Younger (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Millennial's Next Top Model - full transcript

Millennial deals with the fallout of the Debutante Ball. Liza is pulled into a media frenzy, led by a publicity-hungry Quinn Tyler. Maggie dates against type. Kelsey and Zane reset.

I know we agreed
not to react to Liza's news...

Well, I didn't
agree to that.

But it's getting hard
to ignore the pushback.

Agents are cancelling meetings.

Others are showing up just to
see the 40-year-old Millennial.

42 according
to "New York" magazine.

Well, mercifully
they have a paywall now.

And I got a call from
Infinitely 21.

They want to have
another meeting

to "clarify final details"
of our deal.

The clothing chain?
What deal is that?

We negotiated a deal
with them

to sell Millennial titles
in their stores.

Potentially a major new
revenue stream.

A 42-year-old
shilling Millennial books

at Infinitely 21.

That'll be a fun headline.

Maybe we have her
sit that one out?

We could... rest her for a bit?

I think we need to be more

Have her reach out to our
authors directly.

I think this is crazy.

She lied to you,
made you all complicit,

and now it's threatening
your business.

But you want to let her
get away with it,

allowing her to endanger
the company.

You're refusing to put out
a very preventable fire.

Write her
a nice recommendation

and get her out before she
poisons the whole company.


I pulled those comps
on baby books, so...


Liza, wait.

Don't take this personally.

It sounded pretty personal.

It can't be.
I don't know who you are.

- Zane...
- Charles.

I know you love her,
but as soon as you found out,

you should've reported her
to HR.

Or at least told her
best friend about it.

I actually knew
before he did.

You're all insane.

Ignore him.
Millennial is going to be fine.

Everything's gonna be fine.

You're killing the deal?!

Nobody said kill.

We just think,
given the recent revelations,

that this union isn't as...

as we thought.

- Does that make any sense?
- No.

Because this deal was
about selling books,

not about Liza.

The deal was about the brand.

Our brand is fun, sexy,
authentic, youthful.

And your brand now
represents faking that.

The kiss of death
in any youth brand

is being embraced by
an older generation.

Do you know
what I mean?

This is the exact kind
of discrimination

that drove Liza to do this
in the first place.

And she can wear
all the rompers she wants.

We just don't think this is
a smart partnership

for us anymore.

And that is the tea.

Well, uh, you want
some tea, Shelly?

Everyone is pretending
to be younger.

We dye our hair,
we whiten our teeth,

we wear moisturizing
face masks

that make us look like
serial killers,

and we squeeze our widening
hips into Spanx

because the most important
thing to be

in the whole goddamn world
is 27.

Should I have told the truth?

But you know what?
So should you.

Millennial isn't an age.
It's an attitude.

And if you can't sell that,
we'll go somewhere else.

♪ Put me in the ring ♪

♪ Na na na na na, Na na na na na ♪

- ♪ Let me do my thing ♪
- ♪ Do my thing ♪

♪ Na na na na ♪

Season 06 Episode 09
Title: "Millennial's Next Top Mode"

- Hey.
- Good evening.

Enjoying the show?

Oh yeah, it's really timely.

I mean, the one thing we need
more of

is male perspective
on femininity.

So we agree
this exhibit is dogshit.

Except that piece, no?

Hm. I don't know.

I mean, it's a little needy.

The artist is trying
way too hard.

And, uh... and standing
a little close.

So you know who I am.

Well, how come you're not
flipping your hair

like the other girls
telling me I'm a genius?

this hair took me an hour,

and I don't flip it
for anybody.

- Well, you are gorgeous.
- Oh, thank you.

- It's Maggie, right?
- Yeah, Maggie Amato. Hi.

So, Maggie Amato:

tell me what you really
think of this piece.

You know, it's less
layered than your earlier work.

But it's stunning
and interesting and...


I'll take that
as a yes.

All right, let me do you.

Show me your work;
I'll tell you what I think.

Well, I don't have any
pieces here.

Most of my stuff's
at my loft.

Oh, excuse me.

Thank you.

All right.
Off we go to your loft then.

You're not actually
inviting yourself

to my place, are you?

Oh, well, you can invite me

if it'll make you
feel more comfortable.

Mm, okay, I'm all out
of toppings.

Okay, I am going
to raise you...

my emergency bag
of Hazelnut Spread M&Ms.

It's half-empty.

It was an emergency
kinda day.

I'm out. I won't take your
last bag of candy, Liza.

Thank you, Bianca.

