Yu-Gi-Oh! (2000–2006): Season 3, Episode 32 - Clash in the Coliseum: Part 1 - full transcript

It's the rematch we've all been waiting for! Yugi and Kaiba square off for the first time since Duelist Kingdom in front of thousands of ravenous fans for the right to challenge Marik! It's time to duel!

Obey the Rules and manners
to have a fun Duel!!

Worried that this full tank of energy will lose it's destination

Whoever shakes for just a minute their boredom, will explode!

I ride, atop the white line, Oh, Oh, Oh

Sit down, in the place you have faith Oh, Oh, Oh

Go to the place that tempts you!

If each person took one thing at a time, freedom and passion in their hand

For the shine to come, continue our journey

The unclear everyday trump-card that sustains me, is your soul

The best growth is coming forth, unstoppable wild drive

We are both yet to settle down, striking the door

Jounouchi-kun has fallen
after losing to Malik's Dark Game.

I'm begging you! Please don't die!

If I lose you too...


At that very moment, the
Millennium Tauk Ishizu gave me
showed me a vision of the future.

I'll believe in that future!

And I'll fight!

In order to keep my promise with Jounouchi-kun!

In order to obtain the
future I saw back there!

"The Sky Colosseum Duel:
Yugi VS Kaiba"

Seto-sama, we need to start
the second Duel soon...

He will be here...

Regardless of what happens,
he can't run away from our battle.

This is our fated fight!

Partner, our fight is waiting for us.


So you've come, Yugi!


The time to settle this
has finally come...!

Your usual annoying peanut gallery
isn't with you this time, I see.

Jounouchi's coffin must
be pretty heavy.

Jounouchi-kun is still fighting!

That's what I believe!

You're free to
believe whatever you wish.

But he was facing Malik.

He fought that Duel to the bitter end.

And even forced him to pull out God.

As a Duelist, he must be very proud.

He can at least pass over
without any regrets.


Both I... and Jounouchi-kun
are still looking for that answer!

There is no "answer" for the fallen.

Only shame...

And despair...

That's not true!

You can hang your head low in defeat...

Or you can stand back up and continue
searching for the future!

You can continue down the
road of battle until you find it!

And there you'll find the answer!

"What is a True Duelist?"

Jounouchi-kun is still fighting
to find that answer!

Humph, how ridiculous!

Listen! There's only one true victor!

The one who piles up
the corpses of the defeated

will be able to grasp
the glory shining in Heaven!

The one who was chosen
by the three God Cards!

Yugi, I will defeat you and gain
the title of "Duel King"!

Hey! Did his hand move just now?!

Big brother?

No, he's still unconscious.


Shit! Isn't that helicopter here yet?!

I'm gonna go ask Mokuba!

Yugi's Duel is about to start...


I'm headed to the Duel Ring
where Kaiba's waiting.


So you stay here and keep fighting!

As a Duelist!


Why does he insist
on continuing to fight?!

I just... can't understand...!

All we can do is
believe in him and wait.


We still have the light of hope needed
to disperse the darkness.

We have to believe that.


We swore...

...as True Duelists...

We still haven't found our answer!

I was worried this Duel would be boring
because of the damage Jounouchi
took when he fell.

But I'm relieved!

You haven't lost your fighting spirit!

And now the second match
of the Semi-Finals!

The Duel between Seto Kaiba and
Yugi Mutou will now begin!

Let's go, Yugi!

My Obelisk...

...or your Osiris!!

This is now a battle of gods!!

The winner of this Duel
will obtain two God Cards.

This is an ante of pride!

For a battle to determine the
ultimate Duelists, this site is too drab!

Therefore, I have prepared a battle stage
worthy of our fated Duel!

Solid Vision System! Activate!

Just what...?

The battle for the title of "Duel King"...

...will be held on the stage of...

Sky Duel Colosseum!

Kaiba! Kaiba!

Kaiba! Kaiba!

Yugi! After countless conflicts...

...we will fight the decisive battle
in the name of fate!

Like the Ancient Roman gladiators who fought
with their lives for pride and freedom!

Now draw your cards,
your sword, from your deck!

My turn!


If my cards are my sword,
then my Duel Disk is my shield!

In that case...

The card in my right hand
is my pride!

And the Disk in my left hand
is my soul!

Here goes, Kaiba!

Bring it, Yugi!

