Your Honor (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Part Six - full transcript

Adam spends the day with a dangerous new love interest, while Michael searches for his blackmailer. Lee ramps up her involvement in Kofi's case.

I got this baby

with holes in his heart
where his family used to be

and a mob boss motherfucker
with a blowtorch.

Baxters got to pay.

They will, little man.

But Big Mo play the long game.

I don't know
who killed your son,

but it sure the fuck
wasn't Kofi.

If you want a war,
I can give you a war.

I want to know
what happened to Kofi.

I need a second autopsy.

To do that, I need the signature

of a relative
who's over the age of 18.

Slow, somber music


I know you, right?

- Oh. Rocco's memorial.
- Tell me about an experience

that's had a big impact
on you recently.

I-I just met a really cool girl.

Either of you know
how to trace a burner phone

to where it was purchased?

It's all there.
All the evidence we got.

911, what's your emergency?

The operator called back.

This is the 911 operator.

You filled up. Now fuck off.

That monster

who killed our son
was getting gas.

The 911 call?

Came from a cell tower
in Chalmette.

There's three gas stations.

He came here, wanted to see

the surveillance video.

You still have the footage?

It got erased.

He deleted the footage?

- Yeah.
- I need to tell you something.

I-I don't have
all the money yet.

I need more time!

You're out of time, man.

Eerie, intense music

low, suspenseful music

You never see it coming.

You can go for months,
months and months,

and then there's one
that just...

just hits you
right in the belly, you know?

Single mom,

mother of four,
two completely unmanageable,

two jobs, rescue pit bull.

I mean, she's a good person,
which makes her a mark.

So, some guy comes sailing in,

claiming to be the man
that this family has needed,

and then starts punching her.

- Ever call it in?
- Oh, no. No, she doesn't,

because of course
he comes groveling back,

promising to change, doesn't,
happens again.


God, I'm sorry. Uh...

You, of course,
know better than anyone.

NOPD doesn't get involved.

They can't.
It's... they're unaware.

Until one night,
when Mom decides to fight back.

And he calls it in.

Now, you all haul her away

on assault.

Her PD suggests that
she pleads out, and she does.

And so, by the time
that she's released,

she's lost her jobs, her home,

her kids are in temporary
custody, veering on permanent,

and that loser ex
has left with the dog

and every penny in her account.

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.

Now, that's not even
the good part yet.

So, when she files
a report for the theft,

she learns that this guy

has been using a fake name
the whole time.

I wrote down what she has.

A-And I wrote it down
because I thought that s...

maybe somehow I could,
I could help her.

Wrote down what?



Here. Yeah.

- Green Toyota Camry.
- Yeah. That's all she has.

And these are the first
three numbers of the license...

Right, that's all
she could remember.

And I don't even know if that's
enough to trace the car or...

You know?

You know,
I bet if I punch this in,

it'll spit out five names,
give or take.


How much you want to bet
one of them has a record?


Squeaky clean, all four of them.



Could I have them anyway?

- They're private citizens...
- And one of them is a violent,

woman-hating piece of crap
who's probably just smart enough

not to get caught
so he doesn't have a record.

Nancy, this poor fucking woman
just doesn't have a chance.

But we can give her a-a leg
to stand on in-in family court

and maybe she doesn't
lose her kids.

Jesus, listen to me.
Holier than thou.

Asking you to bend the law

I'm complaining no one upholds?

God, what a hypocrite.


Hypocrisy is probably
the last thing

anyone would ever accuse you of.

I got to go to the bathroom.

Keep an eye?

Somber, suspenseful music

Are you sure about this, Jimmy?

A judge?


Are you looking
at my cool T-shirt

or-or at my breasts?

It's Rocco's. He loved it.


Slow, solemn music

There he is.


W-What was the last

big conversation
you had with him?

Um, he had a plan,
for his life, really.

He told me about it.

What was the plan?

Shoot for the moon, basically.

Um, Paris for the summer.

