with your lace
as the crowning effect.

There were flowers
to the rafters, Mama,

so fragrant and lush.

Why, every florist in the
city must have sold out.

Scott thought
of every last detail.

Our honeymoon suite's
on the 18th floor.

- Oh.
- Can you believe

a building could be so high?

And his best man made
the most beautiful speech.

Scott's friends are such a hoot.

We've been dancing for hours.

Oh. What a glorious day.

How's Daddy?

Oh... he's just fine.

Are you happy, baby?

Of course I'm happy, Mama.

Well, I don't want to keep you

from your husband, then.

I love you, Mama.

Give my love to Katie and Daddy.

Be good, Zelda.

Hey, y'all, it's getting late.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Where's Scott?

Scott. Scott...

If y'all don't mind,

I'd like to have my new
husband to myself now.

I couldn't wait one second more.

I was made for you, Scott.

Like you had me ordered,
made, and measured

just for you.

And I want you to wear me.

"It seemed strange

"that out of a row
of Union soldiers,

"two or three made him
think of dead loves

"and dead lovers,

"when they were
exactly like the rest,

even to
the yellowish moss."

Those are my words
from my letter.

Scott, you used my words?

Oh, well...

You made me a part
of your wonderful book

for the whole world to read?


You really did it.

We did it.

There'll never be just
two of us again.

From now on, we'll be three:

you, me, and us.

♫ Another bride ♫

♫ Another groom ♫

♫ Another sunny honeymoon ♫

♫ Another season ♫

♫ Another reason ♫

♫ For makin' whoopee ♫

♫ The choir sings ♫

♫ "Here Comes the Bride" ♫

♫ Another victim
is by her side ♫

♫ He's lost his reason ♫

♫ 'Cause it's the season ♫

♫ For makin' whoopee ♫

.srt Extracted and Resynced
by Dan4Jem, AD.MMXVII.I