My card is...

Queen's Knight!
In Defense Mode!

And I set a reverse card!

Turn over!

My turn!


The God of Victory always smiles on me,
regardless of the situation.

All I have to do is put
three sacrifices on the field...

What kind of strategy
will Kaiba use in this Duel?

The strategy he uses against Ishizu,

destroying the opponent's deck
with powerful Monsters and spells?

It's my turn.

Blood Vorse, attack!

Keldo is eliminated!

Reverse card, open!

Fall into the trap of Hell!

Now that this Dark Attribute Monster has less than 1000 Attack Points, he becomes the carrier of the virus!

All the Monsters on your field and in your deck are destroyed!

But I know the ins and outs
of his Deck Destruction strategy...

He must still have a strategy
he hasn't used hidden in his deck!

I Summon X-Head Cannon
in Attack Position!

I then activate a Magic Card!

Magic Sanctuary!

Magic Sanctuary?!

This card forces both players to add
one Magic Card from their deck to their hand.

In addition, this Continuous Magic Card
allows us to use any Magic Card
during our opponent's turn.

So pick any card you wish!

Kaiba... Accepting such high risk
just to play a Magic Card...

Just what Magic Card did you
get your hands on?

I place a reverse card face-down!

Turn over!

You're finished next turn.

I already have the cards in my hand
for an Instant Kill Combo...

Oi, Mokuba! What the hell's
going on with that helicopter?!

It's not looking too good.

There's too much interference in the air
to reach the control tower.

What'd you say?!
That's ridiculous!

Hey! Can anyone hear me?!

Answer me!

We have an injured person here!

Big brother...

Big brother!

Someone call me?

Huh? What was I doing again?

This deck...

Oh yeah!

I'm about to play in the
District Duel Tournament!

And my second match is up next!

Just you guys watch!

I'm gonna win this thing for sure!

Kaiba and Yugi...

A clash between the gods!

I have to see this battle
with my own two eyes.

My turn! Draw!

Kaiba's Monster on the field has
more Attack Points than my Defense.

But he didn't attack...

Is he being cautious
of my reverse card?


I'll Summon another Monster!

Magnet Warrior Alpha
in Defense Mode!

And I'll also set a reverse card!

Turn end!

I'll teach you how foolish it is to play
Low-Level Monsters against me...

My turn! Draw!

Yugi! Bow down before God and die!

I'll activate a Magic Card
from my hand on this turn!

Cross Sacrifice!

Cross Sacrifice...!

Cross Sacrifices makes it so the Monsters
on your field become my servants!

So I choose to sacrifice them!

I'll then sacrifice them along with the
X-Head Cannon I control,
totaling three tributes!

You won't do it that easily, Kaiba!

Reverse card, open!

Change of Heart!


Thanks to the
Magic Sanctuary you played,

I'm also permitted to use its
Continuous Effect that allows me to play
Magic Cards during my opponent's turns!

Now your X-Head Cannon
becomes my servant for one turn!


I won't let you Summon God!

So you saw through me?

I would say that's expected of you...

...but you were naïve, Yugi!

Reverse card, open!

Enemy Controller!


By entering the right command,
this card allows me to control one
of the Monsters on your field!

I pay 1000 of my Life!

Left! Right! A! B!

Using this command,
I can once again control
X-Head Cannon as my third sacrifice!

Now I have three sacrifices!


Is he going to Summon Obelisk
in just two turns?!

Come forth...


Oh no you don't!

Lightforce Sword!!

My Lightforce Sword will keep your
God Card out of commission for three turns!

It will stay sealed away on the field!

Don't get too hasty now...

The game's barely gotten started, Kaiba.

Seems you managed
to stop an instant kill...

...but your imminent defeat
has not changed!

I can't believe Honda-kun
still isn't back!

What the hell is he doing?!


It's far too quiet...

Almost like silence before a large storm.

This is a battle between
two owners of the God Cards.

This Duel is bound to
become a vicious fight.

And what is going to happen
the moment it starts?

Since the Summoning
of Obelisk was nullified,

the three Tribute Monsters
remain on the field.

And Cross Sacrifices' effect ends!

The sealed God Card won't return to my hand for another three turns now.

But I have another plan to Summon God...

My turn is over.

Yugi... It's your turn!

My turn!


I have two Monsters on my field...