And then, uh...
and then art school in London,

probably living in Clerkenwell

or Hoxton with
the French girlfriend

he probably met
at some Left Bank Café.

He was planning that?

Some of that's me...

keeping his future going.

Um, what about you?

Last big conversation.

Uh, we never really got
to talking like that.

No, I-I mean with your mom.

Oh, uh...

Yeah, I'll-I'll always remember
the last thing she said to me.

We were in the car, and
sh-she turned to me all solemn

and she lowered
her voice a little bit,

and she said...

"Did you fart?"


- Yeah.
- Oh.

And I-I got out of the car

and went into school, and...

...never saw her again.

Suspenseful music

So, did you?


Did you fart?


- It was, uh, my dog. Django.
- Uh-huh.

My mom just liked
messing with me.

Maybe it was her.

You mean the-the last thing

my mother did in my presence
before she died was fart?

Is that what you're saying?

I'd give anything
to have been with him.

I keep replaying
his last morning.

I don't want it to, but it...

forces its way
to the front of my mind,

and stays there...

like that's all that exists
in his 17 years of life.

All the moments before,
thousands of moments we shared,

just get squeezed out
like they're not important.

That's what the guy
who killed Rocco did.

He didn't just kill my brother.

He killed my life
with my brother.

I'm just delivering groceries
for apartment 200.

Edward or Edouard Lincoln,
I believe.

I'm with Good Egg.

It's a nonprofit
providing healthful foods

for those in need.

Those in need?

Sounds like you write hymns
in your spare time.

I don't have any spare time.

This is my whole life.

You got some grub, bub.



Edouard, I-I..

I've got some groceries for you.


Well, I'll be dogged!

Nobody told me you were coming.


Yeah, well, I-I tried to call,

but then I thought
I'd just... show up.

Was that phone busy

or just ring e-eternally?

They wheel me out to the phone
once a week,

but the nurses are
always tying up the lines

jabbing with their boyfriends.

How's Tampa?


Oh, uh...

Hot as all get out.

Well, the Lord done
rain down his wrath

on our little armpit, don't he?

You talk to the other cousins?

I don't much.

They tell me I got the dementia,

so I probably wouldn't remember
even if I did.

How's Tampa?

It's hot, Ed.

Now, look, uh...

You got everything now,
so I'll...

I'll-I'll see you
some other time.

You're leaving?

Jesus H...

Danny, you just got here.

Look, rest your bones.

And how you been?


To be honest, Ed...

...I've been better.

It's hard all over.

But if you can't
bare your soul to family,

then I don't know what's what.

I just...

I just...

feel so much pressure, you know?

It's like
a 100,000 fucking pounds of...

...steel just pressing
down on my shoulders.

I've got a man trying
to ruin my life.

I've got secrets
I can never tell anyone.

My son...

My son.

Children are God's gift.


But that level of love
can just crack you open.

Make you someone
you never thought you'd be.

You remember
when Trevor was born?

Everything about him was wrong,

even in the womb.

Kicking like he couldn't
wait to get out of there.

What's that term
for wrong way round?

Lorraine, she had a terrible
time getting him out

'cause he was ass first.

Sixty-seven cigarettes.


I counted every one of them.

Pacing in the hall
outside the delivery room...

...till someone come
and said I was a father.


Your son.

My one and only son...

...fucked up before, during
and after he was born.

- Breached.
- Huh?

- Ass first.
- Yeah.

And ever since.

He's still troubled?

Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

Though I wouldn't know.

He don't visit.

I talk to the nurses, but...

Ed, Ed.

He-He's living
in Algiers now, right?

Got a job driving?

He stole my Camry.

If you see him, you tell him
I'm calling the police,

the real police.

Ominous music

I liked that dress she wore
to the Grammys in 1977.

Pink was pink back then,

and nobody did pink like Dolly.


why don't we get you
in this chair, huh?

And, I don't know...

...have a little outing?

Thank you!

There we go.

There we go. Oh, geez, Ed.

Wait a minute,
I'll be right back.