Okay, well, I'm in.


- God.
- Yes!

I win!

I think that we've all had
enough for tonight.

Why don't you two go and, uh,
pick up cupcakes for breakfast?

Thank you for putting on
a brave face for the girls.

I should be thanking them.

It's the first time
I've smiled all day.

It is going
to be fine.


You should wait with the girls;
I might start crying again.

Hi, Shelly, what'd I do now?

Ah! Such a firecracker.

I love that.
Okay, so I talked to our CMO

after your little outburst,

we have decided to unfreeze
the partnership.

Wait, so you do want to sell
Millennial books in your stores?

Yes, and we also want
to embrace the brand

the way that you have.

How would you feel about being
in our spring campaign?

In it how?

In a miniskirt.

Or a jumpsuit.
We're still debating.

What you screamed at me

we're still friends, promise...

It resonated.

Why should we narrowcast
our brand?

We want you to be the face...

And legs... of Infinitely 21.


I don't know what to say.

Say yes.
I lobbied hard for this.




We have to shoot tomorrow,

so get some beauty rest.

♪ Wow, uh-huh ♪

- Maggie, you're very...
- Gay.

Well, I was gonna say

I just didn't say it before,

so I thought I should,
you know...

say it.

I knew your sexuality
when I met you.

If you knew,
then why did you come?

I came because
I met a stunning woman

who... wasn't afraid
to tell me the truth.

I wanted to get to know her

Why did you let me in?

Because you're an artist.

Because you're curious.

You're an explorer.

Have you been with men?

A few times in my 20s.


A few times in my 20s.

People are fluid.

If there's an attraction
to someone,

who cares what you are
and what they are except...


♪ Wow, uh-huh ♪

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
I don't have anything valuable.

Except our cookware.

My roommate won't even let me
touch it.

Liza, Liza, relax.
He's with me.

Thank you.

I'm with her.

And now you're going.


- Good morning.
Are you bi now?

Oh, please.
I'm still a Kinsey 9.

It only goes up to 6.

Liza, don't straight-splain
sexuality to me.

Haven't you ever had
a talent crush?

Not a big enough one
to defect.

Well, every ten years or so,

I run into the path
of a penis.

And for whatever reason...

Whether it's a talent crush
or ecstasy

or a good parking spot...

- What?
- It just seems like a good idea,

you know, to sample.

Ugh, he's so into me.

Are you gonna
sleep with him again?

Oh, please, no.
I don't even know how you do it.

I felt like I was being

by a damp rug.

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

I'm off to the shoot
to steer Liza away

from anything pleather.

I'll be back for
the publicity meeting.

Zane, pick up the phone
and call me back.

I'm still your boss as long
as you have a job here,

which may not be
that much longer

if you don't come in
to work.

Still not answering?

No. He's just pouting.

May I ask,

when you found out Liza was
lying to you for so long,

how did you take it?

I don't know.

I was angry and hurt
and I was firing her...

but he and Liza barely
know each other.

I don't think Liza's
the one he's upset with.

♪ I spy with my little eye ♪

♪ Like something bright
and shiny ♪

♪ Oh, I know I like
what I see ♪

♪ Oh, wow, can you tell ♪

♪ I work out like Fonda
in the '90s ♪

You look gorgeous.

You are literally aging

Yeah, yeah, and we got kills
for the ones

where you look like
a drag queen.

- Let's take five.
- Oh, that's five!

We'll be back in five!

- Hi.
- You look, um...

- Silly.
- Uh, youthful.

I think Bianca has this onesie.


I'm sorry, is the theme
of this photo shoot

"Daddy-Daughter dance"?

That doesn't count
against our kills, okay?

Who told you this was
a good idea?

- Quinn.
- That's right, it was me.

Hi. Shouldn't you be running
your Senate race?

It's going very well.

I was just in town milking my
Manhattan fundraisers,

and I got a call from our board

saying our most polarizing

is in an ad campaign.

I am so glad you decided
to do this, Liza.

Really? You weren't super
glad when you told me not to.

And the publishing reaction
has been...

You know the good news about
the publishing reaction?

Eight blocks outside
of Midtown, nobody cares.

That is why we need
to amplify this.

Okay, this is a good start,

you need some louder
voices of praise

to drown out all that whining
from your peers.

What do you have in mind?

New York 1 is doing a series

on corporate discrimination.
And I think...

New York 1
wants to interview me?

They have no idea who you are.

They reached out to me to do
a piece on corporate ageism,

but I'm too young to have
ever experienced it.