One more and I'll have gathered three sacrifices... enough tributes to Summon my god.

Only... I haven't drawn Osiris from my deck yet...

X-Head Cannon on Kaiba's field has 1800 Attack Points...

I can't destroy it with the Monsters on my field...

I don't have any Monsters with high Attack Power in my hand...

I'll just have to sit tight...

I'll set one reverse card!

I'll keep the Monsters on my field in Defense Mode and end my turn!

If you keep running like that, Yugi, your three turns will pass by in an instant!

No... I won't even need three turns...

...to kill you with God...

My turn! Draw!

Let's see how the Duel's progressing...


Kaiba's Obelisk has been pinned by a sealing strategy, eh?

But Yugi can't attack either...

Now which one of them
will Summon God first?

Who will win this Duel, knowing all that awaits the winner is death at my hands, deep in the darkness?

But no matter who wins...

I reserve the right to kill Yugi myself.

My next card is...

Y-Dragon Head!

I Summon it in Attack Mode!

Y-Dragon Head...!

Kaiba already has X-Head Cannon in his Monster arsenal...

X... and Y...

Could they be Magnet Monsters with the ability to combine?!

Correct you are!

When any two of
X, Y and Z are Summoned...

...their Combination Ability activates!

Now join together!

XY-Dragon Cannon!

Just one more part...

If I play part "Z", they will activate their Ultimate Fusion!

With Magnet Monsters, if he can gather all three Union Monsters together, their Attack and Defense Points increase!

Using such a tactic, he can easily destroy my Monsters!

And then... When the Lightforce Sword stops working,

he can Summon Obelisk by sacrificing the Magnet Monsters!

Kaiba planned this from the beginning!

It's the perfect strategy to Summon God!

Attack him, XY-Dragon Cannon!

Hyper Destruction!

Disappear, you weakling Monsters!

Even if he destroys my Defense Monsters, I won't lose any Life Points...

But... Obelisk has 4000 Attack Points...

If I let him Summon it, he'll reduce my Life to 0 in just one turn!

Does it scare you that my sealed God
will be free in just three turns, Yugi?!

But what if I told you I
didn't have to wait?


The gods always end up
in the hands of the ultimate Duelist!

True indeed.
That analysis is right on the mark...

However, you aren't
that person, Kaiba...

I activate this Magic Card!

Voice of the Heavens!

This Magic Card allows me
to control a High-Level Eight-Star
Monster or higher residing in your deck!

As long as you have the card I name!

Oh yes... The name of God!

Osiris the Heaven Dragon!

Now take the God Cad from your
deck and give him to me!

It was hidden deep
in your deck, wasn't it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you were
going to draw God during this Duel.

So Kaiba got his hands on
two God Cards now, huh?

Do you understand now, Yugi?!

The gods only obey me!

We'll see about that...

You must have been thinking
the same thing I was...


The moment Obelisk
was freed from hos seal,

I was planning to
activate this reverse card.

Reverse card, open!



The Hand Exchange Magic Card?!

The trump card I used in my Duel with
Jounouchi-kun to recover his friendship...

Back then...

C'mon Jounouchi-kun...

Take whichever card you want out of these five cards.

D-Damn it all!


On that day, we inherited a part of Jounouchi-kun's spirit as a Duelist!

And even now, Jounouchi-kun's
spirit fights alongside me!

Alright, Kaiba! Time for you to
return the Osiris card to me!

We've won!


You choose one as well.

Thank you, Kaiba!

God is in my hands!

Yugi managed to seal the Obelisk card away using the Lightforce Sword's effect.

And he also got the Osiris card back into his hand using Exchange,

but he won't be able to Summon his god unless he gets three sacrifices.

Kaiba-kun finally gathers all three Monsters - X, Y and Z - on his field!

Will Yugi manage to Summon Osiris before the effects of Lightforce Sword wares off?

Next time!

"The Three Knights Used to Call God"

Duel standby!

The unsinkable sun, wherever it rises

A dream is a dream, and it won't stop

The straight rail and the steep route

To go, or not go all of yourself

I'm getting tired of counting my advances in a cage

Respect! Boys, show me your strength

It's awkward, but draw the map

Now let's walk forever with our head up high...

The unsinkable sun, if it starts to get to familiar like you

answer freely to the everyday discomfort

I want to believe you, because I am losing my way with everything

Hiding in my heart... this secret paradise