I-I forgot my keys.

Sixty-seven cigarettes,

and that ass-first motherfucker
steals my Camry.

Dark, suspenseful music

Turn off your phone.

No phones in Wonderland.



You good?

Hey, so, um,

I'm sure you checked me
out online.

Don't lie. Don't ever lie to me.



Y-Your dad...

He came from nothing.

He started working
when he was nine years old

to support his mom and his
younger brothers and sisters

and he made it.

Now he own restaurants
and hotels

and sell oysters to every
oyster joint in the city.

When we were young,
he used to wake us up

every morning
with the same words:

"The world is your oyster."

somber, cerebral music

You love him.

Whatever you read about him
is lies.

My older brother...

- Thanks, man. Have a good night.
- Yeah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hold on, hold on.

Listen, sorry, I called for
a car, but, uh, my phone died,

and, anyway, I-I've got a 50,

and I j... I need to get
to a place called Buffa's,

on Esplanade,
or Esplanaid, or....

slow, suspenseful music

You know what I'd really like to
do with my time while I'm here?


- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Are those boat tours worth it?

Eh, most of them are scams,
but I know a few guys.

What, uh, what you want to fish?

Oh, I-I don't know.
I'm-I'm an amateur.

You know, maybe some,
just, deep water.

Hell yeah, man.
Deep water's where it's at.

You got your yellowfin
out there, you got you marlins,

your wahoo.

I'll tell you what,
you get a guy with a boat

knows what he's doing,
get some... some cold beers...

- Tuna. Oof.
- Yep.

They get pretty big.

- You ever catch one of those?
- Oh, yeah. Course I have.

Biggest I ever caught
was about 168 pounds,

but my friend set the record
last year with 242.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

And I'm gonna break that record,
once I get my own boat.

- You're getting a boat?
- Yep.

She's sitting down at Boat Stuf
in the marina right now.

2020 Sea Fox 328 Commander,
in Bahama Blue.

Talking about 32 feet
of featherlight fiberglass.

And when I'm not in this seat,

I'm gonna be sitting
in that one.


What's that gonna set you back?

Over 200 grand.

Uh, listen, w-we must be
getting kind of close, right?

Why-why don't you just pull over

and I'll-I'll walk
the rest of the way?

- You sure?
- Yeah.



Oh. Hey, Ms. B.

Hey, Mom.

Veggies, for Chef
from the farmers market.

I'll make sure no one
bothers you, sweetheart.

Thanks, Mom.

Eerie, suspenseful music

It's gonna be
the hottest shit in Nola.


We're gonna turn 150 grand

into half a mil.

Then we're gonna do it again

and the whole waterfront
and every casino

will be Baxter-owned
and my father will see

that I was fucking right.


Try this.

You're my guinea pig, Joey.

Slow, tense music

Um, are you gonna
get that or what?

It's not mine. I...

I think it's coming from...



Noon tomorrow.

Venice Marina.

If you want your money,

you'll be there.

Unarmed and alone.

W-Wait, uh...


Slow, tense music

slow, haunting music

You sure?

Y-You can drop me here.

Is this your house?

Uh, no.

So which is yours?

It-it... it's around the corner,

- but...
- Wait, wait, wait.

What, are you, like,

You don't want your dad
to see me?

- No...
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I'm right.
Okay, I'm gonna do this.

Do... what?

I'm gonna stop
right in front of your house,

lean on the horn and kiss you

like you've never been kissed
before in your life.

Right or left?

Right or left?

Don't lie to me.


Slow, intense music


Both of them?

I ever tell you the time
when I first met your mother

in New York?

She was at NYU,

living in the West Village,
and I

was at Columbia,

in a two-bedroom, sharing it
with three other guys,

six-floor walk-up in Harlem.

But for some reason,

we found ourselves studying

at the same café
in the East Village.

And, oh, boy,
I wanted to talk to her.

I really did, but I-I thought

maybe I never would.

I don't know, maybe it was...

shyness or...

I was intimidated.