However, you could use
some press

that doesn't paint you
like a Gen-X Grifter.

And you could use a prop
to boost your campaign.

Besides those glasses.

These have poll-tested
through the roof.

It turns out voters
are way less intimidated

by a brainy woman
than a beautiful one.

How does New York news
help your race in California?

It's 2019.

All news is national news

if you have the right

And the board is okay
with this?

You know what? You're right.
Let me check.

They love it.

New York 1's gonna
reach out to you.

Oh, this is a real one.

♪ When a storm comes up ♪

♪ And the little boat sings ♪

♪ We'll be one of them ♪

♪ We're not meant to be
the heroes ♪

♪ Put your trust in me ♪


I've come to cook you
a peace offering.

You're gonna cook?

Do you know what
a peace offering is?

I remember what it was like
to find out someone

was lying to my face.

And I was angry and hurt
for way too long.

I'm fine. I'm just...

You're pissed.
Just say it.

You can be such
a man sometimes.

Sometimes, okay.

You are really bad at this.

This meal kit takes
40 minutes to make.

I'm gonna set a timer.

And you can ask me
anything you want,

and I have to answer honestly.

Alexa, how many tablespoons
in one ounce?

One fluid ounce
is two tablespoons.

Wait... fluid?

I'll cook, you answer.

Thank God.

So, this is the last shot
of the night.

I'm gonna grab a Diet Coke.
You want?

Think she's gonna need
something stronger than that.

Josh, what are you
doing here?

Uh, you mean at your
modeling shoot?

Oh, stop.
I'm not a model.

- Well...
- This isn't real.

I had to sign like three
forms just to get in here.

This is legit.
You are a model.

- Oh, Josh, this is Shelly...
- Rozansky.

Infinitely 21.
Branded partnerships.

And who is Josh?

Josh is patient zero
for all of this.

He thought I was his age.

Ah, well, I said
about the same age.

You know, all she had to do
was correct me.

Yeah. Would you correct him?

So, how did this happen, Josh?

Well, um...

she wasn't all done up
like this.

She was dressed way down,

and she wasn't really trying
to impress anyone.

She didn't have to.

She was smart and...


I would've believed
anything that she said.

I just wanted
to keep talking to her.

Plus I was wasted.

Right? And it was, like,
really dark.

- You liar.
- Oh yeah, really?

I'm the liar?

Well, I still think
y'all are insane.

And reckless.
And bad liars.

But the wolf was at the door.

You did what you had to do.

We even finished early.

As long as I got
more time on the clock,

I got one more thing
I want to ask.

What did you really think

when I said I love you?

You didn't say that.

You said you
"were in love with me."

Past tense.

You still can't be honest
with me.

I was mad at you. That was...

a shitty and manipulative thing
for you say to me.

But I was not myself too.

Maybe if we were just tougher
and told each other the truth

about how we really felt,

then we wouldn't have wasted so
much time and energy denying...

Looks like you're
off the hook.

Denying that I felt...

I feel the same way.

Present tense.


Mm, mm.

That timer's for food.

I love you,

but stay out of my kitchen.

You must be Liza.
Pat Kiernan.

Hi, I have my coffee with you
almost every single morning.

It is so nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.
This is an unbelievable story.

I can't stop thinking
about it,

How'd you keep it a secret
for so long?

I don't know, I was just
trying not to let other people

find out so that they would
have to keep the secret too.

So nobody knew?

A couple people did.
Some were really upset.

- Some tried to blackmail me.
- Wow.

Most people agreed
that I should keep quiet.

To her credit,
Quinn was one of the few people

who encouraged me to tell
the truth right away.

Based on her book, I wouldn't
have thought she'd be so...


It was before she
even really knew me.

She wasn't even
an investor yet.

- Oh.
- So sorry I'm late.

My fundraiser was delayed
by 30 minutes.

We had to find a strong enough
table for Beto to stand on.


You know, I think this story's
gonna resonate

with a lot of American women

who sublimated themselves

and their careers
in service of their families.

Then when they finally got
to the door of opportunity,

it was slammed
in their faces

because they were too old.

- Liza, you...
- But she had to deal with

institutionalized sexism
and rampant ageism

simply to get the job.

Now, the work she's done since

proves that she's always
deserved to be there,

but you know, if she hadn't
broken the rules a little bit,

nobody was gonna give her
a chance.

That's quite a stump speech,
but technically

what she did was illegal,

and the company could have
been sued.

