Younger (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Flush with Love - full transcript

Liza and Kelsey clash with Quinn, who's walking the line between author and investor. Diana offends Enzo. Lauren throws Josh and Clare a gender reveal party.

- Nice pantsuit.

Did your funeral director's
license finally come through?

- Ha-ha.
Everyone at work now knows

that I'm the assistant Charles
was having the affair with,

so I don't want them to look at
me and think, "sex, sex, sex."

- Well, mission accomplished.

Hey, did you get
one of these?

- "Even though
we're all post-gender,

"we're not post-gender-reveal.

"Come find out
if the baby's a girl,

a boy, or TBD
this Saturday."

Oh, how fun.

- Yeah, I still
don't trust that Clare.

- Well, you certainly
liked her mother.

- That was missionary work.

You know,
you visit the natives,

you show them
the way to heaven...

- Well, we're going.

I like Clare now.
And Josh is happy.

Happy and scared.
This is a big change.

- Yeah, well,
speaking of change,

that pussy-bow
needs to go.

I mean, you look like
Nancy Pelosi on the bottom

and Melania Trump
on top.

- Oh, that's no fun
for anyone.

- ♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Gotta be,
you gotta be a good girl ♪

- So we sent the book out
to readers

from some of your target demos

and we got some
very strong data.

Um, I have a report here
if you'd like--

- I'm sorry, I've been
in publishing for 20 years.

Since when do we use focus
groups to vet our authors?

- Since I'm the publisher.

And this is my first release,

it needs to be
the right one.

- And I think "CLAW"
still needs more work,

and Quinn has been very
resistant to my suggestions.

- Oh, look at you two.

Acting like you have a choice.

We work for her now.

So we are happy--
no, thrilled--

to debut with her...

- Okay,
so, the highlight reel.

- I think this is so smart.
- Me too.

- I hated it.
It is so offensive to women.

- Who wrote this? It's insane.

And I'm from Florida
so, like, I know.

- It's Machiavellian,
it's inhuman.

- I hate this book
and I hate the people

who are giving
this woman a voice.

- It made my shingles
flare up.

- I'd just like to un-read it.

Please, is there--is there
some way

to un-read something?

- Wow.
- So what I heard

is that
there are strong reactions.

Which is good.

Or it could be good.

Our bill.


- I'm so sorry, Kels.

I have tried to get Quinn
to soften the tone,

but she--she rejected
every edit.

How am I supposed to tell

the woman who gave me my job

that her book sucks?

- How?

- Oof,
that is a toughie.

But you are
the publisher now.

So good luck.

- Well, she looks like
she's in a good mood.

- Yeah,
I'll take care of that.

Hi, Quinn.
- Sorry I'm late, girls.

I know I'm not supposed
to say "girls" anymore,

but who gives a--

- Yes.
- This is gonna be fun.

- I wanted you
to know how much

I appreciate
your support and--

- Yeah, me first.

I got a little something
for you two.

- Oh.

- Oh, my God!

- There's only 20 in there,
the rest are at your office.

I hope I got your
titles right.


- It's so heavy.
I-is this gold?

- Yeah.

I know it's silly.

Nobody uses
business cards anymore,

but publishing
is so uncertain.

It's good to have something
you can take with you

if you have to,
you know, leave suddenly.

Poor Charles.

Anyway, uh, Liza said
that you had something

you wanted to talk
to me about, Kelsey?

I am all ears.

- Yeah, well,

we were talking
and we think that we should

hold "CLAW" for the spring.

There's just a little bit
of work that can be done

on the tone of the book.
- Yeah.

- In today's climate,
you know,

it can skew
a little anti-woman.

- Yeah, I like that.
It's controversial.

I'm the writer,
you're the publisher.

Let's just both do our jobs.

- And I'm your editor.

So I have to say,

it's a give-and-take

If a writer doesn't
wanna take notes,

then they might as well

- Yeah, I think
I'm kind of doing that.

Do you remember
when I saved your company

and then I made you

I cheered you on.

Now it's your turn
to cheer me.

- And I really am grateful
for that, Quinn, um...

it just--it doesn't
really work like that.

- What's happening?

- State cheerleading champs,

My first big win.

I do think you tried to cut this
from the book.

- Uh, yeah, there was--there was
a lot of high school stuff

in there, Quinn.

- Guess who
wrote a masterpiece.

You repeat after me,
that's how a chant works, right?

Guess who wrote
a masterpiece.

Guess who wrote a masterpiece.
Take it, Big K!