She was so beautiful.

One day she walks in,

and she is wearing
this blue knitted scarf,

and she's so poised.

And suddenly it was possible.

So I just walked
right up to her table,

and I said what I had to say.

"I like your scarf?"

It came out like a question.

Wha... I-I don't know.
Don't ask me.

But she starts...

laughing uproariously,

and when she stopped laughing,

she looked at me...

with a look...

that was the sweetest...

most perfect thing
I have ever seen on a human face

before or since.

Kindness and...


I asked her if she...

knitted the scarf herself...

...and the next 30 years began.

- 32 years.
- Mm.

You remember that game we
used to play on long car rides

where you'd have to pick
a couple and try to say

- which one of them scored?
- Mm, uh-huh.

So... you and Mom?

What do you think?

That would be me.

You never know when...

life is gonna
line up just perfectly

and walk you
right into your future.

That's what I want for you.

That's what New York can be.

New Orleans can't do that?

Leaving will be good, Adam.

Really good.

We should get a dog.


I've been begging you for one
for years,

and you want to get one the year
before I leave for college?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you mean, leave? Leave?

- Mm.
- Huh? No, no, no, no.

You're gonna go to Tulane,

and live here,

and then you're gonna graduate
and get married, have kids,

- and still live here...
- Okay, stalker.

Rottweiler or Chihuahua?

Do I look like a Chihuahua guy?

Um, Great Dane or Newfoundland?


maybe cross the two.

- Leonberger or a sh...
- What's a Leonberger?

It's, like, a lion, only a dog.

Ooh, ooh, let's get a lion dog.

I love you.

So, who is this guy?

- He's great.
- Hmm.



That's it?

I don't know that much
about him.

What does his father do?


Are you serious?

Oh, what are his prospects?
Is that your next question?

- What are his prospects?
- Why don't I just get him

over here so you can
call him into your office

for a man-to-man?

Good idea.


Just like gold

Back there.

Why don't ya hear me cryin'?

Whoo hoo

Whoo hoo hoo hoo


Meet My Lai.

Fresh out the Golden Triangle.

I'm asking 100 a kilo,
and I got six to sell.

Shit's so dope,
you'll double your bills.

So try it, spread it around,

let me know
when you're ready to buy in.

Whoo hoo hoo

Y'all ain't the only one
uppin' your game.

That's 200 Gs.

Why we need samples when
your boy's all muddied up here?

Whoa oh


I'm not carrying product.

Where did ya

Stay last night?

Come back in a few hours?

Whoo hoo


We know where to find
your shiny white ass

if you don't show.


Whoa oh

Stop your train

Let her

Father and son.

Divide and rule.

Whoo hoo

Whoo hoo hoo...


I could have sworn my lawyer
was a fat white lady.

Kofi Jones. I'm his attorney.

What's that got to do with me?

to the coroner's report,

you were interviewed by SID.

Yeah, and I already told
those pigs I don't know shit.

I'm asking again.

For the family.

Way I hear it, ain't nothin'
left of that family.

Wait a second, you're not...

Nah, what I'm not is a snitch.

Yo. I'm done here.

Here you go. With grits.

Thank you.

Morning, Louise.

Morning, Charlie.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Mm.
- Yeah.

One too many last night?


It's a...

big day for your godson.

- Interview?
- Mm.

- NYU.
- Ah.

You got him...

right, Charlie?

I mean, if...

something should
ever happen to me.

'Course I do.

All right.

You good, Michael?

Yeah. I'm good.

If someone killed you in here

wouldn't you want
someone like me to

find out how and why?

So your family could have peace?

But I got to live, yo.

I talk to you,
I'm asking for trouble.

Danavian Lewis, 36.

Two counts of aggravated assault
with a firearm,

armed robbery with a firearm,

illegal possession of stolen...

Jack one car,
they charge you with all that.

Land of the free.

So let's see. We're looking at
15 for the robbery,

five for the firearm,

plus up to ten for each assault.

I was messed up.

