Your Honor (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Part Seven - full transcript

Previously on Your Honor...

There's one guy...
He come up to me real quiet,

asking me if I know
who Kofi Jones is.

Do you know his name?

Carlo Baxter.

- We got him.
- What?

We got Carlo Baxter's
DNA on Kofi.

It's gonna be
the hottest shit in Nola.

We're gonna turn 150 grand

into half a mil.

Y'all ain't
the only one upping your game.

That's 200 Gs.

Trevor, I'm a judge.

If there's one thing
I've learned about blackmailers

is they always
come back for more.

what I know, Judge.

I know your car was stolen
the day after

you killed my son.

Up against the wall!

So let's just skip your

denying everything,
get to where I shoot you

- in the fucking head.
- Carlo.

He is about to be arrested
for the murder

of Kofi Jones.

He's going to stand trial
for murder.

They've-they've got video
evidence and-and-and-and

DNA. No, no.
I-I can make sure that...

that hi-his case is in my court.

I can make sure
that he walks out a free man.

Slow, suspenseful music

What does this person know?


Slow, suspenseful music

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Pick up the phone.

Pick up the fucking phone,

I got the power

I got the power

I got the power...

150 grand in 24 hours!

How do you like that
for return on investment?

Every time I walk up
in the motherfuckin' room

- I make heads turn
- And their minds go, "Boom"

Slayed so hard,
big faces need a broom

Kill 'em softly

Then I put 'em in a tomb,
walk up, walk up

Walk up, walk up,
walk up in the room, money

Make her,
make her mind go "Boom"

Money, money, money, money,
money need a broom

Put 'em in a, put 'em in a,
put 'em in a tomb

If you think that you're on top

It's time to reevaluate

Honey, don't step out of line

And, bitch,
you better know your place

I'm screaming it,
screaming it louder

- I got the, I got the power
I got the power

Bitches can't help
but be sour...

Yeah. Leave a message.

Don't go to the hotel.

Stay away from the hotel.

Get away from the hotel!

Slow, suspenseful music


Slow, suspenseful music

Come on.

Oh, shit!



Jesus Christ.

Slow, suspenseful music

- Leave it out front.
- Yes, sir.


Carlo, come
and kiss your mother.

Go get the stuff.

- Hey.
- Get him out of there!

- What? Who?
- Carlo!

Now! Go!

Slow, suspenseful music


Yeah. Sure.

Yeah, I understand.

We need you.

Carlo Baxter,

- you're under arrest.
- For what?

You have the right
to remain silent.

- For what?!
- You do not have to say

- anything, but I should warn you
- Fuck you!

That anything you do say,
including abusive language...

- Fuck you up the ass.
- ...might be used

in evidence against you.

- Oh.
- What's your name?

Step back, ma'am.

She said step back!

I want your name.

Detective Costello, Mrs. Baxter.

Why are you arresting my son?

I think you know
the answer to that.



They're saying
he killed someone.


In jail,
the day of Rocco's funeral.

I'm sorry. I didn't...
I didn't know

who else to come to, and I...

No, no, no, it's-it's okay.
I've got you.

The wrong brother died.

How can I feel something
like that?

But I do.

Is that... is that terrible?

Shit. You-you...

Please don't ever tell anyone
I said that.

- Promise me?
- I promise.

Hey, you didn't see me,
all right?

150 grand

and ten bucks.

Did they get that wrong?
The extra ten?

Don't tell me... poker winnings.

Yeah, I'm figuring...

it would be the easiest thing
in the world

to tie this to drugs.

I'm also figuring

we could forget about it...

...if you want
to talk about Kofi Jones.

Kofi who?

This is a death penalty case.

And the evidence, it's...


You don't always know
with a jury, Carlo,

but I'd say you've got
maybe a 15% chance

of walking away from this
if you fight it.

It takes balls.

What does?

Confessing early.

Most men can't do it.

Early is the only way.

Any later and... they just know
you ran out of options.

Every judge I've met
knows the difference

between remorse and self-pity.



9 p.m.

Thursday, June 6, 2009.

I went to see for myself.

It's 'cause
they don't train them right,

and deep down,
they don't want to be there.