- Big K.

Guess who wrote a masterpiece.

- It will be
our first release!

It will be
our first release.

It will be our first release.

- Right, but now like
you're not terrified.

all: It will be
our first release!

Guess who wrote a masterpiece!

It will be
our first release!

- Yeah!
- Isn't this fun?

- Yeah!
- So fun.

Are you crying?

- What the hell was that?

- Chapter three
of "CLAW."

Charm and Disarm.

- It's not about
what she did.

It's about
what I didn't do.

If I can't stand up
to Quinn,

how the hell am I
supposed to do this job?

I'm just a name
on a card.

- No, Kelsey, you're not.
- Oh, my God.

I'm screwed.
Face it, Liza,

we're both screwed.

- I'm a genius.

- Absolutely.

I mean, uh,
what's that?

- It's the book
we publish first,

before "CLAW."

- But it's a screenplay.

- It's the movie that
Reese Witherspoon's company

is producing.

I had breakfast with
her development exec,

and I convinced her
that it would be a great novel,

which it would.

It's sexy

and it's millennial

and it's set
in the fashion world.

It's perfect.
And if we publish it now,

before the movie comes out,

Reese is gonna be promoting
the hell out of it.

- Reverse-engineer a novel
from a screenplay.

- Yes.
- But that takes time.

We need a writer.
- We have one.

The screenwriter.

She's already written
a sample chapter

and it's great.

We can have this thing out
in a month.

And how can Quinn say no?

She loves Reese.
Everybody loves Reese.

I can bump Quinn's book,
look like a hero,

and keep my job.

- She wouldn't fire you for
making a hard decision, Kelsey.

- Well, now we never
have to find out.

What are you waiting for?

Read. Read, read, read.
Before tonight.

- Okay.

- Wow.

Waiting for a drink
like the rest of us?

Don't you host
committee members

have a private room

- I didn't even know I was
co-hosting this event.

Everybody on that list

has been in publishing

I do not belong here.

- You're standing
in front of a bar.

You never belonged anywhere
more in your life.

Here, have mine.

- Wow, tough day.

- Tough week.

But a good day.

I had a little breakthrough
at work.

And it's nice to see
a friendly face.

- Actually, that's what
I want to talk to you about.

I don't wanna be friends
with you anymore.

It's, uh, too difficult.

- Because I have a job
and you're not working?

That is so--

Not... friends.

You mean...

- I mean...

- Oh, my God,
you got a job.

- Let's just say
things are looking up.

- Our first time out
as a couple.

- I feel a little
Eliza Doolittle-y at the moment.

- Too bad Professor Higgins
still has to pretend you're 28.

- I know,
it's not what we planned.

- Diva, Enzo, hi.

Okay, oh, my God, I was just
schmoozing the editor

of "Modern Romance"--
yes, the "Modern Romance,"

and I think we should
submit your story.

- What--what story?

- Your love story, come on.

The photo of you two embracing,
fresh out of the sewer,

dripping with America's
digested bounty.

It's gone viral.

It's a story as old as time

but fresh as this
morning's flush.

- Wait, the paper would run
our story?

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

It's just like Romeo and Juliet,

if Romeo smelled a little bit

and there was poop
in Juliet's ear.

- Absolutely not.

We are not doing that.

- What's that all about?

- Diana is giving us
the cold shoulder.

- She's still prickly
about me and you.

I think she's hurt
I didn't confide in her.

- You're taking some bullets
meant for me.

Come on,
I should've done this sooner.

Hello, Charles, Liza.

You remember Enzo?

Having, uh, fun?

- Diana,
you and I both know

that I owe you an apology.

- Well, uh, if pressed,
some might say

that leaving a place
we worked together for 20 years

without a word,
and carrying on an affair

with my assistant
right under my nose,

could merit
some form of apology.

- I can't apologize
for falling in love with Liza.

But you are right.

You should've been
the first person I told

that I was leaving.

You have been by my side,

making tough decisions with me,

and I owed you that,

and more.

- Charles.

I guess I just
always hoped

that maybe one day
you and I...

Would run the company


- Well, unfortunately,
Quinn wanted a millennial

as the face
of the company.

- Oh, so it wasn't
your decision?

- Uh, no.

- So what I'm hearing
is that if it were up to you,

I'd be running Millennial.

- That's not exactly
what I was saying.

- Well, that's what I heard,

so why don't we just
leave it at that?

It's so good to be on
the same page, Charles.

Like it's always been.

Do I see a dance floor
over there?

