Z: The Beginning of Everything (2015–2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - Best of All - full transcript

Scott and Zelda take a road trip back to Montgomery in an attempt to mend their marriage.

♫ So they all went away ♫

♫ Singing oh,
by gee, by gosh ♫

♫ By gum, by Jove,
By Jingo ♫

♫ By gee, you're
the only girl for me ♫

♫ ...for me ♫

♫ By Jingo had a lover ♫

♫ He was always under covers ♫

♫ La da la Ba da Ba dum... ♫

It's "under cover."


"He was always under cover,"

not "under covers."

She had a lover, and he
was always under covers.

That makes sense.

Right. Well,
I guess you'd know more

about that sort of thing
than I would.

It's just a song, Zelda.

Here, darling.

Why don't you see
if you can find a road

that'll take us to Richmond?

Uh, it says "Jog left
at Vagabond Lane."

What do you think
they mean by jog?

Well, I think that means
to step on the gas

- and then scoot around...
- Slow down, Scott.

I want to get to Montgomery
in one piece.

All right, then.

No jog.

How long are we going
to be in Montgomery for?

I don't know.

Well, it's just that I
promised Max Perkins...

You didn't have to come.

I've been thinking.


Maybe I'll go on the wagon

for a little while.

Clear my head.


You don't think I can?

Hand me that gin bottle
in the back there.

All right, then, uh,
I guess I will, too.

It wouldn't be the worst
thing in the world

for Mama and Daddy to see us
off the bottle for once.

I didn't do it for your father.

The judge has rendered
his verdict.

There will be no retrial.

Can you blame him?

Can't say that I do.

Thank you.


So now Sarah Bernhardt's
writing novels.

The actress?
She's still alive?

She's 75 years old.


"The famous actress
has already dabbled

"in painting and sculpture.

"This is her first
excursion to literature.

"She has said and declared
that if it is successful,

she'll attempt a play."

Well, good for her.



Uch. For God's sake,
she's an actress.

At 75 years old,

maybe she doesn't care
as much as you do.

Maybe not.

Maybe that's your problem.

What, that I care?

No. That I don't.

And I'm sick
of talking about it.

Right or left?

I must have taken a wrong turn.

I told you we should
have turned back

at that service station.

That's not
what Dr. Jones advised.

Well, there's a cabin up there.

Maybe they can tell us how
to get to Fredericksburg.

Yeah, I'm not sure
that's a good idea.

Sure it is.

Maybe we should wait
until we get to a real town.

We haven't seen a real
town in miles.

Now come on. There are
dogs out front.


Holy Jesus!

Stop, stop, stop!

Stop the car.

It's gone. The whole thing
is absolutely gone.

I can see that.

I guess the expensive
doesn't like Virginia.

Why are you laughing?
This is a problem.

You'll have to fix that wheel.

We're gonna have to
find it first.

Them potholes are
real bad on tires.

That's for sure.


is this what you're looking for?

Need a hand?

Uh, no. No, it's fine.

Where are you going?


Where is that?


Is it far?

90 miles from here.

Is it nice?

It's the most beautiful
place on Earth.

The air smells
like, uh, ripe pears.

The nights are warm and soft.

And it's old
and comfortable now.

Everything's old here, too.

I don't like it much.

I'm going to get
to Richmond some day.

Don't be in too big a hurry.

The world's a big place.

This will help you find it.

Thank you, lady.

How are we doing, fellas?

We're all done.
Thanks for your help.

So which way to Fredericksburg?

About 15 miles on that road.

Can't miss it.


- Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.

You're, uh,

you're gonna let her drive?

Of course. She's my queen.


Well, we're going to have
to be careful now.

You just gave that man
our last $5.00.

We only have about
enough for one more
night on the road.

What? You didn't tell me
we were running out of money.

I wouldn't have bought such
a big breakfast this morning.

I wanted you to have
whatever breakfast
you wanted, darling.

I don't want you to worry.

You still could have
been honest with me

about the money.

That's all right. We'll
be in Montgomery soon.

We can stay in Mama's house.

That house is so big.

Huh. You can even
finish your novel there.


Whoa. What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- Saving money.
- No, no, no, no!

Christ Almighty, Zelda.

You can't break the law!

Whoo hoo hoo!

We don't want the cops after us.

I didn't know I married
a regular land stirrer.

There's a lot
you don't know
about me.


What was that?


Still alive.

I didn't see it.

What are we going to do?

We can't do anything.

There must be something.

There's nothing.

Get in the car.


Zelda, we got to go.

It's just a matter of time

before the toll booth guy
comes looking for us.

We can't just
leave him here, Scott.

What do you want me to do?

I'm not God.

Zelda, let's go.

How could you leave that
animal to suffer like that?

You're the one
that hit it, Zelda.

He came out of nowhere.

No one could have stopped.

I never should have
let you drive.

Let me drive?

You insisted.
I indulged.

Indulged me.

What am I, a child?

Why do you get to decide
what I do and don't do?

We're just talking
about a dying animal

that we couldn't help,
that is all.