Execution teams are not good
at finding a vein.

Getting the needle in there
can be...

real hard.

The one I witnessed?

Fourteen times they tried.

'Till eventually,
they stopped trying,

and they just stuck it
in his groin.

And then it doesn't work.

The second drug
in the triple cocktail

paralyzes everything.

But it doesn't take away
the pain.

Unimaginable agony.

With no way of showing it.

I don't want that for anyone.

Wrap it up, Detective.

His lawyer's here.

So what's he like?

- Who?
- Johnny Zander.

- Who?
- The lawyer.

I don't know him.


So you do your thing in there?

My thing?

"This hurts me as much
as it hurts you. Come to Mama."

- Some.
- What did he say?

It's what he didn't say
that's gonna matter.

Twenty years on the bench,

and you've heard it all, right?

About what human beings
do to each other.

Witness testimony
and photographs.

But never the real thing.

Double knots.


Get him up.

Slow, dramatic music

He killed somebody.

- It's an allegation.
- Police are saying...

The police? The police?
Fucking police.

You know what they do
in the Quarter?

They sell NOPD T-shirts from the
police station on Royal Street.

Are you kidding me? You people
ran away from Katrina.

And they sell T-shirts.

He did it, though?

Now I look at him...

...and I look at you.

I just remembered
it's my birthday.

What's funny?

We're a long way past that.

Past what?


What are you,
a fucking philosopher?

What are you, a fucking judge?

I saw the money in Carlo's bag.

It was a lot, Dad.

I'm sorry you had to see.


What was in his bag?

Carlo got into something
when he was in prison.

Contemplative music

And it's gotten messy,

like it always does with drugs.

- What is wrong with him?
- It doesn't matter.

- Wh-What do you mean?
- Well,

a father's love for his children
is unconditional.

I love you, I love him.

I loved Rocco.

I love Rocco.

Don't go to the hotel.

Stay away from the hotel.
Get away from the hotel!

They knew.

- What?
- Oh, nothing.

Hey, what's he like?

The lawyer.

Ask Lieutenant Cusack.

- Cusack doesn't know him.
- Really?

Deep conversation
the two of them had

when Zander got here.

No, they don't know each other.

Then it was a hell
of a first date.

In front of you,
this conversation?

Parking lot.

They knew we were coming.

It's amazing what a man can do

with the will to survive.

That hiker who
cut his own arm off.

Can you imagine that?

Or hitting someone
with your car...

and leaving them bleeding
to death in the road.

What does that take?

And stealing his phone.

What did you do with it?

- It's in the river.
- Ah.

You were thinking clearly for
someone who just killed a child.

I wasn't thinking, it was panic.


Rocco crossed over into my lane.

Why didn't you turn yourself in?

I wanted to.

- I was there t...
- Where?

At the... at the police station.

I went there to do just that,

Then I saw you

with your wife.

Did he say anything?

Before he died?

He couldn't.
He-he couldn't breathe.

Was he trying to speak?


Did he think
you were helping him?

I was helping. I did help him.

- I did everything that I could.
- He called 911.

You took his phone from him.

You threw it in the river.

Hmm? "Help"?


Is that what you call that?

Anyone who...

What kind of a human being
is that?


You have a son.

- Yes.
- How old?

Adam... Adam is 17.

Does he love you?

- Yes.
- Respect you?

Yes, I think so.

Have you told him

what kind of a man
his father really is?

No, I haven't said that.

Have you told your children

what kind of man you really are?

Have you told them
about the gas leak

on Flood Street
in the Lower 9th?

The one that killed three
small children and their mother.

Have you told them that?

Have you told them the ages
of those children?

Their names?

You know what
losing a child gives you?

Terrible, visceral pain.

An overwhelming sense
of failure.

And then there's the...

the surprising one.

It's a kind of freedom.

Nothing matters.

Not ever again.

So you're capable of anything.


If you don't come through
for Carlo,

it would be the easiest thing
in the world

to cut your hard
fucking heart out

and feed it to the river.

Slow, ominous music



- Hey.
- Hey.

- What are you doing?
- Oh. Eh...