Have fun, you two.

- She seems better.

- Is that what you think?

About Kelsey only
getting the job

because she's
a millennial?

- No.
Of course not.

She is capable
and smart.

I knew that years ago
when I gave her the imprint.

If anything,
her youth is against her.

- What does that mean?

- Experience means something.

Kelsey will do
a great job.

She'll get there.
- She's already there.

You should've seen
her today.

Quinn's book isn't ready
and she's pressuring us

to make "CLAW"
our first release.

But Kelsey came up
with a plan to block her

with a project
from Reese's company.

It was great thinking,
on the spot.

You would've been
so proud of her.


- I would've done it

Any time there
is a regime change,

you take out
the trash first.

If it bombs,
it doesn't hurt you.

They blame the old regime.

Second book is bad?
That'll stick to you.

But you know what?
Maybe it'll work.

We good?

- We're good.

- Charles as good as said
he'd pick me.

I knew it, I knew it.
We have this--this connection.

We're like two bodies,
one mind.

- That doesn't sound
like quite enough mind.

Life is funny, isn't it?

I mean, he's the guy
I always thought

I'd end up with.
It's ironic.

- You had a crush
on Charles?

I'm just saying life is funny.

You know?
I--I always thought

I'd end up with
someone like him.

Cultured, sophisticated,
man of the world,

you know...

Life had other plans.
And I'm with you.


- I'm just...

I'm never gonna
be enough for you, am I?

And even if I were,

you're in love
with someone else.

- Enzo, come on,
I'm just saying

that I'm a realist,
not a romantic.

- No.

No, what you're
saying is...

you're settling.

And you know what?

Maybe I am too.

For someone who is just taking
what she could get.

- But--Enzo, I--

- Good night, Diana.

- Knock-knock. Hi.

I'm here to do your kills
from the publicity photos

at the literacy event
last night.

Uh, let's see.
Kill, kill.

Ooh, little pooch there.

Ooh, neck, no.

Oh, my God,

Enzo looks gorge
in a tux, though!

I mean you guys
really are the couple.

Look at that.

- We were, perhaps.

We're not together

- Oh, my God, Diana,
that is awful.

I mean--no I mean
it's awful that, um,

everyone thinks they gotta be
boo'd up all the time.

You know, at least you and I
can do the bars now together.

Once I edit your look.

Ooh, I better call
the paper

and kill
the "Modern Romance" story.

- I thought I told you
I didn't want to do that.

I will call them myself.

- Okay, great.

- What does that mean,
"taking out the trash?"

- Well, there's
something to be said

for pushing "CLAW"
out now and moving on.

And Charles says
we can blame him for it.

And it won't stick to us.

- Wait, you discussed this
with Charles?

So you're running
my decisions past him?

- No, I was just talking
about our day

and how Quinn can be
so tricky to handle and--

- And how
I'm out of my depth?

That's what you think.

I mean you
and I both know

that I choked at dinner
with Quinn the other night.

- Well, I wasn't strong
enough with her either.

She walked all over me
with the edits.

- So I'm not
strong enough?

Well, lucky for me,
you two just gave me

all the strength
that I need.

- Kelsey.
- Set up a dinner with Quinn.

Just her and me.

That's all.

- You can't push my book
to the spring.

It's tied to my campaign.

- I'm sorry, what?

- Look, between
you and me,

I'm running for Senate.


I wish you were registered

Maybe we can arrange that.

Okay, anyway, "CLAW"
is going to introduce me,

and soon, as a strong,
independent voice.

- Wow.

Congratulations, Quinn.
- Thank you.

- But that doesn't concern me.

I have a campaign too,

and that is to make sure
that every book

that comes out of Millennial
is the best

that it can possibly be.

And frankly,
"CLAW" isn't there.

- That's my decision

and I'm afraid it's final.

- I admire that.

Speaking your truth
to power.

Even if power still wins.

- You have a seat
on the board, Quinn.

Board members don't tell
publishers what to do.

- Oh, Kelsey.

Don't make an enemy so soon

in what could be
a very long career.


Publish "CLAW" now,

and if it's a flop, like
you think it's going to be,

you will never
hear from me again.

But it's gonna
be a big hit.

- I don't think it will be.

- Look, this is a win-win
for you, Kelsey.

If you just get your ego
out of the way.

If it fails, I will be
out of your life forever.

If it's a hit...

You're gonna look like
a genius publisher

from day one.

That's a good deal.

- You're a writer, Quinn.

Put it in writing.