Yes, it was distressing,
but we have to move on.

I didn't want to move on.
That deer was suffering.

Look, you didn't know
what you wanted.

You were hysterical.

Now, I had to do what I
thought was right.

I had to make a decision
for both of us.

What you thought was right?

Like letting Eugenia Bankhead
give you the works?

Was that right?



I was drunk.

You're always drunk.

Well, I saw you with Townsend.

We were just talking.

You were in each other's arms.

He's been after you
ever since he met you.

You know that.

But we were just talking.

- It didn't mean anything.
- Exactly.

None of it means anything.

Is that the kind of marriage
you want to have?


No, of course not.

I just...

I got drunk.

And I lost myself.

I wish we hadn't
thrown out that gin.


Good evening.
We'd like a room.

Where are you folks from?

New York City.

New York City.

We're on our way to Montgomery.

Oh, I like your bulldog, Mister.

We're sold out tonight.

Sold out?

But there's clearly no one here.

No vacancy.

There aren't any motorcars

parked outside.

We got a dress code here,
and she's breaking it.


He doesn't like
my knickerbockers.

Pity a nice girl like you

should be let to wear
them kind of clothes.

And exactly
what kind of clothing

should a nice girl be wearing,

in your opinion, Floyd,

seeing as you're clearly a man

of sartorial flair?

Don't know what you're
trying to say, fancy pants.

What clothing should
my wife be wearing?

Scott, let's just go.

No. I am tired and hungry,

you would like to take a bath,

and we would like to get a room.

Not my problem.
I ain't renting a room

to some Yankee bed bunny.
Now, I...

You calling my wife a...

- Take your hands off...
- Hey, Mister,

you don't want me wearing
these pants in your hotel?

How about now? You going
to rent us a room now?

I'm calling the sheriff.

We'd better scram.

Go on.

Did you see his face?

I was too busy looking
at your legs, darling.

Hurry up.



- What's wrong?
- Slide over.

It's dead again.


Release the brake.

Who bought this rolling
piece of junk anyway?

We did!

Hold on!

Come on, come on.

I don't miss New York at all.

Not even the people?

Especially not the people.

I love you, darling.

We can't ever let anything
or anyone come between us.

Sometimes we come between us.

Mama. Daddy?



It's all locked up.

They're not home.

Well, did they tell you
where they were heading?

They left rather abruptly,

I assumed they were going
to take the train back home,

but I guess they went
back to Tilde's.

Scott, what am I going to do?

What do you mean?

I need to see them.

Darling, they...

they're not gone forever.

You don't understand.
I need to see them now.

Everything's come undone.

Nothing's come undone.

We're fine.

We're not fine.

We have no money, no car,
no place to stay,

no place for you to write.

Where are we supposed to go?
We don't have a home!

Zelda, Zelda, Zelda,
hey, hey, hey, hey.

We can go anywhere
and do anything we want.

If you want to go to Paris,
we'll go to Paris.

If you want to go to Cairo
and ride a camel,

I'll be right there with you.

The world is ours,

and I want to see every
bit of it with you...

as long as we're together,

because no matter where we are,

we're home.

Oh, and I want to be
with you anywhere.

Me, too.

I can write anywhere.

I love you best of all.

I really need a bath and a nap.

Ah, well...

we could break a window.

Oh, if you think
my daddy hates you now...

I know where we can go.

Come on.

They have guest rooms
upstairs for members.

It won't be the Biltmore, but...

- Zelda.
- Zelda Sayre.


John. Ellie.

How are you?


Oh, Zelda.

When did you get back?

Look at your hair.

Heavens, Zelda,
what are you doing here?

I thought your parents
went up to see you.

They did, but, uh...
oh, it's a long story.

I read your book.

We all have.

It caused quite
a stir around here.

And everywhere.

Oh, good.
That was my intention.

I should, uh, go see
about the room, darling.

Zelda, you're famous.

We've been following you

in all the papers.

And you're married.

Yes, I am.

What's it like?

There's a lot
of drinking involved.

But not now.

We're off it now.

Oh, come on, Zelda, for real.

It feels like I haven't
been back here in ages.

Tell me about you.
And Montgomery.

And Livye.

Oh, Livye's dating
Stuart Ramsey.

Oh, no one knows why.
He's a mailman.

He's nice to her.

Oh, but listen to this.

Buddy Hollingsworth
and Nita McCormick

were caught kissing
at a picture show last...

Zelda, narrating:
It's a funny thing

coming home.

Nothing changes.

Everything looks the same,

feels the same,

even smells the same.

You realize what's changed...

is you.

Zelda, are you
back for the ball?

Oh, uh, I don't know.

We just needed a place to stay.

Actually, uh,
I need to freshen up.

Can you tell Scott
I'll be right back?

Sure, sure.

Excuse me.

Are you sick, honey?

I'm pregnant.

Oh. My goodness.

Well, congratulations.

I had the same thing
with all of my babies.

Ginger tea, plain crackers.

Works every time.

Your mother must be so thrilled.

Nobody has ever measured...

not even poets...

how much the heart can hold.