Dad. Hey,
what happened to your face?

- Oh.
- Dad?

You want to kiss it better?

- What?
- You don't remember that?

You remember that time we went
to the zoo? Maybe you don't.

I mean, you were only,
what, five or six?

Anyway, there was
this-this mangy old camel,

and it had a-a bandage
around its leg and-and you said,

"Kiss it better, Daddy?"

I mean, you got
so angry and frustrated

when I didn't climb
into the enclosure

and kiss a camel.

The father
who can fix everything.

Uh, if there hadn't been
people around,

I even think
I might have done it.

I... But how did you
hurt your face?

Oh. Just playing with Django.

Caught a paw.



Oh, hey, Django,
what are you doing?


Django, what are you doing?

Oh, Jesus.

- Get away from there.
- Hey, what's this?


Oh, the, um...

Uh, the butcher, he, uh, he...

he saves offcuts for-for Django.

- Come on, Django. Get away.
- Eh, what is it?

It's offal.

- What's offal?
- Oh, it's...

the parts that
we-we just don't eat.

- Like heart?
- Yeah.

It doesn't look like a heart.

Really, I don't know what
it is, I-I don't ask.

He just gives it to us, so...

Okay, I mean,
well, what's white?

The... brain?


Uh, sheep or pig?

Wh... Uh...

Did you know
that it was Carlo Baxter

who killed Kofi Jones?

Yes, I did. Um...

The warrant for his arrest,
t-that was me.

How did you find out?

- It's out there.
- Wh...?

- Social media, Dad.
- Oh.

W-When did you find
that out? Was...

All right, look, look,

that's Judge LeBlanc calling.

I need to take a quick shower,

but tell her
I'm on my way, okay?

And tell her the reason why.

Thank you.


Yeah, uh, no, he was, uh,
playing with Django

and Django's paw
caught his face.

Uh, yeah, no, no. He's-he's
fine, he's, uh, he's on his way.

We're a week away
from the enforced release

of 16 murderers and nine rapists
because we can't find

the court time
to put them on trial.

This is about
not having proper funding

- in the court system.
- No, no, no.

Fox News says it's actually
about 25 Willie Hortons

coming out of jail next week
to hang out on Bourbon Street.

Or how the slowest judge
in New Orleans

is gonna get your daughter raped
or your son murdered.

That's you, Michael.
You are the problem.

Fox is asking
for a picture of you.

They want one of you smiling.
Do you have one of those?

Not lately.

I've never done anything like
this before. It just, it just...

it breaks all the rules.

But I love you, so...

...I asked Molly to give you
the Carlo Baxter arraignment.

I thought maybe
you could show everybody

the size of your balls.

Otherwise known
as standing up to,

not up for, criminals.

Slow, somber music

All rise.

All rise.

Court is in session.

Mr. Zander, is your client ready

to enter a plea at this time?

Yes, Your Honor.

Very well. Carlo Baxter,

to the count of murder
in the first degree,

how do you plead?

- Not guilty.
- All right.

Your Honor, I'd like to request
that bail be set.

Ms. McKee?

This is a death penalty case.

Mr. Baxter
is a violent criminal.

Ms. McKee, you're addressing me,

not the National Enquirer.

Sorry. I'll start again.

This is a death penalty case.
Mr. Baxter's a violent criminal.

How about being
a little more specific

on your objections to bail?

Fuck you. Fuck you up the ass.

Mr. Baxter's response
to being Mirandized.

It's a way better articulation
about his attitude

to being held in custody than
anything I can come up with.

He's about as near to
the perfect definition

of a flight risk
since El Chapo got cuffed.

I agree.

Go fuck yourself.

Excuse me?

Go fuck yourself.

You know, I think it's good
to get your feelings out,

Mr. Baxter...
man-to-man and everything,

but if you do it again,
I will have you arrested

for contempt of court.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me,

Mr. Baxter?

Haunting music

What the fuck?

I have to make this look legit.

- What the fuck?!
- Shh!

Come on.

Why do you think I told you
to go fuck yourself, hmm?

I hate you, you hate me,
it's beautiful.

No one is going to question
my integrity

if I get this trial.