Look, when Mark Zuckerberg
"moves fast and breaks things"

in order to boost revenues,
we call him a genius

and an innovator.

I'm sorry, but we can't offer
that same sensibility

to a woman who's simply
trying to survive?

I don't know.

And I hear you championed
this right out of the gate?

Oh, absolutely.

I mean, when I read the article
last week in the "New Yorker,"

I was shocked,
but then I realized

we needed to be open
about this immediately.

I run my campaign
the way I run my companies...

With transparency and honesty.

That's interesting.

Liza told me you knew
about this

before you invested.


So that's not accurate?

I don't see how
the timing is relevant

when we're here discussing this
transparently and honestly.

You keep using that word.

You know, Liza's not used
to being in the public eye,

and I think she was
just confused

when you asked her that
question off the record.

Good to see you, gorgeous.

- Yeah, hi. Can we...
- Rafael!

I thought that was you.


- Mwah, mwah.
- Mwah, mwah.

Cassandra Vincent, this is...
Maggie Amato.

Pleasure. You certainly
have a type, don't you?

Enjoy your evening.

What was that about?

You know art critics.

Always like torturing someone.

- Sit. I ordered a cava.
- Yeah, I can't stay.

I just came to tell you

I find you charming, handsome,
and talented.

But, you know, I think my
preferences are really fixed.

They seemed pretty flexible
the other night.

I'm gay. I promise you.
Like, turbo gay.

Why don't we
enjoy our drink,

have a wonderful dinner,

and then you can come
back to my loft.

You'll change your mind.

You all do.

"You all"?

What are you talking about?

What can I say?
I'm a flipper.

Excuse me?

I flipped you, didn't I?


Well, this has been a really
nice reminder.

Of what?

That sleeping with a man
isn't worth the effort

of the three seconds
of mild pleasure

that I could've done better

All right, you're angry now
because I speak the truth.

But that was no mild pleasure.

I've done this before.

Yeah, I heard.
You're a flipper.

But guess what?
I'm a flipper too.


I came as soon as I could.

So, what's the emergency?

The same as it always is.

I'm sure you heard
about New York 1.

I heard that Liza
told the truth.

What you didn't hear is that
"Morning Joe" has the footage.

And they're gonna show it

and you know what
a human centipede MSNBC is.

It starts with Joe and Mika,

lasts all the way
through Maddow.

Leave it to Liza to turn
a local puff piece

into a campaign coffin.

I'm sorry that your
publicity stunt got bungled,

but I'm not really sure
what you want me to do here.

What you should have done
from the beginning: fire her.

I'm not gonna do that.

I am going to be savaged
until a head rolls.

And her entire persona
is the girl who lied.

Only this time you lied.

I'm not firing her for that.

so now the truth matters.

Got it.

I knew that was gonna
be hard for Charles

to see clearly,
but you?

Charles isn't the publisher.
I am.

That's right, I forgot.

Especially now that
he's back.

Please don't minimize
the strength

that I bring to this meeting.

Oh, the strength that I gave
you and allowed you to keep

even when you tried to derail
my campaign?

I did what I had to do
for my company.

Yeah, I respect that.
That's why I gave you a pass.

And now I am asking you,
please do the same for me.

I cannot run my company
based on your negative press.

Are we done here?

I guess we are.

You did the right thing.

I know that we need
her money,

but she is so insulting.

First she ignores our edits.

Then she buys herself a spot
on the bestseller list,

and now she's demanding
that we fire people?

I don't like the way
she does business either.

We just need to let this
blow over,

and then we can find someone
to buy her out.

Sorry to interrupt.

Audrey Colbert's lawyer
just called

and said that her manuscript
delivery check bounced.

Uh, probably just
an accounting error.

Why don't you call
Accounts Payable?

I don't mean to alarm anyone,

but I just overheard
one of the Jennifers...

The sloppy one
from Publicity...

Saying that her direct deposit
didn't go through?

She did it, didn't she?

Good morning.

Is the staff meeting
in here today?

What is it?

Quinn pulled her funding.

We're broke.

This is all my fault.

Wow, I've been saying that
a lot lately.

You keep forgetting that you
attracted Quinn

to the company
in the first place.

Yeah, I think she was

to more than
just the company.

I'm spoken for.

So now what?

So now, we meet with
all the investors

that I spoke with today.

I just can't believe
that you're doing this for me.

It doesn't...

You know what's great about
the worst thing happening?

There is no place
to go but up.

So, only good things ahead.

Come on.

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