If "CLAW" fails, you go.

- Baller move.

I like you, Kelsey.

- Awesome.

- You've become
quite the chef.

- Oh, yeah,
I really, uh--

Mastered the Postmates app.

- I think I might wanna

branch out
to other cuisines, though.


Uber Eats.

- How did work go today?

What did you guys decide to do
with Quinn's book?

- Actually, Charles,

I don't think
it's a good idea

for us to talk
about Millennial.

I don't want Kelsey thinking
I'm back-channeling with you.

We need a--
what's it called?

A Chinese wall
between us.

- You're right.

I'm sorry.

Uh, you don't tell me
about your day

and I won't tell
you about my day.

So don't ask for details
about the kids' movie tomorrow.

Apparently there,
um, is...

a puppy and a mermaid,

and they both--

- Get lost in space.

That's all you get.

- Well, that's not
all you get.

- ♪ Falling in love
completely... ♪

- Hi, welcome.
Signature cocktail?

It's an Epidura-tini.

Smooth as a spinal block,
but with lime.

- Ah, fabulous.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.


- Peace offering.

I laid down
some ground rules.

I won't talk about
the business

when I'm with him
and he won't ask.

- That's good.

But we're still gonna
publish Quinn's book first.

I can't fight
with her and Charles.

And I don't want
to fight with you.

- Well, if you fight with me,
I'm on your side,

so I'll take me down.

Come on, you survived
your first week.

Let's celebrate!
- Okay.

- Oh!

- Ladies and gentlemen
and non-binaries.

Hi, can I have
your attention, please?

Okay, the sealed envelope
from the doctor

has gone to the balloon company
and they filled

that gold balloon on top

with either pink confetti
or blue.

Okay, now, Josh,
as the male,

you have the honor
of penetrating

the yielding softness
of that balloon

with your golden phallus.

I.e., this safety pin
right here, okay?

So, Liza,
get the balloons, please.

- Please gather.

All right, let's do this
in T-minus ten,


all: Eight, seven, six...

- Let me help you.
- Wait, wait, wait.

It's just trapped.
- Oh, I got it.

- Oh, my God, no!
- No, no, no, no.

- No!
- Come back.

- I am so sorry, can we call
the balloon company?

You don't wanna have
to wait two weeks, do you?

- Uh, guys.

I don't think
I'm gonna have to.

- What?

- I think the baby's coming.

- Now?
- Now.

Now, I mean like, right now.

- Oh, my God!

Uh, okay, will somebody
please call a car?

- Two minutes!

- Three more minutes,

just hang on.

- Shouldn't somebody else
be in the splash zone?

- Maggie.

You and I are the only two
women on the planet

who've been
inside my mother.

We're bonded!

- Oh, whoa, whoa, oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,
it's coming for me.

- Hey, hey, hey,
remember your breathing?

Right, deep breaths.
- Not helping.

- I need to push.

both: No, don't push!
- Do not push.

- No baby in my Uber!

- Too late.

- Oh, wow!

- There goes
my five-star rating.

- Yo, Enzo.

You see this?

There's that picture again.

And some article about love.

- Get out of here.

The hell am I
paying you for?

- Okay, loverboy.

- "Flush With Love"?
What the--

"Dreams we have as a child,
dreams we pack..."

- a box for college.

Dreams you unpack
when you move

into your first apartment.

Who you'll meet,
where you'll work,

who you'll fall in love with.

Think you have it all
figured out?

Life has better ideas.

A bigger imagination
takes bigger chances

than someone
like me, a year ago.

Moving through her forties
in a cloud of old ideas.

Life gives you more
than you thought,

but maybe not
in the package you expected.

- Liza.

- ♪ If you call out,
if you call out ♪

♪ If you call out,
I will find you ♪

♪ If you call out,
if you call out ♪

- It's deeper than that.

It's what you need
underneath the want.

It gives you what
you can't breathe without.

- Did you mean this?

- Yes.
- Even this part?

Where you say you're not looking
for the man of your dreams?

That what you care about now
is the man at night

sleeping next to you,

- Yes.

I mean it.

Every word.

Get over here.

- You get over here.

So go ahead and plan.

Just know,
when all your scheming

and planning,
and hoping is done,

life plans back.

- Hi.

Everything okay?

- Yeah.
Baby girl.

- Hmm.
- They're happy.

- Good for them.

Me too.


- Yeah.

Me too.

- ♪ This is love ♪

♪ You owe it a try ♪

♪ If you call out,
if you call out ♪