- If? If?
- I meant when I get this trial.

When... I get it.

It's okay. It-It's all right.

We're-we're-we're fine now.

It's okay.

Took a lot of losses,
had to bounce back

She got ass,
love it when it bounce back

Came back strong,
had to bounce back

Applying pressure,
watch a nigga bounce back

Huh, huh,
push it up all in his face

And he think that I'm pushing,
like what we got talk about?

Ain't shit to talk about, I
put the calls on these niggas

I call 'em out, call 'em
out, huh, huh, push it, yeah

Huh, huh, push it

I'm in his face
and he thinkin' I'm pushing

Major mistake if you thinkin'
I'm pussy, yeah

Huh, huh, push it, push it

I'm in his face
and he thinkin' I'm pushing

Major mistake if you thinkin'
I'm pussy, yeah

252 on the digi',
I'm still in the kitchen

I'm cookin' up
a four and a half...

We doing drop-ins now?

Baxters don't deal heroin.

Some Baxters do.

You know Carlo got arrested.

You the new delivery man now?

The drugs are gone.

See, now, that's not gonna work.

They bought and paid for.

I gave your son 150 large.

It's in an evidence locker
at the police station,

together with the heroin;
you want it, go get it.

I'm gonna be made whole,

either by you or Carlo.

Do you speak for your son,
or is he his own boss?

The 150, that's on you.

As for Carlo...

...he's my only son.

You understand me?

Looks like you and me

ain't in the problem solving
business today.

You gotta be cautious, I'm
clutching, you crossin' us

Pump put a permanent scar
in your top

Bought a new freak, she got
a big head like Rihanna

It's cute, I'm not takin' a shot

Designer my closet,
pick up a deposit

On Michigan Ave.
When I chill in the Chi

I'm in two lanes, whip is insane

I had to take off the brain

I got some change,
drive with two names

On the Blackberry doin' my thing

I been pushing them thangs

- Pushing it, pushing it
- I been doing my thang

Pushing it, pushing it
pushing it, pushing it

Pushing it, pushing it, yeah

Took a lot of losses,
had to bounce back...

They robbing us.

That there? The bold walk-in?

Bullshit show of strength

hiding weak as all fuck

Family split like that,
all we need is a lever

to break it open.

As far as Carlo's concerned,

nothing changes;
I'll deal with him.

That's how we fuck
with his daddy.

Something to say, little man?


Get word into OPP.

Let's make sure his son know

he ain't hiding from us
in there.

Sick wit' compartments,
Toyota Corolla

I'm hopin' to load 'em,
get caught on the slap

Nothing impossible,
had a few obstacles

Right back to clocking
like I never left

My windows is tinted,
my mouth and my watch...

I didn't get it, did I?

Sarah LeBlanc will be trying
Carlo Baxter.

She'll do a great job.

It's random,

the selection of judges.

That's just the way it works.

You know what I hate?


Peaches, peach trees,
Peachtree Street.

I hate Atlanta.

But nothing as much as
I hate people

who break their promises.

Do you know how hard
this has been on me?

Every principle
that I have ever...

When you left my son dying
on the side of the road,

you lost that.



- I can still make this work.
- How?

You're out of time.
Give me the answer

to my question now.

Desire will kill him.

If Carlo goes down for this,
he'll never come out,

and then you'll have two...

You'll have two dead sons.

You need me.

You can't do this without me.

Your-your wife, your daughter...

That's why I asked for how.

Do you have how?

Yes, I do.


Where were you?


The breakfast meeting
you set up this morning

with, uh, our client
who brought us in

over $3.5 million dollars

of billable hours last year?

Oh, my God,
that was this morning.

Yeah. This morning. So?

There was an arraignment
I had to see.

Had to? Uh-huh.

I thought I told you

to drop your
Carlo Baxter obsession.

Yeah, well, I got him charged
with murder instead.

We don't do crime, Lee.

You don't do crime.

He killed one of our clients.

I think you're...
you're confused, Lee.

At no point did our firm
represent Kofi Jones

or his family. We do, however,

the Orleans Parish Prison.

Which is why...