You got anything else

I could give the judge
at your sentencing?

So we could get your years down?


My firm charges
about $1,000 an hour

I might be able to do this

for about $1,000 cheaper
than that.

My cell...

my cell's by the door
to C Block.

I saw Jones pass by that night,
and, uh...

I heard he was supposed
to be meetin' up

with another inmate.

Few minutes after he passed,
I heard the guards yelling.

Jones was dead.

Do you know which inmate
he went to meet?

See, at mess,
I like to be by myself.

So I could read.

There's one guy,
he come up to me real quiet,

asking me if I know
who Kofi Jones is.

I just look at him
and get back to my book.



White dude.

He was just there for the night,
passing through.

Do you know his name?

I do.

Can you give it to me?


Carlo Baxter.

You'll be great.

You think?

Actually, no.

You'll be inarticulate as hell.

They'll probably take you anyway

'cause of your good, clean,
all-American looks.

- Mm.
- Mm.

Hey, I'm not sure
I want to do this.

Here's what you do.

When they ask you
a big question,

you stare at the ground.

Like, forever.

Like, let the silence run until
it's actually uncomfortable.

And then, you say

you've never been able to talk
about the thing you love.

In fact, it's really important
not to talk about it,

for fear of losing it.

Then you quote Robert Frank.

"Things move on, time passes,
people go away.

Sometimes they don't come back."

Only the pictures remain.

Yeah, but if I get in,
if I go, I...

I mean, I'd miss New Orleans.


But you got to, you know,

shoot for the moon. Right?

You have a suspect yet?


Not enough to make
anything happen.

Would DNA help?

Hello, this is Lee Delamere
calling for D.A. Robinson.

Okay, can you please
tell him that I called?

And I need him
to call me back immediately.

Up-tempo string music playing


Yeah, look,
I can't talk right now.

- We got him.
- What?

We got Carlo Baxter's DNA
on Kofi.

Oh, that's great. That's great.

Look... I got to call you back.

Uh, no...

Okay, come on, come on.

Go on.

It took time to figure out how
to deal with a lowlife like you.

Someone who takes advantage
of other people's pain.

A child's pain.

Wait a second.

What-what is she doing here?

I had it brought down.

Holy shit, you bought me
the boat!

Trevor, I'm a judge.

If there's one thing
I've learned about blackmailers

is they always
come back for more.

So, no, I didn't buy you a boat.

I financed it.

But it's mine?

If you stick to our agreement,

I will make
the monthly installments.

If you ever come back to me
for more money

or that video
sees the light of day,

the payments will stop,
the bank will repossess the boat

and you'll go back to living
your selfish little life.

While your lonely demented
father wastes away in his room.

Do we have an agreement?

Trevor, do we have an agreement?

Fuck yes, we have an agreement.

Paperwork's in the car.

Paperwork's in the fucking car.

You know what, you should, uh,

you should come out
with me sometime, man.

No, I'm serious,
I mean, we-we'll, uh, uh,

we'll get good beer
and everything.

It'll be frigging aw...

dramatic music playing

Uh, there-there must be
a misunderstanding here.


No. No.

No, the only misunderstanding

is that you left my son to die


in the gutter.

What I can't understand is

how anyone in their right mind

could do such a thing.

I don't-I don't know
what you're talking about.

what I know, Judge.

I know your car was stolen
the day after you killed my son.

I know you deleted
the gas station footage.

I know you had the car crushed.

So let's just skip

you're denying everything
and get to where I shoot you

- in the fucking head.
- No, no, no, no, no

no, no, please, no, no, no...

Carlo. He's...
he's about to be arrested

for the murder of Kofi Jones.

It's... Yes.

And he's-he's going
to stand trial for murder.

They-They've got video evidence

and-and-and DNA...

No, no, and....

I-I can make sure that...

that hi-his case is in my court.

I can make sure
that he walks out a free man!

- Jimmy?
- You... shut up!

Shut up.

Let me think.

What does this person know?


Somber piano music playing