Which is why I told you
to leave this alone.

Look away when a kid is murdered
in an institution

whose first job is supposed to
be keeping the vulnerable safe?

Keep looking away
when that same institution

does absolutely nothing
to figure out who killed him?

We're lawyers, Lee.

We speak for those people
who pay us to speak.

In this case, it's the OPP.

Kofi was a child.

His brother is a child.

I can't just let this be.

Hmm. Yeah.

You mean every word of that.



Which is why
I'm letting you go, Lee.

You're firing me?

- You left already.
- What is this,

constructive dismissal?

Am I firing myself?

Lee, you look me in the eye,
and you convince me

that you'll put all your energy
and passion

you have been putting into
working for your

Lower Nine orphan into fighting
for the tax interests

of those people that you forgot
to have breakfast with

this morning...

then you can stay.

Slow, suspenseful music

Thank you.

- Michael?
- Oh.

You okay?

Well, this is what we used
to do, by the way. Robin and I?

We used to come, sit side
by side in this very bar

and we would just
make our way through

the best top-shelf single malts.

Yep. On your birthday.

Yeah, yeah... Yes.

I forgot, it is my birthday.

I keep forgetting.

Don't know when they'll end

If they'll ever end

I can't even rub two quarters...

And I ain't got...

Oh, that's good.


No, you know what? It's actually
not just my birthday.

It's both of our birthday.
We were born on the same day.

Robin and I... well,
five years apart, but still.

You knew that, right?
Did I tell you...

I didn't tell you that?

I was going to talk
about that in the eulogy,

but then I-I didn't think

I would be able
to get through it.

Could I have two more?

You got it.

I mean, Sarah,
it's-it's only been a year,

and it-it...

it-it feels...

I mean, does it seem
to you that it...

it's a betrayal?

Does she make you happy?



Then there's your answer.

I'm out.

Thank you.

Where are we going?

I'm cooking you dinner.



Uh, this is not the way to...

At your house.


Did something happen?


- Yeah? That's all? Yeah?
- Yeah.

You're not gonna tell me?

Not yet.

Well, I have something
I want to say to you, too.


Michael, what?

Maybe it's the same thing.

You've got to be kidding me.

This your car, ma'am?

What do you think?

Simple question, ma'am.

I'm white...
You asking the same thing?

Fifteen seconds in,

there it is,
she pulls the race card.

I'm a judge...
Are you asking the same thing?

You been drinking, ma'am?

It's either that
or the car's been drinking.

Somebody put a daiquiri
in the gas tank?

World-class potholes, every car
in New Orleans looks drunk.

The only question is,
who do you choose to stop

using your white man's

Hands on the wheel.

I told you, I'm a judge.

If you think I'm actually
gonna try to pull a weapon...

- Really, you are...
- Hands on the wheel now.

You know what? Fuck you.
Fuck the both of you.

Hands on the fucking wheel.

Slow, somber music

I love you.


The light's green.


- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

Somber music

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday

Dear Michael

Happy birthday to you

somber music

Our birthday boy has a problem.

He doesn't like it when people

say nice things about him
in public.

I've known Michael Desiato
nearly all my life,

a life I wouldn't have had

were it not for him pulling me
out of Lake Pontchartrain.

Age six, damn near drowned.

Then having the presence of mind

to turn me upside down
by my ankles

and shake all the lake water
in my skinny-ass lungs

right out of there.

Michael Desiato
always backs himself

to make things right.

Grace under pressure?

Look at him. He got it.

Calm decisions in the heat
of action? Oh, yeah.

I've been proud to stand next
to this man through his life.

I'm privileged to call him
my friend,

and for his integrity,

his dignity and for being
just about good enough

for a white man on
the basketball court to make it

a real satisfaction to whup
his ass every time...

Michael Desiato
will always have my vote.

All right, Michael.

Somber music


To an honorable man.

To an honorable man.


What happened, buddy?

What's wrong with Django?

Suspenseful music

"In My Secret Life"
by Leonard Cohen

In my secret life

In my secret life

I smile when I'm angry

I cheat and I lie

I do what I have to do

To get by

But I know what is wrong

And I know what is right

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